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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  April 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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oldest voters on the democratic sfru infrastructure. but that was before the meeting. side overwhelmingly for biden. >> all right. thanks for joining us. younger voter, he runs into more check us out on social media, connect with our show. trouble. sanders does better there. but again, a lot of the right now, we hand it off to democratic voters over the age of 45, biden doing really well kasie hunt down in washington, d.c. >> happy infrastructure week, there and so yeah, there is a guys. >> and to you. per epgs in the democratic party good afternoon. that it is younger. i'm kasie hunt in for katy tur. if there is a broader statist it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in caracas where years constituency there, biden is of civil unrest are coming to a boiling point. tapping into it. violence clashes have broken out >> and the polling in the way between anti-government that steve explains all the numbers is exactly what biden's activists and law enforcement people have been saying behind officials after opposition the scenes about how they saw leader juan guaido called on the this race as he was getting in, country's population to rise up that he actually had this against current president nicolas maduro. in a video posted to social broader appeal. and obviously it is early. media, guaido appeared flanked early polling can change. by military troops as well as but this is still a pretty good opposition feigley poll dough day for the by kiden campaign, ? lopez who had just been released >> yeah, just before the vice from house arrest. guaido declared himself president took the stage i was talking to a senior campaign president of venezuela, a claim official and they are feeling
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that the country's government very confident about how these early days are playing out. but listen, in terms of this soundly rejects. but he is supported by a number question of whether he should run on a third term for obama or of governments including the vision for the future, as we united states with both the were getting ready for this campaign as i was talk to biden secretary of state and the vice president tweeting in support of al ally, they said their biggest guaido. maduro's regime has been blaged piece of advice they were giving is that needs to present a with instability, hyperinflation and violence, but he was forward looking vision, his own vision for the future. reelected to a second six year but as you talk to campaign term last year in a disputed advisers, they would say he has election that some independent a long track record especially entities have called into in the senate that they know question. joining us now from miami, that they will be playing defense on. correspondent kerry sanders, it would be political from the white house, malpractice not to leverage their biggest asset which is correspondent hans nichols. those eight years in the white and also with me, associated house with president obama. press white house reporter and we saw that with an early signal political analyst jonathan from president obama, that not quite endorsement, but lemire. supportive statement in the and kato sthcato institute poli early hours. we see that today in the new video that they posted in the early morning hours highlighting analyst. juankcar lowe. that medal of freechl. and we heard it a few minutes ago when the vice president was talking about health care. kerry, where we expect this to let's take a listen. end. >> we're not sure where it will end, but we do know that juan >> we got to finish the job. when we passed affordable care guaido with that image that he put on twitter with those folks act, i told president obama it
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who appear to be members of the was a big deal or words to that military in uniform behind him was intended to send a signal effect. barack obama is an extraordinary man. that members of venezuela's military have broken ranks with you measure a man or a woman's president maduro. but there is no real indication worth and their courage based that that is the case in any sort of widespread way. upon how they react to there are some cracks clearly overwhelming crises. i watched this guy, everything because we have seen some low level members of the military but locusts landed on his desk. who are in uniform speaking to not a joke. he had an incredible -- and his television cameras saying that they have abandoned their post. not necessarily pledging their integrity, decency, there wasn't allegiance to juan guaido, but a single solitary day that i just stepping away from the orders from nicolas maduro. but that is a very small served with him that i didn't -- fracture, not widespread. that i wasn't proud to be with and it is unclear whether we're going to see if the military -- him. are. >> reporter: so of course the last time that joe biden was on venezuela has about 100 the ballot here for his own generals. whether there will be any sort of change in allegiance that has candidacy in 2008, he lost to barack obama who won of course been tested many times now and questioned many of times now and and on the road to the white steadfastly stayed with nicolas house. joe biden of course saying today in iowa that no one is going to
