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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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immediately because rachel will be joined here live on this set by the and only megan rapinoe off her world cup win. megan rapinoe and bernie sanders will be here for his first interview with rachel since announcing he was running for president and then kamala harris. a big week. make no plans. megan rapinoe is here tomorrow. that does it for us and now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. i'm fan girlie. >> rachel had to rest up and take tonight off for what's coming. >> also me in the hallway with a soccer ball. >> thank you, joy. >> very a great show. >> thank you. >> later we will be joined by one of the texas reporter who is contributed to the extraordinary "new york times" front page expose of what is happening in the border patrol station in clint, texas.
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a team of six reporters in the el paso times contributed to this indepth account of what it's like inside clint's razor wire. the sources include current and former border patrol agents said they repeatedly tried to warn supervisors. one agent who worked at clint told the "new york times" i can't tell you the number of times i would talk to agents and they would get teary eyed. he said he believes he will find a legal way to get around a supreme court decision that forbids questions about citizenship on the next census. on the most important new case announced today by the justice department, the attorney general recused himself. the attorney general of the united states did not recuse himself from decisions involving the investigation of the president who made him the attorney general of the united
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states, that would seem to be an obvious conflict of interest from william barr, but it takes a lot for william to recuse himself from anything. but he did recuse himself from the biggest case the justice department announced today. the federal sex trafficking case against donald trump's old friend, jeffrey epstein. here is the attorney general's explanation of why he recused himself in this case. >> i'm recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented epstein long ago was a firm that i subsequently joined for a period of time. >> by william barr's standards, that's a very weak reason to recuse himself. very, very weak. he has another connection to jeffrey epstein that is even closer than the one he mentioned today. william barr's father, donald barr, hired jeffrey epstein. he hired jeffrey epstein to
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teach high school students. high school boys and high school girls. before jeffrey epstein became a rich player on wall street, his father hired epstein to be a math teacher at one of new york city's most exclusive private schools on the upper east side and there was something very, very strange about donald barr hiring jeffrey epstein. jeffrey epstein was not even a college graduate and that was and is unthinkable on faculties of elite private schools, but donald barr hired jeffrey epstein anyway and a year later, donald barr resigned from the battle on school after the board of trustees hired what the "new york times" called an outside committee to study the school and to assess its operation
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under mr. barr and not long after that, jeffrey epstein left the dalton school. he gave up teaching high school boys and high school girls and went to wall street. but he was not finished with high school girls. jeffrey epstein was never accused of a crime while he was a teacher at dalton. today he was charged by federal prosecutors with sex trafficking of girls of high school age. girls who were in high school at the time or should have been in high school at the time. the indictment said epstein intentionally sought sought out minors and knew many of his victims were under 18 and including because in some instances minor victims expressly told him their age. sometimes the indictment of an old friend of donald trump's for sex trafficking has nothing to do with donald trump, but this is not one of the times. the prosecutor who made a very
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forgiving deal that allowed him to avoid prison is his secretary of labor. we have no idea if he would have clocked him if he had not decided to recuse himself and whether william barr would have saved president trump from the problem of having to deal with the labor secretary's decision to let jeffrey epstein off the hook for the same conduct that the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york just indicted jeffrey epstein for. here's what donald trump said about his old friend, jeffrey epste epstein. i have known jeff for 15 years. terrific guy. he likes beautiful women as much as i do and many of r of them are on the younger side. no doubt about it, jeffrey enjoys his social life. on the younger side. donald trump knew about jeffrey epstein and what donald trump called the younger side.
