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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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veterans will get to know the unconditional love of a very good dog. that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. >> tonight on all-in. >> michael cohen is lying and he's trying to get a reduced sentence. >> the president attacks michael cohen. >> he's a weak person. >> and grooms roger stone. >> there's no circumstance under which i would testify against the president. >> as robert mueller prepares what could be another bombshell. >> darn right, you're exactly right. >> tonight, a compromised president lashes out as the special counsel closes in. >> i feel badly for general flynn. >> then, former president george h.w. bush honored on capitol hill. lawmakers and citizens alike are paying their final respects to the late president with solemn tributes. his body will lie in state at the capitol rotunda until tomorrow. plus we could get new information about the status of the robert mueller probe when the team submits a new sentencing memo for michael flynn today and another memo for paul manafort later this week. >> this as president trump weighs in on two key witnesses in the investigation. he's attacking his former fixer michael cohen while offering praise for long time ally roger stone. ♪
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good morning, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin. throughout the night and early morning hours, americans have been filing into the capitol to pay their respects to george herbert walker bush as he lies in state inside the rotunda. president trump and melania trump joined the mourners shortly after 8:00. the president will attend but will not speak at tomorrow's service. eulogies from george w. bush, alan simpson of wyoming and historian jon meacham will all speak at the event. members of congress, the judiciary and executive branch paid tribute to president bush in a ceremony yesterday evening with remarks from mike pence,
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mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. >> the 1988 campaign, that was the first one i was ever involved in. we handed out literature at ball games and the 4h fair. i remember going to this big rally in ohio the day after the first debate. the whole experience really drew me into politics. he was the first president i had the chance to vote for. and he was the first president to teach me and many of us that in a democracy, sometimes you fall short and that how you handle that, that is just as important as how you win. >> certainly a lot of emotion there yesterday. switching gears, we could soon be getting new insight into the special counsel's probe of possible ties between the trump campaign and russia.
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at some point today, bob mueller's team is expected to make public a sentencing memo about former national security advisor michael flynn, with an additional sentencing memo by friday for paul manafort detailing his alleged crimes and lies. according to new reporting by yahoo news, the fact that mueller is planning to make those memos public, suggests he may no longer feel the need to withhold information about his case in order to bring additional indictments. multiple sources tell yahoo that mueller's prosecutors have told defense lawyers in recent weeks that they are tying up loose ends in their investigation, providing the clearest clues yet that the long-running probe may be coming to its climax in coming weeks. this yesterday as part of an ongoing discussion about whether new subpoenas for testimony by house and senate committees might interfere with the special
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counsel's investigation. >> president trump is lashing out at his former attorney michael cohen demanding that he be given a stiff sentence for his admitted crimes. tweeting, quote, michael cohen asks judge for no prison time. you mean he can do all of these terrible things and not serve a long prison term? he should in my opinion serve a full and complete sentence. in a court filing on friday cohen's lawyer asked a judge to give him no prison time when he's sentenced next week. the memo stated that cohen was in close and regular contact with white house staff and legal team when he prepared a statement that falsely down played trump's effort to build a trump tour in moscow. president trump is praising
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roger stone over his refusal to testify about him to the special counsel, raising questions over the legality of the president's comments. the president tweeted out yesterday, i will never testify against trump. this statement was recently made by roger stone, essentially stating he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about president trump. nice to know some people still have guts, likely alluding to michael cohen. that tweet immediately raised the specter of potential witness tampering. lawyer george conway husband to kellyanne conway responded to the president by tweeting citations to federal obstruction of justice statutes. >> the former acting solicitor added this is looking like witness tampering. the fact that it's done out in the open is no defense.