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maduro. so if the military stays with work harder than joe biden here nicolas maduro, which at this in iowa. point in the time of day that >> fascinating to watch. we're looking at the pictures on the streets and we see what is happening there, it does not appear that there will be any and you used to work for bernie sort of significant change in sanders. this is almost giving me some the leadership in venezuela. flashbacks to the way for the but there are those who are supporters of juan guaido and establishment versus bernie played out a little bit in 2020. they number in the hundreds of i know there is still a lot of anger there. thousands who have taken to the obviously the field now totally streets. and so while they may not have wide open, the democratic party establishment not seeming to be weapons, they have will. picking a favorite. and their will is to see a but this bernie versus biden is really starting to become the change. really boils down to whose will focus of this race. >> yeah, i think that one thing will ultimately lead to either a is also to look back at 2008 change or whether things will because joe biden is going to be continue. held accountable for joe biden's record in a way that he never very often that is left to the was held accountable in 2008 or person who has the gun with the bullets. 2012. barack obama's campaign in 2008 >> and speaking of the guns with was an underdog populist the bullets, i was listening to you earlier and you said guns campaign -- >> i'm so sorry to interrupt. are not accessible to regular venezuelans so that is why the military support is so critical we have to go live to the white here. what is potentially going to house. shake the military support for >> seeing the venezuelan people strive to get a government that
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maduro? what are the dynamics we're looking for in that regard? they control, not have a >> that would really have to be something to do with personal government controlled by an will and philosophy. because military is taking care authoritarian military regime. of. this is a country where food is hard to come by. but the military is at the front this is obviously a very serious of the line. and so they get the food, they get the -- their families get situation. the president has been monitoring it minute by minute the food. and so they are well taken care throughout the day as have his of. about the only people who you will find not in the military advisors. we see this now as a potentially who have guns are members of what are known as sort of dispositive moment in the efforts of the venezuelan people to regain their freedom which we unofficial arm of the maduro government that keeps the fully support. there have been a lot of streets loyal to maduro. so the idea of shifting those speculation, comment in the with the weapons to juan media about what is happening in venezuela. we think that it is still very guaido's side is highly. important for key figures in the we'll have to wait to see how this plays out. regime who have been talking to it is happening in real time, the opposition over these last we're watching it happen in real three months to make good on time unfold, and we see -- as we their commitments to achieve the have seen in the past, it is important to note here, juan
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guaido has been on the streets peaceful transfer of power from today. he's been out publicly. the maduro to interim president the nicolas maduro government has not taken him in on custody, juan guaido. they have not are arrested him. figures like defense minister and in the past he has held peaceful protests and other times we've seen violence.are a. and in the past he has held padrino, chief judge of the peaceful protests and other times we've seen violence. but what we are seeing today, it venezuelan supreme court marino, the commander of the is much larger, much more dramatic and it comes on a day presidential guard, all agree when he released saying this is that maduro had to go. operation liberty. they need to be able to act this >> very interesting. kerry, thanks. hans, we know that the president afternoon or this evening to help bring other military forces has been briefed on the unrest in venezuela. to the side of the interim what are the dynamics here at home in terms of our foreign president. policy and how the president is the cubans we believe have looking at this? played a very significant role >> reporter: the president has been clear that he wants a in propping maduro up today, consistent message on this. there has been no change in possibly with help from the posture, no military assets that russians. that is the speculation have been sent down there. and white house officials are certainly in caracas. we think this demonstrates why very careful to say that, yes, no options are off the table, but they are not doing anything in terms of military assistance. we need venezuela ruled by the people and not external forces. what we heard from mick mulvaney earlier today was a warning to that's what we are looking at
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russia and cuba, they want to and i'd be happy to answer a few make sure that they don't get involved. and you also see the questions. [ inaudible question ] >> juan guaido is out on the streets of caracas now. he is rallying the people. administration adopting the same he has called for the people to come out and they are language recognized and that increasingly on the streets as i this is not a coup. think many of you know. you will hear that throughout the day from various officials. there were mass demonstrations they do not think of this as a planned for tomorrow. coup, they think of this as a the circumstances of what has restoration of constitutionally happened today in caracas have mandated powers inside the called people out all over the republic of venezuela. that is the consistent message country. they are trying to on put so guaido is behaving in the forward. we'll have an opportunity same courageous way he and other potentially to ask president figures in the opposition have these last three months. trump at 3 k :30 what he thinks we know that over 40 people have been killed by the maduro regime because he has an open press event. in the course of these protests. and i know you know this well, but watch what marco rubio says this is an act of bravery by because in a lot of ways, when guaido and others really for the freedom of the venezuelan marco rubio says something, the administration then falls behind people. and in some ways marco rubio is >> given what you have seen on the ground so far today and the running the latin american desk gl degree of loyalty maduro seems for the state department. >> that is a great point. to still enjoy from the and i think we have some of the military, what do you think the chance is that this uprising most recent rubio tweets.
