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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  December 30, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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it's the 8th annual revy awards from rockefeller center, here's your host, al sharpton. >> good evening, and welcome to our 8th annual revvie awards. it's where we celebrate the best and worst in 2018 and give awards to those who deserve it. let's bring in our distinguished panel of judges, my colleague and friend, ali very welshi, an
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tiffany cross, cofounder of the beat d.c., and noelle nikpour, a republican strategist and author of the book, "branding america," and dean object della, a political comedian a columnist for the daily beast. and you also hear him on sirius xm. let's get to our first award, the worst political move of 2018, it's a crowded field that includes the state of florida ordering another recount. trump administration separating and caging families along the u.s./mexico border, the firing of jeff sessions, and the hiring
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of matt whitaker as replacement of attorney general. siding with vladimir putin that russia did not collude in the 2016 election, and melania's jacket, quote, "i don't care, do you?" what is your designation >> april 2018, donald trump was on air force one, which i now call conair because he's on his way just like nicholas cage. they asked donald trump about hush money payments to stormy daniels and he said, i don't know, ask michael. guess what, robert mueller asked michael cohen, and this is where we are. we have michael cohen under oath with the allegation making donald trump an unindicted coconspirator. finally donald trump's lies caught up with him, and i think on some level, there's so many bad moves to pick, that one is
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the worst one. >> so he took the advice and went and talked to michael cohen. ari, who gets the award? >> i'm going to stick with your menu, number four, the president siding with vladimir putin about noninterference in the 2016 elections. on july 2016, he was in helsinki, and he said that he did not see why russia would have interfered in the 2016 elections. we all heard it, talk about provo bly wrong things. we heard the president say that and asked after a gasp heard around the world the president says, no, no, i meant to say wouldn't instead of would, and it was in that moment i realized that it doesn't matter. he lies with such impunity that he can make something like that up and people believe it. >> apparently, some do. but it is a dwindling group, but
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it's still a lot of people. tiffany cross, what was the worst? who wins the revy worst? >> off the menu and say separating children and family. what sayers me about this is, one, there are still children who are separated from their parents today as we sit here. >> and some will never be reconciled. >> it's not separation, it's kidnapping. the u.s. government kidnapped children. and i think the scary part was the first step was when he called mexicans rapists and drug dealers. the second step was separating and caging children. the third step was excusing the customs protection border of firing tear gas at desperate mothers and children. >> he may in 2019 make the worst political move award there too, but we'll see. my dear republicans, i know i
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stacked the house on you. >> i was hoping you would forget me. >> give me your review. >> it's kind of a mixture of the russian snafu when trump says that there is nothing to see here, folks. even conservative media outlets, they were like, oh, my gosh, this is totally horrible. so when you have a conservative media outlet saying that's pretty bad, that's pretty bad. but another thing i want to bring up was aim big fan of melania trump. i think her fashion sense is out of this world. why that jacket that says, you know, "i don't care, do you?" . who did that? why did she wear that >> she said in fairness to her, she said that she was talking about to the media. you don't buy that? >> i just think it was -- no one knew who she was talking to. >> and it was -- she was visiting the border where
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children were being taken from their parents. i think people need to be reminded of where she wore it. she wore it to visit children who had been taken from their parents and parents who had been separated from their children. >> i remember that. but she has such a great sense of style wearing dolce and gabana and to see her in this deal with the i don't care do you -- whoever told her to do it. >> this is probably not a good idea. >> the show i'm not all negative and cynical, let's go to the revy for best political move of 2018. here's some positive ideas. john mccain doesn't invite president trump to his own funeral. teenage survivors from the parkland high school shooting organized the march for our lives rally across the nation. midterm victory for democrats in
