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tv   Kasie DC  MSNBC  July 14, 2019 4:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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with 9 craveable crab creations. like crab lover's dream with crab...crab... and more crab. or for those who want it all... new crabfest surf & turf. grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go! welcome to "kasie dc." i'm kasie hunt. we're live every sunday from washington from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern. tonight, america's broken immigration system on full display. deeply troubling images inside migrant detention centers as the president goes after liberal democrats in the country pz he erroneously said they came from as american politics goes from low to lower. plus, i talk to amy klobuchar
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about this country's failure and her plan to handle immigration. and i spoke to cory booker about his vision for reform and how to handle a rapidly aging population. first, in a week after division spilled into public view, donald trump gave democrats something to unify around when he tweeted a group of progressive congresswomen should is, quote, go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. though he didn't mention anyone by name, the president seemed to be referring to members of the so-called squad, which recently were engaged in a war of words with nancy pelosi. we should point out that pressley was born in cincinnati, tlaib detroit and ocasio new
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york, not far from where president trump was born. but ilhan became a u.s. citizen as a teenager and was the focus of days of coverage on fox news this week. amana omar is living through in the way we practice immigration is dangerous to this country. she's a living firearm, a warning to the rest of us to change our immigration policy immediately. >> it's disappointing to see fox news give a platform to the white supremacist of the leader, coming from him. i truly believe he is a racist fool who is quite about the fact we have an african-american member of congress, the kind of people the likes of him think come from [ bleep ] countries and the fact he doesn't have the opportunity to ban me from this
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country, and now he gets to call me a congresswoman, i'm sure pisss him off but he will eventually get used to it. >> meanwhile the president's approach to immigration has been on full display this week. it's an approach that involves a failed attempt to put a citizenship question on the census. new images of migrants crammed behind fences at detention centers near the southern border. an i.c.e. raid in cities across the united states, which according to a senior u.s. official, have now begun. with that i would like to welcome with me white house correspondent for pbs news hour and political analyst, ken dilanian and former rnc communications director. welcome all. anish, let me start with you. what we saw this morning from the president, the tweets that came through in a series this morning, really underscores the
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point that democrats make when they've been dealing with their own infighting on racial issues and that could include the house or presidential race, depending on how you look at it. it really takes the eye off the real problem, which is the president. >> there are a couple of things. the first people i have been talking to is the president's tweets are simply racist. the idea even if you're only talking about -- >> he said go back to where they come from. >> he literally says go back to africa in the way he tweeted this and talking about these women as if they now need to go back to where they came from, that they're somehow now welcome in america. >> they're foreign when they're not. >> i think all of that is simply problematic and people i have talked to are offended and find it deeply racist. that set aside, i think this is a reminder to democrats this week as there's a lot of in-fighting and conversations about whether or not pelosi and the squad were able to get it together and whether or not they could have a united front against president trump, this is
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a reminder for democrats they have someone in the white house who will continue to be the weapon he focused on and going into 2020 he has all of these different immigration problems and things he's doing that they should be thinking about rather than infighting and arguments we saw this week. democrats i talked to said yes, we can have a squad over arguments with pelosi but let's see the white supremacist in the white house that we should focus on taking out. >> we didn't mention the fight with the squad and pelosi has had racial elements to it this week, which is part of what really underscores the point you're making, i think. matt, where are republicans on this? they're totally m.i.a. >> i think it's frustrating. all we talked about this week are democrat divisions on full display in washington. when the president needlessly inserted himself on this,
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they're totally united in who they see is the real enemy. but these tweets will fade, congress will come back and these divisions will be on full display again. remember when it came to john boehner and paul ryan, it didn't happen immediately. these things compound over time. one of the things you point out and is interesting maureen dowd wrote "the new york times" the key difference between the caucuses on the republican side and progressives on the democratic side, the worst is you're not conservative, you're too accommodating to president obama, and now democrats it's not just you're round, it's you have a profound moral failing. elements they bring in of race or sexism that will raise a temperature among their own caucus as lot quicker than it would be by just saying you're wrong. >> a lot of this is coming from a staff member as well. aoc's chief of staff, which added this particularly sharp racial layer to all of this. i mean, ken, i think big picture here, should we take a look at what the president is doing
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here? he clearly knows how to completely blow off -- he's pouring lighter fluid on this. there are some arguing no one should take the bait. >> go back to where you came from is a time-worn racist trope. it's also a nativist trope. we had presidents who were privately racist but in the post world war ii era we have not had a president traffic in nativism to the point this president is. i keep thinking what this is cause is our image abroad, our brand. people have long disliked our foreign policy but at least they believed we were a place that was a welcoming country that accepted immigrants. now we have a president trafficking in this nativism, go back to where you came from, and he's practicing policies -- not just words, the border policies are an outgrowth of those words. >> and i'm very glad you ended with that because you can see it for yourself. vice president mike pence got a firsthand look at migrant
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detention centers in texas this week. at the first center he visited in donna, texas,.vice president said he, quote, couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work our customs and border protection are doing. that facility has only been around two months and conditions there stood in stark contrast to what he encountered later in the day at a facility in mcgowan. here you see the vice president flanked by members of congress feed away from men packed behind a chainlink fence. jacques dossy wrote -- at least 400 men were caged in caged fences with no cots, the stench was horrendous. it was so crowded it would have been impossible for all of the men to lie on the concrete. there were 384 single men in the portal which allegedly crossed the border illegally. there were no mats or pillows.
