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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  July 14, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that will do it for me and this hour of "msnbc live." the news continues right now with richard lui who is back from the bunker at msnbcnbc. what a child night last night. >> we'll keep the lights on. knock on wood. >> we can afford to pay our bills. good to know. >> thank you for being with us all of you on this sunday. i'm richard lui at msnbc world headquarters here in new york. this hour for you, president trump accused of reaching a new low telling a group of progressive democratic congresswomen to "go back and help fix the crime invested places from which they came." those targeted with a fierce response pulling no punches.
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congresswoman cortez tweets you are angry because you can't conceive of an america that includes us. congresswoman tialb renewed her call for him to be impeached. this comes as immigration raids in major cities set to happen later today. tropical storm barry continues to dump heavy rain in louisiana and mississippi as the flooding threat persists. first up, this hour is about fear for many communities nationwide. who will be knocking on the door is the question they're wondering. can my family leave the house today and in the coming week? immigrants legally and illegally here in the united states worry that family members will be arrested and deported. then this today. president trump attacks four progressive democratic congresswomen who protest these immigration raids. he tells them why don't they go
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back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. then come back and show us how it's done, he added. nancy pelosi would be very happy to workout free travel arrangements. it coming from the president of the united states. the house speaker responded, i reject the president's citiz xenophobic comments. ten major cities are targeted. new orleans and houston are also on the list but are postponed because of tropical storm barry. 2,000 people are on the list to be arrested and potentially deported. that out of 1 million who already have final removal orders. this hour msnbc is not able to confirm whether the raids have indeed started. other reports say this. "the wall street journal" reports last night that new york
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city neighborhoods of sunset park and harlem were targeted but residents reportedly turned i.c.e. agents away because they did not have proper warrants. this morning acting director of u.s. citizenship refused to difficult details on the raids or even say if they have started. >> can you guarantee that no parents will be separating from their children in these raids? >> in the same way i wasn't willing to talk about operational details, that would be an operational detail i wasn't going to comment on. >> how is pledging that won't make happen or to say we're making an effort that doesn't happen, again, how does that reveal any operational -- >> i'm not going to say yes or no to anything like that. certain people can write themselves off the list or fi create a loophole. >> let's start with gadi.
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do we have any word in terms of whether these raids have indeed started? >> so far we haven't seen any of these widespread raids happen or any type of widespread mass arrests. this is where they would be processed here in los angeles. this down here is an area we've been in during operations. they moved that van. it looks like to obscure the view. the only person we saw brought in earlier today was one man in handcuffs. we don't know if that was i.c.e. related. we don't know if that was part of the raids or something else. you were just talking about those raids or the attempted raids up in new york and how difficult that was for i.c.e. one of the things that we've seen as we've gone along on one of these operations in the past in 2017 actually, we saw this red card handed out and over the last two years these red cards have popped up all over the place given out by immigrant
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rights activists and also attorneys. it says i do not wish to speak you, answer your questions or sign or hand you any documents based on my fifth amendment rights under the united states constitution. i do not give you permission to enter my house, my home unless you have a warrant to enter signed by a judge or magistrate with my name on it. they are told to hand this through the window or slip it under the door if i.c.e. comes knocking on their door. as you were just talking about in new york, it's not necessarily that they didn't have a proper warrant. very often these teams, these enforcement and removal operations teams are going out with an administrative order from a judge or an administrative officer here but they don't have a search warrant to go inside somebody's home or inside somebody's property to seize that property and make an arrest that way. so these things have been handed out. there's a lot of churches here in california as well as the rest of the country that are now
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offering suctianctuary to immigs that fear i.c.e. is looking for them. >> the reporting coming from "the wall street journal," also the mayor bill de blasio saying this has happened, this attempt, but no warrants. what are we hearing right now? >> i.c.e. uses an administrative warrant to try to get people out of their houses and when you talk to lawyers, they'll tell you that that often is a knock on the door and a made up story. often times it's your car has been broken into or something has happened down the street. come take a look. the person comes outside and it's at that point that they're detained. the problem is those are not warrants signed by judges. so it's quite possible that what we're hearing in this reporting is that these administrative warrants were presented to people who are now very well educated on their rights. we should remind americans that i.c.e. as a government agency operates in the shadows. its goal is to detain as many
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people as it can that have these final orders. we're talking about 150,000 people last year detained. 250,000 people deported out of of the country. the other thing that has to be discussed and i think the way that we sort of laid this out this hour is perfect. this is all part of a branding exercise by the president. the detention facilities at the border, the tweets, the announcement of these i.c.e. rates and keep in mind the first announcement of these i.c.e. raids came two weeks ago. this is designed to keep these communities on edge, it's designed to make an impact and fire up the base and drive a wedge between republicans and democrats. the problem is you hear that you'll have this collateral damage, which is people that should not be caught up in these raids will be caught up in these raids. >> let's go to hans nichols at the white house. what we hear is these are final removal orders. these are i.c.e. agents that are working hard. this is not about them.
