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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  July 13, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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top of the hour, which means i'm out of time. i'm alex witt, up next, kendis gibson is going to take over. >> these next few hours will be critical in knowing the true impact of now tropical storm barry. the heaviest rainshowers are expected shortly. life threatening flash floods, will the levees hold? thousands have been' vac u ated ahead of the storm. barry has been downgraded back
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to a tropical storm just within the last hour at this moment. the amount of heavy rain the storm will bring. forecasters expect somewhere between 10 and 20 inches or more. 60,000 people are without power. delta, jet blue, spirit, among the airlines that have stopped service in and out of new orleans at least for the weekend. at this hour, residents who decided to stay behind are told to hunker down. >> i'm nervous about what's going to happen. >> right now i'm at the basics. >> i'm a little nervous, not being from louisiana, i'm from ohio. i don't know what to expect, whatever god has planned, i think i'm ready to do whatever
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is needed to be done. >> whatever god has planned is happening right now, we have team coverage, tracking barry's every move. joining me right now is mariana in plaquemines parish and michelle grossman in the studio with me, at the weather center, you see them in the middle, the lieutenant general commander of the joint task force. he was responsible for coordinating military relief. and we'll get the latest from the red cross. maria, i know you've been getting hit all day long and you're monitoring the situation, how is it looking right there? >> hurricane barry made landfall west of where i am. plaquemines parish is about 40 minutes southeast of new orleans.
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i'm on the third floor of a fire station. when you have the governor of louisiana in the press conference saying, this is now a flood event, this is what he's referring to. as that storm sturj, you have the flash flooding, and water has nowhere to go. water that locals are going to have to pump out for the next couple days. that's the perfect cue to bring in the governor of plaquemines parish. what is your immediate concern right now, you just got off the phone with the governor, do you have any updates for our audience? >> we're hoping this levee holds up and we sustain overtop, the governor -- they're all going to be patching some larger holes south in point celeste and flood fighting there. we just hope that these levees hold up. if the levees fail, this highway will be inundated pretty quickly. >> when he refers to this highway, it's only one highway
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in and out, people here are going to get cut off. >> what is the plan for the next couple days? >> something that people need to realize is, normally when the highway floods, they bring them in and out on the mississippi river levee. with the river so high, that's too dangerous, with the water up that's a dangerous thing, they will be stuck in south plaquemines. if this levee fails, it will be several days before they're able to pump this water out. >> you're from this area, you have worked here your whole life. give us some perspective, hurricane katrina came by in 2005, now you only have your temporary levees? >> right. >> there's only two sections here that haven't started construction, as you go up and down the highway, you'll see brand new levees, we worked that. we need to fast track and get these levees finishedp. >> thank you so much. what we've been hearing from locals, after katrina, there was a big effort to build levees
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around new orleans, the southern part of louisiana, places like plaquemines parish were left with temporary levees, and now people are paying the price when these storms come through. kendis? >> plaquemines parish located 70 miles northeast of new orleans. we hope the levees hold right there where you are now. louisiana governor gave us an update on tropical storm barry. mentioned that it has been downgraded and all of their forces are out, trying to make sure that everybody is safe. they do have some rescue crews out there, checking on the latest situation. right now we want to get the latest on where the storm is it tracking. in the last hour, we just got downgrade downgraded to a tropical storm. >> in the last few minutes, that
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tells us it finally made lawful. it's a big storm and it took a while to get there. the official landfall has happened, we're looking at a strong tropical storm, 70 mile per hour winds. this isn't a wind story with barry. really, this is the rainmaker, it's been a strange storm for the past few days, we've seen a ton of rain over the gulf waters, this is now finally making its way inland. this will be the main stage over the next several days. you see these darker colors, bands coming on shore, the oranges, the reds, those are the buckets of rain, the downpours they're going to see over the next 24 to 48 hours, causing problems for many. also parts of arkansas. let's go ahead and move toward the left here, and take a look at some of the storm path. it's a slow moving storm, five miles per hour, some of us can walk as fast as five miles an hour, it's going to move ever so
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slightly. that's bad news when you have lots of moisture. that's why we're expecting up to 25 inches of rain in some spots. let's look at the flash flood watch. memphis, you're included in this, tennessee is not out of the woods, little rock, new orleans, again, we're worried about new orleans for a while. the track kind of shifted to the westerly this morning. our biggest problem will be in baton rouge, 2016 we had a lot of problems there. 10 to 15 miles per hour. we're going to see that once again. look at these numbers. it's hard to grasp or put your head around. 17 17.5. the last reading was 18.5. that's a lot of rain in one spot. 2.8. i want to focus on your colors
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here, your moderate is your pink, the lighter pink, that's high risk of flooding, flash flooding, life threatening flooding. you want to stay indoors, listen to every warning. water can take you away quickly. we're going to see buildings going down, houses and cars being washed away. wind gusts, we want to talk about this again. there's a lot, tens of thousands without electricity right now, we're talking no sump pumps, no electricity, we're talk iing ai conditioning being out. wind gusts from 22 to 26. that's where the storm is, at 60 miles per hour, we'll see the wind gusts picking up. baton rouge, 80 mile an hour wind gusts is expected this afternoon. that's a saturated grounds, so no doubt we're going to see centuries coming down. jackson 35 miles per hour as well. this lasts through tonight even through tomorrow morning. it's not something we're going to talk about for a few hours.
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we're talking about two days worth of rain. this rain has to go somewhere, we're going to see it trickle into the creeks, streams, rivers, and that's where we get the problems, we're going to see major construction in some areas. this is what the radar looks like over the past three hours, you see the bands, the darker colors, that's where we're looking at. we're going to see the threat for tornados. you see those winds shift around and that could cause the potential for some land falling tornados. last six hour loop, we're starting to see these bands come on shore. we're going to watch this over the next several days, where those bands are setting up over the next several days, and we're going to see many spots, not just the tennessee valley, not just the gulf coast, not just the ohio valley, this will be a storm by thursday and friday into the northeast where we're seeing that, flash flooding possible, 2 to 3 inches per hour in some spots. this is the gfs, this is a lot of different models.