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some of the men were sleeping on concrete. when the men saw the press arrive, they began shouting and wanted to tell us that they had been there 40 days or longer. the men said they were hungry and wanted to brush their teeth. it was sweltering hot. agents were guarding the cages were wearing face masks. water was available outside the fences and the men men said they could leave and get water when the press wasn't there. in his tour the vice president said he was not, quote, not surprised by what he saw adding, quote, i knew we would see a system that was overwhelmed. this is tough stuff. and yamiche, it is so far from give me your tired, your poor, your hungry, those yearning to breathe free. we are so far away from the american ideal that ken was talking about. >> and there's this idea that the administration is looking deeply at this issue and basically saying, the president said this is better than what they would have had in their own countries. so i think when you thid about
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this, it is connected to what he's saying about these four congresswomen and he's saying all of these people could be doing worse. we're actually doing them a favor by doing this for them and doing them a favor by denying them toothbrushes, by saying soap is contraband. so i think this will be problematic for this administration but leps the administration wants to create the idea there is a cry ses born out of the democrats' inaction and they think the images help them in making that case that in their minds they can say this is why we need to close our borders, this is why we need to do all of this stuff. but it's really hard to look at vice president pence with those men and not see in some ways a callous administration that is essentially in some people's eyes seeing brown people and black and brown people and saying they don't deserve better than this. >> matt, i have spoken to some people on the hill and this is something that we talk a lot about the process, what yamiche was just talking about was the
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partisan infighting and how people see this is playing out. these images, certainly of children and also one of grown men in miserable conditions, are breaking through in terms of the phone calls members of congress get. people are very upset about these images, kind of across the board in a way that sort of still picking up kind of the first waves of public reaction to this. i mean this only unfolded a few days ago. but i mean, how the hell do we get out of the washington tie-up that we're in on this issue? it is really broken policy that is causing this. how do we fix this? >> absolutely. i think for years -- years both patriots have seen it in their best interest to play politics with immigration. and for many, many years, for most of it, there were images like this. it was all very theoretical to most people. but with these very evocative images, maybe it breaks through
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but as yamiche says, there's a bit of a blame game going on. and, again, it's going to be incentive for both parties to play politics with this, especially with the a presidential election on the horizon. there might be piecemeal fixes here and there, funding bill here, little bit of something else there, but a major solution on this, there's not one in sight. >> i agree with matt in many ways. but i think we should note the specter of the elected officials walking in the room, kind of staring off at this mass of human beings without acknowledging them or trying to speak to them in any way was hard -- >> it was hard to watch. >> a lot of people read a lot into that. but you're absolutely right. there's a broken policy here. i.c.e. was warning for years this crisis was coming and what the trump administration should have been doing is flooding the zone with immigration judges and facilities because many of these people do not merit asylum claim. they will be turned back. but nobody wants them kept in facilities like this. so this is a crisis in so many
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ways of donald trump's own making. he was focused on the wall and rhetoric, not on building facilities. but it takes a while for the building to catch up with the funds and now we're in crisis mode. >> and politics, of course, in congress are so incredibly complicated and terrible. as we mentioned, a senior u.s. official tells nbc news that i.c.e. raids have begun in the interior of the country as part of an operation expected to target some 2,000 migrants over the next few days. we're told so far the pace has started out pretty slowly. "the new york times" reports that at this point only a handful of arrests have taken place, which that u.s. official also confirmed to nbc. nbc news correspondent cal perry has been following this from new york and doing a ton of reporting from the border over the past month and year. what do we know about how these raids are unfolding? we expected them to begin this morning. it didn't seem as though that's
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what happened. what's the back story? this is obviously generated so much fear in so many communities. >> i think that is the lead, that's the story itself, the comments by the president. i.c.e. detained 150,000 people in this country every year. they deport around 250,000 people. so the idea a few hundred people being picked up by i.c.e. is news or something new is just not true. and we really don't know what of these quote/unquote raids or these quote/unquote detentions are part of some kind of new trump policy or just sort of the everyday functions of i.c.e. i think to your point and to echo what ken and everybody is saying, the way the president is putting the messaging out there, the way that he's putting pressure on an entire community, a community of undocumented individuals, that is the point here, that is the purpose. and it's part and parcel of the image that's we are seeing on the border. it is all connected. the president and this administration are very clear, they want to send a message of
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deterrence and unfortunately, what we are seeing in those pictures from the border and what we're reading in these tweets from president trump when he says we're going to move a million people out of this country, we're going to round up families, it's all intended to put fear into the community and it's all intended to send a message to people to stop coming to america. the question you all are raising. in d.c., about what is the asylum process now in america is the question. the laws have not changed but certainly the policies are changing. it will be interesting to see -- and the other part of this, of course, is the president and this administration want us talking about this. they want us talking about these pictures. they want us talking aboutit i.c.e. raids. i have to say i'm a little surprised we have not seen a dramatic video of i.c.e. kicking down a door or taking people out. again, so much of this is for public consumption and is for us to put out these pictures to the world. >> cal, is there a difference in
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policy? i actual tlly take your point. it's a very interesting one, the idea we're vying into what the administration is trying to accomplish as a goal by elevating these. but i have a question about the policy of separating families in the interior because that does seem to be a piece of this that is perhaps a different policy focus. i know there's been a split in the administration about how that particular version of this awful story plays out because it does not seem as though people broadly are supportive of the idea of breaking up families as we go through this. what exactly is it that i.c.e. is doing in terms of that question? >> so the delineation of that is under president obama, people were not targeted or swept up in raids who had not committed crimes. now, the president of the united states, donald trump, current president, believes just crossing into the united states, albeit a misdemeanor, is a crime. and that is true. it is a crime. we should say the thousands of people who are on these list to
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be picked up in these raids have been given final deportation notices. the problem is president trump has removed some of the very limited restriction that's did exist for i.c.e. when they go on these raids. so you hear people talking about the possibility that there could be collateral damage, that thereby other people swept up in the raid that weren't intended. look, it's very important the way we talk about i.c.e. i.c.e. presents itself as a government agency, and it is that, but it does really operate in the shadows. you talk about an agency when you talk to lawyers, they will tell you they come knocking on the door and say your car has been broken into, you should look into it. the person comes outside and they're detained or someone from their family is detained. it's a difficult situation and it's been made worse because the trump administration has removed some of these small restrictions where now you can be picked up. if you're undocumented, you can be picked up as part of these raids, you can be separated from your kids. you will first be sent to a detention facility. you will be flown on a private airline that is owned by i.c.e.,
4:18 pm
unmarked plane that sometimes will go to texas and take you to guatemala and drop you off. some people, and it's important we mention this, we have deported american citizens from this country because some of these raids sweep up some people who are not supposed to be in them, kasie. >> cal, thank you very much for your reporting. ken dilanian, thank you as well. great to have you here. when we come back, how elizabeth warren is trying to chisel away bernie sanders' support. later, locked up for life for nonviolent crimes. we will delve into cory booker's plan to relieve a rapidly aging population with exclusive new reporting. and yes, virginia, there is a senate race. former representative scott taylor was swept from office during the midterm wave of 2018. now he tries to unseat senate democrat mark warner. ♪ sport drumming starts
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the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll out today shows president trump trailing top 2020 democrats in head-to-head matchups. former vice president joe biden enjoys a nine-point lead. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are ahead of the president by seven and five points respectively. and senator kamala harris is up by just one point inside the margin of error. we're still, of course, more than 200 days away from the iowa
4:23 pm
caucuses. but compare this to former president barack obama at same lar stage in his re-election race back in august 2011, when he held a one-point lead over eventual gop nominee mitt romney, 46% to 45%. joining our pam chairman and strategist from pride u.s.a. and former chairman of hillary clinton's campaign guy cecil. matt yamiche back with and yami us as well. what do you think of this poll or is it totally meaningless? >> it's totally meaningless. >> fair enough. >> i don't think we're going to win the election next year by nine points. >> it's premature to imagine it would be nine-point lead. >> every bit of data we have done internally and shared with our allies in public have shown a close race that on any given day showed us winning 126 to 129
4:24 pm
electoral votes, the difference between being president and sitting at home alone. i think there's name i.d. and it's early. there are a lot of measurements to look at to see how competitive this race is. >> what do you take away of the differences how people are viewing the different candidates? clearly there's a difference between joe biden and kamala harris. >> sure. on the elizabeth warren front a lot of it is simply they're actually running a really good campaign. if you sit down with elizabeth warren and ask her to talk to you about why she's running in 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 2 hours, she will meet all of those. and it's consistent. she's a personable campaigner. she gets underappreciate theed that regard. is it true with kamala. she's still getting familiar with a lot of democratic voters. we're still relatively early in the process. i suspect you will see her continue to grow as well as we move forward through the
4:25 pm
process. >> i will say my reporting on capitol hill suggests that it's not just kind of the organizing and way that her -- she's got plans and t-shirt that's have made an impact. it's her personal touch and followup calls. >> she's tireless. she's a lot warmer than people expected. frankly, in some ways they lowered the bar so low. but elizabeth is -- >> fair. >> -- i think meeting people one on one. >> people are responding to it. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are scrapping with each other for support among the progressive wing of the party. and as warren continues the ascent we were just talking about, "the new york times" suggests sanders could be standing in his own way. aides report that i is reluctant to get aggressive against warren because he considers her a personal friend. the campaign's chief of staff saying, quote, i don't see a situation at all where bernie sanders allows the campaign to do that. that's not who he is and that's not how he feels about elizabeth warren.
