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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  July 16, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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probably still a long way off, but on the other hand, there are these people in washington trying to make a deal. we can't judge by what the president says if where we are at. i will see you back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern and then 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can find me on facebook, snapchat and others. nicolle wallace starts now. >> hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. the nation is waiting to see if republicans or even a single republican will come out against racism today. it's not hard or should not be hard to lend your name or vote to a resolution that says immigrants make america stronger and america still welcomes those who seek refuge from violence in their home countries and the
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president's attack on four congress members. we have not found one elected republican who said he or she will vote for that resolution which means the party of trump that is the party of grab [bleep] is the one that turns their back on fellow lawmakers. on day three, what the fox news would have you believe on women of color, racism and meanness at its core is worth reminding everyone and maybe some of those fence-sitters, they used to care about it. here are 4 republicans talking about the racially charged comments. >> he's a race-baiting
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xenophobic religious bigot. the doesn't represent my party that the men and women are fighting for. >> of course, it's inappropriate. >> i'm concerned about he keeps referring to those born in indiana and he continues to raise issues about and should stop doing that. >> the place to be would be apologize for the various totally inappropriate things he said over the last couple of weeks. >> it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic, three short years ago when the republicans were still offended by racist attacks by this racist president. kellyanne conway called them quote the dark underbelly of america. she also asked a reporter his ethnicity at a press available and says she's sick and tired of this country of america coming
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last. >> what's your ethnicity. >> why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking you a question. my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> my ethnicity is not relevant to the question. >> it is because you're asking about he said originally from. >> i'm asking -- >> you know everything you said since and to have a full conversation -- >> are you saying the president is telling the palestinian -- >> the president already comments on that. the president's already commented on that and said a lot since that one tweet. he put out a lot of tweets and made himself available to you since yesterday. a lot of us are sick and tired of this country of america coming last, to people who swore an oath of office. >> as a former white house staffer who stood in that spot and spoke on behalf of a president i'm fairly confident i would have been fired on the spot for demanding a reporter
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disclose his or her ethnicity to me before i answered the question. it's her husband, george conway, to the moment in this presidency provides the best rebuke of a steaming hot hate speech spewing from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he writes quote naivete, resentment and outright racism roiled in a toxic mix have given us a racist president. by virtue of his office he speaks for this country. what's more important now than judges or tax cuts or any issue of the day, what's at stake are the nation's ideals, its very soul. that is where we start today, with us from the post, lashley parker and editor for bloomberg opinion and senior advisor to and former spokesman for the department of justice.
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let's go to the hill, congresswoman bass and chair of the congressional black caucus. i'd love your thoughts on this vote. are you as surprised as i am, are you beyond surprised there's not any republican support for it at this moment? >> sadly, i'm not surprised at all because they are so frightened of him they have decided to essentially hand him their dignity and integrity. i look forward to taking this vote. so sad we seem to be here every three weeks. the only thing i could think of he decided to throw this bomb to divert us from mueller's impending hearing in a week and also the failed raids he said were going to take place.. he always throws a racist bomb at a strike time when he wants to divert our attention. >> congresswoman, do you believe
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there's any danger of the constant stream of upping the ante that seems to come from this white house and president. his words have a long tail and echoed in conservative media outlets and had social media provocateurs at the white house last week and celebrated and one put out a false attack against senator kamala harris. are you concerned this debate is getting out of control? >> i absolutely am. one put out an anti-semitic political cartoon as well, and he was welcomed into the white house. i will tell you i am seriously worried about the lives of our four colleagues, two of which are the members of the congressional black caucus. they go through death threats every single day. they don't talk about it often. i'm very worried one may be injured if not killed. remember, when the guy went in
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and shot up the synagogue, remember who he cited. he said the president said they were getting funding to encourage central americans to come over to the united states. i believe that his racist hateful rhetoric absolutely has consequences. all he needs to do is trigger somebody who is mentally unstable or is a bigger racist than he is, and somebody else is going to get hurt. i believe people have already been hurt because of his racist rhetoric. >> i want to make sure i understand what you're saying. do you believe other than endangering the lives of these four congresswoman, do you believe he'd have blood on his hands if there were a racially inspired attack on this country? >> i absolutely believe that. yes. remember now, before our next election we have four acts of domestic terrorism.