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we're kind of leaning toward the gfs, we're leaning in this bull's eye, where you see the pinks, that's about 5 inches, the lighter pink is 10 inches, we could expect up to 25 in some spots. you want to heed the warnings as you head out. later on through today. certainly on monday. once again, three inches per hour. i cannot say how much i respect the levee, everyone in charge of those levees, they had a pretty good handle on it. they have to be the best levees they've ever had had. storm last night shifted to the west. central louisiana into mississippi will become the bulls eye. >> i guess the silver lining of it being flood lever. mississippi river being flood level since february. they've been out there on those
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levees every day to see if there were problem spots. >> there was a projection of 20 and now we're down to 17. 20 is flood level. there's good news, where it was 2 to 3 inches below what was expected, so we don't expect the mississippi to flood. >> we'll check back to you, michelle grossman. >> let's move on to lieutenant generous sell honorae. i'm sure you're going to be hit pretty hard. they expect your area to get up to 18 inches of rain. how significant is this storm and how should residents be prepared? >> you should be prepared. you should be prepared for the lights to go out. the fact that this is no longer
11:12 am
a hurricane, it's equally as dangerous, your gusts could happen, tornados could happen, disregard as far as your preparedness, that it's just a thunderstorm. with one exception to what the lady said, that new orleans dodged a bullet. they dodged a bullet for the worst case scenario of the mississippi flooding the city. they have not dodged a bullet for the potential of 1 to 2 food of rain. the people in new orleans, we're still the city is still subject to flood. we see it's happening in plaquemines paris. >> the straight lines and bends coming through, will turn your power out. losing your electricity is a disaster into itself. that's a problem. then the flooding that will happen within the next 24 to 36
11:13 am
hours as the storms come through places like baton rouge, den man springs, lafayette, new orleans. new orleans you got to pump the water out. when it goes through lafayette, baton rouge and hammond, and denman springs, as a storm pass s and the water stops, the water is willed back through those cities as it tried to make its way out of those areas. when the rain stops, there will be a chance of flooding from the back flow that will be trying to make its way to the gulf. that's the danger i see in the coming days. >> a lot of people saying this is not danger. it's something that that area will be dealing with, beyond louisiana, many is miss as well as parts of alabama. you mentioned the one to two feet possible of rain.
11:14 am
you get a sense that people in new orleans are in danger. should they have evacuated? >> i think with good reason with prudent metrics they looked at. they made a good decision. sheltering in place, comes at a risk. we saw it when the mayor of houston decided to shelter in place during harvey. he didn't want to risk the evacuation and people getting stuck on the highway. that's a risk the politician take takes. they do it with a lot of advice from a lot of people. we, based on the information we have, now that the river is stabilized, the mississippi river, now, the impact of the rain is going to be a big hit. we talked much about -- offshore, lake pontchartrain the
11:15 am
water is flowing, and continuing to push into lake pontchartrain. you have many streams and bayous that come into the lake pontchartrain. when you do that, when the rainwater comes, there's no place for the flooding to go. we did not see this during katrina because of the surge. >> that's alarming, a lot of people will be taking note of the high tide. our thanks to lieutenant generous sell honorae. the damning new information in a sex abuse case. how much he paid to keep potential witnesses quiet. our coverage continues on the back end of now tropical storm barry, moving inland. within the last couple hours, we'll go to the national hurricane center for a closer look at the flood threat and where the storm goes from here.
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we're back with our continuing coverage of barry. the slow moving storm, expected to crawl its way up louisiana. however, parts of alabama and mississippi, the young guard -- mobile, alabama we're showing you right now, already underwater. it will lidger in this part for
11:20 am
a long time. the downpour could affect millions of people in the coming days. joining me right now, an all out effort for you guys, but the sort of stuff you're used to, what are you doing? >> right now, we have six -- we're overnight, rather, we have six evacuation shelters, 36 people that came, that's going to be a fluid number on both sides, we'll have more shelters available, and obviously more people. once the storm hits, we'll make decisions. we'll determine where the shelters need to be. >> there are many of those people who have been evacuated. >> i think the number was a little lower, knowing how you
11:21 am
had a mandatory evacuation. we want to have those ready whether it's one person or 1,000 people that need their shelter. that's our role to make sure that everyone has a safe place to go. >> you've covered these storms over the years, you're familiar with this part of the country. they've had some pretty big storms within the last 10 or 15 years. do you get the sense that folks are heeding the warnings than they were say 10 years ago? >> i don't want to compare, especially specifically here to new orleans. i will say that it's really quiet here right now, we're downtown, i don't know if you can see that's city hall inhood me. there's a not a lot of people out, there's a few people walking around, the streets are quiet, you don't see a lot of cars or people walking around. ily that's a good sign. sheltering in place, if you're here, that's the best thing you can do. >> thank you, jay. appreciate the work that you guys are doing with the american red cross.
11:22 am
you mentioned that nobody's really walking around, i want to show you this live shot of bourbon street right now. if we can show you new orleans. normally on a saturday, bourbon street would be popping in the middle of the day. they were supposed to have a huge convention there today. they all got out of town. most of them yesterday, heeding the warnings, knowing the storm was coming. bourbon street has been fairly quiet. it's not been an easy storm to track. ken is joining me now. can you hear me? >> i can hear you perfectly. >> where is the storm right now? it made landfall within the last couple hours, where is it moving? >>. >> real slow storm. you can see the center on the
11:23 am
radar here the winds are there, still gusting and sustained at 17 miles an hour, it's not your textbook case or textbook look at what a hurricane would look like, look at all this rain, some of these areas have seen rain bands along the mississippi coast and mobile all day. it's going to be a big rain event. >> in the next 24 hours, where is it -- it's a life threatening storm. >> in the last three years, 83 fatalities has been with the inland flooding. it's areas that are going to see the heavy rain, 100 miles away, mobile, and even the mississippi coast, the rain has been sitting there for hours and hours and hours. look at the rainfall forecast, we're looking at 10 to 15 inches of rain, any one of those areas, rivers, streams, they're all going to fill up, it's going to
11:24 am
be a dangerous situation. >> some 40 people have died due to flooding this year alone, that said, i'm fascinated by the trajectory of this storm. it wasn't in the gulf as many of the storms are, it was near the tennessee valley, take me back to the track of this particular storm. >> it's an interesting case. this was a case of a low pressure trough moving out of the area, some thunderstorms built around, you start to see some rotation. the history of this storm came out of the tennessee valley in georgia, and eventually we have a hurricane.
