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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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headquarters here in new york. russia probe. a federal judge has ruled a former trump campaign chairman paul manafort lied to investigators after agreeing to cooperate in the investigation in the russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> lawmakers are expected to vote on a bipartisan border deal today. the pressure is on to avoid another government shutdown by midnight on friday. today marks one year since the deadly shooting that killed 17 people at a high school in parkland, florida. we'll hear from some of the survivors about how life has changed since fateful day.
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good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 14th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. happy valentine's day everyone. trying to spread the love. new in the russia probe a federal judge ruled paul manafort lied to the special counsel's team on at least three issues and now federal prosecutors are no longer bound by a deal to recommend a lighter sentence for trump's former campaign chairman. in a written order the judge ruled manafort lied to the fbi, the special counsel's office and the mueller grand jury about payments made by an unidentified firm a and to a law firm and the matter was material to their investigation. the judge also ruled that manafort made multiple false statements about his interactions and communications with konstantin kilimnik who the fbi has linked to russian intelligence and manafort made false statements in october of last year that were material to another justice department investigation. the judge said that prosecutors
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failed to show that manafort lied in two other instances. this new ruling could affect the severity of punishment for manafort. he's scheduled to be sentenced on march 13th. the bill to avert another government shutdown has been filed. a vote in the senate is expected today with one in the house tonight as funding expires friday at midnight. democratic and republican leaders negotiated the deal around 12:00 a.m. the report was finalized. a total of 22.5 billion is going to border security with $1.375 billion funding 55 miles of new physical barriers. under the restrictions that they do not use concrete or the trump wall proto types. much of the new spending increase goes towards other security and humanitarian needs including about half a billion dollars each at port of entry and humanitarian aid at the border. hundreds millions more will fund
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hiring new custom officers and 75 additional immigration judge teams. half a billion will go to assistance to central american countries. there's a pay increase for federal workers does not include an ek tension of the violence against women act due to a disagreement over extending back pay to federal contractors who lost work during the government shutdown. if the votes are successful president trump is the one who will approve the actual deal and the lead republican negotiator senator richard shelby tweet this morning i just talked to the president. he was in good spirits. i told him i just signed the homeland security conference report and that it's a down payment on his border wall. this is only the beginning of a multi-ereffort. earlier in the day the president said he was looking forehand mines in the border compromise but by the evening he was tweeting poll numbers from fox
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news showing 60% favored the deal. speaking to reporters trump expressed desire for compromise. >> we're in very good shape and we're going to take a look at it when it comes. i don't want to see a shutdown. shutdown would be a terrible thing. i think a point was made with the last shutdown, people realized how bad the border is, how unsafe the border is and a lot of good points were made. >> so republican lawmakers says that president trump is the one who knocked down a measure that would provide back pay to federal contractors who were affected by last month's historic government shutdown. for more on that let's bring in our national political reporter, heidi przybyla. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers in both the house and senate were pushing the provision as part of a bipartisan agreement to avoid another shutdown. the measure also has the support of many republicans. but gop senator roy blunt told reporters yesterday quote, i've been told the president will not sign that. he added i guess federal
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contractors are different in his view than federal employees. hundreds of thousands of federal workers went without pay during the 35 day government shutdown the longest in u.s. history. in the past congress has provided back pay to government workers during other shouldn't but not extended back to federal contractors. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about this. i want to see if we can break down the possibility of yet another shutdown. do you think the president, heidi, is likely going to sign this bill, especially ever criticism from some folks on the right, people we know he listens to very closely like sean hannity and ann coulter and entire right-wing echo chamber. what do you think is the possibility we could hear talk of a declaration of emergency or some kind of executive action on this? >> reporter: it does appear he's going sign it. just doesn't want to look like he's happy to sign it. it looks like the president
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realizes that he's in a no win situation here. he said himself yesterday that the last thing we want is another shutdown. so all odds are on him signing it but then step two, as you mentioned, would be that he would announce some kind of an executive order shifting funds from other sources to continue to quote-unquote build the wall. at this point this really marks a pivot to the branding portion of this effort, because enot going to get anywhere near the $5.7 billion that he set out to get to build this wall, which by the way would not have even built the entire wall. even so it sound like he'll go ahead and shift that money using executive record. the irony in all of this is that president obama's use of executive orders was really the epicenter of so much republican scorn and criticism that this president is now going to be shifting to using the same mechanism. >> this is the first time we've seen irony.
