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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 9, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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he had a lot of problems, a lot of trouble. and we're very much into that. as you know, i funded a lot of money toward mental health for that reason. and we're continuing to do it and we continue to look at the laws. we want to make sure -- look. it is a disastrous problem. it makes you sick to look at it, but he was a very, very mentally ill person. [ inaudible question ] well, he was a war veteran. he served time. he saw some pretty bad things and a lot of people said he had the ptsd. that's a tough deal. we're spend iing -- as you know i've given tremendous funding. people come back. that's why it's a horrible thing. they come back, they're never the same.
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>> are you prepared to fly the flag at half-mast a lot more? >> well, i don't like abusing any privilege. but when i see something we should do, i always do that, yeah. i believe you should. when somebody -- when it's a worthy situation, i do believe it. [ inaudible question ] it's up to him. >> do you want him to rein in robert mueller? >> what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. but i watch you a lot. you ask a lot of stupid questions. [ inaudible question ] we're working -- well, because other things have come up. >> is it a political stunt? >> no. we're signing it. we're doing it. and it'll probably work its way up to the supreme court. birthright citizenship probably works its way up to the supreme court. it will be signed.
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we wanted a perfect document. and because of the election and all of the delays in the election and whatever's going on in broward county -- remember the word. broward county. you take a look at the past. take a look at the past. all of a sudden they're finding votes? you mean after the election they're finding votes? and then you look at her past, where she's already been convicted. and now they're finding votes. and you have this guy who represented hillary clinton in a lot of very shady things. what you ought to do is get smart. good luck, folks. i'll see you in europe. >> one of my kids is home sick today and i believe they're watching tv so i just want to say to him, son, there's no stupid questions. but there are stupid answers. i am steph knanie ruhle here inw york city. that was president trump speaking at the white house before leaving for his trip.
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he spoke about whitaker, mueller, and the future of the investigation. hans nichols is at the white house with us for more. hans, help me out. the president says he doesn't know matt whitaker. i'm going to pull up the times on september 26th -- overall office. and is said to have an easy chemistry with mr. trump. on monday morning, mr. trump himself called mr. whitaker not with an explicit job offer but a reassurance he has faith in him. do you know anything about that? >> well, we know that matt whitaker was in the oval frequently with sessions when they were meeting. but we don't have an exact readout of those meetings because it's tough to be inside the oval. what's clear is the president is trying to put some distance between himself and matt whitaker. it's also clear, stephanie that he wants to make it -- this is just an interim appointment. he's still looking at a permanent appointment. when he was asked about chris
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christie, he gave perhaps what we're going to call a trumpian tell. that is, he said christie endorsed him right after he got out of the presidential race. that could be an indication that chris christie is at top of the list for the next attorney general. but listen to what the president said. then we'll get on the back end on the other fronts the president is fighting. but listen to how the president was clearly trying to put some distance between himself and whitak whitaker. >> i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker worked for jeff sessions and he was always extremely highly thought of and still is. but i didn't know matt whitaker. he worked for attorney general sessions. he was very, very highly thought of. >> there are a lot of lessons from world war i. one was don't fight on multiple fronts. you just heard a president take on so many different perceived enemies opening up new lines of attack on robert mueller, the new line of attack is that
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mueller apparently -- we know he's not senate confirmed but now that's disqualifying for president trump. mueller should have been senate confirmed. even though he was senate confirmed as the fbi director. you also heard him unleash a broadside against president obama. accusing him of hollowing out the military. let's be clear. president trump has continued obama's policies with some minor tweaks, but basically the same policy in afghanistan and in the fight against isis. you heard some broadsides against florida election officials down in broward county. and then once again, for a president that says he dislikes the press so much, he's always willing to come out and he really seems to relish his challenging, his conflicts with the press. he called jim acosta i believe not very smart. about april ryan, another colleague in the white house press corps, he called her a total loser. we're continuing to see thesed a
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homon -- attacks. it's clear his escalations against the press will continue and he sees no self-interest of backing down. >> i just want to make sure i have that in my notes. he called april ryan is total loser. i was trying to think back, because i know there's at least one person in the white house who considers herself a champion for women, an advocate for womens and girls. when you stand up for something, when you have the honor to be called a champion for women and girls, you stand up for your sisters. i'm looking at you, ivanka trump. your dad called april ryan a loser yesterday. do you have to say about it? because i am a champion for women and girls. i think he's dead wrong. all right, hans, nichols, thank you. with us now former assistant u.s. attorney now professor at the university of baltimore school of law and on set with me matt welles and christine quinn. all right.
