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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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declaring, "i am not going away" that is our broadcast. thank you for being with us and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. news headquarte rs in new york . this morning democrats turn up the pressure on the attorney general, the house judiciary committee chairman is demanding that william barr release the summary of the special counsel probe written by robert mueller's investigators. >> joe biden is hitting back after the president mocked him with a doctored video. this as the former vp was spotted in scranton, pennsylvania with a film crew fueling rumors about a 2020 bid. police call it a devastating hoax. a 20-year-old told authorities he was the boy who disappeared eight years ago. dna tests showed that wasn't
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true. good morning, everyone, it is friday, april 5th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. congressional democrats have formally responded to the reports that special counsel robert mueller's investigators were frustrated that attorney general william barr's public letter on the report excluded damaging information about president trump. an official telling "the washington post" that summaries were prepared for different sections of the report with a view that they could be made public and two people telling "post" that barr not releasing them have disappointed team members. in a letter, chairman jerrold nadler demanded immediate release of the mueller team summaries. quote you have already provided an interpretation of the special counsel's conclusions in a fashion that appears to minimize the implications of the report. releasing the summaries without delay would begin to allow the
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american people to judge the facts for themselves. >> yesterday the justice department did not deny the existence of the special counsel summaries only that robert mueller labelled them as off limits. a doj spokeswoman stating quote every page of the confidential report provided to attorney general barr on march 22nd was marked macon taken material protected under federal rule 6e. that's a law that protects confidential grand jury information and could not be publicly released. in light of the report, chairman nadler's letter indicated all communications between the special counsel office regarding the report. they disputed the word "summary" saying attorney general barr released to release the bottom line findings and concluings without an attempt to summarize the report with an understanding that the report would be released after the department made its redactions. chairman nadler newly authorized to subpoena the full report said
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barr's primary isn't it to protect trump. >> i said that barr is an agent of the president. he was put there for that purpose. sessions was fired because he wouldn't protect the president personally. comey was fired because he wouldn't protect the president personally. the president said who is going to protect me personally not look out for tint of the country and they found barr. >> what's the timeline on the issuance of the subpoena? >> very short order. beyond that i won't describe it. >> president trump is heading to america's southern border over threats of illegal immigration into the united states. it's been quite a week on that front beginning last friday. >> if they don't top them we're closing the border. we'll close it. and keep. it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> there's a likelihood i'll close the border next week. >> it certainly isn't a bluff. you can take the president seriously. >> if we don't make a deal with
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congress, the border is going to be closed. 100%. sure, it's going to have a negative impact on the economy. frankly something better less drastic tariff the cars coming in. i'll do it. i don't play games. we're going to give them a one year warning and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop, we're going to put tariffs on mexico and products in particular cars. the whole ball game is cars. it's the big ball game. with many countries its cars. and if that doesn't stop the drugs, we close the border. we will put tariffs on, if they don't apprehend, and ultimately we're going to give it a period of time, but if in a year from now, drugs continue to pour in, we're going to put tariffs on. >> so it's a year? >> no we'll start with the
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tariffs and see what happens. >> so a major new study illustrates the devastating effects trump's tariffs are having on the u.s. economy as american consumers bear the brunt of price increases not actually the foreign companies he's trying to target as president trump claims. >> former vice president joe biden will speak later this morning at a union conference in washington, d.c. his first public appearance since multiple women made complaints about their discomfort about the way he touched them at events over the years. yesterday president trump tweeted a video mocking biden's statement where he pledged to be mindful of personal space. taking the video and super imposing a photo of biden holding the shoulders of stephanie carter. biden responded to trump i see you're on the job and presidential as always. in scranton, pennsylvania, spotted biden yesterday outside of the former vice president's childhood home with a film crew.