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>> and a double standard by republican lawmakers. >> let's talk briefly about this paul manafort news and this new ruling, the judge ruling that manafort lied to fbi, the special counsel's office and the mueller grand jury. manafort made multiple false statements about certain interactions he had. what does this mean, heidi, for the special counsel's investigation? >> reporter: it means anything that paul manafort says from heretofore on is going to essentially be undercut, he can't be viewed as somebody who will undercut this investigation. it means that the judges in this case can really throw the book at him, that this is a man who is ailing and in his 70s and likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. but at the same time what we're learning from this is that there's something there that is really worth it to paul manafort to be lying about. so when you look at the substance and what is in these court filings, it has to do with
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this discussion at this havana room, this cigar bar where paul manafort allegedly met with konstantin kilimnik who was someone who has ties to russian intelligence and discussed two things. the polling data and then potentially the lifting of sanctions. that has huge implications depending on how far up the food chain that goes. >> i think that's the big question, what exactly was he covering up. >> why he is lying. >> exactly. >> heidi przybyla, we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. today marks one year since the shooting that left 17 people dead in parkland, florida. >> kate snow sat down with some of the survivors turned activists to talk about what's been accomplished since. >> i have the gunshot victim. >> reporter: in six minutes their lives changed forever. >> my life epidemiced and began at the same time. the person i used to be sort of faded away and i became a gun
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violence survivor. >> reporter: he was a freshman. jacqueline was handing out carnations on that valentine's day. sara was in study hall. >> feels like it's been years. >> reporter: you guys were activists within days. >> the day after. >> for a lot of us this activism was a coping mechanism. >> reporter: in those early hours they seized the spotlight and wouldn't letgo. >> we saw each other tweeting and doing interviews and students around the country that might have thought they couldn't make a difference saw us doing that and asked themselves well why can't i? >> reporter: do you think you changed the way advocacy looks? >> definitely. ripe they organized the march for our lives. but that was just the most visible action. for a year they balanced homework with advocacy. in 2018 nearly 70 new state laws have been passed. there's no federal ledgition
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since parkland. >> this time they messed with the wrong community and the wrong dad. >> reporter: his 14-year-old died running from the gunman. >> i think february 14th is going to feel a lot like february 14th last year when we learned and spending our day thinking about her that day. i miss my kid. >> reporter: there's a chain link fence around the building where the shooting happened. more security. but also a new garden where anyone can plant a flower. sara and jacqueline are seniors now, off to college next fall, passing the torch to younger students like ryan. you said never again. you don't want this to happen to kids again. there's been school shootings since yours. does that hurt? >> of course it hurts. i think that should hurt every single person that hears that statistic. but that's why we're sitting with you a year later still advocating and just a warning to the american public you have not
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seen the last of us. >> reporter: one year later, still fighting to make sure other students never feel their pain. kate snow, nbc news, parkland, florida. our thanks to kate snow for that powerful report. one year after that tragic parkland shooting florida's governor has called for an investigation into potential wrongdoing by the school district. the governor has petitioned for a grand jury to look into how the broward county school district and others in the state have handled student safety. he made the announcement yesterday on the eve of the first anniversary of the shooting while flanked by some of the victims, the 17 victims family members. if the florida supreme court accepts the petition by the governor the 18 member grand jury will have subpoena power to probe how school security funding has been spent. it would also mark the fourth time a state's grand jury has investigated the broward county school district. the house of representatives yesterday voted to end all u.s. military assistance for saudi arabia's war in yemen which has
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resulted in widespread civilian deaths including tens of thousands of children and caused a catastrophic famine and a humanitarian charismrisis. paul ryan blocked action in the house. yesterday in the first major foreign policy vote of this congress, the house passed a parallel measure with 18 republicans, most of whom who are in the freedom caucus voting with the democratic majority. if it once again passes the senate, it would mark the first time a war powers resolution to end military action reaches the president's desk. it is unclear if president trump will sign the bill or issue his first veto. >> ahead of president trump's second summit with north korea's young jeong now less than two weeks ago one of america's top military leaders is speaking out about decnuclearization prospects. general abrams testified before the senate armed services
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committee that the dprk has made few if any changes too its military pose second-tour that has provided no evidence it intends to decnuclearization. general abrams adds he's in favor of the second summit and notes tensions have decreased in trump's first meeting with kim. trump told a rally crowd he and the north korean leader fell in love due in part that beautiful letters kim sent him. he looks forward to seeing kim again and advancing the cause of peace. >> love is in the air. president and kim jong-un. still ahead we month former congressman beto o'rourke is debating a white house run in 2020. that may not be the only race he's considering. >> president trump has visited his own golf properties 168 times since taking office. now there's word he may not have to travel so far.
