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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 12, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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is our broadcast for a wednesday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york.
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what will happen today? >> that's right, frances. good morning. his final day in brussels at the nato summit with a couple of meetings. one is focused on the nato military mission in afghanistan. the other is focused on the security issue in eastern europe. it's a crucial issue for some eastern european allies given russia's growing influence in the region. its 2014 invasion of ukraine. the white house tells us the president will have four quick pull-aside, four quick meetings with the leaders of azerbaijan, romania and georgia. the summit got off to a raucous start. the president accusing u.s. allies, accusing nato member nations of being delinquent.
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of not pulling their fair share, not pulling their weight. not spending enough on their own defense. also accusing some of those same nations of trade abuses, the president floating a proposal for member nations to increase their military budgets from 2% gdp, 12% of their total economic output to 4% and the president as you mentioned is tweeting about it. here's what he writes. presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get germany and other rich nato nations to pay more toward their protection from russia. they pay only a fraction of their cost. the u.s. pays tens of billions of dollars. too much to subsidize europe and loses big on trade. look, the president has a point. other american presidents have complained about the cost sharing burden when it comes to nato, but the difference is former presidents barack obama, george w. bush have always made clear the u.s. would support its allies on the premise that a peaceful and prosperous europe is essential to a peaceful and prosperous u.s. now, when the president wraps up
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his meetings he heads to the uk. has to sit down with theresa may and have tea with the queen. he spends the weekend at his private golf course in scotland and then the week crescendos with that high stakes sit-down he'll have with russian president vladimir putin. >> as we await the president arriving there at nato headquarters, the focus of today and this meeting will be that war on afghanistan with leaders there anxious to hear what the president has to say on this, especially of those nations, georgia and ukraine wanting to join the alliance, bringing up their contributions to afghanistan. what do we expect to hear as we no the background of the president being opposed to the war there but hesitating when he sent additional troops there. what do we expect to hear when it comes to that? >> we haven't gotten a readout yet of just what the president might say. i can tell you that the leader of ukraine had a press conference not too long ago and reiterate theed point he wants
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into nato, he wants the joint security, he wants the joint military exercises. he wants access to all of that. this is, of course, a decade long pursuit for ukraine but, yeah, this issuedecade-long pursuit for ukraine, but for afghanistan, there is a large nato presence for years. the president well knows that and that's why he is taking this meeting today. >> they are watching to see what else he may say, if anything. thank you very much. i appreciate it. we will check back in with you later. we are getting word that the president just left the place where he is staying in brussels and he is about 15 minutes away from nato headquarters. we will show you here on msnbc. late later today, the president will travel to the uk where he will hold talks with teresa may. later meet with queen elizabeth
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at windsor castle. he is dozens of miles outside where thousands are planning to protest and have a march and gather ahead of his visit. let's go to kristen welker with what we can expect today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is going to be another remarkable visit by president trump. it's a working visit, not an official state visit. that underscores what you are talking about. the fact that there are going to be protesters and the visit is designed to have the president not have to confront the protesters so he will be greeted by the program at the birth place of winston churchill. it will be kicked off with pomp and circumstance and have a working dinner this evening with other top politicians and tomorrow president trump will be having tea with the queen. what's at the backdrop here,
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tensions really. president trump and prime minister may have butted heads over a range of topics. may's government is in crisis and she is looking to strengthen ties with the u.s. the united states and britain shared what is preferred to as a special relationship. that special relationship has been somewhat in question because of the differences between the two, but i anticipate that you will see prime minister may reiterate her commitment to the united states and the importance of the shared alliance, particularly as she deals with her government in crisis over the brexit policy. president trump was asked before he was leaving on his trip if prime minister may should leave office and said that's up to the people of britain. a striking comment. then he went on to praise boris johnson. that raised a lot of eyebrows.
