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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  July 14, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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to terrify migrants and to send a very distinct message, nonwhite immigrants are not welcome in donald trump's america. it's a message not just to non-white migrants and their families but also to the worst elements of donald trump's base. "the wall street journal" reports the operation began yesterday and didn't go quite as planned. according to a person familiar with the matter agents attempted raids in new york city on saturday but were rejected by those in homes because they didn't have warrants. the source said they would try again today and as mayors and advocates work to protect people from being taken, mark morgan the man who used to be in charge of yes, i was and now heads customs and border patrol was up this morning and reading talking points. >> you're talking about individuals that are here in violation of federal immigration law, people who received due
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process have received final orders of removal from a judge and still remain here illegally. the instances of going after individuals here illegally and have committed additional crimes against american citizens in this country, any city, any law enforcement agency that resists and does not cooperate with federal law enforcement immigration officials, they're actually putting those cities in higher danger. >> joining me now is the director of immigrants rights clinic at columbia law school. a former senior border patrol agent. first of all, is there going to be any action from congress to provide any protection for these migrants who are now being targeted by the trump administration? >> absolutely, joy. our members of congress are actively pursuing actions
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against this government. we're going, taking testimony. we're visiting and talking to these refugees that are simply here asking for asylum. and i hope that soon we will be able to come up with a plan to charge this administration with a human rights violations that they have been committing. these are criminals that have put babies in jail cells, where they are responsible for the deaths of seven children in the last six months. what does that tell you about this administration? >> i'm going to go to jane really quickly. we're getting a lot of focus now on what the border patrol agencies are actually doing. you have called border patrol and said you've proven they're a racist agency. any arrest of immigrants with deportation orders should be questioned. explain what you mean by that.
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>> well, joy, just from my experiences as a border patrol agent, i know that the agents used what they call narratives and they just changed the names of the subjects in front of them, and a lot of times the narratives they're using before these judges aren't even true. and we also know that the judges are political appointments, they're assigned in immigration court by the attorney general of the united states. and they're not under our normal judiciary system. they're not under that branch. they're actually under the executive. so the courts and the officers, they're all leaning towards one side. and many of these migrants that are going to be arrested today don't even have the option of having an attorney present and that's not due process in my mind. >> i want to talk about these raids quickly. because yesterday when i.c.e. agents showed up in harlem and in brooklyn, they were actually turned away by people because they didn't have a warrant.
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what are the rights that people have if somebody shows up and bangs on your door and says they're from i.c.e.? what can people do? >> people do not need to open that door. they can demand to see the warrant, ask that the warrant be slipped underneath the door. people only need to open the door if the warrant is actually signed by a judge. so often i.c.e. agents go out without warrants or with warrants that are not signed by a judge. it's critically important that families understand this point. >> and can they kick down the door? >> that would by illegal. >> it would be illegal for i.c.e. just to kick in the door. i want to play an interview with the former chief of i.c.e., john sandwick, who said that the raids announced are actually just for political gain. i'm just going to read what he said. he said i absolutely expected the administration intends to arrest every single one of those individuals when they go to these types of homes even if the intended target is not there when they arrive, sandwick said.
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we need to have a trusting relationship with the people in the community so they will point us to the bad guys where they are. i'm not sure what he's trying to get at, but they're saying they want people to cooperate with i.c.e. is it normal if there's going to be raids of criminals that they announced in advance? >> no, this is inexplicable other than for political gain. the point of these raids is cruelty. the point of these raids is tearing families apart. the administration is not doing what the data says. when families have access to a lawyer they show up in their immigration court preedinoceedi 99% of time. when families participate in the program and are paired with a social worker they show up paired 99% of the time.
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we do not need raids. >> and congresswoman, there are now people who, you know, as we're hearing reported are failing to show up to evacuate if they need to be evacuated. we have a huge storm happening right now hitting louisiana, which some cities in louisiana being targeted, places like houston. shouldn't people be comfortable being able to evacuate. if someone shows up let's say to evacuate from the storm, can they be arrested? >> no, absolutely not. and this is what this administration is causing, and jpt to make sure and urge everyone out there who is in the path of what is an earthquake or a major disaster such as, you know, what is all this rain and flooding that is happening, please evacuate and please go to a shelter. your local authorities are there to protect you. and they will protect you. and that's why it's so critically important that our local authorities come out and say that they are not part of
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this i.c.e. raids that are being conducted across america. >> and there's a lot of push back against city leers, mayors, governors who said they're not going to participate. there's a lot of mayors saying they're not going to participate in this at all. houston's mayor had a statement about the upcoming raids and our job is to keep the city running, our job is not to be i.c.e. in fact, i.c.e. has not contacted me about the raids in houston. we are not working or cooperating with i.c.e. in such raids. that's mayor sylvester turner of houston. there is a situation now where you have a direct clash between the federal government and cities. they're saying they're not going to cooperate. at the same time we're watching and we saw the vice president and three senators actually visit a place where people are being held. can you talk a little bit about the attitude of people on the other side of this? you can see them there.
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lindsey graham is with him, a senator from north carolina was there. they're not even looking at the people behind the fence. they're not talking to them, not making any human contact with them? what do you suppose is the attitude of the people standing around them in uniform, the people who actually work there? >> i think the border patrol agents and cbp agents who are working there feel like they're being supported and they support this administration fully. they've come out and said that over and over. but i would just like to remind your viewers that, you know, slavery was actually illegal at the time and so was japanese internment and trail of tears in this country, but that doesn't mean they're just laws. and i don't know what we're doing right now is just. i think what we're doing is horrible and racist and they're targeting it mostly against central americans. there are many other people from many nationalities they aren't
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going for. so you can see this is just a racist political game to score points by this administration. and one more point i need to make is that trump did the birtherism. i mean, he's the father of that. so i don't know what makes people think he's just going to stop at that. the next thing he's going to do is start asking everybody of color if they have their papers on them. >> right. and i mean we're getting to the point now we're also having just a clash of what the truth is. you know we can see it. so we actually saw the vice president walk through these facilities. maybes of congress have gone through the facilities, have spoken to people being incarcerated, women who are saying they had to drink out of the toilet. this is the testimony of members of congress. despite that, here is what mr. morgan who is in charge of part of this process was saying this morning. let's play him on "fox & friends" this morning. >> we continue to see this false narrative out there that immigrants are being forced to drink from toilets, false.