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>> the subtle shift in rhetoric from the white house is the numbers they have been talking about. the most recent number you heard from the president on friday was just a couple thousand. that's an indication that they've narrowed down to who they want to go after. so the initial shock and awe aspect of this doesn't appear to be happening. that's being born out by the reporting across the country. it does appear the white house wants to be more targeted and that everyone here is under lockdown about talking about any of this because they don't want to betray any operational details by confirming or denying anything. i think we'll have to see where we are on monday, on tuesday and what the president's rhetoric is and what i.c.e. says. have there been any uptick in arrests over the last 48 hours because rhetorically the signal was clear they wanted this to happen. what we don't know is if they got their operational orders in line for this to take place.
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>> andrea, to you now. the raids happen between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. what are you hearing from your hotligh hotlines and those in the communities? are they experiencing the beginning of these raids promised by the president? >> thanks for having me. the houston immigration legal services collaborative is made up of 15 services and nonprofits in houston and dozens of social services and advocacy organizations here and we run an immigrant rights hotline, which is at houston immigration. we've expanded the hours today through 8:00 in addition to regular weekly hours and we are getting calls from those who want to know their rights, want to know how to assert themselves if i.c.e. comes to their home, if they see i.c.e. walking on the street and i.c.e. comes up to them. reporting from other cities, we haven't heard of any widespread
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arrests here, but we are prepared. the immigrant community here is prepared over the next days to see what i.c.e. has coming. >> all right. thank you so much. thank you for the latest on whether these raids are happening and what we're seeing right now here at msnbc news. appreciate that. i want to get to where we started this hour. here's the president's tweet again. he said why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. the president hitting out against four democratic representatives, often called the squad, who are critical of this policy from the administration who the president seems to be target ing, and her are their responses. this is what racism looks like. we're not going anywhere. and president being accused of
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stoking white nationalism and one said donald trump is the crisis and needs to be impeached and on top of not accepting an america that elected, you can't accept that we don't fear you either. republicans rejecting the statement too. this is from meghan mccain. this is racist. we don't tell people we welcomed into this country to go back. this is the thing. why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. that's what we're looking at today. that part reads for most who come from immigrant and minority families as this. go back to your country. go back to where you came from or people like you or who look like you don't belong here in the united states, but i do. or it sounds like it's my country, not yours. that's what a statement like this sounds like. it's not left or right.
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it might be seen by some as backwards coming from the president of the united states. joining me now, reverend al sharpton, victoria, and kimberly. rev, was this statement racist? >> absolutely, unequivocally racist. go back to where you've come from is what we've heard throughout all of our marches in this country protesting racism or bias. go back to where you come from. go back to africa. this comes right out of that. it is also the president that has called countries names and has settled suits as a real
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estate developer for discriminati discrimination. we know what he means by make america great. others go back. others get out. he is the son-in-law of those that came from another country. he has stooped lower than even i thought he could stoop. >> is this a new low on race? has he crossed new line by saying this specifically? >> absolutely it's a new low and to do it on a day that he has talked about a raid shows the psychology behind the raid, behind the announcement and whether it ends up happening or not, it shows the spirit of this president and it is ultimate -- i agree with the congresswoman. ultimate white supremacy. >> when you hear this is not your place, go back to where you came from, what does this mean to minorities? >> well, in terms of telling
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these congressional folks who are representing us in congress -- elected officials, why not include everybody except the handful of representatives who actually are of native american descent because aside from the handful of representatives who are native americans, we are all immigrants. some of us came here more recently but others before. bett but we are all immigrants. that shows the irony of his words. in addition to that, when i think about america, i think about out of many one. that is ignoring a fundamental of what our country is. getting back to what reverend sharpton said that he's linking this tweet to the larger fear rhetoric, larger anti-immigrant rhetoric that he's been pumping up over the last couple of weeks. it is no coincidence that he came out and was attacking folks
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of not immigrant dissent but their parents, grandparents of immigrant dissent and doing this on a way where we're feeling fear and that anti-immigrant sentiment that was always there. let me add there's also a very powerful massing strong component that's racist and anti-immigrant. >> kimberly, look at this on the screen right now. we're showing the four women there. all women of color. take the point that victoria just made. >> they are all women of color. not all -- i'll quibble not all immigrants and folks like me who have -- my family has been in the country for ten plus generations and it wasn't immigration that brought us here. but, yes, to the point that it is four women of color.
