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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 2, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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at all. here in washington, the white house sets a different stage, an actual one for the big independence day celebration. we have new details on the event critics say puts partisanship over patriotism. . >> fourth of july is a celebration of this country's independence. can you verify that? >> i'm not going to allow you to politicize it. . >> we have the new 2020 developments. plus, all the other stories we're bringing you from across the country and around the world. steve kornacki is here with the news. kelly o'donnell at the white house. steve, let me start with you, my friend. you have been digging into some of these fund-raising numbers and new polling numbers as well. >> reporter: that's right, hallie. cnn did this one. this is the first readout not just of immediate reaction to the democratic debate. they kept this poll going through the weekend. you see what they have is joe biden down at 22%. kamala harris the big winner,
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the big gain in the polling here. the question, will we see this in a bunch of others. we'll get a couple polls out in the next few days. does it look like an outlier or where the democratic race stands right now? this measures with the broader thing we have seen, which is joe biden's performance was not necessarily well received by a lot of democratic voters. kamala harris's was. one thing to keep an eye on. the racial split on the democratic side. you see among white voters, biden is still leading in this poll. harris got a big jump. white liberals have moved towards her a little bit. buttigieg 6%. african-american voters, 24% for harris. she was in single digits with african-american voters. looks like potential for real traction with her. if she could put the white
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liberals and african-american voters, that was the coalition that got barack obama. this is still not registering at all. >> over to shaquille brewster. steve explained it. buttigieg struggled to win over voters of color. part of it has been issues stemming from south bend and the police-involved shooting. he just addressed it at a news conference with you in the last couple of minutes. >>. >> reporter: that's right. this rainbow coalition convention. he is facing a mix of headlines. on the one hand, $25 million over quarter 2. then dealing with the poll
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numbers steve was just talking about. especially if you look at the support among african-americans is particularly low. he talks about that specific detail there. listen to what he just told us a few minutes ago. >> there's a lot of voters i need to get to know and who need to get to know me. when you're new on the scene and you're not from a community of color, you have to work much harder to earn that trust. >> reporter: i'm told he will talk about that officer-involved shooting. it took him off the campaign trail as recently as last night. and hesitate douglas plan for black america. how he wants to reform credit scoring and how minority business owners get federal contacts, trying to increase the contacts that they are trying to achieve here. if you look at his schedule, he's had a press conference with reverend jesse jackson this
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morning. later this weekend, he's going to essence fest talking to black women. he is trying to reach out and show that he is is listening and he's pitching to these african-american voters, a core voting. . >> and you saw from the big board, that is one he is struggling with. you talk about incomes. we expect any minute to hear from bernie sanders' campaign on how they did this most recent quarter. we are already hearing from somebody else on the other side of the aisle. donald trump's campaign announce, frankly, kelly o'donnell, a monster haul for them and one that dwarves where then president barack obama was at this time in the re-elect. fill us in. >> reporter: $1 plus million raised between the campaign and the republican national committee. whencumbent president, you get to have ownership of the committee. this is the joint re-election and republican national
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committee. $105 million. in talking with sources from the president's re-election campaign, hallie, what they tell me today is that this kind of number give them some opportunity to do things that might. surprise some. and that is to go into states where they believe there is a chance on win over voters they didn't have last time. listen to some of the states they want to increase their presence. new mexico, nevada, new hampshire, minnesota, and, get this, even oregon. that's where the president's team says they will be able to have the resources and the funds to expand what they're doing. they also intend to have about 2 million trained volunteers who would be deployed for the ground game. that's what money buys you. of course the president has the advantage of being the incumbent without any serious challenge. and democrats of course, their robust fund-raising is spread across a number of candidates right now. so for the republican side it is
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consolidated. $105 million. this campaign season has been hurried up in many ways. it is hard to make a direct comparison between the two. the energy and sort of accelerated pace were feeling that. that may be why the second quarter is so robust. the campaign is saying today they believe this gives them the chance to be well funded in many places and to try to expand the map, which is something that certainly the president has to be careful about given how narrow his margin was. >> that is fair context, kelly o'donnell. steve, i want to stand by you if possible. like i said, we're waiting on bernie sanders' fund-raising numbers. shaq, i know you will stay posted at the rainbow coalition convention.
