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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 27, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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craig melvin is next. >> of course, you will. you work everyday. enjoy your week my friend. >> good evening, craig melvin here. about that meeting, president trump's long time lawyer is ready to tell prosecutor that president knew before ait happened. the president is firing back. vladimir putin has some new ideidea for the second meeting with trump. he wants it to happen in russia. >> the sequel, for the first time a candidate running in the senate said russians tried to hack into our computers. new nbc report looks at the strategy nearly two years after they attacked us in 2016. we start with that denial from president trump. just before the president and his team took that victory lap
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over a solid economic report today. mr. trump lashed out on twitter at the credibility of his former attorney. a knowledgeable source tells nbc news that michael cohen is prepared to tell special counsel, robert mueller, that the president knew in advance of that now infamous tower meeting of 2016. i want to bring in hans nichols at the white house and ken delaney following the in and ouo ins and outs. >> hahns, let me start with you there. what has been the response from the president and his son? >> well, craig, as you mentioned there is a denial from the president but really there is a tone of the denial and counter punching that we have from president trump taking aim at his old aid and former top
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adviser, and someone that knows a lot about the president's past. look at what he said in the tweet. it is not so much he is criticizing but the suggestion that he retain bill and crooked hillary clinton's lawyer. gee, i wonder if they helped him made -- that i can that choice. the president is openly questioning his motives and intentions. when you see what don jr.'s statement is, his lawyer claims that he did not do anything wrong. i am going to read that statement to you. "donald trump jr. has been professional and responsible throughout the mueller and congressional investigations." i will go to how quickly this story has moved. here we are at the end of july,
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these two sides are at open war and one may be cooperating with the mueller investigation and those are big tectonic changes. >> ken, as a reminder to our viewers and listeners here, trump and their camp has consistently denied that then candidate trump knew. >> did you tell your father anything about this? >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i would not remembered it until you start scouring through this stuff? >> did you know at the time? >> no, i did not know anything at the time. >> the president says he became aware of it recently right before this came out. that was when he was notified. >> it must have been an important meeting because i never heard of it. >> this incident, this is all of it. >> this is everything. assuming that cohen is telling the truth here, ken, he's willing to testify. how will this information change the understanding of that meeting and what would be the implications for president
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trump? >> if mueller can corroborate this information, the implication would be huge. everything you heard exposed were lies. donald trump jr. told congress that his father did not know. more importantly, it would establish that donald trump, the candidate if he was aware of the circumstances of this meeting, he was prepared to allow his son to meet with the foreign government to accept dirt on his opponent. it raises the question that what other meetings that donald trump was willing to accept and whether he was opened essentially to colluding with russia and lastly it raises the spectrum of obstruction of justice. he's been lying to the public and the american people and it is a huge deal. >> after the meeting was set up before it took place, president
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trump said this to a campaign crowd. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we'll be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clinton clintons. i think you will find it informative and interesting. >> so explain this significance of that. the speech that he's referencing and promising, that speech never happened. >> it never happened. craig, we have known about this piece of tape for a long time and we have poll lgone over thi. it looks much more in criminating and looks clear like he was prepared to give a speech based on a promise of in criminating information of hillary clinton and the information did not come and the speech did not happen. the cover up began. that's one way to look at it. look, i think we are along way from robert mueller proving that
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in the court of public opinion or in the court of law, craig. >> let's turn to the panel, natasha, i want to read something that our senior democratic, adam schiff, said about this. >> if trump knew about the june 9th meeting. the russians offered trump help and trump approved getting russian help. the russians delivered help. trump dictated a false statement about the true purpose of the meeting. trump covered up his own role. congress schiff correcting in his assessment there. >> it is important to go back and look at the time line of all of this. it shows if donald trump approves the meeting that signifies an intense to internationally conspire and get opposition research on his opponent and that of course is a violation of campaign finance laws. if receive or try to get something of value from a foreign national, that could put him in a lot of legal jeopardy
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and when i was speaking to formal federal prosecutors this morning, they said it is going to be at the heart of this and start to demonstrate this willingness to conspire with the russians that may also form a tile in this larger mosaic of what's happening throughout the campaign. the platform change of the national convention, this all fits and it is all where it begins. the russians are going to take that, well, he looks like he's accepting help from us and what can we get in return which would presumably be some kind of sanctions relief. >> we have not heard from michael cohen, hans or lanny davis. >> reporter: i have to say we have not had those impromptu exchanges with president trump of the last six or seven events
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he had. today they almost had a mote between the press and the president. sitting in the back, bill shine, and as well as john kelly and at certain point the two of them walked up that line and giving the president the thumbs up sign. he did not take any questions. in the past, you know because he's blown up your show in the past because he likes to answer questions. >> president trump demonstrating and an uncharacteristic amount of restraint. >> daniel, again, it seems to me that this boils down to michael cohen's word and the president's word. who do you believe? >> at this point, michael cohen has not indicated they have some sort of proof that the president knew. >> well, yes -- certainly in the court public opinion right now. it is a he says she says.
