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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 1, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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long, long, long ways away. >> thank goodness you'll be here to walk us through every twist and turn. jeff and melanie, thank you. that does it for this hour of msnbc live. much more with craig melvin. >> we get our money's worth out of you. good to see you, hallie jackson. craig melvin, nbc's headquarters in new york city, suddenly wide open on the heels of the first round of the 2020 democratic debates and more fallout over joe biden's past comments on racial issues, new polling suggesting a shift is emerging in the top tier. plus, historic first f a u.s. president but what will it mean? president trump's latest meeting with kim jong-un is being touted as a reset on denuclearization talks but that's being met with a lot of skepticism in the national security community. and new details about that big event that the president is planning for the 4th of july. how government officials are reportedly scrambling to fulfill his wish for military tanks to
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be prominently featured. we'll get to that in a moment. we start with a shakeup in the 2020 race days after democrats' first debates. former vice president joe biden has been leading in the polls since jumping into the race two months ago. but the primary is now suddenly wide open. there's a new top tier and a sense among many campaigns and democratic operatives that biden and bernie sanders are within reach in a race that's broken wide open. senator kamala harris has been gaining momentum, after taking on biden. her rivals coming to her defense today after donald trump jr. shared a tweet that questioned her race. asking, is this true? he later deleted the tweet. her democratic hopefuls taking to twitter and the television to support her. >> this is a game that these folks play. they put something out there. you notice what he did. he tweeted it out and then he
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deleted. like a coward, so he can say that's just a mistake. he knows what he's doing. he's giving voice to these racist, you know, utterances about senator harris. >> joining me now from south carolina, south carolina state representative j.a. moore, a surrogate for the harris campaign. nbc road warrior mike menially, following. and zerlena maxwell. representative moore, i'll start with you because you are in south carolina. joe biden, he likened the tweet about harris to the birther attacks against former president barack obama. what do you make of it, representative, and what's the campaign's plan to deal with it? >> craig, it's good to hear from you. we originally met here in south carolina, just a few weeks ago.
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i tell you what, it's just simply racist and it's actually a trend with the trump's racist attacks, as you remember, with the birther issue, with president obama. listen, it's a tactic that will not work. senator harris is committed to prosecuting the case against donald trump. and so they're afraid. i mean, they're really concerned. but look, here in south carolina we're used to dealing with segregationists and racists like strom thur man and the likes. we're prepared to take the fight to donald trump. we're confident and ready to really talk about senator harris agenda, her 3:00 a.m. agenda dealing with paying teachers more to closing the gap in income inequalities here in this
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country. >> zerlena, what do you make of the back and forth so far? >> this is birther 2.0. it's not a coincidence donald trump jr. would tweet this and then feign ignorance. the point being brought up is serious. it's not a surprise because kamala harris is part of the black american experience even though she's a first generation -- or second generation immigrant in that she was born in this country to immigrant parents, one is jamaican, one is indian. and that is a lot of black people's experience in this country. i would also add that she went to howard university and is an aka. those are two things that i didn't do and i'm a black person. so i'm just saying that, you know, the way that we quantify whether or not somebody is "black enough," is bs. it's really something that we do that there are no rules, it's just subjective. you're just trying to criticize someone when you should focus on their policies. and, again, kamala harris
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identifies as black and there are parts of her experience that mirror mine. so i think that we should all look at what we have that is similar to her and try to find those connections and focus on the policies on the other side. >> you maintain that this may not be the only controversy surrounding race that she is going to have to deal with moving forward. >> no. i think that this is just a start of a lot of controversies that are going to come her way because she's a black woman. she's going to face a lot of scrutiny in a similar way but not the exact same way that barack obama did. so one thing i think that's going to come up is the fact that her husband is white. and i think that certain men of color will have an issue with this. and i just want to put a marker down here to say that if you have an issue with that you need to work that out in therapy and not at the ballot box. >> that's right. that is right. >> the issues of race continue to be front and center in the campaign. the heels of that bussing dust up at the debate. joe biden getting criticism
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about comments he made friday about black teachers. we'll play what he said and we'll play cory booker's response. here it is. >> we've got to recognize that kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next -- not a gang banger. >> as a guy growing up as a young black guy in america who was followed and surveilled, faced that indignity and the danger of that, being perceived to be a threat, again, this is just another example of just conversations or lessons that joe biden shouldn't have to learn. >> mike, how's the biden campaign handling this particular criticism? what are you hearing? >> they're trying to put this in the larger context of a primary fight that's engaged in a way that hadn't been previously. you've heard me say this before that biden's biggest strength had been his perceived strength and over the course of june, as we saw a number of controversies, both about abortion, and especially that
