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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 12, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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hear. that is this friday. i want to wish merry christmas to matthew, his mom and again, thanks, santa for being such a great guy. i'll see you at 1:00 p.m. with my partner. coming up right now more news. >> thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. >> today the guy that once said he would take a bullet for donald trump is now trying to dodge one. his moment of reckoning, we'll see if he faces years in prison, what he might say today to blame the president as the president argues he did nothing wrong in a new interview. a reporter behind it joins us live to talk about the president raising revolt as a possibility if he gets impeached and calling any russia connections peanut stuff. speaking of nuts let's talk about that oval office brawl.
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welcome to your next two years. we have new reaction from capitol hill including chuck schumer talking about whether anybody is any close tore avoiding a government shuttledown. we are hours away from a boot that. the odds it will actually happen and it throws it into more chaos. our team is covering all of this from across the country and around the world. we want to start in new york city. we have seen michael cohen get ready to head to court. you can see him there today for the sentencing that he faces. we wand to remind ourselves how we got here. starting in april it was news of the $130,000 payment first broke. on air force one the president talked about it for the first
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time. >> reporter: do you know where he got that payment? >> no. i don't know. >> they took business records, e-mails, dock. s all related to the $130,000 payout. an attack on our country in a true sense. all right. flash forward to late august cohen pleads guilty and tells a manhattan federal court that the president directed him to arrange that paymentment . koe h cohen brought that. let's goat manhattan. danny is outside that federal court. what is the expectation for the prison time cohen could end up getting? >> his sentencing guideline range is 51 to 63 months.
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13 years ago the supreme court in a case called booker rendered the guidelines nearly advisory. prior to that time it was a pretty good predictor of what a defendant would receive. since then the trend has been for sentences to very downward from that guideline range. we know that the government is on board with cohen receiving a downward variance and he will probably receive a sentence less than 51 months. anything the office of probation has calculated a reasonable range of about 42 months. the government is probably on board with a sentence below even that. at least if you read between the lines and the sentencing memorandum. they have asked for a straight probation sentence. statistically it is not likely to happen.
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he is looking at 20 to 40 months. we are hearing noises. we are not entirely sure. he did leave his home approximately half an hour ago. it wouldn't be a surprise if he is arriving. >> he is. we are watching a shot now live of him getting out to of his car. he is getting ready to head into court. it seems like there is every eye where you're standing is on him and on this. we want to listen for a second.
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>> okay. so no comment from michael cohen. any idea what he is walking into to face? you can see him and his family walking into the courtroom. what he could get, what the sentencing guidelines are, we'll see if the judge delivers it. let me go back to you and set the scene for you sort of on the ground. high interest from reporters nationally and locally and really around the world in this. >> yes. it is very important for kr criminal defendants. it can really make an emotional difference on a sentencing judge. you can see michael cohen helping what appeared to be a family member through reporters and photographers as they made their way in here to the southern district of new york, the district court for a sentencing hearing.
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it was going to happen momentarily. >> danny is outside the courtroom for us. again, that is set to begin at the top of the hour. thank you. we are going keep an eye on this and keep up the conversation. we take a look back at the tape played back. jeff mason, white house correspondent got that interview is next to me here in washington. next to him matt miller and former doj spokesperson. let me start with you and pull back big picture. it is really a critical moment in the sort of time line of issues that the president has faced related to this special council investigation and other investigations that have people close to him. >> it is real lay moment for everybody to stop for a second and take a deep breath and realize what we are seeing today. this is a man that the president some times refers to as his lawyer but who is really the
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president's fixer. we'll see michael cohen go to jail for two to four years. it is a really significant moment. >> let me bring in jeff. the president, you guys asked him about it within the last 16 hours i think. the president says it wasn't a campaign contribution. if it is only civil there was no violation based on what we did okay? what a departure from that scene we played where the president said what money? >> complete departure. that was on the plane that day too. the quote that you just read, notice the fact that he used the pro noun we. >> yes. >> and when talking about michael cohen i asked him if they had spoken about campaign finance laws.
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he basically said michael cohen was my lawyer. he should have known what to do. there were a few mikxed message there. he is my attorney. he is paid to do that. i relied on him. there was no violation. if there were it would be civil but there wasn't. number three he also tried to move focus to hillary clinton when we talked about it broadly. >> i think the president would be wise to stop talking about this. he would be wise to stop deceiving the american public about this. we'll see some of the lies he has told about this case come back to bite him. i hi the best defense is he trusted michael cohen to do this. you have to actually know that it's a crime. you to know that this should have been a reported payment. so the president would be wise to have stuck with that answer. the problem is he doesn't know what other facts out there.
