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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  May 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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surprising. look at the reaction when they heard this. >> this is my class, 2019. and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. >> did you see his face when he said that? that's tech investor robert smith serving as a commencement speaker this year for the all-male historically black college morehouse. the donation expected to total $40 million for the class of 400 seniors. that would be my reaction, as well. what a moment there in atlanta today. congrats to many of them. that will do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'll be back next saturday. >> i wish richard smith spoke at my commencement. >> yeah. only person that spoke at mine was sally may and came with a bill. >> sally may, a long bill upon us for many, many years for many of us. >> a great moment for those kids. >> thank you. we start today with a breaking news this afternoon.
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this is about president trump and his ties to a major investment bank. "the new york times" reporting today that money laundering specialists at deutsche bonk reported that legal entities controlled by donald trump and son-in-law jared kushner that these transactions be reported to a federal financial crimes watchdog. as laid out in the article, in the case of trump, an anti-financial crimes team review of transactions produced multiple reports of suspicious activity but contrary to policy those reports were never filed with the treasury department. deutsche bank spokesperson gave this statement. we have increased our anti-financial crime staff and enhanced our controls in recent years and take compliance with the aml/bsa anti-money laundering and bank secrecy act laws very seriously.
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an effective aml program requires sophisticated transaction screening technology as well as a trained group of individuals who can analyze the alerts that are generated by that technology. both thoroughly and efficiently. at no time was an investigator prevented from escalating activity identified as potentially suspicious. furthermore, the suggestion that anyone was reassigned or fired in an effort to quash concerns relating to any client is categorically false. that coming from deutsche bank and also getting reaction of spokes people on behalf of president trump and jared kushner. the trump organization saying they have no knowledge of flagged transactions with deutsche bank and a spokesperson for the kushner company says an allegation of money laundering is made up and totally false. okay. that just came in several hours ago. let's bring in the panel. betsy woodruff, glen kushner,
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katie benner, and david kay johnston. katie, i want to start with you putting on the old financial reporting hat here. this is a lot of stuff happening, for those not familiar with investment banks and the units looking out for suspicious transactions, what do you make of the reporting today? >> yeah. sure. so i just want to take a step back and say that deutsche bank and donald trump had a long relationship together that's proved controversial since donald trump became president. deutsche bank has been in trouble for helping russians launder money and lending donald trump money even after multiple employees in the bank have at any different times said that this person is overstating at assets. the loan doesn't look like a guy idea. defaulted on bonds. you have a long history of deutsche bank and donald trump that sets the back xwrouground
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today and we have seen in 2016 and 2017 employees within the bank yet again raised warnings saying there's something strange happening here. in the case of jared kushner, there's money moving from the kushner companies to individual russians and we should look into it. executives chose not to. in the case of donald trump, suspicious financial transactions and wanted the bank to look into it and the banks said not to and a unique situation because the part of the bank that was dealing with both mr. kushner and mr. trump is a part of the bank that does private wealth management and that piece of the bank is incentivized to help its wealthiest clients obtain objectives and meet their goals. so again, what we're seeing is part of a long pattern and something that certainly congress is going to want to look into as they fight to get financial records of deutsche bank. >> betsy, to you on this. in your reporting in the
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investigations of mueller article of various types of transactions, how does this fit in if at all? maybe a larngger story as we we hearing from katie? >> this is a separate line of inquiry from the focuses of mueller during the investigation. we know that while he did a lot of investigative moves, the report doesn't indicate that he found anything worth putting in that document about president trump and jared kushner's personal financial dealings, particularly dealings occurring prior to trump's entrance into the 2016 presidential campaign. this is something that irked some folks and sort of the russia watching community who expected that mueller would try to pull threads in terms of whether trump had engaged in financial transactions or developed business relationships that could affect the way he thought about american foreign policy vis-a-vis russia. that's a line of ir kawhi inqu.
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adam schiff said he plans to focus on that particular basket as part of his work scrutinizing additional threads of the russia question that have been unanswered and, of course, chairwoman maxine waters of house financial services made it a top priority for her committee. what this reporting suggests and indicates is there could be significantly more to the story of trump's relationship with deutsche bank than we know given the investigating that's been happening. >> glen kushner, you know, the words coming from this report from "the new york times" suspicious activity, elicit activity alert, money laundering, those are some of the words to pull out from "the new york times" reporting here.