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remember the guy who delivered the bomb, remember his van was covered in pro trump bumper stickers and posters. i think he's already had that effect. i'm very very concerned it will continue. i'm very afraid for my colleague's safety a long time now and believe what he did puts them in further danger. >> i was old enough to remember when there were two channels on capitol hill, public sentiment and private conversations. are you able to share any of this with the republicans you just shared on air? >> i have to tell you, sadly, typically they come up and say, my god, what he said now. i haven't today. none have come up and spoken the way they usually have. a lot of time there's embarrassed and hold their head down and say, i wish he would stop saying those things. >> there is a remarkable decline.
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some people think this was always the face and heart of the republican party. we showed a tape three years ago, he was running for president, the republicans condemning racist attacks. do you think the gender of these four congresswoman comes into play as well? >> a caucus that has 199 members and 14 of which are women? absolutely. i think gender is always front and center. remember now, even more important than the rhetoric are the policies. frankly, whether my colleagues will come up to me afterwards and disassociate themselves with his rhetoric, their policies have been very consistent and absolutely have a disproportionate negative impact on communities of color. >> congresswoman, will you do me a favor and come on back if you have any news in the next 51 minutes or any inkling republicans in public or private would like to support this resolution tonight? >> you know what, i will talk to
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you right on the floor and if they tell me privately, i won't disclose their names but come back on the air and tell you. >> i won't either. we'll keep their secret. thank you for spending the time with us. we're grateful. >> absolutely. >> i sit here, i write those words, i read those words, i ask those questions, i listen to the answers and i'm never not shocked. >> that's where we are today in trump america. this trump's america. yes, trump, racism, sexism, misogyny all existed before trump. he has done something to this country and you see it with the republican party and has normalized things that should never have been normalized. the reason because he's sitting in the white house and stands behind the podium and he tweets from the residence of the white house. all of this is coming from the president of the united states.
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listening to karen bass, head of the congressional black caucus. when it comes to black people in america and people of color in america, donald trump is nothing new. that's the thing we have to remember. he's nothing new. especially when i talk to people from jim crow and especially with the birtherism. >> i don't want to skip over this point, when you look at the exit polling, black women were the smallest group, none voted for donald trump. if you ask them after the election, the antidotal evidence was we all knew someone like donald trump. >> exactly. the reason biden does so well in
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polling, he's being supported by the black community. in his announcement he took a 2x4 to the racism of donald trump and that awakened people and said, yes, this person can beat donald trump in their mind. they know how dangerous donald trump is and they have seen the bigotism all their lives. when we say we have seen this before, it's sad to see the republican party doesn't speak up and doesn't understand what's going on because we have seen this before. >> i want to get to some breaking news. lashley parker has been seated and mic'd and held hostage for the 4:00 p.m. news. i just learned from our producers, control room, that meeting this afternoon scheduled at the white house of republican leaders has been canceled. any sense the afternoon came
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into focus, the meeting was in the air and dynamics or concerns playing out? >> to be perfectly honest, i have been on my phone to see what's going on and others are scrambling. i don't have anything brand new to add other than the fact it has been postponed. the president had to be in a pretty good place in terms of deafening silence from capitol hill or pretty muted critiques, mostly on twitter, not dramatic television, we know he's sensitive about those and republicans concerned about racism attacks in 2016 to a person, silence. >> it's true. one thing striking to me, there
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were a few republican lawmakers calling his tweets racist. it was just a handful and i think i can name three off the top of my head. that was taken as a sign they were standing up to him. they're not standing up to him at all. it's quite clear donald trump, one thing the president does is throw out floaters to see how much he can get away with and how far he can go. the answer quite clearly is very far with very little pushback. if you follow the past five days, they were intentional. those in the white house largely said they wished they hadn't
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happened and wished them away. the president said the plan was for him to go out monday and expand upon his remarks and go out and double and triple down and really try to paint these four women of color as villains basically that the republican party can -- and he can run against. part of that, they will say we want to portray them as socialists outside the main cream genuinely republicans think of as a good argument. what the president is doing is portraying them as not us. people who should go back to the countries from whence they came. that is a strategy he has done before and one we expect to see through election day, quite clear, fanning the flames of racial animus in this election to try to get elected to a second term. >> republicans did not stand up to donald trump. i want to get to this.
