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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  April 30, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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violence on the streets of venezuela right now as the venezuelan opposition leader announces what he calls a final phase to remove president nicholas madur, ofrom power. people streaming into the streets. we are talking with the reporter covering all of this. we are also watching what is happening at home. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi meeting with the president to talk about something they should be able to agree on, fixing up the bridges and roads and when they met back in december we ended up with the longest shutdown in u.s. history. the white house says this meeting will be closed to reporters, but they said that the last time, too and then this happen
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happened. so, if reporters enter the room, we'll bring it to you this hour. no escaping the elephant in the room. the growing tension between the president and house democrats who are saying to the white house, stop stonewalling our investigations. case in moint for democrats, they are blasting the president after he and his three oldest children sued deutsche bank and capital one overnight to prevent the banks from responding to congressional subpoenas about the president's finances. then the standoff between bill barr set for thursday. the committee has a vote to try to let the panel's lawyers question barr. that's something the doj rejects. all of the day's big stories and let's start with both end of pennsylvania avenue peter alexander at the white house and kasie hunt on capitol hill. peter, the last time we saw this scene, things went off script real fast. what is the expectation today? >> that's right. the last time we saw them
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together at the white house. you remember only a couple weeks later they met behind closed doors in the situation room and that's when the president pounded his fists on the table and walked out of the room and had the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. today they meet on a topic where there is some common ground. this idea that there needs to be infrastructure policy. some way to address all the problems with infrastructure across america but the question is how they get there. the white house insists the democrats called this meeting and the president will serve as host, but he will do most of the listening today. if he does listen, he'll hear from the democrats what nancy pelosi communicated in a letter earlier this week. this isn't just a substantially significant issue. it is a massive one. and it's one that really needs real revenue behind it. the democrats want there to be clean energy initiatives behind this effort. they also want there to be protections for women, veteran and for minority-owned businesses. kellyanne conway the president's counselor addressed the meeting
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in advance of it happening a few minutes ago. take a listen. >> if they're serious about infrastructure and not indictment and impeachment we welcome them here. this is a big bipartisan effort. it can't be the green new deal in disguise. >> a bipartisan effort. you remember a bipartisan disaster bill stalled because they couldn't come to any agreement. the president insisting on less money going to puerto rico there. that was his resistance on that. bipartisan efforts to try to address prescription drugs. those haven't gone anywhere either. but certainly, hallie, this day is significant because if anything can get done between the white house and congress with the backdrop of those investigations over the next 18 months. >> peter alexander there at the white house, you have a busy morning ahead of you, my friend. kasie hunt, infrastructure, one of the areas that democrats and republicans could agree on but a lot of underlying context to this meeting with house democrats furious that the white house has not been cooperating with their investigations.
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>> yeah. in theory this is a bipartisan area of cooperation, hallie, you're absolutely right. the problem is the personalities involved. you know, we've covered, i don't even know how many things now where we sit here and we have conversations about how if members of congress were left, they would probably be capable of getting something done. but the question is always the white house and the president's willingness to negotiate or not. i think we're right back in another one of those situations. and it's going to be very interesting if the president decides it's in his interest to open up this meeting and bring in the cameras and sees what happens. it has been pretty dramatic in the past. so, i think the key sticking point here, i'm inest theterest kellyanne conway referenced green new deal and inest theter that they're focusing on that. the problem on the hill is paying for the this kind of stuff especially the tax cut
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that democrats feel was a give away. they will push for revenue razors that is capitol hill speak for raising taxes. in order to pay for some of this, that is a nonstarter with republicans. some big questions to be answered here. you're right the other big questionmark is whether the president can work with these democrats on the hill as they are trying to investigate him and we know that he and his family have actually sued in court to try to quash these subpoenas to deutsche bank and capital one. here is congresswoman katie porter who has become pretty well known on this topic. she had some effective moments on the hill questioning not just republicans or sparring with republicans, but questioning the ceos of big banks in some cases and getting some traction. take a look at how she put it. >> i support chairman waters doing her job on the financial services committee. she's asking for these documents to fill in some of the gaps that are mueller
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report. i think those subpoenas are targeted and have great confidence in our court system and financial institutions to disclose the documents. >> of course, by saying they're targeted she is referring to the nature of the lawsuit that says no legislative reason for this, just politically motivated. we'll see if the courts buy that argument from president trump and his family, hallie. >> thanks to you both. stay close to your cameras. i know developments coming up in the next 60 minutes. democrat from california and a member of the house oversight committee. congressman, thank you for being back on the show. >> hallie, thank you for having me back on. >> let me start where kasie left off. that lawsuit that was filed. eric trump, the president's son and campaign sort of guru person talking about the lawsuit this morning. >> it's so sad because the isis presidenti this is president harassment 101. we have to fight back. under total siege from all these people from every angle.