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it's an example of this president using as reverend sharpton so accurately put it a racist comment that is deeply embedded in this country's history of racism and oppression. and i also don't know that this is new. this is coming from a president who has said not only in his words but in his policies exactly how he feels about this. this is a president who was a birther when it came to president obama. this is a president who has spoken out against things like birth right citizenship saying he wanted to look at it and a president who wants to decrease legal immigration and has talked about countries, african country, haiti, and expressed a preference to immigrate here from places like norway. he wanted to put a citizenship question on the census and the speem that suppo
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people that wanted to support that said it was an effort to inju maj jer jerry manneder districts. >> is there any difference here, those that might defend him would say this president is running for president as well so he's putting out a point of view. can you divide that as president of the united states versus candidate? >> it would be disgraceful but it is even more significant he's doing it as a president. as a president that is now instructing raids on immigrants, showing a very nasty and brutal attitude that he has about people that he sees as coming from somewhere else who are, in fact, american citizens, elected by american citizens, to represent them in the house of representatives. so he disregards the votes of
1:18 pm
the people that elected them. he uproots the whole concept of what america is supposedly about. and he comes with a blatant xenophobic and racist statement whether making it as president or candidate, both are inexcusable. >> what does this do, victoria, to immigrant communities across the country? some would say they have no standing. they don't have the power. they can't really fight back against this president as he pushes out these narratives as the rev was talking about that clearly have reached a new line, new lows. >> i think there's the initial reaction, which is shock and awe at these words, at these highly offensive words. i think the second reaction after that is one of motivation. you're motivated by that anger from these words and this has led to the organizing that we have seen across the country where folks just aren't sitting on their hands. they're organizing in rallies
1:19 pm
against the perspective i.c.e. raids and organizing workshops so immigrants know their rights and immigration attorneys who are working pro bono coming together on hotlines across cities in this country. i think the silver lining to these words that he's further stoking anger among his base is also stoking anger among the base of immigrant advocates and friends of folks who think that diversity is a strength of this country. i think this is going to be something that will continue on through into november when folks vote their frustration with this president. >> where is the check and balance here, kimberly? we have heard defense from those who are in the administration this morning on the sundays and the question is who is going to stop such language being used as has been said which is not presidential certainly. >> yeah. i mean, we've seen a lot of
1:20 pm
pushback from democrats today and you played a bit from meghan mccain who is not somebody who holds office. we have not heard the kind of condemnation from people who are republicans talking about the highest elected person within their party so far yet. i think it's going to be hard for them to avoid confronting that tomorrow once they begin to return back to washington. in speaking in terms of checks and balances, these four members of congress that the president tweeted about, they are elected officials sent by people within their districts to washington to do a job of representing them and they've taken the same constitutional oath as the president did to represent a separate and co-equal branch of government. so i think it's particularly striking that the part of the tweet that you didn't read is that he was questioning their ability to tell -- to make the rules in the united states, to have a say in how this country
1:21 pm
is run when that is precisely their job. so they are the check and balance which i think is one reason why the president is attacking them. >> we did check for records of at least up to this point of those who are elected republicans, the hill, zero so far at least by their count and that is, at least, at this hour at 4:00. thank you so much. by the way, stick around because the rev will be back in a matter of minutes. the top of the hour for "politics nation" 5:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, the latest on tropical storm barry as it moves inland and continues to dump heavy rain causing serious potentially life threatening flooding. ♪ more, more, more
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the worst is yet to come. the storm has a long way to go. so says louisiana's governor about the threat of tropical storm barry. what has been called off the charts amount of moisture now threatens 11 million americans. it's about life threating flo e flooding. barry is moving slower than a scooter. louisiana is dealing with massive flooding today especially in areas where levies were overtopped. coast guard on duty for another long day today. 12 people were rescued in one
