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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  December 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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donald trump was insisting on building a wall. but he forgot to get mexico to pay for it all. good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." yes, friends. we are at the government capital. the government shutdown will last at least through christmas. they will continue to track santa larry as he skims across the planet bringing you good kids your christmas. but who is the grinch forcing hundreds of thousands of federal employees to either work without way this holiday or be sent home, including thousands of tsa and border patrol agents? donald trump, of course, and the republicans who control the entire federal government. american taxpayers will not be paying for trump's vanity wall.
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>> it will never pass the senate, not today, not next week, not next year. so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> they control the house, the senate and the white house. and democrats are happy to talk about border security. but we're not going to build this stupid vanity wall of donald trump with u.s. tax dollars. >> joining me now is the democratic congresswoman from washington state, happy hop d holidays to you. >> the american taxpayers will not be paying for donald trump's vanity wall. so where do we go from here? if the democrats are saying you get nothing and the republicans are saying we must have the wall
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paid for by democrats, not mexico. >> i think it is unfair to the 800,000 federal workers, but it probably means we will go into the new year and democrats will have to come back and take over in the house and then finally pass a bill which, by the way, was bipartisan in the senate that said no wall money for the president. the senate passed that in a bipartisan way. the freedom caucus, anne colter, shawn hannity, rush limbaugh they said, no, we don't want this. instead of listening to jim mattis, donald trump listened to fox news. and that's why we're in the state we're in. >> well, the other person who seems to be listening to anne colter and rush limbaugh is the speaker of the house of representatives. as you said, and i think i said this like 80 times yesterday in just disbelief, the senate passed a clean budget bill. >> that's right. >> all the house has to do is pass the same bill. that's, you know, sort of democracy 101. the house can simply pass the bill and move on and if donald
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trump vetoed it, find the votes to override. does it surprise you that he didn't have the courage to put the bill on the floor and see what happens? >> it doesn't surprise me. it is a dereliction of duty. he could have put the bill on the floor. it would have gotten the votes to pass and donald trump would have been in a position where he would have to sign it or decide to go to a shutdown. paul ryan didn't do that. he got -- you know, you're exactly right. and i think that it's fitting for how he has conducted himself this term, joy. he has not been a speaker with a moral backbone or the ability to negotiate his caucus out. remember, republicans control the house, the senate and the white house. they are negotiating against themselves right now because they should be able to prevent a sh shutdown. >> i don't know how many cross party conversations happen these days, you know.
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washington is a lot more toxic and partisan than perhaps it was in the past or at least more openly so. do they say to you privately why it is that they won't ever deny either donald trump or fox news? >> they really don't talk about it. they talk about their base. but here is the thing. it really does bother me that even these moderate republicans in the house who i have respect for went along with this ridiculous idea of putting $5.7 billion back into the cr to send over to the senate. they knew it was not going to pass the senate. so that is also just plain to donald trump. and, you know, in the end, i mean, joy, you know i have done so much work on immigration. >> yes. >> this is a red herring to say that somehow we need this $5 billion to secure the border. apprehensions at the border are at an all-time low. the only crisis at the border is the humantorian crisis that donald trump has manufactured. so he's selling a bunch of lies to the american people.
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and 800,000 federal workers now don't get to enjoy christmas with the certainty of, you know, having a paycheck now. not later but now to pay the rent and the groceries and buy their christmas presents. >> i know you have done a lot of work on immigration. preview for us in the next congress when democrats actually have control of the house, what can we expect democrats to put forward on actual immigration reform? >> i think you will see us put forward immediately a dream act bill and a bill around temporary protected status. and you will see us do a number of things from oversight hearings to restrictions on how money is spent for enforcement and border control around these family separation policies. that will happen fairly quickly, within the first hyundaundred di hope. but you will see us put together a platform for what real immigration reform looks like. we have a chance to proactively let the american people, the
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majority of people, by the way, support immigration, despite everything donald trump has done. the majority of americans want to see immigration continue. we will put forward a platform of exactly what that looks like. and hopefully every presidential candidate running in 2020 is going to embrace that platform and stay far away from this horrible racist, discriminatory language that donald trump keeps using when he talks about immigrants and immigration. >> thank you very much. have a wonderful and happy holiday to you and members of your district. >> to you, too, joy. thank you. let's bring in our panel. editor in chief of the national memo and author of "donald trump the candidate." thank you for being here. i'm going to come to the table first because the thing i don't understand -- you guys are from washington -- why it is that on his way out the door paul ryan
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wouldn't want to have one act of sort of strength as a speaker of the house and say to the freedom caucus, no problem. you vote how you want to vote, but i'm putting this on the floor. and the lady over there that's going to be speaker, she'll give me the votes. >> the last time paul ryan showed strength was in a p90x commercial. he has no backbone. i have never seen him go from this level to zero so quickly without scandal. he was called a genius early. he was called a legislative wonder kid early. but he's never been able to manage his own caucus. he doesn't want this job anymore. he's walked out. i don't think he wants to do anything to anger trump because one day he want to wiggle his way back into the administration. >> the dear colleague letter written by incoming speaker nancy pelosi, she wrote the following, until donald trump can commit to a bipartisan resolution, there will be no
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agreement before january when the new house will shiftily pass legislation to reopen government. does it surprise you, joe, having observed politics in this town that republicans would hand democrats so easy a win as to be able to take credit for putting 800,000 government workers back to work? >> they're controlled by the base part of their base. they are controlled by a tiny minority opinion that is not reflected in the country at large. but that's over. so they almost can't help themselves. in addition to that, they're enthralled to this president who listens only to himself, believes his own nonsense and so they end up in this position, which is really appropriate. this is -- jason is right. paul ryan never wanted this job. he's not good at it. they haven't had anybody who knew how to do this for a long time. and now americans will see when speaker pelosi comes in how government is run, how things
