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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ chris-crossing the country ahead of the midterms, president trump is making a final push for a vote as new polling shows democrats with a small lead. plus, former president obama campaigns for the democrats running for governor in florida and georgia as president trump picks up his attacks on the two candidates. data shows the number of young voters casting their ballots early is soaring, futuring democrfuture i -- fuelling democrats' hopes of capturing the house. good morning, everyone. it's monday, november 5th.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside frances rivera and louis burgdorf. election day is tomorrow and the final round of national polling shows democrats with a steady lead but one that could mean a smaller wave than they had hoped for. the poll has democrats ahead by seven points on the ballot, 53-47%. the "washington post"/abc news poll shows democrats 52% to 44%. democrats are performing best among african-americans, latinos, young voters and independents. republicans, on the other hand, they do best among white men and white women without college degrees. voters between the ages of 50-64 and men. and there is record level enthusiasm with 85% of likely democratic voters expressing a high level of interest in the midterms and 82% for
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republicans. according to data, nearly 35 million americans have voted early or through absentee ballots. president trump tried to lower expectations for his party's performance. >> i think we're going to do well with the house. i my primary focus, of course, has been on the senate because there are so many people on the house and that's a lot of stops. i think we're going to do well in the house, but as you know, my primary focus has been on the senate and i think we're doing really well in the senate. >> you don't hear too much about the blue wave, anymore, do you? remember a couple of months ago, oh the blue wave. now they don't talk -- i'm not saying they don't squeak it by maybe because they've got a lot of racists and i can't go everywhere. if chuck schumer, cryin' chuck,
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and nancy pel hosi and the legendary maxine waters take power, they will try to erase our gains and eradicate our progress. it will be ridiculous, frankly. it will be bad for our country. the democrats -- and it could happen, could happen, we're doing well very and really well in the senate, but could happen. you know what you do? my whole life, you know what i say? don't worry about it, i'll just figure it out. does that make sense? i'll just figure it out. >> the new nbc news wall treat journal poll shows president trump with a steady approval rating among likely voters 46% approve, 52% disapprove. 68% of registered voters say they are very or somewhat satisfied with the state of the economy. the poll also finds that 59% of voters said they wanted change in the direction from the one
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president trump has been leading the country. 38% don't want much or any change. on saturday president trump explained why he does not stick to the economy amid what he described as advice from fellow republicans and criticism from news outlets. >> msnbc is probably worst than cnn. they tell you, he's got the greatest economy. why is he talking about the border? well, you can only say so many times that we just created 250,000 jobs last month, right? now, i could say it over and over and over again, and you'd appreciate it. but once i say 250 and then i say again 250 and again and i can only go for four or five minutes with that stuff. then the crowd says we love you and they start dwindling off. >> new data shows that young voters are casting their ballots in record numbers compared to 2014. target smart, a firm that tracks
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early voting, has found that turnout among 18-29-year-olds is up 186% in arizona. in georgia, it's up 362%. in nevada and texas it's up by more than 400%. in tennessee we see a whopping 600%. at this point more than 2.3 million voters under the age of 30 have already voted and counting. in 2014 at this point in early voting, voters of the age of 65 out numbered voters under the age of 30 by a 9-1 margin. as of today that has been cut to a 5-1 margin. the president visited florida and georgia over the weekend where democrats are looking to take their first
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governorships. the president called stacey abrams unqualified for that job in florida and on saturday used a similar attack against andrew gillum. >> andrew gillum is not equipped to be your governor. just not equipped. it's not for him, it's not for him. he knows it. he won't say it, but he knows it. we've got to keep this state great. otherwise it's going to be problems like you never imagined. oprah's good but the woman that she's supporting is not qualified to be the governor of georgia by any stretch of the imagination. brian is totally qualified. she is not qualified to be the governor of georgia, not qualified. >> he said you just simply weren't qualified to be governor. he didn't say why. how did you take that assessment? >> i find his assessments to be vapid and shallow.