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controversy about his comments about segregationists you saw some of his rivals, especially those two african-american candidates, kamala harris and cory booker begin to take aim at the vice president over what had been one of the big cornerstones of his strengths, which is his support among the african-american community. the statement the biden campaign put out in response to that specific sound bite you played from chicago on friday. didn't offer an apology or clarification. it doubled down on what the vice president was trying to say, which was that this is him speaking to the concerns of african-american women mothers especially about concerns ant criminal justice reform. we'll see the vice president's not on the campaign trail for another couple days, he'll in iowa on wednesday heading into parades. they believe it's a controversy that's largely focused on tv and twitter and not one that's moving too many votes just yet. >> they believe that this too shall pass. rick tyler, if you were advising
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joe biden, if biden's response had been something akin to my bona fides with regard to race shouldn't be questioned, remember barack obama picked me has his number two, if there had been some version of that uttered do you think that perhaps the response would have been different? how would you have counselled him to have handling these critiques the past few days and weeks? >> craig, all the critiques he's getting are all self-inflicted. kamala harris took an opportunity that was handed to her because of joe biden's remarks. and then when he tries to clarify it, you know, he understand up making it worse. now, he is running against a president who thinks bussing is the primary means of which children get themselves to school. but -- and so it's not surprising to me that his son would tweet out such a tweet but in a sense it let joe biden off the hook because we're talking
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about what don jr. did as opposed to what joe biden did. he needs to sit down and get good advice, of course, from african-americans, on how his words are perceived. so he can learn to communicate what he actually means and not provide more fodder for the next round of the news stories that will negatively impact him. >> state representative moore there are some democrats who've criticized harris's debate strategy with regards to joe biden, politico reporting that harris is facing debate backlash. "biden supporters and democrats are describing harris's assault on biden as an all too calculated overreach after she knocked him on his heels in a grilling over bussing and his remarks on segregationist senators." former illinois senator said her ambition got it wrong about joe. what's the campaign's response to that criticism? >> well, i think it's misguided. listen, senator harris talked about it when she first announced that she was running
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for president, that she would speak truth to power no matter who the person was. that's what we saw the other night at the debate. she was just speaking truth to power. you know, i think we all have personal stories in the african-american community about bussing and institutional discrimination. my aunt loretta was bussed in -- she was one of the first groups of african-americans to integrate at strong thurman high school in edgefield, north carolina. it was a valid point. she had to speak truth to power. i disagree with that analysis. >> meanwhile, turning here to some fund raising numbers. i saw this this morning and i was struck by it. pete buttigieg, out with a second quarter fund raising numbers, hauling in more than $24 million. almost $25 million in the second quarter. does that cement his position as
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a top tier candidate? >> it cements someone who went out of the town hall moment and a little bit of trouble in terms of his dealing with the police department in his own town. so i think that what it shows is that it wasn't just a fluke. the bloom lit we saw earlier in the summer and that he's here to stay. i'm not sure if the top tier is completely set yet. i think obviously you're going to have biden in there, you're going to have bernie in there. but i'm not sure about the other three. i think they may sort of flip, the warren, harris, buttigieg may flip and change order as we head closer. we're so far out from iowa. we're over 200 days out. so there is still a lot that can happen and politics is not predictable. otherwise gary hart would have been the nominee. >> that's true. rick, do you agree with politico's assessment that this thing is wide open? >> of course it's wide open. we're going to cover it all the way. any number one concern, i get a
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lot of criticism about this on twitter, i watch the two debates and i look at what democrats are saying and they're not appealing to the blue collar voters they need to win back in michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin. they're talking about a government takeover of health care, medicare, which is a $32 trillion proposition, they're talking about these huge, expansive programs and they're talking about gun buybacks. and i'm not sure the blue collar workers in those states that message is really appealing to them. so i worry about if they want to beat donald trump, are these the messages they really need to get across? i'm not sure. >> rick, you're sticking around. zerlina you were nodding your head. >> those messages were targeted to black people who were not repressed in 2016. >> thank you to my panel. nbc news exclusive, preparing for riots.
