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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  July 3, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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this hour of msnbc live. craig, where are you watching the game? >> go team usa. i'll be watching from the comfy confines of my basement. >> very nice. big screen. love it. >> craig medical sin here, msnbc headquarters new york city. tanks in position, preparations under way for president trump's big fourth of july event, including those military vehicles now on the national mall as new details about how it's being paid for are generating more furry. also hawkeye swing. 2020 candidates making their way to iowa for the holiday as a new poll of voters in that state reveals some new challenges for some of those contenders. two of the democratic contenders will join me live this hour. two of them. also, ticking time bomb. that is how one official in a new government watchdog report describes the horrific conditions inside migrant detention facilities. it includes shocking new images from inside. we'll get to that story in just
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a moment. but we start with those tanks and military vehicles descending on the national mall for president trump's self-produced fourth of july event tomorrow. in a break from tradition, the president has order a display of american military might in the capital that. plan, its meaning, and its cost all stirring controversy. joining me now, new hampshire's monica alba live on the national mall. ashley parker white house reporter for the "washington post." an msnbc senior political analyst. democratic congressman don baird is with me, his district includes north virginia. and "washington post" opinion rate writer jennifer reuben and mark, presidential horn and president and ceo of the lbj foundation. quite esteemed panel here. monica, i'll start with you. what are we seeing there on the mall today? >> so, craig, actually if i turn here you're going to see two bradley fighting vehicles.
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and these are just some of the military might that's going to be on display tomorrow evening. this is, of course, being transported on such a large flatbed because of how heavy they are. the abrams tanks which are other tanks parked nearby and going to be on the mall weigh as much as 60 tons. you can imagine that's something that could damage d.c. streets and some of the president's critics have expressed concern about that. but that's what the president wants on display. he wants to do the salute to america and feature all of these different military vehicles after being inspired two years ago at the bastille day celebrations in paris where he saw the parade with president emmanuel macron and said i would very much like to do this. he then thought it was going to be taking place on veterans day, but that got canceled, you may remember, and moved to the fourth of july because of how expensive it is. "the washington post" is reporting that it's going to be at least 2.5 million in entrance fees redirected to account for the event tomorrow. and of course we don't know what
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the cost is yet of the other military flyovers. the president has tweeted that a lot of that is going to be free because we ownership the equipment. but you have to think about the security and other concerns, other things that are going to kind of put that price tag up high. and we don't know how much that's going to cost. now, these tanks and military vehicles are going to be moved. we don't know exactly when, we're just steps from the lincoln memorial. but they're all going to be placed up and down the mall, but we don't know exactly how many there will be. and tomorrow a lot of the excitement is around of course the military flyovers and what's expect to be a flyover of the air force one. but that's the scene from here the day before. >> monica, thank you. ashley, your paper reporting that the national park service is diverting $2.5 million in park fees to pay for this. the story adds, quote, the diverted park fees represent just a fraction of the extra costs the government faces as a result of the event which will include displays of military
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hardware, flyovers by jets including air force one, the deployment of tanks on the mall, and an extended pyrotechnic show. is there a concern at the white house of just the sheer optics of spending so much money on this extravaganza at that point? >> well, there's certainly not a concern from the president. this is what he wants. but you can see in that tweet he sent that he is certainly aware of the criticism. that's something the white house has been very cognizant of when the post first reported, i believe, that there were going to be sort of a longer fireworks display than usual because some companies had volunteered to help with that. one thing that the white house really tried to make clear was that, you know, these were sort of not quite free fireworks show but at a reduced rate and that the president would sort of be foolish not to take these companies up on the offer. so they're aware of this criticism. and keep in mind, you mentioned this earlier, but the whole reason that his plans for a veterans' day parade were
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scuttled was because the price tag got to about 90 million. it was just way too high, there was a ton of outcry including the d.c. government, it was not feasible. the president may not care, necessarily, he's clearly proceeding full steam ahead. but that tweet shows in other conversations we've had with the white house shows that they are at least aware that there is a number -- there's a lot of criticism coming from all sides. >> ashley, what else do we know about this reporting on the republican national committee they received a number of vip tickets that they're handing out as well. are they handing out tickets to a tax-payer funded event? >> well, there's concern -- there's been a lot of fair criticism about that for sort of politicizing, you know, one of these rare things in the nation that is apolitical, a holiday that is symbolic and about fireworks and spending time with families and barbecues. they've tried to argue this is no different than sometimes tickets are handed out for say the easter egg roll or something
