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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> good afternoon. at msnbc headquarters in new york city. turning on trump. president trump lashing out after michael cohen's lawyer released the tape. it would seem that cohen have in fact flipped. so what now? also, spy games, a day in court for maria butina. she's accused of a spy and a russian agent. what we learn from her and how her love for russia raise red flag while a student at a american university. >> plus, a game changing discovery made on mars, scientists have found water, a lot of water. what it means for life on the red planet. we'll get all that later. we start with the silence, the trump/cohen tape.
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reporters found two republican senators with no comment on capitol hill. and nbc news asked the first lady about the date, they did not mention in their response and prefer to talk about children and bullying. >> the president's legal team tells nbc news that the tape captures nothing critical. more tapes may follow. cnn first aired the tape last night. it is from the september before the election. karen mcdougal's allegation affair with donald trump. >> msnbc obtained the tape of michael cohen's lawyer. we can't confirm if there is any editing or altering of the original. a few words before we air this tape by the way. first, there is profanity and second, there is no transcript, we can show as both sides dispute key points. last, several discussions about
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various topics before cohen and trump discussed what critics have called hush money. >> let me know what's happening, okay? >> oh, oh, oh. maybe it would be because of this that it is better that you did not go. maybe get rid of this because it is so false and such -- >> i think it is probably
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better. in two weeks it is fine. right now it is better. >> okay, honey, you take care of yourself. thanks. great poll, by the way. >> you guys are good. >> what's happening? >> i am sorry. he said we had a chance here. >> great. >> we got served from "the new york times." we are fighting it. they don't have a legitimate
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purpose. >> even after that. it is never going to be open. there is no purpose for it. i told you about charleston and i need to open up a company for the transfer regarding our friend david. i am going to do that right away. >> give it to me. >> i have spoken to allan about how to set the whole thing up with -- with funding. >> what are we going to do? >> yes. >> it is all the stuff. you never know of the company. i spoke to allan about it when it comes to the financing which will be -- >> what financing? >> we'll have to look.
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>> all right. there is the tape. a lot to break down. we start with kelly o'donell at the white house. >> kelly, first explain what we just heard and what's that reference to 150 and how does all of this square with previous statements from this administration. >> well, good to be with you. this gives us a window inside then candidate trump's office. an in person meeting where you hear him finishing up a call with someone he refers to honey, maybe one of his family members and you see michael cohen and his lawyer in many ways described as a fixer going through a list of to-dos keeping the record from his first wife, sealed. the 150 dealing the amount of money, ami, the company that owns the national inquire are our friend david referring, the owner of that organization. $150,000 to karen mcdougal who had been a playboy model.
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she asserts she had ten months intimate relationship with donald trump. at times it is difficult to discern of what stands apart of the kinds of things we heard of campaign official and white house officials that the president knew nothing of any kinds of these issues, payments and women who may have stories to tell about the now president. clearly there was the president engaged in some kind of back and forth with some kind of knowledge. even though the president's lawyer say his comments are exculpatory. >> the president was engaged in this conversation and he was aware enough of the subject matter that was brought by michael cohen. what his purpose for that was hard to say. the president is certainly unhappy of the taping and the
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relationship. he does tweet today, you se see -- what kind of lawyer would tape a client and he goes onto be critical. for president trump this is turning to go after cohen. what did the president say and what did it tell us of his state of knowledge. >> to be clear kelly, you correct the record if i screw up here. this is the administration that here to for had denied even basically noiknowing the woman. >> we have heard they are not aware of any outside relationships. they denied that took place and there has been discrediting names about women who brought allegations against the president. there has been, we know nothing about the attitude from the campaign in the the white house. when questions are posed, now that he's in office, they try to put it to outside lawyers who are responsible for answering
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those things. the fact that it gives us a window into the president's private time in his office of people he trusts and hear some of h is comments. that's for people to assess what they think he's saying and how big it is. it takes us away from the blanket denials we heard for a long time. >> kelly o'donell starting us off. thank you. mimi rocka, handling the president's case. charlie sykes. mimi, let's start with you here. the president's attorney rudy giuliani tweeting a short time ago, i think we have it here. we'll put it on the screen. if cohen is telling the truth. why are he and lanny davis misrepresenting the language of trump. quote, "do not pay by cash,
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check." >> what's the potential legal damage here mimi. >> you mentioned rudy giuliani and trump's denial about them making a payment. as to any legal consequences, that's not entirely relevant. if trump is part of a scheme, however that is conducted through ami or directly to pay karen mcdougal to keep quiet and if there are laws broken by that, it does no t matter if they directly made the payments or not. they can be apart of the scheme and apart of the conspiracy. the potential laws we are talking about that may be broken are campaign finance violations which people seemed to be writing off, well, campaig campaign -- it is a serious f l felfel felo felony. this case and this tape shows why this case is distinguishable. this is a much stronger case.