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more stunning revelations about facilities housing migrants. a government report revealing agents inside were so alarmed about the conditions that they were arming themselves for potential unrest. also, a reset, or more of the same. fallout this morning after president trump's surprise meeting with north korea's dictator kim jong-un. here's how former senior pentagon official described the concern surrounding their latest face to face. >> this is symbolism over substance. as time goes by they are increasing their program and if they're only delivering us photo ops as opposed to actual accounting of their nuclear facilities and dismantlement it's potentially dangerous for the united states. yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years.
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breaking news right now from iran, an international atomic energy agency has just confirmed iran has now gone over the limit of its uranium stock files, the limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal. ali aruzi is there. >> reporter: iran has been threatening to roll back its commitments to the nuclear deal and they've breached the limits of its stockpile set by the nuclear deal. they're confirming the 300 kilo
8:18 am
cap had been exceeded. as you said the iaea has confirmed that. under the terms iran agreed to ship out or sell all of its stockpiles of low enriched uranium. now they're saying they're not going to do that and they're going to keep it all. and tehran said it would exceed its limits over the weekend but they held off a couple days to see if a meeting in vienna would yield any results. to see if the europeans could shield iran from u.s. sanctions. well, tehran said some progress had been made but it wasn't enough to convince the islamic republic to change its course and look craig iran's strategy has been to breach the agreement by a step by step fashion, to bring pressure on the europeans, to help tehran resist the weight of u.s. sanctions. but in reality it's probably going to have the opposite effect as the europeans seem unable to protect iran and this
8:19 am
breach will only magnetically pull them towards the u.s. position. in some ways this is kind of a gift to president trump because -- and his policy of maximum pressure because they can now start building a coalition against iran amongst those countries that were reluctant to sign on to president trump's ripping up to have the nuclear deal. he can now turn round to the europeans and say, look, iran has violated the deal. you need to snap back sanctions on iran. now, the big question is, what's iran's next move? the breach of these stockpiles is provocative, but it's a small step. on sunday iran said it may start enriching up to 20%. that would almost definitely be a deal breaker. craig? >> thank you, ali. we turn now to the situation here along the u.s. mexico border. nbc news exclusively obtaining
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an internal report showing that back in may conditions at a border station in el paso, texas were so bad that border agents feared riots. the documents challenge claims from the acting dhs chief kevin mclean an on friday, complaints from lawyers about poor conditions were unsubstantiated. i'm joined by nbc's julia ainsley who's been following the story from the beginning. what did the reports say about living conditions for migrants being detained at this station. >> craig, this report was done by investigators with the dhs internal watchdog, the inspector general and they dropped in on several border stations in the el paso sector on may 7th. that's the same sector that we heard those horrific stories coming out of last week. but this now dates those conditions back months so it shows us how long this has been going on and how long the department of homeland security and officials in washington had been made aware of those
8:21 am
conditions. some of the things they detail are 756 immigrants sharing four showers. there was a cell that was meant for 35 that they put 155 single adult men inside without enough room to lie down to sleep. half of the immigrants who are outside, there were children also outside, did not have mats to sleep on. and were wearing the same clothes they had been for weeks because no one was provided with a fresh change of clothing. and what this meant from an operations perspective, from the border agents, is they knew that conditions were so bad they feared riots, craig, and they started to arm themselves, bringing their weapons into areas that they would not normally bring them. >> what else is in that report? did they indicate that the situation along the border was at all normal? >> no, that was the -- this was the flag. this report prompted warnings within the department of homeland security to say this is a management issue. we've known for some time there
8:22 am
was a funding issue. dhs wanted more funding so that they could get these migrants out of these conditions and into places like i.c.e. and health and human services but they said this is a management issue. they even talked about agents who are having to use their own government credit cards to go and buy food because there just weren't plans in place to stock these places with enough food and basic supplies for the population they had coming in. we know now that the numbers in june have begun to drop by 25%. they expect a number when we get those out probably in about a week that june will have seen a 25% decline compared to may but it shows that when this was increasing, in the heat of all of this, dhs did not handle some basic management issues. >> julia ainsley, thank you. >> thanks. an unprecedented photo op raising new concerns. president trump becoming the first u.s. president to set foot in north korea. fanfare for nothing? and this weekend, cities
