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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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watching tropical storm barry churning in the gulf right now and heading for louisiana. the national weather service predicting the storm will make landfall over the central louisiana coast early tomorrow morning as a cat one hurricane they expect it to weaken, but rain is the biggest threat forecasters say the storm will sit over that already water logged region for days once again, the country is praying for new orleans and competence in the disaster response if the worst comes to pass we don't know what the next 24 hours will bring, but we will be monitoring the storm all weekend. that does it for now see you again on monday. ali is in for lawrence tonight good evening >> we will pick up a very busy friday evening as you described the way they all are these days. have a great weekend >> thanks, my friend >> the stench was horrendous i how vice president pence's visit was with the
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conditions inside crowded cages and migrants who said they were hungry and couldn't brush their teeth and many were there for over a month we will bring you the stunning images and trump versus paul ryan the former house speaker comes out swinging saying this about trump. he didn't know anything about government i wanted to scold him all of the time of course the president hit back more on those stories later, but first sex offender jeffrey epstein continues to be a problem for president trump. a problem that's not going away simply because trump's labor secretary resigned the president for years before he took office said he was friends with jeffrey epstein he even said in a 2002 interview that epstein was a terrific guy who is a lot of fun to be with last year when the "miami herald" released the big expose on the epstein case,
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one victim said she was working at the mar a lago club in florida when she was recruited to be a masseuse to jeffrey epstein to complicate matters for trump, the epstein revelations keep coming the "miami herald" reported at least a dozen new victims have come forward to claim they were sexually abused by epstein following his arrest saturday in new jersey now tonight, the new york times is reporting that epstein was accused of witness tampering on friday by federal prosecutors who said he wired $350,000 to two people who were potential witnesses against him. he sent the money to the potential witnesses in november and december shortly after the "miami herald" published a deal that was reached to avoid federal prosecution, prosecutors said more details from epstein accuser jennifer araoz who said
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he raped her when she was 15 years old. she described in an exclusive interview with savannah guthrie. >> did you ever think why did this older man want to hang out with a 14-year-old >> i did, i but i didn't overanalyze it i did and i didn't care. i just knew i was young and i needed the money and i thought maybe he needed companionship. i wasn't sure what it was. i didn't ask any questions >> the first time you went there alone, is that when something sexual happened for the first time >> he brought me up to the upstairs room which had the massage room he would tell me i want to show you my favorite room in the house. he was getting me more com comfortable and afterwards he said -- he transitioned into do you give good massages
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>> promises to help her family financially kept her coming back even after he began sexually abusing her. >> i wasn't thinking this is belittling i was a lost kid, you know it just seemed okay, i don't know >> and he suggested he might help you that was his promise hanging over all of that >> yeah so i said this can only be beneficial this was a good thing. just stick it through. it will get easier it will get better so i just kept on going >> jennifer araoz is not involved in the indictment against epstein, but her lawyers have asked a court for more information about epstein and his associates in anticipation of filing a civil case against him. his attorneys questioned her credibility and through the most recent revelations, the
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president tried to distance himself from jeffrey epstein, claiming he had had a falling out with him more than a decade ago. a point that lawrence made at the beginning of the week, the president has yet to say a bad word about jeffrey epstein he still hasn't condemned the criminal acts that he realizes how bad the criminal acts are and how bad they could be. cnn is reporting that privately trump was stewing over labor secretary alex acosta's fate over his handling of epstein's 2008 case, fearing a steady stream of revelations. there would be just continue to be disclosures, one official said there would be questions in this town and on the trail meaning the campaign trail that brings us to the ez nation of alex acosta who said he had no intention of stepping down he is now resigning. >> i just want to let you know
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this was him, not me because i'm with him he was a -- he's a tremendous talent he's a hispanic man who went to harvard. a great student. in so many ways, i just hate what he's saying now because we are going to miss him. >> alex acosta held a nearly hour long press conference defending his role as a u.s. attorney in a lenient plea deal for jeffrey epstein. his answers are not enough for congressional democrats who are further complicating matters for they want him to testify about his role in the plea deal and want a brief from the justice department about the deal. joyce vance, former u.s. attorney for the northern district of alabama and opinion writer at "the washington post." both are msnbc contributors. thank you to both of you for joining us on a friday night let's start with you there are
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inconsistencies in the argument that alex acosta put forward in his statement earlier this week. very different from his resignation. he said things that others have come out and said are simply not true victims had an opportunity to look at the sweetheart deal he did or they had other avenues to pursue there seems to be evidence that he may have been in violation of rights that victims have under the law >> you know, court has found he did violate the victims's rights to be notified it seems relatively clear that whatever they did in this case they made every effort to conceal it from victims, which is contrary to existing doj rules the suggestion that you can somehow avoid the obligation you have to notify victims of the outcome of a case by not indicting it is i think just very difficult to reconcile with the reasons that we have that policy in place.