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by the time it gets closer to a court date or an actual investigation and criminal case if that were to ever get there. there would be a lot more around this. the prosecutors will never charge a case based on an individual word alone. a >> there has to be some sort of corroboration. >> michael cohen is a witness with a lot of baggage. it is not a normal witness where you need a corroboration here and there. this is someone who comes in, he has tweets of what don jr. testified in jong was truthful or accurate. he's saying opposite of don jr. and he has recordings and threatened people. he has lied through his twitter account and other times as well. and so with someone like that, you need to really corroborate him. we are a long way away from
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michael cohen's testimony being the lynch pin of the case. >> who would leak this and why? >> i don't believe this is at all in donald trump's interest to leak this. this looks bad for him and there is a lot out there on twitter that trump is leaking this to try to pull the sting out of cohen's information so he can't corroborate. that does not make sense to me as a prosecutor. it is not helpful for the prosecution for this to be out there. it makes no sense, it is still out there. it is still evidence and if michael cohen wants to cooperate, he's going to come in and talk to prosecutors and it is going to be the cases. it does not make sense for michael cohen to leak this because prosecutors don't want evidence out there that other people then know and can adjust to or tailor their testimonies to. i don't think it is trump because there is absolutely nothing to gain from it. michael cohen may think this is
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helpful to him but he should be speaking through his lawyer and u.s. state's attornattorney's o to the press. >> speaking to trump's allies this morning, they think it is not a big of a deal. this kind of bruise that there is no out right collusion of russians and nothing came of this meeting and this is more of the media making a big fuss over things. if the white house and trump himself thought it would be better to get out ahead of this so that when it comes out later in a trial then it would be less damaging. i don't want to speculate on sources. we see a pattern of the white house trying to get stories. >> they're completely wrong that this is nothing and this supports the no collusion. this place is donald trump right in the middle of collusion. the fact that it did not happen is only relevant to this particular meeting but as natasha rightly pointed out that it is a critical component.
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we have donald trump with potential knowledge of efforts to collude. it did not work but that does not mean it is not a conspiracy and it does not mean it did not happen from another time. >> the president get in fact, does that make him a coconspirator? >> it absolutely could. that's the whole game here. when he says no collusion, no collusion, no collusion, he references frequently that i didn't have phone calls with anyone. they don't seem to understand how conspiracy law works. you don't have to have a direct phone call yourself in order to be guilty. if you know people are doing it and you take actions in furtherance of that conspiracy. >> as we have been having this conversation, on the left coast, there is a hearing that just wrapped up. michael avenatti, the attorney who represents stormy daniels is holding a news conference some sorts outside the courthouse.
