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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that does it for this episode of "this beat." i will see you back here. don't go anywhere, "hardball" with chris matthews is up next. surrounded. let's play "hardball." [ music playing ] good evening, i'm chris matthews from washington. in the wake of michael collins explosive plea hearing, they are venting anger down to the g20 summit in argentina, referring to the real estate project in moscow that cohen lied about, trump tweeted, oh, i get it! i am a very good developer, happily living my life, when i see our country going in the wrong direction, to put it mildly, against all odds, i
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decide to run for president, very legal, very cool. lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in russia. put up zero money, zero guarantees. didn't do the problem. witch hunt. cohen's plea yesterday has one of two consequential documents to emerge from the special counsel's office this week. there is also the draft plea agreement for jerome corsi, which corsi turned down. both identify the president by fame as a key subject in the mueller investigation. as "the washington post reports, quote, together the documents show investigators have everyday that trump was if close contact with his lieutenants as they made outreach to both russia and wikileaks and that they tried to conceal the extent of their activities. we know that conspent more than 70 hours in interviews with mueller's team, which means yesterday's bombshell could be the first dose mueller still has under wraps. we know that cohen lied in the
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coverup to protect the president. as he said in court yesterday, quote, i made these misstatements out of loyalty to trump. while the president has lost cohen's loyalty, he is counting on other allies for his survival, people like roger corsi and roger stone who say they're expected to be indicted soon. joining me a former prosecutor, and a former republican congressman from florida, who is no longer affiliated with that political party. let me go to paul on this. because i do have the sense that 70 hours of testimony of serious questioning of michael cohen has yield more than was heard just yesterday. >> absolutely. so i think before this week the conventional wisdom was that the mueller investigation was winding down, that if there were criminal charges, they would be more about obstruction than collusion and that the president would not be implicated.
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all bets are off. collusion is still very much on the table. i don't see robert mueller going anywhere any time soon. for collusion the questions have always been about motive and method. why would the president collude with the russian and how? so the cohen ziemt i indictment answers the why. with this president, cash money. it's always about the peng mens. he had financial session e connections with the russians he wanted to maintain. how, from the corsi drought plea, we know that roger stone, jerome corsi were go-tweens between assange and wikileaks and the president of the united states. >> what is the chicken or the egg? money, lure, of course, corsi spent years chasing big bucks. was the campaign a promotional tour for him to help raise his brand to have a better relation with putin? put it together. the money and the politicking? >> yeah. so again. >> what do you want if irs? >> apparently between january
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and june, he somehow understood that there's a chance i could become president. so in january when he didn't think it was a possibility, he was actively negotiating with the russians about trump tower. in june, it's near the convention,py god, it looks like i'm going to be the republican candidate. so then cohen stops working on that deal, but we know don, jr., now was very involved with the russians. so one question for mueller is even in june, did the deal with the russian stop him with trump tower or did it shift from cohen to donald trump, jr. >> we know the trump moscow project did span from january actually 2015 until june of 2016. it was during that same period of time that trump repeatedly praised vladimir putin on the campaign trail. why is he warming up this guy as he's trying to make money with him. by the way, he's asking him to help with his deal, asking him
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for a $50 million condo to go with the deal. here we go. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's getting an a, our president is not doing so well. >> a person that kills political opponents. >> and invades countries. obviously, that would be a concern, would it not? >> he's rung his country. at least he's leader, unlike what we have in this country. >>ly do things with putin nobody else is going to be able do. believe me i don't like the way obama treats putin. wouldn't it be nice in we get along with russia? i think putin has been a lot stronger for russia. he's a lot stronger than our leaders. putin called me a genius. i'm not disavowing anybody. my attitude, when people like me, i like them. even putin. >> it's not that psychological. he's clearly trying, we know from the documents now from
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michael cohen he was trying to get putin support which is not getting anything done, you need counseling in new york to approve new projects. in moscow, you simply need putin support. he was actively seeking a big money support in russia. at the same time, he's throwing these tloirs at him in pub -- owe flowers at him in public warming him up for the money. it looks that way and smells. that's why i think trump has denied the whole thing. >> he was. he is lying about it, which creates an additional level of exposure for russia. >> why is he lying all the way through? all of them all the way through today they're lying about the thing. trump did it today saying i really didn't have anything going only over there. >> because though donald trump may not have a moral compass, he understands legal jeopardy. he knows at a time when russia was trying to influence our elections, he, in fact, was trying to gain money and lever annual from vladimir putin,
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himself. the first thought i had yesterday is now it's coming more clear why john dowd and ty cobb resigned earlier this year. i think what we learned based on yesterday's filing, bob mueller has a lot of information. >> yesterday's plea deal seemed a little incomplete. it was lacking in finality. why would bob mueller offer a simple single plea to lying to congress if he wasn't trying to send a signal to the entire trump organization to don jr. and everybody else that he has a lot more information regarding donald trump u donald trump's personal involvement. chris, donald trump controls everything. this is a guy two said he doesn't need a communications director. he'll be his own chief of staff. it requires a suspension of belief that everybody around this president can fall, be a victim, can plead to certain federal crimes and yet donald trump, himself, survives this. it requires a suspension of belief to see the president come through this. >> shannon, it seems to me that this dropped out of the sky.
