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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  July 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters. here's what's happening. new fallout and reaction including from the president to the indictment of 12 russians
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for alleged dnc hacking. the show must go on. apparently the trump/putin summit still happening. the big question, what will the president say to putin now? >> so, you -- >> showing no disrespect. >> i probably am the person referred to. >> outing himself, longtime trump confidant roger stone says he is probably the unnamed person named in the new russian indictment, but much more to his response and what caused a social media frenzy of sorts as the president met with the queen. the fallout on the reaction ahead. but we begin with the breaking news from edinboro scotland where there are hundreds, now into the thousands marching streets in a protest against the president's visit to the uk. also new today, the president tweeting this morning about the 12 russians indicted for allegations of hacking the 2016 election. covering both breaking stories for us, kelly o'donnell, nbc white house correspondent traveling with the president in glasgow, and losy care e e e lye
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car cavanaugh. >> reporter: you see the crowds behind me, busloads still rushing in gathering here to send donald trump a very clear message. that the american president is not welcome here in scotland. now, as we know, his scotland visit is private. he is not having any public meetings with officials here, but on the street there's been a lot of anger towards the president and his policies. a lot of folks here described the american president as a racist, a misogynist and haven't been happy with his policies on immigration back home as well as his comments on immigration in europe. scotland is a very pro-european country.
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62% voted to remain within the european union in that brexit vote. his brand of politics, if you talk to demonstrators here are simply not welcome here. alex, to describe how scots see donald trump, they've had a long relation with him, battled against the president for years over a golf course on protected sand dunes in aberdeen. they have also watched him try and fail to stop an offshore wind farm from that golf course, which he claimed ruined the views, tried to displace people from that area. making headlines here for years and also has spoken about his scottish roots. his mother, one of the millions of scots who immigrated to the new world as a migrant to find better opportunities there. that irony is not lost on the demonstrators gathered here. some of the people we've been speaking to said they don't like his climate policies. they think he is a danger to the world. by and large, they are here, again, to send the message he is not welcome in this country.
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>> recently saw that in the skies over london. the balloon traveled a bit to there. new reaction from former trump campaign adviser roger stone acknowledging he could well be that unnamed person in the indictment. what stone said in an interview last night about his twitter exchange with 2.0. >> any objective person who will read that exchange, included in the indictment will see based on content, context and timing, it's benign. it's innocuous. >> so you -- though -- >> i think i probably am the person referred to. the reason i'm not charged in this indictment is because i received nothing from the defendants. i passed nothing on from the defendants, and my exchange with
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them, which is included, which any reasonable objective person can read is benign. innocent. no evidence of collusion, conspiracy or coordination. >> as democrats on capitol hill wrap up calls to cancel the meeting with vladimir putin we learn from the finish government the two leaders are expected to hold a bilateral conference after their meeting on monday. kelly o'donnell, nbc correspondent, joining us from glasgow traveling with the president. the president has been tweeting about the latest russian indictments. give us a sense of what he's saying here? >> reporter: the president has been using his twitter feed to talk about this and also delivered a tweet about flooding in japan that has all the markings of perhaps something done by staff rather than the president. just has a more formal sort of voice to it, which suggests it's not the president's sort of tempo and tone that he likes to use. also tweeting about the media today. but he also talked about the
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indictments referring to them this way. the stories you heard about the 12 russians yesterday took place during the obama administration and not the trump administration. he's talking about the conduct of those accused in the indictment of doing the hacking. that that was, of course, before he was in office, and why didn't they do something about it when it was reported that president obama was informed by the fbi in september before the election? so this is the kind of argument we've heard from the president a number of times where he is talking about the russian investigation as something that should have been handled before he was in office. very typical of his frustration about that issue. certainly coming at an interesting time when he is going to meet with vladimir putin monday. he has told reporters when pressed would he discuss russian interference? yes, he would. he would raise it again. today we get a glimpse into the president and how he's spending a part of his weekend at the turnberry property, one of his golf properties. he has not been to that property since the campaign season.
