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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm jo ling kent in new york at msnbc headquarters, 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 a.m. in the west. breaking news, the gulf coast bracing for what barry could bring. we're live in the path of the storm and the rising waters. they were told to drink out of a toilet bowl. i believe them. >> we do have a crisis at our border. it is one of morality. >> why are we not funding i.c.e. so we have a place to be able to put people when they come through border patrol. >> outrage on capitol hill about migrant detention centers. plus, what happened when the vice president toured a
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facility. and speaking out on the eve of highly publicized i.c.e. raids targeting undocumented immigrants in major cities. we begin right now with breaking news on tropical storm barry, and we have some new pictures just out of how ominous this is looking so far. it's a massive system slowly making its way towards the gulf coast, threatening to hit three states, louisiana, mississippi and alabama. new orleans, for the first time has shuttered all major flood gates in and around the city and barry is packing winds up to 65 miles per hour. the storm is expected to dump 20 inches of rain in some areas and it's already turning up dangerous waters, residents being advised to shelter in place and stay off the roads. mariana joins us from plaquemines parish. thousands of people are being evacuated and you're whipping in the wind there and the water.
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what can you tell us? >> reporter: jo, the wind is picking up considerably. the rain is on and off and as we get closer to sunrise in louisiana, you can see what barry will bring, especially in areas in the southeastern part of the state, like plaquemines parish where i'm standing now. i'm going to step out of the shot to give you a clearer picture of just how fast this water is coming in. this is about 3/4 of a mile away from the body of water. you can see this entire neighborhood is already flooded. i don't know if you can make out this measuring stick that my cameraman is pointing to. that's 4 feet already and this storm isn't even here. and the mississippi river is actually about a half mile in front of where i was standing, and the concern here is you only have one highway in and out of this neighborhood. if the water keeps coming in at this speed, that is likely to get flooded, leaving these residents completely cut off, so this is what people here should
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be expecting. the good news, jo, is that the mississippi river, that fear that it was going to crest at 19, 20 feet overtopping the levees, that is no longer a concern. the river already crested at 16, 17 feet, but new orleans and its surroundings not out of the woods because, again, we're now facing storm surge, flash flooding and historic levels of rainfall, possibly 10 to 20 inches in the area. and again, when you're facing pictures like this, the message to residents is to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, and of course we're going to be here on the ground, jo, throughout the morning and the afternoon keeping you guys abreast as to the latest on this storm. >> mariana atencio stay safe with your crew. we appreciate it. let's go to bill karins. is this story all about the rain? >> the rain and the sub story is
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the storm surge. that's a great example of it. we're getting toward our max storm surge. the storm is about to come on shore. just about at the high tide cycle and we're watching the winds that continue to blow in from the gulf and we got a report from one spot that the storm surge is up to 7 feet. the predictions were for 3 to 6 feet along the southern portions of the coastline of louisiana. a lot of these locations have to be built up higher. usually they have the car garages underneath and the houses up on stilts. there's been a lot of damage from the storm surge but it's a big inconvenience and people are trapped in their homes if they didn't evacuate until the water recedes today or tomorrow. here's the latest on the storm, 65 miles per hour. they think it could be a low end hurricane. 10 miles per hour stronger. that's not too much of a story. a lot of the rain has not been over land overnight, this is been an asymmetrical storm. these bands have filled in here, and you're in for a rainy saturday, far from the center,
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we could deal with flash flooding, southern mississippi and anywhere near the mobile area. here's the latest update from the hurricane center, central louisiana during the day today. landfall around noon or so. that doesn't matter. there's no eye to track. it's mostly just for the history books of when the storm finally came on shore. this is the story as we go through the next 48 hours, once the storm surge starts to go down, and i don't think it's going to be excessive damage from that. we'll have to wait and see what happens with the rainfall. a high risk of flash flooding, southern mississippi, and just about all of eastern louisiana, including areas of new orleans to baton rouge, to new iberia, morgan city areas, that is the concern. this is where we could see rain bands setting up over the top of you for a day, maybe two days or so, and that's why we have the rainfall totals, this little area of pink with 10 to 15 inches, someone could get 20 inches of rain. it hasn't rained in the region yet, this is all what's going to happen, and the river forecast