4:26 pm
meanwhile, sanders isn't just reluctant to get personal with warren but also about himself. sanders closest adviser, jeff weaver, summed it up like this, quote, if somebody wants a candidate who will make health care a right, raise wages, deal with climate change and immigration reform and justice reform, bernie sanders is your candidate. if you want somebody who will talk about their cooking, their dog, wardrobe, travel habits or favorite books, bernie sanders is not your candidate. yamiche, you and i covered bernie sanders in 2016. there's so much inside that quote, including possible sexist overtones that i'm reading into that a little bit, but all of those things while bernie himself may not be willing yet to attack him on the trail, the chief of staff is basically saying elizabeth warren is talking about frivolous stuff and we're not going to do that. >> i think there are two things, people are friends right until they're not. if they're scrapping at the end,
4:27 pm
can you see the things come out. i think joe biden admitted he wasn't ready for senator harris to come out in the way she did. he said oh, well she knew bo, she knows me. at the end of the day they're scrapping for this election. i could see that change. when it comes to bernie sanders not talking about traveling or his dog, i'm not sure if he has any pets or habits other than talking about the things he's been talking about for two decades, i think what you have is someone saying, look at my policies. but presidential elections are won on personality too. and one democrat i was talking to said it's a little bit of swag. it's a little bit of charisma. there are people who found president trump -- who found bernie sanders to be charismatic and personable. i talked to some girls who thought he was cute. in 2016 cried at his campaign. authentic is the word people used. people used authentic but it would be weird for bernie sanders to start live streaming his dentist appointments or him
4:28 pm
drinking beer. >> yes. >> and i think people are okay with that. >> i don't want to see any other candidate's dentist appointment ever. i'm terrified of the dentist. but that aside -- >> i think people will like him either way. the question is whether he can expand. when we continue, the prison population exploded. cory booker said he has a plan to address that trend up next. [ dogs barking ] what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month
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major criminal justice reform has been a bright spot amid historic gridlock on capitol hill. most notably with the passage of the first step act. now some advocates of the bill want to try to build on that success. leigh ann caldwell went with president trump and cory booker with a new set of legislation he's expected to present this week that will give elderly prisoners a second chance as their strain on the prison system is increasing. >> hi, there. >> hey. >> how are you doing? >> how are you doing?
4:33 pm
>> ebony underwood talks to her father on the phone every day. for 30 years from inside prison walls, he still tried to be a father first. >> so that's all i know. that's all i was ever taught. children first, first. foremost. that's what i try to emulate. >> william underwood, now 65 years old, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for a nonviolent drug-related crime. it was his first felony but in the middle of the tough on crime era, the judge showed no leniency. with no hope of ever walking free again, underwood made the best of his time in prison, mentoring others and staying devoted to his children and grandchildren, as ebony fights for his release. >> we all have made mistakes. people deserve second chances. >> reporter: a third circuit judge even sent him a letter saying even though he's in prison, he's having a big impact on others. >> i was feeling hopeless. >> reporter: but then a glimmer of hope.
4:34 pm
the first step that led to the release of thousands of nonviolent prisoners. underwood wasn't eligible but matthew charles was. he became the very first prisoner to be freed. now he's pushing for the next step, a second chance for men and women sentenced to die in prison like underwood. some of the people who mentored you when you entered prison are still in prison. >> are still in prison with no judicial recourse and expectancy with the second chance look of ever getting out. >> reporter: then matthew met ebony. >> when i met her and so many other people throughout my period of incarceration that had life sentences, my heart was like, oh, man, i'm seeing a baby or child of somebody who has a life sent eence for a nonviolen offense. >> reporter: and that's where cory booker came in.
4:35 pm
he met underwood. >> i asked should these people be here? and he said absolutely not. >> reporter: people who serve more than ten years of their sentence like underwood could ask for relief. a judge would have to show the inmate is a danger to society and should remain locked up. >> i hope this creates a much bigger pathway for people to be released to save taxpayer dollars, to reunite families. >> reporter: as incarceration and lengths of sentences skyrocketed over the past three decades, so has the number of elderly prisoners. studies show as inmates age, the likelihood they return to a life of crime in prison drops dramatically. >> the criminal justice system we have right now is a cancer on the soul of our country. >> reporter: the mood of the country on criminal justice has shifted since of the days of the war on drugs. just 12 senators voted against the first step act, which has the support of kim kardashian and president trump. >> i am extremely hopeful for father's day.