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trump is genuinely melting down and no good lawyer can represent him under these circumstances. vice chair of the senate intel committee mark warner wrote this. this is serious, the president of the united states should not be using his platform to influence potential witnesses in a federal investigation involving his campaign. in a bid to defend his client, the president's lawyer rudy giuliani claimed trump's tweet did not amount to obstruction of justice because the president is only encouraging someone not to lie. meanwhile former trump campaign aid and friend of roger stone michael caputo is trying to help cover the cost of stone's legal fees. >> president trump also went after the special counsel by name yesterday tweeting yesterday, bob mueller who is a much different man than people think and his out of control band of angry democrats don't want the truth. they only want lies. the truth is very bad for their
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mission. >> joining us from washington, d.c. a white house reporter for the examiner steve nelson. let's talk about president trump not holding back on the special counsel probe. are white house aides numb to this by this point? or do these cause real concerns inside the west wing when the president goes on these twitter tirades and rants? >> i think everyone is a bit numb to president trump just obliteratining norms of presidential behavior with these tweets about the mueller investigation, the open question really is whether much is made of them legally. there's of course a lot of commentary about whether there's obstruction of justice or witness tampering. you know, curiously by kellyanne conway's own husband. despite all of the leaks and reporting on the steps in the mueller investigation, we just don't know right now whether mueller is preparing to do
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anything in response to president trump's tweets bashing his investigation or appearing to weigh in on the people who have pleaded guilty or who have cooperated or who have vowed not to cooperate. president trump's tweet yesterday, of course, follows his new york post interview in which he said that roger stone and jerome corsi, who is a conspiracy theorist, fellow former birther, that they're being very brave in vowing to resist the special counsel. where this goes will be interesting. >> let's talk about how these tweets could impact the mueller investigation as we're reporting that bob mueller right now is kind of tying up loose ends with regards to the probe. >> well, you know, just on a human level you've got to imagine some sort of response from mueller seeing these personal attacks. legally it's totally unclear how this is going to play out.
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it's perfect fodder for a discussion on television or legal analysis in news publications, but we really just don't now how this is going to affect the probe. >> i can't help but wonder what it's like at home between kellyanne conway and george conway. >> it makes you think of mary madelyn and james carville. they were the originals. >> this curiosity of the conways, it seems to be blowing up a bit with his more aggressive commentary and eric trump weighing in on this recently as well. a fourth u.s. service member has died following last week's roadside bomb in afghanistan.
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24-year-old sergeant jason mclearn of export, pennsylvania, died on thursday from injuries he sustained in the bombing for which the taliban has claimed responsibility. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. 39-year-old army sergeant first class eric and others were also killed in that attack. 14 americans have died supporting operations in afghanistan this year, 13 from combat. more sad news, this time from the u.s. navy where the top admiral for the middle east died at his home saturday in bahrain. officials say the admiral died of an apparent suicide. admir
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admiral staerny commanded more than 20,000 u.s. and coalition sailors. vice admiral jim malloy is set to take temporary command this week. trump is offering details of the agreement with china but nothing is actually on paper. plus, violent protests break out in paris over fuel tax hikes as protesters claim the government does not care about the problems of ordinary citizens. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. welcome back, everybody. over the weekend president trump and china's xi agreed to a cease fire of sorts in the ongoing trade war with trump holding off on increasing tariff rates and implementing new ones for 90 days. in exchange, the white house says china has agreed to buy a, quote, not yet agreed upon but
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very substantial amount of various u.s. goods from multiple industries. trump tweeted several details of he is calling a deal, writing, china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from the u.s. farmers will be a very big and fast beneficiary of our deal with china. they intend to start purchasing agricultural product immediately. we make the finest and cleanest product in the world and that is what china wants. farmers, i love you. but the trade truce agreement does not exist on paper, nor was there a joint statement released after the meeting. beijing's statement had notable differences from the one that washington put out. >> the president's economic team had some difficulty explaining the details with larry cudlow telling reporters, in terms of the actual discussions, i'll call them commitments at this point, which commitments are not
2:16 am
necessarily a trade deal, but it's stuff they're going to look at and presumably implement. you ask me what that specifically means. all i can say is we'll see. >> i think there's a specific understanding that we're going to now turn the agreement that the two presidents have into a real agreement over the 90 days. yes, there have been specific discussions as to where auto tariffs will come down to, but i'm not prepared to talk about specifics at this moment. >> is there an agreement that we'll talk about forming an agreement? >> there were very, very specific items. yes, this was very, very detailed discussions. the dinner was for over three hours. >> that's a pretty long dinner. president trump is maintaining that his personal relationship with the chinese leader will not only bring about an end to the trade war he initiated but actually world peace as well, tweeting out, president xi and i