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are done, how a government is put back. and they will put it back on over his veto if they have to, i believe. >> yeah. it's interesting because it seems that democrats get that opportunity periodically and then the public -- things start going well and they say, let's go back to something that doesn't make it work again. every single time. i'm glad that you are here because we do -- we don't understand all the trump psychology. i don't personally, but you do. you have been a buy yiographer. donald trump changes who he is. at one point this is what he said about a shutdown. here is donald trump sitting with chuck schumer and incoming speaker nancy pelosi last week. >> and i am proud. i'll tell you what. i'm proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. because the people of this country don't want criminals and
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people to have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country. so i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. the last time you hit it down, it didn't work. i will take the mantle of shutting down. and i'm going to shut it down for border security. >> we believe you. >> so he was proud to own it and literally yesterday he started trying to blame the democrats for the shut down. and now this morning, or yesterday, sorry, he tries to convince people i'm working hard. we're negotiating with the democrats on border security. it could be a long stay, yada, yada, yada. does it surprise you he can't hold on to a position and take more responsibility for the shutdown for 24 hours? >> no. in a word. i mean, if you can remember back to john kelly, i know that was a long time ago, but when he was chief of staff, he was quoted as saying that ivanka was playing government, which i thought was a really interesting way to put
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it. i think donald has been playing president. in a way he was playing real estate developer. back then he had his dad behind him. we saw in that massive new york times story his dad mind him propping him up, getting him back on the rails, bailing him out and figuring out how to pass his big empire to donald. donald was still up but in a way he was playing at it with his dad the one behind him. donald thought he was the one doing it all. i think that's what's happening now. he thinks he's doing it all. but he's kind of playing president. up until now he's had -- at least he had mattis. that was the final person behind him, sort of like dad back in the old days. now he doesn't even have mattis. he doesn't know what to do. so he's leaping around, acting like a tin pot dictator. >> and do you think then that people like anne colter then
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sort of come in almost in the same role that his father was? because it does seem he's looking for someone to tell him what to do, right? it's almost comforting to have rush limbaugh and anne colter and the folks at fox tell him what to do and he does it. >> i think it's exactly right, that when they said, donald, you're being bad. you are going to have to sit in the corner that was it. he went like, oh, okay. >> it's remarkable. you have done an in-depth biography of bill clinton. with donald trump, i have described the wall as the precious from "lord of the rings." this is a thing he can't wriggle out of because on other promises his base will get away with. but on the wall it is something so specific that he's actually being held to account for it. >> the most shared piece we ever
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published was an engineer's deconstruction of the wall and how it will cost more than $5 billion and how it can't be built anyway. but it is a simple idea and therefore appealing to donald trump, who is not prepared to grapple with a complex idea like the real way that you control and promote immigration in the proper way and, you know, keep people from crossing the border when they are unlawfully doing so. i mean, this is not something that -- you can't put up a wall. that's not going to do it. but because it's an appealing, simple sort of dumb idea, he really likes it. >> and the thing is, jason, you then have people who want influence with him, who want to be able to influence him, who push him further in a direction. push him further into a corner. here's lindsey graham who is suddenly the very best friend of donald trump, but who also does seem to be utilizing the same base arguments to get him to go his way on things. here's lindsey graham.
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>> senator schumer, what does it take for you to realize that we need more money for a broken border, and this is about them hating trump so much, wanting him to lose, they can't understand that america needs to win. and we're not going to give in. >> we? >> lindsey graham, paul ryan, all these guys have completely sold out because they think if you kiss trump's butt long enough, some how he'll get to your policy. this is a perfect example of why that doesn't work, because you can't trust him. remember, he had something on the table with daca, he ended up screwing that up. now he's doing this dr. evil thing. i've got $5 billion that i need. it's a crazy idea. no one believes that this is going to work. what's going to end up happening is not only is he not going to get his wall, but this is the kind of thing he will drag with him for the rest of his presidency. this kind of video is the thing people won't forget about in two
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years. you can't have 800,000 forget that you are costing them jobs. >> very quickly before we go, what do you think donald trump is going to be like next year? when it really becomes clear he can't get the wall, what happens? >> this is a guy who will spend most of his career building that brand. it didn't really matter what he did as long as he got his name out there and he got trump in front. that's what mattered. and he's now got trump brand on the wall. and if the wall doesn't get built, he's screwed. that's how he looks at it. >> before we go, joe, what happens to the republican party? >> i'm sorry? >> what happens to the republican party? >> well, the problem with the republican party is that the leadership all knows this is wrong. they all know this is wrong. they know the wall doesn't work. mick mulvaney said it was a child childest, silly thing himself.
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they don't know where they're going. >> jason will be back. i hope you both have a very happy holiday. >> you too. coming up, russia sure is enjoying the fruits of donald trump's labor. we'll tell you more next. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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we're just a few months away from finishing something that we
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started. we stopped. i'm just saddened for our country. i'm saddened for the broken relationships with countries that have been with us. i'm devastated by this. and i think that what mattis did was very important for our country because for some of these things we see coming out of 1600 pennsylvania people realize they don't really matter. this one matters. this one matters to our country. it matters to our foreign interests. this matters to our citizens. >> donald trump's decision to abruptly pull our u.s. troops out of syria has prompted another high profile departure. days after james mattis announced his resignation in principal, the u.s. enjoy to the global coalition fighting isis has also resigned in protest.
7:21 am
that declaration came from a russian state tv host during a discussion about the syria decision. the host tried to figure out the timing of it. she added, americans say it is because he is beholden to putin. is that logical? yes, it is. joining me now, vice chairman of open russia, which advocates for democracy and human rights and former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell. i don't know where to begin with this. the idea that the chief recipients of an american policy are russia and turkey should alarm every american. they have even now alarmed donald trump's closest allies in the republican party. your thoughts? >> i take opposition to that a bit. i don't object to the fact we are rewarding people that might not be operating in our best interests. but i think the decision to
7:22 am
leave syria is the right decision. we are there illegitimately. the other partners were invited in. the only way that situation is going to be ironed out and made stable again is if they can reestablish control over syria and have a state again. this all started with the saudis. we reluctantly went along with the saudis, first with the cia and then with the military. and we have seen, it's been a mess. it's been a complete mess. it was not going to topple any time soon. i'm pleased to see us getting out. i'm not pleased with the way we're doing it. and the only sane and sober member of the cabinet, jim mattis being forced to leave because that was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> donald trump now claims he doesn't know brett mcgurk.