8:23 am
across the country, round the world, saw world pride celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the stonewall uprising. celebrating pride month. different communities celebrating, i caught up with a group of religious fathers who call themselves dragon dads. they've banded together to make sure that their children feel loved and accepted. what's the purpose of dragon dads in the simplest of terms? >> we help other dads now how to parent a gay, lesbian, trans child. we try to be there for each other. people tend to overlook that when you're coming from a conservative background and you've got a kid that's lgbt. there's things in your community that you have to face and deal with that you don't think about. >> what does your son think about all of this? >> he thinks i'm gayer than he
8:24 am
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this morning a top trump official is pushing back on a new report from the "new york times" that the u.s. might accept a deal to let north korea keep the nuclear weapons it already has rather than destroy them. national security adviser john bolton tweeting he has not "heard of any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze by north korea." he adds "the times should face consequences for its reporting," coming on the heels of president trump's historic step into north korea on sunday. i'm joining by richard engel, aaron blake, and jim walsh. a research associate at m.i.t.'s security studies program. richard, start with you there. let's talk about this propaganda video that the north koreans have already produced after that historic step that trump made
8:29 am
into their country. what was in that video? >> so, unlike a lot of north korean propaganda, which is very aggressive, often threatening to obliterate the united states with nuclear weapons that's the standard fare. this was totally different. this was gushing. it was effusive. it was talking about new beginnings. how the united states and north korea are going to put their ugly past behind them and they're going to build relations. and it showed the north korean leader kim jong-un as a gracious host, welcoming president trump across the border. it showed kim jong-un meeting e with ivanka trump. it heaped praise on the meeting and said it exceeded expectations, shocked the world, was a moving experience. there was an article in the north korean state media that accompanied this piece that talked about a mysterious force that was driving good will and
8:30 am
good relations and that would lead to a better outcome. so you couldn't have asked for a more positive endorsement from north korea. it was pretty clear that they were pleased with how this went. one thing, however, if you watched this event it happened over the weekend, it happened very late at night in the united states. if you watched the raw feed you could see what actually happened. it was a totally chaotic scene. there were camera men bumping into security. it was a one pool camera that was panning left, right, it was often hard to see what was going on. but the north koreans cut all of that out so what they presented was a very neat, orderly and organized event in which president trump went to the dmz, came across the border and then was welcomed back and that they had a very pleasant discussion. a somewhat sanitized version of the messy events that unfolded. >> jim, here's what the "new
8:31 am
york times" is reporting about possible negotiations. we should note here that nbc news has not matched "the new york times" reporting so far but according to the times "the concept would amount to a nuclear freeze one that essentially enshrines the status quo and tacitly accepts the north as a nuclear power, something administration officials have often said they would never stand for." what are the risks of keeping north korea's capabilities where they stand right now? >> well, obviously if they continue to have nuclear weapons then our allies, south korea and japan, will continue to feel threatened. we may feel better about it but i don't think japan's going to feel better about it. i've been a critic of the president on iran, and any deal that he gets here isn't going to be close to the deal he walked out on for iran. but i -- you know, things were going in a negative direction. after the failed hanoi summit
8:32 am
there were no negotiations, there were no talks. kim was hinting he may restart nuclear testing at the beginning of the year if things continue to go unresolved. insofar as it's better to be talking than not talking, and i do believe that, then this photo op may have been useful. i mean, after all, kim left hanoi, perhaps with a loss of face, stewing in that long train ride back to north korea. in this case the president invited him to meet him and it was the president who went to north korea as it were and stepped over. and so i think kim probably feels like he's gotten some satisfaction here. whether this turns into real behavior and action six months from now, that's an open question. >> jim, if you were advising this president would you have advised him to step foot in north korea? >> i don't think he would pay attention to any adviser, including me. this is classic donald trump, the moment he tweeted that, i