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i find it extremely unlikely they made this accusation if they were basing it just on michael cohen's testimony. >> you expect to have more? >> we know it has been into the grand jury and has been given some sort of immunity to testify. i find it highly unlikely the only piece of evidence is michael cohen's testimony. >> what was the president's demeanor? >> we see tense? >> no. it was very calm. it had been an hour or two with that meeting with democratic leadership. i expected him to be a little bit -- >> yes. and he wasn't. we talked about a bunch of different things. this was one of them. he used the word i relied on or reliance on an attorney at least a few times when we were discussing that topic. it seemed clear it was one of the points he wanted to get
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across. >> i think it caught a lot of folks eye. he was asked when it related to a number of people, 14 or so met or had business dealings before or during the 2016 campaign. he said to you, the stuff you're talking about is peanut stuff. does it tell you they understand the seriousness of this or does he have a point? is there a world of possibility that it might be peanut stuff? >> i think matt is absolutely right. the president just needs to stop talking. it is stunning. >> let's just say that. >> he's not. >> but, you know, if you're his lawyer you're banging his head into the wall when you see the president make that kind of comment. it hurts in both directions. it's clearly not peanuts kind of stuff. the problem is every effort that this president makes to save nothing to look at here it's not significant. those lies all come back to bite
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him down the road. it is clear he mislead the american people during the campaign and as matt also says it's very unlikely that doj has permitted so much information to seep into the pleadings unless mueller has a larger proof about legal impro pryty here. it doesn't end well for the president. >> we have been watching the scene from outside that courtroom where michael cohen will be facing his sentencing. looking at that it is 49 minutes from now. she not the only one being caught up in this. we saw new filings in which his former national security adviser said they did not provide him with a warning of penalties for making a false statement before during or after his interview.
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>> you're kpapted to tell the truth. the fbi will come because they want you to be candid and want you -- you know, if you catch someone off guard they are more lukely to give the honest answer. i would say that is especially true to the national security adviser, who had been a general. you would expect him to know that it is illegal to lie to the fbi. it is a little bit of a weird thing his lawyers were doing. they were trying to have it both ways, say their client completely cooperated and that the fbi a little bit set him up. it am some what interested to say he is feisty. >> my colleague spoke with somebody who is leaving the administration. there is talk about how the investigations we are seeing unfold this hour as it relates to michael cohen are effecting those that do the work in washington or inside the white
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house. >> it would appear to some it is growing closer to the president. did you say that? >> not at all. i have tuned it out. i can't do anything about it. the one thing i have said publicly and i strongly believe is that i think the investigation, if it's going forward should go forward. they need to hurry up for the good of the country. they need to hurry up. >> the president says it is a witch hunt. >> we'll find out. >> we'll find out. >> mean it is one of those rare people in the administration that is deciding to levave. she made a point of being loyal but creating her own path at the
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u.n. the president is looking for a new chief of staff. you have to assume that's one of the things, they are deciding whether or not to take the job. >> we are keeping a close eye on what's going on in new york. i appreciate you sitting with us. here is a question for you. have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a tinkle contest with a skunk? nancy pelosi says you're looking at it. the fallout from the oval office meeting and whether it is making a government shutdown more or less likely. >> the movie out now about her early life that lead her to getting a job ton nation's highest court. we are talking with justin theroux later on in the show. in one week... a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin.
