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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  June 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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clinton necessarily but bill clinton. it's the economy, stupid. it's the one thing donald trump could make his case on but he is too undisciplined to do that. >> david jolly gets the last word from florida tonight. thank you both for joining us. that. >> thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. the "the 11th hour" starts now. there was the phony dossier. 18 very angry democrats. no collusion no obstruction. for good measure the academy awards. plus another cabinet secretary out. this time acting defense secretary patrick shanahan. because of a personal family issue. when it comes as some seem to be banging the drum for war in the gulf. tomorrow's witness before congress. hope hicks. appearing behind closed doors a white house lawyer beside her. already making objections about
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privilege before it begins. as "the 11th hour" begins on this tuesday night. good evening once again from the headquarters here in new york. on this day 880 of the trump administration. with 581 days remaining. in his term. donald trump officially kicked off his reelection campaign with rally in orlando tonight. he spoke for one hour 18 minutes. as he left the white house he commented on the departure of the acting defense secretary. already replaced with a new acting defense secretary. at a time when one thousand more u.s. troops are on route to the u.s. gulf. patrick shanahan is out. mark es per secretary of the army is the new acting secretary of defense. the back story is ugly. the announcement came within
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minutes of a "washington post" report. that out lined alleged domestic violence incidents within shanahans family. we'll have more on the story. first, the president has wrapped up this rally in orlando tonight. where he delivered his message to die hard supporters. >> our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day. we accomplished more than any other president has in the first two and a half years of the presidency. and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before. because we did in the middle of the great and illegal witch hunt things na nobody has been able to accomplish. not even close. nobody's done what we have done in two and a half years. >> president wasted no time going after democrats. >> our radical democrats
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opponents are drien by hatred. prejudice and rage. they want to destroy you and our country as we know it. not acceptable. it's not going to happen. >> the president left the stage as usual with the music of the rolling stones. you can't always get what you want. before he took the stage, thousands of supporters took part in what the campaign called 45 fest. outside of the am way center. in orlando. our own monica asked a number of trump tailgaters what they were thinking ahead of the 2020 election. >> he's done very well in the economic area. very well. in the job creating area. the military enhancing the military. helping the vets with the va system. just so many things it's hard to remember them all. >> any concerns about who he'll face in 2020 the democratic
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opponents? >> so far 24 or so that they're putting up. i have no concerns whatsoever. i think it hasn't worked anywhere in the world. so why would you want to propose that for her. >> any disappointment or frustration? >> none at all. i hope we have the next four with him. and i hope his son runs. >> before the president rally the orlando sentinel offered a unique non-endorsement as the president campaigned in their backyard. quote some readers will wonder how we could possibly e lip nate a candidate so far before election. and before knowing the identity of the opponent. because there's no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for trump after two and a half years we have seen enough. enough of the chaos the division. the corruption. and especially the lies. the president arrived to more bad news in florida. and the form of a new poll the
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poll of florida voters shows biden beating trump by nine. sanders by six. warren by four. and so on. meanwhile as we mention back in washington people were caught by surprise today when shanahan took his name out of consideration to be the permanent secretary of defense. the "washington post" reports that in the months he has served as trumps acting defense secretary, shanahan has worked to keep domestic violence incidents within his family private. the post reports quote his wife was arrested after punching him in the face. and his son was arrested after a separate incident in which he hit his mother with a baseball bat. public disclosure of the decade old episodes who retraumatize his children. he spoke publicly about the incident and interviews with the "washington post" on monday. and tuesday. batd things can happen to good families and this is tragedy.
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he said drudging up the episode publicly will ruin my sons life. the post cites court and police records from florida and seattle ability the incidents. cited in their report. we should note we haven't seen the same documents. earlier today president trump said shanahan decided not to move forward with the process and spend more time with his family. the president was asked about him before departing for florida this afternoon. >> i didn't -- he walked in and said it will be a rough time for him. because of obviously what happened. i did not ask him to withdraw. he presented me with a letter this morning. that was his decision. >> i had heard about it yesterday. for the first time. i didn't know about it. i heard about it yesterday.
