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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 13, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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and that is our broadcast for this tuesday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. rnlgsz this morning with another shutdownth looming, president trump is signaling that he may sign a bipartisan border deal that would keep the government funded, but he also has his options opened for building a wall. plus b lawmakers on the sene intelligence committee have found no proof c against the trp campaign andin russia but their investigation is not done yet. and after decades of crime, drugme kingpin joakim guzman is facing a lifetime in prison aftere being convicted yesterd. [ music playing ] >> good morning, everyone, it's
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wednesday, february 13th. last night, president trump tweeted his apparent approval for a congress am compromise that would ssavert a shutdown b seemed to act knowledge that it's $1.375 billion is far short from the 5.7 billion he was asked for quote, was just presented the concept and parameters of the border security deal by hard working senator vichd shelby. looking over all aspects knowing that this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources. the white house official told nbc news earlier tuesday even in trump sign aufs on the agreement to keep the government opened, other options were on the table tore build a more substantial barrier. yesterday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham said trump will close the gap if funding for the wall, with i the president long said mexico would pay for by
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using his presidential powers. >> ies hope he signs the bill. second, i think he ought to use whatever tools he can legally use to enhance his effort to 62 you are the boa -- secure the border. >> as for the moneyey for the barrier, if he can use steel barriers that he's talking about, i would say overall that's a pretty good deal. he will make up the difference throughp executive action. >> so conservative criticism for a lack of wall funding preceded the 35-day government shutdown in december and the president's staunchest defenders initially reacted with disgust, including fox news sean hannity who called itn quote a garbage compromise here's what he had to say last night. >> we need to tackle what is a garbage new compromise, bipartisan congressional committee havean agreed to
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allocate a whopping oh $1.375 billion for border wall krungs. that pales in comparison to the president's mprequest. the presidentt' tweeted, quote,e will be getting almost $23 billion for border security, regardless of what they give us, wall money. it is being built as we speak. it sounds like a national emergency is goings to be declared. >> all right, a front page story in this morning's washington post, special counsel bob mueller is closely examining a dinner meeting on august 2nd of 2016 at the grand havana room in new york city between then campaign chair paulit manafort, his deputy rick gates and konstantin kilimnik, a foreign operative alleged to have ties to russian intelligence. according to "post," it was at that meeting that prosecutors believe manafort and kilimnik may have exchanged key
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information. what one member of mueller's team called the heart of what the special counsel's office is investigating during a sealed hearing last week. another sealed hearing for manafort will be held in federal court this afternoon. t after conducting intervie over the past two years, democrats and republicans tell nbcan news they are nearing the end of their investigation into the 2016 election and have uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign and t russia. but according to nbc investigators, excuse me, according to nbc, investigators along party lines disagree when it comes to implications of contacts documented between trumpco associates and russians contacts that occurred before, during and after russian operatives wereus seeking to he trump by leaking hacked e-mails and attacking his opponent hillary clinton online. here's what chairman richard burr had to say yesterday which
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got pushed back by former cia director john brennan. >> reporter: how long do you think you will see the final report? >> that's sha ready to say, i don't think how long it will takeho to write two years of a report. and a go through a declassification process. which is what i want to do. i t want the american people to see the facts. i want to say it before, we have no factual evidence between collusion of the president and russia. >> they are able pull financial records that special counsel has. >> after nbcel published the report yesterday, president trump weighed in on twitter thanking igmsnbc. the senate took the last step before confirming william barr as attorney general, approving a motion during his confirmation hearing last month. barr declined to commit at least to releasing special counsel
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robert mueller's report. but a new washington post poll find an overwhelming majority want the report out. 81% of adults believe mueller's report should, in fact, be released, including 79% of republicans, 15% think it should not be pun plished. if mueller's report thinks he authorized the campaign to coordinate with the russians, 61% would support congress impeaching the president, including 29% of republicans. similarly, if the report finds that trump i tried to obstruct e have been investigation ct65% would supportio impeachment, amg those 36% republicans. joining us now, the political correspondent for the washington examiner, freight to have you with us. let's talk about the poll numbers. one of the arguments you hear from the president is the american public doesn't care abouter the mueller probe. he called it a witch hunt. he says it's a bunch of angry