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president trump does not look like he is bluffing. i don't think speaker pelosi is going to agree to anything because she is worried about her speaker ship. >> that's your reality check this morning from louisiana senator john kennedy after the extraordinary seen in the oval office. look at that picture. make it on oil painting. welcome to your next two years. we got another really check from
7:19 am
schumer on the floor. >> if president trump wants to continue his temper tantrum and cause a shutdown it is now so clear it is solely on his back. we hope the president chooses one of the reasonable ochgss we gave him yesterday and we hope the country can avoid a trump shutdown. >> on the other side of the aisle you have the president again trying to make his case but by tieing the deadly terror attack in france. tweeting we are going to strengthen our borders even more. nancy pelosi is having none of it. she as a manhood thing for president trump adding as if man hood could be associated with him. i was trying to be the mom. it was so wild. she said it goes to show you you get into a tinkle contest with a
7:20 am
skunk you get tinkle all over you. jake is on the hill. there are a lot of moments and i'm like are we really -- we are really doing this. we are saying this. i seems like senator kennedy is not wrong that we are headed towards a shutdown. >> when you look at this this morning and what the president said yesterday it is clear this is something they are leaning towards regardless of whether or not the president intended to own this potential shutdown. they pretending it was always the plan. listen to how he really clarified the choice this morning. >> when nancy pelosi and schumer used the phrase but yet their policies don't protect the american people instead it stands with hundreds of thousand of people that are here as opposed to hundreds of millions of american citizens. the american people get to see
7:21 am
that up front and out in the open. they have known where the democrats stand. they caused this problem and the president wants to fix it. >> among those pushing trump not to compromise they were cheerleading last night saying it was one of the most edifying moments. they want him to push forward. we are try to go repoing to rep. some may go without pay over the holidays. >> that's a good point. we'll talk about what agencies are effected. jake, you're on the hill. you're watching as i assume we all were the oval office thing, whatever you want to call it. give me a read on what you're hearing this morning from your sources there on the hill. is the expectation that yeah, things are going to shut down and it will be the next two years? >> yeah. if the white house believes that the border is now secure they are proposing to continue those
7:22 am
policies. they want to continue those. that's one fact check the make. i think everyone thinks we are barrelling towards a shutdown here. could he get himself to a place where he could say that it is putting forth not for a wall, can he get himself to a place to convince himself and other conserve ti conservativ conservatives that's a win? i think we'll need to touch the stoe stove here and get a little damage and figure it out. the optics of a christmas time shutdown especially when the president has already taken the blame for it, i think it will be tough for him. i think he will want some sort of deal. it could go until january 3rd.
7:23 am
>> there's ban lot of discussion about who came out on top, people were looking at that. nancy pelosi had moments there when she sort of talked about her strength as the next presumably speaker of the house. here is one of those moments, jake. >> you know, nancy is in a situation where it is not easy for her to talk right now. i understand that. i fully understand that. we will have a good discussion and we'll see what happens. we have to have border security. >> mr. president, please don't characterize the strength that i bring to this meeting as a leader of the house of democrats that jouust won a big victory. >> she is also somebody that will have to bring there what others have termed the rebel
7:24 am
faction in the democratic saw kus and bring them under her wing. >> she is on the brink of winning this today. the idea that it will prevent her from doing that is not exactly right. we expect she will wrap up some sort of deal in the coming days. i want to make the point that aside from asking the cameras to leave which some had been uneasy, she got raving reviews on capitol hill however long it has been. this has strengthened her hand. she stood up to the president. she said the reason is because we didn't want to be live fact checking. she said they want today have an everyday based conversation and they were getting frustrated the
7:25 am
president wasn't having that. >> it wouldn't be the first time the president was hurdling over a shutdown. he has always swore at the last minute and said i will not pick it now. i will pick it later. this time it is harder because democrats will take control in a few weeks. how does he explain to his base which wants him to stand strong. they say they don't want a shutdown. she in a box. i don't know how he gets out of it at this point and whether he finds a way to save face. >> if i had a nickel for every time i heard somebody say this is what divided government looks like. this is now the president needing to come to term and perhaps a sign that he hasn't quite done that yet. he hasn't quite come to terms with what the midterms will mean for him. >> absolutely. there was a short government
7:26 am
shutdown during his first two years. it lasted a few days. >> yes. >> some of the aids who counciled him on how to pin that on the democrats have since left. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer walked it. it was an amazing piece of trolling on their part. they will entirely own the shutdown. the white house, the meeting left the white house really scrambling. it is not what they thought it would go. they have been in damage control since then. we saw that. >> yeah. >> on the lawn at the white house try to ing to spin this t their advantage. >> it is always a pleasure to have you. thank you. we are following another story where jake is other ton hill today. set to brief house leaders. this is her arriving a couple of minutes ago. she already met with senators. you might remember a bipartisan
7:27 am
group introduced holding the crown prince accountable for the killing. president trump is standing by telling them he doesn't want to get into it and saying as he has before the crown prince denied any involvement. president trump also says he could name a chief of staff right now but he won't because in his words, no rush. more and more potential candidates saying no. one bowing out on live television and why the president may be having such a recruiting issue next. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. so he took aleve this morning. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength stop tough pain
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anchts dozen candidates telling i have at least 10 to 12 people that want it badly. i'm making a decision. a lot of people want it. i'm no no rush. he specifically mentioned mark meadows. he name dropped daifrd bossy who he said is a friend. let's bring in andy who is also a political analyst. andy, thanks for being here. what do you make of the president name checking for this
7:32 am
position? does it say to you he is a front runner or the president is keeping his reality show vibes going and dropping hints and such? >> i think it is more of a reality show right now. there are lots of people that would like to be chief of staff. i guarantee it. some would not want to be chief of staff. >> wait. really? he just went on live tv. he is like i have family obligations. nick said he had family obligations. he wanted to get back to georgia. do you think a tonov of people e clambering for this gig? >> i'm not sure i would call it a tonov of people but there are people that are angling to get the job. it doesn't mean he has to have it. he doesn't need a clehief of staff. i don't think they did very
7:33 am
well. president truman didn't have chiefs of staff. they called it kind of a secretary. i think it is important to have someone that manages the day-to-day operations, gives discipline to the process of scheduling and the president's ability to get from one place to another, all of the infrastructure that supports the president. you need someone in charge of the policy process. that's very important so that the right people have access to the policy debate so you don't get blind sided and there are fewer unintended consequences to your policy and they can be implemented. it is important to have someone fill that roel. she has been there and she understands it. it is important to have someone responsible for managing the day-to-day operations. if you want to call them the chief of staff call them the chief of staff. >> i take your point.