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i am a business owner. i'm a tax attorney trained at yale law school. i am a civic leader who helped register more than 200,000 georgians. i'm a very accomplished political leader. i blocked the single largest tax increase in georgia history. there is no one more qualified standing for this office in georgia. >> as for georgia's republican nominee for governor, he's using his role as the state's secretary of state to investigate democrats over what he claims was a failed attack to hack into the state's voter registration system. democrats say it's a last ditch effort to distract voters in the run-up to election day. just the day before, an outside expert warned both the democratic party of georgia and a group suing kemp over voting machine security of a flaw in the state's voter registration site. according to the paper, the
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attorney for the group reported the flaw to the fbi and kemp's office. this morni ing kemp's office announced it was investigating state democrats for possible cyber crimes and said it was calling in the fbi. he >> he is trying to rile up his base by misleading voters yet again. this is also someone who has a strong habit of having hackable systems. the problem is democrats did nothing wrong. what is happen is that he once again is overseeing a vulnerable system and is blaming someone for his mistakes. >> a poll conducted by the "new york times" this weekend shows things are trending up for democratic candidates. in fact, starting down in georgia's sixth district, democrat lucy mcbath leads karen handel. in michigan's eighth district the democratic challenger has a seven-point lead over the
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republican incumbent mike bishop. in kentucky, andy barr is tied at 44% with amy mcgrath. over in iowa, congressman steve king has a five-point lead over the democrat. in california's 48th district, harley rouda has the lead 46-45%. >> i want to bring in a repor r reporter eugene scott. how are the candidates bracing for tomorrow? >> i think they're doubling down on what messages they've been communicating to their bases to ensure turnout. the republicans are following trump's lead, at least not pushing back on him, reminding voters that it was anxiety about
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immigration that led them to back the president and that he will campaign and lead an administration that will address those fears and make america great as far as they define things to be, which is the way america used to look in the past demographically. i think democrats are doing the exact opposite, trying to commune taicate it is not going be fear mongering that they think will make america its best yet. >> let's switch gears for a moment and focus in on one of these states. there is the state of georgia. now you have brian kemp the secretary of state making an accusation that the democrats tried to hack voter registration in that state. it's kind of interesting to hear that coming from brian kemp. he rejected help from the department of homeland security to protect voting machines there, all kind of accusations
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he's been trying to suppress the vote there. is this a employ by kemp to try and garner more votes or is there something there there? >> what kemp is doing is creating a narrative that allows him and his supporters to say that his opponent is under investigation and she is now, her campaign is, but she is because her opponent has the power to do so without sufficiently addressing, according to his critics, the issues they've brought up regarding his role in allegedly suppressing the vote in georgia. still ahead, a combat veteran and a democratic house candidate in texas hits back at her republican opponent after he compared their race to a war. later, a utah mayor killed while serving in afghanistan,
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welcome back. a republican congressman's comments comparing his midterm race to war are not sitting well with his purple heart recipient challenger, texas incumbent john carter called the fight against his opponent a war, going onto say, quote, we're going to win, i will beat this lady. hagar is a combat search pilot who served three tours in afghanistan and is vying for the district 31 spot. her team released this ad in response to the comments. >> congressman carter, i'm mj hagar, you know, the lady you're at war with. well, respectfully congressman, you don't know [ bleep ] about war. i did three tours in afghanistan and i'm here to tell you that a campaign is a discussion about
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issues. are you just afraid you'll lose to a girl? i approved this message because for now this is still your job and we're still waiting on these answers. >> a poll from early october showing congressman carter holding a 15-point lead over g hegar. last week during a protest march of activists on the out skirts of the capital, the group blocked traffic and show some of the protesters throwing rocks at soldiers blocking the march. in response the soldiers opened fire on the unarmed group, killing at least 45 and wounding 120, according to amnesty international, although the nigerian military claims that only three people were killed.