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there is also potential bank fraud and wire fraud charges setting up with this l.l.c. which was clearly used for purposes other than i am guessing what they stated on, for example, bank account applications and potential money laundering and tax evasion. there is a whole host of things. the really important thing to notice that two things. this tape is not -- no prosecutor is going to rest the case on this recording again. pro pr prosecutors building cases putting together over lap evidence that corroborates each other and builds on one another. this would be one piece of it. for trump and rudy giuliani to say well, there is nothing criminal about this recording. they're not plotting a bank robbery on this reporting. that's true. there is evidence on this recording that could be used in conjunction with other evidence to build a criminal case, i think. >> charlie, let's listen to the segment of the tape, it has been
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most disputed by the president's legal team. this is where cohen's testimoal where trump said pay with cash and rudy giuliani says when they hear it, it sounds like don't pay with cash. take a listen and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> when it comes to financi financing -- >> what financing? >> we'll have to pay with cash. >> no, no. >> charlie, what do you hear and eddie what do you hear? >> charlie, i will start with you. >> you know what i am not going to pretend to be about expert there. what i think is interesting and i also don't know whether this represents any violation of law. it opens the windows to the sleaze and the lies and the cover up. the administration have denied they knew anything about this. the larger significance before we get into ace pruis a pruder approach of this tape. how aggressive of a move it is
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of cohen to tape donald trump and release it. i think you need to step back and realize that you know michael cohen is the keeper of the secrets. the fact that we are talking about audio tapes that he has of donald trump. the fact that he and lanny davis saying things they are. the tape itself is not a game changer but the fact that it is released and we are talking about this, this is a game changer and a complete flip by michael cohen. >> if somebody would say six months ago that michael cohen would post a threat to donald trump, people would have been skeptical but here we are. >> eddie, what do you hear and how hypocrite cal is it to have the president of the united states complaining his private conversation remaining private when he spent half of the campaign on wikileaks.
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>> i can't make out the tape. i can't quite make it out. so i think we are going to have to leave that to technology to kind of enhance it so we can get a better sense of it. remember nixon produced a transcript for the watergate tapes and those trianscripts wee not accurate. i want to echo something that charlie said. here we have another instant of trump blatantly lying. remember he denied any contact with stormy daniels and here we have another instance in this case of the tape showing that he did know something going on with mcdougal, with the playboy model. here again we have clear evidence that trump lied and is lying about extramarital affairs. what we get a sense with the tape at least for my advantage point that this is a familiar dance between him and cohen. they have been doing this
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before. he seems to be a fixer around this kind of issue more so than we might have imagined. >> i will come back to eddie. there is something else that i heard on the tape that caught my attention. mimi, i want to go back, this idea that you can't make out precisely of what's said, when taken together in totality, you think it becomes obvious using context clues to decide what he's saying. >> exactly. >> i think when you take the considerati conversation as a whole. it does seem clear that trump is the one posing to pay by cash and cohen says no, no, no, that would be -- dumb. what i am saying is it does not matter. when you look at the conversation as a whole, what you are seeing is them together figuring out a scheme to do this. it does not matter for our purposes of the detail of that scheme.
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that's for someone else figuring it out on the road. michael cohen has information that would be valuable to the government. he's the one that could sit down with them going over this recording and he can tell them who's saying what and why they're saying it. that's what he should be doing if he wants to turn over this new leaf and not talking to the press about it. he should be talking to the government and the prosecutors. >> what could be the strategy? >> he put it out after rudy giuliani and the company is already talking about it. i don't understand rudy giuliani's tweet where he's saying cohen is talking about p pertinent information. that's my educated guess. >> eddie, at the beginning if you listen closely. trump is talking about two black
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ministers that supported him, daryl scott and mark burns. take a listen. >> you guys are good guys. pastor scott. >> what's happening? >> oh no. >> we don't use him anymore? >> burns. >> do we use him anymore? >> no. >> no. >> what do you make of that? >> it is mind blowing to be honest with you. it gives us an insight to the dark side of the campaign and the various ways of people moved about use of pawns and the questions surrounding it. i keep oncoming back to the central flame. this is not a good guy. he's an indecent guy that sits in the white house and evidence and evidence just piles up on the case. it is mind blowing.