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else on the south lawn. but the other thing that is worth mentioning that we're hearing is there's also a lot of kind of quiet chatter in the president's or by tbit that the deeply worried about another inauguration fiasco. >> no one's going to show up. >> that the president's crowds were not as big as his predecessors, exactly, no one will show up. what happens if it rains? people in a deeply blue district who are not fans of the president are fleeing town. part of that it seems is designed to kind of ensure that at least for the camera shot that it looks like it is packed and there's not these sort of splotches of green grass where the president wants a huge crowd behind him celebrating him. >> mark, give us some perspective here. how unusual is it to have a military display and for a president to speak from the mall in the way that he is reportedly going to on independence day? unprecedented or not? >> well, like almost everything
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this president does, this is unpressent dente unprecedented. this is the kind of military display we were used to seeing from the soviet union on may day. this is not what we do as a nation. we have fireworks and parades, but we don't show our military hardware to the nation and to the world. i think this is a president who very much wants to be seen as a strong man, not only to his own citizens, but to citizens of the world. so it's not surprising that donald trump would want to do a display like this. >> congressman beyer, you represent virginia's eighth district, home the pentagon, you're just across the river from washington, d.c. what's your objection to what the president has planned for the fourth? >> melvin, i have three big. first that he's taking something that's always been bipartisan, i grew up in the city and my dad would load the six kids of us, take us down to the mall with the blanket and the picnic basket and now it's turned into
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this major partisan thing. i'm still encouraging our folks do because i don't want it to be divisive. i object to the militarization. when i think of troops walking down the middle, i'm thinking red square north korea, egypt, not the united states where we're going to spend 3-quarters of a trillion dollars on our military. everyone knows we're the most powerful military in the world. >> you also, as i understand it, you are calling for the president to personally reimburse taxpayers for any trauk dama infrastructure damage caused by military hardware brought in for the celebration. i think you and i both know the president's not going to do that, but what is your goal with that demand? >> well, he's famous for not paying his bills. i think he still owes the district $53 million unreimburse from the inauguration. it's just to make the point that when you take these very
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weighty, 60-ton abrams tanks and put them next to the lincoln memorial, who knows what it's doing to d.c. roads. there's some concern from the park service that the basements under the memorial may not be able to hold this up. it's just at a time when the park service has an 11 or $12 billion infrastructure backlog to be redirecting funds for his vanity show, just doesn't make any sense. >> congressman beyer, i appreciate your time, sir. thank you. to be clear, you're going to go? you're going to be there? >> i'm going to go on the eastern shore with my family so, no, i will not be there. >> you'll be watching on television. >> not out of protest. previously planned. >> but you're encouraging your constituents to go. >> yeah. only because, you know, he's the most divisive president we've had. but one of our great challenges is we live in a divided country and we need to do our best to heal. and they don't have to listen to his speech but they should enjoy the fireworks. >> why encourage them to go if you're not going to go? >> well, you know, if i were in town i probably would but my
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wife and kids are already on the eastern shore. >> got it. congressman, thank you for your time. jennifer, i want to call your attention to this survey. there's a survey of american pride. it's from gallop. and according to the survey, 45% of folks who are polled are proud to be an american. that's the second straight year of the sub50 ratings that. percentage has been weakening in recent years. to what do you attribute the drop. >> first of all i want be going to the mall and it won't be in protest. good for the congressman, he's a better person than i. i think people are deeply disturbed with what this president has been doing to our democratic institutions. to the rule of law, to the celebration of powers, his disrespect for the first amendment calling the press the enemy of the people. for better or worse, the president of the united states embodies the country to some degree. he is both the head of state and the head of government. and when people look at donald
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trump as their representative on the world stage, they are not proud of him. they find him tacky, they find him crude, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, you can go down the list. and i think that deeply worries people. i think you see this in the democratic presidential race where these people are essentially running on a platform to restore american values of decency, inclusiveness, agagenerosity, community. because we haven't gotten that from this president. he's notoriously awful on these moments when you look to the president to heal, to bring us together, he's the antiuniter. and this is just one more display. it's also really a contempt for government. this is the mother of all hatch act violations. this is using the taxpayers' money, the taxpayers' property really for his own vanity. and whether it's a legal violation or not, it is so