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sources say he was there to film a video but no word yet on official campaign launch. joining us now from welsh, politico daniel littman co-author of the politico playbook. daniel, good to talk to you once again. >> we talk to him all the time. >> get your take on this video and the way president trump went after biden. >> two adults on twitter. >> two grown men. >> i don't think that this is probably the smartest move for the president because, you know, he's been accused of stuff that's way worse than what biden allegedly did. so, you know, for women watching this video, that trump doctored the president of the united states is doctoring a video and putting on twitter on his official account it just doesn't seem like it strikes the right tone and that trump should want to talk about other things. what's interesting is that he doesn't actually condemn the
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behavior of any of these me too men, you know, al franken, joe biden, it's more about oh, they look weak, or they are forced to apologize. not hey they should have acted better. >> it's more mocking their response to all of it. >> good point. let me get your thoughts about how all of this, the revelations, some of these claims made by the women over the past several days, speaking out against the former vice president are going to impact his 2020 campaign roll out? >> well, obviously, it's disrupted it horribly for the former vice president. but i think that it indicates that he should have gotten in earlier so he had a proper campaign apparatus instead of using one spokesman who is left to bear the brunt of tons of media inquiries and joe biden has not been on tv. i'm sure you would welcome him on your show. >> gladly.
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>> he needs to respond -- >> any time. >> he needs to get out there to set his own narrative, and the fact that he's letting other candidates kind of pile on and say well i believe the women, that has made it much harder for him to really respond. >> you bring up a campaign apparatus or lack thereof and i wonder maybe that's one of the reasons why he hasn't gotten into the race quite yet. when you're someone like a former vice president joe biden you can't necessarily roll out your campaign without everything in place. it's not like beto o'rourke who is new to the scene. >> no. you need the proper campaign manager and communications folks and logistics. but i think he still wants to get in. he views himself as one of the unique candidates who can actually fight back against trump pretty well. but, you know, he's always had these type much controversies when he has run.
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remember a couple of times ago he plagiarized speeches and said not everything has to be attributed. he clearly is trying to find his way about in this very crowded el preview of the twitter wars to come in the 2020 campaign. >> this is just the my friend. >> we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. there's been a stunning result in the case of a man who claimed to be timothy pitzen who went missing as a child eight years ago after his mother was found dead in an illinois hotel room. dna tests show that's true and investigators are calling it a painful hoax. >> reporter: 24 hours after getting word that timothy pitzen who has been missing for eight years might have been found heartbreaking news for his family. >> devastating. it's like reliving that day all
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over again. >> reporter: the fbi says a dna test proved a person who showed up in a kentucky neighborhood is not timothy. he's 23-year-old brian michael renny and has a criminal record including serving time for burglarier and vandalism in ohio. the family disappointed but not angry. they have dealt with false sightings before. >> i would reserve all judgment and pray for the young man involved. >> reporter: timothy disappeared in 2011 from aurora, illinois. his mom took him out of school early. her body was found three days later in an apparent suicide. >> we have this child who said he ran way. >> reporter: the person told him he escaped from two men who had been holding him for two years. back in timothy's hometown his bike sits at a neighbor's house given by his dad to a family of a boy he played with.