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in this region, do have a lot of rivers getting into major flood stage, not quite the record back in 2016 for some of the rivers in baton rouge, but close enough that a lot of homes could have water in them. communities could be cut off. we have the hurricane warnings in effect. here's some of the strongest wind gusts and this is impressive. this is a buoy station along the coast. that's the first hurricane gusts that i have seen on the map, 79 miles per hour. inland areas, winds are 20 to 30. we're not going to get a lot of power outages with that. down along the coast, if anyone's still riding it out, it's going to be be blowing pretty good. >> we saw that water, that storm surge, what does it mean when the rain starts falling there, how bad will it get? >> the rainfall won't add to this. this is the water from the winds from the gulf of mexico. the storm surge will continue as long as the winds are out of the south. once it moves far enough inland and starts to die off a little
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bit, the water will resecede. if you look behind, all of the houses are on stilts, they use the bottom area for patios, none of the water is getting into areas it's not supposed to, let's put it that way. so again, this is what we expect. the residents that live in this area, this is what they expect too. >> well, bill, i have a bunch more questions for you. we're going to come back to you a little bit later and head back to you in louisiana in a few minutes, and keep you updated on what's happening with barry. meanwhile, startling new images of the crisis at the border as vice president pence toured a detention center in mcallen, texas. this is what he and a group of senators witnessed. they saw 400 men crammed behind fences with not enough room for everyone to lay down, and the pool reporter traveling with the vice president said that it was sweltering hot inside and the stench was so quote horrendous that agents were wearing face
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masks. the detained men said that they were hungry and wanted to brush their teeth. some of them also telling journalists they had been held for 40 days or longer. >> no shower, no shower. we are not a terrorist. >> on twitter, the vice president is blaming democrats for refusing to fund additional bed space. the vice president touring a new holding facility built in may, trying to discredit multiple reports and photographs that showed migrant families and children are being detained in some terrible, horrific conditions. every family that i spoke to told me that they were being well cared for and different than some of the harsh rhetoric that we hear from democrats on capitol hill. our customs and border protection are doing their level best to provide compassionate care to these families in a
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manner the american people would expect. >> this comes as house oversight committee held its hearing with several democrats who visited detention facilities last week testified about what they saw including alexandria ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman. >> this is a manufactured crisis because cruelty, because the cruelty is manufactured. when these women tell me that they were put into a cell and that their sink was not working and we tested the sink ourselves and the sink was not working and they were told to drink out of a toilet bowl, i believed them. what's worse about this is the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities, that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag, that women were being called these names under an american flag. >> joining me now is emily go, a national politics reporter for news day, and abigail tracy, a
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writer for vanity fair. thank you for coming in this morning. you spoke to members of congress, they visited some of the detention facilities last week. what are they telling you, and why is there such a major discrepancy between the white house and what house democrats are saying here? >> yes, when i spoke with congressmen and women last week, what they told me is they thought they were getting a sanitized version of the crisis at the borders. initially, they tried to prevent them from talking to any of the migrants or children that were detained at these facilities. they obviously tried to prevent them from taking photos to document what they saw. congressman juaquin castro, we saw photos from him. he told me that was a courtesy he would not abide by. one of the things seen in terms of discrepancy is, you know, there are a number of these facilities, but i think the thing that the lawmakers who i spoke with want to focus on is we should be paying attention to the worst conditions that are in the facilities, we shouldn't be
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paying attention to the best facilities. one of the things moving forward that they are looking for is an increase in the humanitarian treatment of these individuals, you know, you saw those images of those men at the facility that mike pence visited and they didn't have access to showers. like these individuals should have access to showers. they should have access to food. they should have, you know, good hygiene in these facilities and i think that's one of the things that democrats are really pushing for, and they're focussing on the fact that, you know, we should be paying attention to the worst conditions that are at the cbp facilities, not the best and holding those up as, you know, the standard of care. >> we also, as this is unfolding, the president is confirming the i.c.e. raids are going to start happening tomorrow. officials are warning that disclosing timing could endanger i.c.e. agents and jeopardize the operation, though, so why does the president continue to publicize this? >> because he wants to send a message to preannounce and have advanced billing for raids such as this.
