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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hey, good morning, we got a lot to get to on this black friday, starting with giving thanks. the president spends his holiday like he does pretty much anykay, contradicting the findings of his intelligence agencies and again blasting the chief justice of the supreme court. the one difference, he was making those comments to troops that are in harm's way. let's talk. in their final days in power, the house judiciary committee issues subpoenas to james comey and loretta lynch to appear in a closed door session. comey pushes back demanding the
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hearings be public. it's the annual running of the shoppers from black friday bargains, still many concerns, that will be enough for a rocky stockmarket pushed lower in part from poor numbers from retailers. president trump says he's already solved the commitmently fact check that later. once we give president trump's list to america. key domestic and international topics, including an early christmas gift to lawmakers. the threat of a government shutdown before the next congress takes over in january. >> it could happen over border security. the wall is a part. a very important part. the most important part. but could there be a shut jo un? there certainly could. it will be about border security. of which the wall is a part. >> he keeps saying that, the wall is absolutely unequivocally not the most important part of border security in america. that's one more in a series of
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lies the president has been on in the last 24 hours. nbc news' kelly o'donnell has a tough job. she has to cover this stuff. she probably never covered a president who lies this much. kelly. >> reporter: well, that's quite an an intro. let me play it straight. the president is tweeting about putt bringing the party together. one about a potential shutdown, one of the stories that didn't get as much attention during the vitriolic campaign system is the deposit was able to continue operations in part beyond the september deadline so this threat is not the same kind of shutdown we saw a handful of years ago where everything was knocked down. so just to keep people context for that. the president is rattling the sabres about the issue of border security and the potential that he would not sign some kind of a
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stop-gap measure for the budget to get into the new congress. this is the kind of thing where the president has been frustrated extensively about his border wall promises not coming to fruition. today he is tweeting on this day after the thanksgiving holiday and it has a little hint of bipartisanship, people can decide if they think that's real or not. republicans and democrats must come together, the president tweets, finally with a major border security package. after 40 years of talk, it is finally time for action. iffics the border once and for all now. that's the president's tweets trying to send this message he is hoping in the waning days of republicans being in control of both chambers of congress that maybe something could get done. that seems like a very high bar in the limited numbers of days left before congress concludes for the christmas holiday season and the new congress comes in, in january. >> that will be challenging.
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you mentioned, this was a wide ranging headline making sort of plast of different news topics from the president when he was meeting with reporters on thanksgiving day. part of that included the controversy over what the president believes or doesn't believe, what he is willing to do or not willing to do about the death of journalist jamal khashoggi, we know the saudis admit cullp ability. they have talked about danging stori -- changing stories, the cia has determined with high confidence that the crown prince ordered this killing the presidents the sputes that, says it's not an -- disputes that, he says it's not a final standard. he is pushed back when asked about what should happen with saudi arabia and who is responsible for that murder. >> reporter: can you conclude with confidence? >> they didn't conclude, no, no,
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josh, they didn't conclude, i'm sorry. wait. josh, no they did to the come to a conclusion. they have feelings certain ways, but they didn't -- i have the report. can you ask, they have not concluded. i don't know if anyone is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. but i will say this, i don't know. i don't know. but whether he did or whether he didn't, he denies it vehemently. his father denies it the king, vehemently. >> reporter: so again the president siding with the denials. if he is looking for sort of a under surveillance tach of the crown prince ordering something, that wouldn't be something we would expect in this case. >> that itself not what the cia does. they've looked at a range of evidence, it's their conclusion that mbs had some responsibility. the president doesn't want to go that far. >> with high confident. so i won't say he lied.
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i will say in the spirit of black friday the president is heavily discounting the truth. two for one lies. >> reporter: you know, i am down the middle reporter. >> let's say, you are excellent and that is terrific. i've had it. but i appreciate that. kelly o'donnell, you can only spend nine hours a week a day, reporting on this president's lies and take so much. have a good thanksgiving, have a great black friday. get out, do some shopping. let's dig into one of the more surprising statements. we heard from the president on thanksgiving with military analy analyst. a medal of honor recipient. it's not hard, calling the troops on thanksgiving to thank them for their service, colonel, is not a hard thing to do. the president gummed that up too. he asked a coast guard official about the commitment he ask people in afghanistan if they're having a good time. it's not important that they have a good time, i don't think that's a fair question for
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soldiers if afghanistan in the 17th year of the war. >> well the president spends a lot of time getting people around him, people he talks to to validate his opinions about things and to tell him he's doing a good job. it's surprising for any president to do that when he talks, except for this president. i think we'd be surprised if he didn't do this. that's what he does. he spends time getting people near him. people he talks to, so lap him on t -- slam him on the back and say he's doing a good job. >> when the president calls you, you know you are a part of a thing all presidents do, these things will be on tv. this is not your job as a military service member to push back on the president. but he really, i mean, this is yumpbl it's not the normal stuff about the troops. but he was using it to politicize it.
