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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  July 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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an indictment here. or the msnbc app. that's part of the reason to go i will see you back here back to the top part of our conversation, why will this be tomorrow morning "morning joe," so ugly? trump is looking at this by first look bright and early. winning as the way to at least stall the possibility of facing "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone. jail time. after the break, from racist it is 4:00 in new york. to sexist porn stars to the asked and answered. child sex trafficker in the donald trump spent five days news, jeffrey epstein. telling four minority he was denied bail today. congresswomen to go back to where they came from. as we learn more about the video of epstein and trump partying he's repeatedly confirmed the together. stay with us. racist attacks are part of his [alarm beeping] re-election strategy and he, quote, enjoys the case he's making against the four women of color. last night his crowd repeated those racist messages back to him with the haunting chant of send her back. >> and obviously and importantly, omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitic screeds. >> send her back!
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send her back! send her back! {tires screeching} {truck honking} >> trump there clearly pleased about the crowd's reaction and (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. even today he's still praising their energy and enthusiasm last night. but by late tote reports from but a subaru can. "the new york times" and "the (dad) you guys ok? washington post" surfaced saying you alright? wow. republicans who have embraced the attacks on the four (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking. standard on the subaru ascent. congresswoman -- keep in mind the three-row subaru ascent. 187 house republicans voted this week to stand with trump on love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. thinks racist smear. they got a little wobbly on the if your adventure... full racist thing. keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips. "the washington post" reporting, quoting, republicans questioning you may have overactive bladder, or oab. vice president pence in a private meeting and asked trump to distance himself from the not again! we're seeing a doctor when we get home. racially charged rhetoric. "the new york times" adds, myrbetriq treats oab symptoms of urgency, frequency, and leakage. quote, republicans pleaded privately with the white house on thursday to avoid allowing it's the first and only oab treatment in its class. the party to be tied to the myrbetriq may increase blood pressure. message embraced by the crowd in tell your doctor right away if you have trouble greenville, north carolina. emptying your bladder or have a weak urine stream. even as they declined to criticize mr. trump. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions, that may have something to do with trump's half-hearted, half like swelling of the face,
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lips, throat or tongue, or trouble breathing. attempt at a half-step if experienced, stop taking and tell your doctor right away. backwards. myrbetriq may interact with other medicines. tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. trump asked about the chant back saying, i was not happy with it. common side effects include increased blood pressure, i disagree with it. common cold or flu symptoms, but since they just repeatedly sinus irritation, dry mouth, urinary tract infection, repeated something he's been saying now loudly and proudly bladder inflammation, back or joint pain, for five years, it's unclear to constipation, dizziness, and headache. me what exactly he's even looking for a destination that isn't always the bathroom? pretending to distance himself from. and as we've said every day this ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you. week, as we've come on the air, and visit it's easy to stare at the trees and ignore the forest but it's worth reminding ourselves how far from normal trump's conduct is from an american leader. >> those who feel like they can intimidate our fellow citizens to take out their anger don't represent the best of america, they represent the worst of human kind and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him. and he's not -- he's an arab. the pain and swelling..
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he's not -- >> no. >> no? >> no, ma'am. the psoriasis. he's a decent family man, cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain citizen that i just happen to of active psoriatic arthritis. have disagreements with on it even helps stop further joint damage. fundamental issues and that's don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. what this campaign is all about. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. he's not. thank you. >> my liberty depends on you an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. being free too. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. that history can't be a sword to serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. justify injustice or shield against progress. but it must be a manual for how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. >> that is where we start today accused child sex trafficker, jeffrey epstein, was with some of our favorite reporters and friends, white denied bail today. house bureau chief for "the a judge ruled he will remain in washington post" phil rucker's jail until his trial citing the back, former democratic danger epstein poses to others congresswoman donna edwards is here. at the table msnbc and nbc national affairs analyst john in the community. heilemann's here, jason johnson, politics editor for "the root" donald trump continued to face and former managing editor of questions about his relationship with epstein, a relationship "time" magazine and rick that was visibly chummy as this stengel.
