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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 3, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live, ali velshi, is joining us now. i will see you back here. >> kasie, you are not really off because you have to prepare for the next hour. >> thank you. >> i am ali velshi, we began this labor day less than 24 hours for the confirmation hearing for brett kavanaugh. democrats are takiing issues of the entire process. the white house's decision to block the release of more than 100,000 pages of records. the records to date to kavanaugh's time and the administration time of george w. bush. chuck schumer called the decision a friday night document massacre and take a look at what amy klobochar told my colleague, chuck todd on "meet the press."
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>> it is not normal because we are not able to see 100,000 documents that the archiv archive -- because the administration said that we can't see them. 140,000 documents that i see but you can't see because they won't allow to make it in public and i kan can't tell you about it on the show. >> joining me jeff bennett and pete williams. jeff, let's start with you, these hundreds of thousands of documents are documents of george w. bush administration, apparently was okay handing over or suggested they wanted to air on the side of transparency and this white house said no. >> yeah, i think it is an interesting point to make. you have the lawyer who's overseeing the document review representing the bush administration, he says former president bush told him to air on the side of transparency but
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he says he was directed in later conversations with the trump administration and the white house and the department of justice to withhold some of these documents as hundreds of thousands or so documents. that's why you hear democrats say they feel like they're being railroaded on all of these crucial issues, such as abortion rights or presidential power. they want to know more about are where judge kavanaugh stands on these issues and how he advised then president bush on some of these issues. raj shaw makes the point that well, we released some hundreds of thousands of documents. >> pete, let's talk about this, this is a different set of documents than we have been talking about. senate democrats have been asking republicans to join them in their request for a lot of documents dating back to kavanaugh's time as staff secretary in the white house. why is this controversial?
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>> i think -- first, a couple of reasons. the committee wants as much information of the nominee as possible and potential opponents of tkavanaugh. democrats are looking for any reason they can cite to support their no-vote. there are a lot of reasons that democrats come into this hearing predispo predisposed, quite apart from him. one is the way republicans treattrea treated mayor garland, the nominee president obama had in his last term. the president says it does not count. the democrats are fuming about that. the second thing is this document issue and that's quite apart of kavanaugh's record as a judge. so for reasons both institutional and political, democrats are concerned of this document issue. >> jeff, is any of this going to make the difference at the moment. republicans believe they seem to
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have the votes to go through with these. will it matter relating to the documents both of the bush era and the other documents from the national archive? >> reporter: republicans control the senate and because of the change in senate rules, they could confirm kavanaugh with just no vote, with no votes at all from democrats. one of the interesting dynamics here is that you now have democrats on the outside raising money against democratic senators really trying to make sure they stay within the ranks. brian fallon who once worked for chuck schumer, he was the campaign spokesperson for hillary clinton. he's raising a lot of money on the outside running ads and trying to make sure that people like joe mansion and joe donally, three red state democrats who voted for gorsuch that they won't now vote for kavanaugh. this is the kind of things that republicans do to other republicans.
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it represents what's at stakes and how democrats are now trying to run this outside game because they realize there is not much they can do in the senate itself. >> pete, you and i were together on the day when the kavanaugh's no, ma' nomination were announced. there were all sorts of democrats talking about preventing this going forward. they were not successful and delaying the hearings which are starting now or at least the process is starting tomorrow. is there anything that anybody who does not think brett kavanaugh should be on the supreme court could do about it at this point. >> i think jeff got it right. it is a simple matter of arithmet arithmet arithmetic. the latest call of delaying is cohen pleaded guilty in new york and there were some democrats saying well, he is pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation, he says that president trump told him to do it. that means the president implicated in a crime that we
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should delay these hearings to figure out what that is and prepare to ask brett kavanaugh about that. as you know ali, brett kavana h kavanaugh's view on whether the president can be subpoenaed, he certainly thought so during the clinton administration when he was working for ken star of the lewe lewinski situation. although he has said in that law review article that it would take an active congress to provide the president with immunity. i am sure we are getting a lot of questions about that. when the questioning begins on wednesday, tomorrow will be the opening statements by the senators. the opening statements by the nominee himself and the introduction of the family and
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then we get down to the good q & a on wednesday. >> we'll be tuning in on that. jef jeff, thank you. jason, you written a detailed column arguing that kavanaugh's nomination should not be considered both because of his views, and as pete just mentioned was referred to in the guilty verdict or the guilty plea for michael cohen. >> yes, this is the most pivotal supreme court nominee nomination of our lifetime. we have a president implicated in felony and his campaign managers are convicted of eight felony charges and now we have a white house that's refusing to release 100,000 documents so strangest and worse possible nominee at the worse possible time.
