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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 26, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PST

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so it's starting fresh feels like sanctuary >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. good morning from msnbc headquarters in yone york a temporary deal for the president. the shutdown ends, but another showdown looms and soon. this hour, the tipping point that led to the decision the political fallout and what it means for the workers >> we have reached a deal to end the shutdown >> disagreement of policy should never been a reason to shutdown government >> pray that the politicians in washington will do the economy
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and everybody right by doing the right thing. also, long-time trump ally roger stone indicted is robert mueller closing in on the president? >> i will plead not guilty to these charges. i will defeat them in court. >> we have this mueller investigation becoming more serious. it now ensnaring a long time friend of the president. roger stone is not a peripheral figure >> motivated investigation the countdown is on to avert another government shutdown. yesterday, the longest shutdown ended after 35 days. under pressure, president trump backed down. he signed a bill to reopen the government temporarily the deal does not include money for his promise of building a border wall. the halt expires in 21 days. both parties now trying to reach agreement on border security by february 15th. house speaker nancy pelosi hailed it as a victory
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>> and the fact that our diversity is our strength. differences in so many ways, including differences of opinion. that is our strength our unity is our power that may be what the president under estimated. >> 800,000 federal workers missed the second paycheck yesterday. the president ensuring workers receive back pay as soon as possible among the effects, the u.s. economy lost $6 billion during the shutdown that is more than the border wall demand. there were flight delays yesterday among the shortage of air traffic controllers. now some criticizing the president saying he caved. president trump said this was no way a concession he repeated his threat of bypassing congress to build a wall >> if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shutdown on february
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15th again, or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> and we have mike maccarrick joining us from capitol hill >> reporter: everything is up and running, frances the senate but the compromise in bill form on the floor of the senate they waved their hands over it and within a matter of minutes likewise for the house late last night, the president signing it into law. 800,000 federal workers after the shouting and pain and anxiety on their part and missing two complete paychecks with a big fat zero in the accounts payable column, they get back pay in a lump sum by
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act of congress within the next couple days. there are three weeks now with the calendar you had there february 15th. both side have to negotiate. the president could have taken $1.6 billion for his border security if not a border wall over the course of the next fiscal year. he declined that we ended up with a record shutdown of 35 days. republicans in the end went wobbly in the senate acrimony in the senate comments by cabinet secretary and the secretary of commerce and the top economic adviser, innocensensitive to those experiencing hardships because of the political impasse in the end, democrats stayed behind nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. nancy pelosi talked about that unity when all was said and done
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yesterday. >> we're grateful to democrats on both sides of the capitol for unity that was very important in these discussions. it is sad, though, it has taken this long to come to an obvious conclusion >> reporter: frances, could we go through the exercise again in three weeks? it is possible, but i have to say probably not likely. you heard the president put it on the table if there is no agreement after three weeks, he reserves the right to declare a national emergency and divert funds it would be controversial, but if democrats were unwilling to give the president one dollar over everything that has happened, why would they do it now when they are seen as victorious from this conflict? frances, three weeks now a lot of questions and negotiations >> we may be back where we started. mike, stay with us i want to bring in julia
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manchester julia, good morning to you as we get started here, this is all about the president's signature campaign promise now is there a clear consensus on who won and who lost politically here >> i think it is complicated i think for democrats for now they have a short-term victory like nancy pelosi said, senate democrats and house democrats were unified in this and they kept true to the message let's reopen the government and deal with border security after that they got what they wanted. it does seem like president trump did eventually cave to them on that however, i talked to a mix of conservatives who have told me different things of their views on trump on one happened, you have the ann coulter and those on the far right who said he caved. her saying that george herbert walker bush is no longer the
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wimy president if you look at polling, you saw president trump's base was losing favor ability with him. they were becoming nervous about the shutdown you saw the effects on the economy where the federal government workers were concentrated as well as yesterday with laguardia a bunch of flights grounded. i think conservatives realize for now the government did need to reopen. we still have another three weeks and a deal hasn't been made we don't know what will happen with the $5.7 billion. >> julia, you mentioned the poll here i want to bring that up. when it comes to approval now standing at 37%. according to the new poll. mike, to you, when it comes to the public, will they give credit to the president for conceding here for three weeks on the wall issue or will the president be blamed for the shutdown overall >> reporter: to this point,