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gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. information democratic congressman beto o'rourke met with senate majority leader chuck schumer to discuss a possible u.s. senate run in 2020. politico reports two discussed o'rourke running against republican senator john cornyn in 2020, according to a source familiar with the meeting. last year, as you may remember, o'rourke nearly lost his senate race against ted cruz in texas. since then he's been considering a presidential bid but has not publicly discussed a second campaign for the senate, although he has not ruled it out. a spokesperson for o'rourke did not return a request for comment on the meeting to politico. senator schumer's office also declined to comment. o'rourke said he plans to
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announce whether he'll run for the white house by the end of this month. >> president trump has a golf simulator installed at the white house. "the washington post" first reported the system cost $55,000 and installed during the last few weeks in a room in trump's private residence george a white house official. the official who spoke to the "post" on the condition of anonymity said trump paid for the system and its installation personally. the golf simulator replaced an older less sophisticated system installed by president obama. trump an avid golfer spent 69 days off the course during the partial government shunned, the longest stretch of his presidency. after examining three moves trump's schedule, executive time where usually he did not leave his residence for the oval office counted for 60% of his scheduled hours. the white house told the "post" the president has not used the golf simulator during his executive time or since it was
2:19 am
installed. >> you would think with all this time playing golf he would have won at least one tournament. >> maybe this is where he thinks of all his ideas. when you're on the treadmill, you know, or going for a run, this is his tread mill. >> i want to know what his over under is. let's bring in our golf expert. >> now he's a golf expert. >> the more you play doesn't guarantee the better you get. >> is that how it works? >> it does not. >> you stay the same throughout your entire career. >> if you're getting lessons and pragmatic that's different. >> maybe he has a coach. >> i guess bill karins is a golf expert. >> apparently he is. >> i'll see you out on the putting green after work. flood information. 34 million people, this storm in california today high-risk of flash flooding. we're going to have some issues. 13 separate spots in the state where river gauges are above flood stage. a huge section up here, town of paradise where they had that
2:20 am
horrible fire. that area up to redding they picked up three to five inches of rain. from los angeles southward rainiest day. mountains could get four to five inches of rain outside of san diego and l.a.. that's why they are concerned with burn scars and think there will be debris flows. this will be all. >> in the sierra nevada range. epic snowstorm one after another the last couple of months. you can see the snow forecast. all of the mountain ranges here highlighted. as we go to aspen, sierra nevada range not so much in the cascades. utah will get hit too. jackson hole will look easily at a foot in the days ahead. . today's forecast anywhere evident of the rockies not bad. some snow showers occasionally on the lakes. warmer temperatures are arriving. st. louis had 60. d.c. at 54. here's the cold outbreak. we have very cold to the north but we hit 80 in a few spots of
2:21 am
texas. central plains are living up to their reputation. early peek at the weekend. light snow friday. kansas city to st. louis then take that towards washington, d.c. and virginia as we go through saturday. not a huge event but we'll look to see if we get a couple inches of accumulation. sunday looks fine. most areas a little bit of rain in the southeast. no big the storms or cold shots coming for the east coast in the days ahead. still ahead the relationship between israel and iran appears to be in question this morning after comments made by the israeli prime minister. >> just this morning? we'll talk to our bureau chief. >> live in new york. >> the comment made about war which was later changed. we'll be right back. right back.