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he is there now and is golfing. some paragrahotographs using lo lenses were able to capture the president on the links. we talk about him golfing on weekends quite often and rarely see images of him doing so. this is part of the president as tourist and as golfer. he also tweeted he would be golfing today. something he often does not do. refer to it as his main form of exercise. this is a little gap between the nato meeting and the events in london meeting the between, of course, his time with theresa may, a lot of controversy how he spoke about her and instead of flying back to the united states, they spent the weekend here, prepping to some degree, he says, for the monday meeting with vladimir putin, but then will travel on to helsinki. so the president is in many ways having a very typical weekend but doing it in the place of his mother's birth. scotland. >> he is indeed. kelly o. from glasgow, scotland. thank you for that.
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down to ken delanian. back to the indictment, ken what definitively does it tell us about the dnc hack? >> reporter: alex, this indictment fills in the details of a story we already knew from the u.s. intelligence assessment but it does so in remarkable fashion. it names 12 russian intelligence officers. officers of russia's military unit the gru and describes the sophisticated way they infiltrated computers noe ed no but of hillary clinton campaign chairman through spear-phishing techniques and fist ka s techniques-of-sophistication and started distributing they're what they created, 2.0 and's d.c. leaks and didn't seem effective and handed off the
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documents to wikileaks. they're not name the in the indictment but clearly defined as organization one. this indictment lays out the hacking scheme in incredible detail, alex. >> okay. if the 12 intelligence officers are not brought to trial. face it they'd have to be extradited. no one expects that to happen. why seek indictment? how does this advance the mueller investigation? >> reporter: i see it as the second chapter of a story robert mueller is trying to tell about how the russians interfered in 20916 election. the first chapter describing how the russians in a manipulated social media. illegally purchased ads. played in the election in the social media space. but that indictment had nothing about hacking and leaking. yesterday's indictment described the hacking and leaking, arguably more impactful embarrassing e-mails regarding democrats thrust into the election in a way that really
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hurt the clinton campaign. a lot of people believe that there is a third chapter coming, alex that will describe the involvement of americans in either of these conspiracies. >> you bring that up. take a listen, in fact, to former cia director john brennan who makes exactly that point. here it is, everyone. >> the third shoe to drop, u.s. person whose may have been involved because you need to indict foreign government officials to have a conspiracy. >> u.s. persons who may be involved. president trump's one-time confidant roger stone says he is an unnamed person in that d indictment. what happens next, ken? >> reporter: the grand jury has been hearing from associates of roger stone and a lot of speculation -- roger stone himself has said he expects it's possible he will be indicted. but, look. we just don't know to the extent to which robert mueller gathered evidence on members of the trump campaign. we know an aide named george papadopolos pleaded guilty and the russians offered him potentially democratic e-mails and don't know who he
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communicated with within the campaign. the great mystery of this investigation and we have to wait and see what robert mueller has in store for us at the summer proceed. >> do that with your help, ken delanian. thank you. joining me now, white house correspondent for the "washington examiner" and eugene scott with the "washington post." good morning. eugene, you first. this "washington post" piece talks about the president's push for friendly ties with vladimir putin, despite russian indictments attacking the integrity of the mueller probe. how much do the new indictments blunt that argument. these new indictments prove what many people already believed based on previous information made veil by the intelligence agency, but they also show details and a depth of sophistication that went forward in this interference in the 2016 election, at a level we were not aware of previously, and we should expect more information
6:12 am
to come forward. i think the main question many americans especially conservatives concerned about national security have to ask the president is, how seriously is he taking this information as it becomes more wide known? >> i want to pick up with you, gabby, the point about conservatives concerned with national security's in general, does this matter to the president's audience? these new indictments. should the president continue attacks on the mueller probe in light of these indictments because it works for his narrative? >> reporter: look, you saw yesterday the reaction from the white house was consistent with the messaging that they've had all along on this issue. rudy giuliani, the president's outside attorney said these indictments are good because they show that they were all russian nationals who were involved and there is no collusion between the president's associates, the president himself and the kremlin. of course, this is a big question that still looms over this and something that certainly will be decided at the end of this investigation, but it does seem as though they're sticking with that strategy even