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that they don't have toothbrushes. false, that they're not being fed adequately. false. again and again you hear that, and wave been able to go again and again and say it's not true. >> he's basically saying all these members of congress are lying and people talk about their experiences are lying. >> the question is can this administration call people liars? "the washington post" has documented that our president has made false statements more than 10,000 times. the children and the plaintiffs from the case have submitted hups of pages of sworn testimony to the federal court. our allegations are corroborated by two federal agencies, the department of homeland security, office of the investigator general has stated that the situation is a ticking time bomb. the department of health and human services has had 30
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serious case incidents reports documenting harms to children in yuma. cbp officers working at clint spoke out to "the new york times" about how they have been raising the alarms. the question here is who do you believe? the flores plaintiffs council who has over and over again proven their allegations in federal court, were the people who claimed there was no child separation policy, the people who claimed to be shocked when they learned of the hateful secret facebook group for cbp officers. and then it was revealed they not only monitored it but the head of cbp participated in it. >> yeah, absolutely. and congresswoman, to add to that this morning i have to get your response to the president of it united states this morning attacking members of congress, women of color. and he said about the congresswoman including ilhan omar, why they don't go back and help fix the totally crime
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broken infested places where they came? he want them to go where? to chicago, michigan? but just targeting four congress women of color and saying they should go back to where they came from. you were born actually in central america. >> i was born in one of those as he referred to as a hole country. later this month he'll be hosting jimmy morales at the white house to sign an agreement creating a third safe country within guatemala. this is a president that is extremely corrupt. he has now thrown out of the country, ceasing the investigative unit who is responsible for investigating high crimes of public
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corruption. look, i passed a law that put into place that called on the state department to identify and name corrupt elected officials within guatemala, and that has been made public. and here's our president hosting a dictator, a corrupt elected official. and in honduras the president of honduras, juan orlando hernandez, his family, his brother has been arrested and has been indicted for being a narco trafficker. for having drug labs not only in honduras but also in columbia. so these are tragic, these are dictators running these countries. we ought to be doing everything we can to send humanitarian help to the people there so that they don't have to flee, and we ought to be working with the u.n. and our partners to ensure that these high crimes public corruption are investigated and are not tolerated. >> congresswoman, thank you.
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washington had to start someplace. how did it come to this, that even within our own families we can't talk to each other about the leaders of our country anymore without anger and blame? well, it started with this man who was elected a lifetime ago and who has bit by bit, year by year turned washington into something we all despise. >> this week kentucky democrat and former fighter pilot announced plans to take on senate majority leader and six term incumbent mcconnell in 2020. and that is not a mistake. mcconnell has been in office for 34 years. but she wasn't the only person who came for mcconnell this week. democratic senator tina smith of minnesota penned an op-ed for cnn calling mitch mcconnell's leadership, quote, a big fat waste. senator, thank you so much for being here. i'm going to read a little bit of what you wrote to you. you wreet that day in and day
7:19 am
out the work of the senate has been reduced to voting to pack the courts with trump appointed lifetime federal judges. mcconnell put 11 nomnags up for a vote, 7 of them are lifetime appointments to the federal bench. one had never tried a case in court, another argued that private companies should be able to offer health care coverage that doesn't cover basic preventative health care for women including contraceptives. in your view, is his whole purpose at this stage just to pack the courts? >> well, you start out by saying he's been serving for over 30 years and i've been in the senate a little over 18 months and i know a waste when i see it. and he says he wants to turn the senate into a personnel agency. a personnel agency for the white house, and that's pretty much what we do.
7:20 am
this is pretty incredible. we have voted 18% of the votes that we've taken in the united states senate over the last chunk of time have been on legislative, on passing bills which is supposed to be what our job really is, and that's not what we're doing. this is on mitch. he is accountable for what he's doing to the united states senate and really to our democracy. >> do you get the sense he's subordinate to donald trump or that donald trump is serving his interests? >> you know, i think mitch has made a plan what he's going to do is push through as many of these judicial nomnags as he possibly can while he's a majority leader and a lot of people don't appreciate when you're the majority leader you have almost complete control what comes before the united states senate. and this last week is a perfect example. we voted 14 times on three judges. we voted on a person to be a leader and then an environmental
7:21 am
protection agency whose former job was working for a big chemical company to fight the environmental protections to cleanup diocson and other pollution. we voted on a judge that can't even bring himself to say that he thinks that brown vs. the board of education is law and that discrimination shouldn't be the law of the land. it's just mind-boggling. >> people like senator joe bideb, or i should say former vice president joe biden have said that if he were president, he would find ways to reach across the aisle and work with mcconnell and work with republicans. you've worked with mcconnell as you said for 18 months. is that even possible? is there any democrat who can become president that mitch mcconnell would do anything but obstruct? >> i think that as long as mitch mcconnell is the majority leader of the united states senate he'll continue to obstruct. that's what we did when we had
7:22 am
president obama in office, and as you said mitch mcconnell's number one goal was to make barack obama a one time president. here's what i think is really the waste, every day i talk to my colleagues, republicans and democrats who actually want to work on things together. i am working on a bill, for example, in the senate that would make emergency insulin available to people so they don't have to rational their insulin, and that is literally the oxygen they breathe to keep them alive. and i have a republican cosponsor for that bill, so there are places where i believe the rank and file of the senate, republicans and democrats want to work together. there's just a big no from the senate majority leader. >> and mitch mcconnell would also -- he wouldn't tell the previous president from preventing russia from meddling in our elections, do you feel the corruption he fields helps them?