4:36 pm
as you know for us, father's day for my family is our hope for father's day is whatever day he comes home will be considered father's day for us. >> reporter: still, booker has an uphill battle on passing the bill. >> if you are president and this legislation has not passed before then, would you offer clemency to someone like underwood? >> hell yes, hell yes. i'm telling you, it should disturb all of us that there are people like mr. underwood in prison. he would be one of the thousands of people that there's just no argument to make about why we're spending billions of dollars incarcerating them. >> and leigh ann caldwell joins us to talk about her reporting. great piece, fascinating. my question for you is how likely is this to be something that is seriously talked about and ultimately able to become law? the first step act obviously had a lot of buy-in from republicans and outside business groups, for example. does booker think this is something that he could build a
4:37 pm
similar coalition? >> he hopes. he says he's already had conversations with republicans, including mike lee. there's also criminal justice reform discussions that are happening outside of booker's purview as well. jared kushner just met with hakeem jeffries on the hill a couple days ago. but this is still going to be a very uphill battle. it took years and years to get the first step act passed. and this is a big, expansive proposal that will actually give older prisoners the chance to tell a judge, i should be free, and the judge would have to prove this person should not be in prison. it's a big uphill battle but the mood has changed in this country on this. >> matt, what's your sense you can get republican buy-in on a proposal like this? >> i think it's possible. cory booker has done a very good job. this is something he truly believes and something he's been talking about for a while. this isn't some political proposal he's unveiling because he's running for president. the two people that this will affect the most in the long run
4:38 pm
are joe biden and kamala harris. talk about the war on crime. joe biden is there in the early '90s that his version of crime bill was tougher on george w. bush. that he gave the zej death penalty to everybody but jay walkers. and kamala harris, if she risks the justice reform, she looks more inauthentic than she has on health care. and if republicans get on board, it's tough to see that before the election. >> i just rewatched "the american president" over the course of the past weekend. it's all about way to those crime bill points you were mentioning. yamiche, thank you so much for being here and your reporting tonight. with the massive presidential field, it's difficult to overlook other races but still to come i will talk to former representative scott taylor as he takes on virginia. award winning interface.
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- cis choosing to nurtureild and emotionally support children in urgent need. it's not just about opening up your home; it is also about opening up your heart. consider fostering. democrat and former fighter pilot amy mcgrath had quite a week after announcing her run against senator mitch mcconnell in kentucky. first she raised a record $2.5 million on the first day of her campaign. but then she flipped her position twice in just one day on whether she would have voted to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. you might remember mcgrath from her high-profile house race against republican andy barr in kentucky's sixth congressional district last year after raising a stunning $8.5 million in that
4:43 pm
house race, mcgrath lost by three percentage points. i was planning on asking mcgrath about that race and her fight against mitch mcconnell tonight but she canceled her appearance on our show at the last minute. that invitation does remain open, and, of course, mr. leader, we would welcome you, senator mcconnell, any time as well. coming up next, i'll have a live interview with former gop congressman scott taylor in another closely watched race. he's challenging mark warner for his senate seat in virginia. a. think all premium fuels are the same?
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republicans won a statewide election in virginia. and in recent races ed gillespie for governor and stewart for senate, the gop candidates attacked hard right especially on immigration only to lose badly. scott taylor is going to try to change that. he's a former congressman and now republican candidate for senate. congressman, it's good to have you on the program. >> hi, kasie, it's great to be with you and all of your viewers out there. thank you for having me. >> you, of course, are trying to make a comeback after being swept out of the anti-trump wave
4:48 pm
in 2018 house races, and i have to ask about the allegations that surrounded your campaign at its end there before we get into the details of the race. >> sure. >> because there were petition issues with your petitions, one of your staffers was indicted. how can virginians be confident that the campaign you're going to run for senate is above board? >> good question for sure. look, if anybody did anything wrong, they should be held accountable of the fullest extent of the law, of course. the democrats spent millions of dollars saying we were in the wrong, did something wrong, that was 100% false and proven to be so. all i can say is moving forward, of course, we learned lessons and my campaign, though we can't guarantee success, it will absolutely be deserving of it. >> you did have one staffer who was indicted in connection with this. you had consultants working for you who continued to work for you as much of this unfolded. why is that proof that you had
4:49 pm
nothing to do with it? >> it's proof that i had -- i did no wrongdoing whatsoever. i have been exonerateford that, of course. i don't want to dwell on it. we learned a lot. we have a new team. we will run a clean, ethical campaign. we cannot guarantee success but we will be absolutely deserving of it. >> let's move on to your senate race. immigration has been, of course, the focus of many of the statewi statewide campaigns in virginia as we pointed out. the country is wrestling with a very serious humanitarian crisis right now at the border. do you fully support president trump's immigration policy as it stands today? or do you have concerns about how he approaches this issue? >> when you say president trump's policy, we don't have enough time on this segment to talk about the intricacies of policy. but i was over dhs budget as a member of the appropriations,
4:50 pm
first one ever as freshman from virginia. my first trip in congress was to go to the border and see exactly what was going on there. there's no question we have a border crisis right now. and there's no question that some policies need to be changed. we need to tweak laws, close u the asylum a before, a 240% increase from 2014. we absolutely need more border security. they need to have the funding and the requisite resources to be able to get a handle on that. i think a lot of policies that i'm hearing now would just exacerbate the problem and cause more death and more sexual assaults at the border. so, you know -- >> policy-wise. >> let me finish. i'm not someone who throws out bombs on other side. i like to do things and get things done. i think there's a path forward to get security as well as tweaking immigration laws to get a handle on this crisis at the border. policy-wise, let me ask a simple question about the i.c.e. raids
4:51 pm
today. there's a new focus, a policy that includes potentially breaking up families that are living in the interior of the united states that was not the priority under the obama administration when they raids were focused on criminals. do you believe that our -- our i.c.e. raids are focus for deporting undocumented immigrants should be on criminals, or do you agree with the trump administration 'policy? >> let's look at facts several administrations that's what i.c.e. exists for, if you break a law, if you break a law and you have a child, guess what? you're going to get separated from it. it's horrible, and i wish you would never be in the situation -- >> of course, i'm asking -- >> let me finish. >> i'm ask you if the only crime is crossing the border. >> it's a dream. >> sure. i'm saying there are distinctions between the obama and trump administrations, and is sounds to me like you're with
4:52 pm
president trump, which is totally fair. >> from what i understand, the i.c.e.'s priority has criminal folks that pose a threat to this country. we have many immigrants in virginia, many, and they contribute a lot to our community. the mother of my child is an immigrant that went through the process, now a citizen. i'm empathetic. i have spent years of my life in south america and the middle east. i understand why people want to come here, but we do have laws. people are looking at things stylistically, but we have to have laws enforced. to be mare, members of congress on both sides have to come together and figure out a resolution this this crisis, some of that is dealing with tweaks law. its it's actually getting resources down there.