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though we now have more than 32 indictments as part of the special counsel investigation that the president's team still thinks that this, this special counsel probe should not exist and they're going to continue to criticize it in the months forward. >> yeah. and eugene, all of this speculation, increasing i might add about the identity of the candidate who asked 2.0 documents against the opponent and apparently got them. a few candidates, like republican congressman ryan costello saying, nope. this was not me. is there any educated guesses, or speculation, rather, on who it might be and how significant this part of the indictment is? >> reporter: as of right now, it suggests speculation and just rumor. we've seen names tossed out. one thing many people will pay attention to is which candidates will not come forward and say it's not me. only a matter of time before that information is made clear, but the ramifications of this congressional candidate getting this information will be quite
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significant if this candidate is someone who actually ended up winning and is in congress. there is no information so far that suggests that's the case. >> yeah. and despite all of this and democrats calling for the president to call off this meeting with president putin on monday, the finnish government says not only is it on but a bilateral news conference after the fact on monday. was this expected overall? do you think, gabby, this was going to happen come hell or high water? >> reporter: yeah. i think president trump was always intent on meeting with vladimir putin. the biggest question now, how the meeting goes and whether he holds putin accountable for russian election meddling. they met on the sidelines of an international summit, trump said, "putin did not meddle and you can only ask oh many times." the big question, whether he'll ask again in the meeting on monday and if he gets a different answer, even the same answer, how president trump will
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handle that and whether he comes down with a stern, some penalty of some kind or some statement duing that joint press conference after their bilateral summit making it clear he is not going to tolerate this nefarious behavior in future eelections. >> do you have a hint on being worried? could be roger stone, or cohen? >> hasn't expressed a deep concern. we've seen him double down on social media within the past 12 hours despite this groundbreaking report. the reality, we are getting names closer to the president and the investigation is ongoing. we could see other names that suggest that there were people closer to the president who knowingly or unknowingly were involved in conversations and actions that put the united states in jeopardy when this election was happening, and what he knew is still not known, but
6:16 am
that will be forthcoming and revealed as the investigation goes forward. >> and same question to you, gabby. is there an expectation how the president should be feeling about all of this? should he be worried at this point? >> reporter: i think he should be worried going into this summit on monday. how he's going to handle things. whether or not he's actually going to push vladimir putin for extradition of these individuals, unlikely at this point. certainly something that should be brought up. i think he is nervous and i think a lot of the people in the white house who are watching this investigation play out and have been following it closely are getting more and more anxious about the results and conclusion that special mueller reaches. >> a very interesting bilateral meeting and whatever that news conference brings tuesday. interesting for all to watch. thank you good to see you both, gabby and eugene. next, america standing in the world under president trump as he prepares for the summit in helsinki. is the president's foreign policy actually making america weak? alright guys let's go!
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i think it is still unproven. there's an enormous amount of forensic evidence that points to a conclusion based on the download times, that there was no hack, and that the material, the alleged hacked material was downloaded to some kind of a portable drive. i don't know. that's why i'd like. >> where are you getting? >> roger stone, former trump
6:21 am
campaign adviser in an interview last night ramping up criticism of the investigation despite the evidence presented in the new indictment. joining me here in the studio, democratic congressman from california member of the armed services committee. travel add long way to see me in person. usually doing the long distance on camera. glad to have you here at the studio. your reaction to roger stone? in another part of the interview calling his twitter exchange with guccifer 2.0 benign and innocuous. >> trying to push it off and some other direction. let's be very, very clear here. we have every one of the american intelligence agencies saying that the russians hacked in to the computers. >> uh-huh. >> that dnc as well as john podesta. >> dcc as well, right? >> exactly. all of that, and now the indictments. mueller doing an investigation for more than a year, and come up with 12 more, we now have 32 russian indictments. >> five guilty pleas.