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it's very unfortunate. >> while it's not clear when trump learned about the issues white house aids and officials in the administration have known about the alleged domestic violence issues and the past. for sometime. this news of course comes amidhigh tensions in the middle east. united states blaming iran for attacks on two tankers in the gulf. just last week. iran continues to deny any responsibility. for the incident. here with our lead off discussion on tuesday night. we welcome back peter baker. national political reporter for the "washington post." and moderator of washington week. and white house reporter with the "new york times." who is in florida fresh from the rally. i'd like to begin with you because of the event you attended. it seemed like a perfectly stirring kick off of his campaign against hillary
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clinton. seven hilary mentions. one bill mention and one lock her up chant. what couldn't we see on tv? we saw on your social media that the crowd was entertained by a replay of a election night coverage 2016 on fox news. how did this event differ in any ree gal sense from the usual trump rally? >> it didn't. there was no new message or theory about what donald trump would do with the second term. the hats were the same. campaign slogan the same. play list was the same. as i tweeted they entertainment before he got there was a replay of fox calling states on election night 2016. and the crowd was cheering and loved it. again he attacked hillary clinton. he made one passing reference to biden and sanders.
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my take away is he wants to relive 2016. and his supporters with there to relive it with hip. it felt like a blast from the past. in term of relaunch he filed the paper work for the reelection campaign on the day of the inauguration. and it was a larger rally. it was a campaign rally on steroids. the same he's been staging for two and a half years. >> it sounds like we're going to relitigate from top to bottom. it sounds like good doses of anger, resentment and grievances. any tone or content that you noted was different from 2016 and any serious way? >> it was an escalation of the president's populism in 2016. it was not red vs. blue tonight in orlando. it was us vs. them. framing his entire political movement as a victim of the
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forces beyond his control. that are out there that are ominous from a quote flood of migrants to radical democrats. socialist. this is how the president was framing the opposition. and he was rallying his core voters to stick with him. to provide him with the lift and some of the key states throughout the industrial midwest and elsewhere in the south like florida. to make sure they come out. this was he would stay on script when he was talking through his talking points and litany of his record. over the past two and a half years. when he went off script it was all about populism in a raw sense. nothing that was really scripted. it was punching at enemies perceived in those in the republican party was right there with him. senator rubio. scott. graham. in the crowd camera shots of them laughing kp cheering as the president went on rifts. a snapshot of the republican party today. >> there were several notable
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side bars. number one the president indicating in his view lindsey graham wasn't doing that well political back home in south carolina. until trump took him under his wing. tough to see sarah sanders the sitting white house press secretary speaking, performing at a reelection rally. for the president. how did tonight score in your view as a sales pitch? what we have been talking about so far. >> this was president trump eets greatest hits. if you're fan of his hits this will stir you up and get you going. it was a are e pete of 2016. it wasn't a new message. robert is right about the republican party. the difference between 2016 and today the fox news clips beforehand and the red hats and all the things we have gotten used to from two years ago. he does control the republican party. this is his party.
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rubio and graham two and a half years ago at least ran against him for the nomination. and said he wasn't qualified. he was a con man. both used that phrase. con man. today he is showing them off in his rally. making clear they now belong to the party of trump. so does sanders. she maybe the future of the party. she takes the stage. he wants her to run for gov nor of arkansas in 2022. and that would be the next generation of trump supporters if she were to run and win. the big difference between the last time and this time isn't the message or the hats or the music. it's the republican party. >> it strikes me in the past at some rallies they have shown live coverage of fox news to the crowd. as a warm up. it's further strikes me that had they done that tonight there's a chance some of the poll numbers would have appeared on the screen. is there any evidence
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sensitivity to those quite real poll numbers that you were able too pick up? >> not among supporters. i interviewed a dozen people outside the rally. and everyone expressed great confidence he would win in a landslide. they don't seem -- at least the supporters that show up. seem to think he's no longer he's going to win. there's sensitivity inside the campaign. and donald trump obviously has sensitive polls. at the this stage of the race, one of the reasons they want to come to florida is because he wants to consolidate support in a critical state that he needs to win where the campaign does have concerns that his numbers are softer than they should be. they had buses to bus in supporters. there was he was smart to come here to do the rally here. that reflected the importance of florida.
