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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 16, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you so much for being here with us as we start a new week and good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. president trump amplifies his attacks on four democratic congress women. and they are hitting back. nancy pelosi encourages them to go on record about the tweets. a move to end asylum productions for most central america immigrants. police find diamonds and dash asam prosecutors argue he should be denied bail.
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good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, july 16. i'm yasmin vossoughian along white house correspondent jeff bennett. president trumpt doubling down over wide-spread criticism of a series of tweets attacking four congress women. the president defended his remarksed in which he said the four democrats should, quote, go back to the crime infested places from which they came. >> it doesn't concern you that many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalists group are finding common cause with you on that point? >> it doesn't concern me because many peoplen agree with me. all i'm saying, if they want to leave, leave. it doesn't say leech forever. >> l as far as i'm concerned, i you hate our country. if you are not happy here you can leave. that's what i say all the time.
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that's what i said in a tweet, which some people say is controversial. >> i look at omar, i never met her. i hear the way she talks about al ki al kieda you can hold my chest out. these arest people, that in my opinion hate our country. all i'm saying that if they are not happy here, they can leave. i'm sure there will be many people that won't miss them. >> so responding to the president's allegation that she supports alquida, the congresswoman said she would not dig nie such a ridiculous statement. >> arguing the president's rhetoric is an effort to pit americans against one another.
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>> i encourage the american people and all of us in this room and beyond to not take the bait. this is a disruptive distraction from the issues of care, concern and consequence to the american people. >> the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his xenophobic and racist playbook. >> he's launching an attack on four duly elected members of the united states house of representatives all of whomho a women of color. this is his plan to pit us against one another. >> no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you. it belongs to everyone. all of this is a distraction. it is a distraction from what is most important. from our core values as american citizens.
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>> as that group of congresswoman were holding that press conference, president trump was back at it on twitter writing, the dems were trying to distance themselves from the four progressives meaning they are endorsing socialism, hate of israel and not good for the democrats. >> a small group of republicans either came forward to admonish the tweets as wrong and only tim scotton called them racially offensive. and others went so far to use the word racist. >> i think those tweets are racist and zenophobic and inaccurate. the four women he is referring to are citizens of the united states. three of the four were born here. it is also behavior that is unbecoming of the leader of the free world. you should be talking about things thatlk unite us not divi us. >> other republicans embrace the
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tweets. gop senator steve daines. writing montanas are sick and tired of listening to anti-american talk. i stand with trump. >> and rep ralph abraham said. there is no question that the members of congress called out anti-american things. i'll gladly buy them a ticket. >> do you find the president's tweets racist? >> i don't find them racist. the president went on and clarified his comments. i think he speaks for himself. >> i don't think the president's intent in any way is racist. >> how is it not racist to tell
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women of color to go back to countries when they were born here. >> he has women of color in his cabinet. >> 70 current and former border patrol officers are under investigation as members of a secret facebook group. announcing the probe and see the investigations of two employees have been completed and handed over for disciplinary decisions. they did not say what that would include. propublica had obtained screenshots from the group 1015, the code for aliens in custody. they have not confirmed the authenticity of those posts. they said the posts including jokes at the deaths of migrants.
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jokes about throwing burritos at members of congress and jokes about congress room alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> saying any of these behaviors will be held accountable. it is said she may have been a member of the group at one point but no indication she knew about the posts. the trump administration announced a new policy for immigrants and an effort to try to limit the number of people who seek asylum stating, people who pass through another country first must seek asylum there first. for those who have been a victim of a severe form of human trafficking. the rule was issued by the doj
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and goes into effect today. the change is a unilateral move and has not been agreed to by mexico. officials were negotiating a similar deal with guatemala but that was called off on sunday after t after the guatemala courtroomed against the proposal. saying it gives the attorney general authorities to set new limitations on who can seek asylum. the ruling is expected to be challenged in court. >> andrew, when i was reporting the story, one source told me thee administration is trying do a wholesale reimagining of the system here in the u.s. what would this mean for migrants f trying to claim asyl going forward? >> it means migrants coming up will not be able to claim asylum
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in the united states unless they've already done so in another country. we know almost all the people coming come through mexico. this would essentially prevent them from being able to claim asylum in the united states. the administration says this is part of the effort to sort of clear the backlog given the overcrowding at the facilities. democrats are saying, this is just another example of this president's, quote, war on administration. i will note this is a pattern in trying to restrict legal immigration. you'll recall last year when the senate tried to do a major immigration overall including daca and the dreamers. the trump administration was proposing similar restrictions to legal immigration. democrats weren't having that and most republicans didn't vote on thatub either.