7:23 am
>> he doesn't know anyone who suddenly ends up criticizing him. >> let's play what he had to say at a state department briefing about this situation. take a listen. >> nobody working on these issues day-to-day is complacent. nobody is declaring a mission accomplishment. we learned a lot of lessons in the past. we can't just pick up and leave. >> now he's been on tv, perhaps donald trump or somebody can play him back that so he can know who he is. the idea that isis is defeated, true or not? >> i think it is in the very serious sense that they once constituted a formiddle fobl. a force, by the way, that we helped create when we invaded d iraq in 200. they will be around for a long time to come. >> this is general trump attacking general mattis. said he gave him a second
7:24 am
chance. it's pretty shabby for the commander in chief to be attacking a marine general. >> it is. you know, i have a mixed opinion about jim. he wasn't a brilliant ev entrepreneur secretary of defense. he didn't do much for what the united states needed. they do not need more money, which is all the answer he had to congress. they're falling apart right now. they can't recruit. they can't find people for the navy ships. they can't find people to fly the fighters in the air force. he did nothing about any of this. so while i'll admit his departure because he was sane and sober, i don't want to sit here and say jim mattis was good for the dod. >> i want to come over to you on this because the other thing that's happening at the same time that this debate is happening, and it is an interesting debate, there is one
7:25 am
government that is unambiguous about the fact they think they're winning. russia attacked our election, had a very successful operation both through cyber warfare and information warfare. now they have donald trump who then they're saying we're winning. you know, he's ours. donald trump is ours. is that your assessment of things? >> vladimir putin's regime is based on a propaganda bubble. it wasn't the first thing president putin did 19 years ago. he went after the independent media and independent television networks and one by one he took them down. now what russian television looks like today is a completely government run message with every message crafted and controlled by the state. a lot of it is based on this cold war zero sum kind of mentality of what's a loss for the united states is a win for the kremlin. that is the way they have been
7:26 am
presenting what's been happening over the last couple of days. and i think if we look at the original reasons that putin went into syria years ago, the two main reasons for the propaganda consumption to prop his image up and the second is of course to support a fellow dictatorship. i think it would be fair to say after this latest decision, that's been a success. this has been a successful week for vladimir putin. a few days ago, we saw an announcement from the u.s. treasury that they will lift sanctions on companies controlled by the kremlin. when he was sanctioned by the u.s. treasury back in april of this year, along with a bunch of others oligarchs and countries sanctioned by them, he was additionally singled out for
7:27 am
reportedly having close links to organized crime, for extortion, for racketeering, for threatening lives of business partners. these are not communicated by a human rights group. this is a determination by the united states treasury. this is a small image of who this guy is. and so his companies are now being relieved temporarily, not temporarily but over the course of the next 30 days they have been relieved from the sanctions regime. we heard on the other side of the atlantic from western europe and switzerland also in the last few days. the organizers of a gathering disinvited me notorious kremlin connected oligarchs from attending because they had been sanctioned by the united states treasury. now, after a sustained lobbying
7:28 am
campaign, which included the russian prime minister picking up his phone and calling the president of switzerland, the organizers have changed their decision and have now again reissued the invitation to those three oligarchs. and i think at the end of the day, what this signals and the most important aspect is not specific sanctions or deals or shares or any of these kind of technical announcements. it is about the attitude. it is about acceptance. it is about business as usual. it is the most notorious members of the putin regime being accepted once again as equals. >> let me just add that we're getting ready to see something probably in kosava. and what they're doing right now with infiltration of little green men and so forth and the fact that they have just stood up their militia as an army even
7:29 am
against un recommendations. >> so a more aggressive russia that feels it has the upper hand over the united states, a united states that is being sort of almost laughed at and mocked as the creature of the kremlin, where does that leave us? >> interesting question. right now, if you look at the statements made by the former leader yesterday, very smart man in terms of the oil business, $45 a barrel right now. that's got to be really ripping putin's economic prospects apart. >> right, yeah. >> so i suspect he's going to be doing more things in a, more or less, attempt as was pointed out to raise his polls. >> we're almost out of time. >> let's talk about russia. let's talk about putin regime. >> absolutely. >> but what's important to watch, this is the month of december. this is the month when the u.s. governments makes its
7:30 am
designations under the magnitsky act. so we haven't had any designations yet. i hope that changes in the next few days. >> thank you both for being here. it is always a sobering conversation, but i appreciate it. thank you both. >> great to be here. >> have a happy holiday. >> thank you. you too. all right. up next, to delete facebook or not to dleelete facebook. that is the question. we will tell you how the social media giant has given even more of your information away next. of your information away next. (dad) got it? (boy) got it. (dad) it's slippery. (boy) nooooooo... (grandma) nooooooo... (dad) nooooooo... (dog) yessssss.... (vo) quick, the quicker picker upper!
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every piece of content that you share on facebook you own and you have complete control over who sees it and how you share it. >> okay. well, that turned out to not be entirely true. according to a bombshell report from the new york times, facebook has reportedly given over 150 tech companies like spotify, netflix and amazon for access to private user data than previously disclosed. the social media giant even allowed spotify, netflix and the royal bank of canada to read, write and delete users facebook messages. although facebook denied it, that hasn't stopped users have starting a widespread twitter campaign urging users to delete the app. joining me now my panel.
7:39 am
thank y'all for being here. tiffany, lots of friends of mine are deleting over this. facebook allowed microsoft bing search engine to see the names of all facebook users friends without their consent, the ability to read facebook users private messages, contained their names and contact information through their friends and view treatments of friends posts. what they're using to get out of it is they weren't selling it. they were giving it to them. your thoughts? >> first, i want to punctuate the thought that 2.2 billion people use this app every day. facebook gets over half of its revenue over seas. 80% of its users are also overseas. this is casting a global net of influence over policy, human
7:40 am
rights issues. it has become an organizing tool for hate campaigns or racism, some of the awful things we thought and it influenced national elections. you and i were talking earlier, do you delete or do you stay and fight? that is the question. i think it's really challenging. listen, this is a huge invasion of privacy. d.c. attorney general has been the first person to bring a major lawsuit against the company behind the scandal. this has been a huge blunder for face book all year. we saw not only the practices they were employing, but some of the personal attacks led against people like george soros. she leaned in in a way that wasn't so helpful. which was a terrible thing. i think we will see a lot of changes. i will caution people. i don't think mark zuckerberg is going anyway. they said they want to hear from him directly. but that board has to change. there is going to be the need for more oversight.