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he had conversations about a strong economy and economic growth. do these military members appreciate that kind of talk and what, if anything, can their leaders do about the fact that the president is politicizing the service members of america. >> well, they can't do anything at all about it. the only thing they can do is be on the defensive and somebody who is in the public relations business in the military will advise commanders to dodge the question, go to talk about something else, talk about their troops. say what a great job they're doing. >> which they did. >> yeah. and just completely and totally avoid any political response to anything political. after all, the questions should have been about the troops and the way to avoid getting embroiled and politicizing the call is to ignore the question altogether and go directly to talking about the troops. >> let's talk about the question he asked when talking about troops. when he made a call to troops in
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afghanistan about their work. let's listen together. >> how are they feeling about trade? as you know, trade to me is a very big subject all over. we have been taken advantage of for many years by bad trade deals. we don't have any good trade deals, how are you finding things in the region? >> mr. president, from our perspective out on the watt, sir, we are seeing there is an abundance of trade happening in the region. >> so that was a question to the coast guard about trade. weird, right if colonel jack the coast guard's job is not that. it's not counting and keeping track of tray in ade in and oute united states. he put that person in an awkward position. we're seeing an abundance of trade. what else can he say? >> he can't say anything else, very awkward, it demonstrates the lack of understanding and what the military establishment is doing for the country.
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it's not to support the president of the occupation. it's to support and defend the constitution of the united states. if you talk to anybody, in or out of combat about what they do, they'll say, yeah, they fight, they accomplished the mission. they fight to defend the country. most of all, they're working to take care of each other. any question that transcends that is foolishness and doesn't make the president look good if anybody's eyes. >> we have worked together and we've seen many of the military honored. it's somber and important to know they put their lives on the line every day for the safety and liberty of americans. with we thank them today for their service and thank you for being with us. >> my great pleasure. >> coming up next, 2016 re-visited. the outgoing republican leaderser of the house issues
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subpoenas to james comey and loretta lynch. why comey says he may not comply and later president trump made his thoughts on migrants very clear. now hillary clinton is in hot water after she said europe's leaders should no longer offer refugees and support to migrants. you are watching msnbc.
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of time. very early on. there was no deletion of e-mails like the 33,000 plus probably another 100,000 that hillary clinton did after she got a subpoena. there was no bleach pit. there was no anything. just innocent e-mails. there were no classified e-mails. a much different deal. >> president trump reigniting his political attack line against hillary clinton and offering no facts against the charges of using a private e-mail server. ivanka sparked the use of an e-mail account for business as the focus of the republican led house judiciary committee "outgoing chairman officially issuing subpoenas for former director james comey and loretta lynch to testify next month, december 3rd and 4th over allegationles of bias at the fbi and the justice department against president trump. james comey firing back in a
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tweet saying in part, quote -- joining me now is barbara mcquaid a former u.s. attorney, barbara, first of all, does james comey have any standing to resist and invitation and/or a subpoena to appear before judiciary committee? ? >> well the only basis would be to invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. what he wants to do is change the terms from a closed-door interview to an open hearing and he really does not have the right to do that legally. he were able to quash this in court, for example, i don't think he would win. i think he is trying to force their hand into an open hearing. >> the other day i spoke with
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jerry nadler, the democrat, ranking member, he will become the chairman when the democrats take over in january. he has sucked his first witness will be matthew whitaker, the acting attorney general. listen to what he told me. from so you will get in and take over as chairman of the house judiciary committee. will you invite or subpoena matt whitaker? >> first invite him. if he declines, then subpoena. >> do you think he will respect that subpoena? >> i hope so i hope he will respect it. not fight it. he could delay it. ultimately, he has to respect a subpoena. the house has to enforce the subpoenas. >> what do you want to ask him? >> we will ask him the obvious questions, given your stated views, given the fact that you said you prejudge the issue, that there was no investigation, no russian interference with the election, which is ridiculous, how can you supervisor is election, more to the point, what will you do? >> so barbara, this is a guy
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like me isn't sure are what this is about? is the subpoena pre realiation or what he says he will do with whitaker or about james comey being a witness in the mueller investigation? >> yeah the timing is very strange. just in the lame duck session here, in thaning months of this comey and loretta lynch to testify seems strange. this was the subject of an office of inspector report. it came out months ago. it seems like this matter has been closed with all of the questions answered. so it does seem like a strange time to reopen this old question about what happened with hillary clinton's e-mails? so i don't know the motivation behind it. congress has very broad authority to investigate any matter within its legislative powers or oversight powers. so they have the power to do it. the question is whether this is an appropriate use of that power. i don't know if it's simply