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♪ cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. welcome back. time for sports. we begin with nba and history making in minnesota as the rockets james harden extends his 30-point streak to 31 games matching the great wilt chamberlain for the second longest span in consecutive games with 30 points. he needs 40 more to pass chamberlain for the all-time record. he finished last night's contest with 42 it was not enough to defeat the timberwolves. minnesota won. we go to denver where almost a year after ungoing hip surgery the nuggets isaiah thomas made his return to the floor against the sacramento kings entering the game to a standing ovation
2:25 am
late in the first quarter. thomas put up eight points to help denver defeat sacramento 120-118 in that one. knicks continue their season as bottom dwellers with last nights 126-111 loss to the 76ers at the garden where one member of the broadcast got a little more involved in last night's game than intended. as center chasing a loose ball. lands on statistician dave free who got something more than expected. thankfully while still crushed he came away unharmed. >> any thoughts on that one? >> nope. it looks like he jumped into his lap. >> the dangers of sitting court side. being on the floor. >> took out the monitor. wow. ouch. >> all right. let's see it one more time from
2:26 am
that angle. poor dave. hopefully dave is all right. >> thanks. still ahead house makers stand against anti-semitism in an unexpected way but some saying it should have come sooner. >> and zinke has a new job outside of the administration but still has ties to trump. that story and more coming up. come on, get back. quem, you a second behind your brother, stay focused. can't nobody beat you, can't nobody beat you. hard work baby, it gonna pay off. you got this. with the one hundred and forty-first pick, the seattle seahawks select. alright, you got it, shaquem. alright, let me see.
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with our commitment free guarantee, there's never been a better time to start listening to audible. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it's the bottom of the hour. we begin with an unexpected
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provision added to a house bill to end u.s. support for the war in yemen. a last minute motion from republicans to formally condemn anti-semitism and all attempts to delegitimize and deny israel's right to exist. republicans continue to hammer ilhand omar over tweets for which she's apologized. i really wish this had happened back in 2016 when the president's supporters were sending death threats to jewish supporters. or when he lied about tweeting a star of david plastered over money or when house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeted an anti-semitic tweet. this ad was highlighted from trump campaign that was criticized for using anti-semitic tropes along images of george soros. she compared it to the anti-semitic protocols of the
2:31 am
elders of zion. meanwhile vice president mike pence weighed in yesterday from warsaw. >> it's important that the leaders in congress take a firm stance against anti-semitism rhetoric and i think it requires consequences in this case. >> what the president said about banning all muslims in 2015? >> well, look, the president instituted a travel ban for the security of the united states of america. >> all right. house speaker nancy pelosi has rejected calls from republicans to remove congresswoman omar from the foreign affairs committee saying a newcomer of congress has apologized for her remarks. it took them 13 years to notice steve king. congresswoman omar respond the president calling her apology lame and tweeting out you have trafficked in hate your whole life against jew, muslims, indy againous immigrants, black people and more. i learn from people impacted by
2:32 am
my words when will you? more on that tweet we referenced from kevin mccarthy. let's bring back heidi przybyla. >> reporter: that's right. if you remember back in october just before the mid-terms mccarthy tweeted quote we cannot allow soros and bloomberg to buy this election. the word buy in all caps. here's what the congress mon now says about that. >> you put out a tweet about three billion injuries trying to buy the mid-term. >> that was about republicans versus democrats. michael bloomberg put in $54 million into the campaign just in the last couple of weeks in 24 districts. all i was pointing out was money that republicans and democrats were spending to defeat one another. >> reporter: the tweet which mccarthy deleted the next day came as tom styer, george soros
2:33 am