7:23 am
>> i just ask it question, when democrats and republicans ought to come together to make sure that we have free and fair elections in this country, the house has passed a great bill we ought to be taking up in the united states senate. yet under mitch mcconnell's leadership the senate is where good ideas go to die. he says, oh, no, that's a political bill, i'm not going to take that up. no, that is bill that protects the integrity of our democratic process. >> yeah, it'll pea interesting to see if all of that table on the table, we will soon find out. thank you very much for your time. >> thanks so much, joy. and coming up saturday was the day elizabeth warren became president. i'll explain next. y elizetabh w president. i'll explain next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise.
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that works for everyone. >> well, saturday was the day senator elizabeth warren who's making huge gains in new polling now polling second place in a wall street journal poll, became the president on twitter at least when hashtag president elizabeth warren trended for hours after the senator made these remarks. >> to anyone out there who's working in this system, understand you abuse immigrants, you physically abuse immigrants, you sexually abuse immigrants, you fail to get the medical care that they need, you break the law of the united states of america. and donald trump may be willing to look the other way, but president elizabeth warren will not. >> joining me now is attorney
7:29 am
midwin charles. and political consultant tara dalwell. let's go through this. so elizabeth warren says this president elizabeth warren, if some reason when she just said president elizabeth warren, people went crazy over it. a lot of women are afraid a woman can't win, but this idea of a president woman or president kamala harris is starting to catch up. >> democrats need to stop operating from a am place of fear. democrats need to vote for the candidate they feel best represents them in terms of policy positions and that generates that enthusiasm and that passion and that speaks to their hopes and their dreams. that's what democrats did with president barack obama when people said he could not win as a black man in this country. we need to replicate that. when we actually do that,
7:30 am
democrats do in fact win. obviously we need to do things from just a purely campaign political stamt. we have to do those things as well, but i think the problem is that a lot of democrats are voting based on or selecting people i should say in their minds based on who they think can or cannot win on who's speaking to their heart and actually inspiring them and motivating them. >> those are starting to merge now. you have joe biden on top but we have a new wall street journal poll out, still on top. but oats not that high for someone who was a former vice president, he's just above elizabeth warren at 19% and kamala harris they're now tied for third place. but when you look at who can beat trump, it's actually not that much different now. so you have biden beating trump 51-42 now at least in the wall street journal poll. warren also beats trump, and the
7:31 am
margin of error it's the same, 48-43. when people start to see maybe these other candidates who may have emotional attachment to can actually win, who do they have attachment to? >> one thing about elizabeth warren is she's principled and she's been principled since the beginning of her career. we've had the conversation about whether or not a woman can be president. lets get over it. >> and actually won the popular vote already. >> exactly. >> but also i don't understand this idea is a woman electable, where is it coming from? where were these people in 2018 where a record number of women won these congressional house seats? so i don't understand where this is coming from, and i think tara is correct, it comes from a place of fear. you're damned if you do and damned if you don't so you might as well do. >> and also it's hard to beat an incumbent. you might as well go with what you like and what you're feeling because it's hard to beat an
7:32 am
incumbent anyway. here's kamala harris. she was on the view on friday. here she is. >> we have to have a secure border, but i am in favor of saying we're not going to treat people who are undocumented across the borders as criminals. that is correct. and what we've got to do is we cannot have anymore policy like we have under this current president that is about inhumane conduct. >> i believe crossing over the border is illegal, and you would decriminalize it. >> i would not make it crime punishable by jail. it should be a civil enforcement issue but not a criminal enforcement issue. >> by the way, she also had another piece on the view where she talked about young girls and raising a daughter and saying that if you are somehow sickly attracted to a child, that doesn't mean she isn't a child but she had this really great soliloquy. she's also starting to change peoples minds a little bit. >> this is something she's doing
7:33 am
that i've told so many candidates that i've worked with to do. she's leaning into those things people are trying to turn into a weakness for her. people are trying to take that background as a prosecutor and use it against her. what she's now saying is i will not apologize for sending child molesters, for prosecuting child molesters, i will not apologize for prosecuting rapists. part of her area of specialty was child abuse rights cases. she's also leaning into the fact she is a strong woman. she presents as a strong woman, she is a strong woman. women should not run away from that. explain the people why it benefits them to have a strong woman at the helm. explain why it benefits them to have a prosecutor at the helm, and that is what she's doing because people are going to attack you. if you back away from those things that make up who you are, then it's inauthentic and you
7:34 am
lose. >> you were a defense lawyer. it makes people back away from her just a little bit, but what she seem tuesday be leaning in and doing is saying i'll prosecute trump. >> a lot of people are saying she's kamala the cop. yes, i'm the cop and i'm here to arrest donald j. trump, the day i get sworn in. i think it's correct to lean-in. but two things. one i think what was masterful about that clip you played about kamala is what she did is i think she sort of touched on something a lot of young women go through in life which is once you start to hit puberty things happen to your body and you have no control over it. so the idea someone would look at you and someone would almost make it your fault that you appear a particular way and that you attack, i think it's something all women resonate with, i think something all people resonate with, and i
7:35 am
think it was masterful for her to point on that. second with respect to the bump, i wonder how much of that comes from all the action that you see the women in congress right now currently taking with respect to what's happening on the border. it is women that have been the ones keeping the spotlight on what's happening when you look at congresswoman ayanna pressley, there are women all over congress right now loud and proud and unashamed. i wonder now if that has an up tick you're seeing with the women running for president at least with respect to kamala. >> i did want to specifically ask you this question because now you have the president attacking those women and saying they need to go back to where they come from. i'm wondering if that attack on women of color particularly, you know, the multiracial, multiethnic women of color who are now very involved in politics, that's making women say you know what i think i'm
7:36 am
going to go with a woman. >> they're two very strong candidates and one thing kamala harris has shone in the debate is she's willing to go head to head. joe biden isn't going head to head with anybody, and buernie sanders is trying. so i want to see the women coming out strong, embracing their strength and saying, yes, we are the future of this country. women who look like this have this attitude and also they're not crazy radical that people want to shy away from them. but, yeah, the multiracial, multiethnic coalition in this country is strong. >> and when you combine it with liberal white voters -- i wish we had more time. thank you very much. we're going to keep this panel. we love you guys. coming back, more "am joy." u gus coming back, more "am joy.