1:26 pm
parish this weekend where residents were stranded in flooded homes. we go to louisiana now. what are you saying? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. louisiana not out of the woods. you can see how much the rain is just pouring in this area. you can get caught in one of these rain bands and it really starts going down for about 15, 20 minutes. that is making cleanup efforts that much more challenging. you can see some of them here behind me. the national guard has been onsite and local officials. the good news is that this highway has been accessible. it did not flood, which has made things easier. there has been an impact to the local economy. when you talk about something like the port of new orleans, you're talking about one of the busiest ports in the entire country. and for two days there was no ship traffic in that port. thankfully it reopened today. but you're also talking about
1:27 pm
oil riggs. you' you're talking about a fishing economy. i talked to charles who owns the marina up the street, it's completely flooded. for the small businesses here, small businessmen and women, this storm presents an impact and they want the cleanup to be done as soon as possible especially now the focus is these levies breached in this community. five that we know of. that's what the national guard is focusing on, patching them up as soon as possible. >> thank you seven for that report in louisiana. let's go straight to janessa. now you can see a lot of what was there yesterday is continuing today. >> you saw the low lying clouds and that torrential rain in that live shot. let's back it up on our radar.
1:28 pm
you can see these bands. they are making their way onshore. what's happening and the biggest threat today as these bands are lifting onshore, they're really starting to gain some wind energy. the wind shear is starting to pick up. and that's allowing for some spin. that's why tornado watch is in effect for southern parishes of louisiana at least until 7:00. i do think this gets extended into northern mississippi as well as these bands really continue to lift. now, 12 million under these flood watches and they lift across the tennessee valley for the next 24 hours and i do think that is extended as well into wednesday afternoon. this was a slow moving system. we've been tracking it for the last eight days. richard, it's just not giving up. >> moving deliberately buckets. nine miles an hour or something like that.
1:29 pm
>> that has picked up from yesterday. we were at that walking speed. five to six miles per hour. today you can kind of ride a bicycle. it's up to nine to ten here. it's going to produce copious amounts of rain. >> i prefer scooters. thank you so much for giving us the latest on this very, very, very important story. appreciate it. coming up, presidential candidates react to the president's air ba president's racially charged tweets about a group of congresswomen of color. or your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i had a few good tricks to help hide my bladder leak pad.
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why don't they go back? that was a message from the president this morning in a tweet. the correct reads so interesting to see progressive democrat congresswomen who originally came from countries whose governments are a total catastrophe. he went on to say why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. not all four of them he is intimate be were born in another
1:34 pm
country. many 2020 contenders are calling his tweet racist. this as we look at new data from our poll in head to head matchups with president trump. the top four would beat him in a head to head election. jo 11 candidates are in iowa speaking today. is this, first of all, a story that is resonating? we're talking about the tweet. and then there's the polling and the new results that have come out. >> that's right. a few of the candidates did mention this tweet on stage. you heard castro reference this tweet connecting it to the history it's embedded in. and a part of a list of things that disagreements with with the
1:35 pm
trump administration. in all ten candidates came here to speak. they only had about ten minutes. most of their speech was focused on introductions and policies. talking to voters here, you heard them mention a frustration and just an exasperation with president trump and his policies. not only his policies but rhetoric that extend to his tweet. listen to what a few told me today. people are considering this tweet racist. do you consider it to be racist? >> pretty much. what doesn't he say that is racist when it comes to that. this is their country. this is their country as much as it is his. >> it is completely racist and the fact that the president of the united states used that type of language to talk about members of congress is completely unacceptable. >> several candidates spoke to reporters after their remarks on stage and almost universally it did come up in conversations with reporters.