6:22 am
>> five guilty pleas. >> yep. >> and, okay, roger stone. you're trying to protect yourself. we understand that, but that's not where the facts are. the facts are elsewhere. >> does this indictment answer any questions that you had? >> no. it just adds additional weight to the facts that were already known. we've known for more than a year that russia hacked into and then used that information having stolen it. that's where the law was broken. they stole the information. breaking american law, and then used it illegally in the american election. now, you know, trump is going to helsinki tomorrow. excuse me, on monday. then he's -- >> he actually leaves tomorrow. >> either way he'll be there and says i will ask. this is not the time for the president to ask. this is the time to look putin right in the eye and say, you did. it you're going to pay a price for that. don't you mess with the american election this time. the president has to stand up for the american democracy.
6:23 am
>> do you expect him to do that? go up to trump and say look what we've got. 12 indictments on 12 russian officers. what are you doing, vladimir? do you expect him to say that? >> he must say that. he's the president of the united states. it is his job to protect the american democracy. to protect america. that is his principle task. that's the oath he took for office. we know russia is an enemy. not a friend. russia is an enemy in so many different ways and this is the time for the president to stand up for america fop say, i will not tolerate this. you are going to pay a price. stop it, period. >> that's what you want him to say, but let's look at what the president is saying on twitter. see if that gives an indication whether or not he's going to do what you suggested here. here's what he says. tweeting from scotland this morning. the stories you heard about the 12 russians yesterday took place during the obama administration not the trump administration. why didn't they do something
6:24 am
about it? especially when it was reported that president obama was informed by the fbi in september before the election? so -- he's -- he's pointing the finger to president obama. not pointing it at vladimir putin. >> this is a five-year old, on the kindergarten campus that is refusing to accept responsibility. he does this all the time. he always shifts to somebody else is responsible. no, mr. president. you're now the president of the united states. this is your responsibility at this moment to protect our democracy. i think obama made a decision. perhaps a wrong decision, not to interfere in the election. and this is something that's lost on congress, obviously. the obama administration did not act on information they had, because they did not want to interfere in the election. that's the fact underlying all of this going on in congress. now, we are where we are today. we know what russia has done. we know what they did in
6:25 am
ukraine, did in the european elections. we know they overtook crimea and georgia. all of those things. and it's time now for this president to stand up and simply say, it must stop. if you don't, we can take action. and we can do very serious countermeasures for what you have done, mr. putin. >> okay. there's that. and that's something you hope will be said in this bilateral meeting. there is going to be a news conference. announced by the finnish officials, that will happen after this meeting, where no doubt the president will be queried by reporters there asking about this. what do you expect he will say? do you think he will get tough standing side-by-side at a lectern with president putin with whom he has seemed to have or at least wanted to pursue some sort of a bromance? >> exactly. it's time for him to stop hugging the russian bear. the russian bear is a very dangerous bear. it's time for him to stand back and, frankly, punch the bear in
6:26 am
the nose. >> let me play for you what the president told my colleague kristen welker. this happened yesterday about werther his open criticism of nato, which we saw this week, is giving president putin the upper hand. here it is, everyone. >> let me explain something. we have left nato with more money, with more unity, with more spirit than nato probably has ever had. when you look at what we've done in terms of russia, i guarantee whoever it is in russia, they're saying, oh, gee, do we wish that trump was not the victer in that election. we have been far tougher on russia than anybody, anybody. >> the president maintain as certain stance against russia while at the same time tends to go after american allies. what do you make of that? and what about congress? can you do anything about that? >> in fact, congress did. 100% of the members of congress voted to make it absolutely
6:27 am
clear that nato is critical. we passed a resolution. >> yep. >> 97 of 99 members. >> overwhelmingly so. right. >> did the same thing. making it very, very clear. we're conducting hearings. some of which are classified making sure that the american military presence in eastern europe is strong and viable. this is something that started in the obama administration more than three years ago. some $5 billion, equipment, men, materiel, and at the same time working closely with nato countries. germany, other countries, in eastern europe in the countries of latvia, lithuania, estonia making sure russia knows that e cannot, cannot continue to act as they did in uukraine. quickly, the u.s. standing within the nato organization. do you feel damage has been done? >> absolutely there's been damage. everybody is trying to paper over a very serious breach that the president created. good that they're papering it over.