7:41 am
i'm concerned the legislative branch won't be able to regulate technology in general. >> it is like me trying to work my phone. so you had spotify, netflix who have been sucked into this because they were the recipients of some of this data facebook was sharing. netflix came out and said we have no evidence that spotify ever asked us. they are trying to control the damage here. facebook itself issued a statement saying facebook partners don't get to ignore people's privacy settings and it is wrong if they do so. everyone is in damage control mode. but if your opinion, how much damage has really been done even to people's trust in these kinds of technologies? >> well, i mean, facebook right now is at the butt end of what i think is a backlash and even an antisocial media panic that we're having right now. a lot of it is well deserved on
7:42 am
the part of facebook. i would encourage people if they want to punish facebook right now for whatever reason that might be, for me it is because it is terrible to go on facebook. >> you don't like the cat videos, matt? you are not into cat videos? >> i don't like the political opinions, joy, no. but the best thing you can do is what north americans have been doing and europeans is they stop adopting it. growth is absolutely flat in this country and has been for a while. the stock price is down 20% over a year. regulating it is not the answer. mark zuckerberg begged congress to regulate him in these hearings in the spring. that should send off a warning sign to people because when a big industry incumbent says please regulate me they're saying i think i will be able to influence those rules in such a way that my eventual competitor, my eventual ellipser will have
7:43 am
to play by rules i wrote. you are going to treat me like a utility, i will do what utilities do, which is we never go away. we have to suffer under the yolk of them. so this is the ultimate thing. we don't suffer under the yolk of internet explorer or hotmail. aol didn't crush the world when it bought time warner, for crying outloud. stuff in this world changes fast and people that behave badly and facebook has behaved badly should and will suffer, i am confident. >> yeah. you are not a stranger to the campaign of, you know, public campaigns that are very incredibly effective. clearly facebook, which is also instagram is very concerned about just what you heard matt say, that they will go the way of, you know myspace, right, that people just don't believe in it. that suddenly they will be on the losing end of a new tech trend. here is mark zuckerberg saying
7:44 am
they allowed their platform to become a tool and they have been used for releaptless attacks, particularly on people of color. here is on the question of the data sellselling. here is mark zuckerberg on the data selling aspect of it. >> we don't sell data at all. the way the ad system works is advertisers can come to us and say, i have a message i'm trying to reach a certain type of people. they might be interested in something, they might live in a place, and then we help them get that message in front of people. but this is one of the -- it's widely mischaracterized about our system that we sell data. it is actually one of the most important parts of how facebook works, is we do not sell data. >> that's not how facebook works. they are just giving it to these
7:45 am
companies. you have research saying that 44% of users 18 to 29 have deleted facebook. what do you make of this? >> for the last three years, we have been campaigning and pushing facebook to change its policies. i want to push back on this idea about regulation. mark just talked about in that video clip that, you know, it allows you to market things to certain people. so, in fact, you could say i have an apartment to rent and i only want to patient it to white people. i want to avoid the civil rights laws we have won and fought for. innovation can actually bring it into the past. facebook has allowed law enforcement to decide when and where they will turn off people's facebook live during police interactions or determine whether or not they will share their information without warrants or other rules. so the idea that this company does not need sort of a set of 21st century rules that both regulate it and hold it
7:46 am
accountable to every day people, we can log out of facebook, but that doesn't change the fact that facebook already owns all of our data and they can make decisions about how to use that data going forward. after the story in "the new york times" came out that said they were attacking color of change, my organization because of some of the work we had been hoping to lead thm accountable, one of the things we pushed them on is it looked at all the policies and practices across their platform. what we saw, they made a promise to us they would release the update of the audit, which they did last week on tuesday. and the audit was kind of thin. it showed a company that even in the midst of people logging off, even in the midst of people sort of not using facebook, their numbers going down like they actually did not have to make any real movement on addressing these civil rights issues. so unless we have oversight from the ftc, the federal trade
7:47 am
commission, unless we have deeper oversight from congress, unless investors, many of the cities around the country, progressive cities that care about civil rights that have, you know, pensions in facebook, new york city is an example where the new york city pensions has $4.7 million of facebook shares, you know, unless we have forces that connect with this boycott, we won't actually see change. part of it is having a very clear theory of change. tiffany said facebook has 2.3 billion followers. that's more than christianity. the idea that folks here in the united states alone or even europe are going to force facebook to change its motto when they already decided that overseas is where they are trying to move, we need the type of regulation. we need government to step in. we need to understand the
7:48 am
technology that is driving our economy that we need to hold them accountable for. >> to be continued. thank you all for being here. tiffany will join us in the next hour. merry christmas. happy holidays to all of you. have a wonderful new year. coming up, we can discuss reports of russia targeting black voters in the last e secti election, including using facebook. that's next. facebook that's next. for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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[ load crunching ] [ whispers ] this is the loudest snow ever. they didn't come out to vote for hillary. they didn't come out, and that was a big -- so thank you to the african-american community. and the african-american comm e community was great for us. they came through bigly. bigly. and, frankly, if they had any doubt, they didn't vote, and that was almost as good. >> well, there's evidence that russia's attack on the 2016 was much more targeted than we thought. two more reports show that russians specifically targeted african-americans in an attempt to suppress their votes. the research details how the internet research agency, a
7:53 am
troll farm, indicted by robert mueller, used social media, those tactics included targeting those groups with content intended to stoke racial intentions, with posts on police brutality and to dissuade them from going to the polls by casting doubt on the integrity of the electoral process. joining me is sherene mitchell. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> let's look at how russia targeted african-americans. what did they specifically do? >> what they did is they took all the language, vernacular and the way our culture engages with each other and used that as the basis and used it with intensity to go after them in the sense of to support them and then possibly get them to not vote, to suppress the votes. get them to trust them, to believe that they're also african-american and then send out voter suppression messages. >> posing as african-americans? >> most of these were bots and those who were part of the farm but, yes. >> so you had -- cheryl lynn
7:54 am
eichel wrote this is a national security issue. they need to pick it up and pick up the cues from ourselves. >> exactly. so what happens in that when they pretend to be us, then they also get into arguments or debates with us. as i was talking to jason johnson about that. he basically said after i tweeted one thing, all of these black women came after me. they posed as black women. they pretended to be angry black women and they went after certain people to change the narrative. >> so we know from the washington post a little quote from the russian effort on instagram, all five of the most liked posts created by the russians were aimed at after amg women. they included #black power, unapologetically black, black lives matter. i can't breathe. they voted for hillary clinton. was this message more effective on african-american men than it was women? >> so they were targeting african-american women because
7:55 am
they are the ones that get out the vote. so that's the key part but the issue is that they are very pragmatic so they vote -- they vote consistently and regularly. he -- the black men bass siical are the ones that did not vote. >> 30 facebook pages established, 10 youtube channels. 571 videos related to violence against african-americans. this isn't new. >> no. no. >> russia has not just jumped into the business. >> they have been doing this back during the civil rights movement. so it's the same content, it's the same vernacular, it's the same approach it's just using social media in a digital form. it's the digital form of that type of attack. >> one of the things you have expertise in is this is also not new to be done and not just by russians. going all the way back to dongle gate. back to 2013. black women have been a particular target on social media. we're talking about americans as well. >> exactly. dongle gate which is one of --
7:56 am
everybody talks about gamer gate. the target of dongle gate was a black woman. so when you started to look at what was happening in 2013, there were women who started to identify, black women who were identifying these fake accounts so that's when your slip was showing started to be a campaign with women like shafika hudson. these are not us. these people aren't real. >> had people noticed the concerted attacks in 2013, do you think that could have been limited? >> yes. if they had listened to or paid attention to black women, the hacking would have never happened. >> we're going to have to have you come back. it's very important. one of those things of should have seen it. >> we should have seen it before. >> really appreciate it. have a merry christmas. more "am joy" after the break. say "happy holidays" to money well spent. if additional offers are what you desire,
7:57 am
visit your john deere dealer before they expire. now, start up your engines and drive out of sight. new john deere equipment for all and to all a good night. see your john deere dealer today to discover more great deals and special financing offers. new year, new deere.