and others were targeted by pipe bombs. they asked mccarthy spokesperson why was it was deleted. and directed to a statement talking about the sensitivity of the political climate. the political climate is the same today as it was back then. the fbi has issued statistics consistently including in 2017 showing that the percentage of hate crimes is up. >> do you get a sense at least from your reporting and speaking to people on capitol hill that this issue has somewhat been politicized, being are using the issue of anti-semitism, legitimate accusation to tarnish other politicians but not within their own rank? >> reporter: 100%. if you recall, and the tweet stream was really a great encapsulati encapsulation. the president himself is guilty of using not just anti-semitic
2:34 am
trope but the same trope that representative omar use when he retweeted, for instance, during his campaign a picture of a star of david and hillary clinton sitting atop a pile of cash, a pile of money. he came under great scrutiny during an interview with cnn when during four different attempts he was asked to disavow the former kkk leader david duke and refused to do so. then again he did take to twitter later saying he disavowed but came under great scrutiny for being late to the game in terms of denouncing anti-semitism. >> you mentioned that incident with the white nationalist in charlottesville. >> reporter: of course the big difference here representative omarized. >> what type of response, if any are we getting from inside the gop who are being challenged and asked to look inside their own ranks and behavior of what
2:35 am
they've said and done over the last couple of years. it seems like there's a real lack of self-awareness when it comes to this. >> reporter: i do think there are individual gop members who have made some of the same types of mistakes, having apologized for them. the bigger issue is this president and the fact there's silence on the president. there are individuals who will make comments like steve king and they will come under great scrutiny and the party will pounce on them. we did see that with steve king getting a big backlash to his comments. when it comes to the president that's the problem, that there is virtual silence in cases like this, similar cases. >> yeah. heidi przybyla, thanks very much. we'll see you in just a little bit on "morning joe" as well. former interior secretary ryan zinke has found a new gig after stepping down from the trump administration amaid host of investigations. he landed a job at a lobbying
2:36 am
form. he's joining force with corey lewandowski to work as a senior adviser. the news was first reported by politico, one of the partners jayon osborne said his role won't require him to register stares a lobby just but zinke will likely do so if it's the right clients and something that he's passionate about. the move comes after zinke resign in december as he faced numerous allegations of violating ethical standards which he has denied. it also makes him the fir former member of president trump's cabinet to join a lobbying firm, that's despite the president's campaign promise to drain the swamp. in january 2017 trump signed an executive order imposing a five year ban on officials lobbying after they leave office. the key words of that order, though, appears to be lobbying activities with respect to the official's agency. the u.s. government is
2:37 am
warning that national security may have been at risk as a former u.s. air force intelligence officer stands accused of spying for you iran. officials say she revealed secrets about espionage including the names. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say monica witt served 11 years in the air force, two more years as a contractor and secretly defected to iran in 2013 and turned spy. in return the fbi says the iranians gave her housing and computers. investigators say she revealed details of secret u.s. intelligence programs and the names of overseas intelligence sources, information that could damage u.s. security. the fbi says she also told these four iranian cyber spies the names of her former american intelligence colleagues whose computers were then hacked. >> a sad day any time one of our members of our armed forces or anyone in america betrays their
2:38 am
country as we've alleged that she has done. >> reporter: prosecutors say she defected after attending two of these anti-western conferences organized by the iranian government, then texted her handler if all else fails i just may go public with the program and do like snowden. the fbi said agents warned her iran might try to recruit her as a spy but said she would never do that. a year later she was in iran making anti-u.s. videos. the fbi said she's still believed to be there. pete williams, nbc news at the justice department. >> what an incredible story. so fascinating the details of all of this and how it is she came to do what she was doing. >> absolutely. thanks to pete williams for that report. we'll have a lot more on iran with our bureau chief right here on set. >> ahead the trump administration loses a top official who is no stranger to controversy. >> the very latest on the scandals rocking the state of virginia and its politics as one of the women who accused the
2:39 am
lieutenant governor of sexual assault will soon speak with authorities. n speak with authorities.