4:53 pm
again,ivity to get things done and work across the aisle to do that. let me ask about the president's tweets this morning, and when he spoke about the -- he suggested that they should go back where they came from. three of them were born in america, ilhan omar became a u.s. citizen as a teenager. do you agree those members of congress should, quote, go back to where they came from? >> of course not. look, i don't like the discourse in the country right now. i don't like the media feeding into it. i don't like the bombastic statements on either side. i understand why rep omar has anti-semitic comments. s i don't think any of that has any place in our country. how do you plan on winning, given the political trends in your state? >> that's a good question.
4:54 pm
look, i think there's a hunger in my state for a change this leadership. we have a crisis right now in virginia. washington is broken. we know we don't have an effective senator in the senate right no in mark warner. i like him personally. that is no so in the senate. that's not my opinion. just look at of course, look at facts, votes. >> spent the last two years need on the needs of virginians, but uses the intel committee and privy to information to tell you and everyone else in this country there was massive -- overwhelming evidence of collusion of traitorist behavior, and it's punishable by death. i think that was irresponsible. i think it does nothing for virginians and there's this quote in "new york times" that says that senator warner has slogged through the senate with few significant achievements. so i think virginia is hungry for someone who can get things
4:55 pm
done personally, with all due respect to senator warner. let's go back to what you have saying about the senate intelligence report. quite frankly, the senate has been more measured their your former body, the house of representatives. >> adam schiff has been way worse than mark warner. >> are you not troubled by the first portion of the mueller report that calls through, while yes they say they didn't find any evidence of collusion with russians, they also did not say that there was evidence that it never happened. do you have concerns about what mueller laid out? >> what i'm saying to you is that my senator, mark warner, who i'm running against in 2020, sat here, probably on your program, certainly on msnbc and other programs, telling you from information you are privy to, that that you are not, that there's overwhelming oechd, but
4:56 pm
there is not overwhelming evidence. that was misleading, if not a lie. i have a big problem with that. he spent all the time at the expense of doing things for virginians. that's one of the reasons i'm running to be the next on united states senator from virginia. do you think it's a waste of time to investigate russian -- i had a conversation with mark warner two years ago. they did in fact try to meddle in our election. i told him, you've got to come up with policies. we have to work on securing our election that tell the world what lines they won't cross. that's the most important thing that you need to do. not this collusion illusion. he didn't take my advice, and here we are. congressman scott taylor, certainly interesting. many elements of interesting. i do thank you so much for being
4:57 pm
on tonight. we would love to have you back. thank you guys, to both of you as well. in our next hour, quote, we were merely freshmen. party division ripens, speaker pelosi and some of the most visible newcomers to congress feud openly as president trump trash speaker ryan. plus my interview with amy klobuchar as immigration policy boils over. and our producers watch the sunday shakes so you don't have to. s watch the sunday shakes so you don't have to (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? you alright? wow. (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking. standard on the subaru ascent. presenting the three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever.
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isis launches raids today. >> ice launching raids today. >> i.c.e. does this every single dahl. it's called enforcement actions. >> this i.c.e. as its formed now, should be abolished. >> we cannot be separating children from their parents. >> i'm against separating families, let me make that clear. >> the problem is the flow of people coming in illegally. >> they also can go home, when is our preference. >> the condition ares a disaster. >> i witnessed no overcrowding. >> these are not criminals. they're desperate people that deserve a process. >> when is this going to end? >> when we close loopholes. >> congress has failed to do
5:02 pm
what they need to do. >> we can close those two loopholes on one piece of paper. >> it's on an index card. >> nancy pelosi versus the base. >> aoc seemed to suggest that pelosi was singling outed squat. >> just because someone diagnose agrees doesn't make them a racist. >> it's like hiss, lie "mean girls." she was trying to sing the out division in the party. >> i appreciate the passion, but we have got to come together. >> is speaker pelosi losing control? >> answer to that question is no. >> do you think the speaker is being too touch tough on them? >> i think alternates bit. welcome back tots second hour of "kasie dc." >> reporter: did paul ryan prevent you from making any bad decision. >> so paul ryan was not a talent
5:03 pm
so for him to help his mouth is incredible. maybe he's being paid. the wall is being built. paul ryan was a terrible speaker, frankly a baby. he didn't know what the hell he was doing. that was president trump this week after politico's tim alberto reported that speaker ryan's criticism of his party's leader and the need for republicans to try and rye build. it might be taken, all of that, as a warning sign to democrats, but at the moment, there isn't too much on signs of detente from nancy pelosi and the quad as they are informally know. it seemed to come to a head after an interview with maureen dowd last weekend, and i have
5:04 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez's. one thing we will not tolerate is using the race question, otherwise known as the race card, on any member, especially a member with an invisible record. the from you trace has clearly been mounding this weekend. >> if you are not prepared to come to that table and represent that voice, don't come. we don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be a brown voice. we don't need black faces that don't -- we don't need muslims that don't want tore a muslim voice. we don't ne-- >> why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken places from which they came, and then come back and show us how
5:05 pm
it's done. i'm sure nancy pelosi would be happy to work out free travel arrangements. okay. with me this hour ashley parker. cnbc editor at large john heart wid, and also back with you chairman for priorities usa and former political director, guy cecil, and joining us from nashville, historic and msnbc political analyst john meech many, author of "songs of america." with country music legend tim mcgraw. thank you all for being here. jon meeacham. frankly in the course of the day, what the president has had
5:06 pm
to say really has unifieded democrats. nancy pelosi herself have put out statements of support for them, but put in perspective for us what it is exactly that the president is saying here? >> well, it's a classic xenophobic nativist argument that he started really with the birther argument. call the it an argument is too strong. the birther lie about president obama, and the 2015 speech about mexican immigrants they're really to my mind two action yoms here that are in play. one is you dance with the one that brung you, and what trump was doing today was dancing with the xenophobia that brought him to the white house, but the other thing he did, he violated
5:07 pm
a fundamental napoleonic axiom -- never get in the way of an enemy when they're in the process by destroying themselves, and by overplaying this, once again he's managed i think tactically to bring the democrats together around an incredibly emotional issue. this has everything, right? it's women, it's ethnicity, it's the border, it's power, it's age, it's generation. it's a fascinating story about where the country is right now and where it's going. what trump wants to do is pull us back. >> it is obviously a very serious topic, though, jon, i knew i could count you on to come up with a reference to napoleon. thank you for that. >> you're welcome. the president is tweeting right now about this topic. he writes -- so sad to see the democrats are speaking up for
5:08 pm
people who speak so badly for our country, who hate israel. whenever confronted he call their adversaries racist, and the many terrible them must not go unchallenged. we look even more forward to seeing you at the ballot box of 2020 clearly the president is not trying to stay out of ways, as no policyian says you should, but trying to insert himself. it's been an emotional week for many in your caucus. i know you had a meeting on wednesday where this all the came toed forefront. there have been some tweets from aoc's chief of staff that have angered members. he essential compared them to segregationists. i mean, how do you as a caucus move beyond this? is the president the answer to that question?