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frances, politics a zero sum game middle ground is no man's land people are total victory or utter defeat a rout of the republicans. that is how it will be seen. that is how it is being seen in the aftermath of this. yes, obviously, the president's approval rating is probably going to bounce back after this. he will have an opportunity to deliver the state of the union speech which becomes a side show in the controversy the back and forth with nancy pelosi and donald trump over that he will have an opportunity to address the country. the question is will he learn from the experience? will that message discipline which has elualluded the white house. he said i'll take the mantle people took him at his word. they got off on the wrong foot and never able to recover with the republicans in the white house. thatis what brought us to this point yesterday in the rose garden. >> it is like a game of chicken with the president and nancy
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pelosi and julia, chuck schumer, just yesterday, asked if the president could get what he wanted i want to play his response and we'll talk about it. >> i think he thought no one should ever underestimate the speaker has donald trump has learned. in addition to that, and i think, nancy would be the first, our democrats stayed unified >> you can hear the chuckle there, julia somebody says that looks like gloating from the press conference what did we see and what is going on behind the scenes that we may not know? >> i think like i said before, this is a temporary victory for the democrats. however, although we saw some gloating and chuckles there. there will be a lot of maneuvering behind the scenes in the next couple weeks in terms of how to deal with the issue of border security. president trump has not shown he is willing to back off of that $5.7 billion right now
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it will be interesting to see how democrats and republicans really maneuver around the issue of the border wall for now, democrats have not signalled they are willing to give funding for that wall it is interesting. i talked to democrats who have said we would go a little lower than $5.7 billion. maybe do something for a path for citizenship or temporary work visa for daca recipients. however, i don't think the president's base will be too crazy about that he is already getting blow-back from the members of conservative media. i talked about the members of conservative media and his actual political base. i think the president feels beho beholden to ann coulter and rush limbaugh that determines how he moves with policy. >> it gives you the tipping point. what brought him to this level
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from two weeks ago mike, you mentioned that republican senators clashed with one another during that private lunch on thursday before that senate vote failed at one point, ron johnson told mitch mcconnell this is your fault. mcconnell saying are you suggesting i'm enjoying this what is happening behind the scenes at the white house? back to that tipping point mike, what could it have been? >> reporter: frances, i had the pleasure of talking with you and the colleagues in the past six weeks. this has held all along. the pressure point was on republicans in the senate. assuming that nancy pelosi was able to keep her caucus together in the house, which they had every incentive to stay behind her. the pressure point was in the senate the shutdowns are traditionally blamed on the party in power 2/3 of the government controlled by republicans that was what was happening.
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republicans, it was brought to a head this week, with the comments of wilbur ross and comments of larry kudlow let them eat cake nuance to what they were saying about the furloughed federal workers and inability to make ends meet. driving them to food kitchens and replies on charity to feed their kids wilbur ross saying why not go get a loan on money owed them. that coupled with the final straw that broke the camel's back yesterday then the ripple effect this is a quarter of the government yet, that quarter of the government, we discovered some crucial functions are performed by those people who were working without paychecks. including law enforcement and the fbi and air traffic controllers and tsa acgents and
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secret service the heavily trafficked corridor in laguardia and elsewhere, a half a dozen didn't show up in virginia and jacksonville, florida. the ripple effects every day americans ability to go about their business. that was the last straw that drove the president to live to fight another day. >> michael viqueira, thank you we will check back in with you thanks to both of you. to the other big stories new word from roger stone. president trump's former campaign adviser following his arrest stone's home was raided early yesterday by fbi agents. he was charged with lying to congress, obstruction and witness tampering. the charges filed by robert mueller mulgz mueller he's team they show stone was communicating with a senior campaign official about efforts to leak e-mails. stone defended himself saying
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this is part of the larger attempt to target the president. >> i did forget that i had text messages from an old cell phone that were entirely exculpatory. >> did you talk to the president? >> i have not. he said roger stone and i never discussed this and we never did. i think we know the game wear stone down financially. make sure he is broke to plead guilty to the charges although he did not commit them then try to flip me against the president. >> let's turn to pete williams now who has more on the charges. >> reporter: frances, the charges do not accuse stone or anybody else of colluding with the russians to influence the election they bring the special counsel robert mueller investigation one step closer to the trump campaign involving a friend of trump's for more than 30 years roger stone was defiant after a