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let's listen into what mr. avenatti, michael avenatti in california. >> i am going to make a brief statement and take some questions. first of all, we applaud judge owe ote o' tarro for clearly understanding the ramifications of the first amendment of this proceeding. we are confident based on his statements that the efforts by the president of the united states and michael cohen to silence me and prevent me from presenting the truth and evidence to the american people that those efforts are going to fail as they should. i agree with the judge that this is very serious business. incredibly serious business. americans deserve to know the truth about their elected leaders and what they knew and
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when they knew it and how they cover it up. what you witnessed is a continued effort by the president of the united states and michael cohen to silence me and to prevent the truth from being exposed. this is a search for the truth, i am going to lead that search and we'll get to the bottom of this within way or the other. we are not going to be intimidated and not silence. my silence is not going to be silent. period. i will accept questions. >> can you talk about the in fact you mentioned that when you are talking with investigators of the $150,000 of hush payment had anything to do with the michael cohen's criminal case. >> i have significant concerns that investigation is not centered on the $130,000 payment. that investigation is going to be centered on a whole hosts of
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additional conduct likely criminal conduct by michael cohen with the cooperation of the president of the united states. >> long before i ran into michael cohen at that restaurant, discussions were underway between representatives of michael cohen and myself relating to setting up a meeting with the potential that michael cohen woild uld be settled out these cases but only if we had absolute assurance that he was going to come clean and he was going to disclose to us of the information that he had and he was going to make right by the american people and disclose to them the truth about this president. it was all conditioned on each of those occurring. it later became clear last sunday in discussions between me
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and a representative of michael cohen and not mr. blakely. by the way, mr. blakely was not involved in any of the discussions prior to last sunday. mr. cohen made it clear that he did not have any desire to have mr. bakelakely involved. it became clear to me that michael cohen was attempting to play a game. i made it clear that we were not going to be apart of that game. we'll never be apart of any efforts to snow the american people, period. >> that's michael avenatti outside a courthouse there in los angeles. again, attorneys for those of you who have not been following and admittedly and it is difficult to for l lllow all of. they asked a judge to and i think at the gag order that would affect michael avenatti the attorney there for stormy
10:17 am
daniels and avenatti telling us we don't have a decision from that judge. when we get a decision, we'll pass it along to you. we got two of them sitting with me now, dan goldman and danny savallos here on msnbc. what was michael cohen's attorney asking for and why would he be asking for that and we don't have a decision from the judge yet but let's start there. >> cohen's attorney was asking for a gag order that's asking the court to impose an password on one of the -- any time you ask a judge for a gag order, there is important first amendment inl pmplications. you may remember back here in the southern district that the judge actually told avenatti in
10:18 am
court, hey, if you want to be apart of this case then you are going to be subjected to the rules of this court which are strict about speaking. >> that was kimball wood. >> michael avenatti said i will think about it and we never heard from him again. the gag order in this case was a long shot for the cohen's team because the case long does not have a lot of instances and not a lot of precedensidents imposi unilateral gag order on someone like avenatti in a situation like this. it was a valn effort to silence avenatti. >> what was to be gained? >> to keep it quiet and stop him from appearing from every other television show that he appears on. >> the legal hoax here that the argument that it contains a jury
10:19 am
that if a lawyer is to hear a party in a case is out there and in public, you know arguing his case. that the idea that the judges want their lawyers to argue the case in court and not out in the public. that's rational and that's what judge wood held and made avenatti make a choice and he chose to leave that southern district case so he could continue to speak publicly. it is interesting to follow one little nugget about michael avenatti, this case has been stayed, which means it had been stopped because of the investigation that michael cohen is under investigation of the district of new york. there is additional hooks that judge wood did not have is that the judge stopped the case so that the criminal investigation could continue and here michael avenatti is out there and this is the only case that he
