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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 18, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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had people that exclusively have won off their own individual hard work and own individual gifts is just a fallacy. and that's something i think we as an american society have to understand. >> we say, thank you so much. congressman. eddie. really important conversation. hot-button issue. thank you for watching. coming up more news with hallie jackson. >> steph, thank you much. i am halley jackson in washington. yes, we have seen this president rally before. 59 times since inauguration day. number 60 tonight, this has been two years in the making. the only president to file his inauguration papers kicks off his 2020 campaign in orlando. supporters camping out for a front-row seat 10 hours from now. the president all into the details tonight. his kids, wife, vice president, all set to be there as he talks his 2020 message. and apparently he's getting a little head start on that.
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now promising mass immigration arrests. millions of illegal aliens to be row moved next week. the announcement more troops will head to the middle east because of, quote, hostile behavior by iran. new comments from the president there. and, by the way, the president here out just this morning. we have a lot to get to. our team is set up and ready to go covering this. all the stories we will bring you the next 60 minutes. steve is at the big board. peter, i will start with you. you are down on the ground where it's all happening. what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, the 45 fest. this is where you have thousands of people, die-hards all lining up to get into the amway center, home of the orlando magic. the president hoping to deliver a little more magic this go round in the 2020 re-election bid. the feelings among the folks here.
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this is my new friend david earl. you're a real estate guy outside orlando. you have your i.c.e., i.c.e. baby shirt on. is that in a something that motivates you to support the president? >> yeah. i think the president should take the time to bring the people together that are in the country illegally. people have gone here and gone through the process of becoming american citizens. and they sacrificed a lot. and for people to just walk in and cut the line, it's not right. and i think they should be -- give them a chance to another country and make application to become an american citizen. >> they should stay in athe country. >> if they cut through other countries and mexico to come to america, the first country they come to, seek asylum there.
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>> reporter: that is a message the president tried to give as well. you weren't a trump guy from the beginning. you are certainly on board now. anything he does you wish he would just knock it off? >> i was with him from the beginning in the sense that i was undecided in the primaries. i wanted to listen -- i hadn't heard him speak. as soon as he was speaking and i agreed with what he was saying. he's a billionaire. he sacrificed his whole life. you like the tweets or don't like the tweets? >> they are great in that he can communicate directly with the american people and he can let -- not go through the media filter which is unfortunately biased quite a bit. 90% of the stories about the president. >> we come and talk to you directly. stay dry today. i think i already lost that battle. we talked to david and many other here. so many talking points. he's motivated folks by communicating a message that they are embracing. and he will certainly be doing
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that inside this evening. >> i think that shirt said i.c.e. i.c.e. baby, which is an indication of just how much the president is trying to push the immigration message ahead of 2020. >> reporter: yeah. i think that's not about vanilla ice. or the 82-degree humid day. likely about immigration and customs enforcement. that's what a lot of people are focused on today. >> peter, thank you, some i friend. see you later tonight on "nbc nightly news". steve kornacki is holding it down at the big board. walk through as the president now, and, again, he filed his papers for re-election two and a half years. this is the formal kickoff for his 2020 push. talk through some of his poll numbers. . >> take a look. 504 days until election 2020. the president getting ready. the job approval rating right now. the average of all the polls that are out there, 43.9%. one of the things that jumps out at you, though, is how narrow the range has been for his
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entire presidency. his peak. the highest he's gone for his approval rating, 46%. look at that date. that is february 2017. that was his honeymoon. that's when most presidents get to 60%, 70%. trump got to 46%. he has never hit 50%. never hit the highs of past presidents. he's also never hit the lows of other presidents. his lowest, 37%. nine-point range he has been operating in from high to low. remarkable consistency. they are not good numbers by any stretch of the imagination but numbers we have seen from trump during his campaign really and during his presidency. helps to remember head-to-head, this is what you can expect. this was the fox news poll over the weekend. you can expect a lot of polls like this. when your job approval is in the low 40s, you're going to trail in head-to-head matchups. that's what the president looks like right now in these poll numbers. also, the economy. this is interesting.