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i guess that's all i can say. >> that's a good spot to leave it my friend. >> thank you eddie and charlie and mimi rocah. next time you are on mimi, we'll reveal to the world what mimi stands for. >> when we come back, new details against maria butina and bail out of hypocrisy of the president trying get $12 million and aiding farmers. and space surprise, my favorite story of the day. scientists have discovered body of water on the red planet. what's next? (birds tweeting) this is not a cloud. this is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block. this is a diamond tracked on a blockchain - protected against fraud, theft and trafficking. this is a financial transaction
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the case of the government described by the government, maria butina is accused of infiltrating the system and trading sex. butina raised red flags long before her arrest. butina embraced the russia that's so public that people affiliated with american university.
10:22 am
>> pete williams haves be been following today's hearing closely. what happens next? >> the government will start to hand over evidence as required by dove iscovery rules. when they seize butina's computer and phone and other electronic devices, they had some where about eight tera bytes of data. they're worried that defense will try to share it publicly so they asked for a protective order. these are axcommon in trials whe the government is obligated to provide information to defense. the judge will order the defense not to make it public and the judge will indicate that she will do that as well. the next step will be a hearing on whether she can get out of jail while she awaits trial. this was largely about resolving discovery matter. she was arrested and had her couple of court appearance before a federal magistrate and
10:23 am
now before the district court judge. they like to know what the case is. >> while i have you here, president trump is violating the constitution by continuing to do business with foreign governments, why is that significant and what happens now in this particular case? >> well, it is a significant thing because unlike most presidents, president trump, a, is a wealthy man and b, has not put his interest in a blind trust. he continues to have a relationship with the trump organization which owns the trump international hotel. that's the property. a lawsuit files by the attorney of general of d.c. and may land w land -- maryland. >> the president's ownership of the hotel, state foreign government and federal government are all helping him to do business in this hotel. that violates a dusty part of
10:24 am
the constitution known as emoluments clause. >> the president can't accept payments for favors for doing business for a foreign state government while he's in office. what judge peters have said is he said no, that's not the case. the emoluments means any kind of gifts or cash or payments. the judge says it is plausible when the government of kuwait or the philippines book a room in the trump's international hotel, ultimately the president gets some financial benefits from that and that violates the emolument clause. it is a blow to trump today.
10:25 am
the judge is keeping it alive. the next stage is just like what we were talking about a moment ago of butina's case is discovery. where lawyers trying to get access of the records of the national hotel and so there will be more litigations over that as this lawsuit goes forward. it is a setback for the president's lawyer who are hoping to get thrown out of the early state. >> pete williams there in d.c. thank you, sir. >> you bet. trade relief. the president's $12 billion plan to help farmers hurt by his trade war. how it sets a possible fight between the republicans on the hill. the president, also, a deadline looms for the white house to reunite families. more than 400 migrant parents have already been deported so what happens to their children? (vo) this is not a video game.
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and enjoyed by the community in the future. the clock is ticking. we are less than 24 hours away now from tomorrow's court order deadline to reunify parents being separated from their children at the border. the process is incredibly
10:30 am
"chaotic." jacob soboroff has been following the story from the beginning. he's here with me now. where do things stand right now, does the government stand a remote chance of meeting the deadline? >> well, they sort of worked it so they looked like they met the deadline. one group of immigrants, 2,051 kids. the other half they say are not eligible. that's 917 out of the over 1,000 parents and children they pulled apart from each other. the first group, yes, many of them have been reunited and a large portion of that group will be reunited before tomorrow. they are saying and potentially face with deportations. it is very complicated. what we should focus on is half of this group is not eligible for unifications at all because some have a past as or they can
10:31 am
find their parents. 463 parent haves been s have be. the eclu are concerned that these people are not given their due process rights and were sent out of the country before they were able to reunite with their children >> they may go with a sponsor that may not be a family member at all and somebody at the government of the united states deems to be suitable which is a mind blowing thing to think ant. you came to the country to declare a asylum and you were caught up in the zero tolerance policy and not only you are separated from your kids but there is a risk that you will never see your kids again. >> it is crazy and absolutely wile. >> jacob soboroff, i know you will stay on top of it. we'll check with you tomorrow. thank you sir. >> at the white house, live
10:32 am
look, the president should be meeting with the the e. leader. it comes a day after the white house announced a $12 billion bail out to farmers to have been hurt by the president's tariffs. i am joined by josh barrel and our white house's correspondent, they are both msnbc contributors. good to have both of you. josh, let me start with you. i have an idea for them, the u.s. and the e.u. drop all tariffs and barriers and subsidies, that'll be called free market and fair trade. hope they'll do it, we are ready but they won't. how significant is today's meeting and what are the chance that the president's tweet becomes a reality?