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matt whittaker, i get it. the president says he's highly respected. he's totally respected. but the president also said he doesn't know matt whitaker. that doesn't seem to be the case. does it matter? >> well, it's not a credible claim. we know that he's been upset with jeff sessions from day one because he recused himself from the russia investigation. we also know he said the attorney general should be like his roy cohn who was senator mccarthy's right-hand person during the legitimate witch hunt in the anti-communist era. so the question now comes down to what's going to be the consequences for him essentially putting his own referee in this position who certainly does have some control over the mueller investigation. there's some questions as to whether in my mind that kind of case would even be accepted who would have standing to challenge
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disappointment. spewing misinformation about basic principles of law. i would encourage all listeners to educate themselves on some core concepts including the appointment process. robert mueller is not a principal officer. he does not require senate appointment and confirmation or presidential appointment and confirmation for this particular situation. >> i'm going to study up this weekend. but how about fellow republicans? is there anything legally standing between matt whitaker accepting this appointment and others to get involved? yes, we've seen an op-ed from george conway and other legal scholars who have said this is unconstitutional. is there anything that can truly block this appointment? sor it just opinion? >> well, as i mentioned, i think -- i do think -- i read that piece and i've done a lot of research on this concept. i'm writing a book on the constitution.
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and i think he's absolutely right that there is a question constitutionally as to whether someone in the position of attorney general could pull and push the levers of power in that position especially at a moment in history without senate confirmation process. i mean, we're now seeing things play out in the press with respect to whether mr. whitaker is the appropriate person for this position. whether he's compromised. whether he's had things in his background that would give us pause. that's the reason for a confirmation process. to make sure that he's in the proper position. but as i said before, you know, if someone runs a red light and no cop pulls him over, he ran the red light. if the president is going to make this appointment, even if it's illegal, if there's no pushback, if there's no consequence, he gets away with it. it would be the courts. someone would have to file a challenge saying this appointment is unconstitutional. please block this appointment. or number two, congress would have to put political pressure on him to do something different. there isn't anything other than investigations in the house that
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congress could do to stop it. it would have to be the court system or just political pressure which the president seems more emboldened to ignore. >> i want to share two pieces of sound. i want to play it again. the president specifically speaking about matt whitaker. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker has a great reputation and that's what i wanted. >> but the president does watch cable news. i want to share what matt whitaker said back in 2017 about potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> the truth is there was no collusion with the russians and the trump campaign. there was interference by the russians into the selectioelect that's not collusion with the campaign. that's where the left is combining the issues. the last thing they want right now is the truth to come out and
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the fact that there is not a single piece of evidence that demonstrates that the trump campaign had any illegal or even improper relationships with russians. it's that simple. >> okay. left, right, and center everyone is guilty of conflating multiple issues. but matt whitaker cannot say the truth is there was no collusion. the truth is he has no way of knowing. matt walsh, what is your take on all of this? matt whitaker has some serious opinions and made them clear. >> and those opinions got him the job. his friend encouraged him to become a cable news contributor because that's how you get on president trump's radar screen. because he's a cable news junkie. which already says something we should pause. he's making personnel decisions based on who he sees talking on tv and defending him. speaks very badly. i think it's going to be an early litmus test of the new senate. the senate is going to extend its majority by a bit but it
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also got better trumpy. jeff flake is out, you know. bob corker is out. the people trump fought for and won tight races in indiana and elsewhere feel like they owe a debt to trump. will mitch mcconnell right now in a pretty clear case as george conway laid out, that this is probably unconstitutional and definitely unseemly. will mitch mcconnell do anything? we'll see in the next week. >> okay. unseemly, unconstitutional, great. super. christine, unless republicans, unless the senate steps in and blocks this, he's not going to recuse himself. the fact they're saying ethics lawyers are looking at this. fantastic. >> and ethics lawyers are going to find out what the president wants thoem find out. >> or they'll find out something different, but doesn't mean he's going to listen to them. >> not all. there are two options. a court case brought by some organization immediately. or the senate standing up and