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have a very strong and personal relationship. he and i are the only two people that can bring about massive and very positive change on trade and far beyond between our two great nations. a solution for north korea is a great thing for china and all. i'm certain that at some time in the future president xi and i together with president putin of russia will start talking about a meaningful halt to the arms race. the u.s. spent 716 billion dollar this year. crazy. french president emanuel macron is facing a political crisis as violent anti-government protests continue in paris. the demonstrations are left a wave of destruction as macron faces calls to step down. lucy kafanov has more. >> reporter: no end in sight to the turmoil across france including more confrontations with police. these ambulance drivers joining
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demonstrations here in decades. what began as a protest against the president's plan to raise fuel taxes growing over the weekend into a movement fuelled by rage. anger from those who say his policies favor the wealthy. streets barricaded, cars lit on fire, snipers perched on rooftops. police body cameras capturing this clark sh at the arc de triomp triomphe. the president could declare a state of emergency as france braces for more violence. overnight french media reported that the country's prime minister will announce a suspension of fuel tax hikes. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> i lost that bet. she came back. we're watching the storm on the west coast. it will be moving across the country over the next seven to
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eight days. it's a slow mover. there's not a lot of bad weather out there's of the rockies over the next two days. there's a slight risk in the burn scar areas that we could get some problems. let's fast forward to when things get interesting. that's as we head into friday. so friday the green on here shows you where it could be raining. remember when we get to the pink, that's the icy mix and the blue is snow. as we go throughout the day friday as the storm gets a little bit stronger we watch this huge plume of rain. saturday morning, notice the northern edge of this. this is snow and ice and maybe even consider snow, north texas into western oklahoma. then we take this entire mess saturday into sunday into the eastern seaboard. by 5:00 p.m. sunday could be a decent little snowstorm going on especially the higher elevations in the mountainous areas of south carolina, north carolina even kentucky. by monday some of that will be
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pushing through the mid atlantic. anywhere north of d.c., doesn't look like much if any snow for you. but western half of north carolina and virginia, mountainous areas of the appalachians. this one does not look like it's going to make the turn up the east coast. as of now, d.c., no snow for you. still ahead, the red sox are heading to the white house and washington gets another break but it's definitely not the one they were hoping for. sports is next. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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2:24 am
football. washington's playoff hopes are in the hands of quarterback mark sanchez. sanchez signed with the redskins two weeks ago after star alex smith was placed on injured reserve with a broken leg that he suffered in week 11. the defending champs would allow washington a brief lead in the second quarter. after a field goal and a breakout run by adrian peterson before regaining a slight advantage just before the half after leading by one through a scoreless third quarter, the eagles fly away with washington's hopes for a share of the division lead, tacking on an unanswered 14 points to bead the redskins 28-13. turning to some of the action in the nba last night, in toronto the raptors fall into an injury riddled denver squad. they got a boost from the second triple-double of the season. lowry had a chance to send this one into over time but missed
2:25 am
the three-pointer at the buzzer. ouch. final score 106-103. in new orleans the clippers score 77 points against the pelicans in the first half jumping to an 18-point lead in the third quarter before new orleans comes back with a 21-4 run. but l.a. is able to hold them off to win 129-126. in brooklyn the cavaliers dodge a loss to the nets as alex burke seals the 99-97 win with a two-handed slam. he is a monster. finally while donald trump's presidency has controversy when it comes to athletes visiting the white house, red sox president sam kennedy confirmed last night that the team has accepted an invitation to washington in honor of boston's world series championship. no red sox players, however, will be required to attend that event. can we just go back to that tom brady video for a second? >> can we make a video like that
2:26 am
and troll people and see if anybody actually cared? >> i can understand why tom brady is excited about 1,000 rushing yards in his career. but it's really not that significant. michael vick had a thousand in a single season. >> look at you. >> wow. >> when he was in atlanta. still ahead, one of the targets in the mueller probe jerome corsi hits back at the special counsel by filing a formal complaint with the justice department. plus, did president trump commit witness tampering with some of his recent tweets? oh milk. am i willing to pay the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump weighing in on two key witnesses in the special counsel's russia probe. on twitter yesterday he attacked his former fixer michael cohen and praised his long time ally roger stone for refusing to testify against him. nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: the president's message sent to 56 million followers but meant for one person, the judge sentencing michael cohen. the president pushing for a full and complete sentence for his former attorney, who quote, makes up stories to get a great