10:33 am
>> we are not going to have a complete dropping of trade barriers between the u.s. and the e.u. the president likes to point out that we have a much lower tariffs on cars on europe than europe on cars to the u.s. they charge 10%. the u.s. have 25% tariffs on light trucks imported to europe and suvs. that's a factor that helps u.s. automakers than the truck space globally and even foreign automakers have been better at making sedans. you wanted to say europe has the high tariffs and get rid of that. then europe will come back and would like the truck tariffs taken out. there is a reason that presidents were committed to free trade much more than trump were not able to reach the completion barriers between the u.s. and the e.u. this is an offer that the president put out there that he knows it is not going to be met.
10:34 am
but, basically you know the thing is, the thing that the president would have to offer up there to get the remove of all those automotive tariffs of the e.u. or things that are not palettable for him to give up. >> again, the president should not have the tariff authority. congress should be exercising the authority. >> the constitution gives the power to congress to set tariffs. these are fairly technical disputes where a country does something. they are subsidizing steel. the president have used these powers that were much narrower purpose, very broadly and unilaterally trade policy on is own. it makes sense for the constitution to come back and look, let's pass the law and take it back. they're not moving into that direction because the republican and congress don't want the big
10:35 am
fight before the midterm election. >> let's talk about the $12 million pa $12 milli $12 million packet. >> farmers are quick to react. >> we spent decades developing these markets. let us have access to it and the trade war now. >> the best way to win a trade war is don't fight it. >> when you choose a trade war of choice which is what it is. then you say afterwards let's solve it by buying people gold crushes. the farmers and ranchers of america don't want crutches. they want to work. >> is this going to be one of those issues in which we see republicans break from the white house or no? >> president trump is signaling to farmers by giving them $12 billion in emergency aid which is majority direct money into their pockets that he has their back. president trump is less concern
10:36 am
of the push back that he's getting from like ran paul and others saying he's giving warfare. the president's argument is that this is not my fault, this is europe's fatality ault and thisa that's hurting your business. this is me standing up making america great and these other countries don't like it. as a result, i am your guy and i will help you. the president has to continue to give billions of dollars to aid farmers and you can see criticism and in the short term of the trump administration says he's going to do, he's doing it to keep his base and other stocks from being angry at him and really giving up on that idea that he's going to be helpful to them. >> $12 billion, josh, where is the money coming from? >> it is supposed to help
10:37 am
farmers deal with natural disasters and other fluctuations in the market. oc the fluctuation of the market created by the president's own policy. sort of like the -- this is the president using the power that was given to him from congress for purpose that's not intended for. he can give this money out. he does not need congress to pass a new law. the political challenge is an ed mission from the president that his policies are imposing costs on farmers. he's saying the farmers, be patient in the long run and my policy will be good and make you better off. do people believe that and how patient are they ? the president you know said trade wars are good and easy to win. i think it is becoming clear to people that this is not as easy as the president thought it was going to be.