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brief federal court appearance in florida where fbi agents arrested him and searched his house. robert mueller's prosecutors accuse roger stone to lying to congress stone said he never meant to mislead investigators. >> i will plead not guilty to these charges. i will defeat them in court. i believe this is a politically motivated investigation. >> reporter: prosecutors say stone lied to the house intelligence committee in september of 2017 about his efforts to discover more about e-mails hacked by the russians from the clinton campaign and democrats and passed along to wikileaks which made thousands of them public court documents say stone bragged to the trump campaign in the summer of 2016 that wikileaks had documents harmful to clinton's campaign. after the first set of stolen e-mails before the democratic national convention, a senior
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official, not named, was directed to contact stone to see what other dirt wikileaks has on the clinton campaign stone then urged a friend to get to julian assange. stone urged a radio host to find out more about what wikileaks had on clinton in october of 2016, a high ranking trump campaign official asked about the status of future wikileaks dumps four days later, the issue with john podesta. >> i received nothing from wikileaks. i passed nothing on to donald trump or the trump campaign. >> reporter: prosecutors say he lied to congress by claiming he had no e-mails or texting documents his efforts over what wikileaks was up to.
4:17 am
he urged a character of one who lies to congress in "the godfath godfather. stone threatened to take away his dog. >> there are other shoes to drop he is looking at other people. >> reporter: stone is out on bail for now soon to face mueller's prosecutors in court >> he will enter his not guilty plea before the federal judge in washington next tuesday. frances. >> thank you, pete she didn't go anywhere julia man she chester is back wh us let's talk about the headline with roger stone the indictment what is the most significant point that could get the president in trouble here? >> the significant point that puts the president in trouble is the top official that reportedly directed stone to try to get contacts with wikileaks. we saw a lot of e-mails from stone in that indictment with
4:18 am
him and steve bannon and other trump officials. suggesting he had information on wikilea wikileaks. stone in the days leading up to the democratic national convention, he seemed to hint on twitter and in public, he had a way of knowing something would happen with john podesta's e-mails. that is notable. after the "access hollywood" tape dropped in october, the hacked e-mails came out. the timing of all this is peculiar >> it certainly is more questions to answer when it comes to the president and what he will say and what's next when it comes to this we will watch that julia, thank you for being with us the headline reads, we can see collusion with the soon i indictme indictment e thauthor of the article joins me next to talk about it and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes.
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i don't believe that i'll be charged in any crime that relates to russian collusion or wikileaks collaboration. i can guarantee you they have found no evidence of russian collusion nor trafficking of hacked e-mails with wikileaks. >> the charges relate in no way to russian collusion, wikileaks collaboration or any other illegal act with connection with the 2016 campaign. >> you heard him former trump adviser roger stone
4:23 am
doubling down on the claim he is innocent after the indictment by the special counsel with seven charges of witness tampering and making false statements. joining me now is former prosecutor doug burns and news writer for "vanity fair" abby hyde let's start with you, danny. you see the list there of what he is being charged with in the seven counts roger stone is not charged with conspiracy does that surprise you >> two ways of looking at this one is mueller is waiting to charge the global larger conspiracy for strategic reasons. he may do so in the future on the other hand, the argument may be conspiracy. mueller may feel he doesn't have the strong case for collusion and commit computer hacking or
4:24 am
whatever he believes should be charged for any connection with russia and wikileaks mere knowledge by roger stone that these crimes were being committed is not enough to hold him libel for conspiracy however, conspiracy law allows for the lightest participation or request for criminal activity to be criminal under federal law. so, the big question is with all of this description of contact with wikileaks and julian assange in the indictment, why no charges from the conduct arising directly from that behavior why only charges based on the cover-up after when the investigation started and only after the investigation started? that is a question that we're all going to look at in the coming weeks >> and if the conspiracy is going to come. abigail, what is the level of significance for roger stone
4:25 am
what does it signal to you about the mueller investigation? >> you know, we have talked about this idea that these are process crimes false statements and witness tampering. things of that nature. to say there are no charges related to conspiracy or collusion. these are serious charges. he could face decades in prison if found guilty of the charges it is still a serious indictment of roger stone when we take a step back and look at the picture that roger stone is painting through the indictment, we are seeing the aspects of the collusion questions answered you see what is laid out with roger stone and senior trump officials with wikileaks e-mail dumps. we are seeing these broader idea of what coordination, if any, there was through roger stone between wikileaks and the trump campaign. >> we heard from roger stone yesterday in that press
4:26 am