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so everything that acosta says in this regard contrary to the apology he should have been making to the victims dug him in deeper >> it's interesting there are a lot of reasons, jennifer, judge cabinet secretaries come under fire. this one is pretty black and white. there is nobody in the country who thinks the things jeffrey epstein did are tolerable on a societal level however when asked about this, the president said today that he was willing to live with anything and he didn't ask for acosta's resignation listen po to what he said >> alex believed that. i'm willing to live with anything i think you know me i lived through things you wouldn't believe >> jennifer, what do you make of the president's handling of this >> this is typical for trump he
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never expresses any sympathy or empathy or horror on behalf of the victims he said that alex acosta was a victim and doing a great job that's almost verbatim what he used for rob porter, the former white house staff secretary that there was very convincing evidence and was a spousal abuser this is how trump operates he thinks that in any of these cases the man who was accused was the victim there is a couple of things we shouldn't ignore that powerful interview at the top of your show with that girl who is still a girl in some ways. expressing i was just a kid. i didn't know. if that doesn't break your heart and explain the absolute audacity and the evil that jeffrey epstein was encountering
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and alex acosta took advantage of that as well. they were just kids. they wouldn't know they would be frozen out of the process. he would wrap it up and go on with his career. he did lie he had to be the 1 to swoop in the state prosecutor spoke up and said the feds always have the option to bring their own case it was a 53-page indictment he could have investigated that. with alex acosta, they can look himself in the mirror in the morning and even less understanding for how donald trump who knew about this settlement when he hired him could have tolerated him this long >> this is an important point. this came up in alex acosta's
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hearing. this was a known fact. all of the details about this were not known the "miami herald" has done a remarkable job in reporting it alex acosta suggested in his press conference if not for him, things could have been worse he talked about the rolling of the dice of going to take jeffrey epstein to court versus agreeing to this deal you are obviously a specialist and having been a prosecutor, were you able to make sense of what alex acosta was trying to get across and whether it made sense? >> it's contrary to everything i know about his office. for years i worked with the office he led. the southern district of florida in miami that's an office that makes big drug cases and they make those cases by using witnesses who come with a lot of baggage witnesses who had been deal drugs and all sorts of misconduct the notion that somehow his office wouldn't be able to convict in a case where witnesses had come forward
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because they were pictures on social media holding a beer, that just doesn't make any sense. no prosecutor views the cases that way these are the cases where you charge hard because jeffrey epstein is a classic predator in that interview, we hear everything that she is saying. he's a dangerous predator. his obligation was to lock him up and get him off the streets so he couldn't molest any other girls. >> this doesn't end. federal prosecutors want epstein to be denied bail. the u.s. attorney's office made the new witness tampering allegations we heard about in a court filing asking that mr. epstein be denied bail, saying the payments were evidence he might try to influence the victims. we might have that reporting and we don't know what it is, but after the "miami herald" story came out in late 2018, pros prosecutors are saying he wired
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$350,000 to two people who may have been witnesses in a new investigation. >> prosecutors have two options when it comes to detain a defendant pretrial is to argue he's a flight risk and we expected that with acosta the less expected piece is this alternative prosecutors have of arguing that a defendant is a danger to the community. we saw that for instance in the paul manafort case that he was trying to witness tamper this is the same thing the allegation that if acosta gets out of custody pretrial, he has shown a propensity to try to tamper with witnesses and pay them off and keep them from cooperating with law enforcement and this is the allegation that a judge should use to keep a witness locked up. >> jennifer, while we are talking with people who left the trump administration under scandal, axios is reporting that
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president trump has told confidants he is eager to remove dan coates as the director of national intelligence according to five sources who discussed the matter with the president. the president is dissatisfied by dan coates that doesn't come as much of a surprise with those people who surround the president as part of the national intelligence and security apparatus, he is thought to be an old hand, somebody in government in the past and who has publicly disagreed with the president's assessments made by the intelligence community >> he's about the only one left with a reputation with both democrats and republicans for being a professional whose word can be taken seriously what's worse about this report is there was a suggestion that john bolton, about the most aggressive and the most part an and the least calm individual one account ever imagine in government may be his replacement.