10:20 am
actually has going right now related to stormy danielaormy d. he's out there talking about it. >> all of this goes back to the $130,000 in hush money. a lot of folks have forgotten, that's how a lot of this started. michael avenatti represents stormy daniels and she's trying to get out of that hush agreement. >> moscow bound, vladimir putin says second meeting with president trump could happen but not in washington, in russia. the sequel, we are believe it or not about 100 days from the midterms. the russians tried to hack her all rig already. a new report to stop future hacks in our elections and wildfire throughout a deadly fire taking down everything in its path in northern california,
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vladimir putin is welcoming
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out the welcome mat. he invites president trump to moscow. the white house responding "president trump looks forward to having president trump to washington after the first of the year and he is open to visiting moscow upon receiving a formal invitation." for the first time since the 2016 attack in our election, president trump will be presiding over the first ever national security counsel meeting today. to defend american democracy of foreign manipulations, that is set to happen 90 minutes from now. ken delany and so is jennifer ruban and she's author of the "right turn" blog. >> ken, let me start with you because you got this new report that posted a few minutes ago on
10:26 am on how the trump administration is responding to the russia's attack in 19 months later. what do you know? >> i am not saying that the trump administration have not done nothing. they are working with the state and national security agency is trying to up its game and the fbi is devoted to this. there is no presidential leadership, there is no hold of government strategy to combat foreign election interference and every expert and some cabinet officials say that's exactly what's needed because this effort by various agency is not going to cut it. you need presidential leadership to make russia pay a price. there is no amount of side defenses that's going to keep russia officials out of our networks. they're great hackers and they can get in. what's needed is a strategy to make them pay and punish for
10:27 am
that and so far donald trump is unwilling to do that. >> we are 100 days away from the midterm here. what can they be doing right now? what can get done right now? >> number one, we need to protect the actual election infrastructu infrastructure, that means patching the system and that they have been upgraded and associated voter list and other absentee ballot request system. that could be done now in collaboration and state and local governments. we need to educate the campaign since a lot of this is targeted at specific kacandidates and thr staffs. it is about educating people on two factor on e-mails and avoiding those malicious looking e-mails and request to change passwords and that's a culture change in a democracy that we need to have. too many of our campaigns rely
10:28 am
on volunteers and relatively junior staff. we got an all hands-on deck need to protect our democracy. >> senator clarence mcallister, she says russians are already trying to hack into her computer. they wrote in part, quote, "the attempt against mccaskill's office was variant of password-stealing technique used by russia's so-called system. >> it is the technique that works across state actors. if i am targeting you, craig, i am going to learn everything you need to know about you and figuring out what i have to send you to mistakenly enter your credentials and they use that to
10:29 am
violate your privacy. spear phisifishing is the term. for a number of folks who are involved in campaigns and others. this is the juvulnerability. they are building up dossiers on all of us and focusing on our vulnerabilities vulnerabilities. that works unfortunately, craig. >> jennifer, these are republicans who are up for election, too. why is that? why would that be? >> because they rightfully assumed that the hacking will be done on their on behalf. the russian contrary of president trump who have no interest of going after the russians and mccaskill is a
10:30 am
vulnerable democrat. the republicans don't stand to benefit more over the fact that they would expend monday and take it seriously would in fact confirm the existence of 2016 campaign to interfere with your election on behalf of donald trump. the president sometimes says he believes that and sometimes says he believes national security team and he soon reverts to talking about being a hoax and his hoax in the congress both in the congress and senate both primarily in the house have gone to great lengths to cut investigation and make light of it and discredit it. for them to uphold their oaths of office and do their job would not be in their interests and that's the fundamental problem. we have one party that's not interested and protecting the american electoral system. >> senator mccaskill may not be the only target here.