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in an attempt to justify the slaughter, the nigerian army posted a since deleted video on its twitter page titled please watch and make your deductions. a nigerian army spokesman confirmed the purpose of the tweet saying we released the video to show that if president trump can show that rocks are as good as a rifle, who is amnesty international? so a stone is a weapon. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. you're looking pretty good this morning. >> we're surviving. interesting marathon yesterday in new york. i finished. that's all that matters. this election day forecast, obviously we were talking last week about the potential for a tornado outbreak. we've sped things up a little
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bit, but now we're watching a severe weather more on the east coast than the deep south. the one state that could be influence influenced -- we're looking for rain from pensacola to tallahassee. we'll see how all of that plays out. for today we're watching the severe weather threat from mississippi all the way through the southern half of tennessee, northern alabama, maybe a few tornados possible with this, damaging wind and large hail. last week we thought this was going to be election day, but this storm sped up a little bit so this will be later this evening and the overnight. for election day, our severe weather threat goes from the appalachians, north georgia and up through the carolinas into
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virginia and washington, d.c. for today severe storms here and also umbrella day. it's a rainy dreary totally different than sunday type day in new york city, philadelphia and washington, d.c. as far as the impacts of the turnout from the weather, doesn't look like a lot of bad weather in a loss of toss-upstates. still ahead, the lowly los angeles lakers reaching each new lows. and two of the nfl's all-time greatest quarterbacks face off in a rare sunday night matchup. (whooshing)
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. holmes sets up the screen. 30, 20, touchdown chiefs! >> blitz is on. that's another take-away for the bears! floyd with a touchdown for chicago! >> bad snap again. he's picked off! on the return it's baker. and baker scores! >> second down and 14. pocket collapses on stafford and he is going to pitch it. the ball is on the ground. minnesota scoops it up and on his way into the end zone, that was a touchdown! >> to the end zone for samuel.
2:23 am
he makes the catch, touchdown! >> third and two. they'll fake the run. there goes julio jones. that could be number one! and it is! touchdown! >> intercepted! picked off. desmond king to the house! pick six throw by wilson! >> in the slot. pass is to thomas! he's gone! touchdown saints! thanch >> welcome back. some of the biggest scoring plays around the nfl yesterday ending on that 72-yard touchdown reception by the saints' michael thomas. now for the patriots hosting the packers on sunday night football. the question about who is the best quarterback of all time
2:24 am
might still be up for debate, but tom brady certainly was the best quarterback on the field last night, throwing for 294 yards and a touchdown in the patriots' victory over the packers. green bay fumbles away possession, leading to new england's go-ahead score early in the fourth with a 55-yarder to the house. look at that one. the final score there 31-17. in the nba the lebron era in los angeles has ushered in an all-time low for the lakers, falling to a 25-point deficit against the raptors. it makes for the lakers' worst quarter in franchise history. toronto wins 121-107. and finally competing runners toured all five boroughs of new york city yesterday during the 48th new york city
2:25 am
marathon. the winner crossed the line in 2:06 for the second fastest time in the race's history. on the women's side mary katani wined. she w as we mentioned in the last block, the real winner in the hearts and mind of all us here at msnbc is our very own bill karins, who tweeted his newfound respect for marathoners everywhere. i say you got to do it again. >> there's no way. >> bill has to lean on both of us right now to stabilize. >> i was at mile 15 when the men's winner finished.
2:26 am
>> so you were just about 2 1/2 hours after that you came in. that's close. >> why is he here? >> he hooks looks so fresh. >> i don't actually feel that bad. >> well done. >> con garagratulationscongratu. >> good job, bill. still ahead, president trump makes his final push before the midterms tomorrow and continues to stoke fear over immigration. plus, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg appears to be testing the waters on a 2020 presidential bid. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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♪ good to have you back. i'm frances rivera alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. president trump spent the weekend chris crossing the country making his final pitch to voters ahead of the midterms. he railed against his predecessor barack obama who was also on the campaign trail over the weekend and hammered on this issue of immigration. >> it's no surprise that joe donnelly is holding a rally this weekend with barack h. obama. barack obama. if you look at what's matching up, that's an invasion. that's not -- that's an invasion. you saw that barbed wire going
2:31 am
up, that barbed wire. yes, sir, we have barbed wire going up, because you know what? we're not letting these people invade our country. we want them to come in. we want them to come in, but they have to come in legally. they have to come in legally. i noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight. and we started the wall and we built 1.6 billion and we have another 1.6 billion and then we get another 1.6 billion. i want to build it all at one time. >> the president claimed that congress has given him nearly $5 billion to start building his southern border wall. in actuality that dollar amount is zero. congress has not appropriated any money for the president's border wall so far. and president trump also spent the weekend celebrating another strong month of job creation after october's employment
2:32 am