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>> this was the timothy's house, his playground. >> reporter: jacqueline lives in the house that timothy once called home. >> i had hoped one day he'll pass by and say that was my playground. >> reporter: now the question why would anyone impersonate a missing child. >> we know you're out there somewhere, tim. we will never stop looking for you. praying for you. and loving you. >> completely heartbreaking. so our thanks to ron mott. chicago's law department is moving forward to sue jussie smollett after the actor refused to reimburse the city for $130,000 that it spent investigating a staged hate crime. chicago sent jussie smollett and his attorneys a letter on march 28th demanding he pay the city for overtime work by detectives and officers that looked into his claims. they set april 4th as the deadline for the payment
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threatening to sue the "empire" actor. jussie smollett had refused to pay and already drafting a lawsuit in response and would file it in the near future. a spokesperson for jussie smollett's legal team decline to comment. in an exclusive oval office interview trump said he was not shocked by barbara bush's attacks on him. bush referred to trump as a symbol of greed. in an interview with the book's author susan page. the president told the paper quote i have heard she was nasty to me but she should be. look what i did to her sons. trump frequently criticized george w. bush on the campaign trail in 2016. he also repeatedly derided former florida governor jeb bush, one of his opponents for the 2016 republican presidential nomination dubbing him low energy jeb. still ahead a major announcement from one of the world's richest couples. amazon ceo jeff bezos and his
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wife, now ex-wife are officially divorced after a multi-million dollar settlement. >> more like multi-billion dollar settlement. later another democrat jumps into the feld. tim ryan announces a presidential bid. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar
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the agreement will make mckenzie the third largest stakeholder in amazon and world's third richest women. bezos will keep his title of richest person in the world according to forbes. everything is in fact. mckenzie who joined twitter yesterday wrote she's grateful to have finished the process of dissolving their 25 year marriage and is excited about her own plans. >> we'll be talking about the money and the value of this. at the end it's a couple that's, you know, getting a divorce which is emotionally difficult regardless. >> president trump announced he intends to tap former republican presidential candidate herman cain for a seat on the federal reserve board of governors. >> i recommended herman cain. he's a very terrific man. a terrific person. he's a friend of mine. i have recommended him highly for the fed. i told my folks that he's the man. he's doing some pre-checking now
2:18 am
and i would imagine he would be in great shape. >> trump's pick signals he's pushing to place friendly faces on the fed amid his continued attacks against chairman engineer roam powell for raising interest rates. cain joined the board of directors for the federal reserve bank of kansas city in 1992 serving as the board's chairman from 1995 to 1996. during the 2012 presidential campaign cain faced sexual harassment allegations that caused him to end his bid. he denied the allegations but resulted in settlements. cain's nomination follow plans to nominate stephen moore to the federal reserve board. moore's nomination has been clouded by revelations of current tax lien and child support allegations. >> the administration granted
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waivers to 6% of the applicants during the ban. the trump administration has argued that the waivers are proof that the policy was not aimless but needed to protect national security. in its june 2018 ruling upholding one of the administration's revised versions of the ban the supreme court cited the waiver program to support the government's stance that it served a legitimate national security interest. in a entertainment to reuters democratic senator chris van hollen says this data paints a clear and deeply disturbing picture of the trump travel ban. the administration repeatedly swore to the supreme court and the american people that this was not a de facto muslim ban and that there was a clear waiver process to ensure fairness. that count be further from reality. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins for the weather. >> we have an ugly friday or a beautiful saturday or vice versa? >> i would rather have a beautiful saturday. >> right.
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that's what you're going to get. you're welcome. >> thanks, bill. >> this friday is kind of ugly. if you have any plans up and down the east coast it's an umbrella day. some airport delays. this is a cold rain too. we even have snow breaking out in areas of central pennsylvania. raining in charlotte. raleigh the rain will move in. thunderstorms rolling through tampa right now. over the i-4 corridor for orlando. there's going to be some troublesome weather. you always wonder i'll give the last snowfall map of the spring. we're not done yet. areas of the cat stills with pick up one to two inches. southern adirondack's two to four inches of snow. other areas will see snow but not accumulating. let's fast forward to the evening commute. that's when the steady cold rain will be over the top of new york city. airport delays possible. breezy too. washington, d.c. on and off light rain for your even commute. boston you look dry.
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moving in around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. a soaking rain from new york to boston right through tonight. by saturday morning a few showers left. we'll clear it out as we go throughout the day saturday. saturday afternoon should be nice. for today's forecast some of the best weather out there is in texas. enjoy today because you have a stormy weekend with chance of severe weather. denver looks great. no problems in chicago. new storm moving into the west coast. san francisco areas will have rain. we'll trade a bad friday for a saturday. clear it out with temperatures in the 60s maybe 70 in d.c. >> you like how bill doesn't mention about sunday? what about sunday? >> i have a feeling it's coming up. >> maybe i'll do that in about 30 minutes from now. >> there you go. that's a tease, my friend. >> still ahead another mvp award-winning performance helps a team lock up the number one seed in the east. we'll tell you who next in
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welcome back. time now for sports and we begin in the nba. potential playoff preview between the bucks and the 76ers. let's go to milwaukee. things get testy here. less than three minutes into the match-up that's sixers center and the guard, a little pushing and shoving. a little shot to the back too there. one ball thrown one way. one the other. right in the gut of the big man.