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will work? >> well, i don't think that it he writes about the entire world is support in the military for watching a national guard arrest are mored vikram into a crowd of the maduro regime. civilian protesters in caracas. i think it is fear. i think it is fear of the 20,000 how far will leaders of the to 25,000 cuban forces in the military allow this assault on their own people to go in country. i think it is fear of the venezuela. he continues on and says that consequences if adhering to the the military and security leaders must realize they are constitutional mandates of the interim president fails. and will be held responsible for but i think really now what we're seeing is the people of this. juan karlos, you're no fan of venezuela, this has been building for a long time, that if this effort fails, they will maduro. what in your view should the sink into a dictatorship from u.s. policy be here? >> unfortunately there is little which there are very few the u.s. can do. possible alternatives. mobilizing troops to venezuela it is a very delicate moment. i want to stress again, the requires time and effort and we haven't seen that in the last president wants to see a couple of months. and i don't expect that to peaceful transfer of power from change. to be honest, i believe that maduro to guaido. this is a fight for venezuelans. that possibility still exists if enough figures depart from the regime and support the i'm happy to see the scenes in opposition. and that is what we would like the sense that people are coming to see. we want to see the defense out to the streets, but it will minister, the chief judge of the require a lot of effort. it won't be easy for sure. >> do you see the events that supreme court and the are unfolding today and believe
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that they are potentially, you presidential guard. >> what happens if guaido is not know, catastrophic for the able to take power, what is the maduro regime or is this more of next step? >> well, i think that it is the same? possible this situation could persist. i think the people have shown >> probability thly this is thet they are prepared to protect threat since 2002 when a coup guaido. we don't see any indication that toppled chavez for a couple days. there is any substantial part of we haven't seen members of the the military that is ready to armed forces yet rising up in fire on innocent civilians, arms like we have seen today. but we don't know the extent of the up rising. their fellow country mmen. we know that the thugs, the so far we have some information that members of the national motorcycle gangs that the cubans guard and intelligence services have put together are out are part uprising. protecting certain buildings we haven't seen yet members of controlled by maduro. not the military. the military or air force or navy taking part of this. this really demonstrates the depths remember that high ranking officials are deeply involved in regime has sunk, that they are corruption, so it is very unlike using these cuban directed thugs throw expect them to defect the to conduct their affairs and why regime. and the troops are being watched i think there is public support for guaido. by cuban security forces. it needs to bs trane translateda there are thousands of cuban
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transition of power. operatives embedded in the armed >> is the u.s. prepared to use forces in venezuela. it is very difficult for the military option? >> let me say two things. troops even if they want to do so, it is very difficult to numbering o coordinate an uprising like this number one, we want the peaceful transfer of power. one. >> interesting. but i will say again as the president has said from the jonathan, let's talk about the broad political picture here. outset, and that nicolas maduro we brought up marco rubio who and those supporting him has been so involved in this and particularly those not in venezuela should know is all focused on it and he now has his options are on the table. own security detail we believe related to all of these issues. but this also comes as a presidential campaign is heating [ inaudible question ] >> say that again? up with accusations of socialism and socialists flying all around. >> can the u.s. provide any you have a president who hasn't taken military intervention? support other than defensive venezuela off the table. support? >> we're providing support in a how do you see this playing into variety of respects. certainly we have done our broader political debate? everything we can to get >> first of all, you are right on that exact point, that humanitarian assistance into the country. we're doing a lot of other socialism has become a point things, some of which i'm not during this campaign. going to talk about, and we're certainly working with the lima backing up what hans said, the president himself has not group, organization of american weighed in. states, the other 50 countries a number of senior officials that support guaido's legitimacy have, pence, pompeo, john bolton