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unseemly. and i would just add one final thing. seeing tanks on the mall has the appearance that washington is an occupied city. we put tanks on the street when there's a civil uprising, when there's a calamity of some type. there is not. and donald trump doesn't get that this is not a symbol of pride or of america, but this that is a deeply disturbing sign that he is politicizing the military and mill tar militaryi country. >> are we at a point where we can't separate our patriotism from the president? >> i think those plunging numbers around american pride are totally reflective of the fact that we're in a polarized nation. we have a president who is leading through division and discord. you're seeing that number increase slightly among republicans and plunge among
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democrats. we're a very divided society. but i worry too what ronald reagan warned about in his farewell address. he talked about the eradication of the american memory and eat recognition of the american spirit. by which he meant we are not -- we are not studying civics and history in our schools anymore. we're looking only at the moment right now in american history. and what donald trump means to america, not the larger american story. i think if americans, more americans were to understood more about civics and american history, they would have pride in our nation knowing that sometimes we go through good times and sometimes we go through bad times, but we are a strong and resilient nation ultimately. >> on this eve of the fourth of july, that seems an appropriate spot to end it. thank you so much for that, mark. thank you, ashley, thank you jennifer, and thank you monica. do appreciate your reporting. dangerous conditions. children laying on top of each
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other. cells packed at five times their capacity. new images being released as part of a government watchdog report on conditions inside those migrant detention facilities. it's triggering more outrage across the country and on the campaign trail. i'll talk about it with one of the democratic presidential contenders washington governor jay inslee will join me on the other side of this break. later in this hour, another contend are, ohio congressman tim ryan will also join me. he's got a warning for his party on the issue of immigration and what it could mean for the presidential race. it could meae presidential race.
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a disturbing new report from the office of the inspector general highlights the conditions migrants are facing at the southern border. it includes images of people at a rio grande valley detention center crammed into holding cells, sleeping on concrete floors. one senior manager at that facility calls the situation a, quote, ticking time bomb. officials found adults and children living with limited access to showers. and according to that report, quote, at one facility some single adults were held in standing room only conditions for a week and at another some single adults were held for more than a month in overcrowded cells. joining me now live from seattle, washington, governor and political -- excuse me,
8:19 am
democratic presidential candidate jay inslee. governor, thank you flor yoor y time. as president, what would you do about these detention facilities? how would they change? >> we would shop the gross inhumanity. you need to understand the depth and depravity of donald trump. these conditions are an intentional action by him. he has made it very clear that he wants to make people afraid and he likes these inhumane conditions because it is part of his intention to fan the flame of discord around him aggregation. and instead immigration. and instead of trying to address the root causes of this immigration problem to keep people where they live and not force them to come north, he has decided to utilize inhumane conditions as a tool of his gross cruelty. we need to understand how deep this depravity is. so we need to have both
8:20 am
additional capacity for people, but we need to go back what we've done for 50 years as a judge ordered yesterday in seattle, to allow people to be released on bond in the appropriate circumstances whereas much as 80 or 90% of people do return for their immigration hearings. we've done that for 50 years in america. he has departed from american tradition. we need to go back to that. >> on last night, fellow democratic candidate former housing secretary julian castro appeared on rachel maddow and he laid out his immigration plan. listen have some i'm going to offer a completely different vision on what we should do on immigration to make sure that we have an immigration system that's fixed, that works with border security, but that never treats people like this again. i believe one centerpiece of that is repealing section 1325 of the immigration national alt act so that not only this president, but future presidents can't ever use that law to
8:21 am
incarcerate parents and separate them from their little children. >> do you agree with his stance that crossing the border illegally should be criminalized? >> we should not use criminal statutes to separate children from their parents, period. and if that's being used for that purpose, it should not be used for that purpose. and is not required. look, we have lots of civil systems to be able to prevent illegal entry into the united states. and to use donald trump's separation of children from parents, which he has done intentionally, should not be allowed through criminal statutes in the united states. and i want to repeat, look, for 50 years we've had a system of being able to allow people to have a hearing on asylum without separating children from their parents. we need to restore that basic american value. >> i want to highlight something from the new "washington post," abc news poll that was taken since last weeks nbc debate.