2:25 am
not too happy about that. ends up with bledsoe getting thrown from the game. he gets the ejection. we'll see how that goes. as for the game, 45 points on the way to milwaukee's 128-122 victory. they improved 59-20 on the season. this clinches them. the best overall record in the nba. and home court throughout the playoffs. turning now to major league baseball where the yankees continue to work through the barrage of injuries to start their season. let's go baltimore. in a huge game for new york newfoundlander torres who slugged a pair of home runs in the first four hit game of his career. the congame the yanks a one run lead in the sixth inning and never looked back. the 22-year-old torres is the youngest yankee to have an extra-base hit since joe dimaggio. yankees win 8-4.
2:26 am
how is that for a ron come to stat. >> here's what i want to ask you. how do you feel about the bucks going into the playoffs? >> i mean they have a lot of offensive weapons. i think probably they will get to if fiejs of the eastern conference. i'm not sure if they get to finals. >> folks in milwaukee have been waiting this for a long time. >> giannis is a great star. the president's former fixer michael cohen ask house democrats to help him stay out of prison. >> the white house is pushing back as democrats demand to see president trump's tax returns. we'll show you what the president has to say about that next. back in a moment. in a momentol. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps/ bumps, bruising, discoloration, or itching.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump's former mixer michael cohen appears to be making a last ditch effort to delay his prison sentence. in a letter to congressional democrats, lawyers for cohen insist he can still when their oversight ininquire rice. according to his legal team cohen had discovered new files that could be relevant to their investigations but would need to remain out of prison in order to sift through the millions of documents. cohen's lawyers say he was recently given access to the files that were seized by federal investigators during a search in april of 2018. the files reportedly include voice mail messages and recordings as well as 14 million
2:31 am
other documents. cohen's lawyers are asking democrats to provide documentation of his cooperation which could help convince federal prosecutors that he's still necessary for their investigations and prompt a postponement or even reduce his prison time. cohen is scheduled to begin serving a three year prison sentence on may 6th. president trump says that democrats demanding to see his tax returns will have to speak to his lawyers. the chair mapp of the house ways and means committee sent a letter requesting six years of trump's business and personal tax returns. here's how the president responded to questions about that yesterday. watch. >> speak to my lawyers. speak to the attorney general. >> they will speak to my lawyers and speak to the attorney general. so top republicans are also weighing in on democrats who move to see the president's tax returns.
2:32 am
house minority whip say americans are shocked that congress can review tax returns whether it's a blue collar worker or the president of the united states. they deannounced the move as an abuse. tremendous wrote a letter to mnuchkin weaponizing the tax code sets a dangerous precedent. as you know bylaw all americans have a fundamental right to the privacy of the personal information found in their tax returns. really raise that question again about what is on those tax returns. >> what is on those tax returns. joining us now from washington daniel littman. what is in those tax returns? do you have the answer to this? my friend if you do have the answer to this -- >> break the story. >> i do not have inside access to the irs. i do think it's interesting that the "new york times" revealed that trump was obsessed with
2:33 am
getting the general counsel of the irs confirmed, that was a higher priority for him than even the attorney general bill barr's confirmation because he wanted a top lawyer at the irs to make sure that they are batting down the hatches to guard against this request. but, you know, if trump has nothing to worry about then he should let the returns speak for themselves. and this seems to be a matter of when not if democrats get access to this because in the statutory authority they have a right to see any filer's return and past presidents, of course, have released their taxes. >> the context, though, that republicans are trying to make saying that this is an invasion of a private american citizen's, his privacy of an american citizen and that they are worried about the precedent this sets for ordinary americans whether it's a blue collar worker or president.