report showed that 250,000 new jobs were added to the economy. >> what job numbers we had today. did you hear? did you hear? well, we'll go into that. they all say speak about the economy, speak about the economy. well, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy, right? by the way, did you see those job numbers? did you see what's going on? right? they were awfully good numbers. you know, it's very interesting some of the fake news was saying -- i was watching -- why doesn't he talk about the economy? why does he talk about immigration and what's coming up with the caravan? why does he talk about the caravan when he's got maybe the
2:33 am
best numbers on the economy in the history of our country. and we can talk about the economy, but the fact is we know how well we're doing with the economy. we have the greatest economy. we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. the jobs report that came out on friday, 250,000 added jobs in just october was incredible. wages going up 3.1%. you look at every single element of that report was a ten. it was perfect. and we have the greatest economy ever. but you people don't want to cover that. >> you heard the president there repeat it multiple times. despite the president's claims that the economy is experiencing a boom under his leadership, unlike any other period in this country's history, the data shows that claim is actually questionable. during the first 21 months of
2:34 am
president trump's time in office he's created just over 4 million jobs. by comparison former president barack obama created just under 4.5 million jobs during the final months of his presidency. now to tennessee's senate race. it's looked like it's been slipping away from democrats though a surprising new poll conducted in late october found republican house member marsha blackburn tied with the democrat 44-44%. president trump campaigned for blackburn in tennessee and said whatever is said in the heat of the campaign won't affect my willingness, eagerness even to work with the president. in an interview last night
2:35 am
bredeson said this. >> which issue do you think is important to tennessee voters heading to the ballot box, immigration or health care? >> i think overwhelmingly it's health care. by the nature of my campaign, i talked to a lot of people who voted for donald trump. he won the state by 26 points. the number of times that health care comes up in discussions compared to immigration has to be 50 to 1. michael bloomberg is inching one step closer to a presidential run in 2020. he launched over the weekend a $5 million national advertising campaign encouraging voters to support democrats on tuesday. the television ad which features the 76-year-old bloomberg standing before an american flag and speaking directly to the camera puts forth bloomberg's centrist beliefs as a counter to the beliefs of president trump.
2:36 am
in his statement to the "washington post" bloomberg says, quote, the country is deeply divided. i am unwilling to sit by and accept it. bloomberg has donated more than $110 million to democrats this election cycle alone. back us with eugene scott. let's talk a little bit about the president's hard pitch of immigration. is it actually resonating with voters before they cast their ballots tomorrow? or is something else going to creep in and ultimately make a difference? >> it appears that hit has. we see the enthusiasm gap between the republicans and democrats has actually narrowed. while democrats still have an advantage, it seems that what the president has been able to do in this last week is turn out the base by stoking the fears that led them to support him in
2:37 am
2016. that's why he chooses to double down on this message despite the criticism instead of pivoting to the economy. >> we've heard from him that talking about the economy is not as exciting, in the words of the president. we know how consequential tomorrow is going to be and the results of it. what does it say about this election compared to others in the past that we have this record amount of early ballots that have already been cast, including younger voters? >> it says the voters are engaged. they realize that issues that affect them are at stake, not just immigration and the economy, but health care, public safety and national security. and there's a recognition that the two different parties have two very different visions for what america should be and that if voters sit out, they'll have as little say as possible in creating the country that they have to live in themselves. >> we like to think all the
2:38 am
millennials are up at 5:00 a.m. watching. or staying up late is more probably. let me ask you about the democrats' messaging. you see president obama out on the campaign trail. is he hitting the right tone for the message that the democrats want, or is he living too much in the past about his own accomplishments and what he's done and touting his own record? >> it seems like he's spending a lot of time correcting a lot of the lies and false statements coming from the right. but that's not creating and putting forward a clear agenda and vision for what the democratic party will do if trump is defeated. the reality is that president obama cannot communicate that effectively because he does not control the vision of the democratic party moving forward. but he can let voters know that what the democrats will try to communicate is something quite different from the trump administration and that should be something that motivated them
2:39 am
to turn out, according to the former president. the senate intelligence committee is reportedly probing the national rifle association over its potential connections to russia, including a trip by the group's leaders to moscow. according to the daily beast, members have asked the nra to provide documents on the matter. that includes requests for information on a week-long trip in 2015 by top officials from that group. now the daily beast says that the trip was sponsored by a russian gun rights organization and that the head of the group has close connections to maria buttina. buttina was indicted in july on suspicions of being an undeclared operative. now the nra's connections to russia have come under increased scrutiny since buttina was
2:40 am
indicted with the intel committee's document request being part of that fallout. the senate finance committee has been seeking documents from the nra on the trip for multiple mon month. "saturday night live" facing backlash for taking a jab at one midterm candidate. the joke that has critics shammisham i -- shamming the show. i'm a musician about to embark on a concert tour. it's your job to get don to all his tour dates on time.