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terrific guy. that's what jeffrey epstein was to donald trump. to this day donald trump has not said a negative word about jeffrey epstein. donald trump has attacked the leaders of countries that are the strongest allies and attacked congressman justin amash this weekend for leaving the republican party. donald trump attacked elizabeth warren, chuck schumer, attacked me. he attacked hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people and never once said a single negative word about jeffrey epstein, not one word. jeffrey epstein does did not see it coming when his private plane took off from paris. >> epstein was arrested this past saturday evening at the airport aboard his private jet that had just landed from paris, france. >> contemporaneous with the arrest from epstein, agents
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executed a search warrant on his mansion in new york city. they recovered and seize and that was a search pursuant to a valid warrant and agent seized evidence including nude photographs of what appear to be underage girls. >> jeffrey epstein pleaded not guilty today. a former federal prosecutor for the easton and southern districts of new york. a legal analyst. tim o'brien is the executive editor of broom berg opinion and msnbc contributor. your reading of this indictment? >> this is a stunning indictment to say the least. it would be stunning in its own regard because here you have very serious charges being levelled against a powerful person. given the posture though of how this compares to the case that was prosecuted or walked away from in florida, it makes these
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changes more stunning. quite frankly this is what should have happened in florida. these are the charges that the florida u.s. attorney's office could have brought and probably should have brought. i think this leaves a lot of open questions about why the federal prosecutors in the southern district of florida walked away from these kinds of charges. why epstein was allowed to plead to a minor state charge in that case and why the victims were intentionally excluded from the process. they are stunning charges for a number of reasons and given the posture, they are more stunning. >> the attorney answered very few questions, but why is this case being brought by the public prupgz unit and ycorruption uni. does that sound as strange to you as it does to us? >> the answer is it's hard to tell. jeffrey berman, the u.s.
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attorney for the southern district. >> who are is a donald trump appointee. >> correct. he came out firmly and said please don't read anything into the fact that this is being prosecuted by the federal corruption unit. i prosecuted some cases in the eastern district. because the charges came in and i had experience. >> did it mean they originated through the terrorism unit? >> no. that's the thing. staffing decisions, people can start off in one section and move to another. and it could be a matter of assistants who were worthing on an aspect and moved. i think we have to take the u.s. attorney at his word that it's hard to read too much into the decision. >> what is the trump problem in this case? >> the trump problem is there is possibly other shoes to drop about the relationship with
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jeffrey epstein. i spent a lot of time with donald in the mid-2000s. he routinely spoke fauningly of jeffrey. he admired jeffrey's lifestyle and his freedom and there is a sink ronisity between the two. at one point trump took me to the miss teen america headquarters on the east side. he just acquired the rights to it and we went to the headquarters and he was saying he was glad he acquired this business to find girlfriends for his son, eric. she was jazzed to show me the young women who were part of the pageant. i suspect that's something tied into jeffrey epstein. trump himself has not kept that under wraps very much. he likes younger women. he is very bold face and bald faced about it and they spend a lot of time together.
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jeffrey epstein was a member at mar a lago. what a lot of people on both sides of the aisle were expected are probably worried about what else investigators are going to find when they examine files in his home in the virgin island. there could be a pandora's box of embarrassing information. >> we have a statement from president bill clinton who has been known to associate with jeffrey epiteen. this is a written statement. president clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes pleaded guilty to in florida some years ago or those with which he has been charged in new york. in 2002 and 2 thousand 3, he took a total of four trips on his airplane. one to europe and 1 to asia and two to africa in connection with the work of the clinton foundation. staff, supporters of the foundation and secret service
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detail travelled on every leg of every trip. he had one meeting in 2002 and around the same time made one brief visit to his new york apartment. he has not spoken to epstein in well over a decade and never has been to little st. james island, his ranch in new mexico, or residence in florida. that island is a reference to an island that epstein owns off of st. thomas where a lot of this activity is said to have considered. what could jeffrey epstein offer to the prosecutors that might be worth more than prosecuting jeffrey epstein? >> from where i sit, it would have to be something extraordinary. as a general matter, prosecutors don't like to give cooperation agreement to child sex traffickers. for good reason. it's the worst of the worst and would have to be really extraordinary information for
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them to take that kind of extraordinary step into trying to cooperate. that doesn't mean he won't try or there won't be a discussion, but i would be absolutely shocked in they offered somebody charged with not just a one off case, but the pattern of doing this over years with as they say in the indictment and in the detention memo, dozens of victims in both florida and new york. i would be shock if they offered him a cooperation agreement. >> tim, very thorough statement by bill clinton tonight. if any piece of that proves to be untrue, that would be a big problem, but he's never been to the private island and some accused him of being. donald trump, i can't imagine donald trump issuing a statement with that kind of precision that bill clinton issued tonight. >> because he couldn't. clear and plainly, he couldn't issue a statement like that. the reason bill clinton is
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issuing it is any time an embarrassing moment comes up for trump whether it involves the rule of law or foreign diplomacy or episodes like jeffrey epstein, you have trump supporters saying what about hillary clinton? what about bill clinton. either one neither are in office anymore and none have been in the public scene for quite a long time. it becomes a way to support trump and say that trump's critics or the media is not paying enough attention to the clintons. if you are going to criticize people who overlooked jeffrey epstein's misdeeds. all is a distraction from the reason people are paying attention to donald trump. he's the president of the united states and he has a skeleton in his closet that is a mile deep. it includes people like jeffrey epstein. people are asking the question because he is wielding authority and power and bill clinton