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security experts will tell you, it endangers the safety of i.c.e. agents but also makes the operationle operation less effective because it gives people time to seek sanctuary. the president on the heels of his retreat on the u.s. census rolling back his decision and backing off including a question on citizenship on the census, wants very much a win and a strong message on illegal immigration, especially for his base. >> so let's switch gears now for a second. let's talk about the fall out of the labor secretary. acosta has made the announcement while standing next to the president outside the white house. why did the president choose to put him in that optical situation? >> it's very hard to say but the president in those remarks alongside acosta is speaking very much about how he feels bad for acosta and how he has been treated and mistreated by the press but not saying a word as you'll remember about the
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victims of jeffrey epstein, about the survivors of that whole episode, sending a message that it's not the president's decision to step down, not the president's decision to have another administration official, cabinet official leave under a cloud of scandal but it was his secretary's decision. >> you mentioned with acosta gone trump has had more turnover in his cabinet in the first two and a half years of his presidency, than any of his five predecessors in his first term. how big of a concern is this in terms of governance. >> it's a huge concern. across the government, we have a number of cabinet officials serving in an acting capacity, and what you'll hear from people, who have been in government for a long time is that in these types of situations when they are in an acting capacity, those individuals are acting in a risk averse way. they don't necessarily have the same authority, they don't necessarily have the same respect, and i think one of the
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problems is given the high turnover rate across trump's administration is this is a problem that's snowballing and you know, it isn't just one acting secretary here, another there, it is a huge number of them across the administration and that's a problem and it creates a situation where the government is not and will not function properly until we get individuals who are senate confirmed and permanent in those posts. >> abigail, and emily, thank you so much. we have more breaking news for you right now. at least 26 people are dead following an all night siege on a hotel in somalia. a regional official says americans may be among those killed in the attack which lasted over 14 hours. there is not confirmation of that by the u.s. state department. nbc's matt bradley is following the latest for us from doha. what do you know? >> reporter: this ended just a couple of hours ago. as you mentioned, the number
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stands at 26 dead. that number has been climbing all morning, and officials tell us it could still climb as the day goes on. expect more bad news out of somalia. now, among the dead were prominent local politicians, tribal elders and many foreigners. there are at least two americans thought to be killed. msnbc news is trying to confirm that with the state department. we're going to get you confirmation of whether americans died and their identities. since this attack has happened, el shah backbonal shabab claime responsibility for the attack. they are based in somalia, and they have been terrorizing somalia and neighboring countries like kenya for the past several years. they used to run the place. they occupied the capital of mogadishu and they were ousted by a regional force of african troops and u.s. air strikes. since then they don't hold much
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territory outside of rural areas but they are able to exact punishment against their enemies. in this case, this was a really ripe target because this was a group of local politicians who were based in kismayo which used to be occupied by al shabab. the local government is an enemy of these militants and the meeting was aimed at trying to plan elections coming up in september, and of course al shabab is opposed to elections and the local government. that's why they were targeted. the violent attack shows that even though al shabab has been beaten back, they are capable of exacting terror across the country. >> thank you so much for that detail. we appreciate it. tropical storm barry is closing in on the gulf coast. we're going live to new orleans to see how emergency crews are preparing coming up next. that's one of thousands of prizes in the shell great gas giveaway! fuel rewards members are automatically
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we are back with breaking news on tropical storm barry. it's moving slowly toward the gulf coast, expected to make landfall as a category one hurricane later today. coast guard and national guard troops have flooded and brought their flood response teams in. they're ready to respond at sites all across louisiana and residents have been under a shelter in place advisory since last night. nbc's kerry sanders is joining us now from the city of new
4:22 am
orleans. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, jo, i'm on canal street, and right now, we're not really seeing the impacts of barry, at least just yet. that's a few hours away but to the south down on grand isle, for instance, which on a good day might be a two hour drive but you can't even get there because the roads are closed. they are feeling the impacts, streets are flooded, power is out. there are tornado warnings there all the way up to baton rouge, east of mississippi. people are under the threat here of all types of problems and just remember, because barry is so slow moving, this miserable weather will last until monday morning. >> this morning it's not just the wind. >> with the wind gusts, we know that we're going to lose power. >> but the water, inundating the gulf coast, around new orleans, the flood gates are closed. >> this is the first time in the history of the district that we have had to close every single gate, including on the river due to the river being so high.