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the house. brett kavanaugh confirmed to a supreme court seat. and a federal judge restores cnn's jim acosta's press pass. let's go to you, tiffany, first on this revy >> i'm going to go off the menu for this. for me it was by far nancy pelosi in the oval office with donald trump. i think she just showed such political savvy. regardless how you felt about her as speaker, she looked like the adult in the room, she looked donald trump, individual one, in the eye and said don't question my strength that i bring to this meeting. he is a bully on twitter, but when he gets around people, he cowers. he's what people would call a punk, really. he's not about that life and nancy pelosi showed up to say this is what your next two years will look like, so get ready. she was interrupted unintentionally by chuck schumer, and she said, wait a
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second, babe, i'll handle it. i think that sealed her speakership in 2019. >> i would love to piggy back on tiffany because i thought the best political moment was when mike pence basically sat there like the poinsettia of the white house and said nothing. that was the winner because he really didn't want to get involved on the pelosi and schumer -- >> mike pence was there. >> i thought it was a great move because he did the right thing by being mum's the world. >> that's what you call the weekend at bernie's. >> mike pence gets that award from you. ari? >> i think what was great about this election is the number of people who actually came out to vote. >> record numbers. >> and the number of women and minorities who stood for election at every level,
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municipally and state skplefand congress and won. we changed the complexion of america's legislators and state houses and the congress this time around. and i thought that was a great move. there were more democratic successes, but the message is go out and vote. that was the big win. >> and that he did. even in the deep south we saw three statewide elections where blacks got very close. they did win, something you may not have thought of. >> they turned florida a little more purple. stacy abrams way to the left. >> they won congressional seats. >> and these are red states. >> how did brett kavanaugh make that list of one of the good moves of the year? it was one of the worst things of the year. for me, here it's not the
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candidates, it's the people who voted to make the blue wave happen, who didn't give in, surrender to trump, because it was tough. people wanted to check out. instead they stayed in, got involved. some were candidates and many made phone calls for the first time in their lives, knocked on doors. we flipped 40 seats, the most since 1974, which is watergate. kansas knocking scott walker out. to me it was everyone who didn't give n made a difference and made the blue wave happened >> stay with us. we're just getting started. more revies are on the way. >> here's a look at this year's revy for best political impression. >> i am usual an optimist. i'm a keg is half full kind of guy. but from what i've seen makes me
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. my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's -- so true. [ laughter ] didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. [ laughter ] >> welcome back to the 2018 revvie awards from rockefeller center, here's your host, al sharpton. >> president trump at the united nations in september, most would say that wasn't his finest moment addressing an audience. well, i'm back with our panel. ali velshi, tiffany cross, noelle nikpour, and dean obdala.
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we turn now to the best political speech of the year. so let us with a lot of courageous americans taking a stand, several came to mind, including -- let's go to the list. stacy abrams concession speech. speech about love by bishop michael curry and meghan markle and prince harry's wedding. the testimonial speech to the senate judiciary committee and all of america and members of the united nations laughing at president trump when he says his administration accomplished more than almost any in u.s. history in his first year. but what stood out to me was former president obama's, quote, none of this is conservative speech. take a listen. >> appealing to tribe, appealing
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to fear, pitting one group against another, telling people that order and security will be restored if it weren't for those who don't look like us or don't sound like us or don't pray like we do, that's an old playbook. it's as old as time. >> so let me ask you guys, the best speech is, in your judgment, what? >> that speech, right there. >> that being president obama. >> the president obama speech september, university of illinois. o one, it was great to see what a president sounds like again. it was a calming -- trump stresses me out. he's aging me. look at me, i'm 23. look what he's done. he's killing me. but president obama said how
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hard is it to say nazis are bad, trump not calling out the nazis after charlottesville and this appeal to the better of all of us. so to me that was so important. his goal was to get young people out. we saw a 10% spike in young people coming out this time versus 2014. he reached out to young people and they listened. for so many reasons, president obama's speech in september. >> what do you say? >> mine was meghan markle's pastor. i thought that was such a great speech that he gave, and i felt so much unity, so much love, and it was so nice to see that for once. now, i will tell you something that i liked more recently was george w. bush's tribute to his father. i don't think there was a dry eye left in that church. and i loved seeing all the presidents from obama, carter -- >> clinton. >> clinton. >> i know it's hard for you.