10:31 am
we heard from a microsoft executive and this is what he said. >> earlier this year we did discover that a fake microsoft domain has been established as a landing page for fishing attack and we saw meta data directed on three candidates who are all standing in the midterm elections. >> it would seem that we are fighting a losing battle. >> well, i may characterize it as a symmetrical warfare. the defense system needs to be fi sophisticated. part of the reason we got robust service providers is they are investing in tens of thousands of labor hours of people to
10:32 am
protect against these attacks. itty-bitty line of attack, it makes for difficult battle if you think about it in those terms. >> is there more of the obama administration could have done more? >> at the end of the day, we have basic problems, so much of the information that we rely on everyday on digital form that we access with user names and passwords. you and i both know how painful it is. make it easy to get your data makes it vulnerable as someone took our credentials. that tension of opening up and locking down, that's not just an obama/trump administration, it is a generation challenge as we take full advantage of the digital system that we love in our private life. >> jennifer, do you get the sense that this is an issue that the average american really cares about. do you get the sense that this is one of those issues that we talk about are a great deal on
10:33 am
cable news and people tweet about it and you know -- john cusack and pat sitting at his house in iowa or wallaisconsin where ever he or she may be, do they appreciate the gravity of it. >> when you look at polling and healthcare has risen to the top of the list, jobs and the economy, when you also ask people if they are concerned of russian interference with our election system, well over 60% in most polls say they are. so it may not be their top concern but it is a concern. i think people will be put off to put it mildly. if they see their elected officials not doing anything about it and letting a foreign power launch a cyber attack on our election system. so i think it is a bad move for republicans and not to take it seriously and not to frankly fork over some money for it. i will add one thing.
10:34 am
>> sure. >> donald trump is already making the argument that they are intervening on behalf of democrats. that sounds to my ears of an attempt to see the field and prepare us for an argument that if the democrats win big that'll be not a election result that he'll would be willing to accept. we should be careful and be on the watch for that. >> how will the president be able to blame a democratic landslide in november on russian hackers if the president repeatedly thrown shades on the idea that there are in fact russian hackers. it could be a fat guy in his mother's basement according to the president. >> you are being consistent again. how many times have we seen this president flip-flop and comes up with inconsistent theories and not to mention of his theory of fraud fraud which were never substantiated. the president having this
10:35 am
meeting today specifically because it looks bad and he's not doing anything and it looks baaed that he's ignoring it in the weak ake of the helsinki meg and i think he wants to reassure his base and he does take american interests seriously and he has to go out of his way to demonstrate that. i think this is a defensive mode on his part. i suspect they have some polling they indicate of people who are not pleased of the way he's handling this and russian interference of our election system. >> really quickly, the meeting is set to happen 90-minute from now. what do we expect to come out of it? >> that's a great question, craig, i will be watching closely for what donald trump says about the subject because to general fejennifer's point, americans are concerned about it. imagine how many would be concerned of presidential leadership. after 9/11 we make sure that
10:36 am
kind of attack to never happen again. no such leadership have been forthcoming. it is no surprise that a good chunk of the people does not think it is a big problem. >> ken delaney and jennifer rubin. >> it is good having you. have a great weekend. >> what will happen if the president's son lie to congress of the meeting of 2016 at trump tower. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief from fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions,
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gillette. the best a man can get. here are other big stories we are following on this friday. at least two people are dead of the wildfires in california. it is 6% contained at this point. 60 miles per hour winds, winds are creating so-called fire-nato. that's roughly the size of two philadelphias, 65 homes and businesses have been destroyed and continue of hot and dry weather conditions are fuelling those flames as thousands have been forced to evacuate. north korea turned over remains of 55 service members killed during the korean war. the u.s. servicemen got the