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2:44 am
afghanistan, taylor said, i want to serve my country however i can, adding service is what leadership is really all about. he leaves behind a wife and seven children. right now to snl's pete davidson who found himself in hot water after offering his first impressions of midterm candidates during a weekend update segment. >> the midterm elections are obviously a huge deal. after i had to move back in with my mom, i started paying attention to them. this guy is kind of cool, dan crenshaw. >> come on, man. hold on. >> you may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. i'm sorry. i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. >> davidson commented on the appearances of several midterm candidates as well as his own. but critics seized on that
2:45 am
crenshaw punch line calling it disrespectful to the candidate's service and the military families. the national republican congressional committee yesterday demanded an apology from both davidson and the network. both nbc and snl declined to comment. crenshaw, who was injured in afghanistan and lost his right eye responded diplomat m eed di. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. bill, weather is not a significant impact on whether people get and vote, but it does have some effect on it tlnchts's some research that says rainy weather can make % less peop1% vote. one thing we're watching is severe weather over the next two days. we could even hear about tornados late tonight and tomorrow morning. this is just a rain event coming up, now raining good in richmond
2:46 am
and d.c. that's not the severe weather part of it. that's just the rain. the severe weather comes later on today. we take our storm system. remember, the yellow and the red show you where the thunderstorms are. i froze this at midnight. this time of year you can get these nocturnal tornado events. those are always scary. people are asleep, they don't hear the tornado sirens. northern portions of mississippi here, that's what we're concerned about tonight. the tornado threat during the overnight hours. we wake up tomorrow morning, the line of storms will be over atlanta and heading up into the mountainous areas of north carolina. during election day afternoon, hit and miss showers and storms throughout this region and even washington, d.c. to new york. nothing that's going to cause people to have to stay home for a long time. it looks like our weather will cooperate for everyone to get out and vote. >> good news. still ahead, oil prices under pressure this morning as
2:47 am
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2:49 am're about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. welcome back. let's turn to business. after a "game of thrones" themed sanctions tweet over the weekend, the white house reimposed a second round of
2:50 am
sanctions against iran, effective today. there's a picture of the president with games of thrones font that says sanctions are coming instead of winter is coming. interesting tweet. >> laos, you can't say we weren't warned about the sanctions coming. it was the second round of sanctions from the u.s. to iran, the first round was implemented in august and the second round today. obviously this round is a lot more onerous than the first. they are specifically targeting the financial system as well as shipping and oil industries. anyone who trades energy and oil has been watching these developments very closely. if you look at iranian oil exports they've dropped from 3 million barrels a day to 1.6 million barrels a day over the last couple months in the run up to this announcement, but one thing that has provided a little bit of relief to the energy markets this morning is it seems that seven or eight countries may get waivers to continue importing iranian oil. again, the iranian economy has
2:51 am
been slowing down quite significantly. speaking of another economy that's been slowing down a little bit, that is china. today we heard from the president xi jinping for the third time this year, interestingly enough he was talking about china being open for business and wanting to attract more investment from international companies and he said that they are looking to lower import tariffs from countries they are engaged with, throwing a bit of shade to the u.s., but it hasn't helped china equities, they are trading in the red overnight yet again. >> after a long search and endless speculation amazon is in the final stages of choosing its second headquarters location. there is speculation that it might be northern virginia. >> yes, that's exactly it. so there has been a lot of speculation about where this headquarters is going to be, particularly because it's slated to create 50,000 jobs and $5 million in investment. over the weekend the "washington post" put out a report saying that there are talks about opening the second headquarters in crystal city in virginia, however, an amazon executive
2:52 am