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>> but i really liked seeing that unity and feeling that love in that room and everybody was behind bush when he lost his great father. >> ari? >> i will tell you, i'm going to stick with the same theme about voting. i really liked oprah's speech for stacy abrams in which she said a lot, but she said two things that stood out to me. one is we have to vote in numbers too large to tamper with. what a great message. too fwoig tamper with. get out there in numbers that somebody fiddling with the votes, doesn't affect you. her point was really good. >> and it helped bring out the numbers. >> something a lot of people who were listening to it didn't need to being remind of, but she said for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, you are disregarding their suffering and
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dreams. >> goose bumps. >> it was two messages, get out there so people can't mess with your vote, but get out there and vote. >> she delivered it with passion. as a preacher, i thought her delivery was spot on. >> we agree. same person, different speeches. i want to take you back to january 2018 when oprah delivered the time's up speech. that kicked off a lot of speculation about her power, he owns a network, she's a media mogul and she really knows how to rally the troops. i mean, she delivered a speech that gave me goose bumps. the last time i got goose bumps like that was -- >> my sermon last summer. >> your speech in 2004. we talk about that all the time. i mean, her delivery was amazing and i thought it gave such a ground swelling to this important movement. the interesting thing about this is when you look at all the polls, i know we're still early, but everybody's eager to talk about 2020. when you look at the two people who beat donald trump in the double digits are oprah and michelle obama. they beat him by 12 and 13
2:21 pm
points respectively. both of these women can step up and take the throne if they want it. they've opted not to. i'm holding out. maybe they'll save the country from a narcissist. >> don't look at me. >> was i looking at you? >> i don't know. >> maybe because i tried to give equal time. so both of you give oprah different speeches, but oprah, i certainly agree with that. we have a lot more revvies coming up. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. but first, in memory, remembering those who left the white house this year. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to the revvies. up next, a "politicsnation" favorite, the al fred c. sharpton blueberry pie lifetime achievement award. every year we look around and ask, who has the most blueberry pie on their face? this year for a second year in a row, it goes to president donald trump. why, you ask? well, where do we start? we have clearly a president that does not mind saying things and then changing in midair, which is the whole thing that i
2:27 pm
started "politicsnation," we're talking about blueberry pie where when you were kids you would eat blueberry pie, your mother comes home and says, what happened to the pie? and you say i didn't eat none, and you got blueberry all over your face. that's where the blueberry pie comes from. president trump to me wins again. what deuo you say? >> i have two people. julian assange has blueberry pie, cherry pie, all pies on him. he said truth isn't truth to chuck todd on "meet the press." unbelievable. secondly, it's the group of anti-muslim bigots who are outraged at two women who were elected to congress, they're muslims. they were outraged by that. ali and i are both muslims. so many muslim americans were leaked to not just congress, but state legislators, local
2:28 pm
offices. i've interviewed many, chatted with many, and it shows america is changes and muslims are not just coming, we're here and we're also in the media and politics >> and they have blueberry pie on their face. >> gosh, this is so horrible, i'm a gop strategist and i have to say blueberry pie for my leaders. now that i said that, i feel like it's got to go to donald trump, and the reason why -- it's not for me, it's someone in the gop, not his policy as much as it is blueberry for personality. if he would just stay off the twitter at 3:00 a.m., maybe i wouldn't be giving him a blueberry pie. >> all right. i'm going to give mine to a group, to the senate republicans. it's a travesty. we know donald trump is incompetent, lies repeatedly, "the washington post" can't even give him pinocchios anymore. i'm a little disappointed that
2:29 pm
the republicans have just stood by and let this happen. there is no checks and balances in the party. so it kind of baffles me that the family values party is defending this guy for paying off a porn star and a playboy bunny. it's like there is no sense of reason or accountability and you could really extend this to the entire maga crowd, what that maga hat has come to represent. it's this dog whistle for us versus them, to your point about anti-muslim rhetoric, racist rhetoric and everyone let this happen. >> mine is a lot lighter. it is everybody who agreed to be interviewed by sacha baron cohen on "who is america" because went in, asked people for interviews, they sat down and about 99% of them on camera said about the
2:30 pm
most ridiculous things you could ever imagine. and he kept come back. sometimes it was a town hall meeting he was having. i don't want to actually believe that this is who america is, and i think america is actually great and full of great people. but the people who sat down to be sbud by sacha baron cohen all have blueberry on their face. >> dick cheney. >> i think that is probably a good point. but before we go, since i'm handing out a blueberry pie, i've decided to hand out an extra slice award this year, and that award goes to my man, kanye west, in the oval office with president trump. here's a reminder. >> there was something about when i had put this hat on, it made me feel like super man. you made a super man. that's my favorite superhero. and you made a super man king. >> the 8th annual revvie awards will be right back.