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what is your reflection on what this might mean or say about the type of transactions we're discussing today? those words don't sound good on the surface. >> no. they don't, richard. taking something of a magnifying glass to "the new york times" reporting of this, we see that in the first instance there are computer programs employed by deutsche bank and really every major financial institution and they screen, they use algorithms to screen accounts and transactions for potential suspicious activity. that happened here and these xutd computer programs report it out, some accounts and transactions of donald trump and jared kushner were indeed suspicious and some involve transfers of money to russian individuals and russian accounts. so that was sort of the first problem. and then it moves into human investigators who then look what the computer programs have reported out and a woman named tammy mcfadden did that for deutsche bank.
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she's a money laundering specialist. she reviews the documents, the materials and the accounts. then she makes a recommendation based on her findings. she indeed found that these were suspicious activities in the accounts of donald trump and jared kushner so she packaged up a report with some supporting documentation and she recommended that it go to the u.s. department of treasury for further investigation and then it looks like based on the reporting some deutsche bank executives stepped in and it never happened. now, we also learned that tammy mcfadden ultimately was transferred out of that job assignment and then fired by deutsche bank. now, whether that was in retaliation sort of making her a defacto whistle-blower or not remains to be seen but you have two levels, both the computer level identifying these as suspicious. you have human review identifying these as suspicious. they should have been reported
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out to the department of treasury for further investigation. >> we have it on the screen which is process. starts again with the computers. and then goes on to mid level people. that will look at it. again, goes on to a report. goes on then to managers. and what you're saying in this case, the managers decided at some point, no, do not send it to the treasury department. david, when you look at this is the standard process according to "the new york times" but in the case of jared kushner and the case of president trump, these questionable, these suspicious transactions, this is the jared kushner reporting on the elicit activity alert. it made it to a certain point and then the manager said, and the reporting says here, because of a different relationship, private banking basically, hey, don't push this forward to the treasury department. at least that's the department that said stop the reporting to the treasury department. is this consistent with what you have done in the past?
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some of your investigative reporting based on the transaction, excuse me, the bank history with the trump family as well as jared kushner? >> well, we know for a fact that donald trump has been involved in money laundering in the past, fined for it. we know that deutsche bank is fined over $600 million just for laundering money for russian al garks a al gorks and are nondenial denials. the trump organization said we never heard of this. why would you? it was locked up in the bank. the bank said we didn't stop anyone. the story makes it clear. tammy mcfadden pushed it up and then the career went badly after that. so in addition, "the times" has a pregnant line in it. it say that is there are other, quote, politically connected people end quote who also were swept up and it's clear that
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david enrich, a very good reporter at "the new york times" has seen these documents and other people whose money laundering suspicion of money laundering activities were also apparently quashed by the people at the private banking unit of deutsche bank in new york. this is for donald trump a really serious problem. >> and again, this reporting's not necessarily say specifically in anything was done incorrectly or illegally at this moment. they're just saying suspicious, elicit alerts from the bank. david, you said there were cases in the past? david, there were some cases in the path where donald trump was involved in money laundering and prosecuted for this? >> no. he paid fines. the trump taj mahal casino involved in money laundering for years and he was fined for it and i wrote in my 1992 book "temples of chance" about a curious deal involving $50,000
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and one of the seven biggest gamblers in the world at trump plaza and while this is not a definitive finding, it certainly gives grounds for investigation by congress into what's going on with not turning over to the financial crimes enforcement center activity indicating suspicious movements of money by trump and notice it includes 2017 when he's president. >> when he is president. that's correct. they do say that. part of this here, katie, you mention the long relationship of president trump, donald trump, as well as a citizen and with deutsche bank as a president and did owe some $300 million at that time. and the reporting then goes on to say therefore there could have been some feelings by the bank potentially that if they were to be overly aggressive in these alerts, reporting to the treasury department, that potentially the bank would then
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act in a more conservative way, shall we say. >> yes. of course. i think that being the largest lender to the president and his businesses put you in a tricky position and deutsche bank had trouble as we have seen navigating that, especially now congress subpoenaed deutsche bank for records and this report written by my colleague will fuel curiosity for more information from the bank and the trump family has sued to stop this. so we're going to see a legal battle play out and we are going to see the bank have to make some very difficult choices. >> glen, what's next on this do you think? >> so here's the legal battle that's coming that i think david and katie referred to. on wednesday, there will be litigation in a court in new york. judge ramos is presiding and the litigation where trump sued both deutsche bank and capital one to stop them from producing his financial records pursuant to a subpoena by the congressional oversight committee.