11:25 am
it's a tough forecast, but 48 hours ago, we only are about 34 miles off in the track forecast. it's been tough but we've been on it the best we can. >> you guys nailed it, it's one of only four storms, hurricanes that started in the gulf. to hit land here in the united states as long as you guys have been tracking this sort of stuff. we continue in the meantime, right here to track hurricane or what was hurricane harry. downgraded to a tropical storm, packing winds of around 65 miles an hour, it will be with us for several more hours and days. after the break, live reports from the ground as the storm continues to make its way through the north.
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we're back with breaking news, torrential rains, severe flooding in plaquemines parish, about an hour and a half southeast of new orleans. they could see double-digit rainfall amounts by the time it's all over with.
11:30 am
just south of new orleans, the mayor reporting floodwater coming over the levees in a few spots. crews are working to stop it, the rescue efforts are ongoing, they've closed the port of new orleans. they've rescued at least 11 people and two pets in one parish there, about an hour and a half southwest of new orleans. kerry sanders? >> reporter: some anxious moments. folks are curious how this is going to play out. getting a break right now, because the rain has stopped for a moment. there are floodwaters and specifically down in myrtle grove, there's a great amount of concern. the homes themselves are built to with stand that sort of
11:31 am
flooding. the homes are on stills and the stills are high. so the first floor is 17 feet up. it means people are cut off, electricity is cut out. some people have cell phone service there, which is good, a few people decided to stay, and, of course, they're watching closely the levees, you have water to come on the mississippi side and the bayside. one of the things they've attempted to do is to get these really large sandbags and place them over the drain because oddly when there's a flood, the water comes up the drain rather than going down the drain. the concern is loss of electricity. they're rushing over with their
11:32 am
generator to get gas going. they were surprised. they didn't think they were going to be impacted at all. really what this explains is a very disorganized category 1 hurricane has impacted places that some people didn't expect and other places where they say we did expect it, and we're dealing with it. >> one of the courses has been the shelter center, this looks like things are going to be relatively okay. still ongoing, slow moving, and the impacts are going to be felt well into monday morning because of the speed that this hurricane with 75 mile an hour sustained winds is moving. >> did you get a sense that most residents heed that warning? >> here's the challenge, when
11:33 am
you give a mandatory evacuation, people can decide they have their own independent thought and they don't want to evacuate the government does not come by and put you in handcuffs and pull you out, we're telling you, for your health, and also, because the authorities don't want to put their own teams in any sort of danger because someone decides to stay back. but the majority of people decided to leave. a police chief says 600 people decided to stay put, grand isle is put off. the highway is underwater, it will take some time for it to drain out. the homes are on stills, when you have enough food, water and you have the patience to wait it out. there's a real problem when people decide to stay. if they have a medical emergency, no one can get to
11:34 am
them. the police and fire really say, get out. there's not much we can do for you when there is an emergency. thus far, no indications of any 911 calls made by someone who had had an unexpected health effect by maybe even unrelated to the hurricane. >> and that's a good thing right now, there are many forecasts saying the worst is yet to come with this storm. as you look at that radar, right there, if we can pop it up a little bit bigger, to give you a perspective of where the low is spinning off to the right and lower hand corner of that is where kerry sanders is, louisiana kind of looks like a boot in some ways, and kerry's down there at the front of that boot, the low lying area, they're getting hit by a lot of rain right now with a lot more to come.
11:35 am
>> thank you for being here. >> earlier we saw bourbon street. a lot of people have been told to stay indoors. what are the conditions in your city. >> it's a bit of a gloomy day and that's about it. we haven't had a lot of rain bands coming through, we had a couple overnight, they were fairly weak. high winds, not really tropical storm winds yet. we've been lucky so far, what it seems like a lot of the rain and the weather has been to the east of us, along gulfport and some of the mississippi coast and alabama coast. they've been dealing with plaquemines and a little further west than us.
11:36 am
new orleans is sitting fairly pretty so far. we're waiting for to see what comes through in the next several hours, late in saturday, and into sunday. it's more about what's sitting over top of us, and dumping a good amount of rain. >> it's really a test of the levee system. we should point out, what you were watching moments ago, that was in far away alabama. you get a sense of how far reaching the impact of this storm, whipping up those waves and creating some interesting scenes that we don't warrant to go anywhere near. >> i know some people left town. there was a major convention being held there this weekend. did you get a sense that a lot of people left. whether these gates would stick?
11:37 am
>> the worry down here was the heavy rains. a pretty big thunderstorm, 7, 8 and one particular area, maybe 10 or 11 inches, within under an hour, and we've been having a lot of big rain events in the city, the issue, as everyone knows, new orleans is below sea level. we have to pump anything that falls into the city of new orleans out of the city of new orleans, and when rainfall comes that quickly, the pumps just can't keep up. i think that spooks a lot of people, they saw this thing developing in the gulf. and they said hey, if i'm in town. things are quiet, i think a lot of people have left.
11:38 am
there doesn't seem to be a sense of panic or a huge sense of urgency in the city. what people are used to are tropical storms and hurricanes coming through. people know how to prepare and they do prepare, and so this wasn't a category 2, 3 or 4 that was barring down on the city. people took precautions they did what they were supposed to do ahead of a storm, while you're going through the storm which is part of a situation that we're in right now they stay off the streets, and watch tv and hope their power didn't go out. >> people are staying in new orleans right now, they probably have never seen a hurricane like this, i'm talking about the rolling stones who were supposed to have a concert there tomorrow, they said, you know what, we'll just postpone it until monday. and they'll honor all the
11:39 am
tickets. >> they're sticking around, god bless them. everyone was -- there was at least a contingent of people in the city that were more concerned about the rolling stones cancelling the concert. it was something that you heard. they've been in town through this our music person has been finding out where they were. they're in town, they're sticking around for monday. >> the rolling stones are in new orleans weathering this storm. the concert will be on monday. >> it there is other news to tell you about, after the break, allegations of witness tampering against epstein. and the resignation of the labor secretary. ver) relax, it's just a bug.