10:38 am
>> and there has already been arguments how they decide farmers are getting these payments >> there were a lot of republicans screaming from their roofto rooftops, gm got roughly the same amount of money, $12 billion. how is this different from that? >> it is different from this because they are casting it as these are foreign countries that are hurting american businesses and i have to save you while i make these deals. i this i the republicans who are criticizing the president don't see a difference. they think of this as bailing out big businesses, there is this idea that he's giving money to pardon me thors and a lot of farmers are tied to larger companies. as much as people think it is about the mom and pop farmers, it is about these large organizations that are buying produce from these farmers that are telling them what to grow and what seeds to have. you are having large company
10:39 am
conglomerate companies benefiting the bill that they're giving to the farmers. there is that idea. it is up to how farmers see themselves. i have interviewed trump's supporters who everyone when they are hurt through healthcare or some sort of program that were helping them to fix their homes that president trump want to take away. they look at that, at the end of my day, tlrump is my guy and i have to hurt a little bit to support trump. if people keep on thinking that way, people will continue to support him. >> thank you both. >> inside "access." >> a new report claims campaign aids making tens of thousands of dollars on trump's associate who wanted access and information. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
10:40 am
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all eyes may be on paul manafort as he sets to face a jury next week from the mueller's investigation. now a new report is putting rick gates in the spotlight. here is the headlines from "the new york times." the report looks at two men who paid tens of thousands of dollars each to former campaign aid rick gates for access to the trump administration. gates emerged as a key figure in robert mueller's investigation after cooperating and pleading
10:44 am
guilty of charges lying to the fbi and conspiracy against the united states earlier this year. >> ken vogel wrote that story, he joins me now. >> rick gates got $300,000 combined for information on this administration. that's a lot of money, ken. >> yeah, it is. what's notable is that not necessarily you have close associates of the president who finds themselves in high demand at the beginning of the presidency when people are trying toto navigate. rick gates at this time is already under scrutiny from mueller. a whiff of scandal would be enough to urge the president and keep the president and his allies from letting someone like that hang around, let alone
10:45 am
inside the white house. here you had no such concerns and in fact that kind of raises questions about maybe these donors are trying to essentially subsidize rick gates so that he may be more incline to try to fight an illegal case that may come out of this scrutiny. instead as we know, he ended up pleading guilty and flipping in large part because he did not twoo want to face the cause of what paul manafort is facing. >> a close friend of president trump. why would he need to pay gates $20,000 a month to help navigate the new trump administration. he's a friend of the president, what is he paying for. >> that's a good question. >> he did have gates, gates unlike manafort stuck around the campaign through the end and into the transition where gates ran the inauguration committee. tom barick was chairman of the
10:46 am
committee. tom made gates ahead of the new washington office for his company where he'll do all manner of interphasing with the federal government. with that said, you are right, tom barick has his own ties, he can pick up the phone and call the president himself. maybe it will be better to have someone handling themselves at the lower level of the bureaucracy and for the president to have this guy, rick gates, under scrutiny feeling good about trump's world and not looking at his options as prosecutors are preparing to present to him of what he could get if he stroke a deal with them and maybe providing information on trump's himself. >> you have been transparent of how you got this information that it was through a bhaatch o
10:47 am
e-mails that were hacked and provided to "the new york times,". >> is that the new norms for us? >> i think it is a case by case analysis where you have the news worthiness of the materials and independently corroborate the authenticity of the material. we did feel it was news worthy and dieespite the fact that it s obtained illegally. >> ken vogel, thanks as always for your insight. good sir. again, as we have been reporting right now at the white house. president trump is meeting the president of european
10:48 am
commissiocommissio commission. president trump auto tariffs and other trades being the focus of the meeting. there were a number of questions also asked about michael cohen. president trump there at the white house sitting next to the european commissioner. i am so honored to have the president of the european union. he's a man that i have gotten to know very well. he's a smart man and tough man. he represents his people well and the country well. we want to have a fair trade deal and we are looking to have a fair trade deal and hopefully we can work something out of . e over the years the united states have been losing hundreds of billions of dollars with the european union and we want to be a level plain field for our farmers and manufactures and
10:49 am
everybody. we want a big beneficiisficiary. >> mr. president, thank you for coming. >> it is my pleasure. >> we are close partners and allies. we are not enemies. we have to work together. $1 trillion is the trade figure between us and so i think we have to talk to each other and look at another -- that's what we'll do today. >> we have to focus on tariffs. that's our job. >> i agree, if we can have no tariffs and subsidies, the united states would be extremely pleased. we have many countries, we won't say european union.
10:50 am
we have many countries where they have massive barriers and tariffs and we have to follow. you can call it retaliation but i rather just say that we want reciprocal so whether it is european union or has to be reciprocal in nature, at a minu minimum. we are working on that. we are making tremendous strides. we are doing very well with mexico. we are doing very well with a lot of countries actually right now. but this is something, as jean-claude said, together as a unit we make up actually more than 50% of the world trade. that's a big number. that's a big number. so we expect something very positive to take place, but you'll be the first to know. thank you all very much. appreciate it. thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: did michael cohen betray you? >> thank you very much. thank you. >> reporter: mr. president, are
10:51 am
you worried about what michael cohen is going to say to prosecutors? are you worried about what is on the other tapes, mr. president? >> thank you very much. >> and there you have it. just a few minutes in the oval office. you probably heard some screaming at the end of the president's comments there along with the president of the european commission. those were reporters asking about the news of the day, those michael cohen tapes. president trump exercising tremendous restraint there saying nothing about the revelations on those tapes, or that particular tape. also, there was a question asked about vladimir putin.