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that exact same issue with respect to trump's accounting firm was litigated this past week and i was in the courtroom watching the judge handle that litigation and by every single account, it looks like the judge is poised to issue an opinion saying that basically they have to produce these financial records complying with the congressional subpoena. i predict based on hearing the arguments of both sides these are going to be the identical arguments made this wednesday and hopefully judge ramos will rule in fair of transparency. so this issue that trump is trying to keep a lid on, very likely going to congress very soon. >> betsy, put it altogether. could we be talking about the same set of transactions potentially? what does it mean for maxine waters heading up the financial services oversight committee here? >> it's unclear how much material waters will get and when she'll get it.
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one thing we can be very confident about is that trump's legal team is going to try to fight any effort to force these financial institutions to turn over his information as hard as possible. that said, as glen indicated, it's going to be challenging for him to make that case. one of the issues for waters is making sure that this subpoena she issued captures transactions that happened after trump became president, after jared kushner entered his time serving as a senior staffer in the white house. my guess is that lawyers on those committees are going back, reviewing the work and assessing whether or not they need to issue new subpoenas to make sure that their document demands capture the kind of materials that raised red flags that the red flags detailed in "the new york times" story that ian the next thing. congress will want to make sure that they have asked for all the correct documents and trump's team is going to try to push as hard as they can not just ultimately to win in court but to make it take a long time.
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running through the clock would be just as much of a victory for them as having a clean open and shut win. >> real deep bench to dig into the topic for us. thank you all four who responded to this news scrum and got straight to the cameras on this topic. of course, reacted with aplum. thank you so much. thank you. coming up, president trump's border wall put to the test this week in court. i'll take to the attorney general of one of the 19 states suing to stop it about how they did.
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new reporting of nbc news may show that and may reveal that president trump's hard line immigration policies may have separated more migrant families than was originally thought. in addition to previous trump policy, child separations, nbc news found that the administration has identified at least 1,712 migrant families and other children who may have been taken from their parents. this is a result of reviewing just under 5,000 of 50,000 children's files so far. so there can be a big number more, this is happening as two big cases of the president's border wall to play out in court this week. the federal judge in california expected to hand down a decision on whether or not to block the president's use of defense and treasury department funds for
1:21 pm
the wall and a judge will consider a bid to prevent the president from spending defense department funds. my guest michigan's attorney general is among them. madame attorney general, thank you for being with us. what did you make of what happened on friday? what do you make of what may happen this coming week? as i understand judge gillem could be making a decision. >> we hope for a favorable decision. states like michigan, states are having money they deserve that's illegally diverted for this fake emergency border wall, and, you know, it is very troubling. we can use that money in our state and we need that money. and, you know, furthermore, congress did not want that money to be appropriated for this purpose. this is a clear purpose of the violation of powers and it hurts states like ours. >> if the judge does rule against you, what is your next
1:22 pm
step? >> well, we'll still be able to continue making arguments. this was a motion for a preliminary injunction so it was to stop the immediate diversion of funds but we'll still have other arguments to make and the judge asked the parties to coordinate with the briefing schedule and still have claims to make on the merits. it is just that in the meantime money will start to be diverted and continue to be diverted unless or until our arguments are sustained. >> if the judge rules against you, when will you then file again? a week after that? what's the plan at least on paper for now? >> well, for now, the parties are trying to decide what the briefing schedule is going to be and the judge has asked the parties to decide, you know, amongst themselves at this juncture when the brief should be due, when the rely will be due and so on and so forth. so that's what's up for right now. we are very hopeful that the judge will see that it's
1:23 pm
important that these funds remain in the coffers of the state and can be properly distributed to the various different states. the way that it always has been and to understand that this, you know, this is very harmful to states like mine. this money goes to our state police. it goes towards equipment and training. and we need that in our local communities. and in michigan, it is really hard to say how if in any way at all this border wall is helpful to us. and i would hope that, you know, the court would understand what a dangerous precedent would be set by not granting this injunction. >> i want to play as you know there's a big concern on the border as was reported today on "face the nation." some number that is you may or may not already know, for those who are watching at home right now. some 100,000 families each month are coming the border, crossing
1:24 pm
the border. about 4,000 a day. this coming on the reporting on "face the nation." let's listen to this and then i'll get your reaction. >> we need to have a system that works at the border, able to prevent people from crossing unlawfully and return them effectively. >> secretary saying he needs help before that and givering me the numbers i was sharing with you, madame attorney general. why not build the wall? i think those who support it would say needs to happen now. >> look. i think there's no doubt that we need to have some serious discussions about immigration reform. both parties will tell you that. we need to have widespread bipartisan support for some serious new policy. but, you know, to illegally divert funds in order to build a wall, that is not the solution and if it was the solution why did the united states senate vote against that? that's of course a healthy
1:25 pm
majority of republicans and in my own state, not only did both our united states senators vote against this but nine of the 14 u.s. congress people did, including 2 republicans so if this is such a great idea how come the president can't get his own party on board? we have to look at serious immigration reform but this is not the way to do it. >> michigan attorney general dana nessel, thank you. >> thank you for having me. all right. how the world is reacting to fears that the united states and iran can bungle into a war neither side really wants. and emotionally support children in urgent need. it's not just about opening up your home; it is also about opening up your heart. consider fostering.
