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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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immigration services. that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being with us and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. after bordering border patrol facilities in texas, democrats are criticizing treatment. iran has reached a limit of the stockpile of the low enriched uranium. the question this morning, what is iran's next move? july fourth is approaching and this year, pruesident trump wants the events to include
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military tanks and fighter jets. critics are concerned about the style and feel. >> good morning, it's july 2, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside jeff bennett. >> this morning, following a facebook post propublica first reported the group. we have not confirmed the post. the group was created back in august 2016 and boasts about 9500 members with code i'm in 1015. able to link the participants to
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apparently legitimate facebook profiles belonging to border patrol agents including a supervisor based in el paso, texas. in one exchange, they responded with indifference and wisecracks after a news story of a 16-year-old migrant who died in border control. one member posted the gif with elmo with the quote, oh, well. and another with the quote, if he dies, he dies. the border patrol chief but out this statement saying this, these posts are completely inappropriate and contrary to the honor i see and expect from our agents day in and day out. any employees found to have violated our standard of conduct will be held accountable. >> the existence of that group was reported on the same day the house caucus and other democrats
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toured facilities in el paso, texas. they met with 15 to 20 mothers who had been detained over 20 days. one woman alleged border patrol agents told her to drink water from the toilet. >> when we went into the cell, it was clear the water was not running. there was a toilet but no running water for people to drink. one of the women said she was told by an agent to drink water out of the toilet. these are the conditions that have been created by the trump administration. >> according to propublica, several posts refer to a visit by members of the congressional hispanic congress including congresswoman alexandria
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ocasio-cortez and veronica escobar. another said, quote, there should be no photo ops for scum buckets. that's a direct quote. after touring alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted this. it is not just the kids. its everyone. people drinking out of toilets officers laughing in front of everyone. >> what we saw today was uncommonable. no child should ever be separated from they're parents or taken from their family. no woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm to another humanbeing. they should be given water, basic access to human rights. >> president trump was asked by
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the private border patrol facebook group but he didn't seem to be aware of the story. >> the border patrol facebook group and the comments they've been making about members of congress. >> i don't know what they are saying but i know the border patrol is not happy with the democrats. the republicans do want border security. the democrats want open borders which means tremendous crime. let's turn now to the tensions with iran. international inspectors have confirmed that tehran has breached the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal and has exceed the total load set in the agreement. this comes after months after president trump added hard-hitting sanctions even though iran was in compliance
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and remained so until now. foreign minister says while they have exceeded the low-enriched uranium level, they have not cited the joca. he also says when other signatories abide by the operations in the agreement, iran will reverse course. in a statement, the white house says this, there is little doubt before the existence iran was violating its terms. interesting. president trump addressed the situation yesterday. >> any message to iran? >> no, no message to iran. they know what they are doing. they know what they are playing with. i think they are playing with fire. so no message to iran whatsoever. meanwhile in a statement
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first given to nbc news, joe biden says of trump's iran policy, quote, even as trump has rushed to criticize, he trashed the nuclear deal. iran needs to get back into compliance but trump appears to have no plan foreign suring the result either. his policy of maximum pressure has produced worse results and has become more rather than less aggressive. the policy has alienated us from our allies and taken us to the brink of another war in the middle east. the first u.s. sitting president to enter the dprk. he wrote, it was great to call on chairman kim to have our very well covered meeting. he added, it was great being with chairman kim jung-un and
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that he looked really well and healthy. i look forward to seeing him very soon. he writes, our teams will be meeting to work on solutions to long-term and persistent problems. joe biden is reacting to trump's rosie relationship. he says in part, yet again, donald trump has demonstrated he is more concerned with a photo op for himself than getting results for the american people. he has repeatedly elevated kim jung-un in exchange for almost nothing. after three made for tv summits, we have no agreement. not one missile has been destroyed not one inspector on the ground. if anything, the situation has gotten worse. everything this president does is backwards. there has been a major shake up in the top tier of the 2020 democratic candidates following
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the debates. bringing in our guest. >> i'd even call it a new top tier, according to a new poll, warren and harris have made significant gains at the expense of former vice president joe biden. biden's lead has fallen 10 points after the debates. now holding just a five-point advantage over harris gaining points to land at 1%. the jump coming after she challenged buyen for option to bussing. marking one of the most appointing nant moments of night two. >> there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools. she was bussed to school every day. that little girl was me. >> harris is seeing a surge from