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the economy not boosting him measurably. how is the economy? excellent or good? 7 out of 10 say that. the president's job approval rating is stuck there. that's the challenge that he has. the economy, people feeling ream strong about it. unable to break past 50%. you have to remember, 2016, how much of that were we seeing that in 2016? election day 2016, exit poll, 35% of voters said trump had the temperament to be president. 38% said he was qualified to be president. vast majority said he wasn't. 40% had a positive opinion of him. the vast majority did not. he was still able to stitch together a path to victory. his ability to bring his opponents negative as low as his. that becomes the question for 2020. you look at the numbers and say it doesn't look like trump is about to hit 50%, 60% approval.
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can he bring whoever his opponent is in 2020, we have seen him win with the numbers before. >> steve kornacki holding it down at the big board. steve, thank you. mica pew toe, wanda summers for "the associated press", and tim alberta, chief political correspondent. great to have you with us. mark, let me start with you. the president is in florida. as peter alexander touched on, looking it seems to fire up his base with more deportation. people talking about later in the show. do you think that is going to work in orlando or the rest of florida, for that matter? >> well, that's a complicated question. will it work in the orlando media market? probably. a hard line immigration message won the orlando media market in 2016. however, he lost orlando's county, which is orange county, by rather big margins. urban counties that did not back
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the president and our very good fertile ground for republicans. one of the risks is if there is mass deportation and strike force in a state like florida or 16%, 17% of registered voters are hispanic, you can wind up with false positives. as you roundup people who are u.s. citizens, it can be quite a nightmare. i'm not saying it wouldn't be a nightmare for people who are here legally, but there could be unexpected consequences from this policy. we'll have to see what it is. one of your -- the people -- the man you just interviewed or peter just interviewed there is a good example of the president's strengths. white people. in florida and across the nation, the president's big strength is with the white working class and caucasian voters. and he has been able to expand on that pool of voters and understand there are about 63% of the registered voters in florida. but in 2018, they cast 67% of the ballots.
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president trump will do well in states such as florida despite what some people think otherwise. >> wanda, we have heard the president make anti immigrant threats before. it leads up to election day, talking increasingly about the issue of undocumented immigrants in this country, what he wants to do. back to before the 2018 races, the congressional races. and the president incessantly talking about the migrant caravans. we will talk more about the mass deportations next week. the president is referring to something that has been in the works for a while. sources tell us it is exaggerated. >> the playbook hasn't changed much. before the midterms, we saw more of this. this is the president going to his sort of, look, if you are a basketball player, you want a high percentage shot. if you are going to -- >> it's a slam dunk for him. >> yeah, right. yes. there are a couple of sort of
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sure-fire, go back to the devices. they have proven successful in mobilizing his base. as peter was just talking about, marc was just talking about. a core group of trump supporters who want to hear this. and, look, for all the talk about the persuadables and independents who traditionally decide elections, that block has been going for a generation. i think if you're looking at the approval numbers, the only chance you have to win states like florida is to turn out that base. >> i think that's absolutely right. this is a president who hasn't tried meaningfully to expand his base. what i find something about this in general, president trump's re-election strategy is this is a president who had shattered expectations by running as an outsider, an insurgent who wanted to break the system. now he is part of the system. he is the ultimate washington
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insider this town revolves around him. whether or not that same calculation is whether an insider can run as an outsider. >> florida will be critical. marc, you are our main man down there in the sunshine state. you are talking about what the campaign operation needs to do. because they didn't have much of an edge in 2016, obviously. so what are you learning about how the campaign is trying to replicate that in 2020. >> >> the big difference from 2016 to 2020 is the way in which the republican national committee and republican party of florida and the trump campaign are vertically integrated. there are trump loyalists from top to bottom. and the campaign manager for president trump's re-election campaign is now a florida resident. >> right. >> the chief pollster for the president's campaign is a florida resident. this is personal as well as political for them. they're all grabbing an oar and
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pulling hard on it. florida is a state where you have the margin for the top of the ticket races have been decided by 1.2 percentage points. i would not expect that to be any different in 2020. but as we discussed here, what we are looking at is a base election. what the president will be relying on is a very strong white vote. this campaign does see margins with hispanic voters, latino voters. they will be rolling out a latino coalition to further that agenda. >> marc caputo, thank you, my friend. we will see you next week. juana, i ask you to stay where you are. the white house makes the case that iran was behind the tanker attacks. now calling it very minor in "time" magazine. he said he might take military action to stop iran from getting
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nuclear weapons but probably not go to war. he said, quote, i would certainly go over nuclear weapons and keep the other a i question mark. the pent gone sending a thousand more troops to the region. new pictures of what they say is more evidence iran was behind the attacks. including a boat. removing an mine. pieces of the mine still attached by magnets. this morning, iran is responding. nbc news tehran bureau chief is joining us from there. ali, what are rouhani saying? >> reporter: rouhani came out this morning and said iran isn't looking for war with any nations but says his country is dealing with a bunch of amateurs in the united states. a clear slight to the trump administration. with all of this fiery rhetoric and this blaming and finger pointing and denials going on, we certainly seem to be on a slippery slope.