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democratically. have all tweeted or said words and let me answer the last part of your question, this is of encouragement, that they do clearly not a coup. believe that they are backing up we recognize guaido as the this movement in venezuela, they legitimate interim president of venezuela. and just as it is not a coup don't believer maduro should be in power so they are staying when the president of the united away from that coup phrase. states gives an order to the but at this point the u.s. is department of defense, it is not not looking to intervene a coup for guaido to try to take militarily. the president has not taken it command of the venezuela off the table. it has been on the table for military. nearly two years. >> ambassador, you said all options are on the table. and i wanted to ask you about different military action, was i remember beingedmember being with the president and he it a mistake invading iraq? mentioned a military option at >> as i've said before, i have a the venezuela could be on the lot of opinions i've expressed table. and nikki haley physically over many years in the public reacted because it seemed like space. those were my opinions. what i'm speaking about now is the policy of the u.s. it was a surprise to her. but i do think that democratic government and i've answered the candidates will start being asked about this, they will have to start to weigh in. question. >> do you feel this moment that we know where marco rubio we're this is sort of a building stands. but we'll hear from vice block or do you think that it is president biden, even someone the moment, the tipping point as like a mayor pete who comes to to where something needs to this with foreign policy credentials and will have to make the case that he can make happen?
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these decisions on a world stage >> i think from the perspective of the humanitarian crisis that we face in venezuela, i hope as well. >> all right. this is enough to tip maduro out everyone has been looking at live pictures there of what is of power because it is only when going on in venezuela. we'll keep an eye on all of this he and his fellow klepto craps and keep you updated. who have plundered the thank you all very much for your venezuelan economy are removed insights today. from power that we can put the still ahead, new polling venezuelan economy back on its shows joe biden surging. feet for the benefit of the plus why he says his message people. the sooner maduro is gone, the will be make america moral sooner is the possibility of again. also ahead, the president for the venezuelan people. versus new york. governor andrew cuomo, a familiar go for this president, >> were you surprised at joins me live to respond to today's action? trump's claim that new york has were you given a head's up? the nra under siege. but first, chuck and nancy there are reports from venezuela go back to the white house that some of the military because it turns out this time officials supposed to support it is really infrastructure week. it's tough to quit smoking guaido actually backed away. >> i'll just say we feel very cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit well informed about what is slow turkey. going on and the point i was along with support, making a moment ago by naming chantix is proven to help you quit. specifically the defense with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting minister, the chief justice of so when the day arrives, the supreme court, and the you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking,
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with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. commander of the presidential stop chantix and get help right away guard, as is well-known to the opposition all across venezuela, they committed the support if you have changes in behavior or thinking, ousting maduro and it is time aggression, hostility, depressed mood, for them now if the cubans will suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, let them to do it to fulfill new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, their commitments and it is time or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. for the rest of the military to decrease alcohol use. show what their own families use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. believe ought to happen and that the most common side effect is nausea. is nicolas maduro needs to go. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> if they fire against the people of venezuela, will the united states accepted troops or act in any military action? >> as i've said, all option remain on the table. i won't be how specific. but recall three months ago we said that it would be a big mistake for maduro and those supporting him to use force against innocent civilians. we feel very strongly about it. >> you have been listening to
11:13 am
john bolton, national security adviser, talking about the situation in venezuela. joining me from the white house, hans nichols. we heard that bolton said that all options are on the table. that has been the line from the white house. he also explicitly said that it would not be a coup for guaido to take over the venezuelan military. what is your take on bolton's decision to come out to cameras to make these statements now? >> reporter: the white house is clearly trying to put more pressure on the government of i'm and i'm an emt.erer when i get a migraine at work, maduro to leave peacefully and it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, have a peaceful transition. that's one less ambulance to serve a community. ambassador bolton came awfully i just don't want to let these people down. close to setting a deadline for excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. nicolas maduro to leave, that this is his last chance for a peaceful transition or else. he also had a very strong message to what he said were the 20,000 to 25,000 security forces from cuba there. seeming to say they are bolstering the regime of maduro. he is not quite fully owning saying that after tonight there