4:23 am
>> residents prepare for the worst. >> barry is a dangerous and life threatening storm. >> ready for action, more than 2,000 members of the louisiana national guard and the u.s. coast guard shallow water response teams. along the mississippi river where 8 million gallons of water flow into the gulf of mexico every second, the storm crashing ashore, a big worry. >> it's starting to push the gulf of mexico into basically a clogged drain. >> overnight in st. charles parish, louisiana, temporary pumps moved in to move rain water out. >> until this thing is no longer a threat to our parish. >> ahead of barry, tens of thousands of tourists and convention goers packed up and left town. >> disappointed, upset, uncomfortable. >> go back to where you came from, barry. we don't need you here. >> in myrtle grove, louisiana, a low lying town under mandatory
4:24 am
evacuation, warren lawrence made the dangerous decision to stay put. >> i moved here knowing that when a hurricane comes or high winds come, we're going to have water. >> reporter: and in st. bernard parish, authorities warning anyone who stayed to keep out of the flood waters. >> you will get a knock at your door. you're going to have to deal with us. period, the end. >> reporter: for those who are in the actual impact zone, at this point now it's just a matter of riding it out. joe? >> kerry sanders on the ground for us. stay safe out there. we're going to check in with fema in a half hour on barry expectations and preparations there. thanks again. as i.c.e. officials are expected to begin raiding some of the largest cities across the country tomorrow including chicago and new york, thousands took to the streets across the country to protest these efforts to arrest thousands of
4:25 am
undocumented immigrants. many facing the threat of deportation. joining me now from los angeles, one of those major cities expecting raids is nbc's molly hunter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the eve of those raids, vice president mike pence visited some of the detention facilities down in texas. he said he expected the overcrowding because the system isn't designed for this but he's also firing back at democrats to end the crisis. >> dprabigrabbing on to the chak fence, detainees yelled through the fences, no shower, no shower, they say. this is what vice president mike pence saw in a visit to a detention facility in mcallen, texas. journalists inside described a stench and said men had tears in their eyes. >> we are not a terrorist. >> reporter: earlier the vice president visited a new facility built two months ago in texas
4:26 am
that appears cleaner. >> are you comfortable, are you being well taken care of? >> i couldn't be more impressed at the passionate work our detention facility is doing at this facility. >> reporter: a prime example of why we need to secure our borders. the facility is overcrowded. coming on the eve of mass immigration raids. >> people come into our country illegally, we're taking them out legally. it's very simple. >> reporter: the raids cancelled last month after plans were leaked to the media target at least 2,000 undocumented immigrants in ten major cities, this coulding chica including chicago, miami, new york, here in los angeles. the operation is aimed at immigrants under court orders to leave the u.s. >> are your friends afraid, are your colleagues afraid, is your community afraid? >> i'm afraid. i'm a daca recipient. i.c.e. can pick me up anytime if they wanted to. my family is afraid, my
4:27 am
community is afraid. yes, they're very afraid, but they're not alone. >> across the country last night, a show of support, as so many families prepare for the worst. >>. ♪ ain't going to let no injustice turn us around ♪ >> now, jo, yesterday we spent the day talking with advocates and attorneys doing a lot of outreach, reaching out to immigrant communities in l.a., who are really nervous. everyone has the right to remain silent. no one has to share their immigration status with i.c.e., and no one has to open the door to i.c.e. unless they have a signed warrant from a judge. a lot of really nervous people here in los angeles and across the country. jo. >> molly, thank you so much. great reporting on the ground there. what the federal government can do to help the people of louisiana after barry. that's coming up next. louisiana after barry. that's coming up next. my experience with usaa
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we are back right now with breaking news on tropical storm barry. three states along the gulf coast, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama watching and waiting for it to make landfall. barry is now moving slowly