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time now for we said/they said. the world reacts to the mixed messages of the white house over the escalating tensions with iran. >> the president is very, very difficult to know what his foreign policy doctrine is. if it is anything i would say it's sort of a frugal hawk. >> a frenetic back and forth between the u.s. and iran. tensions are at fever pitch and an incident off the coast of the united arab emirates could trigger a full-blown conflict. >> frustration is echoing from both sides. politicians want the trump administration to be more
1:30 pm
transparent on iran. >> the president's strained relationship with national security adviser john bolton along the way here was also a focus. >> the challenge is that there are hardliners in the white house that have a very different objective coming to iran and pushing the tensions to where we are today. >> the conflicting statements of possible threats from iran raised concerns that some parties in washington are exaggerating intelligence to build a case for a military action against the country. >> the drumbeat for war with iran intensifies within the white house and trump reportedly frustrated with some of his advisers pushing for war, most notably including national security adviser bolton. >> the gulf news said iran's behavior has pushed the region into a sensitive period. the teheran times dove into the cost of trump's behaviors for america. adding undoubtedly in the near
1:31 pm
future trump will see the consequences of his encounter with iran over issues such as economic sanctions and withdrawal from the nuclear deal. just moments ago, as well, the president tweeting this. if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again. all right. for more, let's go to ali aruzi, christopher dickey and eshan farual. ali, we read some of what was there in the teheran times. blow that out us a little here. what is the reaction from what seems to be from on this side not sure what the u.s. stance is at the moment. >> good morning, richard. well, teheran is saying that this is a crisis entirely manufactured by the united states which incidentally is a
1:32 pm
view shared with varying degrees by u.s. allies in europe and wholeheartedly by russia and china and runs counter to the narrative from the white house whose view is that teheran is up to no good and targeting targets directly or by proxy they'll met with a significant military response and puts a higher risk of a sort of military confrontation, maybe not by design but possibly by accident. now, even though iran is saying it doesn't want a war it is saying it is ready to deal with one if it happens with conventional warfare and acy metrical warfare. that probably wasn't an accident spotting. iran is working in the shadows, moving assets around the region. largely undetected. that could have been a veiled
1:33 pm
message from iran. another message were reports again a few days that the head of the force in iran dealing with international operations telling his proxies under his patronage in iraq to get ready for a fight with the u.s. there's 5,000 american troops in iraq and proxies there, many of whom don't want american forces in iraq. now, the message from iran seems to be if america tries to take us down then we will wreck havoc in the region. richard? >> "l.a. times" looking at potentially what this administration's foreign policy is regarding trump. regarding iran, excuse me. he enjoys thumping the chest. remember when he warned north korea? and the bluster is intended to
1:34 pm
jumpstart negotiations. you're in washington, d.c. is that one of the thematics here? >> that's certainly part of it. of course, from day one confrontation with iran has at some point level been a plank of the administration's foreign policy agenda. for president trump, it was mostly a desire to unravel sort of what was a lynchpin of his predecessors legacy with teheran and a whole host of figures within his administration beginning with former national security adviser michael flynn up to the present one john bolton who have a much stronger ideological ax to grind with the iranian regime and it may very well be that president trump is simply seeking renegotiation of the nuclear deal but the current atmospherics don't lend themselves to effective diplomacy. >> generally or typically, historically, traditionally
1:35 pm
here, chris, multilateral and look at the trans atlantic relationship here. from "the new york times" describing the skepticism coming from the eu at the moment. privately several u.s. officials describe them as pushing an unsuspecting mr. trump through a series of steps that could put the united states on a course to war before the president realizes it. if the president moves forward, if the united states moves forward, will they go forward alone given the removal of support for some of the multilamult multilateral institutions that kept security internationally safe? >> there's not going to be much of a coalition of the willing if this degenerates into a real war with iran. mainly because all of europe, almost all of europe, is saying, hell no, we won't go right now. and they feel exactly as the
1:36 pm
other correspondents and comment taters have mentioned that the trump administration is hyping this. it's pushing up the level of heat in the middle east right now. and that's a very dangerous thing. a tiny incident could explode into some major confrontation. just in the last couple of hours, one rocket fell inside the green zone not too far from the american embassy in baghdad and all of a sudden that's being treated by some commentators and people in the united states as if that's a huge deal when, in fact, that sort of thing is happening in iraq for years. and the embassy there is an absolute fortress and americans never go out without armored cars and more or less full battle gear. there's potential for little incident blown into huge incidents. the people doing it are the americans. >> ali, the reporting that u.s.