took a swipe at the report saying the genius who leaked the memo is not doing crystal city any favors so speculation is rampant. we don't know where it's going to be but there are 20 cities on the short list. >> thanks so much. still tomorrow could, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing. coming up on "morning joe," we are one day away from millions of americans to cast their ballots in the midterm elections. >> where key races stand in the final 24 hours as president trump spent the weekend crisscrossing the country trying to rally republicans to help his party keep control of congress. tammy baldwin will join the conversation about her own rio election bid and her parties prospects in the midterms. plus jeh johnson will discuss security in the first major election since the 2016 contest. "morning joe" is just moments away. man: are unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you everywhere? it's time to take back control with stelara®. for adults with moderately to severely active
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a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering. all right. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m. the co-founder mike allen. good to have you with us. so what is the one big thing for this morning? >> well, on election eve the axios one big thing is trump's
2:56 am
biggest 2020 worry. so for axios on hbo, which debuted last night, we did a poll with survey monkey of possible matchups for 2020. it's going -- that jockeying is going to start the day after midterms, so it's going to start wednesday morning. what we found, a flashing red light for the president, is almost any prominent female politician who is matched up with him beats him handily. so if you look at the superstars, you look at oprah versus trump, 13 point advantage for winfrey. michelle obama also a massive lead over president trump. look at this, also in the double digits there, senator kamala harris of california, ten points ahead of president trump. even though she is not that well known nationally. amy klobuchar, senator from minnesota, nine points ahead of the president.
2:57 am
they don't have big name id, but what this is showing is that the president's unfavorability with women could really take a toll as he heads into his own reelection. >> before we talk about that in 2020, which have to remember the big day tomorrow. >> 2016-2018. >> right, 2018. we have to talk about now and tomorrow. >> come on. >> we have to. let's talk about that with election security a big concern. tell us a little bit more about what axios is finding when it comes to meddling and the crucial votes that are going to be cast tomorrow. >> this is fascinating, a story that's just popping up on a new worry for the tech companies. they think that we may have a rash of false flag operations where people claim to have meddled in the election, but didn't. that foreign actors, state actors, will say that they either interfered with a particular state registration voting base or messed with the talley or created uncertainty
2:58 am
around a particular candidate. what we know from surveys of people in this crazy environment, where everything seems so uncertain, where everything is so uncertain, that the threat or the claim that something has happened is almost as bad as it happening because it shakes our trust in what's happening. so the tech companies are blowing the horn about this because they know they're going to get the blame, but it's a warning to us online to be smart, even if there's a claim from someone who has said i messed with this, make sure they really did. >> so there is no doubt that voters have to be a little smarter in terms of anticipating that and a looking out for it. the question is is there anything that the federal and state governments can do to truly prevent election interference and give voters the confidence or is this just going to be part of the new norm of our democratic process that there always be some kind of interference? >> that's a great point and i love your word confidence and that is the key here. that's what we've had over so
2:59 am
many years in america. now it's really in question. another axios survey monkey poll that's just popping up, 51% of people said they have trust in democra democracy. just roughly a half. that number has been pretty steady going back to october 2016, it's not just a pro ukt domestic violence these crazy days, but it's a reminder that in the media we have an opportunity and a responsibility, candidates and campaigns have an opportunity and responsibility, we can increase people's trust in what we're hearing or we can make them say to themselves, yes, like that's why i feel like everything is fishy out there. >> all right. mike allen, if there's ever a time to read axios a.m. it is today, certainly tomorrow as well. >> thanks for your great coverage. >> we will be reading axios a.m. in a little bit. sign up for the newsletter at that does it for us on this monday morning, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside frances
3:00 am
rivera and laos bergdorf. do you think republicans will keep control of the house and senate. >> we will. we will make historic in 2018 just like 2016 by reelecting and expanding republican majorities on capitol hill. i think that my primary focus of course has been on the senate because there are so many people in the house and that's a lot of stops. >> exactly two months ago mike pence said his boss was very confident about winning the house. yesterday the president sure wanted to focus on the other chamber of congress, we will talk about that. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is monday, november 5th. with us we have msnbc nbc contributor mike barnicle, national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc and author of "the red and the blue", steve kornacki. pulitzer prize winning columnist and msnbc political analyst


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