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i don't want to gloss over what i showed you from kellyanne conway. i worked in the white house and stood where she's standing literally. i didn't just stand in her shoes. i was on that spot and if i demanded a reporter expose his ethnicity i would have been fired while i made the short walk back to my desk. >> and kellyanne is an avatar of the president. donald trump has always been a racist. he started his national career on racist comments. and in charlottesville in 2017. but the entire republican party embraced his racism. there was such a change when he
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would make racist comments and say that's a reason we can't support him and then it was like deficit reduction. i don't like his racism or tax cuts and i like the judges. they're not there today. steve danes of montana backed him up and the four democratic members of congress. what happened, he has taken over the republican party and they made this mistake of treating racism not as a disqualifier but another issue and think they can bargain away this racism from bargaining away to outright silence, it leaves you with the entire republican party basically governing in his shadow and will be in 2020. >> megan talked about donald
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trump's racism addressing her and day three of wanting a racist attack of four women of color that serve in the house, the chairwoman of the congressional black caucus believes he'll have blood on his hands if they or anyone else is injured in the spirit of racism. the idea that is being pedalled from the white house on and off the record, i'm sure lashley knows better than me, this is smart politics. i saw liz cheney go out with her shoulder pads on ready for attacking and blocking the news women. >> i worked with liz cheney. she follows a playbook, political playbook, in her dna from her father. the political playbook is run on this -- you want to talk about the dark underbelly of america, it's donald trump and liz cheney and everyone following in his pat. it's heinous and also idiotic
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politics. look at the headlines in swing states. think you will win over anyone, trump's racist tweets in america. trump is a bigot. these aren't from msnbc, these aren't from our website, from mainstream objective editorial pages in america's newspapers. >> this is smart politics if you're talking about the new york world in 1890, where all you care about is this narrow strip of constituents that will get you reelects over and over. what donald trump is doing is pitching himself into the arms of 36 million voters who apparently will let him fire a gun on 35th avenue and not care about it. that is completely divorced from great leadership and moral authority. the republicans on the senate
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and civil war era got beaten. abraham lincoln was assassinated because that group of republicans went to war to end slavery. we look at that party at that time it's because they put their lives at risk and new principal how we think of the greatest generation. donald trump is basing bipartisan values of civility and mutual respect. they're doing it to hold onto a narrow group of voters easily swayed by hatred rather than virtues. >> i talked to someone about the president recently and said he's feeling pretty good. i said, really. yes. but that is usually when he's the most dangerous to himself. what is this white house thinking about today's headlines and news environment?
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>> the white house you mentioned charlottesville earlier, some people we're talking to said i wouldn't have made the comments the way the president did, wish we could move past it, ignore it, get on a different news cycle. this does not feel like charlottesville. these people are not grappling with moral crisis what to do. >> why not? >> they just aren't. i can't explain all their reasons. there is a numb factor. the idea that the president will send out a tweet controversial and incendiary and offensive in some way, makes their jobs a lot more difficult, it's something
1:22 pm
that comes similar to working at the white house and badging in at the complex. they have become more used to it at this point. the other thing, how the president is noting, you talk to the campaign and advisors, try to claim they're expanding the math and maybe could win new mexico and oregon and excited about coalitions to make inroads with black voters, hispanic voters, female voters. that is not what the president's actions are showing or rhetoric or tweets showing or where he's visiting so far when he goes to rallies. >> lashley parker, the only person he's going to add is the unregistered next door neighbor of david duke, also a racist. we're glad to have you, especially today. no one listens to those walls
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better than you do. coming up, donald trump has been more up front and clear about his racist views than the republican ones. we will go over someone about race-baiting who has been at the table for a decade. we'll head out to the campaign trail to find out. joe biden speaks to mika brzezinski about age, push-ups, and donald trump. donald trumper? my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98% of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling,
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we've officially entered the post irony phase of his presidency. here's how he respond to the third straight day of sustained backlash from his racist tweets targeting four minority congresswoman. quote those tweets are not racist. i don't have a racist bone in my body. not only did those tweets invoke an age-old mantra, some version go back where you came from. they were an indication of one or more of the bones in trump's body might be afflicted with racial bias. >> and ethics writer on twitter, trump and his father ran a housing business that was sanctioned by the adjust department in the '70s for discriminating against those of color perspective people. he hired roy cohn to defend the family. he paid for newspaper adds to
1:28 pm
keep himself in the public eye. long after being exonerated, he continued. and racism charges of birtherism and a mexican judge about his mexican heritagism. and then breitbart. and then unwillingness to distance himself from kkk, david duke and referred to african nations as sleep hold countries and those who lived in huts. i feel they happened around 4:00 p.m. and then the racist foghorn heard around the world, very good people are on both sides. >> when people say who is a racist, what does a racist say or what does a racist do?