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>> they're making the argument it is all political. what is your response to that? >> first of all, this lawsuit is in their private capacity and what they should understand is that when you're a member of congress or president of the united states, you don't have the same expectation of privacy. i have to file financial disclosures and it's perfectly legitimate for congress to look into the fact whether the president's financial disclosures that he filed, whether they're accurate and whether he has conflicts of interest that are monetizing the presidency. those are very legitimate areas of inquiry. >> do you see this as more stonewalling from the president and his family? >> i do. i don't think it is going to work. a court is going to look at this and say if president trump was still a real estate developer, he would have a claim. but he's now president of the united states. he just doesn't have the same expectations of privacy and he signed up for this. when he ran, he filed financial disclosure. so, he's trying to have something that he is not
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entitled to as someone who is holding the highest office of the land. >> we talked about another area of tension, you could say. contention between house democrats and the white house. the house judiciary committee voting on rules today for thursday's hearing with attorney general bill barr. there is this dispute over whether the panel's lawyers should be allowed to ask questions of barr in a separate round. do you see any room for compromise here, congressman? should there be? >> bill barr should come and testify and it's hypocrisy for him to assist that jerry nadler can have an expert witness or expert counsel interview him. the republicans did that with kavanaugh. they had an expert counsel interview betsy ford. >> how can that be okay and not this? >> should barr be subpoenaed if this comes to a head before thursday and he does not show up? is that something you would
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support? >> absolutely. he will support. he has to show up. you can't have the attorney general not show up to the judiciary committee. that would be unprecedented. he is reluctant to show up because he understands the serious issues of perjury that may be there. and his misrepresentations. >> congressman, i want to ask you about what is unfolding this morning in venezuela. i'll ask you, if you can, to stand by for a minute because we have somebody joining us and following those developments on the ground. i want to come back to you but let me come back to what is happening in venezuela. the white house watching what is happening. and you have juan guaido calling for uprising. let me bring in anna who has extensively covered this. bring us up to speed on the situation on the ground. >> well, so far what we know is that the national guard component of the national guard is supporting juan guaido who
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appeared earlier in the morning who until now on house arrest for his participation in 2017 and 2018 protest. he called to the street every venezuelan and every opposition supporter and the people immediately reacted to this. this is something that people were waiting for for a long time now. they were waiting for this moment for the moment where juan guaido called to the streets since january. he was very clear from the beginning. not goegto make any sudden moves military speaking if he wasn't sure of the support he had. and right now the fact that he is willing to take this huge risk upon his life and his freedom means that definitely he has what he needed to make it
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happen. >> vice president mike pence is tweeting about this. he has been somebody who in the administration has been a vocal supporter, as has the administration of guaido but vice president pence along with the rest of the national security team there saying they support, of course, what guaido is doing. do you think that is something that resonates with guaido. he has the backing of u.s. government and potentially military apparatus. >> he has known this from the beginning starting january when he declare ed himself presidentn front of hundreds of thousands of people and the rest of the countries reacted supporting his interim presidency. this is, i mean, the international support right now, it's not about the process that we're seeing. it's just about the logical conclusion of what started in january. the countries are still backing
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up all the actions the rest of the venezuelan oppositions are making and all the decisions they're going to take. if they haven't had the support, this wouldn't be happening right now. they have been very, very clear and very careful with that. >> where is nicholas maduro right now, ana, do you know? >> only spokesman of the government has been speaking on national television and on the radio. they, of course, say everything is under control. but maduro has, obviously, maybe he's protected. we don't really know what's happening behind those doors because all our focus are being pointed out to the military base of caracas where they are. but the truth is outside of the presidential palace, we are only seeing reports on the ground say are only seeing small groups of people supporting around the
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presidential palace. but we're not seeing what we saw in 2002 against hugo chavez. that is not happening right now. we are seeing more people supporting on the streets right now than those defending the revolution maduro. >> i'm going to ask you to stay on the phone with me for a second and i want to go back to the congressman to see what you are talking about. some of the images, don't know if you can see what we're playing. what you're seeing and what the u.s. government's role should be going forward given this. >> this is why some of us in congress have been urging restraint. we condemn maduro's regime. it's been a failed regime. but we have been saying the vice president shouldn't be interfering and insighticiting violence with guaido.