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>> i want to get your reaction. doubling down on racist tweets. as a child of immigrants, i know what it feels like when somebody says go back to where you came from. what did his notes say? >> it showed that the president was already planning to double down and was t prepared for the questions. we know he's not one to back away or apologize from a controversy especially one that is racially charged. the notes had prepared talking points on them about the four democratic congress room. alexandria ocasio-cortez, omar, tlaib. he had the word alqueda on
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there. it's unclear what the president was specifically referring to. this is not a president to back down from a controversy like this. itke showed that he was prepare with the notes. >> he also butch arered the spellingng there. >> not surprising to say the least. andrew, thank you so much. we'll talk to you again in a little bit. still ahead, an investigation turns up money, diamonds and illegal passports. former vp and 2020 candidate gets emotional while discussing the value of care givers during a conversation about health care. those stories and a check on weather when we come back right. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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welcome back. federal prosecutors are arguing for jeffery epstein to be denied bail. telling the judge that agents unearthed a pile of cash, diamonds and a passport from a foreign country in a safe belonging to epstein. the expired passport was issued in the 1980s and shows a picture of epstein and another name listing his residence as saudi arabia. the judge said he would not rule on the bail request until thursday. meanwhile in new mexico, a spokesman said they have been contacted by several possible victims and will forward their findings to the southern district of new york. joining us on the set to break
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all of this down. the presiding judge has said he would make the ruling on thursday about the bail. after this finding of the cash and diamonds and expired passport, what else is there to consider in all of this? >> ultimately, the judge is required to consider whether the government has proven that epstein is a risk of flight. the government only has to prove that by a preponderance of the evidence or a danger to the community but a heightened standard of clear and convincing evidence. >> this seems like he's a risk of flight with diamonds, cash and a passport. >> this may be the defense attorney in me or a bias. the mere fact that a multi-millionaire has a lot of cash and diamonds is not enough. but you see the they closed in
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on the expired passport from a different country in a different name. the key is that the default position for all defend enters is release unless he has committed one of the crimes that creates a rebuttable presumption that he be detained that no factors will prevent his attendance at trial. it goes back to the government. the government ultimately always has the burdenen to prove he will not show up for trial or he's a danger to the community. so considering that epstein has demonstrated he has the money to build a virtual fortress of sol t solitude is he a risk of flight? he has so much money can he build his own personal jail from
2:18 am
which he cannot emerge. >> he is facing a maximum 45-year sentence. how? new information from new mexico affect his case? >> i think the government was always anticipating new accusers would show up. epstein has done a good job of silencing these victims for years. the southern district of new york said call us. dial one. we are here and listening. the government believes there will be more accusers and how they will factor in remains to be scene. they expect there will be more accusers. >> you can't help but think when situations like this and you have this guy who is a multi-millionaire. we saw his finances saying he's worth about half a billion dollars. >> he owns an island.
2:19 am
actually a second island i didn't know about. >> an individual in the same position without the same amount of money would not get out on bail? >> totally agree with you. under this statute, if he can create this fortress with all of the money -- >> it shows the laws in the system. >> as a defense attorney, i would have to agree with you. >> thank you. let's get a check on the weather with bill karins. >> good morning. here is a great example of how this global climate issue is much bigger than our country. in june, we had lower than average temperatures. but when you look at the whole globe, it was the hottest june ever recorded. it was a huge problem across the
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country. about 1.7 degrees warmer than the typical average. it broke the record going back to 2016. we are on pace for the hottest july ever on the planet. we'll see how the last half of july plays out. speaking of temperatures, we are in the peek of the heating season. july has been average and we are looking to turn the heat up. we have 34 million people now under heat warnings or advisories. we have heat watches covering kansas city and des moines. a couple of heat watches in dallas. some of the hottest heat indices, this is in the shade too. we are seeing the hot conditions up the coast. richmond, 102. philadelphia, 102 on wednesday. this is just the warm up.
2:21 am
all the hot air building in the middle of the country. st. louis with 106 and 102 heads to the east. look at d.c. saturday could look like 112, new york city could feel like 108. the actual temperature could hit 100 in d.c. and new york. boston will see the peek of the heat wave. >> you will see me from the briefing room, not outside. 112 in the shade? that's insane. >> that is a dangerous category. if you have a broken air conditioner, get it fixed now. >> still ahead, senator and 2020 candidate kamala harris rises to second place and bernie sanders takes a slide. we are digging into those
2:22 am
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it was maddening because i felt like part of my identity was being taken away. when you're able to restore what cancer's taken away, you see that transformation firsthand knowing that she had options that she could choose helped restore hope. dr eid and my team made me feel like a whole person again. in our books, nothing can compare. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. senator harris has vaulted to second place in the new pole in new hampshire. showing biden with the lead. harris has gained nearly 11 points leading at 17.5%. senator warren gained 8 points to hit 16.7%.