8:33 am
think it was friday that he was going to go to the dmz and did kim want to meet him there? i knew he was going to jump over. that's who he is. normally foreign policy professionals would criticize that saying you're giving up something for nothing but, you know, trump is going to do that no matter what. if it turns things in the right direction it will have been worth it. if it doesn't no one's going to remember this. >> aaron, you wrote about something that happened over the weekend. president trump was asked about his views on western style liberalism. and when i heard it i immediately thought back to my government days at wafford college. he was asked about liberalism and here's what the president had to say. >> his comments to the financial times, right before arriving here, was that western style liberalism is obsolete. you probably haven't read the interview. >> he may feel that way. he sees what's going on and i guess if you look at what's happening in los angeles, where it's so sad to look and what's
8:34 am
happening in san francisco and a couple of other cities which are run by an extraordinary group of liberal people, i don't know what they're thinking. >> do you think he thought that he was asking about liberalism in the western part of the united states of america? >> i think it's abundantly clear and i think that there is certainly a contingent of the president's support that appreciates the idea that this is not a traditional politician. that he's not some egghead dealing with political science issues on a daily basis. but also consider this. the idea that liberal democracy is under assault in europe is a major story right now. we just saw european union elections in which this was a major focus, whether these populist movements in europe were rising in power and ultimately basically getting rid of liberal democracy potentially. the idea that the president, even in the most basic terms
8:35 am
doesn't seem to have consumed that news or understood exactly what's happening in such an important region of the world i think is rather stunning and maybe even more stunning than the kind of odd comments that he offered about bussing. if the president, indeed, doesn't truly understand what liberal democracy is or that the, you know, russian president vladimir putin would not be too concerned with what california democrats are up to that's a pretty remarkable lack of knowledge on the president's behalf. >> meanwhile, ivanka trump was at many high profile events during the g20. an article in your paper reports "the gray area she occupies, family, employee, envoy, advocate, frequently overlaps with the work of career diplomats. but her unfamiliarity with some elements of diplomacy were on display on this trip." it cites an example of ivanka
8:36 am
mentioning india as a critical ally. were there other mistakes on the international stage this weekend? >> obviously, we're talking here about whether he should have crossed into north korean soil. obviously, ivanka trump's role in this is totally undefined. i think that there is a certain desire on the president's behalf to get his family in these situations to make them appear as though they are formidable. you know, maybe that he's just the proud dad. but a conspiracy theorist would say he's setting them up for something in the future. we also saw that scene in which ivanka trump was standing next to world leaders that didn't seem to have regard for what she was saying. we can read a little bit too much into a few seconds of video clip but i think that, you know, it would be understandable for them to believe that she was somebody who didn't quite belong there. >> we will have to leave it there. richard, thank you, sir. aaron, thank you. always good to have you, jim
8:37 am
walsh, thank you as well. >> thank you. we continue to follow this breaking news in hong kong. these are live pictures, live pictures of protesters as they storm their way, attempt to storm their way into the legislative chamber there in hong kong. all of this coming as thousands of demonstrators march through that city. it's the 22nd anniversary of hong kong's handover from british to chinese rule. it's also the latest in a series of nearly a month of protests against this law that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china. but again this is the scene outside that legislative chamber in hong kong. back here, military tanks on the national mall, something president trump reportedly pushing, pushing for ahead of that big fourth of july address to the nation. details how the government is scrambling to give him what he
8:38 am
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introducing zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪ president trump seems to be in charge of this big fourth of july celebration in d.c. on thursday, advising on every aspect, according to "the washington post" he wants military tanks on the mall as part of the grandiose event. i'm joined now by "the washington post" reporter who broke the story. juliet oprin, and rick tyler is back with me as well.