6:19 am
retaliation. it seems the country has moved on and the answers are contained in that inspector general report so i don't know what more ground they want to cover. >> let me ask you about the tit for tat that's going on with john roberts, not really, john roberts criticized the president, almost felt like he was pushed in a corner, it seems he was responding not just about the supreme court but on behalf of all zwrunl judges who seem to be attacked by this president as a partisan. the president doubled down an suggesting the judges are politicized? >> it's unfortunate to refer to judgeles as obama judges or clinton judge os tr like commit sizes them. certainly that i are cozyen and appointed by presidents of a particular party. once they take that of the and take cases, they're not supposed to the it on partisan politics but based on the law, justice roberts was trying to push back
6:20 am
on the notion that they're there to do the bidding of the president who appointed them. no doubt when a president appoint a judge, they choose the people they think have a just dishlg philosop judicial professor they admire and they don't decide cases based on that basis. they decide cases on facts and to suggest otherwise undermines the legitimacy of the courts and the public perception of tear opinions. >> thank you as always for joining us on this holiday frayed. >> thank you. >> barbara mcquaid is a former attorney and msnbc contributor. coming up next, we do the president's math on the economy. you are watching msnbc. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record
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. we are a true economic power far greater than we were before i became president. we are an economic power that is far greater than we were. when i took over, we were teetering, if bad shape, going down to minus 4, minus 5% in gdp. instead last quarter we hit 4.2% and we are doing very well. >> this may be a record day for me. everything president trump has
6:25 am
said has been a lie. when i took over, we were going down to minus 4, minus 5, minus 6%. that's not truth discounted by 50 or 75%. that's not misinformation. it's not misspeaking. it's an absolute lie. president trump with another lie about the economy he inherited. it grew by 2.1% in 2016's fourth quarter. that's plus 2.1%. that's a lie of at least 6% or 8% depending on which one of the president's lies you want to listen to. that'st the end of obama's time in office. i am joined now. gene, what do you make of this in this isn't a matter for debate. i love to debate people who have other political views and ideas. you know my friend kevin hassack. he is on here. this isn't a matter for debate. this is the president of the
6:26 am
united states with an absolute provable lie. >> no, sticking with his kind of rhetoric, i'm 6'3" and i'm starting for the pistons today in their game against the houston rockettes. why not? yeah, what he said is not more of a lie than we saying i'm starting for the detroit pistons or playing linebacker for ohio state. no, look, here's what's makes it more crazy, the last three presidents did kind of inherit economies struggling in some way, president clinton was come nook a weak economy, pulling out of recession, president bush was inherited a strong xi and showing signs that had to deal with 9/11. president trump inherited a very strong economy where
6:27 am
unemployment had been more than cut in half, where you'd have one of the longest peace time expansions in history and i think it's a lysle i little like what he has to say to create well-being. he has to create narrative or rhetoric where things were rough. what's hard to accept in one place where things looked, continued to be strong on job growth. job growth in his first two years is weaker tan it was in the second term under president obama. >> again, just fact. here's the problem whatever trump did has supercharged the stockmarket until recent weeks. not necessary growth. he talked. larry kudlow talked about a year-and-a-half ago, he said it's going to be 4, 5, 6% nick growth. the fact is we might because of
6:28 am
this global trade war and other things see a slow down in the final two years of this presidency as opposed to an increase in economic growth. >> look, he spent an enormous amount of money of the taxpayer's money on inefficient tax cuts. there will be a pump bump this year. look at what it didn't do, there was all this was going to supercharge investment. we seen stock buybacks and dividends. i think what you will see this year is that donald trump's own volatility and how that translates into policy in a world he has less control than the united states congress. when you look at china trade, here president trump has a couple of positions i am
6:29 am
sympathetic too, technology transfers, how does he deal with it? he negotiates from bluster. if you were negotiating from strength, you'd be unifying with allies like canada instead of picking small fights. so you can say here's the united nations, we will get tough on you, china. instead, you now have a world where people have no idea what he's going to do. maybe he will have a temporary peace clause with them pause he's getting worried. i think his own volatility in terms of trade and foreign policy will get factored into the economy and not as a positive. >> good luck on starting with the pistons. you will be great. former director of the national economic council. up next, president trump spending the holiday weekend with his family in mar-a-lago. he can't have a thanksgiving
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ahoy! gotcha! nooooo... noooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper. when president trump was asked what he was thankful for, this was his response.