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the united states is inching in to another bloody conflict and this is not going to be easy. venezuela is one of the most armed nations in the world. the military appears divided between guiado and maduro. is this the united states's role to get involved in another war overseas? >> congressman, thank you for joining us on that. i want to go back to you, ana vanes vanessa. i believe this is a street of caracas. can you put this into historical context here, ana, what we're seeing. >> what we're seeing is basically the main point of the opposition being, again, taking care. again, the opposition is taking that spot that historically opposition spot. the important thing here is the
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military base which is really close to the high point of the opposition, it is actually supporting juan guaido. the first video this morning was inside and this means a lot for the regime for maduro's regime. this is basically their most prominent political prisoner along with the interim president of venezuela. inside of the main military base, at least until today by nicholas maduro. that was a really hard punch to maduro's regime. but, again, we're not seeing anyone else. where is the rest of the military? that is the key question. why haven't the military been, you know, why aren't they out there? why isn't there any more repression against this group of
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national guards. the they are now rebelling against maduro. >> thank you for jumping on the phone to bring us your reporting. we'll continue to watch what is happening here and we'll bring you any developments throughout the morning and through the next 45 minutes as this continues to unfold. also talking about the big news of the day including that meeting that is set to begin in 15 minutes over at the white house with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and donald trump. joe biden is talking to anita hill this morning in a new interview how he never took responsibility for how she was treated. and also out with the new video today, stacy abrahams making a big announcement about her future. we'll show you. talking to you about screening for colon cancer. luckily there's me, cologuard. the noninvasive test you use at home.
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>> this is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service. somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service to this country. that is a piece of joe biden's latest campaign ad out this morning. and you can see in those three plus minutes it leans heavily on words from his former boss, barack obama. biden is hitting up iowa today for two campaign stops there as he still faces questions about how he handled anita hill's testimony at clearance thomas hearings. >> i was grateful she took the
7:21 am
call. i don't want to get into our private conversation, i believed her from the very beginning but i was chairman. she did not get a fair hearing. she did not get treated well. that is my responsibility. >> nbc's mike memoli is in cedar rapids, iowa and jim mussina under president's obama and former campaign manager for obama 2012 and here with me on set nancy cook and donna. glad to have you all. and on memoli, we start with all things biden. let's talk expectation for biden's campaign stops today as we start to see his message shape up. him versus donald trump and, by the way, donald trump seems to like that. >> yeah, that's right, hallie. as i have been talking to biden campaign advisors in the months leading up to this, i can't tell
7:22 am
you how long they call this false choice among democrats. about whether the campaign should be about taking on donald trump or establishing your credentials. i think what we saw yesterday at the event in pittsburgh and what we will see the next few days in iowa their clear choice that you can do both at the same time. you heard him yesterday talking about how donald trump is the first president who decided not to represent all americans and pivoting to the economy on how the president is playing on the economic anxieties to try to divide the country. we heard the vice president begin to sketch out some of his policy. he talked about $15 an hour minimum wage and buy into public option for health care and repealing the trump tax cuts and some other corporate loopholes to pay for things like college. we are seeing the vice president get a bounce in some of these early polls taken after his announcement and morning c cons poll and show him jumping ahead.
