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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 3, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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about how children are being treated and u.s. custody would be considered as abuse if it happens at home. plus, president trump says he's cutting prescription drug prices. thousands are skyrocketing. we'll dig into the numbers for you. military tanks have arrived on the national mall for the president trump's 4th of july celebration. we'll look at the costs and concerns from the pentagon. today president trump is insi insisting his fight for addi adding -- the news reports about department of commerce dropping its quest to citizenship question on the census is incorrect. wilbur ross who says 24 hours ago this. "the census burr rhee has started the process of printing the questionnaires without the
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question. my focus and that of the bureau and the entire department is to conduct a complete and accurate census. following the supreme court's decision to block the questions from 2020 census. kelly o'donell is joining me. this one is a tricky one. the commerce department actually has to print the census and the census actually has to go out. this one seems to be easy to identify what the story actually is. why are the president and the congress department is not on the same page about this. you can argue there are two different tracks. there is the practical piece having to print the census and in this case no questions about citizenship for those who participate. 2020 is knocking on our door. wilbur ross and secretary's own name. you read the statement.
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this is clearly coming from the department of commerce. so where is the second level, you could continue the legal challenge and make it an issue and could be resolved at a later date or arguably you could say reprint the portions of the census or the next census. it appears to be political messaging that the president is taking a strong position on t s this. just monday he was asked about this question in the oval office would we delay the census. he said he was strongly looking at that. the president wanting to stick with that position believing in explains in the oval that this is as question that he believes it is appropriate and the country's rights to know who among those participating is a citizen who's not. he did not leave open the
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possibility for non citizens who have permanent legal status in the united states or those under protected status like asylum seeker. he just had either/or. the president is still saying he wants to fight this fight. there is a way for both to be true but we have not yet heard from the white house is that the president have a difference on the actual printing part of it. it would appear that ship is about to sail from one of his closest advisers, wilbur ross, that it is going to happen. >> kelly o'donell for us at the white house. >> president trump is celebrating the acquittal of a navy seal accuse d of murdering
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an isis fighter. president trump says congratulations to navy seal eddie gallagher. you have been through much together. glad that i can help. he posed for a picture with the corpse. he was found not guilty on six criminal charges, he was found guilty posing with the photo's casualties. he was the one who killed the boy by blocking his breathing tube in an act of mercy. joining me now from san diego, steve patter tospatterson. what help is the president talking about in that tweet? >> reporter: the president is referring to an act that occurred in the past. there was about a nine-month period after gallagher was arrested for these war crimes in
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2017 duty in mosul, iraq, where he was taken to a military brig, arrested in the fall and i believe residence taken and confined there for a period of nearly a year, about nine months. the president takes credit for moving him out of the brig and back home saying that the brig is only for people that were a flight risk or have significant risk of harming someone or themselves or obviously leaving the country. his argument was that gallagher was at risk of doing none of that. he referenced this as he does with most everything in a tweet saying "in honor of his past service to our country, eddie gallagher will soon be moved to a less restrictive refinement. the process will move quickly." we spoke to members of
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gallagher's defense team on the way into court this morning. they were praising and thanking president trump for doing this. thanks to the president that he allowed all this press to usher in because of his exposure to the case. so they're very happy with the attention that the president has given this case and obviously for whatever he did to move gallagher from confinement to home so they can prepare for the trial that we just experienced. >> steve patterson for us in los angeles. >> reporter: the ra the race to the white house, several candidates are campaigning in iowa. biden announced just raised $21.5 million in the second quarter alone.
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this is kamala harris, a new poll shows harris is up 13 points in the last three weeks and front runner biden is down 8 points. harris is resistants at 20% and biden at 22%. senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders followed. when voters were asked who has the best chance of winning against president trump, biden maintains a strong 42% and harris at 14%. the biggest jump against belong to senator harris. senator bernie sanders holds onto second place. joining me now from iowa, our road warriors, mike, you are following joe biden, let's talk about the second quarter for him in terms of fund raising compares to other candidates we know so far. >> reporter: the downside of being the front runner in that debate, joe biden put on defensive by some of his opponents. as he arrived today since the
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debate a little bit of a show of force for the biden campaign announce announcing the second quarter number. it is not as much as pete buttigieg raising more than $25 million. bernie sanders with a big number of $18 million. that's more on a curve day bases the biden campaign points out. i will read a few of these statistics highlighted binomial dy biden. 97% of all donations are from grass root donors, amounts of less than $200 or less. they have more than 256,000 donors. obviously, ali, as biden, having to deal with that tense debate exchange with kamala harris. the fact that he's not going anywhere. a reminder from the biden
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campaign as well. his dollar is going longer because he got universal name id. he does not need to spend that name on tv ads establishing to his voters. he can invest it all in his grass roots. vaughan hilliard, you are covering kamala harris' event in iowa today. biden continues to lead with 24% and harris at second place at 16%. what's her plan to close the gap and keep the momentum. it is an important question. kamala harris tends to have moments and she got the fill up the space in between those moments to keep that momentum going. >> yeah, you are filling the space by campaigning. she's here in des moines. she will be appearing here at this park behind us here in just about an hour before she heads over the western part of the state. she will head the tv market in omaha over there.