8:22 am
29% of democratic voters say healthcare is one of the most important issues they're going to be voting on. top of the list, in fact. you have relied heavily on climate change. you've drilled down on climate change. what do you offer voters who are looking for someone to tackle our nation's healthcare issues? >> well, we have done so much in our state successfully, not just in climate -- addressing the climate crisis. we've adopted the very first public health option in the united states. we're proud of that. i'm the first governor to actually work with our community to pass those bills. but we've done so much on our other issues to help families health. health is not just the healthcare system, you've got to have a family wage. that's why i'm proud to say we've adopted while i'm governor the highest minimum wage in the united states. you have to bea toibl ta able te of your family when they're sick. that's why we have the most robust medical family leave in the united states. you have to have a decent wage
8:23 am
in general, that's why i'm proud of we've won the highest educator compensation increase for our teachers and educators in the united states. we have wraparound services of being able to build a mid-middle class. that's how you really have health. but i do want to come back to this issue. look, this is a health issue of this climate crisis. it's increasing lyme disease, it's respiratory distress, it's an epidemic of as asthma. the climate crisis is a health issue and i'm offering a unique emphasis ton. i am the candidate and so far the only candidate who said this will be the number one priority of the united states. it's a health issue, it's an economic issue all rolled in one. >> it's your central message. you bet. >> the latest msnbc poll shows your movement over the last four
8:24 am
months, it shows in march, april, and june you were registering at about 1%. in the most recent percent you're not at an as sper risk. asterisk? is it that message or is it about the mess sen jer. >> where we're clinton and carter were when they started. we're still introducing ourselves to the american people. less than a third of the people could pick me out of a lineup in the is a start. we've had some confidence since the last debate. we had a surge of support. we had the largest number of donors in 24 hours since i started. we had the largest number of new donors. and we encourage folks to go to if they want to see the climate crisis to remain a central focus of the debate. >> you're talking numbers here, you've got some fundraising numbers for us? >> yeah. they're going up. i don't have a total number for you. i haven't totaled them for the quarter. but we did have the best day, the best two days that we've had
8:25 am
during the campaign after the last debate. and i think it is because people want to see the climate crisis front and center. >> yesterday senator sanders put out his numbers, he was around 24 million. pete put out his numbers around 24 million. are you at 24 million. >> no. by the way, i was honored the other day, someone evaluated our respective climate plans and ours was held to be number one, i'm proud of that. i think that's what's necessary is for our nation to address something that's burning down our towns and planned toing our fields. >> all right. >> and if people want to see that, they can go to >> governor inslee, thank you. >> you bet. top tier shuffle. how the latest post nbc news debate poll shaking up some of the top contenders as joe biden remains at the top spot. we'll go live to iowa where a number of candidates are hitting the ground for the holiday. we'll catch up with our road
8:26 am
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right now a lot of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates are swarming iowa
8:30 am