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acting like the united states senate which i have no hope of happening. and the case as i understand it is pretty clear. to boil it down to the most basic, if you report directly to the president, you need senate confirmation. robert mueller does not report to the president. he doesn't need senate confirmation. that's simplified but that's the nut and bolts of it. and this is just another example unless the republicans stand up and defend the constitution, they're just rolling over for donald trump yet again. >> wow. we have a lot more to cover. kim, matt, christine, please stick around. we're going to take a quick break. coming up, the special counsel has some powerful new allies on capitol hill. we're going to talk about the democrat who is are soon going to control the house. what are they going to realistically do? what can they do to protect robert mueller? and what can they do if the president fires him? we'll be speaking to one democratic congresswoman next. we'll be speaking to one democratic congresswoman next. presenting the internet!
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welcome back. i am stephanie ruhle in for hallie jackson. we are learning this morning new information about how house democrats will wield their new power once the gavel is officially turned over next year. nbc news got its hands on a 67-page document showing the democrats' plans to prioritize far beyond russia. but right now the mueller probe of course is front and center.
7:18 am
with house juicery committee democrats calling for an emergency hearing following the firing of jeff sessions. here's what the incoming house oversight chairman elijah cummings said the american people should expect. >> we are to uphold the constitution of the united states of america. and part of that, rachel, is about being a check on executive branch. they should expect that and i promise you they will get that. >> joining me now to discuss this and more democratic congresswoman primilla jiapal. congresswoman, i want to first ask you about the conference call conveyed yesterday by nancy pelosi with the entire democratic caucus. politico wrote about it and said this. it was the first caucus-wide call for the incoming majority and was meant to convey the depth of the crisis moment. that's a heavy statement. what can you tell us about the
7:19 am
call? what was covered in. >> well, i think that that's absolutely right. we are in a position that could really lead to a constitutional crisis. and we needed everybody including our new members to understand what has led up to this point. and i think that you and your guests have articulated that there are many levels here. one is a legal issue of whether there's -- whether it's constitutional for the president to appoint matt whitaker to this position of acting attorney general. there is the question of is he capable, you know, if the president was going to keep him there for unspecified period of time which it seems that he might. that is an issue for congress as well. and then finally, there's the issue of what it means for the mueller investigation. and does everything that matt whitaker has said and done in his ties, does it preclude him from being an impartial overseer of this investigation. and we have tremendous concerns
7:20 am
because everything that he has said from his auditions for this position on conservative television which a how the president seems to choose his top officials calling this a witch hunt. you know, his ties to sam clovis who is a key witness in the mueller probe. the fact he wrote an op-ed that told the president that he should do everything he could to shut down the, quote, mueller lynch mob. these are all statements that make it clear he cannot possibly oversee this investigation impartially. our position as democrats is this is not a democratic issue. this is not a republican issue. this is an issue of our constitution making sure that nobody is above the law including the president. robert mueller is conducting a special investigation that has produced enormous results already.
7:21 am
33 people who have been indicted. five of trump's top campaign managers. these are people who have already pled guilty. not to small charges but to charges of interfering with the election, charges of obstruction of justice. these are serious charges that mueller has uncovered and we need to make sure to protect the special counsel's investigation. >> how serious will you get to do that? yesterday jerry nadler from new york talked about trying to force the passage of a bill to protect mueller. and i wonder, would democrats be willing to force a government shutdown just to protect robert mueller? >> well, we certainly have to do everything we can to protect the constitution. our hope is that republicans will join us. that bill was actually a bill passed through the judiciary committee in a bipartisan way.