5:09 pm
here's what's said. let's forget the tweets back and forth. i wish the president just read american history. jon meacham -- the question was they didn't have an zesters, and lincoln said it's the electric cord that runs through the declaration of independence, and if you believe in equality, you're flesh of the flesh and blood of the blood. that's the vision of america. it's just sad. what's sad about the president is his ignorance. that's what america is founded on. that's what our caucus believes in. we're going to be an aspirational vision, and i guarantee that's going to win. you know how? i was the son of immigrants. i grew up in bucks county. i had teachers who believed in me, little league coach who is believed in me. i now represent the most
5:10 pm
economically powerful district in the world possibly. that's the story of america. not this president. >> ashley parker, you're a pretty close observer what's your view inserting himself into this divide? part of it are he just can't help himself, right? there might be a smidge of that, but the president no matter what right now is running a base turnout strategy. they talk about expanding the map. what they are doing is hoping to energize they core supporters who attracted to him by birtherism originally, by his calls to build the wall, and the ones we saw this morning, when i say everyone came out, many democrats kim out against him is
5:11 pm
a better way to describe that. by across the board criticism, but that's not necessarily political bad. with some of these voters. he's trying to turn out. what's interesting to me is the president and his campaign team, they do want to paint the democrats as super-socialist. but it was a very -- they're too progressive, they hate the country, they're not one of you, and i think they believe they can inject that into the bloodstream, that can help them turn on the voters, frankly. >> this was a straight-up expression of racism from the president that is consistent with the impulses he's expressed throughout his public life. he won the election in 2016, not by winning the popular vote, but squeezing out a narrow electoral victory by juicing up turnouts among non-college whites in key
5:12 pm
states while hillary clinton alienated some people, and democratic turnout was subpar. now that he's growing more unpopular over time, he has to squeeze larger and larger margins out of that shrinking group, so the appeal to racial resentment i would expect are going to get more and more overt and fervent as we get closer to the eek. >> caliperry raised a point when we were talking to him earlier in the hour, and he suggested that part of this overall strategy might be sending cameras down to the border with mike pence, showing this is something that the administration wants out there. does that as a congress september make -- sip a political strategy? >> i think that's 100% accurate. members of congress have been trying and denied entry time after time after time.
5:13 pm
now the vice president cheeses two places. a brand-new facility, which, by the way, when i look at that i'm not particularly comforted with the way the children were being treated. the second is to have six, seven, eight white men on the other side of a iffens while hundreds of brown-skinned men are on the other side, liking like criminals. i think this was 100% intentional. outto relitigate the entire 2016 election, but we knew in 2016245 the president had denied housing as a businessman to african-americans. we knew that he kicked african-americans off a casino floor, because a wealthy patron of his did not like the look of the folks working the tables on the floor. this is not anything new. >> and he was a birther. >> this is not surprising.
5:14 pm
it's just disgusting. i think we should use more accurate words. it's not surprising that he tweeted this today. it's just vile. i want to revisit an interview you gave to vox. into another district with the democrat, and with pelosi, to stay neutral in the race, pelosi invited me to the house, you recall. when i asked her not to make an endorsement, she said absolutely not, i stand for myoincumbent, and she says, ro, it if i had waited around, i never would have been speaker of the house. power is never given, it is always taken.
5:15 pm
here was ilhan omar yesterday. >> there's a constant, i think a struggle oftentimes with people who have power about sharing that power. and we are not really in the business of asking for the share of that power. we're in the business of trying to grab that power and return it to the people. >> so i wanted to bring that up. this has been pelosi's own strategy, right? she didn't wait around for anybody to give her what she has, to a certainly extent neither have these people who have been a thorn in her side. are they wrong, the squad? >> speaker pelosi secretly given advice for representative omar? i don't think speaker pelosi is a problem. she's encouraged people like me. she's encouraged many people of color to have a voice, but i
5:16 pm
also believe these new freshmen are doing dynamic things. they have an extraordinary voice and a story to be told. i think there's far less division in the caucus. always there's tension between people of leadership, and tension between folks who go slower and folks who want to go faster. >> should aoc have mentioned race and should chef said the suggestion is women of color are being singled out? >> people have different experiences. here's what i think is going on. i don't think the speaker in any way is responsible for singling out women of color and discriminating against women of color, base odd my experience. i think she's gone overboard to help. that said, when i think you look at it from the four freshmen's experience, you look at the death threats, the obstacles they're facing, you can understand why they are frustrated with the system. my argument would be, blame the
5:17 pm
president's tweets. blame the culture that has created this. don't blame speaker pelosi, who is arguably the most successful woman in american political history and had to overcome a lot to get where she is. >> one thing we know for certain, nancy pelosi knows where the political center of gravity is, and the congress better than those four members do. >> and it is in a different spot. jon meacham, the one thing i will say here, if you think about what's ripped the republican party apart over the last ten years, it was a discontent with the system that ultimately gave us donald trump. is the arc of this going to be similar in your view? this is a generational dispute more than anything else, and obviously these four are much smaller number than the freedom caucus that showed up in the house and wreaked all kinds of
5:18 pm
havoc. is this something where, like the democratic party will have to give towards these four women? >> i don't think so. simply on the pelosi doctrine of giving and taking, the numbers are where the numbers are. you know, this country is going to look a lot more like where the squad is and president obama in 30 years than it's going to look like donald trump's demographically speaking. the question is, how do you get to that point? what are the bridge years like and what happens in the interim? it seems to me that the great struggle in the democratic party now, i was talking to a former chairman of the tennessee -- i did tell him being a chairman of the democratic is like being the radar operator of pearl harbor. he did not disagree.