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democrats. these poll numbers would suggest otherwise. >> i think webe seen in poll numbers that there is interest among the public and a lot of voters are concerned about the implications of what mueller is investigating. so i think what the president has tried to do is litigate the mueller investigation before it's everst concluded so that b thede time it is released, in there is anything damaging. even if there is no collusion, there could be damaging him elements of associates of his that conspired with the russians or whatever mueller may find. correct. that's why i think a lot of the key leaks in this case probably came from the president's team sopr they could get potentially damaging information out there before mueller did. >> try to blunt it a bit? >> yeah. by the a time this investigatio is publicized, if it's complete, if it is completely released, we will have already argued about this. we will have moved on. the president knows it could be damaging. the president knows that the
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public is engaged. otherwise, i don't think he would spend this much time and energy actually keeping it in the news and trying to frame it to his benefit. >> a poll is suggesting the public gewants to see this muelr probe in full, the likelihood of that happening i think is pretty low to say the least. >>w well, i wouldn't necessari agree with that. i'd say that it depends on what mueller finds, how much of it is classified. if the president is right that ultimately there is nothing to see here in regard to him. >> yeah. >> the pest thing is for this thing to be transparent. >> because it exonerates him. >> it puts it to bed. >> yeah. >> if it doesn't, he's got another problem and't i'm sure e special counsel will make recommendations. >> obviously the president's response on>> the border deal fm his tweet that he will be getting $23 billion for border security but regardless the wall is still being built, we heard sean hannity say he thinks the
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president sounds like he's going to declare a national emergency to get the money he wants to build this border wall. what do you think? where will we end on this? >> it depends on who he talks to last, what kind of mood is he in? >> right. >> who he's watched last on media. >> if he talked to richard shelby yesterday and called sean hannity afterwards. right. what ifrw there is a report tha shows he is not getting that much statute tomorrow for the wa --fo statute torely, that may s him off. i think what you seen the president do in his tweets is lean on that $24 billion overall figure for border security overall. he congratulated in another tweet grrepublicans on the committee saying they did the best they could working with all these radical democrats. so i think the president is leaning towards signing this. i would guess he probably if it
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were today intends to sign it because everybody knows the government shutdown is not going to do anything political. in hifact, one thing we should d on here, if the president would have taken $1.6 billion and put the onus on nancy pelosi to compromise with him on february 8th, he probably could have gotten more h money for the wal. this was completely bungled and unnecessary. >> all right. drucker. we will talk to you again, stick around for us. president trump is being accused of hypocrisy calling for democr democratic congresswoman omar. the president discussed her remarks after first talking about immigration. he then made this transition. >> one other thing i might want to say is anti-semitism has no
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place in the united states congress and congressman omar is terrible what she said and i think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the house foreign affairs committee. what she said is so deep seeded in her heart that her lame apology and that what it was, it was lameit and she didn't mean word of it was just not appropriate. >> okay. so you may remember the president was also criticized during the 2016 campaign for playing into jewish stereotypes about money. here hety is speaking to the republican jewish coalition in 2015. >> i'm in a different position than the otheren candidates, i don't want any of your money. i want your support, i don't want your money. again, i don't want your money, therefore you willan probably fought support me, stupidly you want to give money.
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trump doesn't want money. i believe the iran deem, i'm a negotiator like you folks, we don't build gas stations in the middle of afghanistan for 23 million? how many think they could have donehe it for sfles some of us negotiate deals, there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals in this room? this room negotiates. this room. perhaps more than any room i've ever spoken to. maybe more. >> so there was also the time that the president t tweeted ou this photo featuring hillary clinton a people of cash in what lookssh like the star of david that read most corrupt candidate ever. and of coursete his infamous remarks of good people being among whiteng supremacists at tt rally in charlesville remarks for which he has never apologized. >> double standard you think? >> you think. >> still ahead one of the most
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notorious drug lords is waking up a guilty man. we will talk next about el chapo. >>el a telephone scam artist pis the wrong target and wievendz up behind bars. we will have those stories and a check on weather s when we come back. come back one hour pickup order?