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that is absolutely horrifying. >> i want to ask you, joyce, about the citizenship question so much has happened, it's hard to keep track of it. the president was asked about his comments yesterday in which he appeared to drop the efforts to get the citizenship question on to the census, but suggested what he was doing now with an executive order was a change of course listen to the conversation >> no. no not only didn't i back down, i backed up. anybody else would have given this up a long time ago. the problem is, we had three very unfriendly courts they were judges that weren't exactly in love with this whole thing they were wrong. it would have taken a long time to get through the courts. you understand that better than anybody. >> it's an unusual statement, not that we are entirely unfamiliar with. three unfriendly courts.
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the judges weren't in love with this whole thing they were wrong. it would have taken a long time to get through the cowers so i'm going to handle it this way. >> nobody likes losing in court, but that's how our system works. when people have problems they can't resolve on their own, they go to court and we agree that when the highest court in the land speaks and decides a case, everyone lines up behind that decision, love it or hate it, and follows it that's everyone except for donald trump this suggestion he made and one of the spokespeople embellished on it, every person in the republican leadership needs to be asked will you continue to support this president if he refuses to follow the law? that is by definition a constitutional crisis. we averted it and whoever it was, i suspect folks did back down this week and agree to
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follow the court's ruling. with him, that will be a constant threat going forward and this risk that he will not abide the rule of law. >> joyce and jennifer, we so depend on the analysis on the fast moving developments republicans went to the border where they saw a severely crowded facility where nearly 400 men were being held in cages without cots to sleep on and where a reporter covering the vice president's visit described the stench as horrendous that's next let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly.
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breaking news on the humanitarian crisis on the border images capture the overcrowded conditions inside the border patrol station in mcallen, texas where mike pence toured the facility with a group of congressional republicans josh dawsey of the "washington post" who was the designated reporter traveling with the vice president wrote "after negotiating with the vp's office, pool was taken into an outdoor portal at the mcallen border station around 5:00 p.m., where almost 400 men were in caged fences with no cots. the stench was horrendous. the cages were so crowded it would have been impossible for all the men to lie on the concrete when the mensah the press arrive, they began
10:21 pm
shouting and wanted to tell us they have been there for 40 days or longer and said they were hungry and wanted to brush their teeth it was sweltering hot and agents guarding the cages were wearing face masks most did not speak english and looked dirty." >> we are not a terrorist. we are not a terrorist we are not criminals >> earlier in the day, the vice president applauded customs and border protection for providing humane and compassionate care after touring a different facility that dawsey notes was new, clean, and relatively empty, filled with cots, medical supplies and snacks. where children were watching tv. after seeing the overcrowd and unsanitary conditions at mcallen, dawsey asked pence afterwards if he was okay with what he had said on the first two times, he didn't directly
10:22 pm
say yes or no and said he kperkted to see it and wasn't surprised he later said he was not okay with it because he was trying to fix the system tonight the vice president tweeted this response the dhs facility in mcallen is a prime example of why we need to secure our borders the facility is overcrowd and our system is overwhelmed. it is time for democrats in congress to step up and do their jobs and end this crisis the shocking pictures coming hours after the house oversight committee held a hearing about the appalling conditions for migrant adults and children at the southern border that the trump administration tried to dismiss as unsubstantiated several democrats who visited last week testified what they saw including freshman democratic congresswoman, alexandria ocasio-cortez >> this is a manufactured crisis because cruelty is manufactured.