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boris johnson resigned from her administration earlier this week. a lot of tensions at the backdrop and the protests which we mentioned. we haven't seen protesters yet, however there is a baby balloon of president trump, encapsulating that there are a large segment of people opposed to his policies and find him to be because of his tweets and statements akin to a baby. the baby balloon holding a phone, emblematic of the controversial tweets. we will be watching it closely. >> especially the past 24 hours. we were talking about the visuals here and how important they are and already we are getting started with this visual that we have been talking about. the president and teresa may ahead of his visit where she seemed to kind of shift and not
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take his hand upon their meeting. we were looking at the video. it's kind of a half wave. that's something many will be watching in addition to the president's remarks today and in addition their meeting later this evening. optics are so important and the awkward missed hand shake is coming under scrutiny when they met several months ago. teresa may got flack for seeming to be too cozy when images of the robust hand shake got into the public. again, all of it underscores the fact that president trump has taken on the oldest allies through the policies and new
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tariffs. some accusing him of startinga trade war and that added to the awkward optics that we are seeing. will the president and the prime minister come away with with broader deal on trade and terrorism. what will the tangibles be? >> we see if you compare it to his meeting and his one on one with angela merkel after blasting germany and said we met and the president saying it was great. we have a great relationship. merkel talking about the pipeline and giving details makes you wonder when he has them face-to-face. it seems like there is a little bit of vailing when it am comes to the attacks. when he came in with nato and the summit with. >> right. there is no doubt his public comments about the german chancellor and germany were
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remarkable. the fact that he aired the grievances in public before the official summit began, but as you pointed out, he sat down with the chancellor and the two had a positive conversation. the bottom line is it's a lot. what is he walking away with? he agreed to the sort of joint statement. the joint agreement that had been signed off on days earlier. it's an agreement to work and stand together. at the same time, he is demanding that nato countries increase their spending to 4% from 2%. that was met with a lukewarm response and chancellor merkel was firm in terms of the criticism and pushed back publicly in conversations and said she is prepared to have controversial discussions.
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she did take a swipe saying she grew up in east germany and knows what it's like to be under russian rule. germany acts independently. fireworks there and bottom bast, but no indication that the spending levels will increase which is what president trump said he wanted to see happen. >> ahead of the president's visit there in the uk. woo are waiting for the president to arrive at nato headquarters for his first meeting of the morning with nato leaders with georgia and russia. also the focus on the war in afghanistan. we will take a quick break and return right after. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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later this morning he will set off to the next leg and come face-to-face with vladimir putin in held sinky. the u.s. ambassador do russia lashed out at the president's attack on nato allies and tweeted yesterday that trump has done more damage to nato in 18 months than soviet and russian leaders achieved in seven decades. why? jonathan, those sentiments are echoed by so many including leaders here at home. talk about the comments as you put it and it's always interesting. the trump taking a hammer to the old world. he appeared eager to tilt the balance of global power to conservative nationalism.
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jonathan, i know you had trouble with your audio and my question to you is the take when we have the former u.s. ambassador to russia that trump has done more damage to nato in 18 months than soviet and russian leaders achieved in seven decades. your take on that and what is this president saying. this is embarrassing for other leaders here in washington. >> there is a lot that has happened in the last seven decades. the point that the former ambassador is trying to make is an important in that you have a u.s. president doing something that predecessors have not done which is leverage american dollars. >> sorry to interrupt and i know i did this yesterday when the president's breakfast began, the president is arriving at the headquarters. as we are doing that and looking at the motorcade arriving,
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please continue. go ahead. >> i was going to say that the president is doing things that are very unusual including referaging dollars to mutual defense to get concessions. they are trying to pretend like he is not saying what he's saying. they are talking about how all the countries are on the same page about russia and the president is tweeting and coming to nato yesterday and saying that not only does he want them to meet at 2% contribution to their own defense and devoted to the military, he wants that to be 4%. not clear if it will turn to 6% or 8%, but the reaction was to ignore that. >> speaking of that, with the president and the allies and the president starting day one as he did. here we are as we see his
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delegation exit out of the vehicle. there is the president right there. coming out as he is going to have the meeting with these nato leaders talking about the war in afghanistan and georgia and ukraine wanting to join in. we see the president entering and no words spoken unlike yesterday before his breakfast. we saw the president enter there and we will see him throughout the morning when it comes to this meeting. continue on with that and talk about this united front that his allies are so wanting, but it seems like the gap is getting larger and larger. as you write, these are longest allies that all of a sudden one by one when it comes to angela merkel and how they came out and teresa may and how that will be watched. even more so and higher stakes.