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brand power. helping you buy better. the woman who first accused virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault plans to meet with investigators in massachusetts to detail her allegation. vanessa tyson claims justin fairfax forced her to perform an unwanted sexual act while they attended the 2004 democratic national convention in boston. tyson's attorney is working to schedule a meeting between her client and the suffolk county attorney. fairfax welcomes a full, fair and impartial investigation, but told the "boston globe" that he would consider pressing charges against tyson for making an alleged false claim. lieutenant governor fairfax has denied tyson's allegations from the start. since then a second woman has accused him of sexual assault while they were both students at duke university.
2:43 am
justin fairfax has also denied that claim. the head of fema has announced he's stepping down. brock long wants to return to his family. long has led the agency since 2017 was praised for his agency's response to hurricane harvey that year but sharply criticized for its handling of hurricane maria. that storm and its aftermath left parts of puerto rico without power for months and experts say contributed to nearly 3,000 deaths. long has also faced scrutiny after the inspector general at the department of homeland security which oversees fema found last year that he had improperly used government vehicles and staff on 40 personal trips that includes travel between work and his home in north carolina and during a family vacation in hawaii. all right. still ahead israel's prime minister startles iran, the world and even the trump
2:44 am
administration with its comments about war with iran. >> nbc news is live in studio with much more on those very provocative remarks. our nose ri. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right. but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move. (vo) the only network to win in all four major awards is the one more people rely on. ♪ choose america's most reliable network and get apple music on us when you do.
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fcheck in from afar awith remote access, ♪ and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo in an xfinity store. call, or go online today. welcome back. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu startled iranians and the trump white house yesterday with comments regarding iran. in a video posted on social media that was recorded on the
2:47 am
sidelines of a u.s. organized summit in warsaw, poland netanyahu called for action against tehran saying they both have a common interest of war with iran. >> joining us now live here is nbc news bureau chief. let's talk about these comments a little bit. a lot of people, certainly the israeli administration, israeli government trying to walk those comments back saying it was a matter of misinterpretation. a lot of us who follow the region say this was a freudian slip. he said something who all of us track in the region know israel has been pushing for, for at that long time. >> absolutely. there's a semantics between war and combat. same end result. but the thing that's most important about that is it's going to feed straight into the iranian narrative. the enemy is at the gate, they want to attack us, we have to protect ourselves. the israeli prime minister saying i want to attack iran.
2:48 am
he's getting together with all of iran's shall we say enemies in the region, people that iran doesn't get on with and all the gulf states and straight into the country's narrative that these countries around us and in the bigger picture including america want to fight iran. >> so what was -- i'm curious to know what was the reaction from inside iran in hearing these words coming from benjamin netanyahu. >> we've been telling you all this time these guys have pulled their mask off and a no holds bars fight. the scales have tipped this year. i never seen things quite so tense in iran as they have been right now. iran is very much on the defensive. >> is it tense over combat, or the possibility of combat or possibility of war or tense over the strained economy right now in iran? >> it's everything.
2:49 am
combination of everything. the aggression is like i've never seen before. it's much more tangible than it's ever been before. and the economy is just in a disastrous state right now. you're seeing massive queues in iran just for food. that never happen before. >> we rarely get an accurate sense of what life is like on the ground. you've given us an economic perspective. how do every day iranians look what's happening in this country with trump administration, his harsh rhetoric on iran, some of the things he does when he puts a picture of game of thrones meme saying sanctions are coming. how does it play with regular iranians on the street. >> within the government they don't like to give too much heed to what trump says. we don't take him seriously and these things are very childish. it affects the every day iranian
2:50 am
people. the iranian people are in between a rock and a hard place. they are getting clobbered on both sides. it's very difficult for them. all of this pressure, the ban, all of these things for them to travel makes life very difficult for iranians. and with the economy, you know, the economy has been bad in iran for a couple of reasons. there's been a lot of mismanagement, there has been endemic corruption. it feels much worse than the sanctions than with the obama administration. the effects of these have spiralled much more quickly. >> you have president trump saying we're going to choke them out, we're going to make their economy be in a failing state, as you say, crumble and as you say they are right now. does he the iranian regime then turn and and say, okay, we're willing to negotiate with regard to what we're doing -- >> or do they lash out more?