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i will show you one more thing video of them 1992 un-earthed by mostly because i need to see it. msnbc illustrates. washington post" writes that this is president obama singing this period, quote, trump's "amazing grace." interactions with women at the ♪ amazing grace mar-a-lago party provide visual evidence of the later behavior he would later brag about in a ♪ how sweet the sound 2005 "access hollywood" recording that surfaced pe end of the presidential campaign ♪ that saved a wretch like me that he could grab women and kiss women. including a former magazine columnist who went public last month with her claim that trump assaulted her in a department store dressing room around 1995. >> jason johnson, i played that, he has denied all the i showed those other presidents allegations. paul, donna, and the table are because i think trump benefits back. donna, your thoughts about this when we cover the news in front intersection and what epstein of us. i think he benefits when we and that video and these cover the news of the day. but i think what we're watching moments, however meaningful or meaningless they were to donald is the destruction of the office trump, they do as they say, put of the american presidency. him in the room. >> i agree, nicolle. >> well, and donald trump's
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i was there because that was my friend clem's funeral, who was claims that he had this sort of distant relationship with jeffrey epstein. murdered by dylann roof. we can see with our own eyes and so on a personal level, and i hear with our ears that that is have always said this about the simply not true. i think that, you know, by the president and his behavior, this leads to violence because that's where all of this eventually time the investigators sort goes. he's turned the presidency not through all the documents and into an office to defend the american people, not into an office to sort of spread the technology that are in the american ideals, but into an possession of jeffrey epstein, we are going to come to learn a office to abuse and oppress and lot more about the real elicit violence both state and relationship between donald trump and jeffrey epstein. vigilante violence against people who live here. >> paul butler, i wonder just we will see more funerals like from a law enforcement or from what we saw with clint pickny the stoipt of someone building their case or strengthening from donald trump continues. we will see more members of their case against epstein, how congress threatened. far back does that investigation we had two members of congress go, and how many associates shot in the last ten years, one could get swept up? >> they're going to try to talk republican, one democrat. that is the end result. that is the future he's bringing to anybody who might have any us. what deeply concerns me, and we kind of incriminating evidence against epstein. it's clear from the case that were talking about this in the makeup room, i don't think we're they made today in court the going to be okay. southern district prosecutors i don't think we're going to be think this is a bad dude. they denied bail because they
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okay. i don't think the republican party recognizes this is not said he's a clear and present just about winning and losing. i don't think the democrats see danger right now to both the that as a clear and present danger and my fear is that accusers and to potential donald trump will one day leave victims. office hopefully and be replaced two of the victims testified that if epstein was released on by someone who could say it bail, they wouldn't feel safe, and the judge also thought that better. unless there's a moral reckoning he was a flight risk because he that these are incompatible with had all this diamonds -- he had a diverse, democracy, we will diamonds in his safe. see it get worst. he had a fake passport, and he's that's my greatest concern got considerable access. seeing the reaction to the so if he wants to try to flee, he has that mansion in paris and president this week. >> donna edwards, this is the two private planes. >> who has two private planes? third person around the table to that's for another day. warn of impending violence because of the rhetoric coming i want to -- two questions for from the president and now thousands of people standing you and i want you to jump in on behind him. the first was congresswoman this. so the man who paul butler i bass. the second was former assistant think accurately describes is a bad dude, as someone trump described as, quote, a terrific director of the fbi frank guy. and the cam wraz were in there figliuzzi, and jason is the third. why aren't the directors of the at donald trump's request. fbi up on capitol hill donald trump requested that that testifying about what is being party and the guests at the party be filmed by nbc news. done? i mean after anti-semitic
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attacks anywhere in the world, i so donald trump who's a showman live in a city where centers of who's constantly producing, worship at jewish community wanted to produce tv footage in centers are fortified by police which he appeared with jeffrey presence and otherwise. epstein. here's the interview that was part of that taping. two-part question, is there a concern, do you feel as concerned as frank figliuzzi and >> who are your friends and who are your enemies? >> i have learned a lot, i have to tell you. congresswoman bass and jason? and if you do, do you encourage i am going to be writing a book. your fellow democrats and i don't even know why i'm on the republicans to dig in on this show except we want to get you and understand what law enforcement is doing to protect good ratings. >> how generous. fellow americans? >> well, i'm deeply concerned. [ laughter ] you know, unlike presidents of >> and you're going to get big ratings. >> tell the rest of the story, the united states and cabinet though. i saw you at the celebrity chef members, members of congress dinner. travel throughout their and you kissed me on the lips in front of the paparazzi. district. they are not protected on an i said that'll cost you, i'm ongoing basis. booking you on the show. they are very vulnerable as we've seen in the past. [ laughter ] [ applause ] true story, correct? >> the kiss was so good and it i worry that the president by was so open and nice. inciting this -- and let's be she is a fabulous woman. clear, the president said he was >> so open and nice? distancing himself from the what! >> her husband is a handsome chants that were going on in devil. but i think he had his back greenville, north carolina, last night. turned at the time. so we had a good time.