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the words of nancy pelosi after hearing alex acosta was leaving, thank god. >> it would be selfish for me to stay in this position, and continue talking about a case that's 12 years old, rather than
11:44 am
about the amazing economy we have right now. i submitted my resignation to the president. >> this was him not me. because i'm with him, he was a -- he's a tremendous talent. >> this came one week after acosta's sweetheart deal became public. thank you guys for being here, i want to start with you, this seemed as if it came really quick, the president -- he is out. >> according to the reporting it was secretary acosta's decision for a good reason, not only is
11:45 am
he associated with this epstein case and will be for the president. it was smart politically. he turned in a pretty dismalperformance at that press conference, he didn't do it in a way that i thought would have turned off the president. he wasn't on the defensive, not apologized. his decision to remove himself was surprising. >> even jonathan swan said it surprised him, a couple days ago, he said his sources were saying that acosta was sticking around. shortly after the miami herald
11:46 am
started publishing the deal with acosta and many others. what's the takeaway about this. >> we know that the two recipients, one payment of 250,000 was an identified co-conspirator and a possible co-conspirator. the fact that days after that miami herald expose comes out, epstein is wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who could give damning evidence against him. that is exactly what's going to be harped upon on monday during the bail hearing that's going to be concluded for jeffrey epstein. i predict the federal judge is not going to let him out to house arrest. >> some people are calling this hush money? >> yeah, in terms of jeffrey epstein, he's done it before too.
11:47 am
>> maybe to you, and the political ramifications about all of this, there are a lot of people who to this day have no idea who jeffrey epstein is. does this have any sort of impact beyond washington and the political circles? >> secretary akosz ta has some troubled waters ahead. he knows that this is now being handled in new york. and the prosecution is being handled not in the trapping division but the corruption division. there are many cases that more will come, and i think the secretary knew he would be in worse trouble later on, and that's why he left now that
11:48 am
means there's more trouble for donald trump. bloomberg has talked a lot about this on air. he has a long association with epstein. i think this is going to be a situation where the democrats take advantage as revelations come out of this on the campaign trail. they're a white powerful man's justice, it's a perfect description -- a descriptive tail that he was this pedophile who was friends with a past president. it's hard to see this situation going away, donald trump is not the center of this story, but he's certainly in this story. >> you get a sense that both parties are all the same mind-set that they don't want anything to do with this situation. >> i can't imagine why anyone would. this is a convicted sex offender, and the allegations
11:49 am
against him now is obscene. he owned a club in florida, where one of the victims was recruited by this abuser, this very troubled and disturbing individual. so i can't imagine why anyone would want too associate themselves with this case. the president is going to have a difficult time disassociating himself with it. quite a few people with a lot of influence and a lot of money who are plugged into both democratic and republican establishments are going to find themselves in uncomfortable positions in the coming months. >> do we think there are people in high places? >> absolutely. >> it's not just the trafficking unit that's looking at it. >> it was the interesting thing when they arrested him last saturday in new jersey. a lot of people took notes to that. thank you, guys.
11:50 am
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we continue to track tropical storm barry. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm yet again. the center of the storm swirling right there, about the town of new liberia. that's where the center of it is. the rain bands extend all the way to the left, to the east to pensacola and some pretty strong rain bands that are making their way inland at this hour. the storm is going to be with us for several days. take a look at the track that many of the forecasters are saying, by 7:00 p.m. tonight, it's barely moved and still with winds of 65 miles an hour. up near arkansas with 30 mile an hour winds. there are plenty of flash flooding emergencies right now, and more names that have been placed right now, this is a city of morgan city. this is even before the real power of tropical storm barry came into shore and it's already flooded. really quickly right now, let's go to new orleans and the
11:55 am
resident there, you're a realtor there and lifelong new orleans resident the. when you heard this storm was coming, your reaction, not again? >> not really, it was more of a -- let's watch and see, and you get as ready as you can. i don't deem it necessary, so you just prep -- the meeting keeps saying, hunker down. you did hunker down and make it through hurricane katrina. whenever you do hear storms like this, how worried do you guys get? >> i think for people that are lifelong natives, we don't get as worried about these smaller storms, the concern of the river height was out there for everybody. but as the storms were downgraded and we weren't looking at quite as much water, you have to put a little faith in the army corps of engineers and hope for the best. >> many are saying there's still
11:56 am
a possibility of pretty bad flooding in the new orleans area. what have the conditions been like over the last few hours, have they gone down hill a little bit? >> not at all. we're windy, with a little bit of drizzle here and there, some sections of new orleans have seen a little bit of sunshine today. we're waiting and watching. >> as we take a look at that radar, you can see there's a lot more rain to go for you guys, and you have had a pretty rough week when it comes to rain. leslie there in new orleans, i appreciate your time. thank you. still ahead right here, house cities across the country are preparing migrant families for tomorrow's immigration raids.
11:57 am
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good afternoon, everyone. we begin this hour with the breaking news, out of louisiana, in a matter of minutes, barry went from a category one hurricane to a troep cal storm downgraded just within the last couple hours, for that matter. barry made landfall moments ago, near the intracoastal city. residents still face the risk of dangerous storm surges, heavy rain and strong winds, the storm now pushing inland but very slowly moving northwest right now. we have team coverage.
12:01 pm
lieutenant general the member of joint task force louisiana. nbc news meteorologist who is here and tracking the storm at this hour. we want to begin with march anya atensio who is in plaquemines parish. >> plaquemines parish is east of where this storm made lawful as a category one hurricane. i've been taking these images to our viewers since about 6:00 in the morning today, i want to show you how deep into the city this water has gotten. the water is about a mile to my left. the first body of water, the concern in places like plaquemines parish, is this water is going to reach the highway, and flood the own will highway in and out of this area.