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and everyone i've ever opioloved away from me.thing everything. i blew my ankle out and i got prescribed pain pills by my doctor. if making my detox public is gonna help somebody i'm all for it. i just wish i would've had a warning.
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8:00 am
>> it was just to be a joke presidency that scammed the american people. it's popular for a while. >> the president has gotten word to me that he is either getting funding for the border or he's shutting the whole thing down. >> i think that not funding the wall is going to go down as one of the worst, worst things to have happened in this administration, forget mueller. the wall, the wall, the wall has to be built. >> all righty there. welcome back to "am joy."
8:01 am
how many broken promises does it take to lose one's base. donald trump has managed to break a lot. he never repealed obamacare, never managed to lock her up or remove syrian refugees. but it isn't until now as the precious, beautiful southern border wall hangs over the fires of mount doom, a "lord of the rings" reference, google it. his staunchest media allies are going to turn their back on him. fox news, right wing talking heads, the ones who helped propel trump to the white house and who wield more power than an entire row of electrified steel slats like in trump we trust author ann coulter who penned the ultimate trump regrets piece calling the president gutless and a sociopath and another word i probably shouldn't say on tv, it's christmas. steve dousy on the fox curvy couch piled on saying trump would look like a loser if there isn't a shutdown to make the american people pay for the wall that trump said mexico would pay for.
8:02 am
and let's not forget rush limbaugh, the golden microphone, who told his radio audience that trump told him he would personally shut down the government. trump shut down the government. no end in sight which led an occasional critic who votes with trump 84% of the time, bob corker, to tell cnn, quote, we have two talk radio hosts who influence the president. that's tyranny, isn't it? joining me now, jason johnson, tiffany cross, founder of the beat d.c. e.j. dionne and eric bowler saantage. i'm coming to e.j. first. i want to play you a great piece of sound from my friend don lemon on cnn. this was don on friday. >> republican leaders in congress thought they had a deal with the president to let everyone go home for the holidays and keep the government funded through february.
8:03 am
well, that's until trump apparently got spooked by ann coulter, and the outrage of right wing media. ann coulter? is ann coulter running the federal government? president coulter. h'm. has a ring to it. >> e.j., that's not lemonade, that's lemon shade. your thoughts. >> the president has communicated with me that he will not re-open the government until ann coulter says, yes, you can. and, you know, he sent up my pants, he sent up jared kushner to negotiate with democrats. let's have a delegation of ann coulter, rush limbaugh, laura ingraham. they can negotiate. the substantive problem is democrats actually care about the opinion of mainstream media. they care about the government. they worry when people say oh,
8:04 am
the shutdown's a bad idea. the republicans and this point that my friend greg sargeant made, the republicans are primarily concerned about right wing media saying fight to the end and so that puts the democrats actually in a more difficult negotiating position so these folks know what they're doing. so let's just send them up to vail and see if they can settle it. >> i'm a little sad, tiffany, that, you know, our friend e.j. didn't include ginny pirro. >> my apologies to the judge. >> let's let janine pirro have her say. go ahead. >> the wall at our southern border is a promise that you made, ran on, got elected on and must keep, but more than that, it is your legacy and you cannot allow them to force you to compromise. so here we are, days before the christmas holiday, and you are facing the most important issues
8:05 am
that americans elected you to confront. your promise to build the wall. >> it would be funny except that it's real. donald trump really must have the support of those people because if robert mueller comes out with a report that's pretty damming, the thing that keeps him in power and keeping him in power is how he doesn't get indicted is that he has this base that never leaves him. >> you brought up the right wing media. despite this president having so many characteristics of a dictator, he does lack in this one area. dictators usually tell him what to do. here the right wing media tells donald trump what to do which is crazy. it's the most outlandish, crazy right wing voices. janine pirro is a nut. it doesn't matter that your bedazzled delivery lies, it's a lie is a lie and a lie. the whole basis of this wall is a lie. listen up, people, it's not necessary.
8:06 am
they have been catching ten terrorists a day trying to cross the border. who's been saying this? well, congresswoman judy chu, she wants the receipts. she e-mailed nielsen and said, where are these terrorists? what happened? from where do they originate? are they in u.s. courts? of course she hasn't gotten an answer because there is no answer to a lie. >> are they in the tent cities with the children? >> exactly. we're laughing about it, but the crazy, scary part is millions of people believe this ridiculousness. >> look at all of these headlines, jason. fox news demanded a government shutdown. ain't got one. conservative media turns on trump. this is trump on the griddle. donald trump is essentially now backed himself into a corner in which he has to do a thing that would require eminent domain seizure of conservative rancher's land even if it was able to be done. >> the very people watching him. the idea that america is being
8:07 am
run by a man who is alternatively motivated by "saturday night live" and fox news is absolutely terrifying. this is a thing that i think is important. some of these people are opinion makers, journalists. i know sean hannity has his own thoughts. i've been in highlights. if you have that kind of power, they have an obligation to at least advise the president towards things that are reflective of the democracy that you have. you can have whatever opinion you want but these people are making suggestions that don't make any sense, they don't have to face the consequences of and they consistently fly in the faces of what the public wanted. the public said we don't want a wall. you're telling the president a lie. use your power for good instead of evil. >> eric bowles, one of the things jason johns said there, there isn't any consequences to it. a few more people on the right including somebody who a lot of people in media know because he's been a long-time tv president, matt schlapp.