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i found an offer of putin of a $50 million condo, that's a nice place to imagine living even if you are putin, it's a lot better tan living in any russian building. in addition, he's throwing these flowers at him, this incredible flattery. at the same time he's giving. an offer of this incredible gimme. what do you make of this? he's tied to money making. >> the feeling is mutual, too. we now know from the intelligence community the russians were working to help hillary clinton and help donald trump win elections. so have you this great love affair between these two going on even at the time we didn't realize that putin was working to help the trump campaign. i know everybody kind of wants. we are all so desperate for the answer to see the full picture of this puzzle. i keep coming back in my head that we only have maybe 20 pieces of the puzzle. maybe this week we got two more. but we don't know how many pieces are in the whole puzzle.
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it could be 50. it could be 100. it could be a thousand. every now ap then we get two pieces that fit together. we try and say oh is that a leg? maybe eighth face and to try and figure out what this puzzle is. but i think what every time mueller reveals something, i think it just emphasizes to us how much we don't know. we did not know this was going to be an issue, that this deal had been going on. it's one more tiny little thing we realize we don't know. >> let me go to david on this, the politics. sometimes i think it's trump pulling the great deal, the big play with russia. i think it's these mash notes they're sending back and forth. i like you. i like you. it's something i'm passing from desk to desk in school the motive here for trump, does he want to be the great presidential leader of the west that cuts a deal to the east or another guy trying to make more money? which is it or both? >> i think for donald trump,
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there is no separation between his personal interest and family fortune and his role as president. that's created this legal jeopardy. i would suggest, very importantly, take the mueller thing completely out of the picture. go to congress, the national leaders, it's this. the reason lying is important. if michael cohen was lying or donald trump were lying. it's just that they weren't lying that they were expolesed in a russia deal. the lie, itself, exposes the president of the united states and the decision-making on matters of foreign policy. you know who knows that michael cohen lied before congress, the russians and the russian versus known cohen lied. so if donald trump has been lying the one party that knows donald trump is lieing is vladimir putin. -- lying is vladimir putin. it can shape the reason why americans shake their head. >> you are right the former soviet union of russia which is acting like the former soviet
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union has got him by his shorts. anyway, trump publicly applauded jerome corsi for not cooperating with mueller. when he praises somebody, he thinks he has them on the hook. mueller already has everyday that corsi had advanced only in of the hacked e-mails wikileaks planned to release, information passed on to roger stone. corsi's draft plea agreement shows he was in contact with then candidate donald trump. we know from stone, himself, he was talking to trump during that time. so a line of discussion. a passing of the message. they're coming out with this stuff there hackled from the democrats. these democratic national committee and from john podesta. it's all coming out, mr. president to be is getting the information from corsi, to stone to trump. lert watch. >> how often do you talk to him? >> from time to time. i middle eastern, not on a daily basis. but from time to time. >> when was the last time you
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talked to him? >> ah, saturday. we talk from time to time. i decline to characterize the content of those conversations. >> i spoke to donald trump yesterday in good spirits. . >> the question now is whether roger stone ever passed information ability wikileaks to trump in any of those conversations. both stone and the president deny ever discussing wikileaks. however, stone said he spoke to trump a day after he received this stunning e-mail from jerome corsi. you know, paul, this is like,
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here's a guy talking in spy language. our friend in the embassy. we know two he s. by the way, who is he kidding, our friend in the embassy? he's passing on this information. he's going to be in the barrel. it's so, you can't predict the future unless you know something ability the future. >> exactly. >> he knew about the hacks. >> he's not kidding anybody. so the message, if there is ever a jury trial will be c'mon, use your common does jerome corsi look like the kind of person who could divine these hacked e-mails will come from podesta of all people? and so again, common sense, forensic everyday like e-mails, and texts. it would be great if mueller could get corsi to admit it. >> that is likely to happen. corsi says i'm staying strong. but we heard the same thing from paul manafort. every single trump operative who mueller has prosecuted has pled guilty. michael cohen.