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check in from afar with remote access, ♪ and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store. call, or go online today. welcome back, everybody. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo faces life in prison after being found guilty on all charges yesterday. the three-month trial of joakim guzman showed they smuggled billions of drugs into the u.s. and plagued mexico for crimes for decades. guzman reportedly looked stunned as the judge announced the jury's conviction on all ten counts, including money laundering and drug trafficking. some say he will be placed in a
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supermax prison for the rest of his life. given his high criminal status and past escapes, his sentencing hearing is scheduled for june 25th. secretary sanders weighed in to promote trump's agenda, tweeting in part the violent threat is real. we must secure our border. in an exclusive report nbc news learned about a phone scam targeting older americans that recently backfired after the scammer picked the wrong person to mess with. the cia director william webster, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: the calls from jamaica promise a $15 million lottery prize in terms of wiring $15,000 to cover taxes, when the 90-year-old man who answered the phone didn't send money, neither did his wife the caller threatened violence. >> i'm going to. [ bleep ] kill you. i'm going to [ bleep ] kill your
2:18 am
husband. i'm not going to give you warning. >> reporter: what he didn't realize is the man he targeted is william webster the former director of the cia and fbi. >> it seemed to me something wasn't quite right. this was pretty obvious to me there was something fishy about it. >> reporter: he and his wife linda notified the fbi. >> when he threatened violence, did it seem like a legitimate threat? >> he terrified me. he told me what the sniper's bullet would do to my head the blood would go onto the house. it's very frightening. >> at some point he learned that he was involved with the fbi and cia. >> but that didn't stop him? >> no, he said the fbi and cia will never find him. >> reporter: thomas was arrested when he flew to the u.s., his sentence six years in prison. they are watching, sending pictures of their target's house, which many victims don't
2:19 am
realize come from google earth. older people tend to be trusted and embarrassed to admit they were cheated. thomas collected $300,000 from his victims but not from the websters, pete williams, nbc, washington. >> he definitely called the wrong guy, they were tracking you and got you when you set foot on u.s. soil. >> that story on so many levels, justice. >> yeah. >> with that, let's switch gears to bill kierans. >> yesterday, any complaints? >> how much time do we have? >> i had to navigate a double stroller through the snow. there was a picture of video of me out there. >> and three dogs. >> i won't lie about that. all right, let's get to the storm. starting to exit northern new england. rain in south florida, too. as far as the sleet and the snow, we are just about done.
2:20 am
this is the back side of the storm, by the way, snow showers near grand rapids, snow showers in ohio. >> that will be the case today, much in western pennsylvania and new york. the actual storm is exciting northern new england, heavy snow from portland northward to banger and caribou and presque isle. the accumulations were everywhere else, temperatures went above freezing. it's still very icy in central portions. a lot of school delays out there. this snow that's expected today and tonight, most coming off lake erie and ontario, a typical area. what's next? we are calling an atmospheric river. the reason we calm it that, here's hawaii the southerly jet stream is very active. a huge storm is coming into areas of california. it will be with us from san francisco into southern california will get it, too. we have flood watches for 26 million people, including san francisco, fresno, san diego and
2:21 am
just outside of l.a. we're going to calm for at least two-to-four inches of rain in the areas outside of those big cities, especially the foothills. we'll have to wait and see how bad the flooding will be in california. this is probably the third biggest storm they've had this winter. they've had a bunch, we're talking a feet of snow in the mountains again, we won't be worrying about drought conditions this year. this has been a banner season. >> let's hope we don't see the mudslide, that's completely devastated in california. >> too dry in fires. you will deal with too much? >> thanks, bill. still ahead the national debate, the national debt hits a new milestone topping $22 trillion for the first time, what's causing the rapid uptick and what can be done about it? that straight ahead. about it? that straight ahead. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
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and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. welcome back. time now for sports. we begin with college basketball. an incredible comeback in louisville as 2nd ranked duke trailing by 22 points outscores the cardinals 25-10 over the final 9 seconds of the game, holding the charms to just 2 from 11 from the floor during that span and the biggest second-half comeback of coach k's career. duke beats louisville 71-69 in that one. kentucky and the fifth ranked wildcats tied with number 19 lsu in the game's final
2:25 am
seconds. take a look at this. all the way to the rap. tipped in! >> the tip-in at the buzzer earns the tigers their first rin over kentucky in a decade, final score in that one 73-71. and in state college, pennsylvania, another big upset as penn state downs number 6 michigan. lamar stevens posted a double double with 26 points and a rebound as the wolverines had the play the second half without the head coach john beeline tossed out for arguing with the officiating staff. penn state wins this one 75-69 and finally let's turn to the nba western conference, russell westbrooke, both on fire with harden scoring 30 or more points in 30 consecutive games and
2:26 am
westbrooke making history with the tenth straight triple double. but when asked, which feat is most impressive, nba hall of famer and king michael jordan can't help but remind us who is the greatest of all time. take a listen to this. >> i'm very proud of what both guys have done. because they're making their mark for the leak. i think it helps the league, which is hard from a player's standpoint, six championships. >> i love that. he won six titles with the chicago bulls in the 1990s. >> he's not going to give up the mantle of all time easily, he's not going to let someone come in and claim they're the great. >> reporter: impressive from a player's standpoint. >> when you haven't won six nba championships and all the record he has. still ahead, as lawmakers wait for robert mueller to
2:27 am
finish up his probe. they are making sure his final report is made public. >> the house chair what we are saying about that.