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night two, it was senator elizabeth warren who commanded the stage during night one and now sits in third place at 15%. despite the warning signals for biden in the poll, he still has a wide margin and shown to have the best chance to beat trump. that has been what it is all about, which is who can beat trump in those critical states. >> i was really waiting to see the poll results after the debate. it is so a stounistounding now sanders drop to four. this was debate one. we have another debate at the end of the month. is the biden camp concerned? are they going to make any
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changes especially with regard to his approach on that stage? >> they say they always expected this race to tighten. 18 million people watched this debate. however, of course they are concerned. underneath those top line numbers, you are seeing a problematic shift. for instance, with the african-american vote. i take you back to hillary clinton circa 2007 when she came in as the inevitable candidate and when they saw barack obama could be electable, there was a shift in mass. they'd rather have hillary clinton circa 2016 where that support remains firm and solid. he just cannot afford another repeat performance. >> such a great point. his front runner status has been
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in large because of the perception of his electability. when you get away from that, it is hard to come back. >> also to see the four top people on stage together. because warren was on night one. if we see kamala harris, bernie sanders and joe biden all on stage together for that next debate, i think that could really help shape for voters where they want to put their support behind. do we have any likelihood of that happening? >> at some point, it will be inevitable that warren will be on stage with joe biden. the question is if these other candidates will view what harris did with disassembling him. just imagine warren with biden on bankruptcy reform. he's got to come into the next
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debate with a different game plan. >> we've been talking about one of the tough things for joe biden is he has such a long record of voting and that will be the first thing people will be attacking. it didn't seem like he was prepared for that. >> he seemed almost surprised by it. it should have been something he was fully prepared for. >> exactly. hiedi, we'll talk to you again. house democratic turning up the heat to whether officials are using personal emails to conduct personal business. and veen us williams gets beat by a 15-year-old. those stories when we come back. ♪
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house continues as house oversight chair began a review. reporting the white house has a week to turnover all private email and messaging service to determine whether the trump administration has violated the federal record keeping laws. it is the house oversight chair's third request for this. via what's app, text and personal email. those requests like many others were refused. president trump is accusing new york's governor and attorney general of going after his business in a quote political witch hunt. saying, quote, governor cuomo uses his attorney general as
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blujonning. now the ag is harassing all of my new york businesses in search of anything at all so they can make me look as bad as possible. on top of ridiculously high taxes, my children and companies are spending a for opportunity on lawyers. no wonder companies are fleeing new york in numbers. it is hard to gauge the pressure on trump organization is not. she continues to investigate trump's finances and involvement in the political campaign. james is a democrat elected in november and was not mentioned directly in the president's tweets and responded with a promise that her office would continue to follow the facts of the case. governor cuomo also responded saying trump's tweets show his paranoia is getting the better of him. senators warren and harris
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were named the winners of last week's first debates according to a set of polls. almost 60% of voters who watched clips or highlights said that warren did the best job in round one. castro came in second and cory booker third. during night two, almost half of democratic voters said kamala harris did the best job and joe biden came in second with 20% of democratic voters approving of his performance. bernie sanders came in there. it seemed as if the polls are reflecting the winners and losers of the two nights. >> and the fundraising too.
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>> pete buttigieg, huge fundraising. i think $25 million was raised in the past 24 hours. >> stick with the news, jeff. >> you know what the best part of the poll was. everyone had at least 1%. >> no one got to zero. >> just a good old guy. rooting for the underdog. >> we've had numerous areas of thunderstorms. you ever see pictures of the bounce houses that get caught in the wind? how about the trampoline going down the road. there was actually sparks there. winds reaching 80 miles an hour with those gusts. we can see a stray area of thunderstorms.
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this is when a summer-type pattern is high. all of the storms go in a ring around it. maine has gotten hit with a couple of storms. not severe. st. louis to chicago a chance of storms. also miami. even new york city could get a stray storm this afternoon. fast forward to wednesday. we are looking at the possibility of d.c. anyone driving through the ohio valley could have some minor delays. you've seen it. it is warm and humid and will not ruin your day. >> we are talking about the numbers. >> the fundraising. >> $25 million mayor pete raised in second quarter. which is a ton of money. >> kamala harris raised $2
2:22 am
million in 24 hour period. >> fact checking ourself. still ahead, a loss for major league baseball and a surprising upset at wimbledon. sports is next. we are back in a moment. that's the beauty of your smile. bring out the best in it with crest 3d white. crest removes 95% of surface stains... in just three days. who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine.