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michael flynn. george papadopoulos. mueller is a prosecutor who always gets his man. >> couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. didn't he cook up the whole birther nonsense? basically being an illegal immigrant? >> he's a liar, he turned it into the "new york times" best seller. this lie about whether he knew about wikileaks, the e-mail dump, nobody believes that. >> shannon, this looks to me, if i'm the president, if i'm donald trump, i'm down there in beautiful buenes aires, which is wonderful this time of year. are you with your wife having a good time or playing peek a boo with putin. you have a lot of stuff coming at you. the jerome corsi stuff, con's testimony, it looks like it's gun to sing. -- bego unto sing. -- begun to sing. clinton was able to shake it off and compartmentalize. how is trump going to do it in.
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>> it was obviously getting under his skin, there was the manafort hearing about his being in violation of this plea deal. there was the corsi-stone stuff coming out. we saw these tweets. in the past, when things get really hot the staff usually finds a way to distract his attention. they tell him, focus on the korea summit and putin in helsinki. i'm sure they're telling him now, mr. president, we have this meeting with xi, the signing. notuous his attention to get him from saying things like he has in the past. you know, at worst to incriminate himself at best make him look like he's guilty of something. >> i'm having steak and ice cream tonight, mr. president. >> they have to get worried to the point of not knowing what they know. >> a great group tonight. thank you. coming up, donald trump has pursued business ventures in russia for at least 30 years. three decade. he traveled to the then soviet
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union the first time in '87. what is behind his -- he's look eastward all the time. what is that about? is donald trump, jr. next on mueller's list? i think he's coming up as a problem. it's a question that may be keeping his father up at night. trump is in buenes aires i said for the g20 summit. earlier cameras caught an awful moment between two world leaders. what happened when vladimir putin and saudi crown prince mbs ran into each other. it will make you sick. finally, let me finish with a field of names popping up as 2020 democratic contenders. what a list. we will show you the map of candidates. it is extraordinary. i have been watching this for a long time. i never seen so many people so gung ho to take on trump. this is "hardball" where the action is. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you.
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i mean i have nothing to do with russia. i don't have any jobs in russia him i'm all over the world, but we're not involved in russia. i have no relationship to russia whatsoever. i don't deal there. i have no businesses, no loans from russia. i have nothing to do with russia, folks. okay. i don't have any deals in russia. i have nothing to do with russia. i have no investments in russia, none whatsoever. i have no dealings with russia. i have no deals in russia. i have no deals that could happen in russia because we've stayed away. >> eastern promises. we now know those claims made by trump are 100% false. the president's former lawyer michael cohen agreed to congress about a real estate project he was pursuing in moscow while he was a candidate for president. it says it was a holy grail. writing --
4:21 pm
trump seen here in december 1987 greeting mikhail gorbachev in washington, first visited moscow earlier that year to scope out luxury hotel sites, a plan that eventually fell through. he traveled again in 1996 exploring another project. that project fizzled. in fact, former trump biographer points out after he was sued for libel, trump told attorneys, it's ridiculous that i wouldn't be investing in russia. russia is one of the top places in the world for investment.