conference and interviews on cable news doug, i want to play parts from the interview yesterday and talk about. >> no senior campaign official told me to find out anything about wikileaks. >> there's a 100% chance in your mind that nobody can offer any compelling, credible proof that donald trump knew about your efforts to get to wikileaks? >> nobody can supply any corroborating truth. >> the allegations in reading it is you lied to the congressional committee. have you spoken to the president about this >> i have not. when the president answered the written interrogatories, he said roger stone and i never discussed this and we never did. >> that when he was talking about the president and written testimony he submitted during thanksgiving is this a topic the president or legal counsel should disclose and how would he know what was in that? >> that's a good point
4:27 am
look, you know, as danny says, there are two ways to look at this overall oh, there may be a collusion case coming down the pike or they don't have it that's just where it stands. you know, all of this is interesting as a defense lawyer for over 20 years and a prosecutor for over a decade in my case, very ill advised to go on television and talk about the case he laid that out in the indictment the senior official contacted him. he said that didn't happen it has to be an issue of where is the truth we have to dig that out. >> abigail, you spoke about collusion in the article we talked about the stone witness tampering issue here the attacks against michael
4:28 am
cohen could be considered witness tampering and face legal exposure is this a charge we can expect for the president after he leaves office? >> that is hard to answer at this point we have the doj statement that says you cannot indict a sitting president. the issues with michael cohen is adding questions to the issue. and when you look at the president's behavior and you look at roger stone's behavior and treatment as laid out in the indictment, one question is why? what are they trying to cover up what is going on i think that is sort of another aspect of the indictment that raises a fresh set of question marks. >> when it comes to the president talking about that, danny, domestit comes more in tj policy the president cannot be indicted because of that. his campaign solicited a
4:29 am
contribution from a foreign national may be subject to criminal inn diedictment what are the legal consequences for his campaign, danny? >> it is an open question whether a sitting president can be indicted. the bedrock principle no man is above the law in our system. if you indict a president, he is the only person in the entire government, if you arrest him, he sits in a jail cell and runs the government the vice president doesn't step in until the president is actually removed as to the witness tampering charges against the president or allegations or fact that we say he is witness tampering, we should step back a little bit. generally speaking, defense attorneys are perfectly permitted to stand up in court or media and say this cooperating witness is a that is standard practice in the
4:30 am
criminal justice system. on the other hand, when the president says it, it takes on a different context. it is a different experience for a cooperating witness like michael cohen who now suddenly feels the full force of the united states government calling him a liar and telling people that this is the most problematic line for the president, watch his father-in-law. that is saying watch what he has done in the past or whaatch wha will do to him as president. >> doug, i want to ask you about the wording here when it comes to the indictment with the senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about additional releases and other damaging information over the clinton campaign who would have directed him and would that be a federal crime? >> that is the key question. looking at this from 30,000
4:31 am
feet, people are getting ahead of the ski tips. we heard watergate comparisons watergate was covering up a crime. here, it is not clear, actually. i'm not defending anybody that the underlying conduct of trying to get information from wikileaks, opposition research, and the toxic political discussions is necessarily an underlying crime it is debatable to answer your question about whether it is a crime. what is leaving us scratching our heads and i'm jump ing to te other way to look at it, if it is not a crime, why isn't everyone being truthful? >> when it comes to stone. sticking with his word, abigail. he said he would never flip on the president. you have the time of the arrest and he posted this photo to instagram. saying he was proud of the president. what is the likelihood he will
4:32 am
flip >> that's a little hard to say i would like to draw comparison to michael cohen michael cohen told my colleague that he would take a bullet for the president and look what happened there he is cooperating with special counsel robert mueller he is cooperating with sdny and new york state ag office i think one of the questions is right now, obviously, roger stone came out swinging and i'm loyal to the president i would like to, you know, point out that a lot of other witnesses and individuals who have been ensnared in the probe said similar things and ultimately did cooperate. >> the interviews last night, danny, he said he would not bear false witness begiagainst the president and fight it is he thinking of a pardon >> that would be a good play strategically, if you are the president, you are not thinking pardon at this late stage because you have all of these folks, michael cohen for example, who have decided to
4:33 am
cooperate. the time to pardon this cast of characters was many, many months ago at the outset of the investigation. still, however, roger stone knows how to appeal to this president. he loves these displays of loyalty that we have seen from roger stone over the last day and last 24 hours alone. even that alone might tempt the president to issue a pardon. however, the president is probably also aware of the political fire storm that would come if he issued the pardon and following discussion of whether or not a pardon, if validly issued, may constitute an overall crime with corrupt intent >> lots to follow. we thank you for the perspective. danny and doug and abigail thank you. >> my pleasure to "the new york times" who says it is understandable that donald trump's collapse in the shutdown battle.