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found dead in a hotel room. from texas and was next scheduled to start on thursday. police say no foul play is suspected. a statement announcing his passing says tyler has and always will be an important part of the angels family. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family at this devastating time. turning now to wimbledon where a 15-year-old american, coco gauff. the youngest player to qualify, eliminated venus williams. at 39, venus was the oldest woman in the field.
2:26 am
a very great moment there. >> this afternoon, 3:00 east coast time in a show down against england setting up the clash between the golden bronze winner and american darling. >> if you want to feel old, coco gauff was born in 2004 when venus won wimbledon for the third time. >> she was 20 years old. she's got a lot of titles under her belt. >> american tennis needs a good young star. >> think about if you are 15 yea years old and beating someone like venus, what that must feel like for you. someone you've probably watched your entire career and then you are on the court and you beat
2:27 am
her. >> we saw this last year with serena as well. congratulations. still ahead, protest boil over in hong kong. we'll go to the very latest from there. president trump has insisted russian meddling in 2016 had no impact on election results. a new study shows it may well have. those stories and more coming up next. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis.
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>> welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside jeff bennett. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators marched in peaceful protests yesterday as hong kong commemorated the anniversary of returning to chinese rule but the city was shaken when a smaller group of activists stormed in. police used bat ones and pepper spray to beat back demonstrators. angered by the police response, protesters broke into the building, smashing in and spray painting. once inside, protesters built barricades and called for the release of protesters who had been arrested. riot police charged and
2:32 am
dispursed the kraut outside. carrie lam said, quote, violence and lawlessness is affecting the core values of the system. we'll go to bill neely for more on this. what is the scene like there today following yesterday's violence? >> reporter: good morning, pretty extraordinary scenes there. after the chaos and confrontation, today was the cleanup and investigation. i've just come back from the scene. hong kong's police officers are there. it is really quite interesting what they are doing. there were around 3,000 people outside that main building they went inside and ransacked it. police at the scene are now dusting it for fingerprints.
2:33 am
they are going to use both those and video they are gathering at the scene. they will try and use china's famous advances in facial recognition technology to match the prints with the pictures they've taken and try to identify who the protesters were and then they will go after them. they promised overnight that they will take a hard line on these protests. hong kong has seen nothing like this. this morning, this global financial hub has been getting back to normal but maybe nothing can be quite normal after this because this is still a city in the middle of a deep, deep political crisis. >> the city's leader there condemned the protest. she tried to reaffirm her willingness, do you think that will have any impact especially
2:34 am
over this contested extradition bill. it is a really good point. that is the question now. she says, i've learned a less on. what less on has she actually learned that she was tone deaf to the calls of reform in the first place? she wasn't tough enough? she was not listening to beijing enough? she didn't crack down enough? we don't know. she promised overnight to be tough. clearly this extradition bill is widely disliked here. i think the problem for her is that beijing may think their political capital is spent and they may quietly ditch her. protesters are determined to go on. although last night's events are over, this crisis is not. back to you. >> thank you for your time,
2:35 am
bill. despite president trump and allies saying it is not the case, a new study shows russian propaganda may well have had an impact on poll numbers during the 2016 election. researchers at the university of tennessee at knoxville were able to show trump's gains in popularity correlated closely with social media activity by russian tolls and bots. that activity foreshadowed gains for trump in the pin polls. researchers found that for every 25,000 retweets by accounts connected to russia's internet research agency, there was a 1% increase for then candidate trump. however, the study does not prove russian interference swung the election. the white house did not
2:36 am
immediately respond to the request for comment on that story. there has been a major shake up to the top tier of the democratic candidates after the debates. we'll go to hiedi on this. >> according to the cnn survey, senator harris and warren made significant gains to biden. biden's lead has fallen 10 points in the wake of the debates. now holding just a five-point advantage over harris, she's gained nine points to land at 17%. the jump comes after she challenged biden over option to federally ordered school bussing. and warren commanded the stage during night one and now sits at third place at 15%.