4:32 am
packing winds of 65 miles an hour. it's getting stronger as it goes along. it is expected to develop into a cat one hurricane by this afternoon. and parts of new orleans are under water. barry is expected to dump about 20 inches of rain total in some areas. tens of thousands of residents are without power, and they're under a shelter in place advisory. and joining me now to look at what is happening on the ground is the acting deputy administrator of the federal emergency management agency, peter gainer. peter, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, jo, thank you. >> what's your main concern about barry, what should people know? >> we don't want to be concerned if we call it a tropical storm or a hurricane. this will be a rain event not only for louisiana and the surrounding states but the entire gulf. it's about life and safety today. if you haven't taken action to prepare yourselves, do it now. the clock is ticking on that. before you know it, you'll have 10 to 20 inches of rain, and
4:33 am
flash flooding, and we want to make sure people are aware of that, and do everything they can to prepare themselves and their family. >> so how do you prepare? what's the best way to go about this? >> the best way is to download the fema app. lots of resources on there to help prepare you and your family. you can also look locally to your local emergency managers, or your state emergency managers for local apps. plenty of resources out there to get you and your family prepared now. >> but if you're not able to download an app or don't have the best connection at this time, what else can you do? >> you can get on the internet,, plenty of resources for being prepared. again, lots of resources out there that you can use today to make yourself and your family more prepared for barry. >> so over at fema, what are you guys expecting to unfold in the next 24 or 48 hours? >> well, again, i think it's, for us, it's a rain event, making sure that people are aware that you're going to see flash flooding. we want to make sure people stay
4:34 am
off the roads. don't put yourself or your family in danger. don't put first responders in danger. stay out of the water. the majority of deaths, 90% of weather related deaths are from flooding and half of those are from people driving their cars into flooded waters. it's dangerous, the water is the threat today, we want to make sure people are aware of that. >> what have you learned at fema from hurricane katrina that you are applying today. >> so we are leaning forward, not only fema but the entire family. one of the things we have done over the past year is commodities, making sure we preposition commodities in and around the region. we have done that the past couple of days, food, water, emergency communications and staff. we are ready to go, answer any needs that any of the states may have when impacted by barry. >> you were also hit with a few natural disaster over the last few months, last few years, and
4:35 am
you did tell the house committee on homeland security that your agency was under staffed by more than 2,000 people. are you concerned that you guys aren't going to have enough responders for this storm? >> not at all. we have plenty of staff out there in the states that are impacted and it's not just fema that responds to these storms. it's the entire federal family. we're coordinating that right now. between the core of engineers, department of energy, weather service, plenty of staff out there making sure that we respond in immediate time and needs of the states or locals. >> peter gainer, you're the deputy administrator over at fema. thank you for your time this morning. >> you're welcome, have a good day. >> thank you. what the vice president saw in texas and what's going to change as a result of that, a member of congress joining me next. a member of congress joining me next
4:36 am
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we're back with more breaking news with tropical storm barry, a large system with about 20 inches of rain. barry expected to strengthen or make landfall as a hurricane later today. let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins. what should we expect at this point? >> a lot of people are watching the tv and seeing pictures of new orleans, this doesn't look like a big deal. the main event hasn't started yet. we're not even seeing heavy rain in the areas most at risk of flash flooding.