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i will not quit. i will not fold. i will not bend. i will not bear false witness
4:38 am
against the president. i intend to fight because this indictment is fabricated i know i'm innocent. my intention is to plead not guilty and to fight the charges. i've had no discussion with anyone regarding a pardon. >> that's roger stone last night vowing to fight charges by the special counsel after released from the federal courthouse after being released on $250,000 bond we have geoff bennett with more. >> reporter: this is raising questions of the pursuit of the hacked e-mails, russia hacked e-mails in the lead up to the 2016 election. some trump aides say it is raising concerns what else the special counsel may have uncovered. trump adviser roger stone is back home. preparing for the fight of his life late friday, he made his case on cable news >> it's about silencing me
4:39 am
i intend to plead not guilty >> reporter: stone slamming the special counsel indictment of lying and with witness tampering. >> i have addressed and rebutted the idea that they need evidence, they have been in my e-mail and text messages and phone calls for two years. >> reporter: the seven charges listed include lying to congress about his efforts to uncover damaging e-mails hacked by the russians from the democrats and hillary clinton's campaign it also includes this stunning detail after the first wikileaks dump of hacked e-mails in 2016, a senior trump official directed to contact stone about any additional releases. roger stone was defiant friday after his federal court appear r appearance in ft. lauderdale channelling his hero richard nixon. the dirty descriptitrickster ad
4:40 am
president for decades. >> i am one of his oldest friends. >> reporter: just last month, mr. trump said stone has guts for saying he would never testify against the president. the white house now trying to distance the two >> this has nothing to do with the president or white house >> reporter: sanders did not answer directly when it was that official to contact stone about the hacked democratic e-mails. stone says he did not coordinate with the president roger stone is now the sixth associate of president trump indicted in the mueller investigation. the president's convicted former campaign chairman paul manafort was in court yesterday, too. that separate case is where prosecutors said they didn't think manafort deserves special credit next month since manafort
4:41 am
lied to federal investigators after agreed to cooperate in the russia investigation fran frances. >> thank you, geoff. still to come, what the papers are saying about the shutdown deal. we are looking at the editorials out this morning some of them are scathing. wweill bring you those details next ance nly for what you great news for anyone wh- uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need. this is phoebe buckley, on location. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and
4:45 am
reopen the federal government. >> president trump probably won't like some of the scathing editorials in the newspapers among them, "the new york times" the shutdown was a cruel joke. also calling it a debacle and foot stomping glorious in self defeat this was proof of the president's incapacity for leadership which he confirmed to reshutter the government in three weeks. and then "dallas news" showing a pathetic moment in history and roger stone's campaign adviser says this means people will try to impeach the president. so is he right i'm a bit un ble. let's redecorate. whatsyamatter tanya, i thought you loved being spontaneous? i do.