1:36 pm
here at the iowa corn feed event, they were talking to 1,100 people. it was a festive atmosphere. an opportunity for many candidates who aren't polling high in our most recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll as an opportunity for voters to meet them and hear from candidates for the first time. richard? >> thank you so much. busy time there. let's go to vaughn. what are you seeing in terms of the same topics? number one, the tweet put out go back to your country and new numbers coming out from the new poll. harris not doing so bad in terms of the numbers here. >> reporter: if you look at the numbers there, she's about 1 percentage point up over trump. harris over the last couple months has made the case to voters on the question of ele
1:37 pm
electability that she's the most electability out of all of the candidates. she said that at this moment in time it's a matter of we are better than this. and obviously that statement comes on the heels of that tweet from the president this morning, which harris in her own tweet responded by let's call it what it is. she said it's racist. she says it's unamerican. this is the california senator who is unrelenting in pushing back against president donald trump. new hampshire is not just about a primary but a general election. she's taking the case head-on against the president. she said also at her last campaign event. this is her second event. she was at a house party an hour down the road where she addressed the issues in the detention facilities in the southern part of the country. she said what she's trying to
1:38 pm
provide to voters is a democratic candidate willing to take on donald trump on that debate stage and go at him on things like this tweet and on policies from healthcare to immigration. >> vaughn, thank you so much for that. let's get over to edward. edward, you know, when you look at the number of folks that are foreign born and we looked into that and the numbers here while put on screen for you in the cabinet there are two republicans in the senate. there's one for democrats in congress. we have three republicans and then when you look at the numbers, 20 foreign born politicians. the president coming out with that tweet today and reaction that might come from both left and right. it really affects in terms of the message here. both sides of the aisle. >> i think almost anybody who does not have white skin or is a minority group in some way has been told go back where you came
1:39 pm
from at some point in their lives, not in a very generous ray. that is what president trump's tweet has the clear connection to. that's what he's saying. he's looking at four women who not aligned with him politica y politically. >> and not all born abroad. >> only one of the four was born abroad and came here as a refugee. the other ones are american born and you look at cortez and her heritage is puerto rican. so it's not even from another country. although she obviously is not white. and the president is responding there to being a target of them politically by saying one of the easy standard things out of the toolbox of racism that comes out
1:40 pm
and there is a maybe he's trying to appease his base. this just seems to be how the president thinks about things and i think you can see a consistent pattern through his political career and even before he got into politics. birtherism is from the same place of saying go back to kenya and here we are with this. >> it's women of color and the point has been made here in terms of where this is directed at coming from the president of the united states. i want to go to our third element, which comes from our nbc news "wall street journal" poll which says who is your second choice. we were talking about the polls earlier. vaughn was covering that as well. when you look at it, harris, warren are the top two when it comes to who democrats prefer as a second choice. why is it only, by the way one might ask, that they are so strong as the second choice as first choice elizabeth warren, harris are number two and three.
1:41 pm
>> those of us like you and me who are months and years into this presidential race but what we're seeing is most of the country is still just tuning in. was maybe beginning to tune in at the debates at the end of june. continuing to. barry sanders and joe biden had the highest name i.d. going into it. they're the name that everybody knew. harris had a strong debate performance. a number of other candidates are getting better known as well. when you look at the polls, it seems like what they're indicating right now is any well-known democratic would beat donald trump according to those polls. polls are a long way out. whoever the nominee is, whether it's one of those four candidates or someone else in the field, would be pretty well known by the time of the general election next november. you talk politics about the generic ballot in house races, democrats beat republicans, this looks to me and to a lot of people like a generic ballot
1:42 pm
that says a democrat would beat donald trump. >> talking about in the field. thank you to my friends reporting each and every day. appreciate it. earlier today 2020 contender senator cory booker responded to the trump comment coming from twitter. booker in his response, also a tweet. "we heard this our whole lives. now we hear it from the oval office. if you're sick of it, support the women who are leading the fight against trump every day in congress." booker's favorability rating went up more than nine points after the debate last month. in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, booker ranks 1% among likely voters. sabrina, first off, what is the response here in terms of what
1:43 pm