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mitt romney, newt gingrich. thank you for being on. zaleta, reaction to what we have seen before? >> i guess i haven't worked on as many campaigns as you. just a couple. look, i think that strong fund-raising numbers mean you can stay in the race longer. >> right. >> and i want everyone out there to understand that in the democratic primary there are rules. you need to get to 15% of the vote in each congressional district and also statewide. think about the number 15% as we're looking not just as the ongoing polls come outpost debate but also at the fund-raising numbers. because it can give you a good idea about who can stay in the race longer and longer and who can compete. and i think that's going to be a good thing. because that means that we can have a longer and more robust discussion about the policies that matter. and so while it's good to see
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pete buttigieg raise a lot of money, he will have to do better than 0% among black people to win the nomination. >> to your point, money does matter especially as it relates to the debates and the organization and the boots on the ground in plates that matter. >> look, donald trump is talking about reaching places, nevada, new mexico, oregon. some of these states are states that republican haven't traditionally focused on. so there is i guess one could wonder out loud the possibility and probability that there may be voters in some of these places that the president's campaign can target to make up for where they could lose ground in some states that the president actually needs. i think it is very, very critical for democrats to keep in mind as you focus on building the apparatus and mobilization, it helps being able to raise the money. because that gives you the opportunity to build that key infrastructure and in hispanic
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voters, hillary clinton saw her numbers drop as well. >> steve, we are just getting now the number for bernie sanders, second quarter fund-raising. $24 million. that is the announcement from the campaign on a conference call with reporters just in the last minute or so. so not a bad number for him. >> no. that is the staying power grassroots army can get you. that is comparable to what everybody was marveling at pete buttigieg yesterday. just looking at that sanders number, money right now not the problem for sanders. but support, falling into fourth place in the cnn poll. warning signs potentially for sanders. two things jump out at me when you look at this. where did he shed support? number one, one place to look is black voters. kamala harris. her support is up to 24% as we showed you among black voters.
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a lot of that did come. you can see it here. sanders all the way down to 9%. we have been seeing him in a lot of polls run second to joe biden among black voters. so harris, right there. warren and sand, we think of a lot of overlap. more of a blue collar white voter. that is the divide between them. warren's base is higher income, college educated. sanders is more non-college white. if warren has the opportunity to erode that on sanders' side. two particular threats to him. and the money for him is good news. >> we are learning it is $18 million from grassroots contributions from bernie sanders in the second quarter here. $6 million transferred from prior accounts. so $18 million from the grassroots. i want to get your context on this. there is another way to assess the sort of buzz around a
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candidate in online interactions. axios is out with figures talking about how all the candidates in the race on the democratic side, it is bernie sanders who is talked about most online. maybe that makes sense given the type of voter that is talking about him. zerlina and steve, does that show maybe sanders could have more staying power than some of these numbers show? >> i don't think anybody should sleep on bernie sanders. we learned that in 2016. and i think that money and also the fact that his fans are very dedicated and loyal fans is one of his major strengths. bernie sanders in the long term, it's the message that is the problem. it is incomplete. he is running on the same exact thing as 2016, and he came up short by 4 million votes. in order to break through and to come up closer hopefully -- not hopefully because i'm not
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endorsing any candidate. but in order to come up closer to biden or to take over the lead, he's going to have to do more what elizabeth warren is doing not just articulating what the problems are but telling americans the steps he's going to take to fix it. i think that's the main difference between the two of them >> we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks to you all. you can catch two 2020 candidates next hour, by the way. senator cory booker will talk about his new immigration plan. and john hickenlooper talking about a staff shakeup already. coming up, lawmakers are back from a border tour furious at what they saw, claiming some detained migrants are being forced to drink out of toilets. after the break, i will be joined by somebody who was there. congresswoman norma torres. tanks, troops, maybe a flyover as the president pulls out stops. everything you have ever wanted
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dozens of protests are expected today over conditions at u.s. border facilities. is planning 185 demonstrations outside the districts of lawmakers who are home for the july fourth holiday
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calling it close the camps demonstration. members of congress traveled to the border for a firsthand look at two immigration facilities in texas. some sending out pictures which they shea show in defensible conditions. watch. >> what we saw today was unconscionable. >> one of the women said she was told by an agent to drinkwater out of the toilet. these are the conditions that have been created by the trump administration. these are the in humane conditions that folks are facing. >> we also just heard from hillary clinton who sent out a tweet saying she is grateful to members of congress who visited camps to hold light to the nightmarish conditions there. gabe, this has obviously drawn the attention of congressional leaders, former candidates. talk through what you're hearing along the border and what we are hearing from members of the
7:18 am
trump administration trying to defend themselves off this facebook page, too. >> reporter: hi there, hallie. this is the border patrol station in clint, texas that has continued to get international attention the last self days for a week now. attorneys first went in and smoke with some of the migrants. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez said she had shown with migrants inside and they said they had to drinkwater from toilets. these facilities are ample supplies, they say. but as you mentioned, hallie, this comes amid the bombshell report in pro publica.