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>> for having a tremendous family and for making a tremendous difference in this country. this country is so much stronger than it was when i took office you wouldn't believe it. >> tankful they made a tremendous difference to this country. i want to bring 'his tore yarn michael beschloss. you and i have talked ma times about the president could have risen to the occasion. this isn't one of themful thanksgiving is not a high bar. it's a tiny bar. it's not a terrorist attack, a mass shooting. it's really easy to be thankful for people who are not you and particularly for troops who defend in country and the president managed to not do that either. >> right. >> that scene of donald trump yesterday sitting in his throne room at mar-a-lago saying what he's most thankful for of everything else is himself. it sort of remind me of
6:35 am
washington, who it was it was a nice thing for presidents to be modest. >> that we didn't get yesterday in spades. it is kind of interesting because you have really kind of studied and have written a book actually called "presidents of war." >> right. >> not everybody thinks of president trump as a president of war. but america is involved in wars directly or indirectly and various military actions and to the extent there are troops in this country to whom he was speaking, he was speaking to the coast guard or in afghanistan. there are certain things expected of presidents of war because we have a volunteer army, a volunteer service core that goes out there and requires the moral support of the president. >> and so many of our noble armed forces around the world did not get to sit in florida with their family having a big dinner.
6:36 am
presidents should on nor thhono. you think george h. went to have dinner with mrs. bush and the soldiers on the eve of the persian gulf war. you know, going all the way bark, aba hamlraabraham lincolno war. lyndon johnson went to vietnam in '66 and 1967. one of the threshold expectations of the a president is that you honor our soldiers, especially when are you a war president as donald trump is. he was asked about this or his people were the other day, you know, some of the reasons given were, number one, he doesn't want to be, endanger himself, number three, he may disagree with the war. barack obama went there, tow he was not the biggest champions at the beginning of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> those things can be
6:37 am
separated. one of the criticism is presidents who haven't served in the military, maybe they have less of an understanding when they deploy people. i thought it was interesting in the series he made one to a commander in afghanistan. let's listen to that together. >> soar, colonel, how many people are you -- so, colonel, how many people are you commanding right now, would you say? >> ah, 10,000. >> wow, that's a lot of people. that's fantastic, stephanie. that's beautiful. that's beautiful. not only is it important what you are doing, you are enjoying what you are doing, is that right? >> sir, absolutely. >> that was just strange. that's fantastic, stephanie, that's beautiful, that's beautiful. not only is it important what you are doing, you are enjoying what you are doing. i'm not sure that's an expectation of our service members serving in afghanistan that they're enjoying what they're doing?
6:38 am
>> no, that's exactly right. what you played earlier on the program talking to the coast guard officer about how much trade is going on, this is getting a little surreal. it's the same time the last couple of days. he's been breaking down basic institutions of our government. the supreme court. the pentagon, spend sending armed forces to the border, talking about a political opportunity. our intelligence services, this is something we do not see with other presidents. i think we have to begin expecting of this president that he looks to history to behave a little like his predecessors. >> you are a hishistorian. history as written. yesterday was the anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> it was. >> who is noted for, certainly the quotes are those that are meant to inspire americans to
6:39 am
partake in civil society and make it better. it's about not the institution of government but what the individuals can do for their country. >> right. think of absolutely right, think of in the light of donald trump, ask not what your country can do. what what you can do for your country. it seemed like boiler plate in the last 55 years. in a time of donald trump a president on thanksgiving says what i am most thankful for is myself and what i is done for the country. it has a very strange ring that none of us could explain. >> boiler point. it was unexceptional. >> right. >> michael, thank you for being with us as always, michael be beschloss. coming up, hillary clinton's sparking criticism from immigration advocates. we'll talk about that next here on msnbc.