7:23 am
this is not about a national contest, but state by state. and we're going to hear from joe biden here in iowa today. it's interesting, hallie, a lot of other candidates used the midterm elections to campaign in as many of these early states as they could. joe biden did not do that. he stayed away for most of the early states. today, this is an opportunity for joe biden to reintroduce himself to iowa voters who he hasn't seen for some time. >> mike, thank you. jim, let me bring you in here. listen. if twitter is a window to the president's mind, we know what he is thinking about and that is joe biden with a tweet or two over the last 24 hours could they hurt biden or elevate him at this moment in time? >> i think they help him in the democratic primary. democrats are united in their distaste for the president and wanting to figure out someone who could beat this guy in the general election. and, so, president trump picking on joe biden actually adds a
7:24 am
little bit of joe meanntom and think the president is worried about biden in every single poll i've seen, the president trails biden is igcandidate lysigni si. >> do you think it was okay for him to responsibility? >> i do. i think he took total leadership. >> it didn't take too long in your view? >> i think it was the right time. and he called her and did what he had to do and very remorseful about it and didn't try to pass the buck and didn't seem like a politician. i was wrong. i was chairman and i should have done differently. that is about life. >> we have heard, of course, joe biden address those allegations of unwelcome physical contact essentially, although not sexual repeatedly. but this is the first time we heard from jill biden, his wife.
7:25 am
i want to play for you what she had to say. >> i think what you don't realize is how many people approach joe. men and women looking for comfort, but going forward, i think he's going to have to judge, be a better judge of when people approach him. >> well, i think that it helps him to have his wife sitting there and trying to put some context around it. you know, i think that they're really trying to put what happened with anita hill and what happened with that confirmation hearing to rest. and we saw last week when joe biden was on "the view" he didn't fully do that. he tried to say, well, i'm sorry she was feeling that way. he didn't take full responsibility and the storyline continued. he was much more direct and so was dr. biden, his wife, in saying this is the context and i am apologizing. >> i think having dr. biden alongside him helps in the situation. this is the response that many people were craving early on during that interview with "the view" when he sat down and forcefully over and over again
7:26 am
didn't apologize. this probably will put out some of those fires. i don't think this was a thing to make or break a campaign. but he saw the gravity of these types of allegations in this political moment. >> jim, let me ask you about somebody else. stacey abrams, i want to play you a little bit of her video that came out this morning. watch. >> i will not be a candidate for the u.s. senate. i do not see the u.s. senate as the best role for me in this battle for our nation's future. >> what does that say to you, jim, if anything, about where he might fit into the presidential race whether as a candidate? >> i think she's a potential running mate. i think we have 20 candidates and i don't think she wants to get in that field, but she's a national star. selected by the democratic party to deliver the state of the union response. she is someone who democrats really love and she has a bright future ahead of her and i ink the she's sitting out there saying, look at me as a
7:27 am
potential vice presidential candidate and she's clearly going to run for governor, again, in 2 1/2 years in georgia. >> you don't think that when she said i don't run for second place that's a signal that maybe she's not so interested in being a vp candidate? >> i think that's what she had to say and if someone called her and said, do you want to be the vp candidate she'd say heck yes. >> thank you, jim. appreciate you coming on. mike, memoli, thank you. we want to go back to breaking news out of venezuela. we told you about mike pence tweeting, we are with you, that as opposition leader juan guaido. let me bring in angus who is live on the ground in caracas. can you tell me what you are seeing and hearing on the ground. >> goodern moing. very early this morning juan
7:28 am
guaido posted a video to twitter showing him what looks like military officers outside caracas' sort of most prominent air base saying this is the final phase of this campaign to maduro and in the hour since he made that video and we've seen pretty intense clashing just outside this air base as the group of about 50 to 70 soldiers loyal to guaido having exchanged gunfire with security forces and tear gas and a lot of civilians and join the protests and will be following action today. >> we have seen that the
7:29 am
president himself, the white house, has refused for several months now, really since january, to take military options off the table. in fact, when i have spoken with, for example, national security adviser john bolton and asked him about this the line, as you know, from the white house all options are on the table. how likely or realistic is it, do you think, that guaido is counting on help from the u.s. military here? >> guaido has nevera that he is counting on a foreign military intervention. i think he tends to say that he prefers to resolve the situation by himself. but the action today do represent a significant risk. i think it doesn't change the situation here. i think he either now convince
7:30 am
the military in venezuela to defect them back in or this could get the government a good opportunity to really kind of crack down on his movements. so, if that's the case, he may, indeed, make it more kind of overt call for support for foreign help. but we'll see. >> angus, can you pull back the curtain a little bit. where are you now? can you tell us how you have been able to get out and do some reporting there in caracas? >> i'm actually now back at our office which is about a kilometer or so from the air base. and pull back our reporters a bit so the gunfire exchanges around the air base started, were becoming quite intense.