4:40 am
this is the storm system, approaching the coastline, it's going 5 miles per hour, it's walking, and has 40 miles to go. just had a wind gust of 82 miles per hour at a buoy station there just off the coast. inland areas are a little less, the winds are starting to pick up, especially the coastal areas. here's the center of the storm, as we go throughout the morning. these are the predicted wind gusts, baton rouge, up to 50 to 60 this afternoon. new orleans in the 50 miles per hour range. the winds are going to pick up, and it will be strong enough to get some minor power outages out of this. as we go throughout the overnight as the storm moves northward, the winds weaken a little bit. here's what our european modes, one of our most reliable computer models does with the storm. this is the area of concern. the area of yellow is heavy rain, the red is torrential rain. there's going to be a band on the east side. it's telling us moderate to heavy all afternoon into this evening. if i keep my hand on the baton rouge area, even as the storm moves northward, this feeder
4:41 am
band stays within this region and our computer is trying to shift it into areas of eastern arkansas, western mississippi, and back over top of baton rouge as we go throughout 7:00 p.m. sunday. that's why we have about a 24 to 48 hour period of torrential rain in the same areas and that's why the greatest concern here, up to 10 inches of rainfall, maybe 20 in the region, baton rouge to right along the border of louisiana and mississippi. the main event is still to come, and i know that's confusing for a lot of people because we have been dealing with this storm for a long time. >> bill karins, thank you very much, we're going to keep an eye on it and stay with you for all those latest details. we appreciate it. we're going to turn to the border crisis, vice president mike pence witnessing firsthand the extreme overcrowding that migrants are dealing with at detention centers as he visited two in texas this week. the vp saw nearly 400 men packed in sweltering cages where some
4:42 am
said they had been detained for more than 40 days. >> what you saw today was that the facility here in mcallen is overwhelmed. i wouldn't take the word of people that are being detained in mcallen for how they're being treated but i'm very confident that they're being provided with shelter and water and food and access to health care and access to hygiene. >> joining me now is representative norma torres. congresswoman thank you for joining me this morning. my first question is the vice president got a look at the crisis unfolding at the centers and he is saying that he wouldn't take their word for the conditions there. what's your response to that? >> good morning, joling, my response to the vice president is he's absolutely deaf to humanity and the issues surrounding the detention of these people. obviously what he saw were overcrowded conditions, the
4:43 am
smell alone should have alerted him that we need to do more, and that this is unacceptable, coming from the world's greatest country. >> now, the vice president is also tweeting last night about his visit. he said it's time for democrats in congress to step up, do their jobs and end this crisis. congress just passed of course a $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package. i want to know what more action is he calling for and are you prepared to help him deliver that? >> i have done everything that i could possibly do since coming to congress in 2015. unfortunately this administration and vice president pence himself has eroded the work that we have been doing in the northern triangle, addressing the issues there, the issues of public corruption, the issues of traffickers that have taken over those governments in those three countries. unfortunately he has decided to look the other way and not pay
4:44 am
attention, and not work with those governments for them to do better. congress has given them almost $5 billion in emergency funding. what have they done with that money? they have transferred that money to once again create this immigration force, this deportation force that is now going into our communities with scare tactics, and are planning to deport over a million people. where are they going to put these people. what are we going to do in our communities with those children that are left behind. those are american citizen children that deserve to have their parent here who is struggling and working and living in our communities and doing everything that they can to attain the american dream. >> well, you did vote against that aid package, i want to be clear, so why is that and what are you going to do to make sure that this problem gets resolved in another way? >> so the issue with the aid package that i think everybody needs to understand is the fact
4:45 am
that we cannot simply give this administration a blank check without giving them specific instructions on how to spend that money. and that is to alleviate some of the hurt that they have caused on these migrants at the border and to bring about assistance that the border agents need. i don't expect border agents to change diapers and bathe babies, absolutely not, but we need facilities that can accommodate the help they need. if you're going to detain babies, and number one, children should not be in a cold jail cell with nothing but an aluminum blanket over them. what kind of a religious person goes into a facility like that, sees those people being held in cages and children behind prison cells and says, this is the best that we can do, and americans should be proud. you know what, vice president, americans are now proud of what
4:46 am