2:34 am
does that hold any truth to it? >> well, obviously, they can look at anyone's tax returns but i don't think congress is going to get mocked for looking into, you know, joe schmo's tax return. the president is different from someone who is an average american. he's the most powerful person in the world. and i think democrats view this as an issue that they ran on in 2018 and they won saying that we need transparency. this is a guy that's not just an average president who rose up through the political rank, he is an international businessman. >> what michael cohen said on capitol hill, there was some financial irregularity. >> i'm wondering if there's l.g.ation presented which nancy pelosi has talked about mandating every person running for president in the united states has to show their tax returns especially considering
2:35 am
the fact this has been the common thread from when donald trump announced he was running for president until now two years into i had presidency. >> you have to show it to buy a house. >> bernie sanders has got encriticized for saying he's going release his tax returns. >> and he hasn't. >> thank you very much. congressman tim ryan of ohio is joining the crowded 20 presidential field. watch this. >> this country, as you all know is divided. if i can just say that this has been going on a long time. our country has been divided for a long time. i can go back into the late 1970 when my father-in-law lost his job when youngstown sheet and tube closed. he was off 13 months. just bought a newhouse. i can go back a few weeks where my daughter called crying from school her friend evers crying to her, her dad just got
2:36 am
transferred at the local general motors plant, the kids had to move. my daughter called me and said, you got to do something. and i said i'm going to do something. and i'm going to run for president of the united states. >> so ryan plans to officially kick off his campaign with a rally with local union leaders in youngstown, ohio on saturday afternoon. congressman ryan will be coming up on "morning joe" to discuss his 2020 run. >> michael bennet of colorado was diagnosed with prostate cancer late last month. he sat down with chuck todd on "meet the press" daily. watch. >> do you feel any different knowing this diagnosis? >> no. you don't -- nobody likes hearing they have cancer, that's for sure. i mostly feel overwhelmed how lucky i am. >> if you get cancer free you're
2:37 am
100% in. >> right. >> no ambiguity. >> any time you hear the "c" word, it doesn't reorient you maybe about what you want to do. did this actually -- does this focus you more? a >> this is something i want to do. i think i have something to contribute. we need to focus on what the country needs us to focus on which the fact that incomes haven't risen for americans in the last 40 years. that's where the focus needs to be in this campaign. we need to be disciplined about it or we can lose to donald trump. >> certainly be praying for him during this treatment. investigators are sharing what they now know about the final moments before the deadly ethiopian airlines crash last month. findings show the pilots followed all of boeing's emergency procedures but still could not regain control. tom costello has the latest on
2:38 am
this. >> reporter: within seconds of taking off ethiopia ran flight 302 was in trouble. one of the plane's external sensors seemed to fail possibly after a bird strike sending data to suggest the plane was nose up and could stall. the pilots control column began shaking violently with a stall warning. then the plane's new mcas anti-stall system pushed the nose down. two and a half minutes into flight, pilots followed boeing's procedures and cut the power. >> the crew followed april procedures but of not able to control the aircraft. >> reporter: turning off mcas turned off the plane's electric trim feature that keeps it level and the plane was flying much faster than it should. so fast the pilots struggled to fly the plane nahinu ally. they turned the automatic system back on which re-engaged mcas putting the plane in a fatal nose divisive. >> the fact they turned it back
2:39 am
on was that the final nail in the coffin? if so then they should have followed procedure. >> reporter: the crew never reduced speed. if they had they might have been able to fly manually. >> the environment in that cockpit was one of chaos. it was complex. things were happening very quickly. there were multiple failures. they ran out of time. >> reporter: boeing acknowledged the mcas sensors in ethiopian and indonesian crashes. >> most accidents are caused bay chain of events. this, again, is the case here. we know we can break one of those chain links in these two accidents. >> reporter: so as boeing is now working on the software upgrade for mcas that could take a few more weeks. they identified one other software issue related to this integration of the new software into the overall computer system. and that's the concern. as they work through the computer problem they may identify other lines of code