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4:49 am
that red is saying, like, "i'm a fun car." if i wanted to be a cool dad, the traverse. i like the blue one. the red one. and i would take that traverse. well, luckily you don't have to agree, because no matter what you want in an suv, chevy has the perfect one for you. man 2: i think you got it covered. woman: i love them all. (laughing) this morning, two headlines hitting the trump presidency the first is a deal and defeat for president trump. >> if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shutdown on february 15th, again, or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and constitution of the
4:50 am
united states to address this emergency. >> also the roger stone indictment >> i will plead i will plead noo these charges. i will defeat them in court. i believe this is a politically motivated investigation. >> i want to bring out our democratic strategist and jill watkins. welcome. joe, i want to start with you and roger stone. so you have got layers here getting peeled back getting closer to the core of the president. what does it mean for president trump. >> it doesn't help the president that six of his closest advisers have now been indicted and roger stone has a more than 30-year relationship with president trump. so this is not good news for the president. certainly again brings the
4:51 am
country's full attention back to the mueller investigation and clearly robert mueller is not going to litigate this in the media as roger stone is trying to do. he obviously is very, very serious and these charges should be taken seriously if i were roger stone, i wouldn't be talking to the media about the case. >> no. we saw him with the interview press conference there and making a couple appearances on cable news he also says his indictment stemming from before >> the point has been made over the past few months that in terms of criminal terms and legal terms that's not really the issue. the conspiracy question is really the legal question. but, look, the bigger issue is there is a certain irony to roger stone's lifelong
4:52 am
idolization with richard nixon that is what wikileaks did, they broke into the dnc, virtually, but it is a break-in nevertheless they stole private e-mails and it is unbelievable that you have got someone like roger stone who idlizes richard nixon. >> he was adamant in his appearance yesterday saying he's not going to bear false witness against a president -- >> i don't know why anyone would take anyone that he says seriously. but i think it's likely he's going to try to stone wall and not cooperate. i think he's going to go down. robert mueller, as our colleague here said, if robert mueller doesn't come ready to play, he has at least irreputable evidence. >> he said he's not going to quit he's not going to fold
4:53 am
he's not going to bend when it comes to this. >> he's saying that now, but perhaps as time goes on and he realizes the seriousness of the charges he may give it a second thought. after all, he's a man in his late 60s he has to consider he could spend a lot of time in prison, maybe the rest of his life after considering that, people sometimes shift. let's shift to the shutdown. do you see that as a cave? what was the tipping point >> it was the good thing that the president gave in to democrats and said let's re-open the government when you consider all the people that were hurt and the millions of americans impacted negatively by the shutdown and the national economic ripple effects, it is a good thing the government has re-opened. i hope it doesn't shut back down
4:54 am
again in mid-february. that would be a disaster of course for our country but the president has left open the option to call a national emergency to get the money to build his wall. >> when you talk about getting to the shutdown to begin with, ann colter has been vocal about it. >> do i expect a president to keep the promise he made every day for 18 months, no, it's the base that's what happened. >> she went on to call the president a wimp in a tweet. lauren, i'm sure you saw that, too. when it comes to his base, what are they thinking? what level of anger are they at now? >> well, look, mini think he's losing support left and right. he, himself, has been reported over and over again he himself claimed responsibility for the shutdown and tried to shift blame to the democrats i think at the end of the day everyone loses everyone loses in a government
4:55 am
shutdown i know people feel like the democrats won here, but everyone loses. that's what the democrats have been trying to convey to the president from the beginning in the end he winds up signing the bill that was basically the identical bill to what passed both houses on december 18th we could have avoided the whole thing. this is not how government works and this is not how democracy works. when there are elections and the american people elect representatives to congress and it is their law to fund the government, you don't hold 800,000 people hostage because you don't get what you want. i really hope the president learns his lesson from this. let's make a deal and work on this seriously. >> let me ask joe about that is there any credit that we should give the president here for opening that who wins more? who is a bigger winner there na. >> i think nancy pelosi because
4:56 am
she said no money for a border wall and indeed there is no money for a border wall. i think that democrats and republicans both want to talk about border security, but i think the wall is a nonstarter for democrats. >> all right. >> as long as that is the issue for the president, he's not going to get his money he's gong to have to call a national emergency on that. >> both of you, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. the white house finding itself in trouble over clearances given, especially to jared kushner. the story ahead on "up." because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia.
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that will do it for this hour i'll see you again at noon eastern. now it is time for "up" with david guerra well, happy to report that after 35 days, the partial government shutdown is over for now. president trump agreeing to a temporary solution, a three-week deal even though there is no new funding for a wall, the president is not giving up. >> walls work. they do work israel built a wall. 99.9% success with it. won't be any different for us. >> is it a concession or a compromise or a cave some conservative commentators are calling the president a