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both harris and warren are now within the margin of error with biden. mayor pete buttigieg is unchanged. bernie sanders who won the primary in 2016 has fallen to fifth place. yang is at 5% and amy klobuchar is at about 3%. and beto o'rourke got no support at all this latest round. >> lots of shifting there. former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate joe biden became emotional talking about the role care givers play. the comments came out the day he announced his medical plan. emphasized, they must be
2:26 am
rewarded and paid more for what they do. >> if you need the help, i promise you, there is nobody, nobody, nobody more important than you than that person who will do anything from help you with a bed pan to when they get really scared -- you know. hold their hands, you know. these are good, good, good, important people and they should be compensated. >> very emotional there considering his own situation. we'll have a discussion with joe biden on "morning joe" coming up. still ahead after president trump's tie rad after telling four congress women to go back to where they came from.
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i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside white house correspondent jeff bennett. house republicans will be forced to vote on what could be seen as a rebuke of president trump's
2:31 am
comments of four women of color. the house will vote on a resolution condemning the tweets that the four congresswomen should go back to their native countries. going back to a speak from ronald reagan that says, america draws its strength from every country and every world. saying the house is committed to keeping america open to those wl lawfully seeking asylum. the house speaker said the hougs resolution shows house democrats are playing politics. >> omar and tlaib have renewed comments on impeachment efforts. >> i said to people, it is not if he will be impeached but
2:32 am
when. so it is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution. it is time for us to impeach this president. >> many members of congress have called for his impeachment because of his utter disregard and disrespect of the united states constitution despite this and other attempts to distract us i remain, we remain focused holding him accountable to the laws of this land and the american people. i urge house leadership, my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> texas congressman green tweeted he this month will bring an impeachment vote to the floor of the house for, quote, bigotry and policy harmful to our country. we are getting reaction to those
2:33 am
across the pond through a spokesperson for theresa may saying the language used to these women was completely unacceptable. trump has been highly critical of the prime minister recently taki taking to twitter to call her foolish among other things. president trump is touting the success of this weekend's mass raids but i am graciouses and customs enforcement officials despite little evidence to back up the claims. there have been few signs deportations were being carried out at the level he previously promised. the acting commissioner of border patrol is down playing those. >> the i.c.e. raids were very
2:34 am
successful. people came into our country illegally. many were felons, convicted of crimes, many, many were taken out on sunday. you just didn't know about it. >> this is what i.c.e. does every day. a lot of this was overhyped. i don't even like the word raids. these are targeted action against those with a final order of removal. >> counsel to the president kellyanne conway could be facing a contempt charge for ignoring a subpoena. the house will meet to discuss her fate after she failed to testify on her alleged violations of the hatch act. >> we were expecting ms. conway to appear this afternoon. we just got a letter 14 minutes before the hearing that from white house counsel that she will not be appearing. this is the second time in three
2:35 am
weeks, second time in three weeks that we tried to get testimony from her and we could not. she claims she has some type of privilege or immunity. there is no such thing when it comes to flagrant violations of the hatch act. >> nbc news has obtained a copy of the letter received just minutes before her testimony was set to begin. it reads, quote, in accord ns with long-standing precedent, she cannot be compelled to testify with respect to her place as senior leader to the president. in order to protect her immunity, the president has directed ms. conway not to appear. the oversight committee will vote on whether to hold her in contempt. >> joining us again, political
2:36 am
reporter. andrew, you reported on the latest story yesterday. what more have you learned here? >> as you noted, the white house has been pushing claims of this, quote, absolute immunity. the idea that close presidential advisors either current or former do not have to testify to congress. the white house has intervened to block both current and former aids to president trump from testifying on capitol hill. including this one related to kellyanne conway's hatch act violations which prohibits employees to participate in political speeches. saying the committee will markup a concept citation against ms. conway.