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but he wasn't. >> u hch, this doesn't happen v he stood back and relished the moment, almost as if nodding his often, but i have no words. head to encourage the chants. >> i want to say this about this because this is key about why this really damages trump and so we have a president of the what it says about him, right? united states who's been harvey weinstein was in the declared a racist in the united states house of representatives, movie business. you may have had to deal with and by their complicit silence him because you were in the movie business. is leading a racist republican r. kelly was a musician. you may have had to deal with party. him for music reasons. it's not just the destruction of you didn't have to be involved in his behavior. but most people don't even know the presidency. i think it's the demise of the what jeffrey epstein did. republican party, the one we so if you were hanging out with knew, i don't know, a decade this guy, it was for this kind ago, five years ago. of behavior. it was because you wanted to and i think there is going to be produce and be in the kinds of a reckoning. parties and inappropriate behavior that he was involved i worry very, very deeply about with. that's why this is so damaging the safety of these particular to trump. he can't come up with any other members of congress but others reason to socialize with him except for being involved in his who are there speaking freely as nonsense. >> and here to me in that "new we do in this country that they york times" story that you cited earlier, the paragraph i find so are very vulnerable and the interesting and damning. president is inciting this. i just don't know what to say it says it took place the same anymore about the president's year that mr. trump hosted a remarks. they speak for themselves but, more private ayear at mar-a-lago my god, i really pray this they without cameras rolling. don't speak for the rest of us. they were the only male guests and had more than two dozen,
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>> phil rucker, i suppose to a quote, calendar girls flown in journalist who was at this rally to provide them with said. i said what is it like in the room? she said it feels like a gateway entertainment. so, a party with those two guys to a much darker place. i would like to ask you to do a at donald trump's private club little bit of fact-checking for with two dozen calendar girls in us. we didn't air the disembowel quotes in "the times," flown in because it seemed like bs. to entertain them. you know, to jason's point, you she led a chant of "if you don't know, what does that suggest? it suggests exactly what you're love our country" and the crowd talking about and what the nature of the relationship was between the two of them. that is even before we start to responded "leave." there's a direct line between have a much more uncomfortable conversation for another day about the accusations that have been leveled about donald trump lara trump, ask and answer, let committing sex crimes at jeffrey the crowd reply, and donald epstein's premises and the jane doe lawsuit that should be trump's attacks on minority talked about later. >> 16 women have credibly congresswomen and chant send her back. >> that's right, nicolle. a couple of other details from accused donald trump from everything from sexual assault last night, crowd of thousands, almost exclusively white crowd, to rape. really quick. that was not a chant they came >> this is significant because up with. they were chanting back at the that will now put trump in president his own words that he jeopardy because epstein could put in that tweet on sunday.