7:22 am
but unfortunately mcconnell refused to bring it to the floor. >> why? >> well, what he said at the time which was disingenuous at best, but, you know, what he said at the time is there's no need. the special counsel's investigation is protected. rod rosenstein is overseeing it. and now it becomes clear that it is necessary. >> okay then. stay with us. you had enough -- you had bipartisan support before and mitch mcconnell who is in control said nope, i don't think. mitch mcconnell won't be in control going forward, but you think you'll still get that kind of bipartisan support? from the senate perspective, things got trumpier. >> yes. things got trumpier, exactly. we can pass that bill in the house with only democratic support if we have to, but i really hope we have republicans. mitch mcconnell will be in control of the senate or at least it looks like that is the case right now. and i hope that enough republicans will step up and recognize, you know, when robert mueller came on, everybody
7:23 am
praised him. he is a republican. he is highly competent. and now as the investigation starts to close in, these republicans are just standing up for trump and not standing up for the constitution. what we're hoping is matt whitaker recuses himself from the investigation. that would take a significant question off the table, give it back to rod rosenstein who has been managing this investigation. let the investigation conclude. >> all right. we know he's not going to. we know he's not going to, so -- >> it's always worth putting out the call. >> quickly before we go, nancy pelosi. should she be the next speaker of the house? would you support her? >> i think that nancy pelosi has done an incredible job. i think we need to make sure all of the voices of the caucus are represented. i'm running to be the co-chair of the progressive caucus. i want to make sure to check in with the new members of the progressive caucus, see where we are. we know we want to see progressive leadership in the
7:24 am
leadership of the caucus. and so that is going to be a critical piece for us. it's not just about nancy pelosi. it's about all of the positions and how do we make sure the voices of the caucus are represented. progressives helped win this majority. that is clear. and progressives in florida and texas, even though those races are still too close to count at the top of the ticket, helped drive wins in those states. progressives in california running on bold ideas were winning and that is what gave us our majority. so our job is to make sure that all of the voices are represented and we'll see where we end up at the end of next week. >> all right. congresswoman jaypal, thank you for joining me today. we're going to take a quick break. up next, it is never an election in america without a little drama or a whole lot. this year didn't disappoint. florida, yep, we're here again. florida now prepping itself for multiple recounts in statewide races that includes the governors race and a senate
7:25 am
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what's going on in florida is a disgrace. go down and see what happened over the last period of time,
7:29 am
ten years. take a look at broward county. all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere and rick scott who won by, you know, it was close, but he won by a comfortable margin. every couple of hours it goes down a little bit. >> president trump just a short time ago on the races for senate and governor down in florida which could possibly be headed for a recount. officials are still counting absentee and overseas ballots. as of right now, newly counted votes have pushed democrats gillum and nelson closer to their opponents. senator bill nelson is down less than a quarter of a point. and in the race for governor, andrew gillum is down less than half a point. a margin smaller than half a point triggers a machine recount if it falls below a quarter point, it triggers a manual
7:30 am
recount. we've got warriors out there still following the developments. let's start with ali vitale in tallahassee. where do we know where the recount is? >> what's going on right now and when we'll hear about an official recount happening is tomorrow at noon. what's happening now is the counties are still canvassing. you mentioned they're counting the provisional ballots, overseas military. things like that. that's why you're seeing them tighten over the past few days. now, rick scott has spoken to media. last night we were at the governor's mansion. he was pretty fiery about the margins tightening and why that might be. take a listen. >> every day since the election, the left wing activists in broward county have come up with more and more ballots out of nowhere. the goal is to keep mysteriously finding votes until the election turns out the way they want. i will not sit unidly by as they
7:31 am