preparing for a long holiday weekend. there's a look at them there. new poll from the "washington post" and abc news sheds some light on how they are stacking up at this early point in the race. and the latest poll since the nbc news debate, joe biden's lead over his closest competitor shrank to just six point. bernie sanders holding on to the second spot in the poll. elizabeth warren holding steady at 11%. biggest jump, senator kamala harris also at 11%. but this poll is unique because it also asks -- it asks voters for a second choice. when you look at whether one of these candidates is someone's first or second choice, joe biden has the support of half the primary voters and that's with more than 20 people in this race. sanders hits 40%, elizabeth warren as you can see there, 25%. kamala harris right there as well, 24%. we have two road warriors covering two of the biggest movers in all of these polls right now. mike is covering the biden campaign, is he in cedar rapids,
8:31 am
iowa. vaughn hillyard covering the harris campaign in des moines, iowa. mike, i'll start with you if the this is biden's first campaign rally since those debates. what's the plan? >> well, craig, there's no doubt that a lot has changed for the biden campaign ahead of what is his third trip to iowa since announcing his candidacy in april. he was behind me here in cedar rapids on that first trip in april saying at the time that no one was going to work harder than him to win the such iowa voters. that second trip to iowa, you'll remember he was here at the same time as president president trump. gave biden and opportunity to frame that general election matchup, of course electability being one of the strongest arguments that he has so far. but as i said, there's no doubt when you talk to biden advisers they feel the game has changed. game on as one adviser said. you look at some of these polls that show him slipping after that shaky debate performance. senior biden campaign adviser tells me we're no more worried about these latest polls that show a little bit of a dip than
8:32 am
they were overconfident based on the initial polls that showed him with a strong lead. but we are seeing him recognize that he can't just stay above the fray in terms of the run the in the democratic primary. what will be interesting, we're going to see him campaigning on the fourth of july tomorrow in independence, iowa, at the same time as beto o'rourke. another one of his contenders. also, craig, tomorrow night joe biden will also be attending an iowa/cubs game with beto aroark. which means i get paid to attend a baseball game. >> good point. mr. hilliaryard, how are they gg to capitalize on this? >> she'll be just next door in west des moines this afternoon and then she'll be going from iowa to to new orleans and in south carolina next week. essentially she's not going to let up off the gas. she's going to go forward.
8:33 am
and this is part of the campaign's effort to continue to show the contrast of what kamala harris can bring to the campaign trail. she plans to go full on. they now have 65 staffers here on the ground in iowa. and as mike just mentioned, the debate was a wakeup call for the biden campaign, that he couldn't stay above the fray. because what last week showed is this is going to be a democratic primary in which candidates will show contrast between them. kamala harris not only on issues of race and busing, but also on the obama administration's deportation policies. i want to play for you a little bit of sound. this was actually from just over a week ago when kamala harris was over in south carolina. i think it's very pertinent to what we should expect to hear from the california senator today and in the weeks ahead. >> we need somebody who as president of the united states understands the need to rebuild the party. who understands the need to give the resources and the support to the people who are on the ground every day doing the hard work.