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isn't. >> let's take the case down the road. let's assume you got to a point of a conviction with jeffrey epstein. he doesn't have fear of incriminati incrimination. can you take him before a grand jury to get under oath testimony from him? if he doesn't have fifth amendment rights to protect? >> par couhe could, but he coul there are other rights he still had. the issue really is that after someone is convicted and received a significant snls, th they don't have a lot of incentive to play ball. they may be obligated to tell the truth, but if he is facing decades in prison at 66 years old, it's a drop in the bucket. >> what would the worries be in donald trump's mind tonight? >> i think he's going to be
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worried about what compromising information jeffrey epstein has about trump and the relationship. the other big mystery about jeffrey epstein is not just the video goods he had on different people. no one really knows his sources of funding other than -- donald trump's sources? >> donald trump or epstein. epstei epstein's original client was leslie wexner, founder of victoria secret and others. he was a multibillionaire. as far as most people in the press and new york know, he was the only single large sort of investor in epstein's funds. he had $100 million in real estate and supported the lifestyle without any clear indications of how he was raising his money. that's interesting because it's a similar issue that donald trump has. where do the mystery millions
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flow into the trump organization and where where do they fall into the funds? that's another thing that will be interesting as the investigation progresses. >> listen to the attorney outlining the specifics of the allegations in the crimes against epstein. >> the beginning of at least 2002 and continuing until 2005, epstein is alleged to have abused dozens of victims by causing them to engage in sex acts with him at his mansion in new york and at his estate in palm beach, florida. the victims all underage girls at the time of the alleged conduct were given hundreds of dollars in cash after each encounter either by epstein or one of epstein's employees. the underage girls were recruited to provide epstein with massages and often did so nude or partially nude.
7:18 pm
these massages became increasingly sexual in nature and would include or more sex acts as specified in the indictment. as alleged, epstein paid certain victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly abused. this allowed epstein to create an ever expanding web of new victims. >> the details there include what would be statutory rain in the state of new york and in the state of florida. in federal law, there are no rain charges. he is just changed under federal law with sex trafficking. does this evidence package open up the possibility of statutory rain charges in the state of new york and possibly the state of florida? >> possibly. i'm not sure what the state of florida would do, but possibly new york. the only incentive to get involve side if they needed a
7:19 pm
way that epstein could be partoned. the charges he is facing are going to carry significant penal penalties. so much more than it would in the state. it's not a matter of he needs to be confronted with the changes, but he's facing as serious of a charge you can get. it's not a matter of that. at the end of the day, like they did with paul manafort. they wanted the charges that could be part and proof, perhaps those could be new york state charges. it's too early to say. >> can you imagine a pardon. >> donald trump can imagine a pardon for almost anyone. >> tim o'brien, thank you very much for starting us off. appreciate it. >> when we come back, william barr thinks he has found the secret path to the citizenship
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it makes patients so much happier.
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today the attorney general of the united states said he found a secret way to get around a supreme court decision to forbids a question about citizenship on the census. >> we have been considering all the options that i have been in constant discussions with the president ever since the supreme
7:23 pm
court decision came down and i think over the next day or two, you will see the approach we are taking. it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. here is donald trump's version of his conversations with william barr. >> we can do an executive toward and different things, but there are other alternatives. i believe our attorney general, fantastic man, he has it very well under control. >> the justice department said the attorney general is going to assign new lawyers to the case, but the lawyers opposing the citizenship question in the census filed a motion demanding clear articulation of satisfactory reasons for these lawyers' withdrawals and unequivocal assurances from defendants that these withdrawals will not delay the conduct of this case. and when i heard what the attorney general said today, i
7:24 pm
was wondering what is neal katyal doing tonight at 10:00 p.m. former acting solicitor general in the obama administration and msnbc contributor and represented the house of representatives in the census case. luckily you can join us. can you decode for us what you think you heard the attorney general say today? >> sure. so barr is saying he has a path forward. he doesn't bother explaining what it is and didn't sound persuasive as to whether that path will work. it's not persuasive to the lawyers at the justice department. all of the trial lawyer experts withdrew. i don't think that happened in my lifetime. i can't recall it. these are the elite federal
7:25 pm
program lawyer who is handle major administrative and constitutional litigation against the united states. now trump and barr are stuck defending this ridiculous census strategy with lawyers from, i kid you not, the consumer protection division. it has to do with protecting consumers and no relationship whatsoever to the census. i will say something else. this is the justice department of the united states. this is not the justice department of donald trump. it is outrageous that barr announced this yesterday and the lawyers withdraw today with not a word of explanation to the american people about why all of these lawyers are withdrawing and why they are subbing in their hand picked people. the justice department made representation after representation and the supreme court said we are contrived and wrong. now they are doubling down on the strategy and what they are
7:26 pm
doing is torching the relationship of the justice department to the supreme court of the united states. i can't imagine something more corrosive or sad. this is a president who thinks he owns the justice department when all of us who have been lucky enough to serve, we are temporary stuarts for an institution who was set up in 1789. every solicitor general wants to avoid something like this. >> given what we know, is there any way of guessing, i suppose the word is, or calculating whether the attorney who is withdraw have all with drawn of their own volition or whether they were pushed out? is there anything that indicates that one way or the other? >> there is nothing that indicates that, but if they can keep lawyers on, you would.