8:08 am
he and his wife mercedes. here he is back to back with rush limbaugh on fox. >> the president should veto this bill. this breaks the promise with his supporters. >> looks like a lot of people's worst fears may be realized and that the president is getting ready to cave on getting any money for the wall in the current budget. trump gets nothing and the democrats get everything including control of the house. >> i mean, eric, that's the danger, right? they're governing for tv. >> right. >> they're actually pulling in the real political party. >> yeah, that's amazing we're talking about rush limbaugh. most americans didn't know he had a radio show. i mean, we have an am has been like rush limbaugh dictating the federal government. i mean, this is -- these are bad times. and so the question is, right. this is real world. but it's really for the republican party. they are marching -- trump and fox are marching the republican
8:09 am
party into a dead end. this wall is never going to be built, period. the entire republican party knows that. there aren't two republican senators who care about this wall and yet here we are. a, we have to remember trump got beat up a little bit last week over syria. fox news hit him kind of hard for that withdrawal. there was no way he was going to suffer two backlashes of fox news. the big question is why is the right wing media so influential over trump? a, he's a massive consumer. he's up in his residency, he doesn't come down, he has no friends, he has no close adviso advisors. b, he is a hollow, vacuous man. this is why we're in such a dead end. the republican party, this is a suicide pact. the wall, the government shutdown and all of it, but fox news runs it all. >> e.j., in your book, you talk
8:10 am
about barry goldwater and you think about what people thought that barry goldwater was collapsing the republican party by coming out against the civil rights movement. that was a long sort of way back to normalcy. this isn't a political stance that's leading a party, this is media literally saying for our television program we must have you keep saying you're going to do a wall. eric is right. they're not building a wall. that's not happening. >> the wall has become a symbol of so many things for trump. it is for the right wing of the right wing symbol of keeping immigrants out. he has neatly linked it to keeping terrorists out as tiffany mentioned and so for them it's become the all purpose -- the all purpose promise. i think the problem here is that if democrats compromise what they're saying is, well, we're going to let media celebrities on the right dictate policy. >> right. >> if they don't compromise,
8:11 am
trump may keep this thing going forever but you're still left with the fact that donald trump is not a strong man. he's a weak man. he's a strong man who fundamentally is weak because he simply can't look at this base and say, we've got to govern the country. this is a 98% republican budget for goodness sake and he is just holding out. >> they want to demand that of him. they'll force him to do that. this really started the day that barack obama was inaugurated. they said we're going to obstruct anything this guy does. in order for them to do that, they needed the right wing media to perpetuate constant lies and now here we are. i said this before. frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster. this is the monster you have created and now we're all suffering. >> we can't pretend this isn't real. as crazy as we think it is, as practical as it is, you do have a go fund me that raised $14 million. people believe in this wall. >> yeah. >> it's not completely coming
8:12 am
out of trump's head. the realization that he has to find is none of the republicans in congress want to do it. it can't be done practically. you can't build giant manga robots. even though that's something he would imagine. >> you can't build giant manga robots. >> trust me, if we would, i would be there volunteering. pacific rim on the coast. the problem is you can't find a way to negotiate this better. there's a way he could get something and call it a victory but when you announce to people that this is my demand and you can't do anything else, the democrats don't have a choice either even if his base wants it. >> eric, i wonder, you studied right wing media. judge napolitano has been on fox news just saying the actual truth to people, whether they like it or not. no matter how much they push back. these are crimes napolitano said. jeff smith has the microphone. this is conservative media who has the heft and the credibility
8:13 am
among that base to look them in the eye and say to them, look, people, this isn't going to be done and to walk trump off this ledge. >> right. >> truth telling is not a strong point of the right wing media. as e.j. said, the wall has become so much more. judge napolitano can tell the truth about lawsuits, plea agreements and talking about the wall and the spec tore of racism and the spec tore of white nationalism, there is no clear thinking. it becomes so much more. it's a world view and no -- i don't think anyone on fox news will have the courage to stand up and say this wall is not going to be built. we have no short term strategy. this is all going to end badly. this is a fantasy that trump sold him on. >> e.j., i have to ask the bigger societal question. is there someone, a figure outside of media who could say to the country, this is happening in white america. let's just be blunt. this is not happening among people of color.
8:14 am
there aren't a ton of people of color on this side. the republican party is now 90% white party. the beliefs that the country is being invaded by a caravan that's 1,000 miles away on foot is to a lot of people, to jason's point, real. they fear these changes and fear these demographic changes. is there someone in the world, in the country who has the heft to say to people since trump won't do it, we need to walk back from this ledge? >> i think as long as he is under threat from mueller he is not going to let anybody talk him into letting down this base which he is counting on to produce enough republican votes in the senate to keep him in office. you had mitch mcconnell last week pass a bill with the democrats which was the clearest signal possible, we've got to move on from this. he thought he had agreement from trump and what you have here is trump was for a shutdown before he was against the shutdown before he was for a shutdown again when he realized he couldn't accept a deal that
8:15 am
mitch mcconnell made for him. i don't see anybody right now on the right who can just stand up and say, mr. president, get off this. >> look, tomorrow if vladimir putin said i don't want you to build the wall, the wall doesn't get built. >> we were waiting for manga robots and putin. >> taylor swift who speaks to white people. >> she might. >> i think only an outside force that shames him into it and honestly i think erdogan, if putin gave a speech, if someone asked him a question and he said, look, i don't think this is a good idea. i think that would make him -- >> eric -- i know we're going to lose you. is that what we're waiting for, for vladimir putin to come out and come out against the wall for donald trump to walk back from this ledge? >> it makes sense, right. >> oh, my god! >> he cheered the syrian withdrawal. i'm sure that's why trump did it. it's the venturian candidate times 10. this is where we are. >> i'm speechless. i don't think i've ever been
8:16 am
speechless in my life, ever. like ever. >> let's pray christmas that isn't true. >> i think we have to make this point, too. we play a lot of fox news but there are other entities out there that are actually even more sort of embedded in the fabric. >> fox news. >> to the right of fox news. >> sinclair media is doing that same thing in your traffic and weather together. so now we're having that same ethos bleeding into local news. >> we don't watch each other except for the clips that you're showing here of fox news. >> right. >> they don't watch there show and so we do have a conversation where people aren't actually talking. >> they're not actually talking to each other. >> sinclair media, those segments they air are obligatory. facebook is another place where hate is spread among people who -- they're not true, but people that will get thousands of shares on facebook and people will take that as the truth and the most dangerous of all is this idiot's twitter feed. he will tweet out the most ridiculous, assinine thing.
8:17 am
>> those tweets then get repeated and read on tv. >> it's tweeted as news. we're in 2019 and we have news organizations tweeting those as news amplifying the lies. we've got to fix that. >> it's a difficult place to be when he withdraws from syria on twitter, right? >> exactly. >> yeah. what do you do? >> jason, tiffany, e.j. will be back later. eric bowler, have a wonderful, happy holiday. next up, your year end, yes, we're going to bring it to you, your moment of maxine for 2018.