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for his reelection. but the crowd it was supporting the yankees this time around. >> remember, let's talk about the personnel change that's in the news tonight. this is really the mattis job. this is secretary of defense mr. shanahan has been the acting secretary. take himself out of the running. at heart this is a story about an american family, this is a story about vetting. and a lot of acting titles in the trump administration. what do viewers need to know about the story? >> a tragic story on a personal level for shanahan. putting that aside for a moment looking at foreign policy and this administration this entire episode that vacancy now with another acting secretary. it leaves the impression for so many officials in the administration that mike pompeo and president trump is in
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control of foreign policy. they don't expect a strong personality to be nominated. i hear veteran secretary robert willky. on the short list. a low key person. they think it's bolton. he has a bit of a tense relationship with the president at the moment. secretary pompeo driving lt discussions on iran along with president trump. and the pentagon is not expecting the coming year or two to be a major force on the front. >> shanahan came from boeing. and while mark the army secretary running the pentagon on acting basis, did lobbying for in addition to that he had a life prior to that. he fought in the gulf war. bronze star. west point. harvard degree. so that is the man currently running the pentagon. and peter baker that brings us
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to the president's depiction of the situation with iran tonight. just in the last 24 hours, 1,000 american families have learned that a mom or dad, sister or brother have heading off on deployment to the gulf. because we are beefing up force protection there. here is the depiction the president gave the crowd tonight. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> i withdrew the united states from the disaster. just a disaster. a disaster. the disasterous iran nuke las deal. and imposed the toughest ever sanctions on the worlds number one state sponsor of terrorism. we're charting a path to stability and peace in the middle east. because great nations do not want to fight endless wars. they have been going on forever.
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starting to remove a lot of troops. >> the removal of troops is not a story we have been covering. >> well it seems -- we have a president who seems to be at odds with his national security team. rather than the security team when mattis and tillerson and mcmaster were there intent on restraining a volatile president from going too far. now it's the other way around. bolton is the hawk. pompeo is a strong conservative hawk on these things and the president is saying let's -- he's more than happy to attack iran rhetorically and. calling these minor incidents. he wasn't going take military acti action. he would over a nuclear program.
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if they pursue that again. it's not that you couldn't stumble into war. he said that rally is not to do that. he wants to pull back from the middle east. he doesn't want to send more troops. and he's kind of in the situation. where his rhetoric is being measured against the actions that his adviser suggests he take. >> i'll go on a limb and say of the four of us. anny is in the warmest environment tonight. witnessing the most precipitation. i saw the reports out of florida this evening. with that our thanks to the three of you. coming up. she played a unique role in the trump inner circle. tomorrow she's under oath again. hope hicks the star witness of a closed door hearing before house judiciary. later president trump hints at his big plans for our fourth of
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july. as "the 11th hour" is getting under way on tuesday night. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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and have professional monitoring backing you up with xfinity home. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. what's the main reason you'll vote for him again? >> the main reason? because he's one of the best presidents we have had for a very long time. very long time. he doesn't lie. i know y'all say he does. he doesn't. he doesn't. i'll be honest, i'm not trying to be mean. the way the media treats him,
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it's a disgrace. >> there's a lot to talk about. in that exchange. with us tonight to do that, "washington post" columnist. rick wilson a florida man. a veteran republican strategist who views about the 45th president are contained in the book title everything trump touches dies. let's assume that woman is not a potential customer even in trade paper back. i would like to begin with her. as a florida man. first of all, say what you just told me about the footwear tonight. second, pretend we're on front line and speak seriously about the grievances they bring to a trump gathering and if anything can shake the promise they see in the man. >> first of all it's grievance pa loo sa. everyone there is there's a feeling about the greatness of the country or vision for the future. it's he's the avenue tar of my anger.
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he will go out and smite the people i can't smite. there were people there classic florida. people wearing formal flip-flops and cargo pants. on the whole, this was sort of like a patch work speech. with an audience that has seen it's a greatest hits tour. this is the boy band reduced to going tour the state fair. it's the same song from a couple years ago. and while there's a niche audience for it. it hasn't expanded his base. >> when you talk about that audience. and talk about that woman. who was spinterviewed. she says he doesn't lie. >> that's her point. >> a real barrier to me having a productive conversation with her. i would like to have a productive conversation with her. it would have to start with some agreement on fact.