7:27 pm
when i defended the affordable care act and any federal piece of legislation, one group of lawyers i always wanted in my side. the lawyers at federal programs. it's like literally like going into a war without not just your generals, but everyone below that down to the foot soldiers being out of the case. it's just insane and not something anyone responsible would ever do. >> let me get your reaction to what william barr said today proudly. he has been on the phone constantly every day since the supreme court decision with the president. just your reaction to the ruling on the issue of concern to the president of the united states and the attorney general after that ruling comes out is just constantly on the phone with the president trying to figure out how to get around the supreme court. >> so i have no problem with the attorney general having discussions with the president about a supreme court loss.
7:28 pm
that happens all the time. problem with that and zero problem with trying to react to a supreme court decision. i have two problems with this. number one is that he didn't bother tellings his own lawyers. they want to federal court after the supreme court decision and said don't worry. we are going to print the census without this question and the lawyers even the next day had all these presidential tweets said we don't know what's going on. it's a weird thing for barr to say i'm in the loop and not let his lawyers know. that's not the way to run a justice department or an organization. the problem is even if they come up with a reason that they invent, they have gone to federal court and the supreme court of the united states and said supreme court, you have to decide this by june 30th. that's our drop dead date. now it's july 8th and they are trying to add the question. it's way too late and calls into question everything this justice
7:29 pm
department has said not just in this case, but in all the cases. this is an administration that plays fast and loose with the facts and the law and now the american public and the federal courts are seeing it. chief justice roberts called president trump's reason contriv contrived. you don't see that in supreme court opinions. >> if it was contrived then, what they would be coming up with next would be publicly contrived. we will have watched them publicly condrive it. >> condrive squared. exactly. >> underline this. the fact that they are changing lawyers is you are losing the a team, the very best experienced litigators for exactly this kind of case involving government interests being decided by the supreme court. they are moving down the ladder to people who have never handled matters like this. this is not an upgrade in legal
7:30 pm
experience handling this case. >> right. it's not like you are sending in the b team. you are sending in the f team. i don't mean disrespect to the lawyers, but they do consumer protection. this is one of the questions about the census and constitutional and administrative law. it's completely, completely outside of their zone. the most important point here is if they are going to do this, they better tell the american people why they are doing this. why are these lawyers all withdrawing all of a sudden? >> thank you very much for joining us once again on one of the nights when we needed you. when we come back, we will come back to the airports. the airports during the revolutionary war. donald trump thinks that that's how george washington won the revolutionary war. by controlling the airports. he actually said it when he was
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here is the perfect picture of the trump presidential campaign. it shows how donald trump just can't get through to a majority of voters. this is just blocked from ever reaching a majority of voters. at the same time it's the perfect representation of the
7:35 pm
inside of donald trump's mind. that's where donald trump was standing and that's what donald trump was seeing when he talked about the battle for the airports. yes, the airports during the revolutionary war. >> in june of 1775, the connental congress created a unified army out of revolutionary forces encamped around boston and new york and named after the great george washington, commander in chief. the continental army suffered a bitter winter of valley forge, found glory across the waters of the delaware and seized victory from corn wallis of yorktown. our army manned the airports and rammed the ramparts and took over the airports and did everything it had to do and under the rockets red glare, it
7:36 pm
had nothing but victory. >> they took over the airports. they did everything they had to do. took over the airports. that is either the most dramatic demonstration yet of trump ignorance or the most dramatic evidence yet of trump neurological decline. donald trump has been posting video eddits of his effect to which stuart stevens, a veteran of the bush and romney campaigns tweeted this is a campaign ad. if the fec means anything, it should be all over this. other politicians have tried the similar in less obvious ways like appearing in state lottery ads and then stopped. in 2004 when we were making convention film for president bush, we were expressly prohibited from using white
7:37 pm
house-shot video and now trump white house is not only using video, but paying for full production. this is probably $500,000 of your tax dollars. your tax dollars spent in what is as of now, a losing presidential campaign. we have the latest bad news polls for donald trump with cornell belcher and jennifer ruben after this break. d jennifr ruben after this break of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it.