7:19 am
it had thousands on of border patrol agents in the facebook group. and it had crude jokes mocking migrants. customs and border protection said an investigation is being launched and said the posts are completely inappropriate adding that any employee found to have violated our standard of conduct will be held accountable. but, hallie, really this is shaping up to be two diametrically opposed accounts. what the border control is staying and what the attorneys and now members of congress are saying. we went inside this facility last week and we were shown the conditions there. we should point out, hallie, the key is we were not allowed to speak to any of the migrants inside. i saw one older child that was crying as she headed back to her cell but didn't see any others in clear distress. what we did learn is this
7:20 am
facility at one point had 700 unaccompanied minors in here. many more times than it was ever supposed to hold, hallie. >> gabe gutierrez live in texas. gabe, thank you. norma torres, democrat from california who, as gabe talked about, was one of more than a dozen members which toured the border facility. thank you very much for being with us. >> reporter: thank you, hallie for having me on your show. >> of course. can you describe what you saw and your reaction to it. >> it was appalling what we saw there at the cbp offices. detention centers where these children and migrants were being detained. the facilities look no different than they were eight months ago when i visited the specific place where children are being held in jail cells that are freezing in temperature with absolutely no furniture inside. sitting on the floor with nothing but a blanket to keep
7:21 am
them warm. children being held in groups of 10, 15 kids. one child specifically came to the window where we were standing right outside the door and, you know, he was tapping and calling out, papa, papa. that's just simply heartbreaking that we would allow -- this country would tolerate these facilities to continue to operate in the way they have been operating, violating basic human rights for children and people seeking asylum. >> we played a little bit of congressman castro there who said one migrant talked about drinking out of toilets. is that true? did you see that? cbp said they had ample supplies. . >> when we walked through the facility, we were not permitted to bring our cell phones inside, so we were not able to document
7:22 am
what we were seeing. however, if not for pushing our way and insisting on having border agents open up one of the cells and actually stepping inside and talking to the women that were being held, that's how my colleagues discovered this information about them being told to drink out of the toilet ball because the faucet, the cinque was not in working condition. the only running water in the cell was coming out of that toilet. we saw a supply room. a supply room that was fully stocked with basic necessities. toothbrushes, soap, and the like. but what good is it to have a supply room, a fully stocked supply room if those supplies are not getting to the people that need it? and let me ask the country, how
7:23 am
is a 2-year-old supposed to ask for soap and water? >> we should note, too, although you guys, the members of the caucus were not allowed to bring phones in, there has been some video shot from a cell phone from congressman castro's account. i want to note that for the viewers. and i want to ask about this propublica group. members of congress, one member encouraged border patrol agents to hurl a burrito at these bs. i'm not saying the word. another wrote f the hoes. there should be no photo-ops for these scum buckets, was written by a third member. is that the work of a few bad apples? >> no. this is the work of the majority of these employees that have been allowed, through these horrific trump policies, to
7:24 am
operate in a way where they have stripped all humanity not only from the children but the moms and dads that are presenting themselves and asking for their c help. that is something that i think is outrageous and the entire country should be outraged. the fact that these -- over 9,000 employees with some retirees in the group felt comfortable enough to speak about members of congress, to speak about a dead body of a young man with his 23-month-old daughter. the way in which they expressed themselves is conduct unbecoming of these officers, conduct unbecoming of any law enforcement officer, and we should remove these people from their duty. now, how they behaved -- i'm sorry. how they behaved and how they treated members of congress while we were in there, in the
7:25 am
presence of the leaders of cbp is a telling story. it was chilling to me to see how officers were taking selfies, utilizing us as a background prop. this is what they think of members of congress. imagine what they think of a 2-year-old with a soiled diaper. >> congresswoman norma torres, thank you for coming on and sharing with us. we mentioned the protests. one is in miramar, florida. bring us down to the scene. what's it like? >> reporter: hallie, this is one of several close the camps protests happening around the country. one of two happening in miami. there are 100 to 120 protesters here. this one in miramar, florida is happening in front of the i.c.e. facility to my left. you can see there is police presence as well. organized by the florida immigrant coalition,
7:26 am
organizers say they are here to send a message to congress to tell them to shut down immigrant detention across the country. one of the most emotional speeches was given here. you're here with your 5-year-old daughter roxanna. you cried before the crowd today. why did you feel compelled to speak? she said she wants her family to be reunited, hallie. her husband was deported. and he was held in this facility. you've also told me you're giving voice to some of the mothers you have seen crossing the border lately. of course, she says, i have children. and i can't imagine a child being put in a place like that.