8:34 am
we can't just helicopter in here. we have to support the people who are on the ground who know the community. >> kamala harris in that debate made herself vulnerable to folks, to voters who say they are anxious about democrats attack one another. but what she did at the same time and what the polls are indicating, she separated herself as a willingness to paint contrast between her and others. and as you just heard from her there in south carolina, what we should expect to hear from her here in iowa is that she is maintaining she is the candidate that's looking forward and will outwork the rest of the field. craig. >> all right. vaughn hillyard there in des moines. thank you. and mike, thank you as well, sir. will they or won't they? a new tweet from president trump just moments ago appears to contradict his own administration on a citizenship question on the census. we're going to dig into that. it's a developing story. also the newest round of post nbc news debate polls suggest that that some
8:35 am
candidates might be in more trouble when it comes to reaching the debate stage. one of those contenders hitting the ground in iowa this week. congressman tim ryan will join us ahead. s week congressman tim ryan will join us ahead ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ♪ i never wanna hear you say... ♪ no, kevin... no, kevin! believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. geico could save you fifteen percent alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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8:39 am
question. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell is here to try to clear this up. hey, kelly, justice department says no, president says yes. what do we know about what's happening. >> reporter: well, it's a little more complicated and what this really gets down to is the president does not like this decision. and this, of course, is the president who argues forcefully that asking those who reply to the 2020 census if they are american citizens is an important piece of data along with all the other things that a census collects. what we learned late tuesday, yesterday, was that the department of justice and the department of commerce were going forward with printing of the 2020 questionnaire without the citizenship question. now is there some gray area here? you can keep a legal challenge going which the president is arguing for here. and at the same time take the pragmatic step of printing the up in census and doing it lawfully without that citizenship question now because of the enormity of the task of
8:40 am
doing the 2020 census. so what we need some clarification on is, is the president directly defying this plan to print or is he arguing fortini for continuing the legal case? which at the pushed it back to the lower court saying the reasons gifg given bisect wilbur ross were not sufficient to adding this question and it was an opportunity opportunity for the administration to keep litigating. but they're running up against a time deadline, because the constitution, not just any ordinary law, but the constitution requires that a census be taken every ten years. so we're up against that deadline. is it pragmatism meets politics? is it a president that's been active ton twitter today pushing back? this decision by the justice department and congress that we learned late yesterday followed within 24 hours of the president arguing pretty forcefully that he wanted to keep fighting this. so the president has sort of been pushed back on his heels with this.
8:41 am
he's calling it fake news. we have officials in both departments who told us the plan is to go forward with the printing. so is he advocating for the court case to go on? is this just sort of a political message from the president? to our understanding, the census question -- the citizenship question is not in the up in printing that will be ordered fairly shortly. craig. >> kelly o'donnell from the white house. thank you. i'm joined now by senior correspondent for npr boston and msnbc contributor kimberly atkins. also with me, assistant professor of public policy at harvard university. leah, thank you ladies goth b, r being with me. apparently the printer is instructed to start the process. what's going on here, leah? >> there are a lot of different issues that are going on here. first, we see again, that the president is completely at odds with other factions or other
8:42 am
agencies or divisions, departments within his own administration. so it raises the question, you know, who's in charge here? who's running the show? the other thing too that i think is important to keep in mind is that the president is essentially saying, and this may be saber rad willinrattling and showing a hard political message that he means business,tor may be serious. but he's specially saying i'm going to go against this and go against the court's ruling and my own just department and i'm going to ensure that that question finds its way on there. so he's promising to really uphold the, you know, this question about citizenship and change the census. now, can he do that? it's not exactly clear. how would he do that. but he's essentially promising do that. and that is cause for concern. >> you know what? kimberly, i think for folks who are watching and who are listening on sirius satellite radio who perhaps haven't been following this story as closely, maybe we should remind them why is it that this president finds the citizenship question itself,
8:43 am