2:51 am
>> exactly. what is their mindset? >> it was the anniversary of the iranian revolution the other day, rouhani, who used to be a fairly soft-spoken person sounds like one of the hardliners, we are not going to acquiesce to america, we're not going to negotiate, and we're going to ramp up our missile program. >> so pushes someone who seems to have been in the middle for so long more to the right. >> he has to take that to counter the pressure that's coming from the states. he's no longer a soft-spoken man in iran. i think that's going to be the strategy for the next two years. that are not going to talk to trump now if he gets reelected, their thatinking may change. >> why would iran enter into an agreement when another president can just come in. thank you very much. >> coming up, we take a look at
2:52 am
this morning's "1 big thing." and the race to avoid another government shutdown. >> senate democrat jeff merkley will weigh in on that and indiana pete buttigieg discusses his 2020 run. buttigieg discusss his 2020 run (burke) parking splat. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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. welcome back, everyone. joining us from washington, d.c., co-found aer and ceo of axios, jim vandehei. >> happy valentine's day. we're looking at kamala harris, how she is the social phenom of the 2020 candidates so far. she is easily lapping the other candidates in terms of her exposure, in terms of her
2:56 am
interaction and people searching for news about her, other than facebook, where bernie sanders continues to do very well, she's dominating the field. the reason it matters is it's the cheapest, easiest way and it shows the people who are super enthusiastic about politics early on seem to be engaging most with her. that's a very positive indicator for her. if you look at the polls, she's not necessarily the leading contender at this point but early polls are very much about name recognition, so your bidens and sanders tend to do better. but when you talk to democrats, even those involved in the campaign, i'd say they're most impressed with her rollout and early perms aformance and socia indicators back that up. >> we do know that president trump has a strong media game. >> i think it shows she could be as savvy as he is in using the
2:57 am
social platforms to be able to direct voters. the social media platforms are free. if you're savvy, authentic, you can can't at scale for very low cost. that is a big advantage she might have. now the question is can she be authentic in those platforms. the reason that president trump does he so well on twitter is he's not different on twitter than he is in person or in private. he's totally himself. i don't know enough about her yet to know is she comfortable enough in her skin to be doing that daily communication via social media, hopping on cable, being as authentic off camera as she is on camera. >> she got a little hit on social media, even by our own ari melber for not knowing when tupac's album was dropping. so social media can sometimes back fire. you also have new reporting on
2:58 am
someone else democrats may try to haul to congress in the russia probe. who's that? >> mike allen reported how democrats are looking at a very expanse of russia probe, one that could be much broader than robert mueller's probe and ivanka trump is one of the people democrats are calling to testify before congress. remember, she was involved in that potential deal with moscow on creating a trump hotel in russia, and democrats are taking a long, hard look at whether or not they should call her to testify. if they did, it would be a very high-stakes battle. it would be a salvo to shoot the white house's way. all of the committees would have ju jurisdiction. if you think about the investigations rolling right now, there's about 17 of them in different forms and they hit every aspect of the president's life, his business deals, his
2:59 am
foundations, his transition, his campaign and then his behavior in office. so there's a lot for them to work with and democrats are taking a very expanse ivpansive this. regardless of what mueller has. they're going to go above and beyond, even if the report is as damning as people think it will be. >> jim vandehei, thank you so much. we're going to see you again. we're also going to be reading axios a.m. in a little while. >> that does he it for us on this thursday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning. it is thursday, february 14th. we have from world news america,
3:00 am
katty kay, jonathan lemire and economic analyst steve rattner is with us. heidi pryzbyla and former chief of staff at the cia and department of defense, now an nbc national security analyst, jeremy bash is with us. joe, there's major news in the mueller probe this morning, but politically frame it out for us. trump is faring well politically. >> yeah, let's look at the latest gallup poll that has just come out. donald trump got really beaten up badly during the government shutdown, but the latest gallup polls show he's up to 44%, his disapproval down from 59% in mid january from 52%. it's a heck of a


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