7:27 am
there were terrible plates where light is on 24 hours a day. this is 5-year-old roxanna. thank you for speaking with us today. the second protest in miami will happen in front of senator marco rubio's office in doral, florida. that is expected to start at noon today. we will of course keep you posted on msnbc. . >> we will see you back on this network. thank you for that. up next, the main government building in hong kong now labeled a crime scene. what the leader is saying about the protesters who blank etted the city. we take you live to the ground. plus, a house divided. the white house, that is. well, the inside disagreements over north korea could mean trouble. north korea could mean trouble. if you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system
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this morning new reaction from china condemning the unprecedented protests in hong kong. those unfolded during our hour yesterday. remember we showed you some of these dramatic pictures as demonstrators stormed the parliament building and occupied the legislatiure in a direct an open challenge to beijing's authority. nbc news chief global correspond anti bill neely remains in hong kong for us. bill, what is next as this unfolds?
7:32 am
>> reporter: that is a key question, hallie. a storm of protests by china calling the protests intolerable and saying that they are a direct challenge to the authority of beijing and to the rule of law in hong kong and hong kong's chief executive. china's pan-picked woman here threatened prosecutions against those who are guilty saying there is nothing more important than the rule of law. police are taking fingerprints from the shattered glass of that executive office building and they are gathering video. they will try and match the prints with the pictures using facial recognition technology to try to punish those. as you say, the key question is, what is next? the chief executive said i have learned lessons. well with, what are the lessons? are they she was tone deaf to
7:33 am
the reasonable demands of reformers? is her lesson that she wasn't tuff 'n uff? is her lesson she didn't listen to beijing's orders enough? does it crack down very hard and there could be more protests as a result or does it somewhat lose faith by withdrawing the extradition bill and firing the chief executive. and for the protesters themselves, there's a big choice. have they done enough? have they pressed a red line or pulled back? all sorts of dilemmas for everyone involved, including president xi. what exactly does he do to this extraordinary protest, the biggest popular protest in his seven years of power? >> bill neely staying on top of it all. thank you for joining us live.
7:34 am
i appreciate that. we will stay in the region. fresh off the visit to north korea, new reports this morning of cracks inside the trump administration when it comes to dealing with kim jong-un. some officials are considering a freeze as a first step toward a more comprehensive agreement for kim to give up his entire nuclear program. john bolton insisted north koreans give up the whole thing altogether and give up their arsenal of warheads before getting any kind of rewards. betsy with "the daily beast" and lauren with politico as well. guys, former ambassador chris hill was on a few minutes ago. here's what he said about this internal debate that appears to be spilling into the open. watch. >> this is really what the north koreans want to get. they want to get this kind of international standing. >> you don't have to go to singapore, hanoi or the dmz to get a freeze in weapons
7:35 am
programs. what that would mean is we have accepted north korea as a nuclear state. >> what do we make of these divisions that have come out in public view? >> this closely mirrors the administration and the iran policy. that is is donald trump a neo conservative? is he going to side with the boltons and pompeos in his administration is and take a hard line on some of these thorny issues that that dogged multiple administrations or the more buchananite more dovish approach in these situations? with the north korea question, that would be a dramatic departure from the history of the u.s. policy towards north korea. the case for that is we haven't been particularly successful. we would argue you're over the last decade. why not try something new? the push back from the boltons or pompeos would be a nuclearized north korea or a north korea with less pressure from the united states to
7:36 am
denuclearize would dramatically shift the power balance and post imminent threat to the united states. >> the "washington post" points out, he got a propaganda video. we saw it was set to music, in slow motion, president trump stepping over the border. the he seems to soften his stance on the world stage, they write. >> that's right. there is nothing beyond talks. this is criticism of what's coming out of this meeting. it is keeping up the status quo. the freezing. his closest advisers are not there when he makes spur of the moment decisions. and not knowing exactly where he
7:37 am
is going to land on foreign policy whether it's on north korea. >> ladies, stay right where you are. you're coming back later in the show. we are talking more about robert mueller heading to washington with new details today on how democrats are hoping special counsel helps breathe new life into their investigations into the president. that and much more in a minute. the president. that and much mo iren a minute think all premium fuels are the same? new shell v-power nitro+ premium gasoline is engineered with four levels of defense against gunk, wear, corrosion and friction. that helps keep your engine running like new. so, maybe it's time to unthink what you think you think about premium fuel. shell v-power nitro+ premium gasoline... it's fuel for thought.