you are doing to those children and thousands of them came out last night, out to vigils across the nation. >> nows representative torres, you also have said the world ought to be outraged by these conditions, you have outlined some of those details. why do you think the vice president is not outraged? >> because he is following the trump agenda. it's hatred against people that look like me, people of color. they do not want to see anymore brown people here, and let me remind the world also, it is not illegal to come and ask for asylum, to seek refuge in the greatest nation in the world and as americans, it is so impulsive that he would go out there and try to create and paint a picture of a loving, care taking group in our southern border, that it isn't what truly is
4:47 am
happening. >> i also know you immigrated to the u.s. from guatemala as a child without your parents, what is it like for you to witness this? >> it is simply heartbreaking, this is so personal to me because i was sent to live in the u.s. to live with my uncle, and this was in the 1970s. you fast forward to today, i would have been one of those children in one of those cold cells and would have been separated because my uncle would not qualify as a legal guardian under these new rules of this administration, and this is what's causing, you know, thousands of children to continue to suffer under, you know, in their hands. they should be with loving relatives around the country who are willing and able to care for them and want to do just that. >> congresswoman norma torres of california, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. president trump losing
4:48 am
another cabinet member, what to make of the farewell, next. to make of the farewell, next ♪
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effect for jackson county in mississippi. residents are being urged to take cover, and barry is also threatening to drench three gulf coast states with up to 20 inches of rain. all of that is expected to make landfall as a category 1 later today. now to an unusual farewell to a trump official. trump and his labor secretary, alex acosta, who is resigning over his 2006 plea deal for jeffrey epstein. joining me now is democratic strategist howard franklin, an attorney and conservative radio talk show host, shondel summer. the president is denying that he
4:53 am
saw a storm coming in the labor department. do you buy it? >> absolutely not. we've seen a number of un unceremonious exits in the white house. you have to shore up whatever is out there. it was time for him to go and i'm glad to see him make this decision. >> shondel, what does the president get when he takes acosta's side? he is obviously someone who is not a fan of jeffrey epstein here. >> i think what he gets is the controversy removed from the subject matter and also from the news. now that the #metoo movement has their victim, he can move on to other issues. there may have been some underpinnings of dissatisfaction by the president with acosta's work. there have been complaints about his slow acting on deregulation and other issues. so i think that although president trump seemed rather
4:54 am
ambivalent about the departure, i think he's happy to have the distraction removed. >> hour, president trump, as we said earlier, he's not shy. he loves those insults. but he stopped at saying he's not a fan. why is he passing up, perhaps, the opportunity to disavow the bad behavior that epstein is accused of? >> he's had plenty of opportunities to disavow bad behavior, and typically when that behavior has reflected or mirrored or on any way parallel ld his o paralleled his own, he has stopped short of calling it out. whether there have been excesses of those secretaries, they might mirror accusations we've heard about the president and the candidate as he's running for office. >> shon derks del, what about a choosing to go out?
4:55 am
are you surprised he's not showing any remorse for his role in that prosecution agreement? wouldn't this be a good time to perhaps do that? >> i don't think that it is a good time to do it ever. he did what he thought was the right thing at the time, and it's really easy to go back and second-guess all these prosecution decisions that they make, but there may have been problems with the evidence. sometimes the environment changes. right now we have sort of an electrified environment when it comes to any allegations of sexual abuse. the #metoo movement has really been counterproductive in that respect because of the fact that there really is no more due process. it's just a witch hunt, quite frankly. >> howard, i want to talk about with acosta gone, he's the, quote, 11th cabinet official to quit or be forced out under some questionable circumstances here. here's a look at where things stand right now in terms of acting positions and vacancies
4:56 am
in top administrations. it's a lot of names, a lot of positions. how unusual is this? >> it's very unusual. it also speaks to an unwillingness or lack of seriousness around governance. i know this particular candidate, now president, fiated that he could do all the things necessary to make the country great again, and i think one of the things he's missed in so doing is actually putting people around him who have got the experience, who have got the commitment to actually working in government and doing what needs to be done. >> howard and chandelle, thank you both for being here this morning. >> thank you. the worst may be yet to come and louisiana gets drenched in the region. important report coming up. in the region important report coming up limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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