7:34 am
i want to bring them in here. since the summer if president has been -- he is going to pick another one. he is talking about this. he makes the point you need someone to do that he has two people to do that a lot. you guys are writing. what does it take to become the chief of staff? >> absolutely. i think that, you know, what this week and what the past few months have shown is that the family will be left standing in the white house at the end. i think it will be steven miller and dan who have -- >> towards the bitter end. >> yes. one of the longest serving aids. those will be the people that will be with trump forever. whoever is the next chief of staff will have to work closely with them. it was a real problem. i think that part of the reason general kelly actually lasted as long as he did is because he and trump basically for the last
7:35 am
several months have stayed at each other. >> yes. >> and the president also said he wants somebody wloz ideas are similar to my ideas and will take his ideas. he says it doesn't mean they won't be questioned. he said i think it is good to be questioned. this is what he spoke about. it is in that exclusive interview. here is what she said about that. >> i was trying to get the job done. i got to job done by being truthful but also by letting him be unpredictable and not showing our cards. >> what is the secret to working with this president? >> being honest with myself and being honest with him. >> what do you mean? >> to be able to tell him when i think we are going not right direction or wrong direction and him being willing to discuss it has been hugely helpful. >> and he also said there's a way to leverage the president's
7:36 am
unpredictability. what do you make of that? >> i am a huge fan. i have been far long time. i don't think nikki haley would do it. i thought it was impressive how she talked about her relationship with the president. i think she had the counselor to speak truth to power without being angry. it is more i want to help you do your job. that is important. it is important for the president to have people around him that can help him do his job and help him recognize he needs help. he didn't do it by himself. >> thank you. stick around. we'll see you again in a couple of minutes. we want to talk about what's going on down over in london. theresa may hours away from that vote that could end up with her out of office, the most serious challenge since becoming prime
7:37 am
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7:41 am
new leader within weeks. if she wins she is untouchable for another year. this morning may sounded defiant. >> i will contest that vote with everything i have got. a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. >> nbc is outside u.k. parliment. what is your sense here? does it look like theresa may will survive the day? >> that is one difficult question to answer. let me explain why. a lot of conserve tifr law makers have throughout the morning and into the afternoon. she had a strong performance here at parliment. got support from other what we call back benchers, the minor members of her conservative party. here is the twist. this is the secret ballot. lawmakers can say they plan to
7:42 am
support her and vote in secret and vote against her. we don't know how the numbers are adding up. the magic number is 158. that's 50% plus one of the 315 conserve ti conservative members of parliment. local media have been keeping an informal tally, talking to lawmakers. they seem to think she has the numbers. as i said before we won't know until we see the end of the vote because of that ballot. all of that is about brexit. there is a small group of conserve ti conservatives who do not like the deal she has negotiated. they want a much harder exit from the european union. they want a clean break. her deal keeps the u.k. closer to europe for a longer period of time. that is what this is all about. they are the ones leading this charge. she has one more chance to
7:43 am
convince them. she will meet with this group of rebels and try to lay out her case as to why she should remain in power. why it is a risk to remove her and begin a leadership challenge here and of course those vote follows. we'll know the results at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. >> kelly, thank you very much for that. we'll stay on that story. >> it has been 25 years this year since justice joined this court. a kwater century since her confirmation hearings in 1993. >> drawing lines on the basis of gender is in almost all cases impermissible. i think generally in our society a change is incrimental and during change it happens one
7:44 am
step at the time. >> back up many years before that day, her time as a young mom stud dig at harvard law school one thing has been clear, regardless of your politics she has been a trail blazer. a new movie that comes out christmas day gives us an inside look into that fight. ton basis of sex army hammer is her husband covering about 15 year of her life before she was known as the notorious rbg. >> there are 178 laws that differentiate on the basis of sex. we have to get credit cards in our husbands' names. >> you think you can clang the country? >> changing the culture means nothing if the law doesn't change. >> what did you say your name
7:45 am
was? >> ruth baiter ginsberg. >> great to have you guys in washington. >> thanks for having us. >> she showed up and watched the movie. >> for the third time. she loves the movie. she thought it was magnificent. she is very proud of it. she felt it was joyous. during the 60s and 70s it was a joyous time for her. she felt that that really came across and that we got her work right in the womens right movement and it was men bashing. >> one of the things you mostly focus on is the one she argued before the supreme court in 1992. discrimination against demand. why was that kind of a big point for this movie? >> well, because as our movie shows discrimination on the basis of sex effects us all.