10:52 am
the president to russia. there had been some reporting that russia, that putin himself, rather, had rebuffed that invitation to join president trump at the white house in the fall. that was a question that was asked, as you saw there. neither of those questions answered. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us from the briefing room. josh barro is back with me as well. senior editor with business insider and msnbc contributor. kelly, what do we make what we just saw and heard from president trump? >> one thing i would like to point out that might give people some insight about a story that developed earlier in the week. you heard when the president did not want to engage with questions. he repeatedly said "thank you ". he did not say "no." there was a question last week is russia still interfering in the u.s. lerks electioelections president responded no. so you saw on full display with lots of questions being asked, the sausage-making of the work that goes on behind the scenes here, it can be hard to discern
10:53 am
the voices easier in the room where the president can make eye contact with reporters that he is familiar with asking those questions. but he repeatedly said thank you, which is the cue we use here to know that the president is not willing to engage. there are times he will engage at first. not at first, but then would think about an answer and then respond, which is why people try to wait until they are absolutely certain he will or will not take part in that. so i think that is just a kind of data point to tell us that the explanation given a week or so ago does not necessarily stand up to the president's normal practice. on the issue of trade, this is one of the things where the president is most fierce in terms of his insistence that he has the right negotiating tactic even when republicans in states that are severely affected by this, rural states, farm states are encouraging him to take a different position. notable as well, there was not a handshake. the president sort of touched on the arm or elbow of mr. juncker,
10:54 am
but they did not exchange the traditional handshake. how much to read into that will be for others to decide. juncker also pointing out we shouldn't talk at each other, we should talk to each other, and appreciating the chance to come to the white house and to speak in the oval office. but the president was in some ways delivering spoken tweets. he was saying the kinds of things we are seeing on twitter about wanting no barriers to trade and that that would be better. so the president not really moving much in his public statements on his position, what happened behind the scenes or will happen with the delegations involved here we'll have to see. >> kelly o., thank you. josh, we heard president trump say that he wants a level playing field with the european union. how unlevel is that field right now? >> well, i mean, what the president is focused on is the trade deficit. basically that they send us more in goods than we send to them. that is a thing that trips him up in terms of trying to negotiate what he is talking
10:55 am
about on twitter. wouldn't it be wonderful if there are no tariffs or barriers at all. trade negotiations are extremely complicated. even in the negotiations that should be easier, i mean, we have a framework in place from trans-pacific partnership negotiations for how we could renegotiate nafta with mexico and canada. a year and a half into those negotiations, trump has not been able to put those together. it would be harder with cars with the eu. the way the president measures trade is fair or not is that trade deficit. you can't agree to a target in a trade deal, and he is learning the hard way imposing tariffs does not necessarily impose trade deficits. there are other global economic forces that create trade deficits or trade surpluses. the president is looking for an output from these negotiations that he can't get, and that's why i do not believe he is likely to reach an agreement with the european commission on trade because they can't offer him what he wants. >> appreciate it. thank you so much.
10:56 am
thanks to kelly o'donnell as well. we'll be right back. she believes in research. it can take more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments. that's why she's working with watson. it's a smart way to find new hope, which really can't wait. ♪ ♪
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tw twiggy and her owner luann have done thousands of shows in an effort to talk about water safety. twiggy, we will miss you. enjoy your retirement. katy tur, can you lean into my shot any more? she is ready to pick things up. i will see you tomorrow morning on tod on "today." >> you don't watch my show? >> i have two small children. >> i can educate your kids. >> they can't watch the news these days. >> that's smart. craig melvin, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> my feelings are hurt, but it's okay. it is 11:00 out west and 2:00 p.m. out east. from fixer to foe. michael cohen signals he is no longer willing to take a bullet for his long-time boss and instead he might be willing to fire a metaphorical bullet of his own. >> it's turned a corner in his life and he is now dedicated to


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