4:22 pm
tim, let's go over this. what is it about his movement to russia, what is it about the appeal of moscow generally of russia? why is he always dreaming in that direction? >> well, you know, i would put this in context. i actually don't think it's only russia. trump was engaged in a number of these deals before he became, shortly before he became president, all over the world. he was doing it in brazil, doing it in india. he was trying to do it in russia. all of it mattered to him generally cutting deals in which the he had to put nothing into it. someone else financed it. he put his name on it. he got either a fee or equity in return. >> is that a part of the thing we are hearing about, there is a lot of russian rubles floating around. it needed to be laundered? there was a lot of money over there. he didn't need to bring money there? >> no, i think this was a way.
4:23 pm
i think he was looking to partner with russia. i don't think anyone was that exclusive. i think what's important to focus on when he said repeatedly i have no investments in russia or and i have no loans from russia. i think he's playing a semantic game. because whether or not he had investments in russia, it's very possible that at different points in time the russians had investments in him. specifically you can look at projects like the trump soho in lower manhattan. he did that in partnership with felix sader, he shows up in the criminal investigation that robert mueller prosecutors filed. he was anonymous in that. they were referring to him in that do you mean. he's been floating around trump for the better part of 12 years. and so the president's playing a semantic game when he said i don't have investments in russia. he's lying when he says he didn't have a deal if russia. that's just a flat out lie.
4:24 pm
we now know that to be a fact. >> tom, not that i compare the two men in terms of the morality, this is an old bill clinton thing. it depends on your definition of "is" is, like i'm not having an affair with monica lewinsky when i set here. when he says all those times, we showed trump, i got no dealings with russia. totally the whole truth to make it sound like. i would have nothing to do -- when all the time he was trying to work something over there. >> he was trying to work something as tim noted, there were also considerable relationships with russians investing in him. >> you did a lot of work on that piece, how did they find each other? did the russians look for someone to dump their money in the united states, launder it? or did he look over there because that's a known repository of a lot of cash from the oligarchs? >> that's true, chris. i think we want to separate a
4:25 pm
couple of things here, one is if we're talking about investments in trump properties, which occurred substantially during the 2007-2008 period when u.s. real estate was collapsing. trump need tenants. those tenants in some cases were in trump buildings and trump branned building, which were overwhelmingly russians. we did a look at multiple trump towers that opened in florida on the north of miami. all of them opening between 2006, 37, '6, '7, '8? the guy said the russians saved our butts. >> did they have so much money they can buy them in london and everywhere else? the river era? >> again, we have to be careful, this particular yeah, sunny isles florida is actually a little hub of russian activity
4:26 pm
and in some of the lobbies of trump buildings there, depending on who is staying in the building, at any given time, you will hear russian spoken in the lobby and elevators, yes, russians are living in those buildings from trump returned to the trump capital in 2016, bringing his miss universe panel ent. in a series of tweets, trump promoted the event as a quote big deal that will bring our countries together. trump wrote, do you think putin will be going to the miss universe panel exhibit in november? if so, will he become my best from end? is that 8-year-old talk from trump? my new best friend. it sound like valley talk here. what are we talking about here in. >> i don't think he had any proximity to putin at that time. i think he was bragging ability a relationship he didn't v. it had happened on other occasions. i think at one point he and putin were on "60 minutes" together when they weren't.
4:27 pm
i think he was always trying to cozy up to him. i think that putin certainly had -- was aware who trump was. i suspect from what we've seen now in the fact pattern that they didn't try to actually get their hooks into him directly until that presidential race. >> tim, what do you think putin thinks of a guy two lies about all his overtures to him? i mean, putin knows everything about the trump efforts to go east into russia, into moscow, asking him for help in these deals and necessary help, of course, and offering big condos and lucrative sort of door prizes, if you will. but putin knows it all. what do you think he thinks of trump lying about it? >> i don't think he actually has a problem with that. you know, putin has said publicly that like most people, they didn't suspect trump wrongly. you know, didn't suspect trump would win the presidency. he won and he has been essentially a, you know a policy
4:28 pm
patsy for the russians in a lot of ways. at least on the public stage. and i would think that on election night they were both laughing an toasting one another. >> both dressed alike there. thanks so much. up next, who will be the next insider under mueller's microscope? who is talking next? there's one. what if it's don jr., will that be enough to push trump over the edge in halting the investigation? i long thought trump will stop this at the family door. this is "hardball," where the action is. just one free hearing test at
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. welcome back to "hardball." michael cohen's plea has raised the stakes for his family. he acknowledged he discussed the deal with trump's family member, very important phrase during the campaign. so michael cohen talked to the family members of what was going on in moscow. while it's unclear which family member he referred to, donald jr., ivanka and eric were all top officials in the trump company. it's fair game to imagine that i were the ones he was talking to. they have raised questions of donald trump's answers to congress on that same topic. was he telling the truth, lying,? purchase jering himself.