the president is saying directly to those four elected officials and how will the democratic candidates, all of them, 21 or so, now react to this and come out and say this is not right. >> you know, i think as the people that you had on right before me in that panel mentioned, this is not new for the president. this is something that he wants to talk about. he wants to divide our country. he knows that's a xenophobic tweet. i'm not sure why he felt the need to do that other than to continue to divide and stir up these feelings within our communities. i think what we have to remember as many of the 2020 candidates have been talking about and especially cory booker, you know, we have to unite our country. that's why cory is running. he's running on the idea that through common pain comes common purpose. we are better than this. we are better than someone that gets up in the morning to tweet
1:44 pm
and that really tries to divide communities, friends and neighbors. that's not what should be coming from the oval office. that's why cory is making the case. he's going to iowa today. he'll be there tomorrow. he's getting his message out there on unity and love. that's what we need this this country. that's what will move our country forward and heal us as well. >> that sounds good but sabrina you are watching numbers like i am. the new poll puts cory booker in the 1% space. so he hasn't popped yet despite the ideas that you just put forward coming from your candidate. what are you going to do? >> you know, richard, we talk about the race on a daily, weekly basis. >> hourly. >> hourly basis. exactly. but we have to remember the iowa caucuses are still over 200 days away. that's when the first, you know, person can actually go in and
1:45 pm
caucus and we're still months away from the first person being able to cast their ballot. we have a lot of time. even though we're talking about the race on an hourly basis, some people tuned in for the first time when they watched the debate back in june. we expect even more to tune in for maybe their first time in debates at the end of july. we have a lot of time. i think polls are going to consistently ebb and flow. what cory is doing is we are on the ground going from new hampshire to iowa crisscrossing the country making our case to voters to make sure they know who he is. >> sabrina, thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll be right back. with tripadvisor, it's easy to discover over 100,000 bookable things to do, from walking tours in rome to wine tastings in tuscany, and if you like what you see, you can book it with ease.
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there are 6.5 million of them; they all need a forever home. it would mean the world to them, and they will love you forever. now, it is time for red, white, and you. it's our weekly segment that showcases the voice of the u.s. voter ahead of the 2020 election. and today, president trump carries out his promise on raids of undocumented immigrants nationwide. we asked people what they thought of those plans. >> i also recognize that the immigrant communities in this country bring a lot, a lot, to the economy, a lot to all aspects of our life. everybody says they should come in legally. i agree. they should. but then make that legal process workable. >> there are so many people in the united states who are angry with them and hate them for no particular reason, and if they
1:54 pm
could hear these stories, i think a lot of other people would open their hearts also and welcome them. >> it is a shame that this administration does not recognize the value of the immigrant community. it's going to further terrorize our immigrant communities, our latino communities, by pushing people back into the shadows. >> now, we also wanted to know what voters thought about candidates on the campaign trail this week. take a listen. >> his day's past. >> his day's gone. so is joe biden's. to me, joe biden and bernie sanders both need to hand over their votes. >> there are areas of disagreement with the vice president biden, but he's a great american. he's a great candidate. he's a middle of the road fellow. i think that's the kind of candidate that ultimately is going to emerge as democratic nominee. >> we want to hear from the democrat candidates and they're going to stand right with us, not only with us but take the
1:55 pm
lead, be vocal and stand up for what they know is right. >> some of the cities being targeted in this renewed round of raids, newspapers discuss some of the details. the "chicago tribune" headlines this, "defend, block and witness. opponents tout tactics ahead of i.c.e. enforcement. others slam chicago mayo for not cooperating with raids." the author writes, "as fears mount in ill grammigrant neighbs in chicago and suburb, advocates are waging their own campaign, what they should do if i.c.e. shows up at their doorstep, urging people to video record any actions." san diego, saturday's "union tribune" front page reads "advanced notice of i.c.e. raids may push immigrants toward unauthorized legal help." adding "unlicensed immigration consultants commonly known as notareos in latin american communities can cause serious harm to an immigrant's legal case" experts say.
1:56 pm
this week's "red, white, and you. ". democratic congressman and member of the hispanic congress joins reverend al sharpton live to discuss the i.c.e. raids scheduled for today. that's minutes away on "politicsnation." ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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that does it for me this week. join me back here next saturday and sunday 4:00 p.m. eastern. you can reach me on social media. twitter, instagram, facebook. now i turn it over to reverend al sharpton and
2:00 pm
"politicsnation." good evening, and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, the president is a racist. that's it. no doubt in my mind. it's been demonstrated time and again, and after this morning's twitter screed, wading into the ongoing tactical feud between house speaker nancy pelosi and four freshmen women of congress with nothing to add but racism. there should be no doubt who president donald trump is speaking to and for. this morning, our president asked his base the following. "progressive democratic congresswomen who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, why don't they go back


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