2:37 am
despite the warning signal for biden in the poll, he still leads by a wide margin as the candidate seen to have the best chance of beating president trump. he even faced calls from younger candidates to quote pass the torch is tightly aligning himself with former president obama. >> vice president biden, your first issue. >> you are under estimating what barack obama did. he brought together 196 nations to commit to deal with climate change. we increased that background check. the president -- president obama i think did a heck of a job. >> you see that strong association. why wouldn't he? that is gospel in the democratic party that the key ticket is
2:38 am
putting back that obama coalition. getting young voters, african-american voters excited again. those are the groups that did not in the last cycle. >> much of the reporting that biden would be aligning himself with former president obama in this lead up. i want to talk about this surge in the polls you are seeing. quite often in these debates, we see this. they are seeing the surge in these polls now. how long could we see them in number one or two or three or could we see a drop off or level off in the next couple of weeks? >> of course. you could see anything. we saw this on the last election
2:39 am
on the republican side where almost every single one of them had their moment in the sun. or it could go the other way and this could be a permanent deflating for vice president biden. no doubt, these numbers will help warren and help harris in the critical fundraising quarter. they'll get more cash in their pockets. it will depend whether they can repeat their performance and it depends on how vice president biden handles. it appeared he wasn't prepared for these attacks and didn't handle it well. >> thank you, hiedi. we'll see you again at the top of the hour. still ahead, president trump looks to go all out for this year's fourth of july celebration. details the president is trying to add and the potential price tag taxpayers may be stuck with for the festivities.
2:40 am
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. welcome back. president trump is preparing for an all-out show of power to show american independence this july fourth requesting an array of milita milita military mite to be show cased. including delivering a speech from the lincoln memorial with f flyovers. >> i'm going to be there. we'll have planes over head and tanks outside. we have to be careful with the
2:44 am
tanks. the roads don't like to carry the heavy tanks. we have the brand new sherman and abram tanks. >> engineers have canvassed the lincoln memorial to determine if the weight of the vehicles could ruin the historic site. this is not the first time trump has been forewarned about the potential damage they could cause. no official estimate of how much the july fourth costs might rack up, the post reports the price tag could be in the millions of dollars range just for the air power alone. >> there is a weather angle to that story.
2:45 am
the hotness makes the asphalt a little less firm. >> so it is going to be hot? >> sure. >> and sunny? >> sure. there will be tank treads down the road. this forecast is probably where it should be. we are not breaking a lot of record highs. couldn't gomry to firming ham. most of them will be about 100 to 105. richmond about 97. cutting off from about d.c. to wednesday. many areas in the southeast are baking in the sun. getting up there at about 107. some of the temperatures will expand and get warmer to the north. looks like baltimore, your warmest day will be thursday. look at saturday.
2:46 am
southern new england warm but not hot. as far as that fire work forecast goes. anywhere in green with a chance of storms. that won't last long. 20, 30 minutes. pours and it is over with. i think the macy's fire works in new york city. not bad. 81 degrees and we are calling it dry. >> okay. thanks. >> you're welcome. still ahead, apple sees some drama with the exit of an executive. and trump looks to take new action against the eu. those stories coming up next. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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welcome back. one front of the trade war cools, another heats up as the u.s. is considering adding $4 billion to a tariff list already totaling $21 billion. good morning to you. so where does this stem from? >> you've got to go back a long time to 15 years. since then, both the u.s. and the europeans have been complaining about the fact that the respective aircraft manufacturing giants on both sides of the atlantic, that's boeing and airbus, have been getting illegal state support.
2:50 am
they've said both sides have valid complaints and have been providing harmful subsidies to these aircraft manufacturers. it measures faster. they have said the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer's office, they're going to impose up to $4 billion worth of tariffs on some european goods and that includes things like sausage, italian cheese, olives, scotch whiskey. it could mean your food gets more expensive and this can harm producers here in europe. >> i'm not happy about that. i mean, just my go-to saturday night. >> well, this new reporting about circumstances surrounding apple chief product designer jony ive's departure, he's blaming tim cook and tim cook is
2:51 am
disputing that. >> so there was a "wall street journal" report out talking about the way that jony ive stepped back as head of the chief design officer after steve jobs passed away and how he became disillusioned with how they were focused more on operations and not design. this is the man behind the mac computer, iphone. very integral to the apple success over the past decades and what the report indicates he's left the company to strike off on his own. he's so unhappy about things. last night, tim cook wrote to our colleague at cnbc said this is nonsense. i want to quote you part of the email. this is absurd, although the reporting don't match with reality. >> well, i wonder what jony ive has to say about that. coming up, axios' nick johnston has a look at the one big thing. and on "morning joe" new questions over disturbing posts
2:52 am
allegedly made by border patrol agents. the shocking statements allegedly made by the agents, joking about the death of migrants and migrant children and making derogatory comments about latino members of congress. democratic congressman ro khanna will explain why an investigation is needed right now. plus, deval patrick and stanley mcchrystal join the conversation to talk about their challenge to the 2020 presidential candidates over national service. "morning joe" is just moments away. oe" jisust moments away nothing feels like connecting with the people that matter. holiday inn. holiday inn express.