try to steal the election from the people. >> they say they're coming out of nowhere. what's important is that we know that these races are really close. we know that the scott nelson race is within that 0.25 margin you were talking about where it should trigger a hand recount. and we know that the nelson -- i'm sorry. the gillum/desantis race is within that 0.5 margin. but we don't initially know that yet. that's when the automatic recounts in both of those races will be triggered. that's when that process will actually start to be started. >> thank you so much. let's head up to georgia where votes are still being counted in the race for governor that is too close to call this morning. republican brian kemp is leading stacy abrams with 50.3% of total votes. but if his share drops below 50%, it would trigger a runoff
7:32 am
in december. brian kemp is claiming victory anyway, but that doesn't matter. >> well, stephanie, brian kemp said he is headed to the governor's mansion. he also said he's going to begin his transition because his message to the abrams team is, look, there's only about 20,000 ballots outstanding and even if you won all of them, you still wouldn't have enough to become governor because here in georgia, you need more than 50% of the vote. but on the other hand, stephanie, stacey abrams' team says we don't accept that. there are many still out there. that's why they are making a full throttle effort today to make sure those ballots are marked by 5:00 p.m. especially when it comes to those people voting in the military or overseas. but we do have new news at the top of this hour in terms of what happens next. this all comes down to when those counties are going to certify their vote totals. we understand from the abrams team, they said that while kemp
7:33 am
was in office when he was secretary of office, he never gave the counties any timeline, deadline, or guidance on what to do with those totals. so do the counties turn in their votes on monday or tuesday? our reporting seems to confirm that there is confusion about that. on one hand, we have two big counties here. cobb county officials tell us they're going to turn in their ballots monday. another on tuesday. there's still confusion. it doesn't look like we will hear anything before then. stephanie? >> all right. morgan radford, thank you so much. we're keeping an eye on that razor close arizona senate race. kirsten sinema edges ahead taking the lead by just over 9,000 votes. this race is still too close to call. almost half a million votes are yet to be counted. i got to ask my panel on this one. what's your take on all this?
7:34 am
>> well, i have a couple takes. one, that the entire voting system leads the way. how can you have half a million ballots not counted or put into the mix? in one state in one election. two, this idea that liberals in florida are coming finding ballots like we've been stockpiling them in our garage makes no sense at all. and many of these ballots -- >> christine just dated herself there. >> you know, many, many of these ballots are from people if the military. what a disgusting comment for him to have made just kind of just disregarding the significance of people in the military and their right to vote. i think this has frightened people who see it slipping away on the republican party just lashing out.
7:35 am
>> all right. blanche gave her view. rose, what do you think? >> i think there are things happening in broward county. under the florida public records act, you're supposed to tell them how many votes there are. >> that's true. >> what's the number? and the legal filings are basically saying don't stop counting. they're just says can you tell us the number? you haven't. so that is another episode in broward county's long history of botching basic things. and as steve kornacki has pointed out well, there's unusual things with the ballot design, too, in broward that might have to do with the way that county compared to other ones have undercounted. >> let's do better. we asked everyone to go out there and vote. so many of you did. all of your votes should count. me and the golden girls will be back in two minutes. coming up, what the victims of the california bar massacre and their families are saying about the country's latest mass shootings. including the parent of a man who survived the las vegas shooting but was killed in the
7:36 am
borderline bar. you know what she doesn't want? thoughts and prayers. you know what she wants? gun control. what can be done to prevent this? the mother of one of the children killed in the sandy hook elementary joins us. nicole hockly from the santordy hook promise. ockly from the sdym hook promise replace your car, nce won't what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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this is just too much. new statistics are emerging in the wake of the thousand oaks shooting massacre. and the numbers are staggering. the numbers are devastating.
7:40 am
according to the gun violence archive, yesterday's shooting was the 307th mass shooting in 311 days in 2018. a mass shooting is defined as incidents in which four or more people were shot or killed, not including the shooter. and so far in 2018, mass shootings have claimed the lives of 328 people and injured more than 1200. among those 328, telemachus orfanos who survived a mass shooting but was a victim of yesterday's attack. now his mother is demanding a change. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends and he came home. he didn't come home last night and i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. i want gun control.