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welcome back, everybody. look at that face, louis bergdorf, there he is. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. we reported yesterday michael
2:31 am
congave closed door testimony for medical reasons. the committee chair richard burr was none too leased with that. >> i can show you any good will with the community is michael cohen is gone. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know, you'd have to ask him about it. he's had a letter for six months asking for his return. he's already stepped on being in washington today because of an illness, yet on twitter, a reporter reported he was having a wild night saturday night eating out in new york with buddies, didn't seem to have any physical limitations, he was out with his wife last night. >> cohen's media adviser responded with this statement. r responded with this statement.
2:32 am
. the medication mr. cohen is currently taking made it impossible for him to testify this week. it should be noted that mr. cohen committed to all three committees that he would voluntarily testify before the end of the month. we believe senator burr should appreciate that. it is possible to have pain and be in a restaurant with his wife. cohen is expected to report to prison march 6th. according to associated press, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler has brought on two veteran attorneys and trump critics as they prepare to review the special counsel's report the new hires signal while democrats have been cautious on whether they may eventually choose to try to remove the president from office, they are moving forward aggressively with oversight as they await mueller to finish his
2:33 am
own investigation. democrats in the house and senate have been discussing ways to bolster their legal teams in anticipation of a battle over the report. one person familiar with that battle say several democrats who met with william barr told him if he didn't make a comprehensive report available to congress, their house colleagues would consider subpoenaing mueller's investigations. president trump is clashing with an independent agency over plans to close an aging coal plant. the tennessee valley's board is set to meet tomorrow to consider whether to shut down its last remaining unit at the paradise plant in western kentucky. the 49-year-old facility only operated periodically last year, because it was no longer needed to supply uninterrupted power. on monday night, the president tweeted the tennessee valley short, quote, should give serious consideration to all factors before going to close viable power plants like
2:34 am
paradise number three in kentucky. earlier that day, the staff signed an assessment proposing the paradise plant and the bull run in eastern tennessee be retired because they are not viable. the paradise plant buys coal from murray energy cooperation, headed by roger murray, a major trump campaign donor. >> mitch mcconnell says he allows the senate to vote on a new 14 deal to get 2020 democrats on the record on the legislation. >> i have noted with great interest the green new deal and we are going to be voting on that in the senate. we'll give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see thousand they feel about the green new deal. >> the 14-page plan aims to move the u.s. to zero carbon emissions by 2030, making
2:35 am
buildings more energy efficient, investing in electric vehicles and mass transportation. republicans including congresswoman liz cheney the third ranked republican in the house seized on an early summary of the plant that contained predictions not in the final legislation. >> it's going to be crucially important for us to recognize and understand when we outlaw gasoline, outlaw cars, i think actually probably the entire u.s. military because of the green new deal that we are able explain no our constituents and people all across this country what that really means. >> joining us once again, senior correspondent for the washington examiner david drucker. good to talk to you again, mitch mcconnell seeming like not a fan of the green new deem as he puts it. >> a little of a smile there. >> a smil little smirk, congress warm kamela harris and elizabeth warren have been standing up about the green new deal s. this what we see driving part of the
2:36 am
2020 politics for democrats, especially? >> well, i think it will drive both side, you will see democrats make climate change an issue and republicans highlight what they believe are some of the more extreme or unsavory proposals that are coming from the democratic party and say you really want to do that? is that what you want? i think that's why you saw mcconnell. of course, this is a stunt. i'm a fan of the political stunts. >> political theater. >> thigh ter, stunt. both side do it. i'm personally a big fan. because in one way it actually puts people on the record if terms of how they feel about legislation and the minority in congress never likes when their policy is hijacked and sort of ridiculed by the majority. look, if there is a big rush to deal with climate change, mcconnell is saying let's get it on the floor and deal with it. obviously, democrats don't want to deal with it that way.