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if democrats are along with it, this is legitimatizing a process. >> anthony kennedy may have the votes to be confirmed as we just discussed. he'll permanently damaged the institutions and unless he asks senator republican to postpone the investigation until the mueller investigation is completed. what's your argument here. >> brett kavanaugh is someone that cares about the supreme court and he cared about it his entire life. he's going to make a decision that's going to be the most unpopular decision of the history of the united states since the days of slavery. he's going to decide to reverse roe v. wade. what's unique of kavanaugh is his strange involving when it comes to executive power, when republicans -- we can expect
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that he'll hear numerous matters and including whether his papers can be held up of power and decided by the supreme court. he'll be the fifth decision on a court that's going to be intact for half a century more or less. he's going to be making decisions, we'll see brett kavanaugh making decisions in 2050. he's going to live long past donald trump but he's going to carry the delegitimacy of donald trump administration will possibly be convicted forever unless he makes a decision to say i care more about this court than my immediate career. >> what do you say if somebody says if all of these arguments are simply posturing by democrats who don't want a republican on the supreme court? >> they're posturing by democrats who don't want a republican on the supreme court but they're also and americans have spoken out about this. we have a supreme court that has
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the last seat was filled, took 422 days and spent less than 60 days since kavanaugh was named. they're rushing to put him into place. donald trump is prepeariaring t extraordinary and provacative steps, probably before the end of the year. brett kavanaugh is going to be the decisive votes on whether donald trump gets away with these things. >> jason, usa today columnist. >> tomorrow we'll have live coverage of the confirmation hearing for nominee brett kavanaugh. brian williams kicks off our coverage at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. if we are doing so well, why didn't he free pay worth for workers. >> you are wafing msnbc. cause e with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up!ing msnb.
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many are enjoying a day off on labor day. president trump gave them the blow days before the holiday weekend, he announced freeze employee pay. the president said "we must p n maintain efforts to put our nation on a sustained course and
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federal agency budgets can't stain such increases." >> as we head into labor day, our nation pays its gratitude to the hardworking men and women who make our country run. i am going to be doing some work over the weekend. i am going to be studying the federal workers in washington that you have been reading so much about and people don't want to give them any increase, they have not had one for a long time. i am going to study it over the week. it is good time to study at labor day, let's see how they do next week. a lot of people are against it. i am going to take a good hard look at it over the week. >> people don't want to give them an increase. you tweeted you don't want to give them an increase. whose decision is it by including a raise of the spending bill that needs to be improved by the end of the month. chris liu is now a senior fellow of virginia center. chris, good to see you.
10:16 am
i am not quite sure why the president got up in charlotte and said people said so, so i am going to study it over the weekend. he said so and he tweeted it. >> you are right. i work for a president who has a policy process where you had a lot of recommendations and the president made a decision after studying that. we have done at the opposite way with this president, he makes rash decisions and catches blow backs. let's be clear, this is just one facet of a relentless attack on workers over the last 19 months. the hypocrisy here is incredible. he says he can't afford pay raise for federal employees that would cost at most. this comes after a $1.5 trillion tax cut that's largely gone to the wealthy and has balloon our deficits. he also says the economy is booming. why can't federal employees share a little of this economy.
10:17 am
>> it is something we all foresaw. if you give the tax cut of the wealthy and corporations that all trickle down, one would assume that the benefits of the tax cut would not be suffered by federal servants. >> what's important to understand here is who we are talking about. about 60% of the federal civilian employees work at department offense and veterans affairs and about 10% of them are people with disabilities including disable veterans. this is not just antiworkers or antiveterans. it is antimilitary as well. >> looets taet's go back to 201. federal workers got a 2% raise. they never had a 10% raise. 2013 for 2015, nothing. 2016, they got 1%.