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>> it's important to pull back and think why it was established in the first place. it was a mutual defense pack. when the president comes into europe and divides nato on the way to visit president trump, naturally the countries that are part of the alliance are worried he is empowering president putin at the expense of the rest of europe. it's important to look at what president trump wants out of the world. this is a president who rode a nationalist populist wave across the world and i think his view of what european countries should look like and what nato should look like is very, very different than what past u.s. presidents, democratic and republican have wanted. you see this just this week. he attacked germany and angela merkel there. he has shown no support for
12:19 am
teresa may in england as her government is about to fall apart and could in the next couple of days. you have a president that really is kind of acting like a wrecking ball in europe. i think that's something that both his detractors and supporters would sayment he has a differently view of what the countries should look like and in his view be much more separated from each other and responsible for their own defenses and have their own militaries and be less reliant on nato and less reliant on the u.s. and more importantly the defense dollars the u.s. spends around the world to counter threats to various democracies. >> stand by. i want to turn to cal perry who is in london for the european perspective on the last day of the summit. taking consideration of how it began. >> absolutely. i think picking up where this conversation is taking us, if
12:20 am
you were a european country, this idea that strength in numbers with nato is not something that america would be interested in is terrifying. if you are latvia and georgia, you are fighting the reality on the ground. you are going to lose some of your sovereignty to russia if nato falls apart. the comment that is the president made yesterday to the secretary general of nato are shocking if you are one of the countries and rely on european strength in numbers. we heard from the german chancellor beyond being awkward with the american president, she harkened back to recent history in this continent when germany was under russian occupation. it's a real thing and it happened a generation ago. when you talk to the leaders, there is a real fear that europe is falling apart. ask prime minister may how that is working out for her.
12:21 am
it is falling apart because they voted at a small charge in for trump to withdraw from the european union. we know that president trump not only supported that, but he supports some kind of dissolving of the european union in the name of america first trade. the reality is on the ground for countries like georgia that fought wars with russia in the last decade. this is terrifying. what you are seeing is terrifying. >> you had that when it comes to washington leaders. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi saying this is embarrassing behavior and more loyalty tow putin than nato allies. then hearing for john kerry saying he never has seen any president saying anything strange in making allies foes and foes allies. with teresa may and england as
12:22 am
well after meeting with angela merkel and now the face-to-face with vladimir putin. jonathan? >> may is interesting and a by product of the brexis movement and sentiment towards populism. she didn't do it in as aggressive of a way as the conservatives in her party wanted them to do and they were closely aligned with president trump. people will be listening closely for if he offers words of support for may who could face a no confidence vote in the next couple of weeks. if he doesn't say something supportive, that will be a sign that he doesn't support her. >> this time, i would say a little over 24 hours ago, what
12:23 am
the leaders feared would happen as far as what president trump may say happened. the start from the breakfast. where does it go and what are the opportunities today and the meeting with teresa may for him to reign that back in. is this a point of where he can make the you turn back? >> i'm not sure he wants to make the u-turn back. his view of nato is a different one than the that existed for many decades. the view of europe is different than the that evolved over the last few decades since the fall of the iron curtain. i'm not sure there is any reason he wants to turn around. it's interesting if you listen to his aides, they explain away what he has done to allies and congress when they are at home. the truth is president trump has been very consistent in what he said about nato.
12:24 am
he says the same thing in great falls, montana as he did in brussels earlier this week. this has been a consistent pitch for him and i don't expect him to reverse course. >> it's interesting to watch when he said aides and mike pompeo and john kelly all next to him and even at the breakfast you can look at the faces they had. i know there is a statement that came out about john kelly why he looked so grumpy in the morning. the statement was that he was expecting a full breakfast, but was just offered pastries. in the minds and thoughts of these three right there. for day two, what can be in their heads? >> i'm sure there are a lot of things going on that are not going to come out in a formal
12:25 am
statement. i think most of president trump's aides in particular are trying not to say anything publicly because they don't want to find themselves at ougdds wi the president. he truly believes something different than they do and they don't want to get on his bad side. i don't expect we will hear a lot from them. what we hear from european officials and they continue the mantra of unity and keep talking about the optimism and the positive conversations they are having and ignoring the bludgeoning that trump did of germany yesterday and the demand that he made. he doubled what he wanted people to spend on their defense. it's amazing that the yesterday did that and he would be talking about almost a trillion extra spending a year. the numbers are i think for the european countries seen as
12:26 am
something that couldn't possibly be met and maybe a sign that the president is not actually serious about getting them to do what he wants and would rather pull away from nato. >> just pull away. what is the ultimate goal? i know we are talking about how he really is wanting -- when he is speaking of this and hammer ing the secretary general and playing nice with angela merkel and saying they have this great relationship. i want to bring you in when it comes to this. who is he playing for? we have his base where he is thinking of them, but what can we expect to see when he arrive there is in london? >> he is obviously exuding power. he views from a place of power. when you look at his base in the united states, that's true.