12:02 pm
to my right, over that -- the other side of the street rather, is the mississippi river that's why this area is under mandatory evacuation, a lot of people heeded the evacuation warnings, but talking to the authorities, talking to the sheriff the president of the parish tell me, the storm has passed us, we can go out and go about our day. they're urging residents, you do not want to be caught in waters like this, we're seeing flooding and we're seeing, as you can see these winds that pick up and you get caught in one of these wind gusts, you do not want to put yourself or your family in that kind of situation. >> i know they had a mandatory evacuation there, and it seems as if you guys have hit a lull right now. have the authorities been out trying to survey the damage that area has sustained?
12:03 pm
>> the levees are going to be breached. the speed at which the water is coming. already at the area of myrtle road, there was one temporary levee that is breached. that is what is concerning authorities right here. what i keep hearing over and over from authorities and locals is that after hurricane katrina, there were levees and a million dollars of a levee system placed around new orleans, but the southern part of louisiana where i'm standing now, that was not fixed with permanent solutions, and residents now are urging the federal government and urging their authorities we need to have this problem fixed beyond this storm with other storms in the future. >> they tried to fix it, and they believe they had fixed all of the levees and the issues up
12:04 pm
near new orleans. the lower lying areas, where you are, some 80 miles southeast of new orleans are still very very tender area. can we pop up the radar quickly, so people get a big sense of where the storm is at this hour? >> it made landfall as we mentioned just about two hours ago, it is over the town. the town of baton rouge could get up to 18 inches of rain by the time all of this is over, luckily, lieutenant generous sell honorae is there, but he knows the logistics. >> good to be with you. we spoke about possibly new
12:05 pm
orleans maybe getting still over a lot of rain the next couple hours. you were there for katrina, you let a lot of the efforts to make sure that city got back on ground. is that city safe now for a storm like this? >> thanks for the compliment, but we had a lot of help, the local people did all the good we brought in all the assets to help them. i think the city is safe. you know, we have mother nature does things to us just last week, we had a major earthquake on the west coast. mother nature is going to speak out, she's speaking a little louder here in the south coming up the gulf of mexico, with rain events. some of that contributed to climate change. this is not a time to talk about it, i think it's time for us to talk about it.
12:06 pm
we've seen certain things with our weather patterns, with a storm that came out of the midwest came down the panhandle, jumped in the gulf of mexico and headed to the midwest. it's time for us to talk about what's causing this, on the other hand, the storm at hand i strongly recommend people listen to the government. treat this like the effects of a hurricane, because 70 mile an hour winds, you knocked down a lot of trees, it will turn the power off, and the right front of the storm, includes baton rouge and new orleans. still could get a foot and a half of water, maybe up to 2 feet. when that waterfalls the next day you're going to get more water in your community as it tries to back flow toward lake pontchartrain and back toward
12:07 pm
the mississippi delta. >> they don't expect it to crest until wednesday. it will be less than 20 feet. >> no doubt, nobody in the big easy is out of it at this point. >> all that said, general, as you're taking a look at this, you mentioned a little earlier, that there's a potential for severe flooding within new orleans itself? >> absolutely. you know, they have a pump system that can handle so much -- an inch and a half. >> do you have a septic 12i78? >> yes, i do, they have done a lot of work on it, if you exceed the numbers i've just told you, there will be parts that are going to flood. it floods regularly, in terms of street flooding. in the case of wednesday, we had a two hour period the place is flooded on wednesday, that did not flood during katrina.
12:08 pm
it's the sliver along the river, because of rainfall. so we -- new orleans is still in danger of flooding, from rain it's always in danger of flooding with these bands on the right front of tropical storm barry, we could get a lot of rain tonight. i hope they don't, but it could happen, as well as the north shore lake pontchartrain could see a lot of effects of surge water, pushing into the ka nails dumping into lake pontchartrain. >> we're going to have to leave it there. >> the north end being the dirty side of this storm this has been a fairly lopsided storm. let's hope that baton rouge is mostly spared. you can see where the storm is, let's get over to michelle grossman.
12:09 pm
>> we've been talking about it for days. we're going to see how this is coming together. let's give you the latest on the storm, it's a strong tropical storm it's not the headline there. we're not talking about the winds, i know we talked about 70 mile per hour wibds. could bring down trees, knock out the electricity, really, it's all about the rain and this is what we're going to watch over the next several days. we're starting to see those training bands. by that i mean the rain going over the same spots. this season the going to race out of here it's moving at 5 miles an hour. biloxi, you're getting the same story, heavy rain, oranges, yellows and green. that's a little lighter. showers for days and days this is the track we expect to get.
12:10 pm
we're going to start to see the winds decrease as we go through the north. as we go through time, we're not very far, we'll eventually make its way into the tennessee valley. eventually by thursday or friday, in the northeast, a lot of us in for some rain over the next several days. flash flood watch includes a lot of cities, we're going to see buckets of rain over the next several days. the system started in kansas, went to the south, got a bigger engine in the gulf, now we're going to move back to the north and we're seeing very powerful systems and a lot of moisture with it. you are all in on this, you're looking at tennessee, arkansas, mississippi, a lot of states involved louisiana of course. additional rain, these are numbers that are going to cause a lot of problems. the bull's eye being baton rouge, we're going to have a lot
12:11 pm
of money being spent on cleaning up on the next several days. we're going to see the rain over the next 48 hours. monday, tuesday, wednesday, going into the creeks, streams and rivers, we're going to see the destruction. we're seeing roofs being pulled off buildings, we're really stressing this is life threatening over the next several days, for today, the rainfall rates, 2 to 3 inches per hour, that's a lot of rain no matter where, no matter where you are. we're looking at the colors here, where you see this pink, that's the high. baton rouge, new orleans, over the next -- tonight into tomorrow, and jacksonville, also alexandria. >> we want to talk about the winds, we're not focusing on this as much as the rainfall, still a problem. especially with the wet grounds, we've seen power outages, tens of thousands without electricity. that will be the case as we go through the next 48 hours as well. 54 mile per hour wind gusts,
12:12 pm
we're going to see the winds gusting up to the north. we're seeing a 66 mile per hour wind gust in baton rouge, by later on tonight, the sun goes away, we could see power outage, we're going to watch the chance for tornados. once that system moves on like it did. it could create the potential for some tornados. we're going to continue to watch that. jackson. haysburg, 34. tomorrow morning, you're waking up to pretty windy conditions, greenville, 40 miles per hour, hattys berg, 26. baton rouge, seeing gusty winds, getting a little better. we're going to watch the winds. we're going to watch the rain bands over the next several days. >> couldn't help but note that total you had there for the city of baton rouge itself. 17.5 inches of rain by the time this is all over.