10:18 am
we have inflation running in about 2.9%. we have general wage increases and not federal civil servants but minimum wage increases of 2.9% inflation, 2.7% increases. the point is even if they got their 2.1% for 2019, they would be behind. if you look at all of these things, federal salaries are not keeping up with the living. >> exactly. some of these raises were not given during the obama administration is both reaction to the fact that we are in a recession at that time. at this period of time when it seems that this money is going out the door, federal civil employees should have a chance share in this. everyone with the 2% does not keep up with this. we have not seen that across the board in the private sector and
10:19 am
in the public sector. they're not going to see it either. >> chris, thank you very much for joining me. chris lu, star power on the ground today in massachusetts. seven districts ahead of tomorrow's primaries, two progressive and one c. who the voters are going to choose. we'll show it to you live next on msnbc. ♪ hawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean. we're the most isolated population on the planet. ♪ hawaii is the first state in the u.s. to have 100% renewable energy goal. we're a very small electric utility. but, if we don't make this move we're going to have changes in our environment, and have a negative impact to hawaii's economy. ♪
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we are connected to a future presidential run. >> i am running for the united states senate. we have 63 days until the general election. i am all in on that. i am focused on my senate race. i am focused on being the kind of senator that can represent the people of massachusetts with honesty and integrity. >> you heard senator elizabeth warren responding to questions of a sweeping weekend report on a boston globe detailing her personal and professional history. h she released her files to the globe after six years of requests. her ethnicity was never considered by harvard or any of the major institutions that contributed to her rise in law. for years critics have charged that warren was claiming a
10:24 am
native american heritage to help advance her career and accusations that president trump exploited in the past. >> did you every hear pocahantas. >> she said she was an indian. pocahantas, i apologize to you. to the fake pocahantas i continue. >> hall right, meantime, bostonians are gearing up the major battle tomorrow. the outcome which could swing the seventh congressional district of the most liberal districts in the nation further left. nbc ali is in boston today
10:25 am
following this race, what's the story here? >> reporter: well, aliv., we have been here in boston and we have been here all day talking to the members. what she said that she feels like the win is wind it as her k and the momentum is on her side. a lot of people i talked to on the ground here referred to it as their fight. presley campaigning and wants to show it is not a matter of waiting in line and waiting for your turn to run. she wants to offer a new leadership vision. take a look at what congressman capuano has said. >> we always have the issues internally, that's what families
10:26 am
do. it is always a struggle for the minds and the souls of the body. once that happens, my hope is that we have a common enemy with people that don't share any of our values. >> reporter: it is fascinating when you consider the fact that when i talk to voters who are for capuno seems a little offensi offensive. it makes you focus and keep your attention and that's what he's looking forward to it. >> my question, ali, why? this is an establishment verses an insurgent thing that's going on all around the country. others say progressives verses more progressives. i end up making the argument as others do that it is not enough to say you are progressives and where are you on seeking the impeachment on the president or putting these bills up or showing where you vote and a lot of these i guess you may call
10:27 am
them as establishment democratic candidate came around in time when compromise with republicans or compromise with conservatives was a common thing. >> reporter: certainly, president trump is pretty central of the argument here. a few hours ago, capuano has said he has not found a place to work together with the president. when you are talking about compromise, i don't think either are looking to compromise with president trump. folks are not trump fans and candidates are not trying to make that argument. in the closing hours of these race, all of them are looking to turn out and of course, there are some inherit barrier to that and it is labor day today and kids are going back to school. it will be hard for kids who are not passionate voters to get out and vote and especially for the
10:28 am
pressley campaign, they're looking for people to turn out to vote for them. tomorrow night, everyone out here is trying to canvas and get their ground game strong and finish strong on the ground here. >> we'll watch it close here, ali in boston. thank you very much. i am joined by jonathan allen and our republican strategist and welcome to both of you. susan, let me start with you on your comment about this. these are races, republicans don't even contest. there are no chance of this flipping and same thing with cortez here in new york and that constituency is remaining in new york. what do you see is happening here? >> kind of like what you saw in the tea party movement,
10:29 am
challenge ing the establishment and when luke you look at this in joe crowley's district, these are folks that i got to go now and you are not voting in line anymore. one is you can have seniority and bring home the bacon for your district if you are there for a while and sometimes you need fresh blood. i think it is good and i think it is good on both sides when you see good thought primaries and especially on the issues and they're kind of similar in so many ways so i have no problem. i think that's great. >> jonathan, the new york times have a quote that i want to read to you. the puzzle for many voters is why miss pressley is challenging home a strong progressive in the first place. they're likely to vote on the same way on most issues. the answer says as much of
10:30 am
pressley as boston. if you have seniority in congress, you can bring home the bacon as it works. how do these contests benefit the public. >> well, another thing that's harder to bring home the bacon these days, michael capuano have sat in the old school appropriator back in day used to be close ally of nancy pelosi were able to use the relationship to bring money back in the relationship. with that said, he's got -- i think what you are seeing is a question of whether you need new stylistic means of going to republican opponents.