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welcome back to world famous rockefeller center in new york city and the 8th annual revvie awards. here again is your host, the reverend al sharpton. >> thank you for joining us for our end of year celebration and look back on the year that was
2:35 pm
in politics. joining us, ali velshi, tiffany cross, noelle nikpour, and dean obeidallah. our next category has so many possible nominations, we couldn't fit them all in. i'm talking about the worst trump tweet of the year. here's a few. deliberately misspelling the name of congressman adam schiff, turning his last name into a derogatory word. during two deadly wildfires in california this fall, the president blamed forest management for the danger. or calling omarosa manigault newman, quote, a lying dog upon her firing. and claiming that he has the absolute right to pardon himself. ali, i mean, you and i have had to deal with tweets, even tweets in the middle of the show. >> that's correct.
2:36 pm
>> it was almost like in the middle of you or i hosting said something, tweet comes in and you almost mid-word have to change. >> this is definitely the hardest category of these. but on the evening of december 7th, friday evening, the sentencing memo for michael cohen and paul manafort came out. donald trump put out a tweet that says totally clears the president, thank you. >> right. >> you got to be kidding. this would be the opposite of totally clears the president, thank you. so that one just stood out to me. simple, didn't have spelling errors, it was just the opposite of true. >> yeah. the president was clear, but individual one has problems >> that's right. he hasn't made the connection. >> dean? >> to me it was a buffet of
2:37 pm
badness and bigotry from donald trump this entire year. every time trump has a twitter storm, an angel gets their wings, so it's an upbeat thing. to me, one of the dumbest ones is when he said i'm not just smart, i'm a very stable genius, and then when he took to twitter during the whole kavanaugh hearings and talked dr. christine ford as a liar. if it was really that bad, i'm sure she would have gone to the police. the idea of attacking a victim of sexual assault so your followers can enjoy it. >> i'm keeping it in the trump family and mine goes to melania trump. i'm sorry, noel, but i think she tweets these things that are the antithesis of it and i think she comes out with a statement and
2:38 pm
interview that gets retweeted and retweeted, she's this victim and in december she talked about how the journalists are telling mistruths. have you looked at your husband? she also talks about people in their orbit using donald trump to advance their own purposes, said the nude model who became the first lady of the united states. has michelle obama done a fraction of any of this, had there been nude photos of michelle obama, do you think we would have a president obama today? we wouldn't, so we have to call that out and acknowledge that she is not a victim. she is a birther who advanced her own cause >> i got to ask you this. do you think a lot of that is race involved in how they would look at michelle? >> yes, of course. there's a difference between black women and white women. >> no kidding. >> the way that the media responds to both. there's this narrative now, like, oh, the republicans are losing with white women, not really, 49% of them remained
2:39 pm
very loyal to this president and this party. when you look at how the media attacked michelle obama, ivy league school graduate, a professional in her own right, they attacked everything she said and melania trump comes along and it's like, poor thing and we paint her as a victim and she is not a victim. >> noel? i have to double team so you got a lot to push back on. >> i'm going to have to spin this around. the tweet that i will say scared me the most was when we were in talks with north korea and trump tweets out rocket man, my button is bigger than yours. i'm like, oh, no. it was funny, and then i re-read it and i'm like, oh, it's really not funny because he's getting closer and closer to the missile could reach here. i don't want to play chicken with the united states.