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okay, we love this panel so much that we kept them around and won't let them leave. we'll continue this conversation about 2020. any thought on biden -- i mean on de blasio. >> i was live when the blackout actually occurred so that was quite an experience. i think it's a problem. i think that de blasio at the end of the day you have to take
7:41 am
care of home. and if you don't take care of home, people may not have a sense across the country of the problems here in new york city, but we have a record number of homeless children, we had the blackout, and it's not good for him from just a public policy standpoint let alone an optics standpoint for him to be out and not coming back when we don't really know fully what happened. >> yeah, absolutely. as far as the other candidates we haven't talked much about joe biden but he's still on top, and on top because black voters are not letting go. >> i think it's black voters and i think it's all voters who have a sort of nostalgic feeling to things going back to the way they were, things going back to obama. i think he's coasting. i really do. the reason you see kamala harris and warren trending up is because kamala exposed biden during that debate and showed to us he's someone who perhaps isn't working hard enough for
7:42 am
it. i think he's the heir apparent to the throne and isn't doing enough to earn peoples votes. >> maybe we in the media are underselling it as an issue of democrats. >> absolutely. trump has really, really held onto the strong economic growth thing and the economy actually has been growing very strongly, but that is actually coming off the obama years, quite frankly. it's 121 months of growth and donald trump has been around for 29 months. it's not him. actually if you look at the economic data, it's very mixed and there are a lot of signs of a recession coming. there's a lot of signs of weaknesses in the economy which are coming off the back of trump. but because we are not looking hard enough he is taking credit for all the good and ignoring all the bad. so what democrats need to do is say actually all this good stuff is coming from us because what donald trump is going to do is this, he's going to conflate all
7:43 am
his immigration and anti-brown and black people and trade wars with economic growth, which in peoples mind is going to make them believe okay the discriminatory stuff is good because it causes the country to grow. and that's the wrong message. >> it's interesting democrats didn't seize on the lie but seized more on his vulgarity last time. underlying it yeah the job numbers look good but they have four jobs. >> exactly. there are plaess in this country where unemployment is 4%, 5%, but the poverty rate is 25%. so that tells you everything you need to know. people are not making. money to sustain a living wage, to sustain a household. and so i think democrats absolutely need to attack trump on that. it's fair game. and one of the things if i were advising biden i would tell him to do. biden, actually, look, he has
7:44 am
long track records so you're not going to get everything right. but he has gotten a lot of things right. and i say that as someone who thinks that he is not showing the level of fight that people want to see, right? but i would say this, talk about those things you got right. the earned income tax credit that increased under president obama, that's for the working poor people, that's a de facto minimum wage. defend your record, defend those things, and people -- i think he will resonate better if he got out there and stood up and defended those things that he's done that he got right. i'm not clear why he's not doing that. >> does he also need a theme? you say warren, people say she's got a plan, but it's a brand new, right if you say kamala harris, she's going to prosecute trump. >> and senator harris has a lot of plans as well. >> we need a slogan. you have to and that's the thing. trump won i think partly because he just had that. it doesn't matter what you think
7:45 am
we know, what makes america great again is -- >> everybody knew that's what he was going to do. >> i want to pick a bit at what you said with respect to the farmers. i don't think democrats should give up on them. there's such a good argument about the fact they're not doing well. they should go in and listen here is why you're not doing well in the information war. >> you know who's been going to war in america, warren. she's going in red america. we made the panel even longer. more "am joy" after the break. n. more "am joy" after the break. ♪ mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need.
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welcome back to "am joy." why is sebastian gorka back at the white house? over the top pronouncement of the over east where he had no obvious expertise. he joined the social media summit to decry what they claim is a bias. a signal that trump thinks he can win in 2020 by doubling down
7:54 am
what works in 2016. the other thing trump is doubling down are policies of targets of non-right migrants. mass i.c.e. raids are scheduled to happen today. the raids are announced inside advance which you normally don't do. it was clear that the announcement was for trump's political base. we are watching as most of us are in horror as migrant families are being separated at the borders. migrants reported not being able to shower for weeks or not having anywhere to sleep due to dangerous over crowding. children being forced to take care of babies they just met. women being told by guards to drink from toilets. the court succeeds in stopping the trump administration from manipulating the census by
7:55 am
adding a census question. trump took things to a brand new look saying they should go back to where they came from. all of it clearly designs of fear and hatred of trump's base 2020. joining me now, our business and political marketing consultant and malcolm naan and jason johnson. what started this social media part of this, gabe, part of donald trump's strategy has been to use twitter to connect to his base and the obsession and it may be that he's obsessed with twitter or having fun doing it. this morning he decided to use his twitter to personally attack a member of congress. >> yeah. >> he says prerogatives, the
7:56 am
worst and corrupted in the world. that would be telling the people of of the united states -- blah, blah, they should go back to where they came from. >> that's a trumpian way of doing it. >> that was the talking point last week on tucker carlson's show about immigrants who come to america should be grateful to this country in a sense of pleasuring guilty to america rather than honoring our traditions of free speech and everyone being able to express their views. this is a republican white house is that they are talking about private companies siding what they do. if republicans believe in a free
7:57 am
and open economy, start your own social media network. the idea that donald trump disagrees with is once again he has these authortariun. >> that's in coherent and they seem to want big government to force everybody to look at them. >> he's the victim and his base are victims of these terrible people of color who are making their lives harder. it is part of it. it is part of trump's effort to distract. there are a lot of terrible things you enumerated going on
7:58 am
right now which you laid out at the top of the segment of what's hamming at the border. be very clear. that's disstratracting. any time trump does these impromptu sessions with his lunatic friend with sebastian gorka, he's an interesting character. it shows folks who are like trump are drawn to him. sebastian is another person that wants to be on television. >> that's a big part of what he is doing, too. >> yep. he comes from television. >> exactly. >> so there is this, this synergy, donald trump attacked this woman. omar, she becomes these four fixation on the right. here is tucker carlson going after omar on tuesday.