7:41 am
no more guns! >> let's go to nbc's ron mott is thousand oaks, california. what have we learned about the victims and the survivors? >> hey there. we know the investigation going on behind me here at the borderline bar and grill will continue for some time. they're trying to figure out how many rounds were fired in that bar late wednesday night. and so we'll let that investigation continue. in me meantime, the people here in the surrounding communities are thinking of those 12 souls who lost their lives at the hands of this alleged shooter almost 36 hours ago. just to pick up on the point you were making about the number of mass shootings in this country, i was in pittsburgh 13 days ago for the tree of life synagogue shooting. 11 people lost there. we've had 12 mass shootings since. and it's not been two weeks. so i hope that gives people some perspective about the number of shootings, mass shootings that we are seeing almost on a daily basis in this country now. i want to show you names of the
7:42 am
11 of 12 victims of the shooting from the thousand oaks shooting. i won't read all of these names and unfortunately for those of you listening on satellite radio, go to our website. there are nice profiles of the victims so they're more than just the victims. you saw that mother in anguish there. here's another in anguish after losing his son here in thousand oaks. >> his name was cody coffman. my first-born son. only he and i know how much i loved, how much i miss -- oh, god. son, i love you so much. >> reporter: obviously the pain is just so apparent and real and raw for not just the parents who've lost loved ones here but friends who've lost their friends. this is a surreal event for people in this community.
7:43 am
they thought that this was a safe community and parents who sent their kids to that bar and let them go and be entertained there thought they were safe there. steph? >> what we define as safe and what we define as dangerous maybe needs to be redefined. ron, thank you so much for some extraordinary and important reporting out there. here to join us now is someone else who does extraordinary work. my friend nicole hockley. she lost her 6-year-old son dylan. he died in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting. she's also the managing director of sandy hook promise which provides prevention programs to stop gun violence. nicole, after this shooting, we just saw a moment ago a mother say no more guns, no more guns. we hear that after every one of these shootings. but that's not what we hear from you. from you and the work you do, it's about the guns are even in anyone's hands. so walk me through how you feel today and what you want done. >> well, today listening to those parents, i am just -- i'm
7:44 am
permanently heartbroken now because every single shooting breaks our hearts again. and it's just becoming too much to bear as a country. those stats are awful. those beautiful faces gone. it's just not acceptable. and i understand that raw pain from that mother and her demands. and i've been there. but i also know that if we can -- there's nothing that we can do about the guns right now. there are so many in the country. so let's instead focus on what we can do to help someone before they pick up a weapon to hurt themselves or someone else. there's so much that can be done in the field of prevention and recognizing signs and signals. it helps with suicide. it helps with homicide. we've already trained over 5 million people how to do this. we know that gun violence is preventable. we can't stop it all, but we can save a lot of people by learning what to look for. >> you know first hand, why
7:45 am
hasn't anything been done since dylan lost his life? to that mother who just yesterday was begging for no more guns, you were in her position just a few years ago. we're looking at dylan's picture right now. and every time one of these shootings happen, we sit at a desk just like the one i'm at saying something will change and it doesn't. why is that the case? i know you know this first hand. >> this is an incredibly complex issue. and it's a very polarizing and divisive issue. and in my opinion is all we have done is focus on policy around taking guns away or giving more guns. and it's this constant fight between the far right and the far left on guns. we're not doing enough to focus on the common ground between those two sides which is what are we going to do to keep our kids safe. how are we going to focus on the people side of this equation? because this isn't just about guns. it's about guns and it's about people. we need to look at both sides of the equation and say what do we
7:46 am
need to do to put aside our differences and focus on that common ground of we just want to keep our kids safe? prevention is one of those ways to do that. and if all we ever do is keep the fight going, that's when people disengage from this. they think it's never going to happen to them. they think their community is safe. they think they don't have to worry about this because this is the sort of stuff that happens somewhere else. it doesn't happen somewhere el. it happens in your community. it happens where we all live and we can engage in this issue and can do things in our communities to keep our kids safe. just put aside our differences and what we need to do to provide safety. >> sandy hook promise is working with thousand oaks to help them through this. but for you a mom who lost dylan just a few years ago, what is your message to those moms now who lost their kids in the last couple of days? >> this is sometimes when there are no words.