12:13 pm
remarkable stuff right there. thank you, we'll see you shortly and get an update from you. the center of the storm is over new eye beer ya, what are you guys doing on the groubed right now? >> we have evacuation centers available in louisiana and mississippi, we're allowing individuals to come to seek shelter, we want individuals to take the warning signs and seek shelter and make sure that although you can see behind me it's very calm, there has been rain sporadically coming in and out. we want individuals to keep inside and make sure they're prepared. we will be seeing a lot of rain and flooding. >> it's probably too late for many people to leave their homes, and seek shelter, i
12:14 pm
assume the advice is to hunker down at this point? >> yes, absolutely, make sure that individuals are hunkering down, make sure you have all your power outages, and make sure you're aware of all the charges batteries, for your cell phone, make sure you have enough food for three days, water. there's power outages, can you not leave your home, it's a brilliant point that people want to hunker down, make sure you are updated with any kind of weather alerts or any kind of tornado warnings, we had one earlier this morning around 120k 00 a.m. that woke us up. be aware of those alerts and make sure to watch local media, and be aware of all that information that's coming out. >> there will be more of those alerts as this storm continues to churn ever so slowly to the northeast. rebecca, from the american red cross, thanks to you. i want to make note of a couple other things, so we do know that
12:15 pm
there have been a lot of power outages, more than 100,000 customers, it could be each customer has a family of four, so there could be hundreds of thousands of people that are without light as a result of the storm, that number has grown by tens of thousands since i've been on air in the last hour and 15 minutes, we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation there, and tropical storm barry as it makes its way north. still ahead right here, protests are growing as mass ice raids are expected to target at least 2,000 immigrant families starting tomorrow. this as the vice president gets a firsthand look at the dire situation at the border, will his visit have any influence on the administration's approach to the crisis? chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
12:16 pm
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12:19 pm
already taking place an ice raid. the new york city mayor tweeting, received reports of attempted raids. this comes as people all across the country take to the streets to protest. our own hans nichols is live from the white house right now, and hans, what exactly is the status of the ice raids as we know. is it still part of a plan to go into effect tomorrow? >> the latest information from the president came on friday. these would be major operations. he said the plan was to take
12:20 pm
place and have them take place starting sunday. there could be a little bit of give around the edges there. the president giving an indication that he says he wants to go after criminals that overstayed their visas. this is the smaller number, the president used the terms of a couple of thousand not the million millions millions highs talking about in the past. and we'll see to what extent they'll make any exceptions. the press conference friday is more of a south lawn departure moment. he will make exceptions for family members of those serving in the military. so you get the idea this is a work in order. >> talk quickly about the vice president's visit to the detention center last night, we've seen the optics of it, the
12:21 pm
vice president walking in there for about 90 seconds and then walking out, all those men crowded hin behind the stages. the stench which we felt. is that the optics the white house wanted? >> they want an honest picture. they want to show what they think is the overcrowding and the crisis to use their language at the border. what pence saw, he didn't want any sort of unvarnished view. what he saw was pretty horrific, he went to another facility later on where it's a little more up to date, but this is part of the administration's public persuasion effort to try to get democrats to spend more on the border security. and also, additional detention and the kind of housing they may be needing after this weekend's raid. kendis? >> hans nichols there at the white house, where it is absolutely stunningly beautiful. quite a contrast to the images we've been seeing so far today. hans, thank you.
12:22 pm
joining me right now, white house correspondent for reuters, jeff mason, and raul reyes, welcome, fellas, has the white house viewed these raids a success so far? >> i think we'll probably see or know the answer to that after tomorrow. most of the raids are scheduled to begin tomorrow. it's unusual in a way that these are raids that have been telegraphed for sometime. the president put them on hold, and now they're coming again, i think they're going into 2020. we're only in july here, but this will serve to illustrate his commitment, i think at least this is how they see it, to crack down on illegal immigration, not just by building a wall, but by doing everything he can to remove people from the country who allegedly crossed the border illegally and have stayed. >> what's your take as these ice raised begin? the raid we heard about from
12:23 pm
bill de blasio in brooklyn and harley today. are these status quo or is this part of the bigger movement? >> i think it's part of the bigger movement. there's some leeway about when the raids are going to take place. many of the immigration advocates we've spoken with are concerned about what they view as raids by the president. >> the president has spoken repeatedly that the people they're going after have final orders of deportation. i don't think people realize that having a final order of deportation does not necessarily mean that your case has been adjudicated. that means that ice mailed you a letter. and under our immigration court system there's no legal requirement to ensure the recipient got the letter or they got it in a timely fashion. if you moved, they used bad data. you can have a final order of deportation and not know it. there's that, and the other thing is, the president keeps talking about this number now of
12:24 pm
a few,000. this administration does collateral arrests. whoever is at the house, they will arrest them. >> what's the difference between what they're doing and what president obama did. >> he still has the record for deportations, but by his second term, he realized -- the administration realized it was a waste of resources, they focused on criminal offenders, people with history of violent crimes. and recent arrivals, these were people who tended to be from mexico. the people we're seeing now from central america, because many of them have potential asylum claims cannot be under u.s. law, they have to go through the asylum process. >> all of this resulting in tense times all across the country. we're getting word of incidents in tacoma, washington. there was a guy who was shot by police after he allegedly tried to firebomb an ice detention