7:59 am
>> ilhan omar is a living proof that the way we practice immigration for this country is dangerous. she's a warning to the rest of us, we better change our immigration system immediately or else. >> they're being very direct now. it used to be sub texts but now they are saying the thing. we have to keep people that look like that out of america. >> tucker carlson used to do these direct dvd kind of national and now he's obvious about it. i don't like brown people, they make me nervous or afraid. as if somehow someone who comes into this country, it is a warning sign, any worse than the person who's currently in the white house. this is the thing that i think is key for all of us to understand. this is the only campaign strategy that donald trump has. his only strategy is he got a whole bunch of people on social media to say crazy things in
8:00 am
order to distract the left and galvanize the right. the right does not need to be galvanized. they think they should not be here. the left needs to remember twitter is not only about 20% of the population. facebook is not millennials get their information from. at the end of the day, the successful way to combat this president is not to beat him in the area where he does not have the skills set. you need to beat him by knocking on doors and making a difference on people's lives. >> it is interesting and it starts off malcolm as being immigrants who are the enemy. it does not take long. you are talking about american members of congress. you can look up for me where they were born, ilhan omar.
8:01 am
let's move onto the people of color. here he's talking on tucker carlson's show of course. here he's talking about some other people of color, take a listen. >> the creation of america was probably the greatest gift given to black people in 3,000 years because slavery was considered a normal institutions for all those years. unfortunately, the people who hate america on the left and this embraces so much of the democratic party these days conducted a 50 years or 60 years attack on christianity in this country. you can't teach a public school child that the pilgrims were christians fleeing persecution. >> you are welcome black america. you are welcome for slavery.
8:02 am
feel free to send us thank you note. malcolm, your thoughts. >> you know i am stunned. i can't even -- last week i came back from a concert that was held in poland in the memorial foundation. the name of the conference was never again really. it had people coming from all over the world to discuss the growing signs that we are seeing around europe and the united states and other parts of the world of this growing authoritarianism that has that rhythm of the same thing we saw. for the foundation to bring this global conference together to discuss this, to ask are we seeing what we in the intelligence community called
8:03 am
rhetoric? i had to go there and admit that we are seeing signs that we should never ever have seen again. i know in congress, a group occupied one of the house or senate office building and were chanting "never again is now." we can talk about gorka and the rest of the people out there and the outrageous things they do and the fact they were brought to the white house. when i go to the south and the midwest, i see tv commercials portray the left as these mobs who were burning things and they are portraying normal regular america as a dangerous sub component that they need to be defensive against. >> yeah. >> it is all fun and games until this turns into violence. this extremism that got entered
8:04 am
in the white house with these facebook people and you know the makers and everything. that in their world which is a bubble is a dangerous intelligence indicator of where we are going to go in this year. it is not about 2020. it is about bringing revenge down upon anything they are disaprover disapprove of. >> it is obvious now. they have an ecosystem that's not just a far, far right on twitter. they have the large ecosystem that's social media and fox news and sinclair broadcasting that are all broadcasting the same message. brown, and black people and liberal white people are dangerous. they are endangered to america. they have to be extra kated and removed. we have to do it. if they are in cages, don't worry about that. they are fined there. they need to be locked up. vice president was showing only male migrants. they only want you to see that.
8:05 am
it is seamless. in a single day, trump shows his 2020 cards. he's still fighting. a woman who was upset after the hurricane shutdown, she was upset with trump. the quote she had for him, "i voted for him, he's the one who's doing this, i thought he was going to do things, he's not hurting the people he needs to be hurting." >> that's what he's trying to do is harming the right people. >> he's running a based selection and govern as a base president. i have never seen this where the president decided i am not president of the united states, i am president of the make america great part of the united states and that's 20% to 30% of the population. he's now going to ratchet up the rhetoric and the action. it is not just words. it is his policy to get his base to vote. it is the only way he sees a
8:06 am
path to reelection. >> it actually works. his basise is a minority rule. they're not majority. they'll crawl in broken glass to put him in office. >> evangelicals making it huge because they vote in high numbers, despite being a small percentage of population, they make up a far large percentage they over represent in the electorate. the other dynamic tahat's happening here, i agree of what malcolm said in terms of how dangerous it is. when you dehumanize people and we see it in this country through the institutions of slavery and jim crow, when you dehumanize people and you do it over and over again. you influence people to see them as animals and do you see people as animals then you are okay with being in cages or being the way they are treated at this border in this country.
8:07 am
in other countries, we'll be pushing sanctions and have done so. the point is that what he's doing is he's coupling with this with massive voter suppression efforts that are not getting enough attention. stop early voting in college campuses and it is happening in all the swing states. if you can't get your people out to vote because they are prevented from voting? >> that's right. >> if you think about it. south africa, 10% of the country keeping the other 90% controlled. the combination, extreme vi violence. essentially just forcefully making 90% of the country a non-entity. this sort of south africanization of the united
8:08 am
states is our politics and it is happening and it worked up for trump. >> i have been to south africa and taught about campaign in there. the process of them having white american minority rules was finding ways of division, by coming up with false reasons and everything else like that. that's a driving force. one thing i think everybody needs to understand especially when we are talking about this in a campaign context, we are talking about some, not all, white vaevangelical christians. this is not about worshipping god or jesus. this is about worshipping whiteness, this is about a country that's now being led a president who supports white nationalists and white supre supremacist ideology. if democracy works and a white majority, they'll do it. if there is no longer a white majority, they don't care about
8:09 am
it. if that no longer works, they want socialism. this is not driven by any sort of structure that we understood. they recognize what drives the people that donald trump brings into the administration, it is about survival. >> malcolm is right. you use that replacement ideology, on the extreme voice. what donald trump is doing is pushing the idea that this israel and you need to be aprayafraid of it. can you talk in the bigger picture because this is happening ng hungain hung grary. >> the political murder of right wing extremist murdering -- >> absolutely, this is all over the world. >> yes, i hate to have to whip out my credentials. that book which i wrote a year ago is mainly about putin's
8:10 am
purchases and restructuring all of right wing europe into states that supports russia. we are now seeing evidence coming out, they had an audio recording and events secretly taking russian's money. he actually said in the recording that europe needs to align with russia for their own protection and sovereignty. these people are not playing games. jason johnson, this whole thing of hydra from "captain america," it is real. these people are political body throughout europe that are working with the trump administration extremely closely. one last thing, joy, we are about to under go a structural fracturing in the united states. you and i and everybody at msnbc
8:11 am
has this discussion about these thing in the context of politics, these people are not looking at this in the context of politics. >> right. >> i sat down with woman from o rawanda and a young man from canada, they see the same structural failure happening in the united states, that he keep on asking me what is our malfunction. we need to correct this quickly. if this election coming up in 2020 fails, it may fail for the last time. >> what you said, somebody please type that up in a memo and send it to congress because the democrats are treating this as politics. you will have a typical political solution and you will find bills and fix it. i think it is a bigger picture than that. jason and michelle and malcolm nance. thank you all of you. gabe is going to stay because he
8:12 am
wants to tell us about the loudest voice in the room, that's next. xfinity mobile is a wireless network
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the president values your support. we know we can't do this without you. >> oh, that's very nice to hear. >> why don't you start acting like them. >> show time chronicles the rising fall of roger ailes. he's portrayed by academy award russell crowe as a creepy man. sounds familiar? what kind of company do you have? >> i love roger ailes, i have a lot of respect for him. i love fox and i love roger ailes. >> back with gabe, "the loudest voice in the room." roger ailes of fox news. divided the country. >> thank you for staying with me. >> yeah. >> this is a good series, i am on episode two.