4:33 pm
-- purchaowe purgeering himself. he replied, other than we hosted that miss america pageant there, they don't exist. specifically, don jr. says he is prifally aware of a moscow project that cohen was pursuing. usa today is saying they are reviewing trump jr.'s interviews. abc news is reporting after the plea democrats in the house are going to their own transcripts to check for donald junior's truthfulness. we have three or four minutes. i will let you go. you know this more than anybody i know. i have always thought the fail/safe point for trump. i'm firing everybody. no more cooperation, is when they approach the door of the family? >> let's one step back. the plea deal yesterday. not plea deal the guilty plea shows that bob mueller is really dead serious about prosecuting
4:34 pm
cases of lying to congress. because he already had cohen. cohen already copped a plea on the stormy daniels front. he's going to be sentenced on that. he was cooperating fully with mueller. mueller did not need to put pressure on cohen with this case. so why did he do it? to show people he will be prosecuting crimes of this nature. so if are you donald trump jr. and anybody else who has come before congress and said anything that may not be true, you august to be sweating bullets right now. >> what do you make over senator burr? he said i rer referred a lot of this. today the chairman of the intelligence committee republican senator richard burr, north carolina, had this warning for those who had appeared before his committee. >> i won't get into the numbers, but we have made referrals from our committee to the special
4:35 pm
prosecutor for prosecution. in a lot of cases those might be tied to lying to us. you know, my message yesterday was if you lie to us, we're going to catch you and we're going to prosecute you. period, end of sentence. >> that's a warning. today. >> big news, we know that adam schiff the top democrat on the intelligence committee, who will be becoming chairman has been saying for months. i have been saying this for months, he believes perjury, lying to congress has occurred in their hearings, in their private sessions and he wanted mueller to be going through that. now they're going it themselves, joachim castro a democrat tweeted specifically about something donald trump jr. said about the cover story for the trump tower meeting that he indicated was a lie to the committee. so i think trump jr., also eric, prince, roger stone who knows
4:36 pm
two richard burr refers to -- >> all these guys had to say under oath what trump said in public to synchronize. >> that's what cohen said in his plea in his guilty plea. i lied in order to protect the message the carup, the camouflaged story that president trump was telling. >> let me get you to a question i haven't had. it's a question identify i i've had for two days now. why does trump lie over and over and over again about not having in ug to do with russia. totally blanket denials. nothing. does he know there is a smell test problem that the american voter says, wait a minute, while you were running for president, you were trying to make money over there? >> i don't think we have time to get into this. psychologically, he doesn't understand the concept of truth. you ask this as if he's a rational actor. he said during the campaign, not only that i had nothing to do with russia. can you say technically i don't have a deal at this moment. he says i have stayed away from mercer. now the other thing, who knows
4:37 pm
that's false? donald trump jr. knows that is fams, ivan car, vladmir. vladmir is watching him lie to the public. others say it's giving him information to hold over. >> just like the dossier? who knows? thank you. next, he had another overseas trip for trump overshadowed by damaging things at home. how does he compartmentalize it? the question will have democrats in the house next year, they have the power of the subpoena. they can hit him on every time people lie up there. let them lie and lie and if they keep lying, they will keep making perjury. will this make a difference? will they finally say enough? we'll see. you are watching "hardball." fidelity's rewriting the rules of investing. again. introducing fidelity stock and bond index funds with lower expense ratios than comparable vanguard funds. and we now offer the industry's first
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well, it's been a week of
4:41 pm
bad news for this president. don't you think? first paul manafort's alleged lies to the special counsel cost him his plea deal he's going away for a long time. then it was revealed manafort's lawyer says his client was supposed to be cooperating. yesterday's bombshell news that michael cohen lied to cover up trump's business dealings in russia as nbc first read put it. isn't it the news that a president's candidate's business deals were shaping his views about a geopoliticaled added a r sari oo adversary. they say they would under normal situations end a presidency. we have a great guest here. karen best from california, just elected this week the new chair of the congressional black caucus, which is a huge honor. >> thank you. >> i do some day you will be speaker. you are on that list a short