7:47 am
my heart is open to them. my heart is bleeding again for them. it will continue to bleed for all the moms and dads out there. it's not right what is happening. it's not right for anyone to lose a life, for a parent to have to bury their child is not something i'd wish on anybody. i'm holding them in my heart and hoping that they will find their way through this. because there is a way through this. when they're ready. >> nicole, thank you so much for joining me today. thank you for your life's work. i want to bring my panel in on this. christine, look where we are. again. >> it's just -- i saw a tweet from someone that said the worst mass shooting in 11 days which is really -- it sets you back to think of how many of these happen so often and how many of them happen in places where people are looking for solace
7:48 am
and support. whether that's at a synagogue or listening to music. you know, the mom we just heard of -- heard from, she's talking common sense. let's find the point where is we can come together and come together. she has ever right to be furious, livid, hate every elected official for not doing anything, but she's talking about coming together. it just continues to baffle me why the nra is not willing to come to the table on anything at all. but what i do know and if anybody is feeling overwhelmed and they can't continue to fight on this, just look at that sandy hook mom. she's fighting. she's offering her heart to people who just went through the trauma she went through. so we have to find ways to come together and just re-double our efforts. because in the end, all those beautiful children, all those brave law enforcement officers, we have to keep fighting for them. >> matt, last point. >> i think there's wisdom in
7:49 am
what she said it's a complicated problem. california has some of the most strict gun control laws in the country and they didn't stop any of this. the universal background checks and all this stuff. guns are part of it and so are a lot of other things. finding ways to have these conversations in an atmosphere not of extreme polarization all the time but looking what can be done and understanding that the world is a complicated place. that's the beginning of something. >> we've got to come together on this. it shouldn't be a polarizing issue. just for one moment, i just want to talk about fear for a second. in the last two weeks, fear was put in the hearts and minds of people across this country about migrants coming in a caravan. this isn't us versus them. all that fear about them was put in our minds, we saw 12 young people who were dancing in a bar get shot and killed. 11 people in a synagogue, we saw an american sending pipe bombs to people, and an american tried to shoot up a black church and
7:50 am
instead went to a kroger grocery store. it's not us versus them. it's about humanity. we need to love more. we need to figure out what is getting people to these places where they're this angry, this . they're this upset, they're this sick that they're shooting people. love has got to be the answer. stay with us on msnbc for more on this investigation throughout the day. and up next, i'm going to be asking incoming congresswoman what the government can do to stop tragedies like this. it's a tough job.