10:31 am
>> susan, as a republican having seen this happen in the republican party, it has happened over decades in both parties. as jonathan says, some of it is stylistic and some of it is past approach, this is what i am going to commit to and verses an older style to politics and still remember the possibility of compromise and guys like joe crowley and capuano is so out of touch. >> i hope so. i would like to be an optimistic. if you want new fresh blood in the presidential, you have to grow a foreign change. look at the leadership and democrats and republican party with the exception of ryan. it is all white folks. that's not he willalthy for our government and either party. i understand the wanting to kind of get things going in d.c. hopefully, they'll learn that this is a generation may be that
10:32 am
compromises what you need, that's governing, it is based on compromise. >> jonathan, there is no talk among democrat leadership or republican leadership for that matter of addressing that issue of people who have been in politics for a long time who are trying to get to vote. that stuff is coming from the ground and is not coming from the halls of leadership. >> well, usually the people of power are not the first to suggest that somebody should -- >> if you look at what he's saying and the approach he had for this primary, he knew who was running against him and he wanted to get home and talk to his constituents and he's talking about paying attention and you look at his record overtime. this is not somebody that believes congress ought to be representatives of only old, white men but when it comes to his own seat, he's going to
10:33 am
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negotiations between the united states and canada on a
10:37 am
trade deal will resume. the talks nearly fall apart after president trump said he would not give canada any leeway. he could not say publicly. on saturday, he tweeted this warning, there is no political necessity to keep canada in the new nafta deal. if we don't make a fair deal for the u.s. after decades of abuse, canada will be out. congress should not interfere with these negotiations or i will terminate nafta entirely and we'll be far better off. there are so much wrong with that tweet. it came after the president told congress we'll move forward with a new trade deal with mexico that we reached next week. canada needs to be apart of any new agreement. let's look at why the u.s. lumber canada trade relationship
10:38 am
is so important. canada has become america's second largest trading partner after china. almost 80% of canadian percentage david wi merchandise that is exported and going to the united states and nafta. the u.s./canada traded more than $673 million in both goods and services. the u.s. unlike what the president said routinely, the u.s. has a trade surplus of canada of more than $8 billion a year. that's hardly abusive. since nafta took e if hffect, es of u.s. goods to canada are up to 100%. exports to service to canada are up 243%. in addition, nearly 2 million jobs in canada are tied to canadian exports and nearly to the u.s. and nearly 9 million american jobs depend on trade and investment with canada.
10:39 am
putting this all in a wider positiv perspective. canada is the top international nation of export frs 36 u.s. states. if these negotiations are unsuccessful for the president pulls the plug on nafta, the impact will be felt on both sides of the border. a former deputy assistant u.s. trade representative for north america and he has consulted with american businesses on nafta and trade agreement. he currently teaches international trade law at the school of law, thank you for joining us, matt. >> you and i talked before we knew talks are fallen off because the president have said something that one should not typically say during negotiations. give me your sense of what's going on here. canada as i just described in the introduction does need this deal with america more than america needs it with canada. >> i would not say that canada
10:40 am
needs it more than the united states, i would say both countries need it. who needs it more is a very self-defeating way to look at trade negotiations. a good agreement is a win-win scenario and a failure is a lose-lose scenario and you have to keep in mind. to say that canada is abusive of the united states is probably the most incorrect thing that could be said about u.s. trade with any country in the world. canada has an extraordinary high rate of compliance with all of its trade obligations in the united states. it is true that there are some rights that we wish we had not agree to. these of what we agreed to and canada does comply as well as we do. we have to give it up to canada. if we don't have something to offer, we can't accomplish the change. >> none of what you just described are deal breakers. benef we have been on this deal since
10:41 am
1994. everybody acknowledges of modernization requires of it. be don't know what the sticking points are. we managed to have one of the biggest trade relationships in the world and on top of that one of the best political relationships in the world despite that. donald trump seems to think that there is another way to go about this to get a better relationship or what he calls a fairer relationship with canada that seems to ignore this long and rich history. >> it does. i always remember the post september 11th era, as you know i served three civilian tour of iraq during the war. i remember very clearly canada is sending thousands of their kids to afghanistan to get shot at side by side with american kids because terrorists attacked the united states. later on terrorists attacked canada because they did that. you don't squeeze every last drop of blood out of a friend like that.