10:23 pm
this is a manufactured crisis because there is no need for us to do this there is no need for us to overcrowd and to detain and under resource there is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they are pursuing basic human rights these are the women we spoke to. it's their handwriting while we are being asked to speak only to officers, we are not getting the accounts of migrants of their treatment of what they are experiencing and so when these women tell me they were put into a cell and that their sink was not working and we tested the sink ourselves and the sink was not working and they were told to drink out of a toilet bowl, i believe them. i believe these women. i believed the canker sores i saw in their mouths because they were only allowed to be fed unnutritious food and they were
10:24 pm
sleeping on concrete floors for two months i believed them what was worse about this, mr. chairman, was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities, that children being separated from parents in front of an american flag, that women were being called these name under an american flag, we cannot allow for this! >> we will discuss the crisis at the southern border after the break with angel padilla and dan when i book at
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today in a few hours, vice president pence and the head of homeland security are taking the press and congress people into detention centers and we are the ones who said they are crowded but they are in good shape >> they're in good shape that was president trump calling the border detention centers in good shape ahead of the visit to mcallen, texas these stunning new images look at his body language. these were captured by reporters traveling with pence revealing appalling conditions, which by the way, you heard about several times from reporters from lawyers from members of congress now the vice president is there with the cameras and you see men in cages too many of them to lie down crowded into cages having gone weeks without showers or being able to brush their teeth. joining us now is angel padilla
10:29 pm
from indivisible and the host o woke af. what were we supposed to think was supposed to happen is the idea because the vice president was going down there, they would be get heads up and clean up the place he is sitting up there and not making eye contact watching what we have been hearing people come on this show and this channel over and over again. >> he was supposed to show the american people how clean and safe and sanitary the conditions were and how the people on the left like alexandria ocasio-cortez were blowing everything out of proportion in fact he shows up and what does he see everything that we have been told just like you said and like the reporting has shown us, everything that we have known over the past several months that had been coming out of
10:30 pm
these camps that they are unsanitary and unsafe and that the smell, the stench that is coming out of the facilities and the scabies and the flu. all of the disease that is being created by this administration right? when you can get up in court at the ninth district court and say we don't have to provide you with soap and tooth brushes and any diapers or anything? blankets or cots, what do you think is going to happen do you think everyone will be okay or an outbreak will occur and more people will die 24 adults have died in u.s. custody. six children have died in u.s. custody because of their willful degle neglect that said if we make it so uncomfortable and so detestable and horrible, they
10:31 pm
won't come >> angel, we listened to the testimony that danielle was talking about by alexandria ocasio-cortez just before this block. viewers may have noticed at the end of her sentence, they all looked over to the side because it seemed that somebody had taken ill. that was what that was about alexandria ocasio-cortez mentioned these are facilities in which the american flag is put up over which the american flag flies the idea that these are detention centers and they are unsavory and unhealthy, there is really no reason for this to happen in 2019 if you want to deter immigration, there are different manners in which to deal with this this does appear to be inhumane and emulate the worst things we have seen in history about the detention of people. >> yeah. that's right there are thousands of people suffering at the border people are outraged, as they should be. just today there were 800 events calling for the end of
10:32 pm
detention. 800 events across five continents and they should be. the two most important events about what's happening at the border and about families being separated or the raids on sunday, they need to know two things number one, this is about choices and all because of deliberate choices made by this administration and not about a lack of resources or a lack of money, but they are choosing to do this. their purpose of doing this is to inflict as much harm and trauma on immigrant families as possible it's about choices the u.s. congress pays for this. they are able to do this because congress keeps giving this administration money one of the most important things that anyone can do is make sure the members of congress know they don't want their tax dollars going towards detention and harming families >> there is a lot of money depending on how you look at it.
10:33 pm
if it's the border patrol run by the government upwards of $200 a night and one would think, regular folks watching this understand what they can do with $200 a night and it doesn't look like that. if it's the private detention facilities, upwards of $700 a night. that could get us a room at the four seasons it's puzzling as to why this is happening to. angel's point, should we not be funding a number of democrats voted against this that did pass the argument that the customs and border patrol is making is we don't have the money for this >> that's a lie and one of the many lies this administration is telling us this is not about funding. if it were about funding, democrats wouldn't have voted against the bill the reason why mitch mcconnell's bill was voted against is it didn't have guardrails and they wanted provisions to make sure there was going to be doctors and
10:34 pm
nurses and the sanitary conditions that we need that are required under law were actually going to be funded this was just money given to what, trump's wall to whatever this is not about money. >> let's listen to what we saw alexandria ocasio-cortez testifying next to her was michigan congressman tlaib >> i spoke to the agents even though they told us not to speak to them, too remember that? i said what do you think we need to do because you guys are overwhelmed. they said stop sending money it's not working another said i wasn't trained for this i am not a social worker i am not a medical care worker he actually said i want to be at the border that's what i was trained to be at the one other one, the last ne mr. chairman, the separation
10:35 pm
policy isn't working, he said. >> angel, one of the tenets of our profession is to bear witness and show people what's really happening that. has succeeded. we have shown people we had people at the border for over a year there are lawyers and advocates and people like you. now we have members of congress and we have the inspector general of the department of homeland security and today the vice president confirms the same thing. what does it do? where does it end and how does it change? >> look, what this administration does is operate in secrecy shedding light into all of the abuses and mismanagement and mistreatment at the border the bottom line is this is something that we have known for a long time this is nothing new. this is something that happened before trump it just has been accelerate and weaponized by
10:36 pm
this administration and the bottom line is we have been investing in enforcement and separating families for a long time it is time for us to stop doing that and we are pressuring members of congress to defund the agencies because families are being separated at the boarder and internally >> remarkable in 2019 we are separating parents from their children thank you both for joining us tonight coming up, paul ryan left washington, but back on donald trump's mind for what ryan said about trump in a new book. that's next. think all premium fuels are the same?