7:51 am
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we have more hard work ahead of us, but we have the power to make things better. better is important, better helps people. let's make our country better. >> that was democratic congresswoman elect jennifer wexton after pulling off a huge upset tuesday night defeating two-term republican congresswoman barbara comstock in virginia's 10th congressional district, a district that has sent republicans to congress for nearly four deck kiadesdecades. wexton is more than 100 women heading to congress in january shattering the current record of
7:55 am
84. we are lucky. congresswoman elect jennifer wexton joins me now. excuse me, congresswoman. we were just talking about mass shootings in the last segment. now you are in a position to do something. what more can the government do? >> quite a bit, you know, this is one of those things that caused me to run for office in the first place when virginia repealed their one handgun a month law, and now virginia is a destination for criminals to buy their hand guns in bulk and distribute them throughout the country. if we get strong laws at the federal level, that will help the entire nation. >> let's talk about your new job. you ran in a district that doesn't like president trump. you dubbed your opponent barbara comstock, barbara trump stock, but now you have to work with republicans. how are you going to do that? >> i have been in the state senate for the last four years, and i've served in the minority that entire time, but that hasn't stopped me from passing over 40 bills, and i do that by
7:56 am
working across the aisle, by finding solutions, by finding legislation that helps families in our district. that's what i would intend to do in congress as well. >> seeing that the resistance or the resistance voice, the far left portion of your party is so loud, will it be hard for you to work on bipartisan solutions while you've got a resistance faction? by definition, resistance, they don't want compromise. >> i don't believe that the resistance portion of the democratic party is as strong and as resisting as everybody would believe. everybody wants to find solutions and work together to make our country a better, stronger place, and that's what i've learned on the campaign trail, and that's what i've learned in governing. >> i want to play what nancy pelosi said in an interview that aired overnight. >> what is your level of confidence that you'll be the speaker of the house? >> total. >> 100%? >> 100%, yeah. >> do you think there will be another nominee other than you? >> it doesn't matter.
7:57 am
i've had a nominee every time. >> 100%, do you believe that nancy pelosi should be the speaker? >> i don't even know who else is running, so i look forward to, i look forward to them preventing their elevator speeches to me for a change. but you know, toughly lady and she knows how to count votes. that's for sure. >> will you support her? >> i'm going to wait and see what my choices are, who my choices are. >> let's talk about women for a moment. number of women in congress went from 84 to more than 100. what impact will this new coalition have? >> it will be huge. for one thing, i mean, we sent a message to the entire country that women are strong and we can do this and we're going to go and govern. i think what my experience has been is that women tend to be better at working across the aisle, working to find solutions. we put our ego, we check our
7:58 am
egos at the door, and we get to work for kids and families and that's what i think we'll do in congress. >> a "new york times" op-ed writes while we should be excited about the surge of women in congress, there's also concern about what's going to get expected of you, and i want to share what they wrote. in business researchers talk about the glass clip, the fact that women end up elevated into leadership roles in times of crisis making success a long shot when many of those women fail to right a ship that someone else sunk, they end up shouldering the blame. i don't like those statistics. i don't like that research. as a woman, are you prepared for these massive challenges? do you really think you can right this ship? >> as a leader i'm ready for these massive challenges and i look forward to them. i think we're going to have a great team. i think we're going to have a fantastic class of new freshmen along with the more experienced members, and i think we have an opportunity to make some really good things happen. >> as a leader, i love that. congresswoman elect jennifer wexton of the state of virginia.
7:59 am
>> that you think. >> i talked all about the importance of love, remember virginia's for lovers. today's big picture comes from us -- you know what, craig melvin is sitting here. craig, you know it's true. >> my in-laws are there. i don't love this. this is our big picture. this destructive and fast moving wildfire is ripping through northern california scorching more than 18,000 acres destroying homes and forcing many to evaluate in only a matter of hours, and it is not the only fire taking a toll on the state. another one is sweeping across southern california. the photographer here justin sullivan for getty. as i'm reading this, i'm reading a text on my phone from someone in california who's telling me right now malibu is being evacuated. think about what is happening to so many people in california right now. they just had the thousand oaks devastation, and now this. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i am sitting in for hallie jackson, and now i hand you off to my friend craig melvin, who,
8:00 am
again, moments ago was laughing at me for remembering that virginia is for lovers. >> i so enjoy that you have made love your cause. good morning to you, craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york city. flashback friday, a dramatic recount looming in florida, possibly georgia and arizona as well. for a lot of folks it feels like 2000 all over again. will president trump get involved? what it means for the president's political power and the 2020 presidential election. and tearing into trump, former first lady michelle obama taking off the gloves, taking on the president, blasting that birther campaign, and his behavior toward women in her new memoir. and a legal move? president trump says he doesn't know matt whitaker as objections to his appointment continue to grow. so does the president support him or not? we'll dig into that in just a moment, but we start with flashback friday, a florida


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