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another bad new poll for donald trump. a new poll shows joe biden with a 10-point lead over donald trump. a new "washington post" poll shows among registered voters, joe biden gets 53% to donald trump's 43%. the rest of the top tier candidates are tied or in a statistical tie. bernie sanders gets 49 to donald trump's 48. kamala harris gets 48 to donald trump's 46. pete buttigieg gets 47 to donald trump's 47. cornell belcher and political analyst and jennifer ruben, an opinion writer. let me go to the pollster. you have a president running 10 points behind the front-runner for the democratic nomination. another is running tied with the president.
7:42 pm
>> lawrence, i don't put a lot in the horse race. i look at what's underneath. if you go back to 2012, obama was not running away with the race either. underneath there was interesting things where the president certainly doesn't have his taxes. he is under water around health care. he is under water around a lot of issues as well. overall he is being held down by people disapproving of his job. what i find interesting is the president hovers around 48 or 47%. he run with less than a plurality of the electorate. donald trump is going to get his 47 or 48 or 46%. can democrats get that 50 to 52% and hold it the way obama did in 2012, but what we failed to do
7:43 pm
in 2016? can he in fact win with less than a neurality of vote and win in say florida with the same percentage romney lost with in 2012. >> jennifer ruben, if donald trump is reelected, he will be the only one in history who never once tried to speak to voter who is didn't already vote for him. >> that's true. it seems to be that he is bad at math in addition being bad at history as you pointed out. he is bad at math because when you don't have a majority and you narrow and narrow your appeal, the number gets smaller and you don't have enough people to go around no matter how screwy the electoral college is. there are not enough votes. what was interesting is he is virtually tied with some of the democratic candidates. i will vote for anyone with a d
7:44 pm
after their name in my book. it matters very much for the democrats, but will they rally around anyone who is nominated and the number bauounces back u to where biden is. i don't think they can sit back and relax. they have to get someone as compelling as possible. donald trump certainly compels his voters, but i think that if you had to pick the team, you pick the g team. >> his approval and disapproval is pretty standard according to the most of the polling that we have seen on that. on his immigration, he is getting even worse. he's getting a 57% disapproval
7:45 pm
and 47% approve. kamala harris is stepping straight into this issue taking on trump directly on immigration. let's hear that. i'm absolutely in favor of border security. we of course do. we can't accept a false choice. yes on comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway towards citizenship and daca and young people and reinstating the protections immediately including the parents of the daca young people. all that was can coexist in the america i think we believe in. >> that's what someone is speaking to 60% of the voters sounds like. >>s that.
7:46 pm
donald trump started his campaign beating up immigration and driving the fear of the other. that's the base of his support. republicans have long thought that job one is to energize and gin up the base and chase persuadable voters. when you look at what trump is doing, he is not growing or expanding the republican party. it's not as large as it was under george push. can he win again with 47 or 48%? it's not a national election. how is he looking in michigan and wisconsin? he will probably get the same 46 or 47% in wisconsin and michigan, but what can the democrat pull together? >> there is one fascinating item about trump being unpresidential.