why does he want this to be a part of this census so very badly? >> well, it's a couple of political reasons for this, craig. one is that when the citizenship question is on the census, there is research that would say that it would actually work to suppress participation in the census and get an undercount particularly not just of people who are immigrants, but even citizens who are related to immigrants have folks who are of mixed immigration status within their household. there will be a fear that participanti participating in the census could get them in trouble. we have seen throughout documentation and the litigation over the census there are some folks who know that that would hurt democrats in an election. i mean, the census decides a lot of things from congressional districts to federal funding, but it will have an impact on the election could a depressed
8:44 am
turnout and depress the strength of the democratic districts. so there's a political incentive here. i've talked to state officials who have said even with the census question not on the census, there has been so much discussion, so many divisiveness over this issue that they are still fearing that there will be an undercount. and that will be problematic for the states who depend on the census for their federal funding. >> also in the news today, of course, these troubling images that we are getting thanks to that watchdog group of the migrant detention centers from inside these migrant detention centers. i asked presidential hopeful jay inslee just a few moments ago about his plan for immigration. and we also talked about president trump's strategy on immigration. leah, kimberly, this is what he said. >> he has made it very clear that he wants to make people afraid and he likes these inhumane conditions because it is part of his intention to fan
8:45 am
the flame of discord around immigration. and instead of uniting us to find a comprehensive solution, instead of trying to address the root causes of this immigration problem, to keep people where they live and not force them to come north, he has decided to utilize inhumane conditions as a tool of his gross cruelty. >> leah, is what we're seeing, is it the president's strategy or is it the result of a failed strategy? >> so, you know, the answer is yes to both. i think one of the things that has emerged or the past couple years is that the trump administration has been very, very direct in some ways, in some ways not to direct, but has been pretty direct about saying that their separation poll vis are their policies around the board, he the
8:46 am
border, these detention center policies have been made to dissuade people from come together border. and it's not been successful. and we've seen an explosion in the treatment, these centers, and then kind of poor conditions. we've seen the administration arguing in favor of poor conditions. now, the bigger thing i think, and this is going to be a question for most democratic candidates moving into -- into primary debates and into the general election is well, what are you going to do about it? what are we going to do to fix it? what is the policy on immigration, asylum seekers, and refugee centers, and then the conditions these people are facing. because right now it's unsustainable. as a political strategy perhaps it's working for president trump's supporters, but for the rest of the country it absolutely is not working. >> kimberly, let's talk politics for just a second here. and then mayor pete specifically. we were just talking about his fundraising numbers during our last segment. bernie sanders as well put up about 24 million. actually bernie sanders transferred about 6 million, he
8:47 am
raised roughly 18. but mayor pete raised close to $25 million. that's pretty impressive for a second quarter. but -- >> yeah. >> you look at his polling and the two don't seem to make sense. why -- why is he not polling better if he is raising so much money? >> well, a few reasons. i've been talking to people who are raising money for mayor pete as he travels to places, including massachusetts this upcoming weekend. and they say that on the ground he is resonating with folks. they're doing a combination of these big-dollar fundraisers that folks like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have chosen not to do. but also doing the smaller-dollar donations in order to energize younger people, really allow people to get to know him. and it has been literally paying off. now one thing that raising this money will do will allow him to stay in the race longer than some of the other candidates and give him more of an opportunity to build his profile, get out
8:48 am
with ads, and raise his profile. i think a lot of people just don't know who he is or what he's about yet. and that could happen. but, on the other hand, he's had a particularly difficult time resonating with voters of color. we know that for democrats that say crucial, crucial block. he had the issue with the police shooting. >> yeah. >> in south bend. and so that is a big -- that's a big obstacle that he's going to have to overcome. but at least for now he has the funds to stay in it. >> kimberly atkins, leah, enjoy the holiday, ladies. thank you or your time. >> thank you. ese he's been extremely vocal about winning back those voters that swung to trump. congressman tim ryan sounding off on the effect the immigration debate could have on the race. congressman ryan joins me after the break. e race congressman ryan joins me after the break.
8:49 am
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so, maybe it's time to unthink what you think you think about premium fuel. shell v-power nitro+ premium gasoline... it's fuel for thought. making the overcrowded and dangerous conditions revealed in these migrant detention facilities a national focal point. i'm joined now by ohio democratic congressman and presidential candidate tim ryan. congressman, we have all seen these pictures now and we've heard some of the heartbreaking stories of the migrants from the detention facilities.