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those who welcome it with open arms. citi. welcome what's next and so paul ryan will take his place in history as simply the worst. of this country's speakers of the house of representatives he has earned that position in history through unprecedented and unrelenting cowardice at t office that is constitutionally capable of containing and controlling an out of control president, but paul ryan surrendered all of his powers to the trump presidency >> that was lawrence's assessment of paul ryan's tenure on the day he announced he would resign his speakership a new book from politico confirmed what lawrence and many others assumed about paul ryan throughout the first two years
10:41 pm
of the trump presidency, paul ryan disapproved of trump's behavior as president and was simply unwilling to use his office to do anything about it according to newly released excerpts from the book american carnage, ryan left the speakership because he couldn't stand the idea of another two years with president trump the young conservative crusader who tried to raise the retirement age to 70 saw his own retirement at 48 is an escape hatch president trump responded to reports of the comments both twitter and in a conversation with reporters on the white house south lawn >> so paul ryan was not a talent he was not a leader. paul ryan was a lame duck for a long time as speaker he was unable to raise money he lost control of the house the only success paul ryan had was the time he was with me.
10:42 pm
because we got taxes cut i got regulation cuts. i did that mostly without him. but for paul ryan to be complaining is pretty amazing. i remember a day in wisconsin, the state that i won, where i stood up and made a speech and then i introduced him and they booed him off the stage. 10,000 people. >> the only success paul ryan has was the time he had with me. i will talk about paul ryan's sudden change of heard when it comes to president trump comes free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee.
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i haven't seen all of his comments >> the president's lawyer just resigned does that concern you >> i didn't know anything about it i don't know the contents of the conversation >> do you believe the president? >> i didn't see his interview. >> i haven't been looking at twitter. >> that was how the former speaker of the house used to respond to questions about donald trump in a new book out, ryan is letting the world know what he thinks of the president. joining me now is editor in chief of the bull work and msnbc political analyst jennifer ruben is back. charlie, you know, i'm sort of a wonky economics guy and when paul ryan showed up on the scene, i really used to like he always had a board with numbers on it and explains graphs and gets into these conversations.
10:47 pm
i thought that would sustain him. deal with the economics of a conservative congress. what went wrong? >> pretty much everything. donald trump rolled in and crushed all of paul ryan's vision of the party. when you think about it, i'm old enough to remember when he was the intellectual leader and that was cast aside the way you describe t he was the anti-trump he cared about policy and a lot of those things. when push came to shove, he made that he was going to keep his mouth shut and keep his head down and go along with donald trump maybe because he was hoping that some day donald trump would pivot or pay attention to this information. maybe he simply thought it was worth it to make that bargain in order to get the tax cuts. the reality is his legacy is badly tarnished.
10:48 pm
i am in wisconsin and trump was in wisconsin and a lot of the republicans and elected officials owe their careers to paul ryan and worked with him for decades. not one defended paul ryan and not one pushed back against donald trump's criticisms. that tells you what happened to the republican party and what happened to paul ryan. >> you are both conservatives and both do not allow your reputations to be tarnished. why is it so hard? why is it so hard for conservatives like paul ryan and others like him who have read conservative work and understand conservative economics and get out and make an argument in favor of it? why couldn't they do that and push trump aside >> they could have done it at various junctures before he was elected. after he was elected, several things happened.
10:49 pm
as charlie said, they thought this guy is not so bad we can get deregulation and tax reforms. we will be pleased with the crumbs these people are squared of their own shadow they live to be reelected a comment was all around him, republicans in new england either retire or they die. neither one seems interesting to her. does that speak volumes that you have been willing to keep your vote to keep the same job year after year that unfortunately is the reality. >> remember the remember after
10:50 pm
the recordings on the bus. paul ryan looked like a guy with a spine. >> he did. he did something extraordinary he disinvited the president, the nominee from his own event, and told reince priebus we have to get him off the ticket and had a conference call where he said i'm done with him. that was a decisive moment but not decisive in the way a lot of us thought it would be this is -- a lot of people don't like to hear but the tragedy of ryan, republicans caved into donald trump, who they compromised their values and their principles but what makes ryan different is he knew better he always knew who donald trump was. he knew what donald trump was all about. he was privately disgusted about it he didn't have a different opinion than jennifer and i had about donald trump so in a lot of ways, his is the most disappointing and hard to
10:51 pm
defend >> thank you for joining me tonight. we'll be back with richard engel what it looks like on trump's other side of the trade war with china. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection.