11:14 am
could be a military invasion, there could be something from the u.s. side. he had said at several points military options are on the table. blamed external forces and had this idea of a deadline coming up soon. >> hans nichols, thanks very much. keep us posted if there is any listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. other news popping on your beat. hand what over? the president meanwhile video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos claims that new york is leg of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. illegally investigating the nra with the goal of dismantling it. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. andrew cuomo joins me next. let's roll! e net up a notch. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. so in this commercial we see two travelers manage your wifi network from anywhere at a comfort inn with a glow around them, when you download the xfi app today. so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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so guess what? it is actually infrastructure week. for real. president trump welcomed democrats to the white house to discuss a potential infrastructure package. the bipartisan effort comes as democrats have launched a series of investigations into trump, his striks aadministration and business practices, investigations that his advisers have essentially stone walled by challenging subpoenas and fighting access to documents. still following the meeting, democrats appeared hopeful about collaborating with president trump on legislation. >> it was a very constructive
11:16 am
meeting. it is clear that both the white house and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. and there was goodwill in this meeting and that was different than some of the other meetings that we've had. >> pretty striking difference from the last time trump hosted pelosi and schumer at the white house. that televised meeting you may remember turned incredibly com wat difference and led to the longest shutdown in u.s. history. joining me now, jake sherman and michael steele, two men who know very well what it takes to get these kinds of bills passed through congress. jake, i'll start with you. i think everyone has been a little skeptical that there was any will left to get anything done over the nekxt 18 months. what is your sense of how real this could be? >> number one, if you are a proponent of infrastructure -- big infrastructure bill, this is
11:17 am
a good sign. they clearly both want to do it. now comes the hard part. congress has struggled for decades as mike steele and you both know to find ways to pay for infrastructure programs, to pay for highways, increased broadba broadband, all of those things -- by the way, mick mulvaney this morning here in los angeles where i am at the milliken conversation says he doubted infrastructure would get done. >> i'm going to press pause and show that to our viewers. >> do i think there is an interest in doing it? yes. do i think there is probably more interest especially on the democrats' part to make a show for trying to get a deal? yeah. i hope that the conversations go well today, but if they don't, it would not surprise me. i think it is a much better chance of getting usmca passed than getting infrastructure passed. >> that of course was before the meeting. he is talking about the trade deal saying that is more likely to get through than infrastructure. but to your with point, and please continue your thought
11:18 am
here, there does seem to be skepticism from people around the president even if the president himself wants this deal. >> so what are you going to do, president trump is calling raise the gas tax? on the national rifle that is something most republicans have called a -- association to, quote, get its act together and quickly. >> mike steele is shaking his those comments come after the head. >> yeah, no. new york attorney general opened an investigation into the nra. >> i mean, so exactly. so i'm not really exactly sure how you come up with $2 trillion they are digging into the in the next couple weeks. lobby's finances and tax exempt >> and mike steele, chuck status. the "new york times" reports that james' office subpoenaed schumer came back to the capitol businesses affiliated with the organization. the president has called the and essentially said the inquiry illegal. president needs to sell this $2 he claims new york governor trillion plan and that seems to be code for he better convince cuomo is, quote, using the state's legal apparatus to take republicans that they need to down and destroy this very vote to raise taxes otherwise there is no way in hell. important organization and >> what democrats want is others. joining me now, the democratic political cover from president governor of new york andrew trump for tax hikes. president trump wants a $2 cuomo. sir, great to have you on the trillion infrastructure package program. >> good to be with you. paid for by borrowing more money. democrats want the $2 trillion >> let's stat with the president's tweet. package paid for by tax is this in fact illegal? increases, ideally ones that president trump himself proposes and endorses getting some republicans for it. >> well, first, we don't know if congressional republicans at