12:25 pm
center there in tacoma washington. we just got word about that. >> jeff, in the meantime these pictures here, the vice president going there, having a completely different take on the situation compared to the pool of reporters. why is that? >> yeah, well, it's a great question, kendis, i would like to hear the vice president or his staff address it, my interp interpretation is, the vice president weren't there, and came out staying to talking points and saying that it was the democrats fault for not giving the funding that he and others in the administration requested. i don't know if that message will succeed for him, there's a high likelihood it will backfire. when you see those pictures, it's hard not to associate them and the conditions that those people are facing with the
12:26 pm
administration that is in power. >> just so you know, we have 384 people, men all there in that cage. many of them stuffed in there so tightly, they're not able to sleep standing up, much less on the concrete where they didn't have any sort of bedding whatsoever. >> this is part of the trump administration's policy goals, these increased incarcerations at the border. >> let me get to that in a second. here's what the vice president said about all of it. >> what you saw today was that the facility here in mcallen is overwhelmed. i wouldn't take the word of the people being detained here for how they're being treated. but i'm very confident they're being provided with shelter and water and food and access to health care and access to hygiene. >> so many of them saying they hadn't showered in 20 of the 30 days, they didn't have access to water, supposedly, i'm curious
12:27 pm
about this, we talk about border policy. and trying to shore up the border. kamala harris said the same thing. correct me if i'm wrong, a lot of these people are asylum seekers. they're not people that snuck across the border. >> they're people who look for a border patrol officer to present themselves, that makes the official start of their asylum claim. i think when we hear the vice president's words. >> these people are leaving a more desperate lifestyle. >> and they're pursuing a legal right. >> i wouldn't necessarily take the words of these migrants here. if you're not going to take their words of their conditions, whose word are you going to take? >> i'll leave it there. jeff mason in d.c., thank you. our coverage continues on tropical storm barry, a live report from baton rouge, louisiana is ahead. and the flood threat that
12:28 pm
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12:32 pm
we're back with a look at our headlines. testimony for robert mueller will be delayed until july 24th. the former special council was scheduled to testify wednesday. a number of lawmakers in particul particular. american is among those dead after an attack on a somali hotel. some of the images as a result. somali forces moved in over night, attacking those islamist extremists. >> serena williams is still the greatest of all time despite falling short today at wimble n wimbledon.
12:33 pm
>> she lost to the romanian player right there, 6-2, 6-2 was it. she still did great. we're bracing for barry, the tropical storm is making its way across the area. >> we're looking at a downgraded storm as of an hour and a half ago. that's enough to knock out the electricity. we already have 111,000 people without power in louisiana. this is what we're looking at right now, let's take a look at where we're going to go. we're looking at six miles per hour. a fast walking pace, still, here's what the track is going to look like painfully slow at 7:00, we're not very far. it's going to move into the tennessee valley, then the ohio river valley, eventually into the northeast. this is a week long event for many of us in the u.s. i want to show you the radar, this is the main topic tonight,
12:34 pm
tomorrow. especially into wednesday in parts of the gulf coast, you see these darker colors, training over and over again, it's a weird storm. we're not looking at that circulation we see. most of it has been on the south side, the east side. we're seeing the darker colors, moderate being the yellow, heavy being the red. we saw that over biloxi already for many many hours, also mob e mobile, we're going to continue to see that over the same area. i put this into still motion for you. you can see the yellow over biloxi, over mobile. if you're in these areas, i'm sure you're experiencing that street flooding already, we're going to see the water moving to the streams, the creeks, the rivers, causing more problems throughout the week. this is the big problem, we're looking at numbers that is hard enough to rap your head around. baton rouge, 17.5. they had the huge storm, costs 10 to $15 billion worth of
12:35 pm
problems. we're going to see in similar situations, as we go throughout the next several days, by wednesday, we can see how this all shakes out, certainly going to see lots of destruction here, homes, businesses, cars being washed away. roofs being ripped off and trees falling on cars. a flash floods watch is in effect. we added a warning an hour ago, because of that rain that's falling, and all that rain is anticipated as well. winds are going to be a problem, not a huge problem, but could cause power outages. especially at night, that's going to be a dangerous situation at night with the rain on the ground. >> thanks to you. >> we saw biloxi. expected at 17 1/2 inches of rain. morgan is there for us saying, within the last hour or so, it has been a steady amount of rain. morgan? >> reporter: it certainly has.
12:36 pm
for everyone i've spoken to here, it's a scary deja vu because of the 2016 storm, also because of what we're standing next to right now, that is the mighty mississippi river, already above flood stage at this point in time. probably a mile across at this point. due to that heavy rain that's happened in neighboring states, it's washed its way down. it could be a significant problem. we still have a ways to go before the river reaches the levee. we had billions of dollars in damage, more than 100,000 homes here, also suffered significant flood damage, that's why so many people are keeping a close eye on these numbers as the storm makes its way inland. because of that slow moving
12:37 pm
storm that could dump rain in this city, a lot of people are packing up as we speak, and watching the progress of this very closely. >> i noticed there were some people that had sand backs, this area you're at right now some 26 inches of rain in 48 hours, how are they preparing for this one where they may get 17 1/2 inches. >> i've asked every person that today. what are you doing ahead of this storm? you can put down sand bags, at the end of the day there's only so much you can do. promises from 10 to 20 everyones of rain, any of those numbers going to be a significant event for people living in this area.