8:17 am
the part that we just showed, it comes during an episode where roger ailes writes the speech that vice president dick cheney gave after 9/11. >> within days of 9/11, roger ailes and fox was working in concert with gorge w. bush's in the white house to shift the attention from the people that attacked us to sudan hassan. >> you told me before that richard nixon wanted to have a fox news. >> did ailes ever intend fox news to be a news organization or is it literally an arm of his version of the republican party. >> yeah. from the beginning and the premier episode outlines this. this was roger ailes vision who create a new network that would
8:18 am
advance his politics. he saw a business opportunity tla there was a market for conservative tv, this was his chance to get back of the liberals and elites that had stepped on him. roger ailes was the single most controversial person in america. if you want to understand why our politics are the way they are, roger ailes explains that. >> this is ailes bashing cnn. >> take a listen. >> cnn have a spike in the rating and that's just not good for us. now they have three times as many employees and five times foreign bureaus. we have something that cnn don't have. cnn, they'll want to please and appease the rest of the world and we don't give [ bleep ], let them do that.
8:19 am
because we stand with america. >> a particular kind of america. >> yes. that scene is a brilliant example of how roger ailes, howhow how divisive he was. he was a charismatic boss and fox news created this over rodriguroger ailes. >> let's play another clip here and this is about president obama. the two best things that happened to roger ailes were bill clinton and barack obama. here is that clip. >> you need an appointment, get on the schedule. >> obama victory 's victory is . you made yourself a target manipulation. >> this guy is not a president. he's a community organizer which makes him a communist. >> he has no blood understanding
8:20 am
of this country. that's something fox was in the middle of exposing before you tied my -- >> there is nothing to endorse. >> that's extraordinary that he is a community organize, that makes him a communist and he has no blood understanding this country. what's that he believes. it sounds like donald trump. >> yeah. this show shows the evolution of roger ailes decent into paranoia. that clip shows during the 2008 election, roger ailes was convinced that barack obama was not a citizen and a completely conspiracy land and crazy. this is the man programming the number one network in america who was in control of the republican party. we think the writer of the show, it is important that america actually sees what roger ailes says behind closed door.
8:21 am
this is based on 600 interviews i have done in the book. russell crowe's performance is how roger ailes talks behind closed door. >> he's a predator. and launching internal reviews at fox news. he was the first person that came out of what he's doing. ailes harassed her, megan kelly. there was a scene where they knew bill o'reilly harassing people. >> this is donald trump's culture, sexual harassment is not an issue and men can do anything they want with immu immunity. >> is donald trump another viewer of fox news who then the other viewer takes in the view of the world and that's what he
8:22 am
projects or is he influencing them? >> it is a two-way street. it shows how roger ailes gave trump a call slot on "monday and friends." donald trump would get freemans of air time to call in. donald trump started talking like a fox news pundents. roger ailes created the idea that donald trump becomes the president. >> the series shows tension between murdoch, one of his sons and donald trump. how did they feel about trump? >> privately they feel how you imagine they feel. murdoch is a moron a saying tru
8:23 am
mor moron. >> if a democrat becomes president in 2021, what can we expect fox news to do to them? >> that's a boom to them. they'll play the victim card and create fake stories like they did with benghazi and fast and furious. fox wins both way, they win being in power by being state's tv. they win when republicans are out of power because they single handedly attack the administration. when you are operating as a political campaign and not a news organization, that's what you do. >> yeah. >> gabe sherman, congratulations on the book and the series. >> later in the show, gretchen carlson. >> shout out to gretchen, she's the one sort of good news story. >> yeah she's brave for coming forward. >> gabe sherman, thank you. >> speaking of books, a special thank you for everyone who bought my brand new book, "the
8:24 am
man who sold america." up next, an update on barry. ric" up next, an update on barry. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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8:27 am
welcome back to "am joy," we are monitoring tropical storm
8:28 am
barry which continues to dump rain across louisiana and mississippi. it is all over. joining me now, louisiana is mrianna atencio, what's going on in there in. >> reporter: joy, the day after a storm, even a category one/tropical storm like barry is reaching people who needs help and containing the damage. that's why you see the black hawk helicopters here and the national guard is on-site. they are surveying five levees that breached here in southern louisiana. this is about 40 minutes southeast of new orleans. it was because of the flooding. it was because of the storm surge that happened. we know the governor of louisiana is going tok ma be ma his way here at noon, eastern time. yesterday we talked about hurricane katrina and the trauma that these communities were left feeling with.