4:42 pm
list. jennifer reuben opinion writer for "the washington post and david ignacious knows all things ability spooks and spying. we will get to khashoggi in a minute. let's talk about this, congresswoman, you know, in a real world, i think we're in one, i'm not sure. trump stuff. everything is coming. he has three or four fronts, jerome corsi, roger stone, my god what a group, michael rating everything he can. manafort ready to go to jail forever, all these people with dirt on him and talks big stuff at the g20. known you he does it. >> wait january 3rd when adam schiff has a gavel and elijah sclif has a gavel. for the past two years ago he hasn't been investigated. >> i was talking about process, make me excited. twa are you going to do about the process? >> how about his taxes,? his financials? >> his ways and means have it right? >> absolutely. right. i believe ways and means can do
4:43 pm
it right away. >> what is your enforcement mechanism? the sergeant in arms? who will go to the president and say turn over you -- i'm dead serious. theious tis department has to enforce, right? >> right, exactly. >> there is a subpoena? >> there is a subpoena, yes. the justice department has to enforce -- >> are you counting on this guy whitaker to do this in. >> there can be lawsuit, there were lawsuits under the bush presidency when nancy pelosi was leader. i think there will be enforcement mechanisms come waiting for the sergeant in arms. >> let's watch. jennifer, what do you think of this whole week? normally this would close down the shop? >> it's getting thick. >> he lied about his business connections for years. >> while he was running for president, while he was denying it, flowing bouquets to putin every other die. it's a problem, it's a problem for don jr. who apparently has lied multiple times, if you can read between the lines of what adam schiff is saying before
4:44 pm
congress. can you see an indictment coming for him a while. really the question is how much does mueller have that will tie corsi to wikileaks and roger stone back to trump? that's the links that puts him in the collusion camp. now, i think there is plenty on the construction camp already. >> your paper you work for is great, david the paper's point out the fact there was a complete loop there. it went right 4r50u from corsi to roger stone to the president the candidate, he became president. >> that they knew all about the hacking. the russian hacking. >> so mueller has to sew these remaining loops. but i think this week was crucial in that this investigation went to new places. it went to donald trump's personal finances, his personal financial stake in russia. it went as jennifer suggests to his family. it went to the core of his narrative. he's been saying for go years, this is a witch hunt. this is all made up. and this week you saw facts that
4:45 pm
basically begin to blow up that nar narrative. i felt the world would be different for donald trump after this week. >> i even heard fox listening in the car this morning. i got the feeling make not steve ducey and that crowd. later in the morning, they were taking this plea by cohen very seriously. why would this guy admit to everything if it didn't happen? it's real. >> it opens the door. >> the question is, why was everyone lying? even e everyone is lying about the same thing in the same way, because trump is -- >> why are they lying? >> because they want to follow trump this disguising this ongoing relationship he's had with the russian for years. >> meanwhile, on nbc news' jonathan allen put it, trump has cast a dark trip to the trip to argentina. he quieted arrived in contrast to the red carpet. two years ago, trump mocked
4:46 pm
president obama by not being greeted by a red carpet at a g20. let's watch. >> president obama is now over the china. they won't even give him stairs, proper stairs to get out of the airplane. did you see that? they have other leaders, coming down with a beautiful red carpet. and obama is coming down a metal staircase. i have to tell you, if that were me, i'd say, i respect you a lot. close the door, let's get out of here. it's a sign of senseless disrespect. >> should he have left today when they didn't treat him with a band in. >> oh my goodness. >> i will never say if they. to try to dislike us. trump made fun of obama. >> absolutely. i think we need to pay more attention to how we are viewed on the world stage. i travel the world. i'm on foreign affairs. we have so little credibility. >> nobody is trying to get into argentina. let's not go there.