2:31 am
and already reduced deal for himself. cohen, who's cooperating with the special counsel, wants to prison time at his sentencing next week on multiple charges including 2016 campaign finance violations. democratic senator mark warner raising a red flag. >> the president of the united states using his public twitter account to try to influence witnesses or people who have plead guilty within the mueller probe, to me, smells pretty fishy. >> reporter: the fury over cohen, a contrast with presidential praise for former trump confidant roger stone. he says he will never testify against the president. >> i'd have to make things up and i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, nice to know that some people still have guts. >> i think the president is swimming in very dangerous waters here. >> reporter: a series of court filings may soon reveal the new details robert mueller has learned from people who were once in donald trump's orbit like cohen, paul manafort and
2:32 am
former national security advisor michael flynn. >> our thanks to hallie jackson for that report. roger stone associate jerome corsi has filed a formal complaint against robert mueller with the department of justice yesterday accusing mueller's office of misconduct in its investigation. corsi claims that mueller's team tried to pressure him to admit that he lied about his efforts to learn about wikileaks's efforts to release hacked campaign e-mails of john podesta. corsi claims that he forgot about the messages he sent to stone and others. he said he later changed his testimony after he found the messages. the "new york times" is reporting that as late as mid may of 2017 the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort flew to ecuador and met with the country's president offering his services to secure foreign investment.
2:33 am
three people familiar with the talks say the conversation turned to handing over wikileaks founder julian assange to u.s. authorities. ecuador granted assange asylum at their london ohm baembassy protecting him from extradition to sweden. manafort's spokesperson tells the times it was all the idea of ecuad ecuador's president and manafort made no promises. the report says there is no evidence that manafort was working with or even briefing president trump or other administration officials on discussions about the matter. manafort and wikileaks and assange have all denied the recent guardian report that manafort visited assange in london in 2014, 2015 and 2016. >> joining us danny cevallos.
2:34 am
i know him late to the game. congratulations. this is like a table of newborns. we should have brought our babies to set. >> and sleeping bags because i am a zombie. >> i think your wife is probably more of a zombie. >> yes, she's the warrior. >> we'll move on. talk to me about this witness tampering. with regard to what the president's been saying on twitter about roger stone, is that seen as witness tampering and how could that affect the mueller probe? >> witness tampering is an interesting crime because it involved the intersection of the first amendment and our criminal laws prohibiting intimidating witnesses. intimidating witnesses and obstruction of justice on social media is not a new thing. it's just new at the level of the presidency and white collar crime. you see it more in street level
2:35 am
crimes. y there's a common saying snitches get stitches. my point is that like all first amendment cases, everything comes down to context and the words spoken. i think reasonable minds can differ on whether the president committed witness tampering when he tweeted approving of what roger stone did and criticizing what michael cohen did in cooperating. >> let's switch gears. i want to ask you about michael flynn and paul manafort. it's not that often that we get a lot of insight from robert mueller but we are expecting him to file some documents in relation to these two men. what we can expect to hear from the court filings? >> mueller and his team have been speaking -- and i put that in air quotes -- this entire time. while they haven't spoken to the press, they've been speaking through their indictments and court filings. while i expect to see what you
2:36 am
might normally see in a sentencing memorandum for michael flynn, i expect a blockbuster for paul manafort when special counsel mueller and his team file a document that will articulate all of the things that manafort lied about. and this, i expect, will be mueller's rare opportunity to just unload, because it may be the case that mueller and his team have been working with the expectation and the advent of the appointment of matthew whittaker that their job may be curtailed or even ended prematurely. with that in mind, they may be rushing to get as much out into the public because there may be a report that they submit that could potentially never see the light of day. >> so you're confident in that. this is almost now a year into the investigation. mueller's been pretty tight lipped. he's never seemed rushes despite the fact that we thought he was wrapping up the investigation on numerous occasions. you're pretty confident at this point he's going to be wrapping
2:37 am
it up? >> i'm confident in nothing. but i'll say this. >> at least you're honest. >> i caution folks that it may be true that mueller is wrapping up his investigation. the federal government, the doj and u.s. attorneys take their time investigating. they do not like working under a timetable. most of the time a person finds out that an investigation is concluded either when they are indicted or they die of natural causes. >> all right. >> snitches get stitches. >> street crime reporter, danny cevallos bringing the knowledge. with much washington focus on the final farewell of former president george h.w. bush, lawmakers are trying to buy more time to be prevent a government shutdown. the deadline is this friday but leaders have introduced a two-week funding bill hoping to delay a fight over the president's border wall. the measure would keep government running through december 21st.