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for house democrats robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill just
7:41 am
about two weeks from now may be do or die. they're putting a bunch of ads in this made for tv basket according to a new bloomberg report this morning, arguing mueller is their best and maybe last shot to revive the investigation into president trump. but as bloomberg points out, tha banking on a mueller is a risky double-edged sword. it could backfire if it becomes another series of anticipate climactic episodes. both are msnbc contributors. thank you both for being here. joyce, to you, listen, the predictions so far has been that mueller is likely going to stick very close to what is already out in his written report. if that happens and if that is the case, do you believe it does have the potential to backfire for democrats? >> you know, i think what focusing on both sides of the aisle fail to appreciate is mueller doesn't have a political axe to grind here. he's not a democrat.
7:42 am
he's not a republican. he's a prosecutor. he made that abundantly clear during the conduct of his investigation. so he will go into this hearing as a prosecutor with the report he has prepared and that he believes is his testimony. and how that will play for the political parties is obviously what folks are interested in. but if mueller simply testifies to the facts that are in his report, the facts that were in many ways concealed by attorney general barr's precipitous release of his own summer, instead of the report itself, that may be a wakeup call to the entire country about what the truth is here and that truth should tran send the politics. in meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, natasha, you are reporting it's not just democrats who are eager to get in front of robert mueller and ask him questions. house republicans are, quote, lying in wait as well. trump writers say they will use this to under cut his credibility and paint him as a political pawn in democrats's efforts to undermine the president. how do they plan to do that?
7:43 am
>> yeah. they are really champing at the bit here to ask mueller about things like pete struczok, text were discovered between him and lisa page. another fbi lawyer. they want to ask also when he determined that there was no quote, unquote collusion between the president and russia. and whether or not that was before the 2018 midterms or afterwards and whether or not he held that just to have an impact perhaps on the election. now, the problem with those questions, of course, is that mueller removed pete strzok as soon as he discovered the text messages and pete strzok was a high ranking counterintelligence who had a large amount of expert decease in the area. he was a logical choice to choose. when mueller found these text messages, he removed him from the team. with regard to the conspiracy, you have to wonder how much obstruction of justice there was by people with paul manafort, roger stone that prevented mueller from reaching any
7:44 am
substantive conclusion on whether or not there was a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia well after the 2018 midterms. roger stone's devices alone were just searched and obtained by the fbi. a lot of information they gleaned after the midterms. so this is the route republicans will go down, try to attack mueller for his quote, unquote biases in efficiencies in the investigation. but mueller of course has been doing this a long time. he is a very steady figure in all of this. >> we are seeing some evidence of what you're writing about. matt gates, ally to the president, i bumped into at the white house more than once. he was talking about this overnight. >> when robert mueller leaves capitol hill, the american people will see there was no collusion and there was oceans of bias. >> does this seem, natasha, like what you think we will hear more of come july 17th and 18th? >> yeah. it seems to be their strategy here. they will go all in on this. and mueller said i chose the
7:45 am
best people to let me move at the fastest pace and indeed this was breakneck for a special counsel probe. >> joyce, final thoughts to you. >> -- a lot of this hearing will come down to how effectively democrats can counter this republican narrative that gets others hope to bring. mueller by sticking to the facts, could do a lot to counter their attacks. they will certainly try to get in shots. and the question in large part will be what did the american people see after the hearing. what does the news tell them? what do they believe? >> and you will watch it here. thank you both for being with us. up next, kellyanne conway pushing back on criticism the president is politicizing the fourth of july. izing the fourth of july >> the public is welcome to come and celebrate our great country, the greatest democracy, the constitutional amendments. i'm not going to allow you to politicize it. >> speaking of celebrating the
7:46 am
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you are taking a live look at the national mall here in washington. right now just where the monume they're setting up for the president's july fourth festivities. we're learning new details this morning about what that will include. a display of tanks, military flyovers, and remarks from the president himself. in the last few minutes, president trump tweeted that military leaders are, quote, thrilled to be doing this and showing to the american people the strongest and most advanced military anywhere in the world. one source tells me the remarks from president trump won't be political but critics still worry the president's taking the focus off patriotism and putting it on partisanship. nbc peter laexd's at the white house. betsy and lauren are back with us as well. we want to set up, peter, what this is all about and why it's a
7:51 am