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bad breath, oral irritation. i like to recommend biotene. biotene has a full array of products that replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. it makes patients so much happier. president trump continues to repeat the lie china is paying tariffs to complete the aid he's designated for u.s. farmers. >> we are doing great with farmers now in a lot of ways one way is we're giving $16 billion out of all the tariffs we're collecting we're collecting tens of billions of dollars from tariffs. they never paid us ten cents >> we don't collect tariffs from china. countries don't pay tariffs.
10:55 pm
consumers that buy imported tariffs pay tariffs. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel traveled across china witnessing a country looking to make it's mark as the 21st century super power and how china is challenging the united states in global dominance in technology and trade. >> to see what fuels that sense that china is on the rise, i'm heading to one of the most dynamic new cities and i got to ride on china's new high-speed rail network one of my fellow travelers happened to be a lawyer named sandy. >> we number one in the world. >> leader of the world >> of course, why not? >> what happens to the u.s.? >> number two. >> number two?
10:56 pm
>> why not >> no one champions that message more than president xi the capizhapelization allows the roll out projects and none is bigger than the so-called belton road initiative. it's a massive infrastructure project that spans multiple continents you might call it a silk road for the 21st century >> the united states clearly needs to keep an eye on the belton road. there are geopolitical motivations and economic motivations and maybe military motivations that's entirely legitimate concern out there >> joining me now, good treat is nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel. when you talk about infrastructure and development, talking about china and eastern europe, they are talking about china. when you go anywhere and talk about 5 g, they are talking about china.
10:57 pm
we are obsessed with china and trade. they are playing a bigger game than we are. >> i think a lot of people would say president trump is focused in the smallest of terms and in the shortest of possible time frames he wants to get a better deal and get the chinese to buy more agricultural products >> which is not a bad goal >> but china thinks we're looking to dominate the future and working to develop these massive infrastructure projects. the belton road initiative we just talked about not a very original name but a very important project. it is setting up infrastructure projects all over the world, roads, bridges, ports, commercial terminals not inside china but all the countries that china wants to trade with. >> china is paying for people's infrastructure to get access to goods and markets. >> and bring them back to beijing. all roads lead to rome now all roads will lead to beijing
10:58 pm
>> you're on a train you can get from beijing to shanghai in four hours that's the distance between new york and chicago or new york and atlanta you can barely get between those places on a plane. >> push a button, you go flat. you can move through the isles without getting jostled around >> that's just an accessible version of infrastructure. they see themselves as the builders of the world. >> not only are they building these projects, the way they are set up is generally loaning the money to these countries to build the projects with ferocious terms should they default. pick a country in -- an african country or country in southeast asia the chinese will come in and build the roads and commercial port but should they not pay it back, they have to seize an enormous amount of rights and responsibilities back
10:59 pm
to china some say china is building an empire laying the foundation for a new silk road chyna is smart to do this. other empires and countries have done this including china in its own past the question is president trump right to focus on agricultural goods and focus on trade while this larger rivalry is - >> i got 30 seconds. is china able to wait out america's political ambitions in terms of trying to get this deal through because they don't actually face elections the same way we do. >> yes in the 30-second answer they can and are counting on it they see right now this moment is a strategic opportunity while the u.s. is divided, its attention is focused elsewhere and proven that you can manipulate the political system from the outside they do see this as an opportunity for china not to just attain global pole
11:00 pm
position but retain what china sees as the natural historic place. >> looking forward to seeing the whole thing. thank you for joining me you can watch richard's full report on sunday 10:00 p.m eastern. tonight haunting images of the president staring at caged men being held by the united states reporters describing the sight, the smell, the it migrant stories of being denied basic hygiene while sleeping on concrete also the president loses another cabinet secretary. alex acosta is out the latest fallout from sexual predator and long-time friend of trump, epstein and this gets more serious with reports that president trump is mewling over the firing of our director of national intelligence


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