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the rhetoric coming out of iran and the physical actions taken by iran in response to u.s. pressure is alarming. firstly, the revolutionary guard has been increasingly bellicose, warning if iran was aing taed it would inflame the whole region. they also warned that if world powers try to prevent iran from selling its most valuable commodity, oil, they would shut down the strait of hormuz where 30% of the world's sea-borne oil passes through. and they would stop anybody else from selling oil. both sides are saying they don't want war. both sides certainly seem to want the upper hand in this game of brinksmanship. >> secretary of state pompeo is going to meet with military leaders in florida in just a few
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hours. we're talking with military experts. right now, though, we want a quick check on wall street. why? listen, stocks are up. the dow up 300 points because president trump just tweeted he will meet with the chinese president xi next week. a trade looks to be on the horizon given the very good phone conversation with xi. we'll keep you posted. still a lot to get to, including the fight between a top comedian and top senator that is no laughing matter for first responders. >> plus, is that new threat of a big i.c.e. raid real or red meat? we have your context check in a minute and the 2020 race getting a new impeachment talk. w impeachmk it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit.
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so president trump's out announcing this round-up of thousands of parents and kids tweeting, as you have seen, i.c.e. will start removing millions of illegal aliens, in his words, out of the u.s. as fast as they came in, he says. based on our reporting, the president may be talking about something that's been in the works for a while. and several sources tell us probably an exaggeration. congratulation and customs enforcement arrest migrants already in this country. deportation numbers aren't as high because of overcrowded detention centers.
7:20 am
the "washington post" reports that they have been push to go arrest and remove thousands of migrant families but that the operation was not imminent. elliot williams, former assistant director of ice and former assistant attorney general. let me start with you, jacob. why announce the raids now? if carried out, do you see them leading toward family separations? >> well, yes. the children are american children. they are dreamers or younger than dreamer classified kids. is it possible? no, it isn't at a time like this. why do it? quite literally, to terrorize the millions of people that are in this country illegally. there's no other reason to say
7:21 am
you're going to get rid a round-up and deport millions of people when you know you can't do it unless you're trying to tear phi them. >> the president may be trying to motivate his own homeland security officials, elliott. give us a fact check on this one. as i know you are eager to do. >> just like jacob said, i.c.e. has approved to remove 400,000 people a year. when you start using the rhetoric of millions, you're pulling in the families and the small business owners and frankly people who have been here decades and decades. now, that's a policy choice. if that is the policy choice they want to make, have at it. it is just a continuation of the president's immigration policies that go back all the way to the trump tower press conference back in 2015 calling mexicans rapists and so on. it is a continuous through line we have seen for several years and it's not changing. >> dive in a little deeper to determine whether this is even feasible or realistic on this front. when you look at the numbers, right, in 2018, i.c.e. reported
7:22 am
deporting just about 256,000 immigrants and migrants. in 2012 under president obama this was the all-time high. it was close to 410,000. millions, as you point out, would be a massive exponential jump from that. >> it's not going to happen. it can't happen literally because of the humanitarian arrives on the southern border. the bed space isn't there to roundup and put in i.c.e. detention all the people the president says he wants to put into those bends. if you can't put them into the beds before you deport them, it's just not going to happen. you don't have enough agents, officers to go out into the field. elliott knows this better than anyone. the president is doing this for one reason and one reason only, to send a shiver down the spine of the 11 million people in this country who are undocumented because he knows he's not going
7:23 am