12:27 am
there is an appreciation for the strong man leader type. you see that with the hand shakes. the chancellor of germany avoided the hand shakes where people claim it's the president exerting power over these european leaders. as you watch him working down this line of leaders on the left of your screen, that is his defense secretary, a trusted hand amongst nato members. reassuring people. when it am cans to prime minister may, this is a toxic american president. his entire visit to the uk has been designed to keep him out of london. his original plan was to spend most of tomorrow, friday, at the new u.s. embassy here in london having a large ceremony that would be a public ceremony and he will come for just a few hours and everything else on this trip will be outside of london in the english country side in actual castles designed
12:28 am
to keep people out. it gives you an idea of how dangerous of a trip this is for prime minister may. she is now faced with trying to cobble together and save a government and save her own leadership. if donald trump is unable to help her at all for her this visit is just about avoiding land lines. >> we will see if that happens. great perspective and we will check back with you later on throughout the hour here. for now, when we return, we will go back to blessles where the president is engaging in more diplomacy. will the president be more diplomatic? ahh... summer is coming.
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welcome back. day two of the nato summit getting under way in brussels. president trump just arrived moments ago. the focus is ending the war in afghanistan. he scheduled several bilateral meetings with leaders. he will set off to the uk and after that a face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin in helsinki. they are discussing ties with georgia in ukraine. they are pointing to the contributions in afghanistan.
12:33 am
russian encroachment could get the chances of that happening. the president arrived and about 30 minutes late for his meeting. jeff? >> hey there, francis. the president arrived about a half hour ago and at the moment he is in a meeting focussed on the security situation in eastern europe. this is a usual issue for allies because of russia's growing influence in the region. we have that is credibly accused of bad actions and popping up a murderous regime in syria. you have the nerve agent attacks and the attack on the democracy. russia's meddling based on the assessment of the intelligence officials and by the senate inteligence committee done to
12:34 am
tip the election in favor of president trump. just yesterday the summit got off to a raucous start. you had uncharacteristically mean breakfast that the president had with the nato secretary general where he accused germany of being captive to russia based on germany's reliance and some say overreliance. look at how that worked out. >> i think it's very sad when germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with russia. you are supposed to be guarding against it and russia pays billions and billions a year. we are supposed to protect you against russia, but they are paying billions and that's very inappropriate. germany is controlled by russia because they get 60 to 70% from russia and the new pipeline.
12:35 am
you tell me if that's appropriate. i think it's not. germany is captive to russia because they get so much of their energy from russia. >> the german chancellor said she grew up under soviet rule so this is nowhere near compared to that. it's fair to say at the start of the summit, it would not end well. given the fact that world leaders didn't respond, the private meetings the president had were far more mild. >> as far as today and the rest of the summit, do you see any opportunity where we never know when it comes to president trump and we saw because he was late, he didn't say anything. he walked right in. any other opportunity later today at nato headquarters?
12:36 am
>> we don't expect to see or hear from him. i'm not entirely sure. the meetings that he will have are all closed to the press, but the president has been active on the twitter feet today and we expect that to remain. >> jeff, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. after wrapping up in brussels, president trump heads to the uk where he will hold his talk with prime minister may. and later meet with queen elizabeth. they are dozens of miles outside of london proper where thousands plan to march in protest of his visit. what we can expect today and the meetings and the protest all in london that is already in disarray outside of the president's visit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you.