2:38 am
president trump has already said he's open to the short-term funding solution. gina haspel sparked outrage among senators by missing a briefing last week. we're told that haspel will now tell the chairman and ranking members of the senate armed services and foreign relations committee what she knows about the murder and u.s. support for the saudi-led war in yemen. senators advanced legislation to pull support for that war. more votes on that measure are expected in the coming days. in the house democrats are way ahead of republicans nationally in the number of votes cast for their candidates after last month's midterms. democrats lead the gop by 9.6 million votes with over 60 million ballots cast for their candidates. tj cox has increased his lead over incumbent david valadao.
2:39 am
cox has 50.4% of the vote. moving to north carolina, the result there s there of the congressional race are locked in a standstill. the state's board of elections voted not to certify the results of the district nine race over claims of irregularities and fraudulent activities involving absentee ballots. gop candidate harris hassing a slight advantage over the democrat mccready. data shows their absentee ballot return rate at more than 7% which is the highest in the
2:40 am
district. a witness told a local news station that the bladen county electioneer paid her up to $100 to illegally collect and hand in ballots. the state's election board will hold another hearing before december 21st to sort out the voting irregularitieirregularit. one top republican senator ends speculation of whether he's going to run for the highest office in his home state. plus, bill karins is back with another check on the forecast.
2:41 am
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welcome back, everyone. ending months of speculation, senator john kennedy says he won't challenge louisiana's
2:44 am
incumbent democratic governor in 2017. he pushed back his self-imposed deadline to decide expressing his love for the senate. kennedy's decision leaves louisiana republicans without an experienced front runner in their mission to unseat the deep south's only democratic governor. meanwhile in georgia stacey abrams isn't leaving my options off the table saying she is considering running for a u.s. senate seat in 2020 and possibly for governor again in 2022. because georgia is my state. the cold returns. yesterday was a little bit bit of a break in the northeast. now it's filling in. we're going to see rounds of cold air this week. we don't really have any big huge winter events that are going to take place in the eastern half of the country but the widespread chill is with us. temperatures 10-15 degrees below
2:45 am
where they should be this time of year. this round heeds ads east on wednesday. still very chilly all of the eastern seaboard. look at minneapolis, thursday temperatures only in the 16 degree range to 23 on saturday. that's like midwinter type cold. even new york city highs only in the 30s as we head toward the up coming weekend. that sets the stage for the possibility at least of some snow. here's the snow forecast map all the way out through monday. this is going out over the next seven days. there's going to be a southern storm with rain. the northern edge has a chance for snow in northern new mexico, north texas, oklahoma, the owe za zarks. we have to watch carefully. doesn't look like it's going to be a blockbuster event. the best chance for that is in north carolina. one texas family's commitment to get into the
2:46 am
holiday spirit sent one local man into a panic and has made the christmas display the talk to have town and now the country. the family in austin put up a mannequin hanging off their roof like clark griswold in christmas vacation. the dummy was a little too realistic for one man passing by. the home security camera captured the man grabbing the ladder in a bid to try and save the mannequin. at least a dozen people have called 911 to report the mannequin. the homeowners have now added a sign in the yard letting people know it's just a display. look at this guy. he's really nice. >> in all fairness, the ladder has the same exact dangling that griswold's has there. you'd think at some point he would have talked to the man. he spent a little too long trying toladder right
2:47 am
underneath the guy. >> poor guy. very nice of them, though. >> very nice of him. i wonder if the local police called the owners like, hey buddy, you're going to have to bring that mannequin down. still ahead markets in the u.s. get a boost on the heels of a pees a potential truce in the trade war between the u.s. and china. sometimes the best time
2:48 am
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welcome back. december is historically the most wonderful historically the most wonderful time of the year for stocks. . market here at home rallied yesterday given the s&p its best start to december in eight years. wilhelm marks joins us live from london with more on the jolly news. what have you got for us? >> i wouldn't hold your breath if you're expecting this rally to continue. we saw markets in japan, australia and korea close down today. sh hang high composite was one of the lone bright spots in europe. part of that may be, analysts say, concern about whether this 90-day cease-fire between the u.s. and china when it comes to trade will be permanent. automakers here in europe dragging the markets down
2:51 am
significantly, as well. top executives from some of the big companies head to go d.c. to meet with white house officials because the threat of tariffs on carmakers is seemingly not yet off the table. >> and let's switch gears here. ikea is unveiling a new city center store format here in new york city. what more can you tell us about that? >> so it's going to be in manhattan on third avenue, one of 30 such stores for the company. this is in response to the change in the marketplace. we've seen this response from other companies. if you look at what ikea is aiming to do in manhattan, it's essentially what they call a showroom, a planning studio. you go in there, choose what you like and they'll ship it to you. if you've had to deal with ikea shipping in the past, you know it's quite expensive.