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on friday, she's hit iowa, television market. the kamala harris campaign plans to hit the ground running and not let up. they have not release their totals. she jump ed in before anybody else and raising $12 million in that first quarter. compares to mayor pete buttigieg and joe biden who jumped into this race later on. this is about painting contrasts at this point. kamala harris shows she was willing to draw krocontrasts between herself and other candidates take on joe biden on the issue of race and bussing and on the obama administration deportation at the debate and the question is going forward, to what extent will she continue to press the case since they prosecuted the case against her. that starts here on the campaign trail. she's got two events today before heading on across iowa.
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she will be in new orleans and on saturday, before going to south carolina on sunday and monday. >> ali. >> swhat is the campaign doing o boost momentum and what's going on in iowa for sanders? >> reporter: we have senator sanders about to open up the field office here in iowa city. it is an example how the campaign wants to focus on what they call ground game. as we point out these polls, he's pointing out several more showing sanders closing the gap with biden. that's why you have senator sanders on this trip going and participating in these retail events. he's doing ice cream socials and
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marching in fi4th of july parad and trying to have interactions with voters. right now they have about 43 staffers. the campaign notes that's lower than some of the other campaigns out there. they highlight their 25,000 volunteers who staffers are going to be able to mobilize and folks are going to knock on doors and make calls. that's why events like this are happening. these are recruiting events and hoping to pull in volunteers and people to support him come that caucus. >> thanks the three of you, our road warriors on the campaign trail. we are learning more of the trump administration immigration policies which many critics say crosses lines of ethics and human rights and basic decencde. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. drive safely.. .
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this week we are getting a better understanding inside detention centers. the department of homeland security's office of the inspector general touted border facilities and released blunt findings. about 3,400 detainees were held
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longer than 72 hours. that's the guidelines for maximum holding time. 1500 of them were held for more than ten days and 826 children held longer than 72 hours limits. that represents of 31% of the children who were held of custom and border patrol. reasonable efforts to allow detainees to shower within 72 hours to be made, some dulls were unable to shower up to a month. detainees were given wet wipes for personal hygiene and many got sandwiches. children receiving hot meals were not being met. detainees were held in over crowded cells for up to a month. one manager describes the situation as "ticking time bomb." >> many visited the facility including alexander
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ocasio-cortez took to twitter to report on the conditions. they reported migrants working odd hours for no reason. and a temporary restraining order quoted several children's interview saying we are in a metal cave, i am so hungry and lights are on all the time and i have never been offered to shower. gabe gutierrez talked to a pediatrician who treated some of the children. here is what she had to say. >> children should not be in a place where they don't have access to human basic needs or if they are sick to medical p d provider. it is detrimental to their health in the future. >> joining me is jacob soboroff.