5:19 pm
hey, we got in a knollian and pearl harbor in here. >> thank you. >> the classic question is do you have to send an old white guy to beat the old white guy? and that's what the democratic party is going to have to decide here. unfortunately, on all sorts of levels the afternoon can be made that right now they need more. there are many things that wore my about 2020, but one of the things in particular is if president trump is reelected and it was vice president biden who lost, where did that leave the party? because then i think of demographic fissures and
5:20 pm
generational fitsius become grand canyon-like. i think it's worth noting that only 25% of the electorate is while men, so i'm interested to see how it all plays out. congressman khanna, thank you for your time. up next, mice conversation with aimia klobuchar. amy klobuchar. amy klobuchar. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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senator amy klobuchar has struggled to break out, but as the party swings left, she insists there's a lane for a candidate with a more moderate approach. i sat down with the prosecutor turned senator had week, and started out asks her, this was of course before he resigned on friday. >> i thought that whole thing was blaming everyone else, the local d.a., when the feds have the power to get the long sentencing, and then of course saying we're in a different world with victims. i was -- it was 1998 when i was a prosecutor, a local d.a., and we alls consulted victims. it was the law about a sentence sometimes the evidence would
5:25 pm
fall apart so to me it just smells. it sounds like the kind of thing where this guy had a top-notch lawyer, and everyone knew him, and one of the things you learn as a prosecutor, you do your job. you have to go to work every day thinking to yourself what if this person didn't have money? i would think -- when our lawyers would come with an agreement, i would say, okay, well, what if the race was different if the victim? you've got to make sure you're doing what you're doing is fair, that you're doing something regardless of race, regardless of money, and regardless of who the victims are or who the defendant is, or you just lose your core. i am very concerned that this is what happened. this guy was connected and decisions were made that wouldn't have been made if he wasn't a billion near. congress has been absolutely
5:26 pm
deadlocked on this issue. incredible conflicts a couple weeks ago over an emergency package to aid, you know, immigrants at the border, senate democrats have introduced new legislation, but do you see any on path forward? or does the president make it impossible? >> i would hope there's, there's interests on both sides of the aisle. the humanitarian aid was necessary, but we knead rules in place, to stop separating the kids from their parents. to have some modicum of standards for kids when they are in these places, like getting a toothbrush, getting soap, basic. i think there's a lot of things we could do to make things safer, but he he's choosing to create chaos. when that's your goal, you never want to come to a solution.
5:27 pm
chaos is what he welcomes every day, or he wouldn't be do tweets at 5:00 in the morning, making threats about the census, flying off and doing a summit when he doesn't get results. that's what happens every single day. let's talk presidential politics. immigration has become a very central issue, it was in the first debate. you had said then that you were still considering whether or not you believe the act of crossing the border should be decriminalized, making to be a civil offense instead of a criminal offense, have you had a chance to review that policy? >> i was saying we should look at that statute. i think number one, we don't want an open border policy with no criminal penalties. nothing available, because sometimes you can have some serious security risks. you want that as a tool.
5:28 pm
no, i don't favor completely getting rid of all criminal penalties. do you think that he issue is something that if a democrat supported it in a general election could cost democrats? >> i don't know, i think for me, i look at it as a former prosecutor, trying to get comprehensive immigration reform, having been through both immigration bills, knowing we can get this done in the first year, that my number one focus is bringing some sanity to this policy, bringing some humanitarian health but being smart, all of that is good for our country. >> robert mueller is set to
5:29 pm
testify before congress. what do democrats in the house need to accomplish in that hearing, in your view? >> this is all on mueller being able to tell his story of what he saw and what he found, letting the people hear it. i'm not sure they're going to get a big cross-examination. i have my own personal issue, because the attorney general barr offhand said to me in the public hearing, i asked, did mueller look at the president's tax returns and financial documents? and his answer -- he might have been tired at the end. his answer was ask him -- >> did the special counsel rue vie the financial statements? >> i don't know. >> can you find out if i ask later in a written question? >> i december yes, or you could ask bob mueller when he comes here. >> so i'm going to make sure this question is asked, but even
5:30 pm
if they don't get any more than the report -- and i hope they do. i have the attorney general of the united states telling me that mueller should tell me this back -- having him talk about what russia did is so valuable. not everyone has time to read that report. >> do you think that house speaker nancy pelosi should be more aggressive in trying to impeach the president at this stage. she is methodically and carefully gets the facts out. i personally have stated i would like to see impeachment proceedings, but i think it's very good she got director mueller to come and testify, albeit with a subpoena, but they're moving ahead and collecting evidence. let's see what he says. >> last but not least, as you look ahead into the rest of the summer, the falls, campaign season, the next upcoming debates. we have seen one candidate drop out of the race, though another
5:31 pm
candidate joined the race. whack a-mole. >> but clearly you'll need a breakout moment to tun to move forward. what is your strategy or view on how to make that happen? >> it may not be one moment. i knew i was starting out as a bit of an underdog from a smaller state, but i nigh i had a very clear path. that is base odd my experience of having passed over 100 bills, having actually gotten things done, because i believe you should by a proven progressive, which is what i am. it's also based on the fact that i have won in the reddest of districts. i have won districts that donald trump won by over 20 points, and i think that is the number one focus of our party right now, to have someone that can win with a vision for our country. the debate's give me a chance to do that, but my opportunity may
5:32 pm
be a breakout moment like i had with the kavanaugh hearing, where something just happened, where i showed my stuff and what i stand for. or it may be just a series of increasing and getting more and more people who get to know me. we saw some of those numbers with people who watch the debates. while i continue on my steady pace, i think there's a lot of people who felt i did a good job, and i'm going to have a lot of opportunities to do that and show my leadership. my thanks to senator klobuchar for that interview. when we return, the president stood firm in keeping alex acosta in the administration, but now he's gone. that's next on "kasie dc." gone. that's next on "kasie dc." back then, we checked our smartphones zero times a day.
5:33 pm
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we continue to learn more about the case that prosecutors are building against jeffrey epstein. , they wired at least $350,000 to possible coconspiraciors days after a newspaper story was published alleges they had sexually abused dozens of underage girls. evidence shows he's willing to tamper with witnesses.