6:28 am
we've got to move forward. got to stay close to nato. got to be with the european union, all of whom the president has attacked after attacking and then says, oh, everything's fine. we've got to work very, very hard to make sure that everything is fine. that we have strong allies in europe and as well in asia. >> representative john garamendi, so good to see you. up close and personal. thank you so much. coming up next, what potential legal trouble roger stone is facing and whether any of it leads back to the white house. that's next.
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters. the newest allegation in the russian meddling investigation. what stone said in an interview about his twitter exchange with guccifer 2.0. >> the reason i'm not charged in the indictment is because i received nothing from the defendants. i passed nothing on from the defendants, and my exchange with them, which is inlewd clcluded any reasonable objective person
6:33 am
can read is benign. no evidence of conspiracy, collusion or coordination. >> joining us, katie phang. welcome to you. is roger stone right or could he still be charged down the road? >> i tweeted this out last night. i think roger stone has a lot to be worried about. i mean, the fact he initially started the day yesterday basically saying that's not me and end of the night basically says, yeah, that's me in paragraph 44 of this indictment is huge. the reason why, alex, just a few weeks ago we talked about the fact roger stone neglected -- neglected -- to tell the federal government he met in late may of 2016 with a russian national willing to sell dirt on hillary clinton. now we know in august of 2016 he's already in contact with an onli onlinesona called guccifer 2.0 were russian intelligence officers. the fact stone thinks he didn't
6:34 am
take information and pass itology, he doesn't have the credibility to say that to the people of the united states. i think he's not telling the truth and mueller has a lot more up his sleeve than just this indictment that came out yesterday. >> you're saying he was engaged with guccifer? the fact here. the fact he says he did not know who guccifer 2.0 was, does that give him any shielding? >> it's irrelevant he claims he didn't know who guccifer 2.0 is, one. two, the fact that he actually -- remember, too. alex, an indictment is to set forth the probable cause for the offenses committed. it is by no means the entirety of the evidence that robert mueller has. not only against these 12 russians but against other conspirators and co-conspirators. the fact he's not named in this particular indictment does not mean roger stone is not looking at indictment himself and perhaps other people. the net is not only wide for robert mueller but the noose is getting tighter and tighter for
6:35 am
roger stone. his involvement, him being roger stone, his involvement to be a lot more detailed than we've heard thus far. >> this next part of the indictment. much speculation and discussion about this. on or about july 27, 2016, conspirators attempted after hours to spear phish for the first time e-mail accounts at hosted by a third party provider and used by clinton's personal office. notable thing. same day, hours after then candidate trump said this -- here it is. >> i will tell you this. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> can there be a cause effect relationship here, katie? >> so we know according to this indictment that as early as april of 2016 these indicted defendants were already hacking in to the dnc e-mail. that is two months at least before the statement by then
6:36 am
candidate donald trump. there is a direct relationship between what trump has said in his invitation to the russians to be able to do this. however, that comment in and of itself is not a crime. however, if there is some other proof or evidence that exists that we have not seen orhe muel investigation showing that donald trump knew prior to making this statement that there was this complicit conspiracy they was going on between his campaign and the russians, i'm telling you that is an even tighter link between his involvement, as in his campaign and the russians. >> katie phang laying it out as always. thank you. >> thanks, alex. with bill shine in the white house, who will be the next person to get the boot from the west wing reality joe will that's cowill -- show? that's coming up.