2:37 am
it doesn't look like that will happen because the white house has doubled and tripled down on this absolute immunity view. >> let's talk about this house resolution aimed at ending the racial rhetoric. help us understand the strategy of getting these republicans on the record about where they stand. >> i think that's the secondary concern. the primary concern is unifying the party. the president handy nancy pelosi and the so-called progressive squad a pretty big gift when he launched this attack. you'll recall in the days leading up to the president's tweets on sunday, those two sides had been sparing with each other and really reached a fever pitch and not sure how those two would play out. the president handed them a gift, gave them a reason to be
2:38 am
unified. it will be interesting to see, the way this was written, how many republicans will join with them today. the resolution quotes the founding fathers including ronald reagan. it will be interesting to see. >> it is a late vote at 7:30 tonight. an early morning and late night for you. >> that's every day these days. >> thank you. still ahead, amazon faces protests across the globe including employee walk outs. the complaints they are voicing against the tech giant. >> and bill karins is back with another check at the forecast and the heat coming to face the country. we'll be back in a moment. jardiance asks:
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2:42 am
day were consumers can snag deep discounts. some employees walked out to protest what they say are difficult working conditions. >> reporter: some amazon workers are striking for change. as amazon rolls out hundreds of deals and doing down the website, workers are striking. calling for less stren uous standards. >> there's all this pressure to perform. >> i have to pick 332 items per hour. >> a lot of workers feel like they are disposable. >> these workers pack orders at the minnesota center. >> if you don't pack enough, you will get written up. if you get so many write ups, you lose your job. >> activists and unions
2:43 am
protesting. outside the apartment of amazon ceo. last year, increasing the minimum wage $15 an hour responding saying us. >> we are really proud of the working conditions we previed. it is a quality, safe environment. we value dialogue. >> we are suffering. >> let's get a check on the weather now with bill karins. >> so did you shop and do your prime? >> i filled up a cart and didn't order it. >> i do prime shopping on the minute hour-to-hour, everyday. it is a problem but they make it easy. >> we'll get you spn on the phone to help you. barry is not done yet. we had a lot of heavy rain south
2:44 am
of little rock. the storm is just about finished. even memphis could get some good downpours. some of this moisture will pushup to the areas of the ohio valley. this is a flash flood warning through arkadelphia. the heavy is is where we have that thunderstorm complex right now. northern earn mississippi could see up to three inches of rain. as far as much of the damage, we are just about finishes. washington, d.c. about 92. the humidity is not brutal. not until the end of the week, to wednesday, we get to 94. the peek of this upcoming heat wave will start friday, peek saturday and for some continue to sunday. saturday could hit 100 in a lot
2:45 am
of cities. >> still ahead, facebook is facing push back over the new cryptocurrency. another bad headline for tesla as employees speak out about the hard working conditions they face. all the stories driving your business day, coming up next. but we're also a company that controls hiv, fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, relieves depression, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. (carrying up to 50 times its tbody weight.essly marches on. it never questions the tasks at hand.
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treasury secretary steve
2:48 am
mnuchin says facebook proposed cryp cryptocurrency could become a security issue out lienting the various ways it could be misused by money laurnders. it's one of several warnings, the treasury department has issued facebook what they need to abide by to make the libra plans a reality. david marcus heads the company's blockchain division. according to remarks, facebook will not move forward until it has full government approval. the company planned to launch the service next year. tesla employees say they were pressed to take short cuts
2:49 am
to meet production goals. working through hard conditions and skipping previously required vehicle tests. joining us live now from london, how can tesla maintain these and keep costs down? >> that's exactly the question. in the last quarter, they made 72,531 model 3 cars. it looks like they may have cut corners. employees working at the open air factories say they were made to make fast fixes working on harsh conditions and skipping vehicle checks. tesla denied these claims. if you remember last year, musk
2:50 am
said they were undergoing a production hell and this year, it seems to be a logistics hell. >> we got the second quarter earnings kicking off off yesterday. it seems as if that all signs are pointing to an earnings recession. especially because we have this trade tension between the u.s. and china lingering. what more can you tell us about it? >> that's right. it seems that given the stock markets are at horde highs but that's the expectation for the street. we are into the heart of earnings season. we started off with banks earnings seasons yesterday. citibank reported pretty much in line with expectations but i think the bigger question that people are going to be asking is what the tech sector is go going to pose for this earnings season and many are there expecting an earnings recession of up to 12% as the trade war clearly is impacting those companies from a supply chain perspective. you want to watch out for the airlines will be reporting as
2:51 am
well. united is reported on wednesday. and they look to be best positioned amongst all of the airlines because they don't have exposure to the boeing 737 expect much less exposure to the others in the particular basket. but yes, a big week for earnings. we're keeping an eye on that. >> all right. joumanna bercetche, thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks. coming up, axios' nick johnson has a look at the "1 big thing." and the president digs in on his attacks against a group of congresswomen. the four women speak out against the president's hateful comments. plus, "morning joe" sits down with former vice president joe biden for a wide ranging interview. he'll talk about those attacks by president trump, his own 2020 campaign and how he plans to take on donald trump if he gets the democratic nomination. you won't want to miss it. "morning joe" is just moments away. is just moments away my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows.