to be able to do what he says he's going to do. >> the "post" reports steven miller, who we talked is the top immigration adviser, i.c.e. deputy director, others, have argued that a dramatic and highly publicized operation of this type will accepted a message to families that are in defiance of deportation orders and could act as a deterrent. you have experience. is this true in your experience? >> well, it is. but here's the thing. they tried to use separating families and ripping, as we learned yesterday, a 4-month-old away from its family as a deterrent for more people coming into the country. this is a slightly more kosher version of it. what they are trying to do is use the immigration process to deter people. this is far more about economic conditions in guatemala. actually take care of the integrity of the system. this is about scaring people from coming into the country and using immigration as a hammer. it's just not -- if it's about
7:24 am
integrity, i'm all for it. let's fix the system. let's figure out a way to work it out. this is really about the same kind of fear that has driven the administration's approach to banning muslims from the country on the campaign trail and going back to 2015. >> thanks to the both of you. the former trump campaign chair will remain in federal custody facing state charges for alleged mortgage fraud. he will not be calling rikers island home, manafort will have notorious company, including el chapo, who is also in lockup ahead of sentencing next week. coming up next on this show, 67 strong. that's how many members of congress are calling for donald trump's impeachment as a california freshman joins that chorus. why some democrats seem to be worried the impeachment issue
7:25 am
could take over others on the trail. and congressman tim ryan will join us next. n tirym an will join us next the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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add one more to the number of lawmakers on capitol hill calling for impeachment. katie porter now on that list. the california freshman becomes the 67th member who backs that move. they seem to be running up against more private concerns. the "washington post" reporting today top democrats in a quiet state of enth. the "post" says they're worried that all constant fighting with the president are overshadowing the party's legislative agenda. party leaders going so far as to commission focus groups to figure out next steps. a democrat who supports impeachment and running for president himself and somebody you will see on the debate stage next week airing on msnbc, tim ryan of ohio. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, hallie. good to be with you. >> do you think calls for impeachment are overshadowing the party's agenda?
7:30 am
>> there is no question about it. donald trump and all of this criminal activity has sucked all the air out of the room. i don't think there's any doubt about that. and democrats will continue to pass legislation that is significant for the american people. we'll continue to do that. but, you know, this scintillating impeachment talk is doing what donald trump wants it to do, get the focus off the economy, 75% of americans are still living paycheck to paycheck. taxes have gone up in the last year because of the trump tax cut. he doesn't want to have that conversation. >> you are having it. i know you have been asked about it. what are you hearing from voters, candidates coming out, folks coming out to see the candidate forums. do you see folks asking about impeachment to you? >> they really don't. i've been to iowa a bunch. i've been to new hampshire a bunch. and around the country. i'm not hearing a lot about it.
7:31 am
i'm not saying people aren't concerned about it. when they have an hour and a half with the presidential candidate in the democratic primary they are talking about jobs, wages, health care. they're talking about their downtowns are falling apart, mental health coverage, something that he wants not happening in large swaths of the american countryside. in rural america they are getting hammered with the tariffs and farmers haven't made a profit in five years. so people are talking pocketbook issues where i've been. >> i want to ask about the debate. just a yes or no question, would you direct your justice department to prosecute then former president trump? >> i think you have to. i do. you can't allow this to happen. he's not a king, hallie. article one creates the congress, house of representatives, the founding fathers intentionally gave the power to the people. most directly connected to the citizens and the house of
7:32 am
representatives. we have an obligation to oversee what he is doing there. >> you've been working on debate prep ahead of next week? >> every da i is debate prep. >>ing on. >> joe biden is a different night than you. you two kind of are trying to own the same lane. looking for a strong connection. to the working class voter.