12:38 pm
>> for many folks, they feel confident in weathering this one. morgan chesky there, on the banks of the mississippi in batten rurj, louisiana. >> joining me right now, roughly 1:20 southeast of where morgan is. angie are you with us? >> how do you pose a threat of any storm in this vulnerable area and town in new orleans? >> well, you know, of course, wen watt to be prepared, having food and supplies for at least three days. we're anticipating the power may or may not go out. it's been pretty calm. flooding is always a concern. they're still predicting upwards of 10 inches tomorrow. we had widespread flooding. i was out of town for if, my husband was not that's a
12:39 pm
concern, us residents of new orleans don't have a lot of faith in our aging and poorly maintained drainage systems. >> i was curious about that, you referred to that storm you had on wednesday that turned canal street into literally a canal. do you feel confident in the gates and levee systems that are protecting you now post katrina? >> i do, because -- the levees have held up. >> our thanks to angie there. trying to see if we have the bourbon street shot there in new orleans. to see if things -- this is usually when they're coming out
12:40 pm
from their hangover anyway. the rain has stopped there, big convention was being held in new orleans this weekend, it's been cancelled. some 16,000 people were expected there. they have postponed the concert until monday, mick jagger and all the boys are enduring the storm in the big easy. still ahead, he launched his campaign to take on president trump, but how long can former vice president joe biden ignore the punches being thrown at him by his democratic rivals? along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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12:44 pm
candidates are hitting the trail hard in some key states. it's pretty dismal, candidates are out on the road. mike is in lund berry new hampshire with former vice president joe biden. the des moines suburb where there's a few contenders and 50,000 other revellers. four candidates came out here, and they only got 8 minutes to speak and make their pitches to the voters here. they take pictures. it's the fastest growing city in
12:45 pm
the country. it's a town that many democrats need to do well in if they want to take on president trump. despite the fact that these candidates are not leading the polls, if you talk to voters here, they're paying attention and coming out to hear these candidates. listen to what a few of them told me earlier. >> these are candidates who aren't topping the polls right now, why is it important to listen to these guys? >> because we don't know yet. we're a long way from the caucuses, a long way from new hampshire, so i think it's important for us to listen to everybody. >> we don't need to put them in tiers ourselves yet. >> it's a long time until we have to put on the ballot. you. >> heard candidates on stage not only introducing themselves and their record and policy proposals, they were talking
12:46 pm
about how they're going to take the fight to president trump. it's going to be a busy weekend in iowa, not only do you have this event. where four candidates came later today. there's going to be six in waterloo, and tomorrow you're going to have an event at a corn field. they're talking to as many voters as they can. >> that really is the key, all the candidates who are speaking there at this festival aren't ranking much in the polls. are they figuring they're trying to tap into an audience right now that don't know who they are for that matter? >>. >> that's exactly right. there's a lot of unfamiliarity with that. >> they're coming out on a saturday afternoon. one gentleman told me he was doing this they want to spend time, shake him up a little bit,
12:47 pm
ask them about the issues important to them, you have these candidates who are polling in the lower single digits. there were four candidates today, and collectively, if you add up all their poll numbers, they hit about 3% in our latest poll. many voters are keeping an open mind. they think that if they hear more from them that can help their chances. >> i do encourage you to check out the cardboard boat regatta. it's a famous thing they do there at this festival over the last five decades. thank you. now, to london berry new hampshire with former vice president joe biden. what's the message today? >> this has been the quintessential primary tour for
12:48 pm
joe biden this morning, he attended a house party, now you saw behind me, he spoke within the last hour at an apple orchard in londonderry. we continue to hear his core message. the battle to restore the soul of the nation. he talked a lot about health care. and for the first time we're continuing to hear him draw more contrast with his rivals. we saw yesterday at an event in dover, new hampshire, the former vice president had some demonstrators protesting the obama administration's deportation policy. at a gaggle later, he told me the policy of deporting felons made sense to him. today he did focus more on president trump and what we know are these forthcoming ice raids
12:49 pm
this weekend. >> the way he's treating immigrants today is sinful. it's sinful, it's not who we are and there's one thing that has to be done. we must get rid of donald trump as president, period. period, period, period. whether i end up being your nominee or anyone else, i'm going to support who the nominee is, we must defeat donald trump. >> a staple of the new hampshire primary, is that you have to take voter questions. he was asked about his 2002 vote. he's not apologizing for the vote, saying the mistake he made was about getting weapons inspectors into iraq. if you were to appoint anita hill to the supreme court, the whole controversy with him over how he treated her durns the clarence thomas hearings two decades ago was overblown.
12:50 pm
anita hill said she might even vote for him. >> that was an interesting question and interesting response. thank you. still ahead, barry barreling down on the big easy, we'll go live we'll go live to the national hurricane center for the latest on the all-important storm track. the all-important storm track. not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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we're back with the breaking news and continue to track tropical storm barry. at this hour, as you see there, near new iberia, louisiana, barely moving neforthwest at 6 miles per hour, packing winds of 70 miles per hour. even by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, it is still just halfway up the length of louisiana. the winds as you see there really starting to hit. these are about tropical storm-force winds that are reaching out there to the bat tbaton rouge. the mississippi river is already swollen and already expected to get worse. this area expecting up to 18 inches of rain before the next 48 hours.
12:55 pm
ken graham from the national hurricane center has been following the path of this storm. ken, i guess good news is that it came a little bit farther west than we initially thought it would. >> yeah, it is interesting when you look at these storms, little wig willigles really did matter. you look at this center in the western part of louisiana, and you know you still have a lot of rain that has to move up from the gulf into southeast louisiana around the new orleans metropolitan area. but the rain bands, items bee's amazing to watch. some of the heaviest has been as far able as mobile, alabama where you have seen flooding and also tornadoes. >> i know we were talking about how this would be a storm that would be with us for several days. and the path does show that it is slowly meandering north at 6 miles per hour. is that like the worst case
12:56 pm
scenario for many people right now. >> it really is. slow and large is our nemesis. if you think about it, it just keeps the hazards, all the rain longer. and if you think about it, these are forecast points, these small dots. and closer those are together, the slower the movement. i mean, we'll be up into central arkansas even monday morning. so slow. and that means more time for rain along that track. and to the righthand side of that track. so this is no way done yet. we still have a ways to go. >> so a lot of people if you are already indoors, stay indoors hunkering down as you can. ken graham from the national hurricane center, appreciate youren a natur analysis. and the latest information we're getting, nearly 140,000 power outages across three states, louisiana, alabama, mississippi and also actually in the last few moments texas. still ahead right here, the resignation of labor seblgct al
12:57 pm
acosta after the renewed controversy around his handling of a billionaire's case. his ha of a billionaire's case. no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see my bladder leak underwear. so, i switched. to always discreet boutique. its shape-hugging threads smooth out the back. so it fits better than depend. and no one notices. always discreet.
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i'll pass. breaking news coverage continues right now with my colleague richard lui. i'll be back at 8:00 p.m. >> thank you all for being with us on this saturday afternoon. richard lui at msnbc headquarters right here in new york city. we're following breaking news, tropical storm barry has off the chart amounts o


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