2:40 am
that may need to be corrected. >> there's been so much back and forth as to whether or not these ethiopian airline ploirts pilots were trained to deal with this mcas system or not. still ahead, everybody, some breaking news concerning brexit. prime minister theresa may -- >> no? >> is looking for another delay. >> what a surprise. plus how lawmakers rebuff the president with a vote to end support for the area in yemen setting up president's second veto. we'll tell you about that coming up next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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so we know how to cover almost anything. even rooftop parking. strange forces at work? only if you're referring to gravity-and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not, because you have e*trade whose tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad, get e*trade. welcome back. into some breaking news across the pond this morning where with one week to go until the newest date for tcu to leave the european union, british prime minister theresa may, guess what? has formally requested another brexit extension. this time until june 30th. parliament has rejected may's brexit deal three times and has already rejected every other
2:44 am
brexit alternative put forward in a series of nonbinding votes. you get a sense parliament doesn't want to leave the eu, i think that's what they are saying. the eu has agreed late last month to conditionally delay the brexit until april 12th. we're waiting to see what the eu says next. in a major reypudiation of the president, they have voted to end all military support for yemen. the senate has twice passed the resolution, most recently last month. the house passed a similar resolution in february after being barred from taking any action on the senate's bill under then speaker paul ryan. it's the first time a resolution to end military action under the quote war powers act of 1973 has
2:45 am
reached the president's desk. trump is expected, though, to veto the measure. it does not appear congress has the votes to override him. let's switch gears and bring in bill karins with a check on your weather. >> you know the northeast in the fall, people drive to go see the fake leaves and great lakes. in california thousands of people are going and clogging these roads to see what they are calling the super bloom. it's a once in a generation event. they had such a wet winter, now a pretty warm nice spring. flowers -- this is what it looks like. this is antelope canyon in california. one hour wait times to drive through to see this gorgeous scenery. if you actually are flying above california and you look down this is what it looks like. this is walker canyon. you can see these are the poppys. all the orange and there's even some green in here too. it's really amazing event going on in california right now. let's get from your weekend forecast and severe weather will
2:46 am
be the area of concern. 27 million people from dallas to little rock through louisiana on saturday. it's going to be all the typical hazards. we'll get large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. on sunday we spread to it missouri into areas of the tennessee valley, into areas of manipulates. 42 million people. weekend forecast that's going to be the big concern is where we deal with our severe weather. on saturday nice day mid-atlantic. northeast. ohio valley looks good. there's our storm for area of the northwest especially. then by sunday we're still pretty good in the northeast but then rainey weather moves into the ohio valley and there's your strong storms there in the south but i never seen as many beautiful pictures than that super bloom. >> i've been seeing beautiful pictures as well, cherry blossoms on the east coast. >> last weekend they got the peak. >> where are those canyons in the state of california? >> antelope canyon. that takes a google maps request. i'll be right back. >> a question bill doesn't know. you stumped him.
2:47 am
thanks a lot, yas. >> i think if you're showing pictures of canyon you would know which part of the state those canyons were. >> still ahead jpmorgan chase chairman jamie dimon sounds the alarm telling shareholders the american dream is alive, but frail. >> we have a preview of today's jobs report. we're back in a moment. n a momet video games have evolved. why hasn't the way you bank? virtual wallet from pnc bank helps make it easier to see what you're spending, stash more into savings and stay on top of your finances in a digital world. just one way pnc is modernizing banking to help make things easier. pnc bank. make today the day.