2:37 am
one of the reasons you saw mcconnell say green new deal 55 times is because they see this as a political win. because they think that most americans, even americans sympathetic to climate change issues, republicans generally have a political problem there will look at this and say way too much too soon and this is noting? -- something we can sign on. this is not something i think that is uniform across the board in the democratic party in terms of how this is going to be dealt with. >> let's talk a bit about michael cohen. >> that seemed to be a big issue wed when senator burr was asked about it, especially in the wake of the report or the wake of the senate making it's determination they haven't found any evidence of collusion. he is scheduled to go to prison and is now supposed to testify. he's not doing that anymore. what happens if he goes to prison before he appears before
2:38 am
the senate? can their conclusions and findings withstand the criticism he may have lied to congress and the information he provided them was inaccurate? especially think that really the onus is on mr. cohen. he's the one that lied, mea culpa i want to them the truth. get to prison, tell the truth. if he keeps delaying. i don't care what excuse lanny davis comes up with, it only hurts his credibility that was lacking. mr. cohen presented himself as somebody who will be honest and forthright and provide all the information possible. >> do it. >> do it otherwise we don't know what to believe. maybe you said before is a lie the argument is you can trust me now he was lying then.
2:39 am
>> what are you making of the delay? >> who knows? he has been lying for years by his own admission. he has been dock things for president trump we know that were unsavory. he was the fixer. so who knows what his motivations are. the point is if he is georgetown to have any of his information been credible so we can say, gee, that's really important, he needs to get it done instead of coming up with excuses for why he isn't testifying. >> good to see you. retired astronaut mark kelley launched his campaign. he is married to former representative gabrielle gifford is the first to enter into the 2020 field. he will take on incumbent martha mcsally preefld held by the late senator john mccain. still ahead, the viral moments of one nfl superstar and a little boy with a unique
2:40 am
common bond and their touching meeting. >> plus, bill kierans is back with the cleanup on that massive winter storm along the east coast. [knocking] ♪ ♪
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bounty picks up messes quicker and is two times more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper. all right. let's get a quick check on your weather now with meteorologist bill kierans. hey, bill. >> the big ice storm and snow and sleet and all that mess is now gone with the exception of maine. we're just about done with it. so that's good. there are showers in areas of michigan, western portions coming off lake michigan. so we may deal with isolated icy problems. things have improved dramatically, temperatures went above freezing in most areas. the mildest air will be coming up the east coast. there is a little cold plast here in the northern plains. that's about it. now we will track the next storm system, heavy areas in california, eventually we will push it toward the east. this is as we go throughout
2:44 am
today and tomorrow, it's kind of week as we head into friday, areas of snow in northern new england otherwise. it looks like a nice quiet end to the week. we get a break from winter. 3450i8d temperatures, guy, 53 in kansas city, dallas at 64. areas will be in the 40 after being chilly and raw with that ice store d.c. into the mid-50s so a little break after our latest bout of winter. >> appreciate it. now to my favorite story of the morning when an nfl player and young fan discovered they had something in common. joe friar has this video that has now gone viral. >> when you are young and
2:45 am
curious, no one is a stranger. look in the background, will you witness the start of his newest friendship. >> there is someone hund you. >> reporter: that is sha keep grinks linebacker with the seattle seahawks and the first player in the nfl with one hand, in 1984, his left hand was amputated after it never fully developed. he's our role model, too. >> it didn't take long for joseph to realize what the two have in common. planting the seed, anything is
2:46 am
possibl possible. it's so incredible. for the mom to see that for her son and if son to see someone is playing in the nfl was basically born the same way as him and can achieve what he has. the two brothers played as well. their bond, all around like that. >> we need more people like that in this world, powerful role models for everyone. >> yes. still ahead, the red flag impacting millions of americans that have many concerns contractor concerned. >> more on the china trade talks, details on those stories and the others driving the business day. those stories and the others driving the business day #1 in video streaming according to nielsen... ...and #1 in network quality according to j.d. power. and that's why the only network to win in all four major awards is the one more people rely on. choose america's most reliable network
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welcome back. for the first time in this country's history, the u.s. debt has climbed past the $22 trillion mark. according to treasury department the debt hit the record mark this week less than one year it crossed the $21 million mark. the rapid uptick in that figure has come as a result of the passage of president trump and the 2017 tax package along with congressional efforts to increase spending on domestic and military programs. in an april 2016 interview with the washington post, then candidate donald trump insisted he would be able to get rid of the nation's debt, $19 trillion at that time over a period of eight years. columnists are finding other red flags, namely the 7 million