1:29 pm
donald trump checks off every single box they would use. he referred to people having great genes and that that's determinate if they're going to be successful, has really great genes. he said that something since the 1980s. >> you think he has good genes? >> he think's he's a member of the lucky sperm club. when ivanka shuffled her son into the oval office and he learned a little bit of chinese and he said, great genes. he's done this forever. the thing we have to come to terms with, he's comfortable with it. he has no remorse. >> about being a racist. >> about being a racist. someone who wasn't a racist wouldn't have handle what happened over the last three days the way he did.
1:30 pm
wouldn't be horrified these four women of color. and horrified everyone in the country jumped on him for being a racist and simply apologize and move on. he can't move on because this is who he is. people aren't forgiving him because it's not the first time. joe biden can recover from some mistakes he made around issues of race, possibly. but donald trump can't because he's done it so long without remorse and doesn't give room for him to come back. >> here he is being who he is in 1993. >> i tell you what, if you look at some of the things you have approved, i will tell you right now, they don't look like indians to me. maybe we say politically correct or not politically correct, they
1:31 pm
don't look like indians to me and don't look like indians to indians. a lot of people are laughing at it and you're telling how tough it is and rough it is to get approved, you go to connecticut, they don't look like indians to me, sir. >> thank god that's not the test whether or not people have rights in this country or not, whether or not they pass your look test? >> depends -- yeah -- depends whether or not you're approving it, sir. >> not a question whether i'm approving it. >> do you know where we heard this discussion before? they don't look jewish to me. they don't look indian to me and don't look italian to me. that was a test whether people could go into business or not, get a bank loan, you're too black or not black enough. >> you're approving for indian. why don't you approve it for everybody. >> there's a direct line from those comments to having a
1:32 pm
senior white house advisor standing in front of the white house and asking a reporter his ethnicity. the thing from that clip, the thing trump has really changed recently disrupting this national consensus, it's not okay to be a racist in public. he was rightfully chastised by congressman miller from california. there's always been racism. racism didn't go away recently. many people acted racist and spoke with racist charged language. he is an open unabashed racist and no one in his party will take him to charge for it. if that's what happens to people walking down the street, george conley wrote this great op-ed and his mother told to go back to her country, of filipino heritage.
1:33 pm
there is a reason hate crimes are happening more since he took office and a kickoff event in florida. and someone said a pipe bomb sent to reporters in donald trump's name. he has had a dramatic effect the way people behave in public and dangerous not just to be safe but the way americans live their daily lives. >> what do we do? >> i think we have to continue to call it out. we have to call out racism. we can't just let it sit there. there's conversation, are we playing on donald trump's turf, this is the game he wants to play? it is a game he wants to play. he wants to run a 2020 strategyism in racism. he did it in 2016. we have to call the president of the united states out when he's
1:34 pm
being racist. he's like this awful throwback of a racist way back then now today in 2019 the president of the united states using his megaphone to put the call out to racist troves. we have to call it out, continue to call it out. we have to stand together. i think he gave democrats a gift on sunday and now until today. what i mean by that, remember, in 2018, it was women of color who came out and voted and we took back those three upper midwest states we needed to, right, when it comes to wisconsin and michigan and we took back the house, democrats did. it was because of women coming out to the elections. they were tired of that, tired of babies locked up in cages and racism and bigotry and misogyny from this president.
1:35 pm
he gives it to democrats on a platter. the way the democrats are going to win, they have to get women out in historical numbers. this is a way democrats use this, right? they have to call it out and lay out a vision for this country and just say, this is not okay. this is not okay. who are we as a country? >> one more thing to all of you. i've never done this since this show has been on the air, played kellyanne conway against george conway. i have no idea what that dynamic is all about. you want to talk about divisions in this country, there's a stark example of george conway writing in the "washington post" that nothing less than the soul of this country is on the line and kellyanne conway standing on the white house lawn today the same day george conway writes president trump is a racist president, makes you tired of this country.