5:37 pm
he was arrested last weekend. hundreds or even thousands of nude and semi-nude photos of young females were found at his manhattan hope. labor secretary alex acosta resigned friday, after facing scrutiny over a deck caddy-old plea deal when he was u.s. attorney for southern district of florida. jon meacham, there are a story about his essential self-rehabilitation, and essential got off with very little, a work release program where he worked from his office six days a year, and it sort of details how -- put out press releases that, you know, read like news stories about the good things he was doing. he would wear harvard
5:38 pm
sweatshirts even though he never went to harvard. he had friends in high places that brought him to fancy parties. how do we allow this to happen in this indicate? >> it was written about, adjudicated. and, you know, this is a pattern of powerful folks tending to protect powerful folks until the very last moment. you would think that last moment would have come long, long ago, but i think it's almost -- it's a tom wolfe novel, it's an enormously interesting
5:39 pm
moralitity tale, and it's one that the other piece -- i think it was in the times in the post was about how this was a miscarriage of justice indict indicting the entire system. also to your point the cultural system, the system of politic political -- the sense that wealth can wash away all sins. that's a profound moral failing. jon, do you thing our culture has changed enough and permanently enough that this won't happen in the future? >> it's such a great question. look who is president of the united states? this is something for -- we'll be dealing with for generations, i think. i don't mean to be overly grand about it, but think about what brought almost brought down and
5:40 pm
ended the presidency of bill clinton 25 years ago, and then think about what much of the country pays almost no evident attention to in terms of the behavior of the incumbent president of the united states. now, i'm not casting stones, judge not lest ye shall be judged, all of that is very important, but as a clinical matter, the culture, or at least a significant part of the culture decided to suspend the ordinary moral standards for people in the public eye, and you can argue about that, whether that is, you know, mercy on or a blind eye. where it's affecting all of us. where it's affecting all of us is in the white house. >> i hate to make a second reference to having watched "the american president" over the
5:41 pm
weekend, but they have a character that takes it from 60% for the 40ss which obviously would not happen today. what was the president's thinking with all of this with acosta. why did it play out the way it did? >> it's true that it was nominally his decision to resign. they appeared together, chess relevant and meaningful. he was a top aide fired by tweet, so there is that. there was that show of solidarity. you know, what we understand is that acosta in that media performance did fine. the reaction within the white house was mixed. some aides i talked to was a win, because he did himself no harm. others said they wanted to see mower passion, but of course they also acknowledge it's a fine line, because it's tough to
5:42 pm
show passion defending yourself, when what you did is failed to prosecutor someone who is accused of raping children. he spent the week asking aides, which he does all the time, what do you think? and more importantly what are they saying about it? what is the capable news coverage? one of things for acosta is this was not going away. i think that's how they mutually rich at that conclusion. >> john? >> the irony that he was drawing between the reactions of clinton, is that both these men were friends with jeffrey epstein. both of them are part of the reason why he was rehabilitated. he had money. we tacked about the harvard sweatshirts. he gave a bunch of money for
5:43 pm
harvard. the money, the private plane, the private island, the powerful men who may have been -- thought it was cool what jeffrey epstein was doing. donald trump is quoted as saying terrific guy, he likes women like i do, one of his are on the younger side. donald trump has been accused of similar wrongdoing. he's also been accused of sexual misconduct with multiple women, including young women. >> although we need to make sure there's a distinct between what jeffrey epstein is doing and the president's accusations. >> well, of course. jon mea counter. had. -- jon thank you for being here. see you soon, i hope, my friend. when we return, a question no presidential candidate has ever had to answer -- are you
5:44 pm
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the new republic magazine is under fire over a piece cry aisles pete buttigieg, describing him as the gay equivalent of uncle tom. he referred to him throughout the piece as on mary pete.
5:48 pm
the owner of apologized -- we remain committed to honoring the tradition of high standards. joining me now is josh ledderman who has been following the campaign. josh, we were just talking in the break about the fact it ever got published at all, but obviously it did. you know, i think there was an expectation thaej would be something he would be answering questions about his sexual, but nobody expected such a vulgar way. >> it's not -- there was a "slate" article in march that asked pretty explicitly is he not gay enough to be the first candidate? what's so interesting is the most vocal attacks related to his sexual orientation have been coming from the left, as opposed to from the right.
5:49 pm
i think most democrats are extremely uncomfortable with any of these conversation, but there is this very small but vocal part of the liberal base that feels that ifr if pete beet general was the beneficiary of straight while male privilege that he's not the right messenger for the party at this time, and doesn't count' a minority, so to speak. peet buttigieg does not want to talk about this at all. hi campaign officially declining a comment when i approached them about it yesterday. he was asked about it on the campaign trail in iowa. he quickly downplayed the issue and changed the subject. >> i know -- i appreciate that the article was taken down. i don't think it really reflects the "new republic" i know, but the most disturbing story was the vice president's visit to the border facilities where there were people being kept in
5:50 pm
absolutely inhuman conditions. >> reporter: how do you answer the question -- >> there's not going to be an answer for everybody. the best way i found to let people worry about whether it's enough. >> there he was answering a direct question about this gay enough idea. >> that's right. it's something we would not expect a presidential candidate to be approached with that kind of question. people -- a lot of people thought they would be excited about the fact of breaking a barrier by having a viable candidate polling among the top five candidates. but it speaks to how there is this segment of the democratic race right now that's very animated by this woke era identity politics and wants to see purity on that level that might not be beneficial for the party when it comes to trying to compete in a general election. >> if anybody wants a none
5:51 pm
vulgar nonterrible exploration of pete buttigieg's history, there is a story in "the new york times" i would commend to you. didn't obama deal with a little bit of this in the primary when he ran and there were people in the party that questioned if he brought the credentials to the party. >> well, the country is not past the idea and our party is a reflection of that. but pete doesn't have to respond to it. i'm happy to respond. these people are morons. i'm sorry. but a second rate reporter from a magazine that nobody reads, they probably got more hits on their website in one day from people ridiculing this story than they've gotten in the previous decade says these things that are ridiculous. everybody should be allowed to tell their own story in their own way and everybody should be allowed to come out in their own way. the idea we have to have a gay enough membership card to lay on the table to prove that our personal stories are authentic
5:52 pm
enough or powerful enough or make us more or less legitimate as a candidate, i suppose we should be somewhat happy that we are now subject to the same criticisms of whether or not we are gay enough as other communities have had to do. kamala harris has received this same type of attack about her own authentic person experience. to some extent -- it is just ridiculous. >> we should leave it there. >> it's ridiculous. that should not be reported. >> all right. thank you. josh, thank you so much for your reporting tonight. when we return, what to watch for in the week ahead. in the we. like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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tonight as immigration raids begin across the country targeted undocumented migrant parents and their children, president trump goes on the attack, taking aim at twitter at a group of democratic congresswomen of color, telling them to essentially go back to where they came from, even though as if it even needs to be mentioned, each is an american citizen. that's unfolding as new nbc poll numbers give new insight into the 2020 candidates most capable of beating trump at the ballot box. all that


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