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with sort of getting into the same sort of, you know, reality. and we're not in the same reality. that's what is really sort of -- quite disturbing about the time we're living in. and it's not entirely caused by trump. by accentuated by him. this is different realities and it's difficult to have a democratic conversation that moves the country forward if you're living in different worlds. >> and tonight the journalist daniel dale. one of the truth keepers. we'll have by close of business a hard number of mistruths in that speech. he'll say it on social media. it will get read on what people call democratic twitter. and so it goes. >> right. those folks tonight donald trump can say anything and do anything. there's no boundary he can cross that loses their vote. the ones that were committed to
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show up in the room. they live in a separate sphere now. inside donald trumps definition of reality. he can tell the wall is 3,000 feet long and made of solid gold. and has alligator motes. they say of course it does. they believe what he tells them. it doesn't matter. this is something democrats have to face quickly. he is going to spout a torrent a title wave of brgss in the campaign. they will try to play catch up. he can lie with a speed and faculty that no one has. >> take us into hope hicks. young woman who knows a thing or two. she has seen a thing or two. are they behind closed doors tomorrow. a white house lawyer next to her. they said don't ask certain questions. will they led her into a real discussion of obstruction? >> i seriously doubt she'll
11:27 pm
fault into a trap behind closed doors and get herself in trouble. she's intensely loyal to the president. even though she's cast into the darkness. she's loyal to this guy. there's a bond there. the people have a mafia sense. she's not going to talk. and the fact they're doing it behind closed doors is a stupid move on their part. because the way you bring the people into the heat is bring them into the light. >> they probably need a few witnesses who can appear in public sessions. >> definitely. you saw the difference between the written 448 page mueller report and his actual appearance. when he spoke. had ten times the impact. >> he used words. >> exactly. it's very different. and so behind closed doors. she probably won't say anything. i'm not holding my breath. >> i want to pick up on that point. which is good.
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both of the gentlemen are staying with us. what to expect from the opposition. we'll have that discussion when we come back.
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you know, there was a lot of corruption on the other side. but you know the simplest thing, they delete and they acid wash. which is expensive. many many plans are under construction in michigan and
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ohio. pennsylvania. north carolina. south carolina. florida. they hadn't built one this decades. we are taking billions and billions of dollars in and remember this, you know it as well as i do. we have never taken in ten cents from china. the democrat agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible. >> sampling of what they heard tonight in orlando. daniel dale of the toronto star is still going over his numbers. >> just check those clips we heard. not a thing there was true. >> a lot of plants going? >> in florida. all these things we'll open a million coal mines. bring back the steel mills. he rifts this stuff out there and daniel dale tracks it.
11:33 pm
it goes back to earlier. the two bubbles. one believes there are a thousand shiny new steel mills already built and in full swing. the real world, they're not. and unfortunately the folks inside the trump sphere don't care. they don't care. >> you made a point before the break that i want to go into. it was better to hear and see mueller than reading this 448 page. a lot of democrats believe one better. let us tell what he could not. in more bite sized ways than he was willing or able to. as our own mike put it. people have decided not to read the book. will they see the movie? >> they will see the movie. you have to put it on. if you don't put it on, in a no audience allowed theater.
11:34 pm
you don't do it behind closed doors. bring the witnesses out and frankly this is something that president trump is deathly afraid of. he understands the power of television. as well as anybody. and he knows what impact it has to see a witness there. saying the same thing that might be in the report. but to hear it from the witness to see it live, it's much greater. >> even if the witnesses stone wall. and plead the fifth. they'll have to say i have been advised by the white house i may not testify. i have been told by the white house i may not testify. that has a visual impact on people. they say wait a minute maybe the white house is covering something up. because with the advantage of that being true. >> let's take one. chris christy. i haven't discussed this. i know nothing about it. if he's called. he remembers a former u.s.
11:35 pm
attorney and i'm guessing there's a better than average chance he would be willing to raise his hand and sworn in and tell the truth. that would get attention. that could be a tv moment. >> it could be. it would be a moment if we had a live streaming camera in the white house. jared would be curled up in the fetal position. >> i would pay to see that. >> it's going to be an important we finally have the podium location. for all the democrats. the democrats over two nits. we'll put shot on the air of the wall of democrats. night one you have your ryan, castro, booker, warren. o'rourke. klobuchar. and then on the night two. the has been widely said even though they were randomly selected. your bigger names, bigger guns.