8:29 am
a lot of the frustration that i have been hearing from locals here, people who live here is that afriter ka katrintrina, a people in louisiana were left unprotected. the demands they are going to be making of the governor when he makes his way here of authorities is they want the situation permanently phased. not for barry but for other storm in the future. >> joy. >> were there significant number of people who had to evacuate, is that what we are seeing heavy movement of people or did people stay in place to ride out the storm? >> reporter: so i am in what was a mandatory evacuation area, the west bank of paris, people here because of their experience of the storm, they evacuated and sheltered in place. when they heard the storm was not going to be bad, many folks
8:30 am
stayed in place. it looks decembpretty deserted. authorities are worried they are still flooding and people are starting to drive around and go about their day. as we heard from the governor yesterday, this is just the beginning for many of these areas >> are we looking potentially declaring disaster area, it was not as bad as people fearing it could be. >> we'll wait and see what the governor says when he comes here and again when you start to see these helicopters and just the national guard presence on the ground, they're still making those assessments. the day after with sun rise when they see the water starting to recede is when they'll grasp the amount of damage that was done here. a lot of frustration is the sun southern part of the state of louisiana and the rural communities were not protected for these. >> marianna atencio, thank you
8:31 am
very much. >> reporter: thank you. >> coming up next, who's saying what on the other sunday's show. that's coming up next. sunday's . that's coming up next. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh.
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8:34 am
love is now bigger than ever. can you guarantee no parents will be separated from their children in these raids? >> how is revealing any sort of operation --
8:35 am
>> i am not going to say yes or no to anything like that. certain people out there can write themselves off the list or find a way to play the loophole. >> i.c.e. is scheduled to be in raids today. the aking acting director of i.c.e. >> natasha, i will start with you, here is a little bit more with ken this week talking about what they plan to do and also talking about the detention center facilities that now have been exposed for how they are treating my graptigrants . >> how can you allow this to happen? is ate violation? >> no. they are being fed. >> they don't have enough space to lie down.
8:36 am
>> well -- that's a reality of facilities not designed the handle the swamping at the border. >> there is no swamping at the border. there are a lot of people trying to come and claim asylum and they're not being allowed to do that. they're being thrown into cages. can you report just a little bit on how the administration thinks sending the vice president into one of these facilities to not look at a bunch of men in cages while he and some senators walked through and help their case that these people are treated well. we can see them and hear them. >> i think they are continuing to kind of gaslight on this issue, joy. we saw the president tweeted this morning that the cages these men were being held in were clean. okay. we saw photos of the officer wearing masks of people in cells wearing masks because the stench was so bad. jeff who was down there says the smell were so terrible that they
8:37 am
had to put masks on. they're just continuing to tell us to not believe our own eyes on this and actually, immigration has actually gone down a lot. >> migrants at the border, it has gone down in june since last year. there should not be any excuse for this to be happening and for the president to say we should not believe of if photo athe ph videos we have been seeing. you know now he's actually saying and considering putting out an order that asylum seekers will be sent to guatemala, sending asylum seekers to third country places to wait asylum when our asylum law says if you show at the port of entry, you are allowed to claim asylum. he's try to rewrite all of these
8:38 am
laws. >> some of the people here fleeing from gat uatemala. that does not make sense anymore more. let's play amy klobachar. when they say they have swamping at the border, i don't know why they are getting more. why are they getting more. here is senator klobachar responding to that question. >> you really want to go after security risks and there are people who are security risk. why would you alert them and say you are doing this on a sunday and do it two weekends in a row? why? because you want to make news, right? it is not about giveriing peopl who are security risk who are deported, it is about scaring everyone in the country and it is about changing the news. >> right, at the same time, it was about deporting. they're holding them for 50 days, that's not deportation, it is holding them.
8:39 am
>> this is what authortarian is looking like. >> they know what they are doing. they are taking the credibility of the united states around the world with these images and sla images/concentration camps. it does not matter what happens. this is the normalization of our process going forward. back to 1962 when president kennedy saw those dogs in birmingham, he was so concerned of what those images sent a message to and not just inside the united states but around the world that he immediately acted and took to the issue of civil rights as a moral issue because he understood the moral implications. >> what this administration is doing and regime is doing is sending a message to the world
8:40 am
that this is now what the united states is looking like under the trump's regime. >> people are used to it. his base does not have a problem with it. they're confronted of these imag images, it is not the same reaction of americans seeing dogs -- there is no reaction. there is no way to morally shaming people and seeing little kids taking care of babies they never met or people say they have to drink from toilets. that's not the point. now that donald trump is trying to abnormalize or mix foreign. >> he went after this morning on twitter saying that, ocasio-cortez, go back to the country where they came from. the country where i came from was state of ohio. you are supposed to go back to
8:41 am
michigan. omar is a refugee who came to this country from somalia, they are americans. >> this is expected. trump is birther in chief. he was the one questioning where obama was born about five years and went on and on. he wrote down that escalator in 2015 with him and announced he's running for president and called mexican rapists. you do not get their today without ignoring what he said leading up to today. cruelty is the point and racism is the point and fear is the point. if this administration truly cares about illegal immigration, why are these i.c.e. raids happening in black and brown neighborhoods. >> we know americans are not showing up for those jobs. show me the line of americans to pick grapes at 2:00 in the morning. there is no such line. according to the migration policy institute, there are about 579,000 here illegally.
8:42 am
why are they not going into the neighborhoods where -- >> cruelty is the point. >> to the point of obama, the bcc through these leaks of the former ambassador to the u.s. to britain, now are saying, donald trump jumped out of the iran nuclear deal specifically just because he hated obama. literally he got out of an important treaty and judumped o of it because he hate barack obama. >> the president has undone a number of things because of his animosity towards obama who he accused of not being born from the united states for years and years. this also happens with the paris climate accord, that was another thing that obama had a hand in and we pull out oed out of that.