7:31 am
and this is something that we haven't seen too much in recent months in venezuela and normally the police and the security forces and the press marches and i think from what we can see and today there has pbeen a lot of use of bullets and we don't have any report of casualties, it definitely marks escalation. >> angus berwick from reuters live from caracas. thank you for joining us on the show with that. i want to go to hans nichols out on the north lawn with more on what is happening at the white house as all of this is unfolding. we've seen the vice president tweet. have we heard anything else from the president or national security council on this this
7:32 am
morning? >> we spoke to kellyanne conway. they're keeping their options open. in some ways the rhetoric similar to what they had seen in the past. namely maduro has to go and we stand with the people of venezuela but several moments kellyanne conway saying they stand with the people of venezuela. any military considerations and options and all she would do is repeat what the military and deliver food supplies and alleviate the humanitarian crisis there. what she thinks is happening under the maduro regime. they're monitoring it closely here and we'll have to update as this situation updates there. the president meeting with congressional leaders here in just a little bit at the white house. we'll see to what extent this crisis goes into the crisis on the southern border. >> 10:32 east coast time and
7:33 am
7:32. looking at the west wing not where nancy pelosi and chuck schumer would walk in. have we seen the motorcade, the cars, do we know if they're there yet? what do you have? >> i have been here for the last four minutes. we did not see a marine guard there. that means the president is not in the oval yet. watch that door, hallie. you know this better than anyone. the important thing later today is if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer come out of that door and come and give their readout of the meeting and we'll see how quickly this devolves into recrimination and name calling. the advantage that pelosi and schumer have they can come out and make their point real iic. there is always the possibility the president will bring in the cameras but no indication of that yet, hallie. >> the sticks meaning the gaggle of cameras that ist sh shootingt
7:34 am
door right there. >> how dare you accuse me of speaking in white house jargon. the sticks means the cameras so they can come out and talk. >> hans, you're so in it. appreciate it. thank you. coming up, president trump's embattled federal reserve pick now defending himself in a new interview and creating more controversy as he's doing it. what he's now saying, you've got to hear this, about the decline of male pay. moking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems.
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the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix.
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so, if you were asked about the biggest challenge facing our
7:38 am
economy right now, wondering if your answer would match up with what stephen moore had to say. here's what he said on cnbc. >> the biggest problem i see in the economy in the last 25 years is what has happened to male earnings. i want everybody's wages to rise, of course, but people are talking about women's earnings. they've risen. the problem actually has been the steady decline in male earnings and i think we should pay attention to that because that has very negative consequences for the economy and for city. >> stephen moore was answering a question about that controversial piece he wrote in 2014 which he worried about a society where women earned more than men. let's get to jeff cox and na. he's on a clean-up campaign to clean up the controversies he made and here he is to me
7:39 am
seeming to step in one, yet again. >> as you point out, he was asked about this book he wrote back in 2014 and the expression he used back then is what would happen when men become economically expendable if they start earning less than women. he was asked about that today and he sort of doubled down on it and maybe a voice inside his head that says stop talking and he didn't listen to it. but he kept on this. he said, it was interesting that he said men are earning less and and less which really isn't true. over the past decade, male incomes have been rising and haven't been rising as fast as female incomes, but, of course, we know over the longer course of time, the men are still way out in front of that. so, more controversial comments from stephen moore when he doesn't need that. >> that pay gap between men and women still exists, right? >> no doubt about it. it's still about, you knoxwokno
7:40 am
or so women, when you compare what female earnings to male earnings but it has gotten better over the last decade but a large gap. stephen moore has written a number of other things about women that have been really not taken in in a very good light talking about they shouldn't be around men's sports and can't women just leave men alone and that kind of thing. this doesn't help his cause very much at all in that regard. >> catherine rampal has a good point out where he says moore this campaign against me is literally talking about what himself said out loud. >> people doing the vetting that the white house failed to do with him. they're going back through things that he wrote that are publicly available that you can google and pointing them out. the white house time and time again has failed to vet candidates before they put them ahead and then they get tripped up. what is interesting with moore,
7:41 am