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>> yes, that's right, he's calling on the office of professional responsibility within dhs to investigate, what they normally investigate which is misconduct and a lack of standards inside the apartment being held. what was extraordinary shocking and dehumanizing language that was being used by the folks that were inside the group and a group of large amount of people, i think 9500 people but ultimate come down to the ax and the language used by the specific agents if indeed they were acting current border patrol agents as the time they use those messages. >> a legal battle over asylum seekers, can you tell us more about that and what it means for
10:20 am
people at the border and these detention facilities? >> attorney general barr wanted to hold asylum seeker is in custody without any ability to bail themselves out. frankly hold them in detention for dependency for their asylum hearing. another attempt to deter migration in the country, if you come here, try to deter asylum, we'll lock you up. we are talking about asylums, not criminals. the judge sided against attorney barr here in that case. administration will not be able to lock people up only because they want to seek asylum. >> the washington post reported of a child who died after spending time in custody. what do we know from this from the autopsy? > >> ultimately this child died,
10:21 am
several diseases and parasites and what the lawyer is alleging now that the autopsy is out, this child should have gotten treatment before he and his mother were sent to a hospital once they were detained by customs and border protection. cpd were tauting for some time. since the trump administration began, six children have died in custody. this is more details of one of those cases specifically and it raises a lot of red flags about why these children are not getting treatments sooner. we see all of these over crowding conditions and all conditions of children like this are being held in. why are they not getting help sooner? >> "the daily beast" is reporting i.c.e. told "happy
10:22 am
hunting." tell me about that. >> "happy hunting" supposed to happen back in 2017. this is not an isolated use of dehumanizing phrase of happy hunting. our colleague has also reported that the phrase happy hunting was used by border patrol agents, we'll be doing random spot checks on greyhound buses and other modes of transportations. searches on public transportation. the idea that we'll see in facebook reports now of dehumanizing language towards members of congress and immigrants and u.s. government, i.c.e. agents are saying happy hunting when it comes to tracking down. and bardorder patrol agents sai the exact same thing and the northeast of the united states, far from the border certainly
10:23 am
suggests that there is a culture of using this type of language within cpd and we have not seen a response. >> jacob soboroff, thank you for your reporting in los angeles. president trump is politicizing the national 4th of july celebration. we'll look at his plans and the cost for the festivities. you are watching "velshi & ruhle," live on msnbc. watching & ruhle," live on msnbc. (kickstart my heart by motley crue)) (truck honks) (wheels screeching) (clapping) (sound of can hitting bag and bowl) (clapping) always there in crunch time.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." president trump is preparing his "salute to america" event. it is a very different kind of celebration than america is used to. tanks and others will be used. the president's event will take place at the lincoln memorial. he'll give remarks describe as
10:28 am
uplifting and patriotic but not political. joining me now, our correspondent kourtney cuby. let's talk about the lodgistic of the military display. >> we have to remember we have something like an abrams tank that weighs tons and tons. you can't drive it down the street. it is not uncommon for large military vehicles to be provemo. >> so that's what they did here. they brought these tanks up from georgia, via rail and they stuck them on flat beds and drove them into the city because they were so concerned of the weight but also the treads. the treads can tear up the streets. there is a lot of questions of how are military leaders
10:29 am
reacting to this. there is widespread concerns of military officials we have spoken to since the idea of this parade came up and making it dedicated to the military. at the oendend of the day, the pentagon lawyers reviewed the plan and they approved it. they said this is an appropriate thing for the u.s. military to participate in and be apart of. >> the military had a problem with it, would they be compel to the same people? >> no. if they had a problem and it was considered to be an illegal activity, they of course would not be involved in it if the attorneys found out they could and there is some sort of a judgment that would be a problem, bringing in a political realm that in some way be a conflict of interests before them. it is not. so the military is participating. there is some questions about why is that some of the more senior members of the joint chiefs are not attending like army chief of staff mark millie
10:30 am
or general miller. well, we have been told by numerous military officials we have been asking all week who's going to be attending. this parade and a lot of these people already have plans. some of them plan to be out of town or be on leave. 4th of july is not a traditional military holiday. a lot of these guys plan to take time off, ali. >> courtney, thank you for your reporting on this. joining us now, congressman cisnero. he's a veteran himself. good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> as you heard concerns that the president's 4th of july celebration is heavy on pageantry and could feel more of a campaign tactic. what is your take on this? there is always a parade. this one seems to have a bit
10:31 am
more military component and a bit more -- the 4th of july of should be about celebrating our democracy and independence. we have veterans' day and i think right now what he's doing is turning this event into a spectacle. that's not something that we theed a need. a lot of the generals are not going to be there because they made plans unfortunately for service members that will have to be there with the tanks. they have to be there with the aircrafts for the fly over. now they have to spend it here for the parade instead of spending with their family and friends. >> we are hearing the dmz did not get any tickets to the president's event. we heard kellyanne conway says it is a public event. what do you know about this? >> i know i was not offered any tickets. this is what this president is doing. he's turning it into a campaign rally for himself and this is
10:32 am
not what the 4th of july is supposed to be about. this is supposed to be celebrating the birth of our nation, the birth of our democracy and really he's turning it into an event completely for himself some where he could highlight himself and we'll see some of these highlights and campaign footage later on. >> what is your sense of congress is planning to take action. we saw the inspector general's report which is scaving and goes right in the face of what dhs officials and leaders of the administration have been saying about these detention centers. dhs report is right in line of what our reporters and what you members of congress have been reporting about these centers and incomplete contrast of what the administration is saying. >> well, the dhs report is
10:33 am
confirming what we have been hearing all along that the situation down there in the facilities is atrocious. you know we are treating these individuals who are coming here to the country just trying to seek a better life for themselves and families. we are treating them worse than our prisoners. it is something that needs to change. that's why i could not support the appropriations that passed through the house last week that the president was going to sign. it is not going to change any poll polici policies. it will be business as usual for homeland security and i.c.e. we need real action that's going to change the conditions. >> $400 million, that kacan't b business as usual. >> a lot of it is going to go. we know what they are doing. they're saying there is nothing in that bill that's going to change what was going on.