12:37 am
the u.s. and britain enjoyed what is referred to as a special relationship. now that relationship is really being tested for a whole range of reasons, in part because of the protest you mentioned and the fact that there are so many people here ready to take to the streets to voice opposition to president trump. the fact that there have been tensions between president trump and prime minister may. they disagreed on a number of topics and they met a number of times. prime minister may was the first leader trump invited to the white house and they clashed on a range of issues. everything from trade and the paris climate accord and the new tariffs with the prime minister saying she is opposed to the president slapping new tariffs on european allies, engaging what some referred to as a trade war. at the same time, the politics of course always important and
12:38 am
always fascinating. the president is visiting with the prime minister's government is in crisis. she had two top officials resign in the recent days alone. some said she should have a vote of no confidence. president trump was asked if she should step down and he said that's up to the people. tricky political waters to navigate. president trump also looked forward to his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin and take a listen to what he said. >> i have nato. i have the uk which is in somewhat turmoil. i have putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them all. who would think? >> the comments and they are
12:39 am
concerned. president trump is not being tough enough on vladimir putin. prime minister may among the leaders who wants the president to press putin on a range of topics from election meddling to invading crimea in 2014. he is prepared to raise the thorny issues, but no guarantees from the president himself when you have him making the positive public comments comparing a meet with putin easier than the meeting with prime minister may. this will be a meeting steeped in pomp and circumstance and he will meet him at lenin pallis, the birth place of winston churchill. they will have a dinner and then tea with the queen tomorrow and
12:40 am
he will have official meetings with her along the way. a lot at stake as president trump prepares to go tort uk. >> a lot of visuals as well, something to watch when it comes to body language and movements. we have seen that already earlier. you watch he goes in for a reach and he dochs it. you can't help but watch when it comes ahead of this visit and during the time they are actually in all of the pomp and circumstance. >> you have to pay attention to the optics and all of the nuances to the body language. there in lies the important details about how the relationships are building. compare what you played with the hand chshake that never happene.
12:41 am
the two have the bromance. very different relationship with prime minister may. it is revved to as awkward. think of the optics of it overall. this is not an official state visit. this is a working visit in part because there is so much controversy at the backdrop. prime minister may when she first visited the white house last year had that awkward moment where the president reached for her hand, held her hand for a few moments. that image was blast and she got criticized for it. there is concern among her administration about appearing too cozy with president trump, but it's a fine line. right now she needs the united states as she navigates the tricky political waters here. >> not only are we watching as i'm sure you were as well, the facial expressions and the body language when it comes to allies and leaders as well. when it comes to the people
12:42 am
closest to the president. when it comes to the faces made and sarah sanders was asked why he looked so grumpy early in the morning. she had the interesting remark about breakfast when it comes to his expectations. >> sarah sanders making that tongue in cheek remark that john kelly had that face because there were not enough pastries at breakfast. the reality is take a look at all the faces in that room. the secretary of state, they look uncomfortable and surprised. i don't think they were expecting the president to effectively start to lash out at one of the u.s.'s closest allies, germany, over the opening breakfast that he was having over the nato secretary general. we have been told according to a
12:43 am
number of source that is the defense secretary who was also at the breakfast is concerned about making sure that there were not too many unscripted moments like that. he wanted to stay close to president trump's side and make sure that allies and things stayed on track. we know there is a joint statement that is coming out of nato where all of the countries committed to paying more and committed to working on joint terrorism and the like. what are the tangibles. that's to make sure even that happened. the g-7 summit pulled out after that and infuriated a number of allies and the top advisers wanted to a voit the same thing happening. >> we are done. let's get the eggs or the lack of eggs. more pastries than a heavy
12:44 am
breakfast. in london as always, thank you. more evidence now with the nato summit. president trump likes strong autocratic leaders. what does that mean with his journey to britain. we will tackle that when we rush.