7:47 pm
65% said he is unpresidential and only 28% said he conducts himself properly. what that says is, a very large number of trump voters think that donald trump is unpresidential. >> that's right and it makes me wonder what is going on with the 28% of americans. come o guys. this is the trump voter. they know he is a liar in many instances and they know he's a jerk. he's their jerk. if the other side will have somebody tough, we will have someone tougher. that's the attitude of these evangelical value voters. nevertheless it is. one thing quickly about this. this is an issue for female voters, white suburban and college educated women. they hate this issue. you have seen that gap open up in the democrats's favor tremendously since 2016 when 52%
7:48 pm
of white women voted for donald trump. you are seeing that number turned around and that gap grow. that's because women in particular are so offended, so horrified by this, they will vote for practically anyone other than donald trump. >> you are identifying the white component of that because that was the so many of them went to the trump side. jennifer ruben and cornell belcher, appreciate it. when we come back, we will be joined by one of the six reporters in the el paso times who teamed up to deliver the most important reporting yet from inside the border patrol station in clint, texas. e borde station in clint, texas.
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hungry scare and sick. a new report from "the new york times" in collaboration with the "el paso times." the children cried constantly. one girl seemed likely enough to try to kill herself that the agents made her sleep on a cot in front of them so they could watch her as they were processing new arrivals. one border patrol agent that worked at clint since it opened said they were following orders to take beds away from children to make more space in holding ce cells, part of a day lily retun that had become heartbreaking. children had no beds to sleep on
7:53 pm
and sometimes went hungry and agents raised the alarm and found themselves having to accommodate new arrivals. mary gonzalez toured the station last week said she heard similar concerns. >> here is what i did hear on the ground from my agents in my district that they have been signaling up the ladder they have been in a crisis for months, and that those conversations have not been heard higher up. >> aaron montez who co-wrote this important story will join us after this final break. storn us after this final break. for de in a storm devastated area. a family pulled up. it was a mom and her kids. everything they had had been washed away. the only thing that brought any kind of solace was the ability to hand her a device so she could call her family and let them know that she was okay. (vo) there for you when it matters most. join us and get up to $650 when you switch.
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>> congresswoman judy has been in side the border patrol station in clint, texas. >> we went to the warehouse where between 100 and 200 children had been housed and it's like a gigantic steel shed but at that time had no air
7:57 pm
conditioning and the temperature went up to 100 degrees, but i'll never forget being at the sundaysunday sundayer -- cinder block cells with children behind it and a tiny toddler so miserable but once he saw us smiling and waving at him came and pressed his little face against the cell door, it was heartbreaking. >> joining us now is aaron montez, an investigative reporter with the "el paso times." they teamed up with the "new york times" for this report. what is your reaction to president trump saying quote "the new york times" story is a fabrication? >> well, generally a journalist can't share his opinion but in this reference, i'll just say that we stand by our reporting, and i stand with the ne"new yor times" and "el paso times" in this reporting this story. >> i think you've covered ground
7:58 pm
we haven't seen before as thoroughly and that is border patrol agents themselves as sources and former border patrol agents as sources and we get a wider frame on the picture of who they are as human beings. they -- many of them seem very, very concerned about what is happening to those kids. >> sure. plenty of border patrol agents are neighbors, many of them joined the agency here in el paso and certainly many people in el paso know a border patrol agent or cbp agent and this reporting, yes, you'll see a little bit of take, if you will, of what a bp agent might tell their family member, what they might talk with their friends after work, simply what we're trying to do is relay the truth, trying to relay the story of what's going on in the clint facility. >> and the higher up commanders
7:59 pm
in the department are claiming that they didn't know anything about this and the sources you have are all insisting we've been pushing this information up the line but in effect, they just haven't cared about it. >> well, it wouldn't be for me to say whether or not they care about it, however, whenever i talked with the border patrol agent, whenever i talk with the cbp agent, their first thought about this whole issue and the border is they need more resources, that they need help from washington from their section leaders and certainly we've reported that many times. it shouldn't come as a surprise at least for the leadership to know their agents are asking for assistance in this particlair case, i spoke with a border patrol agent who asked not to be identified. he certainly said that some agents had asked for help. >> aaron montez, thank you for joining us tonight and thank you for your extraordinary team
8:00 pm
reporting. appreciate it. that is "tonight's last word." the "1 1th hour" with brian williams starts now. reports the white house is closely watching the jeffrey epstein case in new york. accused of sex trafficking because of his ties to a member of the trump cabinet and friendship with the president himself. why would the attorney general try to diminish the testimony of robert mueller nine days away and what we know about the testimony of a key mueller witness on potential obstruction. plus, how the white house tonight has punished the british ambassador for candor. why joe biden apologize gud at campaign event and who decided he would not realistically be elected president. all of it on this "11th hour" on a monday begins now. >> goove