7:46 am
it is an injustice to us all. she made the country a fair and better place. it was her first case she ever tried with her husband. the first and only case in front of the tenth circuit. it was a case that changed hundreds a century of discrimination on the basis of sex. >> that's clip you want to play where they are having a spat. >> yes. >> first you took half the argument away from me. >> nobody took anything away from you, ruth. you weren't robbed in the middle of the night. i was giving you this opportunity. >> you gave this to me? i did. get your emotions in check. >> you first. >> talk ability whout what it w with her telling you you were in
7:47 am
her way. >> he was very progressive, very forward leading, this guy. you know, he -- you could make the argument he was trying to take the case away from her and give it to her husband or that she never litigated or had been given that opportunity to litigate in front of the court because she was basically unhirable for the first -- or wouldn't be hirable. no one would hire her for many years. >> you posted a picture of you and i think it was your first time meeting her. what was that like for you given that you spent so much time? >> i mean obviously you don't know what to say. we were talking about this before the show. she is quite sure. she sits like this. >> she is a small woman. >> everyone literally has to sort of bow. you to really lean in. it is, you know, when she speaks
7:48 am
we were asking about the move i have and different cases and this particular case. within about two minutes she was thinking she is so deep into the act dh actual law that she completely looses it. you will not be able to follow it. >> yeah. >> exactly. you're like this is exactly what i want. i can't keep up with. >> the times is really interesting too. here we are on the year of the me too movement, the year of the woman what we saw last month. this is something she has talked about. she referenced the movement earlier this year. here is what she said. >> i am really torn down by the me too complaints. every woman of my vintage has not just one story but many
7:49 am
stories, but we thought there's nothing you could do about it. boys will be boys. >> how important did you think about the timing of this movie when you were putting it together? the culture. >> we flknew it was a very time film. >> stories were breaking all around. >> not just that one. >> right. we knew it was more timely than ever. so much has clanghanged. the times up movement are in its infancy. >> thank you so much for coming onset and talking about it with us. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you can catch the movie on the basis of sex" nationwide on january 11th. we wait to learn michael cohen's fate and we have an nbc exclusive and her plans to investigate president trump and
7:50 am
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. we want to get back to that developing news in new york city where earlier this hour you watched live as michael cohen arrived in federal court with his family. in just a few minutes, he is going to be finding out how long he will spend in prison. the president's former attorney
7:54 am
and his so-called fixer, right, is being sentenced today in two cases, and it comes as there is potential trouble bubbling up for the guy who used to be cohen's boss, donald trump. nbc news has exclusively learned that the newly elected incoming new york attorney general plans to launch some sweeping investigations into president trump, into his family, into quote, anyone in his circle who may have violated the law. letitia james tells nbc news, we will use every area of the law to investigate president trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well. joining me now former deputy attorney and u.s. attorney harry litman, stephanie ruhle is back with us along with nancy cook and sahil kapur. harry let me start with you, she plans to look into the following, donald trump's real estate holdings in new york, that june 2016 trump tower meeting with the russian official, any government subsidies that donald trump received, whether he's in
7:55 am
violation of the emoluments clause, the trump foundation. how big of a problem mite this pose for a president, and what kind of standing does james have to look into some of these things? >> yeah, great questions. it will potentially pose a problem for trump, but there are risks here. it's a very ambitious agenda. the trump tower meeting, for example, and she's a new sheriff in town she's announced, but there are other sheriffs nein t field, and they will be protecting their jurisdiction, especially the southern district of new york. in addition, there are tricky constitutional issues here that are going to take to divert her into the courts, and that will be tricky, and she's an elected official, unlike the other investigators, and that makes her a more natural kind of person to demonize. >> sorry to interrupt. just on that point, donald trump
7:56 am