2:52 am
they're claiming it will be much cheaper shipping for people in the cities. >> and our ikea expert. the problem with ikea is knot the lugging. it's the assembly when you get home. >> it's called duct tape, my friend. >> exactly. coming up, robert mueller looks to tie up the loose ends of his russia probe. >> more on the new reporting. ari hosted "the beat," will break down the top news that mueller may be bringing the probe to its highly anticipated conclusion. ♪
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all right. joining us now from washington, d.c. with a look at axo and editor in chief for axios, nicholas johnstown. great to have you with us.
2:56 am
what is our one big thing thois morning? >> we're seeing many women taking the place of men. this is just a reflection of how important the women play in the house of representatives. two stats that jumped out, we talked about the gender gap in the vote. a 20% difference between men and women on favoritebility of republicans over democrats. and a cool time stat today was 60% of the seats that democrats flipped went from men to women. those are trickling in to show what's happening in these leadership positions. these are very important roles. they recognize money, it shows democrats putting women in position of power. >> we're talking about the democrats here, but are we seeing anything similar on the republican side of things? >> no, not at all. there is not the same kind of ground swell of women rising up
2:57 am
the ranks in the republican party and i think that's very much contingent on the number of women candidates we saw as republicans and reflected back again in that gender gap. the polling is sort of how 20% of women broke -- was 20% of women who broke for democrats versus republicans in the poll. >> gender inclusivity and diversity has been an achilles heel for the republican party. let's switch gears and talk about china and its trade deal. the white house forced to correct over something chief economic adviser larry kudlow told reporters. explain to us what happened here. everyone is not on the same page after the three-hour dinner. >> right. i think that speaks to the fluid neighborhood of the agreement reached in argentina. when larry kudlow came out today, the most important thing talked about that that 90-day period, the cease-fire while
2:58 am
they continue discussions. it was initially said december 1st and larry kudlow came out and said it was january 1st. they came out yesterday with a statement that said it was, in fact, december 1st. you mentioned earlier in the program some uncertainty about auto tariffs. we don't know a lot of the facts agreed to. >> not a good look when your chief economic adviser doesn't know -- >> that's accidents adates are important when it comes to what's happening. >> the china stalling pattern. the longer they can talk, the way the chinese view this is the longer they have to work around the edges on this. they don't want any agreement where tariffs are set in stone. what they really like about this
2:59 am
great is it pushes off the ratcheting up of tariffs. this is very flexible and donald trump is always change his position at a moment's notice like they did extending it out 90 days. so it's very possible that could.happen again and i think that's what the chinese are looking for. silicone valley, what are we looking at 2019? >> we've spoken a lot about the regulatory threat that's looming for tech companies in washington and increasing bipartisan sense that tech companies have grown too powerful, have too much money and are are not sevenirvi democracy. there's been a lot of talk about the growth spurt we're in right now, record long, possibly petering out in 2019 or 2020 and what that might mean for tech companies. when the economy is booming,
3:00 am
people are less focused on these issues. that could turn up the heat on these tech firms. >> interesting. all right. we'll see what happens in 2019. thank you very much. we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a bit. you can sign up, as well. >> that does it for this tuesday. "morning joe" starts right now. >> thank you very much. ♪ ♪


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