1:37 pm
officials warn commercial airlines over the persian gulf to potentially avoid that space because of being misidentified. this in addition today senator tom cotton saying on "meet the press" if the confrontation starts the u.s. will finish. the implication is something little to turn into something quite large. >> that's absolutely right. i mean, that warning from the faa should be taken seriously. not only does it underscore the tensions between the united states and iran but it has a knock-on effect on commerce, on shipping and on tourism. in this region. this region is a very, very busy place for air traffic. dubai is the world's most heavily crowded airport for international flights. many of which come from the united states. but there has been a history of
1:38 pm
misidentification in this region with grave consequences during the iran/iraq war in 1988, iranian commercial flight was hit by the u.s. they don't want things like that happening today. >> the argument that's been made ishaan, is this administration's policies working in some places, if you look at the his bella that they have been hampered recently by the reduction of resources. >> that's right. reporting from my colleagues over this weekend has appears to confirm that hezbollah is feeling the pinch of what appears to be the trump's administration maximum pressure campaign on iran. iran funds this lebanese organization to a great extent and they've seen the budgets massively slashed so for sure
1:39 pm
the trump administration can say that, look, our strategy on changing iranian behavior in the middle east and conducted by the proxy organizations like hezbollah is working and same time you have to reconcile that with the real pain they're causing ordinary iranians there, emboldening hardline forces within iran and creating a climate where the iranians may seek to lash back. >> chris dickey, 15 seconds? >> well, i think maybe hezbollah had the budget slashed but a presence in lebanon on the israeli border and it's got a hell of a lot of missiles readily at hand to use when and if it feels those are necessary in a wider confrontation. >> "what the last war with iran tells us about the next one" by chris dickey. thank you all and have a good
1:40 pm
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one that hasn't followed the family goldfish. pnc - make today the day. the costs of prescription drugs are rising and this week the democrat controlled democratic controlled house pass add bill aimed at lowering the prices but the bill's unlikely to pass in the republican-led senate. despite the increasing costs, the president said there's been a drop in prices.
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>> drug prices have gone down for the first time in 51 years. they've gone down. first time in 51 years. great job, alex. that's really fantastic. >> that statement from the president is not accurate. so here it is. the president appeared to be referring to recent decreases in the labor department's consumer price index but the april cpi was updated before the president's claim showing an increase of 0.3% of prescription drug prices. every week we track the president's claims or statements to see how they are. "the washington post" reporting the president made more than 10,000 false or misleading statements by the end of april. that's an average of eight false claims each and every day according to "the washington post." we'll be right back. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right.