2:40 pm
so that to me was the worst because it was the scariest. >> rocket man in quotes might call his bluff. >> and we don't know what state the north korean leader you see in. he is best friends with dennis rodman, this bizarrero thing. and we know north korea is very hung up on being seen as respected, respect is a big word. so basically donald trump, president trump was dissing him and his country. so it was a very scary tweet for me. >> you know, it makes you wonder sometimes. i had known trump three decades or more, mostly in an adversarial position. it makes you wonder, does he really get that he's president? has he really grown in terms of
2:41 pm
developing the kind of intelligent depth that you need to understand your head of state and you have to operate differently than a real estate guy? >> what does growth mean to us in our careers? to me it has meant surrounding myself with better people that are smarter than i am to keep me out of trouble >> thank you. >> during the course of trump donald trump's presidency, that hasn't gone in that direction. the people who were adults in the room are mostly gone and he is surrounding himself with s k sycophants. >> what causes people not to be able to bring people in the room that are smarter than them? >> because usually that person thinks that they know more. and i'll tell you why i believe that he thinks he knows more is because when he won the primary from 16 individuals that were pretty noteworthy to jeb bush --
2:42 pm
>> that will make you feel big. >> you feel like you really know how to play the game and the joke's on them and your advice is going to get you through. and he won the nomination and he beat hillary clinton, which is a seasoned politician. everybody really thought on election night hillary was going to be president clinton. but that fuels his fire. >> everybody, stay with us. some big awards on the way. but before we go to break, here's a look at one of the best political satire. >> donny, you've really done it this time. you have to face all those european leaders again. i'm a nationalist. what did nationalism ever do to europe? [ laughter ] ♪ maria ramirez?
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welcome back to world famous rockefeller center in new york city and the 8th annual revvie awards. here again is your host, the reverend al sharpton. >> we're turning to the best political books of the year.
2:47 pm
and the nominees are "fire and fury" be michael wolf. a higher loyalty. what happened by madam secretary hillary clinton. and "fear" by bob woodward. ali, you and i are readers. what is your choice? >> i have one from the list of nominees and i have a people's favorite. >> all right >> "fear" by bob woodward i liked because bob woodward can be relied on as a chronicler of history. >> no doubt. >> that would be one of the books that had a great deal of accuracy. they all had something to do with a bit of a spin on their situation, and that's okay. but michael's book was intriguing, but felt more like fiction than history. i will say i've really enjoyed winners take a"winners take all.
2:48 pm
it's not a purely political book but it's all about inequality and whether we as americans are who we tell the world we are or are who we say we are at the base of the statue of liberty and that's worth examining in our struggle for understanding equality. the stuff we're seeing is going on all over the world in liberal democracies. >> and how people around the world, because i travel a lot, how they see us. >> correct. >> tiffany? >> with the exception of omarosa's book, i thought those were all great choices. but my favorite is becomi"becomy michelle obama. it was just nostalgic and a reminder of a time when the first family had dignity and decorum. she shifted a lot of national conversations around what it means to be a black woman, which i certainly appreciate, and the world appreciated it. she's sold 3 million books
2:49 pm
within a few weeks. she went on this huge book tour. people were paying beyonce-type prices to see her. i think it was just nice to see people consume this book and for her to tell her truth on her terms and i applaud that. it was a great read. >> i know you have a hidden copy of becomi"becoming" somewhere. when you were reading the titles, unhing"unhinged" by omai feel like what happened, i think all of them would like to pen a book with what happened. but i have to tell you, with becomi"becoming" i'll tell you like michelle obama's because it puts an authentic spin on real life. she becomes connectable in a human way not by just telling us what it's like to be first lady, but letting us know the good, the bad, the ugly, everything that goes along with actually who she is as a woman. and you can connect black,
2:50 pm
white, whatever, you can connect to a woman's story and i liked it. >> rev, who has time to read books with all the tweets i have to read? i have to read tweets all day, chapter after chapter. i have have everyday. chapter after chapter. i have like an encyclopedia. >> actually, michelle obama's book is great and two books off the list i read at the same time, scared the crap out of me because they both tell you honestly how real democracy can evolve as democracy and can be used to undercut democracy and take us to authoritarianism. it's a guide to learn about and learning from them opposed to a cautionary tale. those are two great books that give you a sense historically what's going on in contemporary times, countries like poland and
2:51 pm
hungary, being undermined by democracies. we have to be aware how legal means can be used to takeaway our liberties. >> everybody stay with us. we'll be right back. l be right . shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities with a level of protection in down markets. so you can be less concerned about your retirement savings. talk with your advisor about shield℠ annuities from brighthouse financial, established by metlife.