8:53 am
a number of the other candidates have visited and released some detailed plans on how to deal with them. i don't believe you've done either just yet. what would you do? what would you do with these detention facilities, specifically facilities that are privately operated? go ahead. >> yeah, we should not be locking these people up in the way we're doing it. craig, it's atrocious. i think it goes against our values. i think we need to make sure -- i wish the president would ask doctors and nurses to go immediately to the border and start helping administer some care to these people. jamming them in these facilities, i mean this is stunning to think that this is the united states of america. and it's contributing to the level of anxiety that we have across our society today, craig. i mean, everyone is telling us things are going really good, but yet everybody feels really bad. and this anxiety, just watching these things happen, let alone if you're in any way connected
8:54 am
to these people that are down there is just heartbreaking. and we're the united states. we should be able to go down there and fix this and it shouldn't take that long. >> what would you do on day one, if elected, about this specifically? >> well, make sure everybody coming in through these facilities is taken care of. but the key is going to be to go to central america and actually stabilize those countries where people are migrating from. the president is the distracter in chief. he can't focus for more than five seconds. the issue is in central america. i've been saying this now for months. we need to go to central america, stabilize those countries. kick the gangs out. we don't even have an ambassador in honduras right now. the president is cutting the state department funding that would help us repair what is happening down there. that's the heart of the problem. that's where people are coming from. and if we want to end the crisis at the border, we need to go deal with the heart of the matter. >> the candidates over the
8:55 am
holiday weekend here, you are in iowa. you're in iowa right now. would loo. there's a new poll of iowa voters from after nbc's debate last week. the the poll is just out. three of those who participated in the debates, new york mayor bill de blasio, ohio representative tim ryan and california representative eric swalwell failed to attract a singer supporter. that's of 500 people in iowa who were surveyed, congressman. do you have what it takes to stay in this race? >> no doubt about it. i mean, literally our phone has been ringing off the hook since the debate. we've got a lot of people that we're leaning to vice president biden who are calling us and they want to meet. we've had some of the best fundraising days we've had since the debate. so i think we connected. clearly the national conversation was around something different and i think these polls at this point are
8:56 am
absolutely meaningless. you can go back and look at winners from the last 40 years and at some point they were where i am now. and i think we've got the message. we're connecting with people around the stress and anxiety and fear that's facing them. whether it's the economic anxiety, whether it's around health care, whether it's around what we're watching happen at the border, whether it's what's happening in our environment and our soil and the things that are happening environmentally. we're connecting with people, craig, and people are -- you know, i'm asking people to come to tim ryan for, be a part of this campaign. we just released the most comprehensive education agenda to help with trauma-based care for our kids and social and emotional learning in our schools and wrap-around therapy. so we are taking care of the big issues in my campaign and that's why people are getting on board. >> you just mentioned fundraising. how much have you raised in the second quarter? >> well, we don't have -- i don't have the numbers right now, but i will tell you that
8:57 am
our best days were right after the debate. and i was really excited about that and we've done really well into july. so we're moving in the right direction. >> $24 million? >> we're moving in the right direction. i'm really pleased with it. >> mayor pete has about $25 million. bernie sanders put out his numbers yesterday at $24 million. are we in that neighborhood? >> we are not in that neighborhood. i mean, here's the deal, craig. i'm from northeast ohio. i'm not from a big city. i'm not from a big state. i don't have an ivy league education or network that i can tap into. so we're, you know, doing it the way it has to be done and that's grass roots, building this bring brick by brick. we're moving in the right direction. we just started a whole teachers for tim initiative around teachers who are coming on board. we're building this thing out. it's important to remember it's
8:58 am
july. bill clinton didn't get in this race until october. so we are way ahead of the game here compared to past years. >> congressman, thank you. and enjoy the 4th. thank you very much. ahead in the next hour, my colleague andrea mitchell is going to have more on the controversy surrounding the president's planned 4th of july event. (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. whenso if you find, you get troom at a lower rate,tee. of philly, hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. what would travel sites do if you found a different price? that's not my problem, it's your problem. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee.
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. my anchor producer, it's her last day. she's moving to the weekends. she's the best i've had. we're going to miss you, tori. "andrea mitchell reports" starts right now. >> thank you, craig melvin. fireworks, the tanks roll into washington ahead of the president's 4th of july spectacular as the price tag soars for past celebrations, and the military tells residents not to be alarmed. for the president, this is really a show of not just military might, but optics. we're going to of course have fireworks. there's a lot of other flashy events. but the real question is, a, how much will this co


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