7:33 am
>> there are plant closures, companies getting away with murder. gm gets a tax cut, bailout. banks get a tax cut, bailout. democrats want to nominate someone who understands that and also has a plan. being at the epicenter of industrialization, i have a big plan and have been working on it my entire congressional career for the new economy. how do you put the youngstown, ohios of the world, small mid sized countries and the nurses, teachers, construction workers, how do you put them in front of the next generation of jobs and wealth? i understand that better than anybody else because i've been living it. we need to khaeufpbg from the coasts, to the ivy leagues to northeast ohio. we completely rebrand the party. we can go into kentucky, south carolina and go over the senate
7:34 am
ranges. this is the economic argument we're continuing to build. >> before i let you go, your spokesperson said you are running for house seat while running for the white house, something ohio law allows. what does that say about your commitment to the presidential race if you're not really all in? >> well, i am all in. >> you have your eyes on two different seats here. >> yeah. well, my eye is on the presidential race. here's the reality, hallie. >> i don't mean to interrupt you. but i'm wondering about that piece. >> my area has suffered for 40 years. they have a member of congress who is gaining seniority on the appropriations committee. the issues are structural in nature. and the president needs to create an industrial policy to win the future around electric vehicles and solar and bring manufacturing back and lift up the middle class. that's the most vital office in
7:35 am
our democracy. i think someone from an area like mine in that position can actually make a big difference. but i'm not going to, you know, say i shouldn't be bringing back hundreds of millions of more dollars to my community if things don't work out. try to have the structural change we need. >> ohio congressman, presidential candidate, tim ryan. we will see you in florida eight days from now. thank you so much for joining the show. he and the rest of the contenders will hit the stage in miami one week from tomorrow. on thursday, kamala harris, bernie sanders, joe biden, pete buttigieg. both nights on msnbc, nbc news, and telemundo. senator bernie sanders on andrea mitchell reports today at noon. ...but you're not, because you have e*trade, whose tech isn't complicated. it helps you understand the risk and reward potential
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and reduce your has four levels of defenseremium gasoagainst gunk, wear, corrosion and friction. that helps keep your engine running like new. it's fuel for thought. in just a couple of hours from now, secretary of state mike pompeo plans to meet in tampa with military leaders at central command, headquarters overseeing moves in the middle east. they are sending 1,000 additional troops to the region, on top of the 1500 deployed there last month. white correspondent for "time" magazine interviewed the president on iran this week in the office office.
7:40 am
general mccakacaffrey, great toe you both. was he defiant, determined? how would you characterize it? >> his demeanor was a little bit different than what we are seeing from other members of the administration. when we asked about the recent escalations we are seeing from iran, the attacks on the oil tankers in the gulf and escalating the nuclear program, trump called the attacks, quote, very minor, which was interesting in the context of shanahan authorizes 1,000 more troops and pompeo saying all options are on the table. trumps said the recent moves have been minor. he said iran's overall posture has gone better since 2015 and they are not saying death to america in him. >> general, do you agree with the president that the attacks on the oil tankers were very minor? if so, why the u.s. is sending more troops there? >> i think the troop deployment is rather modest.
7:41 am
every time you see small round numbers we are politically signaling. the problem is that interview was fascinating. the president signaling to the saudis, gulf coast states who have to export oil and japan and oil, who desperately need the oil, we don't really care about it. so it was a surprising statement by president trump. and i think the second thing is he said he would go to war over nuclear weapons. >> right. >> which are not susceptible to a military strike. so it is a very strange situation for president trump to put us in. >> tessa, you mentioned that the president talked about iran, what he perceives as tamped down aggression towards the united states since he became president writing, if you look at the rhetoric now compared to the days they were had he signing the nuclear agreement where it was always death to america, we will destroy america, i'm not hearing that too much in him and i don't expect to. >> overall, he seems hesitant to
7:42 am
engage. we talked about where these attacks were perpetrated against the ships in the gulf of oman. he said in his view that is a less strategically important area of the world for the united states now than it used to be. so fitting with miss general foreign policy ethos of not lying the united states engaging, in his view, to protect other countries. he said he sort of didn't want to engage there because we don't get as much as of our oil there as we used to. >> that is a position he held for a while. we have a piece we put together on that. watch. >> our leaders in foreign wars have made us less safe. >> hillary and the failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never win. and now it's in worst shape than ever before. >> the united states cannot continue to be the policemen of the world. >> so general mccaffrey, you
7:43 am
have his new interview. you have, as we talked earlier in the show, the iranian's presidents new comments saying they don't want to wage war. what is the off-ramp to try to deescalate things? >> that is the primary question. are we negotiating in private the iranians, yes or no. are we trying to mediate this confrontation? there is danger here. if the iranians make a mistake and strike at the u.s. navy, there will be war in the middle east. and it will go badly for the iranians. i can't personally believe that all people concerned, the gulf coast states, israel, the iranians and the u.s. need to back out of this situation and try and talk through it. but at the end of the day, the question is nuclear weapons in iran. can we get a verifiable accord, yes or no? will the iranians reopen the discussions. they're in an economic box. they're in great trouble.