he has hired, he hasn't hired, but a conservative pr firm helping him and he's still stepping in it and we are seeing support on the hill starting to chip away. >> the white house so far have shown no signs of yanking him from that position but he doesn't have a lot of support from republicans on the hill. >> i don't think these new comments are going to do anything to quell the concerns of democrats on the hill. i think it's important to nancy's point this is what happened with herman cain who pulled himself out of consideration which would have had huge confirmation troubles which ultimately failed his 2012 presidential campaign. second nominee where, again, the due diligence doesn't seem to have been done and the president put forward a nominee who can't necessarily get confirmed. >> jeff cox, thank you for breaking that down. looking at something that we just received the list of people over at the white house today for that meeting with president trump. it's not just going to be nancy
7:42 am
pelosi and chuck schumer. in the room for the white house will be ivanka trump, sarah sanders, interesting the white house counsel, as well. pretty big group in there in addition to roughly a dozen democrats, transportation secretary elaine cho, as well. makes sense this meeting is about to be about infrastructure. all over this country and all over the u.s., people are dealing with a whole bunch of infrastructure issue from crumbling roads and bridges to problems with highways. vaughn joins us from charlotte, north carolina, where people there are saying their infrastructure definite lly nee to be improved. >> yeah, hallie, as you just said it, a lot to talk about when you talk about infrastructure. airways, sanitation. what was interesting about these
7:43 am
talks, we haven't seen a republican president with democratic congress take part in these levels of negotiations in infrastructure dating back to 1993 with ronald reagan and what folks are encouraged by those conversations are taking place. in fact, an electic group. you have the likes of american trucking association have all teamed up calling for an infrastructure package to come through and perhaps nobody knows the roadways of america more than those truckers. i want to introduce you to one. this is mark randolph. mark, here in charlotte you're a third generation and your family has been in this business since 1930. those conversations in washington right now, what do they need to know from your viewpoint? >> they need to know how it affects the trucking association and the trucking companies throughout the country for safety. it's a safety factor that we need to decrease congestion and
7:44 am
this will help do that. it's about time. it's about money. i mean, we sit in congestion all the time and the industry itself says it's over a billion dollars in lost revenue for the trucking companies for sitting in that congestion. so, time is money and what we do so that kind of explains where it need to be. >> i wanted to get your take because one of the conversations is funding and what has been held up and why there is policiy ho hope in this. not only is president trump open to an increase in the gas tax but nancy pelosi suggested she is, as well. as a trucker, you use a lot of gas. are you open to an increase in the gas tax? >> yes, we are. i mean, it's just something that needs to happen. as you said, it hasn't been increased in years and everything else that we buy has been increased, so why hasn't that been increased to help keep up with it? >> you're willing to pay more? >> we're willing to pay more to
7:45 am
make it better for us and the public to travel the highways. >> we'll continue to have conversations with people like mark who know america's infrastructure better than anybody. those conversations are actively taking place right now over at the white house. >> vaughn, thank you very much for that from charlotte. as we were having that conversation, the white house had that meeting between president trump and the house democrats has started. they're in the oval office. so far no cameras have been allowed in the room just yet. we'll keep our eye to see if that changes. you know where you can find it rive on msnbc. we're watching that and watching the unrest that is happening right now in venezuela. it happens as juan guaido calls for the military to rise up against nicolas maduro. lawmakers on capitol hill holding their first hearing ever with medicare for all. an advocate whose wife was diagnosed with cancer at 28 and why he says the country cannot afford to not have this.
7:46 am
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>> you are looking live now at capitol hill where right now house democrats are holding the first official hearing on medicare for all. the house rules committee, by the way, is looking at the single payer plan from
7:50 am
congresswoman jayapal. move every american on to a single government health program that would cover costs for most medical services. so far today a mix of witnesses and mix of witness and experts, including an activist who is dying of als. >> some people argue that although medicare for all is a great idea, we need to move slowly to get there. but i needed medicare for all yesterday. millions of people need it today. the time to pass this law is now. >> i want to bring in somebody else who is fighting for medicare for all. andy broadick. his wife was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28. share with us your family story and how it's triggering your fight for medicare for all. >> we were 28, doing everything right. we had full time jobs, and then
7:51 am
nayo naomi started not feel well. blood levels were dangerously low and the doctor came in after about a week of test, it's cancer, stage iv. and we started the cancer cycle. chemo, radiation, surgery, scans. she got really sick. the chemo would put her out for five days at a time. she couldn't work so she lost her job and we lost her insurance. we were left with the situation where we could let our medical bills pile up and then just, you know, file bankruptcy, or we could get divorced. what kind of a choice is that? bankruptcy, divorce, treatment. >> divorce, so that you would have had some had -- >> she wouldn't have my income anymore. she would be able to qualify for medicare >> how would medicaid for all have helped you?