1:36 pm
anyone. i don't have anything to say about it. it blows my mind. >> the final paragraph of his piece, said there is no tax cut, piece of regulation, legislation on and on, that is worth it if we sacrifice our character and soul and morality in the service of that. that is what divides george conway from kellyanne conway. people thrown with trump are happy to say we're happy to get short term political wins even if it means we're tarred as racists. >> i think you see in that one marriage two types of republicans, those willing to sell their soul and those who aren't. the prop is 98% are with kellyanne conway. the topic of racial relations in the country. out to the campaign trail next. t
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this is the most racist outbreak statements from a president i've heard in my lifetime and it must be universally condemned. >> he's trying to stir up as much hatred and dissension in this country as possible because it serves his political end. >> what's going to happen this semester when a 6-year-old kid has an immigrant kid in the background speaking with an accent in the room, makes fun of him in the background, what's teacher to do? the president says it and does it, a disgraceful. >> the 2020 candidates drawing a clear line between theirselves and the man they hope to embrace. >> i will tell you what my mother told me. don't you ever let anyone tell you who you are, you tell them who you are.
1:41 pm
period. and we will speak as who we are. we are americans and we will speak with the authority of that voice and all the license and authority that comes with that voice, which is to speak truth to power, which is to speak to the ideals and promises of who we are as a nation, to speak to the aspirations of who we are and speak knowing and remembering the history of who we are and speak with the authority that comes with the strength of knowing, out of many come one. that's who we are. he needs to go back to where he came from. >> i'll have whatever she had for lunch. joining our conversation, msnbc correspondent, gary, traveling
1:42 pm
wi with -- garrett haake, traveling with joe biden. what do you think? >> reporter: all these candidates are trying to generate a moment with the president and this blog. the president with his twitter feet blocked out the stun and makes it very difficult for the candidates to talk about what they want to talk about. they can make the best of it but i don't meet meek primary voters confused how they feel about donald trump. how they feel is about this enormous field of three democratic candidates. i can speak of three who put out major policy in the last three days and we're barely covering that. it's not getting the oxygen. that's about donald trump and somebody.
1:43 pm
but for all these democratic candidates, it's another thing that locks this field in place and makes it harder for anybody to talk about the issues they want to talk about and introduce themselves to the democratic primary electorate. >> as usual from you, spot on the challenges these democrats face. i would push back the possibility that dynamic may never change. donald trump is a rolling crisis. we ignore so much of the stupid human tricks he does where no one gets hurt. we started this show with a democratic congresswoman concerned about the safety of the lives of the women he attacked and everywhere. on this landscape and in this field, is there any sense from voters do they want to see how these candidates engage trump or
1:44 pm
do voters in the field really want to get back to policy. >> reporter: it's an interesting point. i don't mean to minimize what's going on here and the base level the president dropped the national discussion. the main reason i look at a different patriotism, people look how kamala harris changed them on the national debate stage and close their eyes and envision donald trump on the debate stage, there is a value how they would deal with his domination of media coverage. that's one of a set of skills, not necessarily the thing democratic primary voters say, look how they responded to trump incident y and will be committed to caucus six or sevennous. >> weigh in on joe biden seven
1:45 pm
months from now -- you're on the trail with biden today. >> reporter: that's correct. biden is in western iowa today, rolling out his plan for rural voters. a big interview with "morning joe" is pardon and parcel of this rollout of his major healthcare plan. i've covered a couple policies and the one most complete because it's most personally he dealt with during the death of his son, bo and crafting the aca. he knows this policy and how emotionally meaningful it is to voters and other policies. it's it's beening watching him use this setting to critique medicare for all in an aggressive way. i'm standing in front of a rural
1:46 pm
hospital. they would have to close under medicare for all. hospitals cannot survive on rates for medicare alone. it's a challenge to bernie sanders and elizabeth warren not to defend coverage for everyone but what does it look like for care for everyone. what does it do for the economy? it's popular for the voters but when you start asking people what if it takes away the coverage you have you like or makes it harder to keep your doctor or your healthcare, support starts to erode. you're seeing him engage more on policy with his other rivals, i call obamacare plus, what they wanted in 2009 and 2010 and couldn't quite get done. that's the baseline of joe biden's healthcare plan. >> we will talk more about bind. i have to get you two on the
1:47 pm
record from kamala. >> i agree that voters are looking at the policy and one thing is who can take on punch and beat him and what he punches below the belt. kamala harris, both her parents are immigrants, you think he will make that part of the campaign. >> come say he's already tweeted an tattack on him. it shows her toughness but speaking like a natural president. >> speaking like a president and creating the drama around the moment. trump's drama is -- hers is dramatic. >> it was dramatic. she was clearly angry. she showed the kamala harris on
1:48 pm
stage. she was angry and took it to him and called him a racist and talked about the vision of this country and who we are. it was phenomenal to watch. >> garrett, thank you for spending time with us there from iowa. we'll keep calling on you early and often. always grateful. joe biden talks about the elephant in the room, his debate performance and age and how he would take on donald trump. next. ke on donald trump next (vo) the insurance institute for highway safety rates vehicles for safety, and some reach a level of
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1:52 pm
how to fight. i'm just going to continue to talk about what he's doing, why it's so damaging to america and as my mother would say, i'm not going to take any guff from him. >> sounds like a good plan. the former vice president is noflt going to take any guff from his trump, and not for his critics who called him out for having too much obama nostalgia. >> this is not -- this is not a third term of obama, the world's changed. it's different. we have the same value set, he and i, you know, and i don't think we gave him enough credit. he's a guy that our kids could look up to, and they did look up to. it's a different world. the same things don't apply. >> you know, garrett said earlier that trump blots out the sun. you know, trump is a human trash can fire and the danger of anybody being around him on a debate stage or campaigning against him is that he does sort of consume the conversation. he did today -- every single republican who campaigned against him, and he did it to hillary clinton.