8:42 am
julia, walk us through what you found out about the president's request for the fourth of july. >> the president who's been deeply involved in this planning of this salute to america has wanted as robust a military component as possible so we've reported and they've announced the blue angels will be performing, some effort to honor all branches of the military but now we have multiple officials confirming the president has pushed for tanks to be part of, you know, for example, a prop, in other words, rather than doing some sort of moving parade, that they would be stationed in some way so that, you know, around the lincoln memorial where he's giving his speech. but their real issues about moving tanks on d.c. city streets, the pentagon last year cautioned against doing that as part of an earlier military parade that the president had envisioned so there's been ongoing negotiations between the pentagon, the national park
8:43 am
service and the white house itself to see if there are other armored tactical vehicles that could be used instead. this is still in flux as we stand here today. >> how much is this thing going to cost, do we know? >> that's an excellent question and one that we've been asking for a while and that the administration has not disclosed at this point. but you know, you're alluding to a valid point, which is that it costs money to move this kind of, you know, these kinds of vehicles, and even more important when you have these jets flying and we not only have the blue angels but today we've confirmed there will be an f-35 flying as well and there could be an even more robust military aviation display that costs tens of thousands of dollars if not more with fuel costs alone to say nothing of other construction costs and other costs going into this event. >> rick, this doesn't sound so much like a fourth of july parade than it does a military parade. what do you surmise is the
8:44 am
thinking here? >> this is another photo op, craig. it was the same reason we're supposed to be applauding donald trump for not tripping over a curb between north and south korea. that was the extent of his accomplishments the last three days. he's good at planniting so he's planted this fireworks display. he's changing the nature of it. there's also, i think, julia, reporting that says that there's a plane that would play air force one that's going to fly overhead as well and that he's going to speak at this event for some time so that turns not into a celebration about america and freedom, and the military certainly has a role in protecting our freedom and that's great. but this is now turned into a full blown televised political event and i just think that's wrong. >> is there anything anyone can do to halt this?
8:45 am
>> that appears unlikely at this point. there are plenty of lawmakers who have been asking for greater details on what the administration is doing. they've not gotten answers yet. this includes in the democratic controlled house and then on the senate side senate democrats have been asking for it but you don't see any movement on the part of congressional leaders on the republican side to weigh in on this question and at this point what these agencies can do is move money around and then, you know, later explain to congress how much they've spent so it seems as if this is definitely full speed ahead and the only question is what these different agencies decided is doable given we're only a few days out from this celebration. >> rick, are you going to go? >> i'll be home cooking steaks and hamburgers and hot dogs for all my family and friends. and they could use the striker vehicles. that won't dig up the roads too much. if they use tanks that's going to be a nightmare for d.c.
8:46 am
commuters. >> rick tyler, enjoy your 4th if i don't see you before. >> thank you. an old wound that landed in the middle of the last presidential debate, segregation and bussing. brown v. board of education, as it approaches i traveled to a town where the issue collided with sports to inspire a town and also to inspire -- >> if we don't come together right now on this hallowed ground we too will be destroyed. can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain.