11:19 am
this point are just popping it is illegal because the popcorn and watching the show. attorney general hadn't they don't think that any of concluded the investigation. this is a great idea. whether or not the nra has done if anything, they want the anything illegal. is it illegal that the attorney actual trump administration plan which is a $250 million general should investigate the public/private partnership nra? of course not. proposal that the president you have to consider the source himself reportedly dislikes. here, right? we know the president of the >> interesting. united states believes that the so all of this is to say, jake, that there is still potentially justice system can be a long road ahead here. politicized. we know that he has tried to who politically benefit ts the politicize the justice system. and he actually may somewhere. most from actually getting something like this done, is it we don't do that in new york. the president or democrats? the justice system has >> the president almost integrity, it has independence, definitely. the president could say look, the attorney general is an the economy is on an a upswing, independently elected official and the nra is a not-for-profit the stock market is up big time and i just cut a deal with organization, which means in democrats who by the way were effect it's subsidized by investigating me and many of whom wanted me out of office. taxpayers and it's chartered here in the state of new york so i just cut a deal with them to she has jurisdiction and she's make a massive investment in conducted a bona fide infrastructure. it would be a clear winner for investigation. the president. there's no politics to it. and by the way, we'll have to but i understand why the see how many rank and file president would immediately democrats want to give him that assume, well, it must be a because we all know we make
11:20 am
policy in this country in a political environment. political investigation because that's the way he sees the so it is not as simple as, oh, world. but again, that's not the way we $2 trillion, let's get going. operate in new york. remember, this is the same president and democratic >> based on what you know about leadership which thought that the state of things at the nra, they were going to get an immigration deal just a year are the finances actually worse ago. so again, count me among the than we've already seen in skeptics. public? there has obviously been some but if you are looking for hope extensive reporting about this in this political environment, but there are also some whit this was probably a good sign. >> and in fairness, i mean perring that it going to get infrastructure definitely is something that more people can worse for them, not better. get on the same page about than >> you know, i don't know, i'm immigration. mike, last thought to you, why the former attorney general in would house democrats go along this state and i have some with the president? experience with the nra in that >> i think that we're looking at capacity relative to your the possibility that the way the inquiry, but this is a new mueller report landed has attorney general, this is a changed per essentials and changed the incentives here. different investigation so i wouldn't comment on her i think that the assumption has investigation. i think the president's been that until the 2020 promotion, though, of the nra is election, republicans in the senate will r. going to do nominations, democrats in the house will do investigations. telling. but given where we are on the i have politically been at lagger heads with the nra for investigation front, that bts many years, i think they do a
11:21 am
would be sh won't be shut down, but they may disservice to the country, a want an accomplishment to take to voters. disservice to legal gun owners. i think the nra is a bully. >> and do you think that it is a i think the president of the convincing enough argument for united states is afraid of the republicans in congress that they need to help the president nra. i think their power in the ahead of 2020 to get on board republican party is very, very with like a deficit intending strong, and i think you see how package like this? >> yes, i think if the president the nra plays the president and gets behind it,intending how they pull his strings. package like this? >> yes, i think if the president gets behind it, infrastructure remember, kasie, the parkland, is popular. florida shooting and in the so i think that you will see a fair amount of republican immediate aftermath the support. president almost sounded >> all right. mike, jake, thank you both. rational on the issue of guns. he was talking about universal >> happy infrastructure week. background checks, he was sglin deed. coming up next, joe biden is talking about possibly raising the purchase age to 21, he was surging. we'll break down new numbers just in from quinnipiac. questioning whether or not we needed assault weapons in the first place. he even told the gop senator who was taken aback afraid of the nra. then the nra came in, said here's the script, follow the script and he did. and he did a 180. you know that look? so he is a wholly owned that life of the party look. walk it off look. subsidiary of the nra as far as