8:18 am
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i'm not going to tell you what our bottom line is for the negotiation, but it is a fair question. no, the president is not going to not accept money for a border wall. now what one people call a wall and what another person might call a fence. i think you saw a tweet he put out the steel. >> with the spikes put on the top. >> exactly. that's what we want to build. that's what the president needs to have money for. >> mick mulvaney already has quite the task ahead of him in his latest role of trump's acting chief of staff to somehow defend trump's third government shutdown of the year. mulvaney may soon have to answer some questions of his own from congresswoman maxine waters. the incoming chair of the financial services committee wants to question mulvaney on
8:22 am
his days of one of his other trump jobs running the consumer financial protection bureau. joining us for your moment of maxine. good morning. >> i see we got the memo on the red. excellent. we're wearing the festive color red this morning. >> let's talk about mick mulvaney. you would like him to testify about his time running to see fpb. what you see is the consumer financial protection bureau was kind of the center piece of dodd-frank reform. we discovered that consumers had no one watching out for their best interests so we created this in the dodd-frank reforms. of course, mr. koucourdrey was undermined. they called him before our committee, berated him.
8:23 am
hinterland who was the chair of that committee absolutely tried to undo him and to make sure that he could not be successful but he was tough and he worked hard and he did a lot to protect not only our students but he dealt with pay day loans. we had an advisory committee. we worked on issues not only like pay day loans but what the automobile industry was doing as it targeted certain communities and charged them higher interest rates, et cetera, et cetera. well, mulvaney came in after mr. cordray went to run for governor and he started to undo all of that. he tried to dismantle the consumer financial protection bureau. the first thing he did was disband the advisory committee and then he modified what we were attempt to go do with pay day loans that were ripping off so many people in so many targeted communities. so it goes on and on and on. and despite the fact that he's supposed to be heading the
8:24 am
office of management and budget, every time they get into a problem they seem to be calling on him to fill the slot. so he was filling temporarily the slot of cordray. now he's over as ceo acting for the president of the united states. that does not mean that he should not answer to what he did to try and destroy the consumer financial protection bureau. >> yeah. you make a good point. mulvaney has had five jobs. they keep filling spots with him whenever they have an opening. let's play mick mulvaney one more spot. this is something that shocked a lot of people and maybe rattled markets. donald trump threatening to fire the chair of the federal reserve because he raised interest rates. here's mick mulvaney trying to explain that. >> the tension between a president and the independent is
8:25 am
the same as it's always been. >> well, you know, congresswoman, no one should be surprised except for the president still threatened to fire the fed chair. in this particular president's case according to bloomberg, every time the fed raises rates, donald trump's payments on some $340 million in variable rate loans that he has go up. is that something that you can see your committee, the financial services committee investigating if donald trump's personal loans are at issue in what the fed chair does? >> well, we certainly are going to take a look at trump's involvement with deutsch bank, for example, and money laundering and some of those kinds of issues, but we must be certain and we must understand that the fed does not work for the president of the united states. the fed creates monetary policy based on what's good for the economy and, of course, i may disagree from time to time with their decisions but we must not
8:26 am
interfere. they must be independent. right now powell is saying that they're dealing with inflation, but they don't work for the president. the president can't fire them. all that the president can do when he opens his mouth is rattle the markets. as a matter of fact, the volatility that you see in the markets is caused by the kinds of statements that this president will make causing more uncertain at this and so i'm not surprised that the president is doing this because i'm not surprised at anything that the president may do or say. i have warned america from the ghang th beginning that this president is not worthy, he cannot be trusted, he's a liar, he's desicable. any time he steps in, opens his mouth, tries to interfere with one of our agencies, i'm not shocked but the american people continue to be shocked and the
8:27 am
republicans are intimidated and not standing by their responsibility for over sight and dealing with this president. so, yes, no, powell does not work for him. the attorney general should not work for him, but he thinks that they all should be working for him and not for the american people. we need to get rid of this president. >> well, speaking of the attorney general, his acting attorney general we now know -- or his nominee, sorry, for attorney general, mr. farr, wrote a memo, very extensive memo criticizing the russia probe. we know that mueller or at least we suspect that mueller may come out with a report as early as february. are you concerned, a, that robert mueller may still be fired or shut down or curtailed by this incoming attorney general nominee if he's seated or that the interim one might undermine this probe? >> i'm absolutely concerned. first of all, whitaker, who has been deemed not to be worthy
8:28 am
because he's not considered seriously by the legislative attorney community, et cetera, et cetera, has made statements already and the reason we think he has been chosen as acting director is because he has written that he does not believe that a sitting president can be indicted. bar is in the same kind of space on all of this. these are people that we think could come in and fire mueller. this is what the president would like to happen. the closer we get to the president and his criminal activity, the more the president will try to shut down mueller. mueller, i hope, will be coming in very soon with his final report and as you said, it may be as early as february, but i would not be surprised if the president would not try and undo mueller even at this moment that we're speaking. >> yeah. well, congresswoman maxine waters, i want to congratulate
8:29 am
you. the incoming chair of the house financial services committee, first african-american and first woman to chair that. thank you for your time. >> you're so very welcome. i'm looking forward to what we're going to be able to do as democrats take back the house. >> thank you. have a merry christmas. thank you very much. >> same to you. >> coming up, my panel. you've been waiting for it. we're going to tell you who won the year. the year ♪ not long ago, ronda started here.
8:30 am
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after all the events that happened this year, there have actually been a few winners, believe it or not. there have. we're going to tell you exactly who, who won the year next. got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in!
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i happen to agree with your assessment of mayor koch and new york city. what due think will have to happen to bring his downfall? >> i have a feeling, maybe it's more of a prediction. i think the incompetence and corruption of the koch regime will lead to him being forced out. i think he's that bad. i believe the incompetence or corruption will lead to his having to get out. >> you don't know what that was, right? that was just a little bit of a hint about who i think won the year. ruminate on that. now in the spirit of 2018 ending and good-bye to it, my panel will tell us who they think won
8:38 am
the year! jason, tiffany and e.j. are back with me. e.j. dionne, who won the year. >> you're going to tell us that ed koch won the year? >> i want to hear that. >> tease. tease. >> no, the clear winners of the year were the grassroots activists who from the day donald trump was inaugust gaur rated started organizing in their neighborhoods, precincts, ee sbegsly important in places where they were in a minority to protect our democracy. we're talking about the mothers and the veterans, students and teachers, the religious and secular, indivisibles and run for somethings and all the other groups who took a giant step this november to changing the country. we should celebrate them. we should wish them happy holidays and may they stay in this fight because they really showed that action in our democracy can make a real difference. >> you know, it's interesting. this morning just showing
8:39 am
through twitter. cameron casady was one of the kids through parkland getting attacked, threatened. threats to him in his e-mail. people are so cruel to some of these young people. have i to say i'm with you that even kids, you really saw a kind of activism and a belief in democracy that you tlants that passion for an issue to go into the voting booth, registering voters. parkland kids were way ahead of that. the indivisibles, color of change, they all did that. >> would the country change fundamentally, i think it's one of the stories we need to tell more. the parkland kids made an extraordinary difference. if you look at the exit polls, people who voted on guns overwhelmingly voted democratic. >> that's right. >> the nra is on the run right now. we've really started to change the country. i don't think we would have done it without them. >> i agree on you. thank god people still believed in open democracy.