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6:43 am
. hillary clinton sparking backlash today after warning european leaders to get a hand him on immigration to combat the growing threat of right wing populism. clinton urged the continent's leaders to make it clear they
6:44 am
are not going to be able to continue to provide refugee and support. joining me now is nbc news' lucie kavanaugh from london. great to see you. is there any sense that she might have been misquoted or misinterpreted? knows comments don't seem to be in lean what things she espoused in the past. >> a lot of people are wondering that this is a surprising mark from the secretary of state who has a long history of supporting refugees both as senators and within the obama administration. she has drawn criticism from pundits advocates. the context is important. her interview was a part of why right wing populism appears to be growing across europe. we know they have gained in poland, italy, austria, elsewhere, until clinton in this interview praised angela merkel for take income a large number of refugees, calling that a compassionate and generous approach and said europe has
6:45 am
done its part. >> that is something a lot of people are taking issue with. european centrists have done a lot to curb immigration. merkel forged that deal with turkey in 2016 to stop the flow of mieg grants or curb it. at least. it was italy's centrist government that lost government and negotiated a deal with libyans. so those measures saw immigration drop by something like 90%. yet that has not stropd the rise of the far right. i should add poland has not been affectened and saw a far right government come to power. as the surprising remark, some have accused her of effectively caving to right wing populists. a curb that ali has already taken place. >> it's interesting, within the context of saying brexit was not an action to an economic deal most weren't voting about intereuropean trade, it was
6:46 am
about immigration. angela merkel at the beginning of her collapse is about immigration so identifying immigration and refugees are a source for this right wing populism is distinct, though, from what she went and did and suggested that european leaders need to get a handle on it so as not to fall victim to too much of this populism. >> right. i think emotion has to do with migration. in the terms of the uk, immigration or the fear over immigration certainly fueled brexit over the european union. some here argue immigration is too high. it's not so much legal immigration rather than the open movement of eu citizens. a lot of the arguments we heard during brexit, the rise in the weeks to before brexit was that these folks are taking jobs. facts have not shown that to be accurate. in fact the data shows that e you are migrants are in that
6:47 am
benefit to the uk commitment very surprising comments. >> in fact the united states shows it benefits the economy, particularly in countries with low population inflation rates. good to see you. secretary of defence james mattis says the peace talks to end the conflicts in yemen will take place in the next few weeks in sweden as global pressure to stop the bombing companies by the saudi-led coalition mounts. steve, you tweeted about the good the bad the ugly in yemen. i guess good is there might be peace talks in. >> we have been there before, martin griffin the envoy seemsing to assembly agreement from the houthis and the previous government that was in control to meet in sweden in early december. the problem is that donald trump has taken the pressure off of the saudis. we're fought talking very much about. that it's the saudis and the uae
6:48 am
which have kept a very, very invasive, very robust campaign against yemen. so they've got to be brought to heel as well in this process. there is a lot of doubt about that. >> i think people hear yemen, they walk away. so i want to put up pictures by the "new york times" who is nope to have taken remarkable photography around the world. about the degree to which children, women and children, look at this famine. look at the -- this is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now, steve. it's important for us to understand that we talk about it as a saudi, houthi, as a proxy war, perhaps between the saudis and the iranians, but the united states is implicit in this war. police it in this war. >> we have helped the saudis. you know, it's only recently after jamal khashoggi murder, defence secretary mattis said that we would no longer refuel saudi aircraft and began sending signals we were going to back off from some of our
6:49 am
backstopping the saudis in this process. you know the yemeni population is about 28 million people, they're saying 14 million right now are on the verge of starvation. we've already seen 85,000 children allegedly die from starvation inside yemen. i think when we look at these numbers, you look at 18,000 sortties, that they have engaged in against yemen and they estimate that about one-thoird of those have been against non-military targets. so the humanitarian disaster there is epic. it's beyond epic. it's hard to quantify it in any responsible way. i think that is what we're looking at in terms of this and the world is sort of shrugging. but these nos to y but these photos you are sharing puts this in the minds of some. right now the president of the united states decided to not be the ones to put pressure on the saudit even though secretary mattis is. we are in this bizarre situation
6:50 am
where we get mixed signals from our republican. >> here's what lindsey graham said on "meet the press" about mohammed bin salman, his lead attorney seems to be seems to b donald trump. let o let's listen. >> this war in yemen has got completely out of control. he put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest. this guy is a wrecking ball when it comes to the mideast and the relationship with the united states. >> the president seems to be painting saudi arabia and a black and white binary on and off relationship. sanctions against saudi arabia do not have to mean that america has nothing to do with saudi arabia. the president has real opposition to his position inclu -- oppositi opposition. >> senator graham has been a bit of afl flak for a number of
6:51 am
things. he's stood very strong, at least his rhetoric. the bigger picture is the president's tendency to beat the heck out of allies of the united states that have an enormous economic footprint with the united states to which many millions, many jobs are in the united states are tied to. that's not true with saudi arabia. donald trump has an affinity for thugs in the world and over states and over plays into your words lies about the economic dependencies of the united states on saudi arm sales which just are not true. >> good to talk to you. thank you for joining me. coming up, four days until the senate run off election in mississippi. will cindy hyde-smith's racially charged actions make tuesday runoff a race to the finish?