7:44 am
that's why they are striking out. >> general mccaffrey, thank you. tessa, other topics coming out in time? >> yes. the next few days. >> tessa, appreciate it. thanks to you both. up next, a bottle between jon stewart and mitch mcconnell getting more and more fiery, include new comments from the senate majority's office this morning. >> i don't know why he's all bent out of shape. members have a lot of things going on at the same time. >> i didn't mean to interrupt them with their jobs! you need to buy a car
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earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year. jon stewart is best known for his jokes, right? but his latest monologue overnight is deadly serious. and now the senate majority leader is firing back. all of it over how congress handles the september 11th victims compensation fund. the whole thing got set off last week after stewart gave the powerful speech in front of congress that went viral, remember that? excoriating lawmakers. senator mitch mcconnell's office is firing back. i'm joined by kristen welker. mitch mcconnell said he will work to pass this thing. so what is the fight over? >> reporter: well, jon stewart
7:49 am
saying basically he is forcing the first responders to beg for this funding when it comes up for renewal. this is a story that has captured the attention of washington, the rest of the country, as you noted, it all started when stewart testified on capitol hill, the emotional plea to congress to permanently pay for the september 11th victims compensation fund so they aren't constantly having to ask for it. overnight he appeared on his good friend's stephen colbert's show to hammer home that point. war of words that is no laughing matter, escalating between comedian jon stewart and mitch mcconnell. the two men trading jabs over funding for the september 11th victims compensation fund after publishing shaming congress last week, the former daily show host called out mcconnell by name. >> this has never been dealt with compassionately by senator mcconnell. he has always held out until the very last minute and only then under intense lobbying and public shaming has he even daned
7:50 am
to move on it. >> mcconnell pushing back, arguing many things in congress happen at the last minute. >> we have never failed to address this issue. and we will address it again. i don't know he's all bent out of shape. >> reporter: in response, stewart joined his old pal stephen colbert last night. >> i'm not bent out of shape. i'm fine. i'm bent out of shape for them. these are the first heroes and veterans and victims and they're currently still suffering and dying a terrible death. you would think that would be enough to get congress's attention, but apparently it's not. >> the feud sparked last week after stewart gave a powerful speech that quickly went viral berating congress members who failed to show up for a subcommittee meeting to reauthorize the fund. >> sick and dying they brought themselves down here to speak. to no one. >> mcconnell offering this explanation about why the hearings are often empty. >> well, that frequently happens
7:51 am
because members have a lot of things going on at the same time. and it sounds to me like he's looking for someway to take offense. >> reporter: stewart snapping back. >> now i feel stupid in the say huge misunderstanding. i didn't know that they were busy. i'm so -- oh, boy, now i don't even know what to say. i didn't mean it interrupt them with their jobs! >> reporter: later, imploring the senator leader. >> so, if you want to know white 9/11 community is bent out of shape over these past let's call it 18 years, meet with them tomorrow as soon as possible and don't make them beg for it. you could pass this thing as a stand-alone bill tomorrow. meet with them. i beg of you. >> reporter: so will mcconnell meet with them? we don't know, hallie. but i can tell you when asked for comment, he highlighted his
7:52 am
comments that there's no wait senate won't address the funding, as you pointed out. but first it does have to go through the house where it is expected to pass. the fund is currently set to stop taking claims in december of 2020, hallie. >> kristen welker, appreciate you bringing us that. thank you. listen, senator mcconnell's former chief of staff josh holmes tweeted about it this morning. he said i actually like john stew war and i like his passion for 9/11 victims, but generally when someone says yes to what you're asking for, you should probably stop attacking them. how do you see this playing out? >> congress is notorious for dragging its feet and only doing something when they've exercise all of their options and when they've run out of time do it. so mitch mcconnell is right in that respect. on the other hand, congress institutionally is sort of pathetic and insensitive and incapable of sort of showing to the american public, projecting to the masses, that they have