12:45 am
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it is day two of the nato summit. today's event getting off to a more sarene start. the president earlier attending a nato session with the 29 member nations and the countries of ukraine and georgia. they both aspire to join the organization. and the presidents has two more meetings before leaving nato with the presidents of romania. and now, with president trump's tone adding strain on
12:49 am
long-standing alliances, the question is, what kind of long-term impact the tough talk will have on american diplomas u. jonathan allen j-- joins us. will we see something beat the last communication. >> i never want to say that president trump will find a way to up stage himself with something for kbloes i haexplos. his meetings seem to have less opportunity, i would say, for great showmanship. we know, as you mention, he is meeting with the other presidents soon and other leaders of, what you may consider less major countries. this is not the day of the marker had he wills and the may -- the merkels and the mays and the macrons, a lot of ms in
12:50 am
the foreign leader category. i don't expect to here a lot more from him before he leaves brussels. he is now on to london where that r -- where theresa may is struggling. >> you have the world stage, nato, the president's second, w where he is viewed, before nato, and then after nato. talk about that and how that may either be the same, worse? >> i think that you know, if you are in the category of people who are fans of strong liberal western democracies, liberal with the mall-- with the small if you will, a post war tradition, you look at what president trump has done here ask a rearticulation and certainly one that is more offensive by its proximity to those countries of his view that
12:51 am
their way of life is outdated. you know, it's an aggressive push by president trump. it's not something new in terms of the general direction, but he is increasing pressure and again, doing it in brussels, doing it face to face, shows that he is sku-- that he is consistent about it. if the question is, are things better, are relations between nato and president trump or nato and the united states, better or worse than when he got here, we would say decided lly markedly worse. >> if it wore, there's got to be another extent of worse when it comes to the meetings with teresa may. and how it could be stirred for the worse. >> i mean the u.s. relationship with britain is so different. even in its relations with other u.s. allies. they talk about it as the
12:52 am
special relationship. president trump clearly has an affinity for the united kingdom in a way that he does not necessarily have regard for the other countries that are allied with the united states. i don't think we will see a big fracture between the u.s. and britain per say, but i think may's handling of brexit and the frustration of conservatives with her, as what they see a two soft approach to deattaching from eu, i think you will see the president choose to weigh in or not, and that could have is impact. there's other issues within the briti british/u.s. relations. the two countries are as close as any two in the world. sharing historical ties and not just general goals across the world, but with the movement toward nationalism within both countries in the last election. so, you know, you see, i think you will see them be close in terms of the countries and the
12:53 am
interests of the countries, whether or not the two leers are close, remains to be seen, and we will be watching it closely. >> we will be watching that meeting and the meeting with putin in helsinki. after what is vladimir putin watching for, what is he watching for when it comes to the last visit to the uk, ahead of his one-on-one at the end of the week? >> it may not be it may not be exactly zero sum, francis, but largely speaking if nato is weakened or divided, putin has more strength with regard to the country's right around him and across europe. and if nato is strong, and unified, president putin has less influence over these other countries . so, i think putin is looking for what he is seeing, which is divides of. which is opportunities to divide the allies from each other, and
12:54 am
perhaps, draw some of had them closer to him, including the united states. >> he will with a that brings up the comments from the savings account general yesterday at that breakfast, jonathan, which is what he said, together they are stronger. to which trump bounced right back and said, you are just making russia richer. i want-- cal perry, when you have the dynamics of the leaders and we knew trump would come in swinging when it comes to the allies and spending and wanting them to step up, as far as the united states doing all the work and spending all the money. how does the president leave blufl -- leave brussels. >> i think the spending the money is the problem. the key words are pay, pay, pay, we pay too much, and they don't pay enough.
12:55 am
it's red meat to his base and it works. it's similar to the message on healthcare, healthcare for all is good for the economy, but obama care is taking money out of your pocket. it true and it's applicable to the issue with russia and germany. what trump cares about, in places like oklahoma, and kentucky and west virginia, is natural gas and natural gas exportation. if that pipe is -- it provides him with political cover in the united states. a man is under incredible and increasing pressurer when it comes to the relationship between him and vladimir putin, he is being tough on natoment he is not only being tough on the european union and the institutions around the world, he is being tough on the russian leader as well, saying, this pipeline, does it no do a lot
12:56 am
for my -- it does not do a lot more my base. what he will run in to, a man who leaves in russia first. a man who leaves in as we have said, a weaker nato, a more powerful russia. a man frankly who believes in the same things and in the same way of organizing his thoughts, but the way he does business as president trump. so, those two men on monday, share a lot of strategic things in common. francis. >> and the president's words quickly, in the last few minutes that we have, cal, easier, the easiest part of his trip abroad will be this meeting with russia. do you are really think in his mind, very quickly? >> not, not if he is alone in a room with a man who is a career spy, was the top of the kgb and has made it his life mission to he reassert russia across europe. it will be his most difficult meeting.
12:57 am
>> we thank you for being with me this past hour. appreciate it. and that wraps up this hour's live coverage here on msnbc live, i'm francis rivera, in a moment, a complete run down of the morning's top story on morning joe, first look. have a great thursday. from the very beginning ... it was always our singular focus, a distinct determination. to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource. to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for.
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this morning it's day two of the nato summit. the president trump continues to hammer allies over their spending. he was up early and tweeting of course. and the white house offers up an explanation of why chief of staff john kelly looked uncomfortable and it's not what you may think. good the federal judge orders that paul manafort be transferred from a jail where he has been treated like a "vip."