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the american treatment is alive but it's frail warns jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon. in the 51 public policy manifesto he called for a bipartisan effort to end jamie . he writes "40% of americans don't have $400 to deal with unexpected expenses such as medical bills or car repairs. simply put the social needs of far too many of our citizens are not be met." >> julianna tattelbaum joins us live. what are we expecting analysts to say this morning? >> good morning. analysts are expecting a strong rebound in employment growth
2:51 am
after a 17-month-low. 100,000 jobs is the number wall street is expecting. this report today is important in particular because analysts are increasingly concerned about a sharp economic slowdown. the idea here is if we see a solid jobs number, this could put those fears to rest. so this is a report to watch later today. now, a corporate story i want to draw your attention to that's we've all been following quite closely over the last years, it's been an epic journey, sears has announced plans to open three new stores. they're going to be different to the sears stores we all know. nair going to be a lot smaller, they will focus on tools and appliances and will be called sears home and life. this is once america's biggest and favorite retailer. they've just come out bankruptcy and this is a push for them to
2:52 am
get back some of those customers from throughout the years. >> coming up on "morning joe." >> congressman tim ryan, who has just thrown his at into the 2020 race sits down to talk about his political future. >> he's not the only 2020 contender. senator gillibrand will also be a guest this morning, just moments away. e a guest this morning, just moments away went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. it gave me a leaf almost right away. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow,
2:53 am
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joining us now from washington d.c., the co-founder of axios, mr. mike allen. what is axios's "1 big thing" for today? >> thank you. first things first, happy friday to all of you. thank you for a great week. the axios "1 big thing" is the democrats' 2020 edge. this is chris kreuger of colin research came up with this. house republicans have 13 women,
2:56 am
that's 7% of their members, 13 women house republicans. house republicans have 14 dudes named greg or mike. so it's a new way of looking at the gender disparity among house republicans. "the new york times" a few years ago discovered at the time there were no men named john running fortune 500 companies than there were ceos who were women. this points to a big republican problem and a democratic opportunity, and that is the suburbs. that is what could be so important in 2020 and we saw real republican bleeding there in the midterms and a lot of it was because of women. >> i want to meet the researcher who says i want to know how many john or gregs.
2:57 am
>> how are republicans planning on going after women in the 2020 election you had the vote for the violence against women act, a lot of republicans saying they were torn on how to vote on that, certainly that should be bipartisan normally and of course they were up against the nra yesterday. how do they go off the female vote come 2020? and they are pitting an emphasis on recruiting women. house republicans say they thing good announcements. pu that ras is that republicans now are on track to fuel another all-white male ticket against the most diverse democratic ticket than that what kind of
2:58 am
impact is that happen for that political landscape? >> in just a couple months we've seen a real change. lgbtq candidates made progress in the mid terms, a couple of governors. then in the white amazing stats being put up by mayor pete and then amazingly in chicago, rahm emanuel's light foot, an woman, who was on stage with her partner, who now is going to be the first lady of chicago. >> i know that you read this but a couple weeks ago there was something on twitter circulating, an anecdote about a writer whose father was a trump supporter and the writer was of more liberal leanings. the father came to the son and
2:59 am
said i we'll like this pete buttigieg guy. and he said why? and he said he really knows his issues and on and on. and the father said you know he's gee, coupled with what you're talking about. that is very well to talk about it, we're seeing other historic factors are getting even more attention. >> what is on your radar as we go forward into next week in what are some of the things you're looking for after all these investigations or investigations to get the tax returns, get the mueller report. a lot of stuff to keep an eye on out there. >> michael cohen may be the difficult that keeps on giving. >> at least he wants to be. >> i think that's right. but this idea of 14 million
3:00 am
files from michael cohen, if there really are telephone recordings on there nong the things that might have been on a computer, whether or not it's helpful with the investigation, this is going to wind up ak narrative of his years with dpt, preserved in detail i'm sure. president could never have imagined. it's going to be incredible for historians and fascinating for us. >> and copies of those are wi with -- we've got the spoiler. >> to all our viewers out there, you, too, can sign up for the news letter." e news letter. "morning joe" starts right now. we've run a campaign like nobody's ever seen, but then america's never seen a candidate like herman crane. we need you to get


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