7:53 am
empathy for people and for issues. and the fact that there was an empty hearing room that the diyas was just sprinkled with a handful of members because congress is doing so many big things because they couldn't show up and actually -- of all hearings you're going to skip out on you're going 0 skip out on this one? he has all the right in the world go after the leader and other institutional members who are neglecting this fundamental duty of their job which is to listen to the american people. >> it all seems like it's heading up where jon stewart wanted wanted it to end up it's going to be painful? >> that's right. this is not a new cause for him. he has spent months and ns months and years add video indicating for these men and women who put their lives on the line in 9/11. he did that press conference a few months backtalking about this. so i think you can expect to hear him to continue to put pressure on congress as an institution do more and do more quickly.
7:54 am
but i think it does, to tim's point, this fundamentally way congress is broke nin sometimes things we all kind of agree on and know should happen, they don't happen as quickly as they should. >> we are watching for more reaction from members of congress for that. we'll hear from both of you in a minute. coming up at the top of the hour, my colleague craig melvin as crowds get bigger where the president is relaunching his 2020 push and white path to the white house won't exactly be easy for him. we'll be right back with more on what our sources are saying. witn what our sources are saying. it has available led cargo area lighting. lights up the entire bed. it even offers a built in 120 volt outlet. wow. plug that in for me. whoa! -holy smokes! -oh wow! and the all new silverado has more trim levels than any other pickup. whoa! oh wow! -very cool. there's something for all of us. absolutely. it's time to upgrade.
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have delayed this process as long as they can. they've limited it. we ask for permanent answer a while ago. they said only five years. we've asked for so many things. this should have been done and accomplished several years ago. and the only reason it's not is that leader mcconnell and receiv several other republican senators stood in the way. >> that's senator chuck schumer talking about the story we just talked about, this ongoing feud between jon stewart and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell over the 9/11 victim's compensation fund. we'll watch more on what's said about that. what story are you working on? what are you hearing? >> with one week go before democrats meet for that first debate in florida, it's the first hearing in a decade on the
7:59 am
issues of represent perrations. we've been covering this issue and it's going to be held by a house judiciary subcommittee. why would i care about this and why i'm talking to my sources about it is because it's an issue that's exposed early divides among democrats who are running for president. if you recall the breakfast club, the radio show has been asking a number of candidates about tnd it and really exposed where the candidates don't agree on direct compensation to african americans due to slavery. there's been a lot of divisions there. we haven't heard from the biggest candidates on this. so my sources are telling me this is a story that could break end to that debate particularly what happens in that capitol hill hearing tomorrow. >> that's interesting. that's definitely one to watch. tim, what are you hearing? >> my sources are telling me there's been no shortage of decision between the inner circle in the president's team in the white house about how he responds or probably more accurately how he comment tats -- is commentates.
8:00 am
is that a real world. >> do it. >> we'll be told how he'll offer some relevant colorful commentary and injecting himself into the headlines. >> tim, juana, thank you so much for being on the show this week. i'll see you at the white house has the president gets ready to leave later this afternoon for his big rally in florida. craig melvin, that's where you start it off. >> a good morning to you. craig melvin here in new york city. the official kickoff, president trump launching that re-election campaign tonight in a state that helped send him to the white house. but despite what should be a boost from the economy in that devoted base, president's facing a bit of a rough road ahead. we'll dig into that. also a harder line on immigration coinciding with that kickoff comes the president's announcement that his administration is planning mass arrests and deportations targ


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