2:50 am
americans who are three months or more behind on their car loan payments, according to new numbers out of the federal reserve bank of new joining us live from london, obviously, a troubling number from economists. >> quite an alarming number there. more than 7 million americans are three months behind on their auto loan payments. this is higher than the peak reached in 2010 on back of the financial crisis. it is a big $584 billion jump in total auto loan debt, the highest numbers for the past 19 years or so. big numbers on the debt side of things. many economists say it is a sign some of the labor market strength hasn't been passed on to consumers. that said we had a strong day
2:51 am
for equities, up 1.5%. japan at a 4 month high, all of this on potential optimism on trade talks between the u.s. and china and possibility of the march 1 trade deadline. markets are reacting strong this morning. >> another story by amazon and much slashing of prices, whole foods began raising prices back on hundreds of items. what can you tell us about this? >> that's right. remember in 2017 when amazon acquired whole foods, they cut prices to remove whole foods being premium more expensive brands when interest comes to selling high quality products. "wall street journal" reported they started raising prices anywhere from 10 cents to
2:52 am
several dollars, hagen daz ice cream and others. and it has been eventually passed on to consumers. things are more more expensive for consumers. >> that's right. thanks. coming up on "morning joe," president trump signals his support for a deal to signal another government shoulddown while throwing another plan in the mix. and why the president may still go it alone to get his wall. democratic congresswoman veronica escobar of texas whose district sits along the wall will weigh in. and spike lee to discuss the academy award nominations for his film. was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing.
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joining us here on set -- >> in person. it's not even friday. >> hey, buddy. >> national political reporter for axios. we love having you here in person. if you do it more often we would appreciate it. what do we have today? >> this is a report by mike allen who -- the broad sweep of a democratic member with direct knowledge of this. there are a few things we picked up that are interesting. one is this member said they're worried the justice department has observed the red line trump set in terms of not going into his personal finances. the house intelligence committee will be coordinating with house financial services to investigate money laundering. the other thing is the members said they want to uncover what trump said privately to putin,
2:57 am
exploring whether that means subpoenaing the notes, the translator, something they're looking closely. >> that would be interesting if we could -- >> the translator, everybody wants to hear from the translator. we talked about how the house is beefing up with legal staff and investigators. what is it the president can do to hamper some efforts by the house and democrats? >> if it's executive branch stuff, they have a lot of leverage in terms of executive privilege. where it gets tricky for trump is trump organization, third party vendors and banks and other vendors they dealt with. i spoke to someone who has knowledge of the situation on the outside. they said ultimately, it becomes a political fight. the house, when they subpoena you from trump organization, there's not many legal ways to fight back. what they will try to do is make a political argument, going too
2:58 am
far, reaching beyond their mandate, et cetera, et cetera. >> we also know you have new reporting per chris christie from a private event you attended last night and have new information on chris christie. what was said exactly? >> the hedge fund billionaire, stephen cohen had a book party for chris christie last night at his home in manhattan. chris christie told trump stories for about an hour. i thought a few things he said were quite interesting. he made note of the fact no one in the white house dared to issue a statement denying anything he said about them in the book. he said, they know i know more and points at gary cohen and he said -- i don't know what that means. he said trump was favorite for re-election but said there was a 2% chance. >> 2%. >> 2% chance trump wakes up one
2:59 am
morning and says, i achieved more in three years more than lincoln and washington and more combined, i'm done. christie thought there was a 2% chance of that. >> did you get a sense whether chris christie will make a comeback into politics of any sort? >> he didn't say that but still has that hunger to. >> he probably still likes the private life at this point. >> oh -- >> no? >> once you get the bug, you get it. >> if you're out there, you can sign up for sign-up for axios. >> that's it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. >> are they're any ties between mr. trump, you, your campaign and mr. putin and his regime. >> no, there are not. it's absurd and there's no basis to it. >> let's go back to this
3:00 am
question of russia and hacking. can you tell us what you know about the relationship and what the campaign knows and what donald trump believed? >> we have no relationship. this is an absurd attempt by the clinton campaign to get the focus off the real issue, the real issue isn't even the democratic server being hacked, the real issue is her server. >> to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationships with any russian oligarches. >> that's what he said and what our position is. >> those are just three of the many times then trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, denied ties between his campaign and russia. >> manafort had an in person


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