4:47 pm
don't talk to me about argentina. >> i'm not talking about argentina. >> he is shrinking by the moment. he has capitulated to saudi arabia a third world country with a bunch of oil. >> you like those little countries all of a sudden? >> well, you know, when they murder our journalists. >> the g20 summit today russian president vladimir putin and saudi crown prince bin salman, mbs the cia concluded ordered jamal khashoggi's killing high 5'd each other. let's watch that. >> they can both relate. pretty sick. >> exactly. >> why is he giggling like a
4:48 pm
little kid there. he is talking to a guy who most probably killed this guy. >> think of the two of them. how do they deal with opposition, journalists in russia. i think they have an awful lot in common. i think they're laughing at the world, also with us. again i put on the table our credibility in the world. >> i'm dead serious about this. >> i found that chilling to watch. if i was to write a caption for that scene that we just saw, it would be you can get away with murder. >> right. >> hey, buddy. >> the u.s. won't hold you accountable. >> that's right. >> why do they love this guy? why does trump do anything in defence of him? what is he up to with this guy? a war in yemen? >> because i think it's the money. >> it's financial interests. >> or you can think it's that he is so invested in saudi arabia in lew of an actual iran policy that they have put all their -- >> but to actually -- >> so the defenders to defend
4:49 pm
israel's right to the holy land. are we kidding ours in david, do you think that's insane? this whole idea that somehow saudi arabia is going to deliver israel to some sort of peace deal with the arab world. >> so, saudi arabia has moved in some ways towards more modern position and everybody should welcome that. when a member of the saudi religious leadership goes to the holocaust museum in washington. that's good. i think the problem for israel, which has been saying hooray for mbs a problem for donald trump is that he is now, he the crown prince, is so weakened that saudi arabia is not going to be able to get investment. it's not going to be able to deliver on the things that israel wants so badly. he somehow got to show the world that he's, you know, whatever he did with jamal khashoggi, he's going to go in a different direction f. he doesn't, i think he sucks. >> by the way, i think it's much worse than having a band playing
4:50 pm
in argentina. the real thing is trump thinking he can get away with it. by the way, you are watching "hardball. request itself we have hot news to share. we'll be right back. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. it's i . we're back with the "hardball" round table. tell me something i don't know in 15 seconds. >> 55 members of the congressional black caucus, five will be full committee chair members, and 28 subcommittee
4:54 pm
chair members. a lot of power. >> they love seniority. and i know why. it's a good way to get to the top. foreign krucorrupt practice act, the new buzz word for trump. giving a $50 million condo to putin. >> what does that look like, anyway? >> gold, gold. >> if there is a smoking gun linking mbs to the death of my colleague jamal khashoggi, it's in a series of messages that were sent in the 36 hours around his death. nobody i talked to thinks those messages will ever come out. >> have you heard the tape? >> no, sir. >> thank you to my panel. when we return, let me finish tonight with the field of names popping up as potential 2020 -- wait till you see the map of presidential candidates for the democrats. it's extraordinary. there are more candidates coming out in one state than all together.
4:55 pm
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remarkable fact. look at this map and what it shows. state by state, the names being raised at democratic challengers to donald trump in 2020. left to right. starting with what we lovingly call the left coast. i see a half dozen democratic prospects in california alone, senator kamala harris, governor elect gavin newsom, and adam
4:59 pm
schiff. eric garcetti and tom steyer. heading southeast, bday toe of ru o'rourke. and may -- coming off a big reelection, senator sherrod brown of ohio. senator bernie sanders of vermont, five from massachusetts, senator elizabeth warren, john kerry, joe kennedy iii and seth moulton. new york state has a quartet of potentials, senator kirsten gillibrand, hillary clinton and former new york mayor michael bloomberg. also on the senator cory booker of new jersey, joe biden of delaware, and recent virginia governor terry mcauliffe.
5:00 pm
the question is which of these faces can go toe to toe with donald trump and knock him to the floor. each one of them has to ask themselves how much they want it. trump will be in trouble. he will use every weapon ever imagined to save himself. that's "hardball" for now. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in". >> do you think president trump has been compromised by the russians? >> i don't know. >> the cohen plea ends the conjecture. >> he's acting like someone who's compromised. >> an american president who has been compromised by the russians faces the world. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as a president of the united states. it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> then -- >> a great young man. >> new reporting on the mueller probe's interest in donald trump jr. >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. >> what's going on with the republican insurrectio