10:34 am
there is nothing that's going to change the standards. there is nothing that's going to make it mandatory that they see a position. we are hearing about these children awho are dying because no one is looking at them. they have the flu or things that could be treated simply that we have the medication to do and they are not given that medication. >> it does not chaenge policies but it does fund -- i guess i worry of what you think of a good humanitarian bill that's not achievable and voting against one that's achievable. >> well, this is a thing we need to keep to push for it and i am going to be vocal about. we need to push for humanitarian treatments of these individuals that are in these facilities. we need to make sure they'll seek positions and get hot meals and it is not a sandwich. again, it is good that they'll
10:35 am
be able to get more balogney sandwi sandwich. we need a bill that will change policies and make sure families are getting hot meals and they'll have a toothbrush and be able to shower there. >> congressman cisnero. >> president trump long promised to slash drug prices. thousands of drug prices have gone up during his administration. we'll look at which common drugs from seen the biggest hike. you are watching "velshi & ruhle," live on msnbc. e watchin& ruhle," live on msnbc.
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what would you like the power to do? ♪ president trump has been promising to lower drug prescription prices but it appears some are spiking. price increase by 1.2% in may compares to the same month last year. new analysis by rx saving solutions, it is a consultant shows that the price of more than 3400 drugs increased on an average of 17% compares to the same time last year. what else is up 17%? the average price hike is 10.5% or about five times the rate of inflation or your paycheck may have gone up. at least 41 drugs increased by more than 100%.
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includes one version of fluoxetine, up 879%. this is a generic. mometasone, increased by 800%. and cough medicine went up 300%. 20 companies raised the list prices of more than 104 prescription drugs an average of 13%. one of them is a drug called isolyte, it is a saline solution used to hydrate patients in hospital for years, essentially salt water. with me now, dr. john torres, explain some of this stuff. good to see you. i dwell in economics and you dwell in medicines. i can never figure out how to make sense of the increases.
10:41 am
>> you are very well informed. you try to pay for it and you found out the same drugs you used a year ago is doubled in price and you don't know why. the word that you hear a lot is transparency. that's the biggest problem that we have here is those drug prices are transparent. nobody knows how those prices are set and how insurance companies decide to charge. we have the middlemen, they take their cut as well and so there is a lot of hand in that pie trying to figure out how to get money. >> they're negotiating with dug makers and health plans and insurance companies and pharmacies. that's sort of the black box. we don't know what happens there. >> the magic goes on in there. the drug price pops out. that drug price can change from month to month. >> different for you and me and someone paying cash. >> whether you have insurance or not. what it is and you came at the same insurance but have different contracts and getting
10:42 am
charged different amounts of money. >> we are able to and critical of the administration. a lot of people understand this world who says president trump has been trying to make progress and felt important and that he's frustrated. alex azare for not getting more done. what do we know what's going onto bring these drug prices down. >> can you help lower your prices a little bit? maybe we should make some regulations where they are not able to get that piece of the pie they want to get. that's going to lower prices and pharmacies and don't distribute it for such a big price. there are so many different entities involved in this. they have a system set up that's all transparent. everybody coming at the begin to
10:43 am
decide one. and two, what's the price we are going to set on drugs. and it is just the way their system is set up. that's only been for the last decades or so. >> we need something in this country. this is a great drug system for people who make money off of it. it is very frustrating. i want to hear what you think, john, thank you very much for being with us. send me an e-mail or tweet me your thoughts on what you think could be done about drug prices in this country. another piece of news for you. visionary lee iacocca dies on tuesday. many of you remember him as entering the automobile industry as an engineer trainee, through a series of successes and the invention of the mustang, iacocca became the president of ford at 46 years old. because of tensions between henry ford 2nd and iacocca.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle," the report details how tech advocacy groups are pushing back at legislation, aims at regulating major tech giants which was introduced by josh
10:49 am
holly last month. d.c. is fearing a quote of partisan blood math. alan smith is vojoining us. what is this about? what's the larger concern? >> senator holly, he's coming in and wanting to be the republican. he's the forefront of some of these tech regulations battle. he wants to have a much more activist in this regard. this bill that he proposed is very controversial. the bill would remove some of the protections that major companies enjoy. >> a lot of people feel that it is a little out of date. >> a little bit. this law provides premifreedom
10:50 am
liability. >> the back page is the best example. we are a site that people put stuff on. you ba backpage argues we're just a site. you can't hold us liable for the content. >> absolutely. what holley cuhooses to do, the ftc would vote if the company's practices are, quote, politically newt practice. holley's side says with a super majority having to get on board you would have a bipartisan response. they don't agree on the definition right now and some of these companies get stuck in a purgatory where they're not accepting immunity. they'll end up with much wider spread censorship. they're going to have to review every piece on the website.