10:41 am
remains in south korea earlier today. president trump thanked north korea's leader kim jong-un for keeping his words. 5300 remains of fallen soldiers are still in north korea. that court order deadline for the u.s. government to reunify families have come and gone. that is just over half of those separated. hundreds remaining in custody, out of the children not reunified, their parents have been deported or deemed in eligible. the big news of the russia investigation that we continue to follow on this friday, michael cohen, continued that the president does know of the infamous 2016 meeting at trump tow tower. mr. trump insisted that he did not know about it. we should also talk about his
10:42 am
son. donald trump jr., transcript shows that donald trump jr. testified to the senate committee that he did not tell his father about the meeting. i want to bring in jeff, what can you tell us about this and any legal vulnerabilities that he may face if he did in fact tell dad about the meeting. >> craig, here is what we know cht , we know in the closed door meeting back in september 2017, donald trump told congressional investigators clearly that he did not tell his father in advance of this infamous tower meeting. the reasons we know that is because of the transcripts. the question is did you inform your father of the meeting or the under line offer prior to the meeting. trump jr. says no, i did not. the legal vulnerability, the chairman of that committee, chuck grassley made it clear before trump jr. sat down for
10:43 am
the interview. he tweeted this. it is a crime to lie to congress whether under oath or not. i will add that it is a crime that comes up to five years of prison time. now, we should make clear that after this cohen's story popped last night, donald trump jr. put out a statement, they stay by of the credibility and the accuracy information that they provided to congress. here are a couple of things to know. donald trump jr. have made false claims about this trump tower meeting. he initially said he had no roles of setting up a meeting of russian nationals that's in any way relevant to the campaign. he said that the meeting was all about this issue of russian adoptions but when the e-mails came out, it was clear that the fundamental purpose of this meeting is of the transfer of damaging information of hillary clinton's campaign. the other thing to notice that based on the evidence, we know that donald trump jr. made a couple of calls to a blocked
10:44 am
number around the time the meeting with the russians were set up. we know candidate donald trump had a blocked number. based on the testimony when he was asked about that, donald trump jr. told investigators that he could not remember who exactly he called. if investigators are able to tie it all together showing that he did in fact called his dad in advance of the meeting, that bolsters this claim for michael cohen and we should suggest that patrick layche is calling on president trump to testify under oath on this very issue. >> breaking news, jeff bennett, thank you. i want to bring in our danny cevallos again. >> simply, how serious of a crime to lie to congress? >> it is very serious. there are six obstruction statues in the federal system. all but one applies to
10:45 am
congressional activities. lying to congress could be a violation of the specific statues that addresses congressional activities, section 1505, all of them carry minimum, well, i would not say minimum but jail term of around five years depending on sentence and guidelines. those are the maximum but definitely in the federal system if you are convicted, you are going to head to jail for a certain period of time. these are very serious crimes if he did in fact conceal anything from congress. in 1996 congress added that the intent requirement is that it must be done corruptly which means for an improper purpose. if he is concealing it. oh, i misunderstood the question or there is an innocent reason why i did not include the information. that goes along way for the government to prove its case. >> we are having the conversation of a picture has
10:46 am
surfaced, and this is from politico we should note. this is a picture that politico posted a short time ago. if you look closely and we'll help you out here. this is dca. this is reagan national airport in washington, d.c. the gentleman in the camel hat, with the cell phone pressed to his ears, that's donald trump's jr. that's the president's son, that's the gentleman we are talking about again. donald trump jr., if you look in the foreground of that picture, left side of your screen appears to be reading a newspaper of some sort. that's a fella named robert mueller. he's the gentleman who this special counsel is of course investigating the president, investigating the russians hacking into our election i should note. this is the first picture that we have seen showing bob mueller and donald trump jr. at such a close proximity there.