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♪ so maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪ >> 65 years after brown versus board of education, discussing on bussing essentially define the first round of the 2020 debates. >> you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed to school every day and that little girl was me. >> in the south, integration was high, progress quite slow.
8:51 am
on the anniversary of the decision to rule segregation unconstitutional, i visited one city where the power of the game was enough to change one communit community. >> it was' story so incredible, hollywood took notice. >> i don't care if you like each other right now but you will respect each other. >> "remember the titans," starring denzel washington, told the tale of a city with segregation and a football team that helped to unite it. >> in the film it seemed as if the change happened overnight. was it that fast? >> no. >> but we did make a difference. we learned to get along with each other as a team. by the time we won the state championship in december, we had unified the city, to a degree. >> fans would be on both sides of the field. >> earl cook and mike lynch were two of the real-life titans on the high school football team.
8:52 am
the city of alexandria, virginia, still resistant to the government's push for integration finally combined three rival high schools into one. black and white students that fall would be side by side for the first time ever. >> did you appreciate then that you were a part of this great national experiment called integration? >> i know i did not appreciate it then. and i see now that what we, the kids, accomplished was a good thing. >> but you knew michael was white and mike knew you were black. >> yeah, yeah, but there's a distinct difference in athletics, all through the sports. your teammates are your teammates. you bond. >> a bond only made possible under the tough and uncompromising guidance of coaches herman boone and bill yost. in this city, football was a way
8:53 am
of life. and they bet on the hope that a winning team could help turn the tide of racial conflict and bring the school and community together. >> they asked us because of the tension to wear our football jerseys and pair up, white guy and black guy, and patrol the halls. we're demonstrating we're teammates, showing them the way. >> the '71 titans dominated on the field, resulting in a state championship win. their true victory was a new sense of hope for the future. >> the field where all the memories were made. >> it was the highest moment and one of the lowest moments. and then you look back and say that football teams with a key component of moving this thing along at this school. >> today, the legacy is clear.
8:54 am
halls of tc williams are now filled with nearly 4,000 stuns from 114 different countries. lariesa olazara's family is from brazil. >> diversity in certain places and no diversity in others. >> graduating seniors say despite all that has changed, students still struggle with modern day segregation. >> i remember my first day sitting at lunch, the cafeteria was self segregated and i was shocked. like wait, this is "remember the titans." what? >> you're like, this isn't a disney mofby. >> no, it wasn't. >> the school is integrated but the social circles inside the school are very much segregated? >> very. >> one white person in the crowd of ten black people and vice versa, all the latinos hang out
8:55 am
together. one step we're taking is with acknowledgement we can make progress and change that we wouldn't have been able to make years ago. >> progress and change, the city's first black police of chief believes is possible. >> there's been steady progress. it's simply a constant struggle to be the best. >> still work to be done. ahead the next hour, my colleague, andrea mitchell, will have much more on president trump's latest face-to-face with north korean leader kim jong-un and that unprecedented step across the border. unprecedente across the border. nothing feels like connecting with the people that matter.
8:56 am
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we are keeping an eye on the marks, dow up 100 points right now, 130. stocks are up after united states and china agree to a trade war truce. tech stocks specifically seem to be climbing on the news, today's strong, early showing after the best month of june since 1938. that will wrap up this hour of "msnbc live." i'm see you tomorrow on "today." andrea mitchell reports starts right now. >> thank you, craig melvin. right now, step by step. donald trump becomes the first sitting u.s. president to walk
9:00 am
into north korea. is he about to give kim jong-un a major concession beyond a priceless photo-op? >> unless north korea gives us a full list of all their undisclosed sites -- that's the key. if we don't get a plan for, all of this is kamala harris on the rise. but she's facing racist attacks even from donald trump jr. in a now deleted retweet. early warning, nbc news has learned homeland security was warned months ago conditions were so dire at a texas border facility, agents feared riots. >> they talk about cells that were meant for just 35


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