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one more mile look. i'm concerned and it's downa reply all look. own your look with fewer lines. tr -- there's only one botox® cosmetic. done a tremendous disservice to it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, the people of this country. crow's feet and forehead lines look better. >> forgive me, we're running a the effects of botox® cosmetic little bit short on time. i want to get a chance to ask may spread hours to weeks after injection, you about joe biden, who is a causing serious symptoms. long-time friend of yours, who alert your doctor right away just jumped into the as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, presidential race, has seen some eye problems, or muscle weakness positive polls in recent days may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. that show him a much more do not receive botox® cosmetic commanding front-runner than perhaps we anticipated. if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, what do you see as the number injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping and eyelid swelling. one potential pitfall for the vice president as he runs this tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications race? including botulinum toxins >> who's we when you say "we as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look anticipated"? i always thought joe biden of and whatever that look is. the right person to run for president at this time. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. knowing him and watching him for deck adds. i think what democrats are concerned with, they want most can tell the continent or country someone who can beat trump and i that your ancestors are from,
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but ancestrydna showed me the specific places think joe biden is the man there. i think they want someone who they called home. understands what this race is 20 million members have connected all about and it's not just to a deeper family story. about specific issues. order your kit at it goes much broader and deeper than that. it's the character that joe biden represents. and they want someone who can actually get something done once elected. the democrats' problem i think has been their failure to actually provide results in people's lives. people can't eat rhetoric. they need more income, they need more bread. they need more jobs. and joe biden can actually get something done. it's not the politics of symbolism. he will be a person who can have a government that actually delivers. so i don't see pit falls for him. it's going to be a big and heated primary and it should be. that ultimately is good for the democratic party but i think he's going to do very, very well and i think he'll serve the democratic party very well and i
11:24 am
think he'll serve the nation very well after that. >> all right. new york governor andrew cuomo, thank you, sir, very much for being on the program. >> we have been talking about new polling that shows joe biden pulling way ahead of other 2020 contenders. so if you're beto o'rourke or kamala harris and you're out on the trail and you're looking at these numbers, what is your message to democrat being voters in those all-important prime rich states? joining me now, msnbc to a deeper family story. sure, there are advantagesns and natural talents, correspondent garrett haake and but they won't teach patience or discipline. or get you back on the court after a heartbreaker. political reporter vaugon hilli. let this game be your spark. pursue your passions with relentless ferocity. because the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. vaughn, let me start with you, tennis teaches kids to dream, compete, and succeed. you're out on the campaign trail in south carolina. sign up with net generation. tto harrison, the wine tcollection..
11:25 am
to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. kamala harris is going is the rainbows to the proud. running on the policy specifics that have broad appeal. i leave these things to my heirs, she's proposed having a federal all 39 million of you, investment into teacher pay, on one condition. raising teacher salaries by that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. roughly 13,500. other big initiative she has with love, california. been pressing is her plan were she to tack office to take executive action when it comes to gun control. beto o'rourke, gary will attest to this, has been running up and down these states, kamala harris has had a campaign in which standard disclaimer, yes, it today it's just one stop here in is still early, but joe biden's columbia as a political event surge appears to be very real. but she was just down the road the former vice president expanded his lead in a number of at the state capital meeting with the democratic caucuses in recent polls including a dramatic 20 point edge according the house and senate. to a cnn survey. she has the long game in sight perhaps more so than any 2020 here. >> fair point. candidate, biden is willing to beto o'rourke has kind of fallen highlight his contrast with back in both the polling and president trump framing himself attention as mayor pete has kind as the moral alternative to a of risen and now joe biden has president that many democratic jumped in the polls.