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new reaction from president trump on the russia investigation tweeting -- took place during the obama administration not the trump administration. why didn't they do anything about it? this the day after an indictment of russia nationalist by robert mueller accusing him of engaging in a sustained effort to hack democrat e-mails. joining me now is staff writer for "the atlantic" and msnbc contributor natasha bertrand and chris whipple author of "the
6:41 am
gate keepers." your reaction to this tweet from the president really just two days before his meeting with vladimir putin? >> i wish i could say it was shocking, but at this point it's really not. the president has been willing to take the russian side in this and blame the president, president obama, for russia's attacks on the 2016 election, rather than condemn vladimir putin for interfering in our democracy. this was a pattern we've seen with the president and something he not only says publicly but also expresses this privately. he thinks that this is all a deep state plot to undermine his presidency and it's really, really dangerous, because one of the biggest revelations that came out in that indictment yesterday, the russians during the election were hacking into the systems of people responsible for administers the elections in 2016 and stole information about roughly 500,000 voters in a state that was not named. and that is something that they're going to try to do again
6:42 am
in this election. we saw that the director of national intelligence, dan coats, he said just yesterday that the warning signs are all flashing red, but this is the same kind of warnings that we got, the intelligence community got, before 9/11 happened and compared it to 9/11. the nation's top intelligence officer saying, hey, if we don't do something about this now it's going to happen again and it's going to guess worse. we have all of the signs we need to say this is happening and we can stop it. meanwhile, the president is attacking president obama for things that the russians did. so it doesn't seem like he's taking this seriously at all and the midterm elections are only months away. >> okay. and this meeting monday. it's set to go forward, chris. this one on one with vladimir putin is lapping in helsinki. but how unusual is it that the chief of staff, john kelly will not be there? there will be interpreters, at least at first, and then john kelly not being there? >> well, it's another example of
6:43 am
how john kelly has really lost his clout in this white house. no longer really performing the job at white house chief of staff, and, you know, i agree with everything just said. it's really rich for donald trump to be tweeting a message like that when the truth is that this is someone who for all his tough talk, he said that he's imposed sanctions and he's expelled russian spies, but at the end of the day, this is someone who unilaterally disarmed in the face of an ongoing threat to our democracy, they're going to do it again. they're coming for us again, and really our defense is being held hostage to donald trump's ego, because he can't admit that the russians put their thumb on the scale. >> hmm. is there any indication john kelly is helping the president prepare, chris, for this meeting with vladimir putin? should he be? >> you know, he certainly should be. i mean, at the end of the day, the white house ef chao of staff
6:44 am
even more than the national security adviser is the so-called honest broker of information. he is the person who has to make sure that every tough issue is teed up with information on every side, and that -- you know, we don't know that what extent that's happening, and let's face it. preparation has not been this president's strong -- you know, his -- his strength. >> i want to get to nastassja how these new indictments square in to what happened on capitol hill this week with peter strzok. that circus played out in extraordinary fashion. you wrote about the hearing this week. talk about this, elaborate on this? >> right. the best way to describe this was just a three-ring circus. i think it's because the republicans know that peter s k strzok was at the center of the investigation, so much he knew in 2016 what was happening in realtime. that scares them, i think. i think they understand that
6:45 am
because, because he sent these text messages rather irresponsibly using fbi issued devices that showed a disdain for president trump as well as many other politicians i might add. he criticized hillary clinton, bernie sanders, but there seems to be a real threat posed by people like peter strzok and people in the fbi who know exactly what happened in 2016 and whether or not and to what extent the president's campaign team might have been involved in that. so now you see this ongoing attack by a gop, gop republicans and gop members. house in order to undermine, of course, this investigation. it's very, very clear. this is someone who spent years working on very sensitive counterintelligence investigations not only with regard to russia but china. put on special counsel, robert mueller's team and immediately taken off when these text messages were discovered but does not change the fact during
6:46 am
his hearing there was highly sensitive information from a highly sensitive source that the fbi received in 2016 that showed that someone was offering a member of the trump campaign help on the russian side in order to try to defeat hillary clinton. and that is knowledge that is deeply threatening, of course, to donald trump's presidency and by extension the republican party. >> very quickly, chris. i want to have will put up that video of john kelly's reaction during that nato breakfast when, you know, the president said that germany is totally controlled by russia. look at this face there. sarah sanders explains it, the president was displeased because he was expect add full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese. a lot of eye rolling to that. what was your reaction? >> first reaction, according to sarah huckabee sanders, so it wasn't the gas pipeline. just gas. right? it's ludicrous, and i think it's, you know, it's a fool's error to try to read john kelly the mind, but you can't help but think that he was -- that he was
6:47 am
stunned by what he was hearing. >> all right. chris whipple and natasha bertrand, good to see you. >> thank you. and coming up, the impact of the russian indictments and what to expect when president trump goes face-to-face with president vladimir putin, and taking a wrecking ball to tradition. innovation that goes into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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that was the first shoe to drop. second one is military officials. i think the third drop would be u.s. persons who may have been involved because you need to indict foreign govern officials in order to have a conspiracy. >> former cia director john brennen on yesterday's indictment of 12 russians in the special counsel investigation. joining me now, columnist for the daily beast and sabrina shaffer, director for independent women's form. welcome to you both. start with you here. reacting to all of this saying look there's no allegation the
6:52 am
americans knew they were communicating with russians. or the americans have committed any crime or the voting results were affected. the next shoe to drop as john brennen put it could hit on these things, right. >> absolutely. i'm very much in line with what rosenstein said yesterday, this is not a republican or democratic issue. this is an american issue. deeply worrisome if everybody in the white house and congress and home watching this show today are not taking this seriously. the fact is russians have shown time and time again that they are very interested in disrupting our democratic institutions, especially our elections at all levels of government. seeing we're just a few months away from midterm elections not the time to be pointing fingers. showing leadership and saying it's time to make a change. >> here's the tweet he puts out. the indictment rod rosenstein. the russians are nailed.