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washington with a look at axios a.m. is editor-in-chief nicholas nick johnston. what's the "1 big thing"? >> trump's tweets open up a new impeachment fronts. his tweets over the weekend has re-ignited the debate in congress over impeachment. this time focused on the bigotry. this is driving the news today. representative al green said he'll be introducing articles of impeachment focused on his racism and the actions involving the female members of congress. remember the impeachment debate so far has been focus on the mueller report, sort of what are the crimes and misdemeanors that can lead to the impeachment and that's been a rift in the democratic party whether to proceed on that. but the tweets over the weekend, al green with a new front, keep an eye out and see if other democrats join this cause. >> all right. so what's the likelihood that green could get support on this?
2:56 am
>> yeah, well, you know there's one person you should ask about that, nancy pelosi. she has been the one decider, the bulwark against all of these growing calls for impeachment. and as long as she's saying no, it's very much the case that these people will not be able to move forward with impeachment. something very interesting this is a call that's only been growing a couple of months ago there were a handful of democrats on the hill that were in favor of impeachment. that's gone up to four dozen. a couple of weeks ago for the axios on hbo show, i talked to the members of congress about their feeling on impeachment and the sense -- this was an unstoppable force, meaning unmovable objection, that the numbers of those in favor of impeachment will grow. and the latest trump tweets are the most recent ones so we'll see that number continue to tick up and the pressure to increase on nancy pelosi. >> nick, i understand axios is looking at the 2020 election and the big winners when it comes to fund-raising. so who pulled in the most money among those running for the white house? >> the deadline was midnight
2:57 am
last night, thanks to my colleague harry stephens who has been up all night compiling the numbers and we have the latest data on who's ahead. president trump leads the white house money race, he tops all the other candidates and the fec filings don't include what they said they raised from party committees when you count that amount of money, donald trump has more than $100 million. then bernie sanders, joe biden, kamala harris, pete buttigieg they have done very well. and the latest filings, a differentiation between the second tier of candidates who haven't been able to catch fire. beto o'rourke probably leads that list, his fund-raising numbers fell by more than 50% last year. amy klobuchar, jay inslee. they have yet to catch fire among the presidential candidates. >> what about congress, who are the big fund-raisers there? >> yeah, house and senate leaderships typically raise the most amount of money. a couple of other folks to
2:58 am
watch, this arizona senate race will be a barn burner. this is to replace jon kyl a place holder for john mccain. that is going to be a very, very expensive race. a lot of money pouring in. on the house, side, a lot of leadership members are the top -- if you look -- if you go to and scroll a little bit down on the list the next name that shows up, alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> wow. >> shows you the incredible power of the freshmen members, she doesn't have a competitive seat. this will make her a king maker in the race being able to dole out the funds to a candidate she is excited about. >> is aoc getting mostly smaller donation or big donations as well? >> i think it's 100% the smaller donations. she has caught fire on the internet, her fight with the president over the tweets is a fund raising boost. similar to bernie sanders on the presidential side, leading her very much on the fund-raising. >> as we're talking about aoc, the house as you know is scheduled to vote later today on
2:59 am
a resolution condemning the president's racist rhetoric. help us understand the strategy at play, both in terms of getting the republicans on the record and using this as a unifying force for the democrats. >> yeah. a unifying force is very fascinating. a lot of political minds are saying that president trump made a huge political error in the kind of attacks because last week we had been talking about the split between nancy pelosi and the four freshmen members. they were arguing over what to do next in the house and now the big resolution vote, all democrats to make a strong vote, condemning the president. will any republicans break ranks, that's something i'll be watching for. for the first time in recent memory we saw republicans come out and criticize the comments, some even calling it explicitly racist and wanting to put them at the vote, we have to see later this afternoon. >> thank you. you can read axios a.m. in a little while. >> before we hand it over to
3:00 am
"morning joe" i want to announce that amin will be back tomorrow morning after spending the last couple of months with his newborn son. but with that, we also want to thank geoff bennett who has been getting up early for us for the last three months or so. it's been such a pleasure to sit next to you, geoff. i really appreciate it. good luck with the 112 degree white house on the white house north lawn. we'll be watching. >> thanks to you and the crew for being so welcoming. >> of course. it's been a pleasure to have you. with that being said, that does it for us on this tuesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside geoff bennett who will be back filling in for amin whenever he's on vacation. "morning joe" starts right now. if you're not happy in the u.s., if you're complaining all the time very simply you can leave. what i don't like -- i don't like mosquitos. i don't like her temperament. i don't like the expression you can't do worse because frankly they can do worse. right now, i don't like mosquitos too much. i don't like critics. i don't even like using the


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