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on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. and joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. is nicholas johnston. >> good morning. >> what's the one big thing for this morning? >> bernie's surprise. bernie sanders captured the most online conversations among all of the presidential candidates. exclusively axios from news whip, an online company that
2:56 am
does analytics on facebook and twitter interactions. they found that bernie sanders was the clear winner for the week, driven by his proposal to eliminate $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. he announced a policy proposal saying that the weekend debates helped him to jump ahead of joe biden by 60%. and kamala harris had a huge jump as most people probably expected after her performance in the debate. rising to the top of the list for two days, the day of the debate and the day after, but still trailed bernie sanders. he was in the top spot all week long. two takeaways i get from this, it sort of shows that what is the issues that are percolating beneath the surface of all of the sorts of things? and in fact, bernie sanders had a lot of interactions from folks over the student loan debt proposal even though we may have been focused on the debate. one caveat for bernie, he hasn't moved his report numbers very much in that. so this could be a lot of
2:57 am
engaging interaction. we have to see if this kind of interaction translates into any kind of changing poll numbers. >> let's talk about other information that you have, including the people that watched the debate. >> yeah. you expect a lot of democrats to tune in and that's true, but republican data shared with us information from tivo and other television set top boxes that a quarter of republicans also watched. actually, about the same amount as democrats and independents. 25% for about each of the groups dialing in. the key points are at the beginning and at the end of the debate when most people turned in. overall it was relatively kind of stable. interesting to think about why they were watching no real data on that for why. it could be they were just maybe hate watching to see what the other half thinks. but what the republican firm did point out to us, the number of republicans tuning in this early in the race means they could be picking up some of the policy proposals and could have legs into the general election as well. >> we started with reporting -- latest reporting on the crisis on the border and how the migrants are being detained in subpar conditions. based on your reporting what do you think is the next action to come here, particularly as it relates to overosight from house
2:58 am
democrats? >> right. i think you can see action in the house, but if you're looking for real legislative action don't hold your breath. there were a lot of rifts in congress about how to move forward on this. this is something that senate democrats heartily embrace, it caused a huge split and nancy pelosi ended up siding with the democrats to get this through and received pushback from the liberals and progressives in the caucus, furious at nancy pelosi for what they think is caving and not pushing something with something that has more restrictions on president trump. i think the real impact look for considered publicity being drawn out of this. look at the interviews of those, remember the presidential candidates were on step ladders trying to look over to see what was happening. i think they'll try to channel a lot of publicity still on the facilities.
2:59 am
>> thank you for your time. we'll be reading axios a.m. in a little bit and sign up for the news letter. that does for it,'s yasmin vossoughian with jeff bennett. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." beautiful morning here in new york city. tuesday, july the 2nd. i'm willie geist. joe and mika are off this morning. with us we have associate editor of commentary magazine, noah rothman. "morning joe" economic analyst, steve ratner. national political correspondent for nbc news and author of the red and the blue, steve kornacki. in washington, pulitzer prize winning columnist and associate editor of "the washington post" and political analyst, eugene robinson. and nbc news correspondent heidi przybyla. there's a shakeup after last week's debates.
3:00 am
senators elizabeth warren and kamala harris made significant gains at the expense of former vice president joe biden. biden's lead fell in this poll ten points, down to 22% from a month ago. now up just five points over senator harris who gained nine points up to 17%. elizabeth warren now sits in third place at 15% up eight. senator bernie sanders dropped four points to 14%. mayor pete buttigieg rounds out the top five in the poll at 4%. steve kornacki, a lot of people after they watched kamala harris do battle with joe biden expected there might be some movement. this was the first look we got at the entire group together. but that's a big jump. >> that's very big. i mean, five points, that poll has it five points when you think of all the advantages that joe biden had supposedly coming into the race, to be sitting in this poll -- let's see how this one


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