6:53 am
no americans are involved. time for mueller to end the pursuit of the president and said president trump is completely innocent. are people going to buy that argument? you just chuckled. you're clearly not buying it. >> nice try. gives new meaning to the word wishful thinking. the idea that this is the end of the indictments is ridiculous. i think what we have done, alex, is we have retired the phrase witch hunt. so donald trump pathetically used it about thissin investigan after he had been briefed earlier this week by rod rosenstein about what was in the indictment. he will not be able to plausibly use it again because anybody who uses the phrase witchhunt who says we should not try to defend ourselves against an attack by a hostile foreign power is by definition an unpatriotic american. and i think this has now been
6:54 am
established. now mueller's investigation is secure at least until the midterm elections. should the republicans win the midterm elections then trump can end the investigation. he will not be able to end it before then. >> if you look at the indictment, gave new details about the people who communicated with the russians. lucifer 2.0. including one described as 2016 congressional candidate who is also about a state that had voter roll information stolen. so isn't this new information? isn't this reason enough to show there is still more to investigate and it is not time for mueller's probe to end. >> i suspect there's going to be more that comes out. the question is whether or not people were colluding knowingly or unknowingly. we have seen the russians were pretty adept at getting in their fishing expeditions. i'm not being a bit of a middle man myself.
6:55 am
i try to defend those people a little bit. i think there's more investigation to happen. the bigger question now is we're days away from a major summit between the president and putin. and the question is how is he going to address this. he can't cancel the summit right now. especially after sort of kind of having a bit of a rocky relationship with our allies the last few days. the question is, is he really prepared to look him in the eye and say enough with asking you. here's what's happening and we need it to stop or is it going to be sort of you know, wink, wink, nod, nod. i'm going back to america. >> go ahead. >> not that it needs to be stopped, we need to have the president demand that those russians who were indicted be extradited to the united states. >> do you expect that to happen. >> no, it's not going to happen, but that's a position that a president who is a patriotic american would take in his meeting with vladimir putin. turn them over. those people attacked our country. it was a cyber pearl harbor.
6:56 am
they were the pilots. equivalent of japanese pilots bombing pearl harbor. we want them. send them to us. it's not going to happen. that is what his position should be. >> all right. sabrina and jonathan, good discussion. thank you so much. >> thanks. ahead of a.m. joy. why democrats fought to stop the new official who once did work for a russian bank. need a change of scenery? the kayak explore tool shows you the places you can fly on your budget.
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that's it for this hour. see you again at noon eastern. stay right where you are. it's time for a.m. joy with joy reid. >> will we be talking about metalings. i will bring that up. you never know what happens. i will absolutely firmly ask the question. >> good morning. and welcome to a.m. joy. whether or not donald trump asks vladimir putin about election metaling when they meet on monday, completely misses the point. it's no longer a matter of whether trump confronts putin about attacking election in 2016. it's about the fact that once again, we have evidence on the table that they did. the case was laid out by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein on friday when he announced the indictment of 12 russian intelligence officers accused of hacking democratic party organizations and hillary clinton's campaign with


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