10:42 am
it is bad diplomacy and it is bad for our national security and economy. >> speaking of last drop of everything, water and electricity and oil and all things that we get from canada. americans like the fact that we do and that's transparent to most people who use hydro electricity or water that's coming to canada or gasoline that comes from canadian oil. it does not come with a label on it. >> that's correct. and at the end of the day, the big issues are not what trump makes it to be. that mechanism has worked better over the years. i shared one of those chapter 19 by the national panels. we want to get the canadian barriers to u.s. dairy of u.s. poultry and eggs. >> the united states were able to ex po right turn milk to canada and even in that situation. we had a trade surplus in dairy
10:43 am
with canada until donald trump made so much noise and so obnoxious and created a bigger problem. we are dealing with softer lumber and offsetting the impact of subsidies on the lumber and on the dumping of the lumber. these problems with dealing with to a significant degree. matt, good to talk to you. matt gold, i suspect we'll be talking more. well, a program in west virginia is giving kids a better chance of a better way of life of higher education. one nation of overdose, kate snow is joining me. >> you are looking at the protest in o'hare, authorities say they'll make arrests if necessary but we hope not. we'll keep an eye on it.
10:44 am
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at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on a hotel, like this one. or any home, boat, treehouse, yurt, whatever. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah the opioid crisis continues to plague my communities. nbc's kate snow talked to one member there whose parents
10:48 am
suffered with addiction. for more on the story, kate snow is joining me now. >> ali, thanks so much. what are the side effects of children when it comes to drug abuse. it is often kids not going to school and dropping out of school. west virginia ranks lowest in the country. but, there is an ambitious program that's trying to change all that. it is called gear up and it is bringing hope and a chance for the future like places in boone county. >> reporte >> i went to school at madison elementary. >> reporter: college senior ivan brooke is one o f the big successor here thanksed to a program that he started called
10:49 am
gear up. >> so you grew up right here. >> reporter: his self confidence is hard earned from too many life lessons. when you were a kid, would you bring people by the house? >>. >> no, no one saw where i live. >> reporter: you were worried they would see your mom. >> i was terrified that they would see mom's nodding off. >> reporter: ike's mom starts taking xanax once a month. >> reporter: ike's dad was in prison and died of an overdose. his rebellion was being a straight a student. >> ike, he's a trooper. he's definitely, he's meant to do something great. he has crawled through a river of [ bleep ] and coming out smelling like a rose. >> you just tell yourself i am going to get to college and that's my only way out. >> we need to have educated
10:50 am
people here with new ideas and bring life back into these mountains. >> it is why ike's old high school holds a celebration to recognize seniors education. >> we want to make sure that we showcase the academic excellence of our students. >> reporter: and why the gear up program has tracked more than 10,000 students like ike from seventh grade on in the ten poorest counties of west virginia, offering s.a.t. prep and offering scholarships. and now ike is paying it forward. this summer working with students at a gear up camp at marshall university. >> they learn about jobs of the future, build leadership skills, and get a touch of campus life. >> if you are a first year college student, raise your hand. >> reporter: and maybe most important, the chance to hear from someone whose struggles might be a lot like theirs. >> getting to college has changed my life. once i get that degree, no one
10:51 am
can ever take that away from me. >> reporter: he hopes to graduate next year and go on to law school. >> i plan to always stay in west virginia and i feel that this state has given so much to me. i have to give that back. >> it's a federal program that exists in more than 40 states. they have helped more than 700,000 kids get on to higher education. it's great. it's not enough. >> well, the coordinator said she wants these kids to bring life back into the place, and then heis last line was i plan o stay in west virginia. >> yeah, he wants to go home. he wants to run for governor one day. you may have him on the show in the future. >> he looks like he could. >> he really could. look, it's such a complicated story. i was telling you in the commercial break, i have been all over this country. i have not seen a place as hard hit from opioids and other drugs, meth as well, than this county, boone county. it was jaw-dropping. it doesn't feel like america in