10:47 am
that's coming from politico. we should also note that bob mueller is not a fella that you see about town on a regular basis in general. we don't get a lot of bob mueller pictures or videos. this is at gate 35 x there at reagan national. donald trump jr. and bob mueller just a few feet away. it would not appear as if the two of them had some sort of conversation at the gate. caption that danny cevallos. >> we learned that bob mueller, he may be looking at the president's tweets. this is something that came down yesterday. you just wrote a story for nbc on whether a person's twitter feed can be used as evidence against him, can it? >> yes. >> i noticed this several years ago in court when police and agents started bringing in print outs of twitter feeds and social media, and what defense
10:48 am
attorneys will tell you everywhere is that we all had a client that shot themselves in the foot figuratively by posting some evidence of their crime online. law enforcement have gotten smart to this. they go right to social media to look for evidence against clients. here is the kicker. where i saw this the most, juveni juvenile delinquency court. the more people put their lives on social media or tweet out their thoughts, the more law enforcement considers that evidence. the main hurdle of the obstacle to get across in trial is authenticating it so you don't have just a piece of paper that proports to be a tweet. you need some evidence that it is what the government says it is. that was the president's tweet and more importantly that the president is the author of the tweet which is not always the case with the president of the united states. have a great weekend, my buddy.
10:49 am
can i get that picture one more time as we go to commercial from politico. >> that's quite remarkable on so many levels. donald trump jr. and bob mueller at the gate at dca. we'll talk about facebook, market values have dropped more than $100 billion. the biggest one day stock loss in the history of wall street. what's the social media giant is going to do to stop the bleeding? that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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a lot of folks keeping a very close eye on facebook stock today following that unprecedented beating on thursday. the company loast $119 billion n a single day. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has personally lost a staggering $17 billion on paper. that's the equivalent to the entire value of companies like miller coors or ralph lauren. right now, a live look, facebook down slightly, just two points. a lot better than this time yesterday and the day before
10:54 am
that. jo ling kent joins me live now. what is facebook doing to stop the hemorrhaging? >> i chased mark zuckerberg down the halls of congress this year and i said are you putting profits over people? now he is starting to put people over profits. they are basically spending more money as user growth, the rate of people logging on to facebook, is slowing down. so they are spending more money, adding 20,000 people to work on their security team. they are also going to be driving some more business towards instagram and whatsapp. two companies that facebook owns. mark zuckerberg is really trying to redesign this company from the inside-out. as you know, facebook stock has been a very reliable cash cow for the past, gosh, almost decade now. so what we're starting to see is facebook crack on the outside. it's a combination of scandals and it's a combination of what's coming ahead in that slowing down on social media. you see that happening at twitter as well.
10:55 am
they slowed down today by a million users and their stock is down 19%. >> zuckerberg survive this? >> oh, yeah. zuckerberg will survive this. he controls all the votes, or the majority of votes, excuse me, on the board of directors at facebook. he will be just fine. he also said he is the one to take the responsibility for this. but certainly what we're finding through our reporting and our investigative work is facebook is not able to handle a lot of these problems. we still see tons of fake profile pages. we still see lots of evidence of russian meddling or attempts to influence on the platform, and so going into the 2018 midterm elections his executives will not tell us if they see meddling from russia or other places on the platform, but he has already said that he expects it to continue. >> thank you. and we will be right back. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you.
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we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. it's friday. we are going to send you off with a smile. check this out. an alabama teenager was just given a spectacular surprise at work. when j.d. pope was not able to attend his high school graduation, his co-workers at america's thrift store in rainbow city put together a ceremony for him. cake, cap, and gown all included. back in may, j.d.'s car broke down after a shift at the store causing him to miss his graduation, but his luck has changed since. not only did he get a
11:00 am
graduation, he was able to get a new car by funds raised on social media. >> most people go to work and then they go home. i didn't expect this to happen. i am always going to be grateful for what i got. >> j.d. says he plans to continue to work at that same thrift store while he goes to college. how about that? so nice to see people actually using social media to do some good in the world instead of, you know, saying nasty things to people anonymously. that is going to do it. i will get down off my soapbox i will see you tomorrow morning on "today." meanwhile, my friend and colleague katy tur is standing by to pick things up right now. >> i love how you extended that because my earpiece isn't working. >> i try. i turned the south carolina on for you. >> my earpiece is still not working. let's see how this goes. thank you, craig melvin.


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