7:52 am
>> she would have been able to not have to make that decision. she wouldn't have lost her insurance when she lost her job. and then when she was able to go on my insurance when i changed jobs, she spent all of her time fighting with the insurance company. so not only is she trying to recover from cancer and go through everything that has to do with cancer, she's on the phone hours at a time talking to the insurance companies. >> you know this issue has become a big one on the campaign trail with 2020 democrats split on it, right? >> correct. >> there are those who are asking for support for medicare for all who want it, right? this different type of proposal that would give people an option to buy in and let people keep private insurance. there are those who want to keep private insurance. do you think that's a fair compromise? >> i really don't. because i don't think anybody really wants to keep their private insurance. if everything is covered, all of the time, then you don't need private insurance. people don't love insurance, they love their doctors. they love their nurses.
7:53 am
they love the service they're getting. if we were able to provide that for everybody, you can go to any doctor you want whether or not it's in network and it's covered. >> the hearing today, some advocates worry it's a farce. the huffington post is writing about this. nancy pelosi told "the washington post," i'm agnostic. do you think it's a big step forward? >> it's a big step forward. we're talking about it. a few years ago we weren't having this conversation. no one was thinking medicare for all was ever going to happen. now we're having hearings about it it. >> thank you for coming on and talking about this. i appreciate you sharing what i know is a difficult story for you. coming up, we're staying on top of twhat's coming out of venezuela. we'll have more on that next. 'sf venezuela. we'll have more on that next
7:54 am
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time now to get a look at what our sources are saying. nancy, what are you working on? what you got? >> one interesting thing i'll be watching is one person in the white house will get promoted. this guy, max miller had been in the presidential personnel office, which staffs the agencies. he had been in charge of nominations of the department of homeland security. so his promotion -- >> elevation. >> it will leave open this key
7:58 am
spot, particularly when that department needs a lot of new bodies in there. >> do you think that would be an opening for someone who has an interest in immigration? >> it does. it's something i'll be watching closely because it means that whoever fills that slot could potentially install in dhs people who are more ideological inclined one way or the other on immigration. >> what are your sources tellingtelling you? >> one of the big things i noticed is senator elizabeth warren is out with an article. she's talking about the black maternal mortality rate. it comes on the heels of her getting a great reception at that she the people forum y. talked to a lot of black female activists and they told us even if they were supporting other candidates, they say elizabeth warren is one to watch. she's been making inroads with that group and being invevery intentional. she's been thoughtful about
7:59 am
these issues affecting communities of color and going to them where they are to have that conversation. >> she's not the only candidate talking about issues that are incredibly important to women of color w color. she feels based on your sources, she feels comfortable. people think she feels comfortable talking about these issues. >> she feels comfortsabable talg about them. she has talked about red lining and housing and equity. they feel like she's made an investment and it's one that could pay off in the southern primary states where black women voters could make or break a candidate. >> thinking of south carolina, of course. appreciate you both being on set for this hour. we have much more coming up next hour here on msnbc. craig melvin, i'm heading over to the white house, see you
8:00 am
there. we're going to start in venezuela. craig melvin here at msnbc. breaking news at this hour, the unrest in venezuela. the unrest continues. vice president mike pence telling the opposition, quote, we are with you as its leaders call for mass protests backed by the armed forces. a few moments ago in this country, congressional leaders arriving at the white house. can president trump and speaker pelosi, can they find common ground on anything? today it's all about infrastructure. we're going to check in on that meeting and how it could set the tone in washington for the next year and a half or so. right now, the president's acting head of homeland security is testifying on the hill. president trump wants to charge migrants who apply for asylum. more on the other changes the president wants to make on the border. we start with the breaking
8:01 am
news in venezuela. they are


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