1:53 pm
i don't think the answer to that is -- is you have to stay on policy. i think the answer to that is, you have to be sharp about responding to what he says and how he does it in the moment. and i think we're already seeing in this group of democrats who is the best at that. in my mind -- >> who? >> well, i would say kamala harris, elizabeth warren and buttigieg. i think they're fast on their feet and they have quick responses. i think biden's gotten better in the last week. he was abysmal at the debate. and i think that's going to haunt him. and i do think there's reason to worry about how he handles trump being obscene or trump being a bully or trump being crass. >> matt? >> two things. one, i thought his, you know, he said that he would challenge trump to a push-up contest, that kind of physical stuff is a little weird. we don't need that on the democratic presidential debate stage. the point he made about being an obama third term, i think, was porn. >> me, too. >> and a recognition has been a
1:54 pm
little bit lacking. when you are taking on an incumbent, you have to make this a change election. it has to be change towards something in the future. and so far, he's been talking about change back to the past. as much as i like the obama administration, i was a member of it, i don't think voters are looking back to a change back to the past. they need to have a vision for the future. and you saw him for the first time recognize that, and the question is, will he be able to articulate that into a vision where he would lead the country that's different than just saying it will be like the good old days under president obama. >> we have exactly one year away from the day to when the democratic nominee is going to walk on stage and accept the nomination. it is so fluid. we do not know who that person is going to be. and when you watch joe biden, i think, first of all, i'm glad he's doing interviews. that's really important. and i think he realizes that he needles to do better. and he has -- especially after the debate. this is not going to be a coronation for him. he is going to have to work very
1:55 pm
hard. and all of them are going to have to work very hard. and there is something true to what garrett was saying about, you know, donald trump kind of eclipsing the moment. it's true, because i've worked on a couple of presidential campaigns, i've been in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, and the thing about that is, voters really do want to figure out, because like i said, it's not going to be a coronation. they want to know who is the best person out there and they want to hear about the policies. they want to hear about how are you going to fight donald trump? voters know they want donald trump out. so, they are trying to make the difference between the top, the tier one, right? and so, them being out there and being able to talk about their vision and how they're going to move the country forward is very important. and donald trump dutz eclipse that from time to time, so, they're going to have to figure that out. >> especially voters in early states. they take these responsibilities of vetting the candidates really, really seriously. they go, as garrett's been reporting now for months, they
1:56 pm
go to multiple house parties for multiple candidates, they decide very, very late. but you both alluded to something, and i just want to -- i just want to point it out, because not everyone is capable of this. biden has heard the criticism from prominent democrats like yourself and responded. he has adjusted. he is taking about the future. he has improved some of those performance things. is that encouraging? >> it is, especially because the hardest people to change are 76-year-olds who spent 40 years in the senate and eight years at v.p. it's one thing to convince a junior senator to change. >> all right, we are going to sneak in our very last break. don't go anywhere, though, we'll be right back. anywhere, thoughl be right back.
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i could listen to these friends forever, but we're out of time. my thanks to you all, and most of all, to you for watching. that does it for this hour, i'm nicolle wallace. "mtp daily" with my friend steve kornacki in for chuck starts now. if it's tuesday, the house prepares to condemn the president. outrage is growing over his comments about four congresswomen, but there are late breaking developments about that scheduled vote. republicans also not backing down, now they are trying to shift the focus to the lawmakers he attacked. plus, biden versus the so-called squad. the democratic front-runners fight to show that he represents the heart of the party and that ey


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