10:52 am
some ways because it is so impoverished. >> 10% to 20% of people op drugs? >> yes. and when you look at the kids and the impact on children like ike, they told me they think 75% of the children in the county, 75% are touched by abuse and neglect, largely because of drugs. >> we are going to stay on this story. thank you, kate, for continuing to do that. be sure to watch more tonight on "nbc nightly news." just in time for labor day, the president is attacking the head of the afl-cio, the largest federation of labor unions in america. next we are going live to milwaukee to see what folks at labor fest have to say. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer,
10:53 am
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10:57 am
success of the u.s. itself that it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly. a dem. vaughn hilliard is on the ground in milwaukee where the annual afl-cio celebration is underway. what's going on in milwaukee, other than what appears to be a lot of rain, in the response to the president's handling of trade issues? >> reporter: yeah, ali, this is labor fest. it has been raining throughout the day. we are part of a parade earlier. while we have not been using an umbrella most of the day, it's coming down. you have several thousand union members from across wisconsin that are here. recall wisconsin, michigan, they are one of those states where a lot number of union members catapulted in november 2016, which is an issue coming up here in wisconsin this november. the likes of scott walker, the governor here is up for re-election. there is a senate race at hand. but not just trade issues that we have heard about where richard trumka was talking about this morning, but also issues important to union labor.
10:58 am
i want to bring in tom. he is a machinist with local 66 in racine. this is steve, who is a teamster in local 344. i want to ask you both, just open-ended question, your thoughts on president trump and this administration when it comes to union labor. >> when it comes to union labor, i mean, he has been somewhat supportive. he hasn't been fully supportive yet. i am waiting for that to come. as far as with the trades and everything going on, we are actually looking at possibly bringing in more companies into the u.s., which is going to eventually pan out for us and work better. >> reporter: you voted for the president. you hope the trade efforts come to fruition, better jobs here? >> yes, i do. hopefully, it does get to a point because eventually it's going to be, everything is going to be thrown up in the air and looked at before you could say one way or the other. you have to have a balance. you can't have one way on one side. >> reporter: i want to ask steve, and ask you, tom, i
10:59 am
wanted to ask you, governor ska scott walker is up for re-election. do you plan to vote for him this november? >> i do not. >> reporter: because of unions. >> yeah, because of unions. you have the business side, which you want the business to make their money, but you want the people to be happy. >> reporter: steve, your thoughts on the president when it comes to his union efforts here? >> i think he is anti-union. he won't say it. i think that he snows a lot of the union members into thinking that he is on their side, but he is not on the workers' side. >> reporter: will these conversations here, while these conversations are underway with the likes of canada, with mexico, and with the eu, there are none of those trade deals as we have said repeatedly that the president promised over the campaign trail. potato of these men are looking for them. they want those better deals and they want unions to be paid attention to here on this labor day. >> thanks for your great reporting, rain or shine.
11:00 am
i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. kasie hunt is back, as promised. she picks it up from washington right now. >> ali, from washington where it is not raining like it is in wisconsin. thanks to von hilliard. good afternoon and happy labor day. i'm kasie hunt live in washington. supreme battle. president trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh will face grilling from democrats when his confirmation hearings begin tomorrow. why they are demanding the release of more than 100,000 pages of documents from his time under george w. bush. >> plus, trump's trade war. he is poised to make major changes to nafta. why that could have serious economic and political implications. >> and biden's message. the former vice president delivers a labor day message of civility and what he says is at stake for our country as the midterms loom. let's start with what a confirmation win may mean for republicans and democrats. day one of brettna