11:36 pm
adds they say in the sports business and the pregame show. what are you looking for? >> well, night one, the biggest name is warren. so i'm watching her. >> does she sort of establish herself as a top tier candidate. how does she act what does she say. night two i just want to see it. do they go after biden? buttigieg. does he attack? he's not really attack dog kind of guy. but this is really his moment to leap into the very top tier. perhaps. kamala harris. you know, she's really good in a sort of back and forth question. exactly. she's not somebody i want questioning me.
11:37 pm
so, it's going to be quite a night. >> thank you both for coming tonight. back with us. coming up the contrast between some members of the conservative media and passionate members of the audience. there they are in orlando tonight. we'll have more when we come back.
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you are witnessing history in the making. reelection campaign is now officially under way. take note. sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe. that is how you kick off a campaign. need lets to say enthusiasm for the rally was unlike anything we have seen from let's see how many two dozen plus radicals running for the extreme socialist democratic nomination. >> one summation of the 2020 campaign kick off event from fox news host sean hannity.
11:41 pm
it would seem he plans to be even more involved in trumps reelection campaign. >> interesting place to begin our conversation. political reporter for the "new york times." it seems that for a lot of folks in the media, tracking erosion in conservative media maybe a lot like listening to a including but not limited to a ben sass. a susan collins. a portman. a blunt. at the end of the day, they break for the president. >> that's exactly right. they are most likely going to be voting with him. it's just under scoring the fact that it's so politically perilous to be seen as a against
11:42 pm
the president. to do anything but say how great he is. as he and his aids and his allies in the conservative media insist. it's not only dangerous politically. it's dangerous commercially if you're a conservative media personality. there have been radio hosts who lost their jobs and shows because their audience deem them to be insufficiently protrump. i think that's the situation you're in now. it's troubling to some who are saying this is a bit too cultish for us. there's no one person we should be worshipping. we are a democracy. >> mr. peters is a crafty writer. that was a seg way to the piece he just wrote about michael savage. i'll read a quote. why this is news. to too many people this is he's not a human being. he's a dem god.
11:43 pm
this especially includes his clee cle colleagues in the conservative media. it's embarrassing to listen to some of the people. how many listeners he has. and how much of a break this represents. >> michael savage was instrumental early on before trump was taken seriously by most conservatives. as early as 2011. he had trump on his radio show. and said i think you should be the president. this was so far on limb for most conservative radio hosts. even fox news. rush limbaugh. they didn't come around until later on trump. it built a bridge for trump into a that really didn't trust him or didn't know him as anything more than a flashy playboy developer from new york. to have savage suddenly -- it's
11:44 pm
been gradual. to have him start to doubt trump is significant. because it really under cuts the core of the president's reelection message. which is i kept my promises to you. savage and handful of others in the party in the movement are saying you know what, you didn't keep those promises and proof of that is the fact that the wall that you told us every rally you held was going to be built. is not built. it won't be. >> what does he run on? he talked about federal judges coming up on 145. he had success with the supreme court. is that it because the mexican funding didn't come through? >> what he'll run on is grievance. the enemy list. the 13 angry democrats. the democratic presidential candidate who is no longer running for president. the democratic president no longer president. the people in congress.
11:45 pm
the people who are trying to impeach him. the people who are enemies of the people. when he said it was one of the most important line of the speech. they're coming after you. that's his campaign. his reelection. had needs to convince americans that support him still. and hopefully if he's lucky some others he can pick up along the way. that the democrats the media, the opposition that tried to under mine him from day win are relentless and will not stop. that's how he wins. us against them. >> the "new york times" by line. who covers those things for a living and comes on from time to time to talk about it. thank you. coming up. we head on the next stop on the road to miami. here's a hint. home to the nations highest point east of the mississippi
11:46 pm
river. steve takes us there. when we come back. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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there's the signal we're only eight days away from the first democratic debates on this net work. we're continuing our series the road to miami. where he breaks down everything we need to know about the states along the teaming. i 95 corridor. he was in the commonwealth of virginia. tonight he has crossed the border on south end of the tar heel state. the great state of north carolina. back at the big board. national correspondent. steve. >> i think i can make out miami from where i'm standing. i am at the highest point. east of the mississippi. we are in western north carolina. we took a 300 or so mile detour from i 95. it was worth it. we climbed mount mitchell.