11:26 am
voters find to be illegitimate what's it been like on the trail with him lately? and unacceptable. >> kasie, california has been but biden may be looking to a good to beto o'rourke. as you said, he arrived here on different president for his core campaign strategy. in a new ad, biden leans hard saturday after a couple weeks in which the poll numbers were into his association with down, the headlines were not so president obama, touting his good. presidential medal of freedom it didn't seem like perhaps he'd from the 44th commander in be able to maintain that same momentum he had coming out of chief. according to the associated the gate but at each of these press, biden is trying to ride stops in california over the obama nostalgia in his 2020 bid. last couple of days, he's been drawing big crowds, it's been a those ties may be a major boon high energy thing. i get raked for saying this by for biden's credibility, but people on twitter, but o'rourke they could also prove problematic in a crowded field. is similar to president trump in that he really does respond to his recent campaign rhetoric the energy he gets back from the underscored mr. biden's standing as an establishment candidate crowds. today he had about a thousand people at an event in san which is the chief argument being used against him by rivals francisco, essentially the capital of the resistance on sunday and on monday they proved and activists pushing the party they were able to do something toward socialism. that some of his critics have been wondering if he can, which this puts biden in a bit of a is roll out a big specific piece catch 22. should he run on return to the of policy in this climate plan. obama years or try to push the democratic agenda forward? he wraps up a week-long trip he tried to square that circle today and heads back to el paso. in a new interview with abc i think cat pain feeling a news. >> i'm really proud of serving
11:27 am
little better better where they stand than they did when this with barack. week started. but look, it is a new time, a >> thankfully twitter is not real life and i am glat that new day. beto seems to have the wits finishing the job of inequality about him not to answer the lorena bobbitt question. for women, finishing the job in terms of the environment, make thank you both very much. we will be right back. thank youh we will be right back. bold new steps forward. this daughter was home visiting >> those bold new steps forward when mom saw a chip in her windshield. are still being outlined. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so will biden 2020 look to the so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, future or the recent past? joining me now, steve kornacki, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. and also with a lead shaheed. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. steve, i understand you have new polling about this biden bump. >> yeah, hot off the presses. this has been a day of brand new polls. this is what the race looked like really for months. this was on the eve of biden's announcement last week. this was the average of all the
11:28 am
national polls. you remember biden, we were with peak season berries, uniqcreamy avocado. calling him a weak front runner. and a dressing fit for a goddess. come taste what a salad should be. sanders a couple points behind. in the last 20 minutes, here is and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be. the lastest new po estlatest ne quinnipiac. biden now a 26 point advantage. and that is not bernie sanders in second place in this quinnipiac poll. that is elizabeth warren moving in to second. obviously a very distant second, but this is her best showing in a poll in some time. but biden up close to 40%. and this is not the only poll showing a result like this. this morning the morning consult weekly tracker, they have biden at 36%. 14 point advantage over sanders. there is also this from cnn, out this morning, biden 39%, a 24 point advantage over bernie sanders. so again, three polls coming out in the space of about 12 hours here. all of them have biden now into
11:29 am
the high 30s, approaching 40%. there have been all these comparisons made, they say biden the week frontrunner, is he jeb bush from 2016, mitt romney from 2012, is he john kerry. kerry did win the nomination. romney did win the nomination. but none of those three names i mentioned at this point in their campaign or for nts nos that wraps things up for us afterwards were anywhere near after a very busy our. 40%. so there was some who sort of i'm kasie hunt in washington. had a feeling that biden when he got in, that would be his best my friend ali velshi picks day, nowhere to go but down. there is a real bounce here and if he sustains this, i think that idea of a very weak frontrunner we've been saying, people might have to revisit things up. that. >> that is very interesting this it is now or never as guidia idea that no one else this far called for the venezuela of an edge. do we know by any chance, and military to rise up against forgive me for putting you on the spot, do you have a sense of where this bounce is coming from like who is losing out because biden is gaining? >> yeah, so it is sort of broad based here. some of the breakdowns that we can see this, is from the president nicolas mad you're
11:30 am
morning poll again biden in that one at 36%. but among white voters, he is in first place. but look at this, black voters, he is doing almost ten points better and we're seeing it in all of the new polls out. nonwhite voters he is doing even better. owe. that is one aspect. we want to send a message. more specifically, again this defies i think some of the expect faces that hahavations o white men, a lot of coverage saying the white working class guys will like point advantage am an age gap here.
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