8:43 am
he has this visceral hatred of obama for years now. the deep resentment, some people say it goes back to the famous speech obama gave poking fun at him, all those years ago, you can see his face and everything at that moment kind of changed. you know this is how he operates. he operates based on petty and disagreements and resentments and grudges instead of taking the advice of his advisers and many of whom he purged because they are obama's hold overs and he tends to be so petty. quickly to you, he brought the leadership and we can call them the squall or whatever together. spokereaker pelosi tweeted this morning. he reaffirms his plan of making america great again has always
8:44 am
been make america white again. he should work with human rights, and flex america's values and stop the raids. ray luhan just called it racist. ill gi i will give you a final word. >> my final word to speaker pelosi, stop tweeting and start impeaching. >> thank you, natasha bertran and everyone else, thank you. coming up, my panel will tell me who won the week. l will tell me who won the week signify why we o end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
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-while you ponder that, consider adopting a rescue pet. there are 6.5 million of them; they all need a forever home. it would mean the world to them, and they will love you forever. you know what time it is? it is time for my guests to tell me - who won the week? back with me, who won the week? >> it was protests around the country, around the at the detention centers where these human rights abuses are occurring in our country with immigrants and migrants coming across the border and fleeing extreme violence. i say they won the week along with all doctors that were down at these facilities and
8:49 am
volunteering their time and trying to treat people and spending a lot of money and not making the money back in terms of fund raising. these are the heroes, people who are taking times out of their lives to continue the call attention to this issue as well as people who are doctors and service providers who are trying to help people in spite of where our government is doing. >> this is just from a political standpoint. the left is fighting for others. there are people within these groups that are apart of the communities that are under attack. it is people fighting for other people. the right is we are fighting for ourselves. in a sense that they seem to fight harder, they're fighting for themselves. it is god tod to see the other e to step up. it is a different ask. let's go to fernand. you have a tough one to beat now. >> you are not topping this one.
8:50 am
we had 2.5 years of nightmare snooze. "the miami harold," it was brow week. they spotlighted the crimes of jeffrey epstein which put pressure on the sweet heart deal cut with epstein. he resigned this week because of the local investigative journalism. it matters. local papers matter. the miami herald and julie kaye brown won the week. >> the media has been called enemy of the people. they're the enemy of bad guys. that's who they take down. that's a good choice. the pressure is on you, jason. you know, we love you, jason, but sometimes we put you in a sometimes, it's too hard. good luck. god bless you. >> i'm going local, straight to
8:51 am
the d. my hero, my winner of the week is police commissioner william burton. william burton represents district five in detroit. when he found out the police department had been using facial recognition software for two years without allowing the public or informing them, he protested. how did people respond to this behavior? he was air forced. a police commissioner was arrested by the police and taken to jail. but he continues to fight for the representation of the people of the city. i want to put this in context. this is important when you talk about local politicians standing up. they've handed out $19 million in police brutality. when you have a commissioner who says the facial recognition software which overreports and has false positives for people of color says we should get rid of, this is shb that should be listened to.
8:52 am
>> he was arrested and -- >> he was arrested as a policy meeting for supposedly overtalking the head of the commission. she had him dragged out in handcuffs. >> i hope he can sue the city. that's incredible. that is incredible. okay. that's a good choice. okay. that was a tough one. now the pressure is on me. yesterday i felt really badly because my team had to stay. i was able to leave early, but the team stayed and did an extra show in addition to do some additional politics and also the storm. and then all of a sudden the lights went out. boom. and i was sitting at home. feeling bad that the team -- i got a text from one of my producers, lights out. tara was here. sorry, tara. i was home. in the midst of that there was an i love new york moment that happened that i think shows why i love this city. we got a lot of issues. this is the reason new york won the week. on broadway my son works on
8:53 am
broadway. he had to walk home. he works as an usher on broadway. the lights go out. and see these broadway shows rather than give into despair, they come out of the theaters and a couple of the broadway shows including the cast of "waitress" comes out and sang their way back into the light. let's play a little bit of what happened when the cast of haitistown came out and sang for the people. take a listen. ♪ it's a black out ♪ oh ♪ it's a blackout ♪ oh it's a blackout ♪ ♪ oh it's a blackout ♪ oh it's a blackout ♪ and a whiteout >> okay. you got to love new york city.
8:54 am
new york city won the week. nothing can hold this city down even with the mayor way in a different state. they're like we're going to hold it together. it was an amazing day for new york city. new york city came back from a blackout. god bless you, new york city. y'all won the week. beat that. i want to do a lightning round before we go. who politically won the week this week? tara, who do you think of the democratic candidates running? >> that's a tough one. i would have to say elizabeth warren because of her fundraising number. people forget her campaign was on life support at one point with respect to fundraising. so the numbers that she put up especially given that they were from small donors, i think that's huge. >> all right. fernan? >> i time president elizabeth warren starts trending on twitter, i double down on what tara said. elizabeth warren. she also had big policy statement this week on immigration which i think set the tone again for the
8:55 am
democratic field. no question, elizabeth warren. >> you're my pollster guy, but i put you in also as a branding expert because of that. if your brand is so strong that when people say your name, they immediately say your thing. we were in philadelphia, you say warren, people say she has a plan. she has a brand that's so strong. people know who she is, why she's running. jason johnson? >> hands down, joe biden. he continues to run the most immediate comediocre campaign al leading in the polls. when you can have stuff like this man, and you're winning, you're winning the week. >> he's the guy playing mine sweeper on his computer all day and he gets the promotion over you. you're like wait a minute. what? anyway, thank you all. can we play it's a blackout on the way out? >> i want the remix. ♪
8:56 am
♪ it's a blackout and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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that's our show for today. thank you for watching.
9:00 am
next my friend alex witt has the latest. >> there are two big things i'm super excited about. thanks to you, i'm going to go see that show on tuesday. and also i have you back on the show in 20 minutes. go give your team a high five for a great show and come back to the studio. >> see you in a minute. >> good day to all of you from our head quarters in new york. welcome to weekends with alex witt. twitter rant. the president with a series of new racially charged tweets. railing against specific progressive women in congress. this hour there is reaction and backlash. ice raids apparently underway right now. what's behind them and why did the president make them so public? >> tropical storm barry, the latest path, the damage, the flooding, and why the worst may not be over. that's next. but first, new this hour, the president attacking progressive congresswomen of color as ice raids are now reportedly underway. targeting at least 2000 undocumented family members. the presidentwe


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