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judges' great expectations and their predictions for 2019. we'll be saving this tape to embarrass you all at the revvies next year, so predict wisely. start with you. >> i think donald trump goes to jail but spends it saying making prison great again. and the losers are the best people and i'm draining the swamp, magpa, make christmas great again or realistically those in the house make congress accountable they have not done the last two years. we say the house democrats show us what the framers meant by article i of the constitution and hold them accountable. >> my prediction with the democrats whipped into a frenzy to take the white house into control, i think we will see a
2:56 pm
record amount into the multiple billions spent on the 2020 elections. i think we have seen nothing yet when it comes to the amount of money that you're going to see being raised to try to take back the white house. it's going to be unbelievable off the hook. >> tiffany. >> my prediction, actually right here in new york, laetitia james, the newly elected attorney general. i think she will show where local elections matter and where the house or congress may fall short you'll see her dive into donald trump's business, his family, the foundation, et cetera. she's drawn out a very clear case. interesting partner she has, loretta lynch, former attorney general of the united states. i think whatever she uncovers will make headlines. >> i think that's a good call. despite the fact we will concentrate who's running for president for the democrats in 2020, by the end of the year, when we are evaluating next year this time who the most
2:57 pm
influential politician was in 2019, i think donald trump will slip down and nancy pelosi will move up. she is going to prove to be donald trump's biggest nightmare. as she told him in the oval office, don't doubt what it can do or underestimate who i am. george bush and john boehner and others underestimated her act to ral rally the troops. >> i heard her say part of her job as speaker after the end of the year, i'm almost certain she will be is serve up to donald trump whoever will be the nominee for 2020, she has a job to do there. >> i think she's the one to watch and the one we're talking about in a year. >> i predict a lot of vodka will be sold in 2020. there will be a lot of drinking
2:58 pm
going on. >> #mag pa. >> not if he puts tariffs on. >> i can never get a break. >> don't ever underestimate what he's doing in the middle of the night. i saw a republican who spoke badly and i'll take care of her. we're laughing but we are living -- >> it is how policy is made in 2018. >> i gave him sample tweets, #loser. can only help someone like me. please, donald trump, make fun of me on twitter. >> we are watching how the sausages is made. >> you have to be careful of the sausage you eat. you could end up with a very upset tummy.
2:59 pm
this is the revvie that was the eighth year. then i never thought donald trump would be president. if you told me when i started this show eight years ago the guy attacking the birtherism would be our president, i don't think i would have believed you. >> i don't think a lot of republicans would either. >> on that note of bringing up birtherism, i'm actually a kenyan born muslim and he was never at any of those meetings. obama. >> is that right? where were you when we need you'd to step forward? >> nobody asked. >> that does it for us. we've all had a lot of fun. i'd like to thank our panel. they've all been terrific. we've got to do. cue the orchestra, happy new year! i look forward to 2019 and more discussion, more debates and another chance to bring you the revvies.
3:00 pm
>> you've been watching the 2018 revvie awards. thanks for watching! have a happy holiday season. we'll see you next year. this sunday, the climate crisis. >> brace yourself for dangerous heat. >> the drought we're in is disastrous. we ought to be worried about it. >> about everything we own was destroyed. >> this is the eye wall with the strongest winds. the average temperature could be anywhere from 2 to 11 degrees. >> you can see how intense the flames are right now. >> the garden of eden just turned into t


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