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1:49 pm
law? >> reporter: well, richard, it is interesting. this entire southern swing for bernie sanders was planned long before this law came up to a vote in the alabama senate and made its way to the governor's desk but it's become something he's talked about on the trail consistently and a similar law in georgia some months ago. sanders said not only are the la laws unconstitutional and forces women to quacks, to back alley abortions and says will take people's lives and it's come up in every one of his speeches and events i covered down here. i'm quite certain it will again tonight. after he finishes this rally, he'll go across the street to join a protest march about this very issue and i have to tell you, richard, he is not alone. some of the voters i talked to here said they drove from other states to be a part of the protest here today. take a listen. >> how important is it for you to hear your candidate talk about it? >> that's why i came out here. >> reporter: on that issue
1:50 pm
specifically? >> yes. >> i hope that every company in america that was considering coming to alabama or missouri or georgia will send the governor a letter monday saying we are a letter monday saying we're withdrawing our application. we need the boycott alabama the way south africa was boycotted. >> the right to abortion is a constitutional right. when a rapist has more rights than a woman who has been raped there's something terribly wrong in this country. >> reporter: richard, i would say politically watch this space. the issue of abortion long been something that's motivated voter on right but seeing this kind of reaction from folks on the left, is not something we have seen a lot in national politics recently. it will be something to watch over the next couple of months. >> well said. thank you for that. let's go to the front runners. taking a closer look at the
1:51 pm
surprises we have seen when it comes to this large democratic field. now, 24, i believe as this sunday. very quickly before we get to the unexpected. this idea of abortion energizing democrats in this next cycle, even the president saying maybe this isn't the right law to be pushing forward right now in its current draft. >> yeah, president trump made it very clear he doesn't like that there's no exception for rape, incest and health of the mother. he's been very clear on that for a decade or so. i think the democrats are the ones risks alienating themselves from the voters in general election. while i think this is a great idea for democrats to rally people in the primary, there's some interesting polls out that show the opposite. axios reported there was a poll
1:52 pm
that shows the feelings on pro-choice versus pro-life have shifted. for the first time in american history you have the same percentage of americans, 47%, say they are pro-life as they are pro-choice at 47%. 80% of people now say abortion should be limited to just the first three months of the pregnancy. that is significant. that's something we have never seen in american history. >> senator tom cotton, republican today from arkansas did not say that in terms of the number of months with his interview on "meet the press" today. how would you act to this energizing those voters that democrats hope to get to the polls come 2020 in the primary as well as the general. >> i think the only thing clear about donald trump is that he's presiding over a dismantling of the rights of women in the sense that he is pushing forward, he's very proud of it, how many, i think it's more than 100 federal judges and the two supreme court
1:53 pm
justices he's picked, he will be more than happy when r oh, -- roe v wade will be overturned. i think there's much debate about that. this isn't a polling issue. the bulk of the country believes in woman's right to choose. this is such a heavy handed way. it's not a debate on -- it's not scurrying the edges of it about weeks, what circumstances. this is saying we're taking away a woman's right to choose. that is not something that will go over well with anybody whether it's primaries or the general. >> i wanted to get that in since we got that great reporting there in alabama. now i want to move to the democratic field. now 24 on this sunday. there's been some expected and unexpected in terms of who is doing well. first off, i'd like to look at
1:54 pm
some of those exceedsing expectations. joe biden, pete buttigieg. we didn't expect joe biden to be 18 percentage points ahead. pete buttigieg. andrew yang is one of those registering and first to quality for the debate stage. >> democrats should be happy because there's been a lot of pleasant surprises in the field. i think the biden thing is very interesting. if we had the same conversation, the three of us maybe five months ago, we would not have identified a 77-year-old white male whose been in washington for four decades as the ideal 2020 candidate. hoo he's leading and leading by large margin. i think that goes to show what people are looking for in a sense, they just want to beat donald trump.
1:55 pm
the other sense is you have bernie sanders who is trailing by a couple of years in age. >> you're reading my notes here. those who are not exceeding expectations, bernie sanders who did take a hit in the latest polls. beto o'rourke hoping to revive what had been great energy early on. we have the senators which are not popping the traditional pathway to the white house. >> one person i'm surprised not performing well is kamala harris. i really thought she would be a stronger front-runner. i'm a little curious why she hasn't resonated with her base. as much as they are sharing their policy positions and having a really competitive primary, there's still going to have to be donald trump in the general. you look at the latest polls just two weeks ago, talked about president trump on the economy is unbeatable.
1:56 pm
he's at 46% approval and said, the gold standard of polling said he will likely go through the 50% threshold on the economy alone. joe biden has got to come up with an economic plan to beat president trump. >> if president trump sticks to an economic message. we'll be right back. icks to an economic message. we'll be right back. every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it.
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all right. that's does it for me this week. join me back here next saturday and sunday.
2:00 pm
you can catch me on social media. let me know what you think and i'll get back to you. i turn it over to reverend al sharpton and politics nation. good evening and welcome to politics nation. tonight's lead, it hurts when it comes from your own people. president trump insists he's not fa phased by the shot from michigan congressman. the first republican to say that the president has engaged in quote, impeachable conduct. to prove it, there was his response on twitter this morning. calling him quote, a total lightweight of whom he was quote never a fan. diplomatically adding that justin is a


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