11:50 pm
6684. feet above sea level. the highest point east of the mississippi. right here in the state of north carolina. we felt we would check it out. we climbed a mountain today. climbing the biggest mountain in politics. winning the presidency. when it comes to north carolina, in races for the presidency, what can we say. north carolina primary sometimes it hasn't mattered at all. sometimes it's in the process. there are two times where the north carolina primary made presidents. we thought we would tell you about them. back in time. remember gerald ford. reagan. 1976. ford the unelected president. nixon had to resign. reagan challenged him. the primary season started off as a disaster for reagan. ford won iowa, ford won new hampshire. they went to massachusetts.
11:51 pm
vermont. ford won them both. florida. illinois, ford win. this was the scene in the middle of march of 1976. newspapers across the country saying republicans want reagan out of the race. give me one more chance. if i can't win in north carolina i'm out of race. he fought on. and it was a big upset. ronald reagan knocked off ford in the primary there in north carolina. and got hot. he didn't win the nomination. he came as close as you can and when ford lost the general election. republicans looked to reagan and said there's the guy for 1980. wouldn't happen if he hadn't turned everything around in north carolina primary. he might have been an after thought. try imagining that. democratic race in 2008 in iowa. obama won iowa. then new hampshire. clinton won new hampshire.
11:52 pm
then this war of attrition ensued for months. obama wins sop states. they came to north carolina. in the middle ov of may. and obama won the primary in may. what it did is it broke the idea of a stalemate. with a famous declaration. >> we now know who the democratic nominee will be. no one will dispute it. sometimes in campaigns the candidate is the last to recognize the best timing. >> that was it. when he said that. that really did change where the democratic race was going. and everybody did know obama would be the nominee. then the president. >> wow. we have been thinking about our friend tim more than usual. the anniversary of his death. it's great to see his brand of political coverage as we watch your brand of political
11:53 pm
coverage. we are enjoying this series of reports. thank you. coming up. a record setting senior republican. weighing in to a contentious issue for the other side. when we come back.
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there he is. last thing before we go tonight. mitch mcconnell. turned that senator majority into a churning confirmation machine for the trump nominees. largely for the federal bench. about to number 145 federal judges. and it's all under the banner of elections have consequences. he is indeed a cage political veteran. delights in his own from the
11:58 pm
perch in the senate. he has about as much power as any other individual in washington. his chamber would be where any impeachment effort would stop. for a man with sweeping national powers he is a accountable to the voters back home in kentucky. and they have sent him back to washington five times since his original election in 84. the longest serving senator in kentucky history. he's the longest serving republican leader in history. he is up for reelection in 2020. but to be truthful about 2019 the democrats have to recon the fact they haven't made the senate or his seat a priority. about that he referred to john stewart as being bent out of shape about the issues of 9/11 first responders and their health. today he weighted into a big
11:59 pm
contentious issue for the democrats. a controversial issue in america. and that's reparations. >> i don't think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago for whom none of us current living are responsible is a good idea. we have tried to deal with our original sin. of slavery. by fighting a civil war and passing landmark civil rights legislation. we elected an african american president. i think we're always a work in progress. and this country. but, no one currently alive was responsible for that. and i don't think we should be trying to figure out how to compensate for it. first of all it would be hard to figure out who it compensate. we have had waves of immigrants who come and experience dramatic
12:00 am
discrimination. i don't think reparations are a good idea. >> on the topic of reparations today. flanked by the leadership team in the senate. with that. that is our tonight on "all in" -- >> i do feel badly for paul manafort, that i can tell you. >> the department of justice intervenes on behalf of donald trump's jailed former campaign manager as calls for impeachment grow. plus, the president advertises mass deportations as he relaunches a campaign of cruelty. >> when people come into our country and they come in illegally, they have to go out. then, the shocking resignation of the acting defense secretary as the white house toys with war. >> we have a lot of things going on with iran. and what today's latest bad numbers for the president actually mean 17 m


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