can't fire her, you know what i mean? that's a big difference with her. >> right. so that is a big difference. in fact, she's a whole different government for constitutional purposes. it's as if she's from canada, but it also means that there are constitutional questions about when a state official can go after the president, and she'll have to navigate those. just generally, there's going to be turf issues that could be real tricky with the ongoing investigations, so plenty to investigate here, but -- and plenty of tools to do it, but logistical and legal risks she's going to be running. >> i want to play as we talk about the investigations that she will move forward with or plans to, the investigation that cohen is cooperating with, vanity fair's emily jane fox was on this morning. let me play it for you. >> i know that he has spent time
7:57 am
with investigators in the southern district of new york and also the attorney general's office in new york who are looking into particularly the trump foundation. his attorneys have said that he will continue to cooperate even after sentencing. >> so cohen could be a valuable witness even after his sentencing? >> right, and this suggests that president trump's biggest challenge is maybe right there in his backyard in new york. the democrats who are coming in to take control of the house are also planning a lot of investigations. i asked the incoming chairman of that committee yesterday what his top targets are, and what he mentioned are prescription drug prices, pre-existing conditions, voting rights and then he mentioned the white house and the things president trump is looking at. i think democrats are going to be dealing with that dichotomy. as far as senate republicans go, they are not breaking with the president as a result of this cohen news, even though the president was implicated in crimes in a federal court. they're in wait and see mode. senator portman, senator thune all refused to say they're going to draw any conclusions from this. senator chuck grassley said
7:58 am
cohen's a liar. the chairman of the judiciary committee. >> on the topic of donald trump's family, you have new reporting on something that will be talked about later today at my other job at the white house, these opportunity zones, and specifically jared kushner, ivanka trump, richard la frack. walk us through what your reporting is about how they could benefit from this new program. >> in a huge way. these opportunity zones -- and it's a great idea designed to create tax incentives for developers to go to economically depressed areas across the states and make an investment. we've talked so much about hollowed out areas, and you would assume they'd be a truly distressed areas. the treasury said 8,700 zones. those zones were approved by governo governors. you would think those would be tough areas, not brooklyn heights miami, brooklyn heights the median house sale is $2.3 million. if you go to soho house in your neighborhood, should you be
7:59 am
considered an opportunity zone? absolutely not, but they are, richard la frack dearest old friend of president trump. trump asked him to build that wall between the united states and mexico. he's got a massive project, 183 acre project, a $4 billion project in miami that he broke ground on four years ago. it's not a new project. the idea is we're going to incentivize you to go there. because the project isn't done, it will fall into an opportunity zone, and he could end up with a windfall hundreds of millions of dollars. yes, it's an extraordinary idea, an opportunity zone, but this is why we ask our leaders to divest and disclose because when you have the kushners with properties in new jersey and maryland, a trump golf course in new jersey, la frack and this major project, we need to look closer and housing and development experts are saying we need more government oversight and scrutiny over this program that should be a great one. >> stephanie ruhle thank you for that. harry litman thank you, nancy cook, sahil kapur. the sentencing has now fbegun fr
8:00 am
michael cohen. the judge taking the seat here. we know that cohen is in court, according to our team in the courtroom, his lawyers, prosecutors are all in place. we're going to have craig melvin pick up that coverage of this developing story now. >> all right, good to see you, hallie jackson. craig melvin msnbc headquarters in new york. two big stories we're following, that breaking news hallie just mentioned, michael cohen being sentenced. president trump's former lawyer and his former fixer michael cohen facing that judge. how much prison time could he get for his role in a hush money scandal involving a president, a porn star and a playboy model. also, exit interview, outgoing united nations ambassador nikki haley sitting down exclusively in her first interview since announcing her departure to talk about how her boss's unpredictable rhetoric affected her job and whether she has her own oval office ambitions. we'll get to that in just a moment. we start off with theat


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