10:51 am
>> thank you. we're seeing record closings on all three major indices. in fact, markets closed early because tomorrow is the july 4th holiday. you're looking at three new records. the dow at 29966. standard & poor's, half a point short. nasdaq 8,170 points. i want to talk about knicknike' controversy. a flag on a shoe. we'll look at all sides of the debate and now nike handled the situation. you're watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance
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today, nike and colin kaepernick are back in the center of controversy and this time it's over sneakers. nike is pulling these shoes from the so-called betsy ross version of the american flag. to some people that is a flag representing hate and slavery because it was in place at the time when slavery was enshrined in the united states. to others, it's a patriot symbol of the war. stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: nike's red, white and blue with the flag is whipping up even more
10:56 am
controversy, threatening to pull the manufacturing plant in his state, adding words can not express my disappoint at this terrible decision. the future of the facility which would employ about 500 people is unclear. according to "the wall street journal," former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick spearheaded the call to get nike to pull the shoe. citing people nam with the matter, the report says he was offended by the use of the flag, as were others. in a statement, nike says its decision to recall the design was based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday. when the iconic brand revealed the shoe late last month, critics spoke out. one writing, nike, you should be ashamed of this shoe. another wrote, can't wait for the confederate air max 90s. the so-called betsy ross flag named after the 18th century
10:57 am
woman known for designing it. some say it celebrates the time of slavery. while others including texas senator ted cruz are renewing calling for a nike boycott. cruz tweeting in part their shoes represent inside disdain for the american flag. similar calls were made when nike partnered with kaepernick last year in an ad campaign. >> believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything. >> reporter: the former quarterback was the first in the nfl to kneel during the national anthem, protesting police brutality and racial injustice. some burned their shoes and boycotted nike, while the company saw its sales rise and its stock price surge. >> joining me now is nbc's stephanie gosk. this will be a case study? >> yes, at the moment when at
10:58 am
the center of a sneakers war. >> everybody has dug into this one. >> you can make an argument it's a conversation we knead to have. there are clearly people on both sides who are agitated and upset for quite honestly understandable reasons. where do we come together as a country to talk about it is really the crucial question. >> i was surprised in your piece and when i looked at the story to find that people fosht this so-called betsy ross flag. they may have just changed the star design with the same feelings that people have for the confederate flag. >> right. there have been limited examples, fringes, there was a chapter of the ku klux klan that had flyers in upstate new york that used the flag to recruit people to their chapter. that's obviously pretty limited. there were a couple of high school students at a high school football game a couple years ago that were waving the flag and later the superintendent came out and apologized for that.
10:59 am
saying that the flag had become what he called a symbol of hate but those are limited examples. and this controversy, clearly the most widespread that we've seen when it comes to this flag. >> this hasn't really hurt nike's stock prices. nike has been through controversies. but nike understands branding possibly more than most other companies in the world. is it interesting to you that this got to this point without nike having figured out there might be some controversy around this? >> it is. i also think it's a statement on just how controversial this flag really is. because, like you say, branding for nike is second nature. they have almost defined the brand for us. >> yeah. we didn't know what that swoosh was. >> with the marketing, yeah. and signing kaepernick, you know, in those moments in which there was a lot of criticism which will they knew they were going to get, the burning of the shoes and the rest of it. in the immediate moments after
11:00 am
that, they did actually see the stock prices go up and the shoe sales go up. it's interesting to see what happens now and the reaction to this controversy was the right step. stephanie gosk, thank you. connect with the show at "velshi & ruhle." kasie hunt picks up the coverage right now. hello, friend. >> aloe to yohello to you, ali. i'm kasie hunt. the president's own department of homeland security has issued a scathing report on the squalid conditions found in a number of migrant detention centers along the border. the report from the dhs' office of the inspector general describes dangerous levels of overcrowding for long periods of time. in one facility, some


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