6:52 am
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6:56 am
a confederate hat holding a rifle. in 20 -- i'm trying to think what year but she suggested a bill that would have renamed a stretch of highway to the title that it had in the 1930s. the jefferson davis memorial highway. she had the confederate hat and posed with the rifle and awarded a confederate heritage group, a prize for best community float when she was commissioner for agriculture. had she not been confronted with criticism about these things in the past? >> not in the past, no. it was 2001 when she filed that bill about jefferson davis. her second year in the state senate. she was a new lawmaker at the state house when she did that. there does seem to be pattern of her embracing confederate history which is not all together uncommon in the deep south in mississippi.
6:57 am
in today's light, those things are being looked at differently particularly in an era where confederate flags were taken down in south carolina. confederate monuments have been taking down throughout the south. she's not backed away from that. she does have this history and she's not really spoken about it. she's not really backed down from it. she's trying to sort of drive up voters who still embrace that in mississippi. >> you're leading to where i'm going to go with this. does one -- when i first heard cindy hyde-smith's comments about a public hanging. i do what i often do is i give them the benefit of the doubt. they were misquoted or didn't understand the effect on people. then she issued the response about ridiculous to be offended by it and in her weird apology
6:58 am
she apologized if anyone were offended with it. i went from thinking maybe it was inadvertent to thinking maybe it's deliberate and now reading your stuff to thinking is it deliberately meant to gin up her base or is this how cindy hyde-smith sees the world? >> i think that's what we have been trying to sort of decipher. it seems like there's a history here of her embracing the c confedaracy and not having a problem with it and backing away. the most interesting part is her reaction after tape came out. it seemed to be recorded by a tracker. it didn't send to be a deliberate thing to send a message broadly to all supporters. her reaction since then has sent a message. she's not apologizing for this. even her apology was only to those who may have been offended. >> i want to listen to her
6:59 am
apology was stilted and only to those who might have been offended. here is what mike espy said to our reporter about her apology. let's listen. >> what i begin to hear that coming out of her mouth, i looked. she had her head down and she was reading it. my mother always told me that when you apologize to someone, you look them in the eye. you tell them that you're sorry and you offended them and try to make reparations if you can. i can't judge her sincerity. >> that's an interesting point. he said i can't judge her sincerity but she's making it hard to judge it. >> she is. remember some of the dynamics where where i say mcdaniel was another candidate in this race. he's played more in racial politics than cindy hyde-smith has typically. she is trying to make an effort to win over his supporters which would put her over the edge in this election. if all of his voters turn out,
7:00 am
she wins. that does seem to be kind of the area where she is playing in this and mike espy is trying to drive up his supporters. >> it may not be in add ver t t tent. coming up, more news with kristin welker live in florida. hi. hope you had a great thanksgiving. this morning we start with border threat. president trump says the troops he sent to the southern border with mexico will use deadly force if they have to in order to protect border agents and in order to stop migrants from entering the country illegally. >> they have to they're going to use lethal force. i've given the okay. i hope they don't have to. political stunt. house republicans soon to lose their majority to democrats issue a subpoena for james comey and former attorney general


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