controversy in the first place. >> is that to me? >> a salute to american military fight might. >> it will be like no other, trl be special and i hope a lot of people come. >> and the president's promising a spectacle in the face of crit skbrix we're going to have planes going overhoed, the best fighter jets in the world, other planes too. we'll have some tanks stationed outside. got to be careful with the tanks because the roads have a tend dancie not to want to carry heavy tanks so we have to put them in certain areas. >> besides the tanks, they will feature flyover by the navy blue angels and by pilots showing off the f-35, the os pri, a new version of marine 1, even probably air force one according to a source familiar with the planning. the stands now set near the lincoln memorial where the president will deliver his holiday speech and the fireworks show is set to last 35 minutes this year. chris tan san tori is helping with that. >> to be part of that history, july fourth, all the little
7:52 am
nuances of politics, i think it's okay to just let that go and everybody celebrate the fourth of july as americans. >> the president inspired after marvelling at the military parade in france two years ago to honor that country's independence day. >> i do want to say that i was your guest at bastille day and it was one of the greatest parades i've ever seen. >> but critics worry the president's putting a political spin on a holiday that's not typically partisan. d.c.'s city council tweeting tanks but no tanks. with washington's representative to congress frustrated for the taxpayers footing the bill. >> the people recent having any politician co-oped the nation's birthday. >> let me bring back in peter alexander. i know you got into it with kellyanne conway a couple minutes ago. >> i was trying to ask her some questions this morning, i asked her about an exchange the president had yesterday in the oval office where he was asked
7:53 am
by a white house reporter if he can give a speech that can reach all americans on the fourth of july. he yesterday said i think so. then he proceeded to say that americans want a strong military, education, and healthcare adding that the democrats healthcare plan is, in his words, going to destroy the country. i read that quote to conway. and here's part of our exchange. is that a political statement or is that a patriotic statement? >> that's a factual statement and you know it. you cannot take one little nugget out of a full presidential response where he's saying i think most americans want no crime, want a strong military, want a good education, economy, and jobs. you took all of that out just to have a negative, toss it at me like a mol totov cocktail? >> yes. the president said a lot. question's not simple, the question is loaded but i can handle it. >> again, the question to kellyanne conway or the question to the president specifically was whether he could give a
7:54 am
speech that would reach all americans. later conway this morning said theme attically the president on the fourth is going to discuss our great democracy, troops in the military and she said the success of the administration on job creation and veterans issues. by the way, there is, as you know well, going to be a section in the front on thursday for vips, including the president's family, friends, military members. the republican and national committee tells nbc news it has received and distributed tickets for preferred seating, those extra areas. we have reached out to the d in, c to see if they received an allotment of tickets of their own. so far we haven't heard back. >> that happened for the garden tour, the christmas at the white house as well. maybe we will see you on nightly news tonight. betsy and laura, there are demonstrations planned here return colluding the about tie donald trump baby balloon or blimp as it's called. they told me overnight that that permit has been approved. that is something we don't often see on the fourth of july. >> it's certainly something
7:55 am
that's going to be pretty incendiary. and i think one of the reasons that there's such a high stress level about the upcoming fourth of july administration is that the president has a really hard time sometimes resisting the urge to politicize moments that should be totally nonpolitical. >> well, to peter's point, i was told the speech that the president has said, it's not going to bea i political speech. but if you're going to talk about what you have done to improve the economy, that's political. i mean, that are crosses -- seems to cross the line there. >> and they may say that and that may be trump's intention. but as we all know and as bets did i cy was referring to, can he veer off of his teleprompter. so there's a chance it becomes more than just a holiday speech. >> let's put this into context. there's interesting new numbers that says 70% of adults in this country say they're proud to be americans. that's the lowest point since they first started asking the question in done with. that's not necessarily a phenomenon from the current administration, it's been declining for several years. but there are still plenty of people that we talk to on the
7:56 am
national mall, our team over at the today show would like to see the military celebrated. at the feel like it's not a bad thing to say let's celebrate the people who put their lives on the line for this country. watch. >> as long as it's not excessive wouldn't have a problem with it. i think it's cool to see jets and tanks. >> it's good to have them here for independence day, that's to honor them and all that they do for us. >> i think the fourth of july is all about american patriotism and whether or not you like the pros, i think it's good to support whoever's in office and celebrate america. so, yeah, i'm in. >> that is the point of view of some people who are in washington too. >> and one of the biggest reasons that the idea of bridging inbridg bridge -- bringing in a military presence wasn't because there was debate of whether we should support the troops, but roads and the president pitching this idea of having some sort of huge military parade would have had a massive amount of wear and tear on places like pennsylvania avenue of that already have plenty of major upkeep problems.