8:40 am
thank god people registered, voted. continued attacks on our election. people stepped up and voted and participated. that's a great choice. >> convert you from whatever -- >> my tease still stands. tiffany is going to try to beat that. beat that, tiffany. who won the year? >> i don't know if i could beat that. i think nancy pelosi won the year. >> that red coat. >> we can do a whole conversation and segment on her fashion choices, but you know this year started out with so much speculation around nancy pelosi. the right really elevated her much to their own peril. you had all of these revolutionaries running saying we're not voting for her. just win, baby. she was not phased and she had to let them know, i'm not new to, this i'm true to this. everybody is a revolutionary. let me help you get here first and then we can talk about some of your concerns, which she did. she raised over $100 million for the party.
8:41 am
she also showed that there is not one leader of the democratic party. >> sure. >> did any of us ever believe that paul ryan was the leader of the republican party, a leader at all? none of us thought that. she did embrace people like ayanna presley. i didn't come here to ask to lead. i'm doing my own thing. i thought she ended the year very well when she handled donald trump. you have to ask maga where is your god now? i thought that was -- >> y'all didn't know those references, you didn't see the right movie. >> go back and watch that movie. >> you know what's interesting is that this was another sort of democracy 101 thing where i'm not sure that everyone understands what the speaker of the house does because john boehner and paul ryan did it in such a sort of timid way in ways. >> kind, too. >> did more horse trading and
8:42 am
did a deal to fund the government. ryan almost seemed to be the employee of the president rather than the leader of a co-equal branch of government. >> or his constituency. his boss is the president, not the constituents. >> and we wouldn't have affordable care act. >> that's right. >> that's an interesting flip on ryan. i think that nancy pelosi really pushed president obama and said don't give up on this. this thing can pass. he said himself that she made an enormous -- >> properly filled, a speaker of the house can be an incredibly powerful leader. the thing that's of question, they have said we will make the congress subordinate to the president because he's in our party. >> they're trying to take away her victory. they're saying because she made those comments in the oval office that he didn't have the vote. your willingness to bend at the
8:43 am
ridiculous will of the president is not her failure. that's your failure. >> they control the government. if you want to get the votes, get the votes. >> couldn't get it done. >> there are two good options on the table. jason, i don't know what's going to happen to you. you struck me speechless. i'm not sure i'm rooting to you. to a certain extent i am. i'll give you an opportunity to tell us who won the year. >> here's who won the year. >> okay. >> i have established a reputation on the show of being a cynic. >> a little bit. >> so this is a very, very amazing winner. the winner of the year is the state of georgia. i have to say that after all this time of cynically believing that no place in the south could ever get turned, what i saw happen there this fall with the activism and the effort and the campaigning hoggwarts school of black magic, i believe the state of georgia is going to be the next swing state. i'm from ohio.
8:44 am
ohio is west virginia. everybody who was active down there, there's going to be an interesting senate race in 2020 that we're going to see in georgia. >> absolutely. >> i think that state is going to be flooded with money. you're going to have more campaign people. they were great candidates. gillum lost. beto lost. abrams got robbed. >> she did. here's the question. it felt like the 1950s. >> yes. >> they still retained the governorship and secretary of state's office meaning they can replicate. >> they won't be able to replicate it. you have so many lawsuits against this guy. you have a bob mueller of cobb county. the state supreme court is going to put a consent degree on them polling places and rules without going to court. democrats have got to figure out how to win the presidency
8:45 am
without ohio? >> yeah. z >> texas is -- >> it's going red. next stop has to be north carolina and georgia. everything has put this state on the map. >> i wanted to defend ohio and florida because i don't think those states have turned. i could make a long case but instead i want to underscore something about georgia. what stacy abrams did show is you can take the voter suppression and turn it into voter mobilization. she raised turnout by pointing out to people, somebody is trying to take your right away. there is nothing that makes people want to exercise their rights move that almost worked in the face of all of this. in 2016 democrats made three stops. they conceded to donald trump. i don't think that's going to happen this time. republicans and democrats are going to be focused on this is
8:46 am
the flas can flip. this is going to be a bell weather. it's not going to be ohio. >> if stacy abrams can get one thing to happen in the democratic party, she showed massive voter registration is still the fundamental act of democracy that has to be done. it's the fundamental ingreed dwroent winning elections. her organization did it. >> yes. >> you're from georgia, too. >> i was so ready to drag jason -- >> i know. we were all waiting. we were waiting. >> being a cynic. i have seen the light. >> okay. okay. >> we've already given our choices on who won the year. i have to give an honorable mention can't stop, won't stop natasha brown. not just in georgia, mississippi. she was out there hitting the ground. >> yes, she was. >> she was an operative that helped deliver some.
8:47 am
>> seats in georgia are a real sign. >> newt gingrich's seat is in the hands of an african-american woman. >> you've given your nominees but now i'm going to give you the correct answer. my tease earlier, do we have time to play it again? prosecutors. i say prosecutors won. so donald trump teased in that little clip that we said that he thought ed koch was going to be prosecuted but this year the pillars of our democracy all seemed incredibly shaky. they all seemed to be crashing down around us but the courts still held together. you still did have action that was at least setting up to hold even the president of the united states accountable. we have found out that a lot of what's in our constitution are suggestions, they're not laws. they're morase and donald trump doesn't abide by them. we have prosecutors in new york, attorney general of new york. prosecutors, i do believe, are going to own the narrative in
8:48 am
2019 as do well people who vote in 2020, but i think the people to keep your eyes on in 2019, prosecutors. >> not only do i agree with that. when mueller drops this, trump is going to explode like a pinata. every single prosecutor who has future political motives said, i sued him in this state. >> yeah. >> the old new york city. >> without the support of the people and the organizing that's going on out there, the prosecutors can't do their work. >> we're going to do a special dispensation and say all of you are correct. i'm going to use my fairy grandmother wand. >> i feel so much better. >> i appreciate you all. jason, tiffany, e.j. happy everything to all of you. thank you for being here. coming up at the top of the hour, the latest reaction to the trump government shutdown. up next, more "am joy." ♪
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