7:57 am
the president said the plan is designed to prevent that, but we'll see how it goes. >> and also just the similarities. even the pentagon officials have said that that kind of display of military might could create with countries, authoritarian nations like north korea and china. so that's been a concern from military officials themselves. >> side note, forecast in washington thursday as we were discuss opening a commercial break, not going to be good. so rain might dampen the turnout, but it's lightning that could be the real problem for some of this. i'm not sure it's clear what the backup plan, if there is one. we'll keep you post. let's get a quick check on what our sources saying. betsy, what are you working on. >> e woo looking at the senate foreign relations committee which has jurisdiction over some of the administration's foreign policy. we're hearing criticism of the way that the republican who controls that committee is handling oversight of president trump's iran policy. and in particular concerns that members of that committee aren't getting the briefings that they should be getting in the time
7:58 am
they should be getting and of the classified nature that this like to hear regarding the iran threat. there's been a huge change from when senator corker was the chairman of that committee and frequently used it to criticize the trump administration even though was a republican. now to risch who largely has been quiet about this administration's often controversial foreign policy decisions. >> laura, what are you working on? >> i've been talking to a lot of democratic strategists, operatives about the generational split within the party and how that will play into the 2020 primary. so what they've been saying is they think there could be a pathway for candidates like kamala harris, elizabeth warren, to pull from younger voters. we've seen in polls that biden does well among older african-american voters but it's the younger minority voters where candidates like harris or warren could find a pathway to overtake bide pent how those generational splits play out as we head closer to the first primary is what i'm looking at. >> what's the expectation? >> the expectation is that if harris or warren are able to
7:59 am
play well with those voters, that then they could possibly overtake biden. we've seen them very strategically try to reach minority groups more. it's part of their overall argument of the way they think that they could potentially beat trump, which is not just trying to play to the voters who swung over to trump in 2016, but by actually expanding the democratic coalition. because in 2018 actually young voters turned out more than baby boomers and older generations. >> and some new polling just out from suffolk usa today shows joe bind still on top in iowa at 24%. that's something we'll be talking more about. laura, betsy, appreciate you being with us. that does it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm headed to the whitehouse approximately ooilt i'll see you there. kr craig melvin, you are picking up the coverage. >> thank you very much. craig melvin from headquarters here in new york city. first major polling after the
8:00 am
debate is out revealing a shift in the top tier. what it means for joe biden. what it means for kamala harris. this as we are getting fundraising numbers from bernie sanders. how he's comparing to the rest field. we'll look at that also. two of the candidates making headlines today will join us this hour. former colorado governor john hickenlooper who's campaign staff is getting a major shuffle and cory booker who is planning to overhaul our nation's immigration system as well. that issue front and center as democratic lawmakers visited the my durant detention facility where horrendous conditions have been report. what they say they encountered during their visit. we'll dig into in just a moment, but we start with the upheaval in the democratic 2020 campaign. pete buttigieg expected to speak at jesse jackson's rainbow coalition program any moment in an attempt to build support among african-american voters specifically. this was the logjam of


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