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turn states' witness and start he also attacked the first talking about all of those people in the black books which congresswomen individually and he didn't have to do in palm reading from a teleprompter. beach. >> we're going to sneak in a this was strategic. quick break. this was part of his script. t to end alzheimer's disease. this is what he flew to north carolina to say and message he intended to deliver to the people of north carolina. as we see in the video that's but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? playing, he relished in that moment. he enjoyed that chants. he did nothing to stop it. what if there were millions of them? he could clearly hear what they were saying and didn't think we took everything you love about the bloomin' onion anything of it until a couple of and created a menu you've never seen before. hours ago today. ♪ bloom, there it is! ♪ bloom, there it is! >> heilemann. >> yes, i think everything this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. and if you want outback at home, order now. that's been said here is right. george conway wrote this thing earlier this week where he said as many times as he criticized trump but he always wanted hold out this hope he wasn't really a racist bigot and this last days has proven to him that he was, my side of that has been i have thought and said critical things about donald trump has anybody this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength.
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gotten into wars and we have a my thanks to paul, donna, good economy. there's not a historian that jason, rick, most of all to you for watching. would not say donald trump is that does it for our hour. the worst president ever. i'm nicole. and why? you have to do a lot to "mtp daily" with my friend chuck todd starts now. repudiate peace and prosperity ♪ and the reason is stuff like this. he did all of the things where ♪ jason said, i don't need to repeat, he has made hate and division the core of what he is doing and enjoys doing. i fear the volume is not anywhere near up to 11 yet. if it's thursday, it is the it's going to get louder and it's going to get worse over the rallying cry that's sending shockwaves across america as the course of the next 15 months. >> rick, the piece of tape we president and his supporters pickford previous presidents, target congresswoman ilhan omar. george w. bush at the mosque now the because he thought it was important in the hours after physical until to go and main clear th make clear islam was a peaceful religion. these were our friends and neighbors. i think that was one of the first public events he did. president obama was eloquent as
1:14 pm
well at the funeral for innocent americans who died in hate and racially inspired violence. john mccain was confronting really a republican activist, the only people who go to campaign events are the kinds of people you need in your corner, not just people who vote but people who canvas for you. these were presidents, these were american leaders, plenty polarizing and unpopular. i would take the rest of time with any one of them for ten more minutes. >> i know, i saw your eyes misting up when president obama sang "amazing grace." all of them are the behavior of men who understand that the president of the united states has to model the better arngels of our nature and content of their character. that's what they were doing.
1:15 pm
it's such a sad contrast to see barack obama singing "amazing grace" and the tape from last night. i was thinking when you're talking about the darkness and violence the famous victim other hugo line, in the darkness sins will be committed and those who should be punished are not those who commit the sins but who cause the darkness. donald trump is causing this immense darkness, this curtain to come over our country. it is mobilizing the worse angels of our nation. as we all said, his whole campaign is about mobilizing racism, mobilizing this terrible behavior. i would never say and no one here would say everybody who voted for donald trump was racist. that is, of course, not true. but every racist voted for donald trump. >> let me press you to what may be an uncomfortable place, is everyone that chants "send her back" a racist? can i see their faces again?
1:16 pm
can i see that again? can you turn it up? >> send her back! >> is she racist? >> you know what that made me think of, and i'm dating myself a little bit, i go back to nixon in '68 and nixon in '72 where you had the republican party and president of the united states demonizing everyone who is a democrat by spraying they were not patriotic. part of the problem of our politics, as if yyou guys know, republican party hijacked patriotism for itself. remember, running against george mcgovern, right, george mcgovern was a fighter pilot in world war ii. he won the distinguished flying cross. yet nixon made him seem like someone who was unpatriotic who didn't love america. and anybody who would support the democratic candidate didn't love america and should leave it. >> i respect your right to not answer that question but if your lips are moving with the words
1:17 pm
send her back, i call you a racist. >> not only is that racist, and you heard me say this before, i don't care if the president is a racist or not, it's the policy and things you promote. at this particular point everyone who votes for donald trump is okay with a racist president. i don't okay if you're racist in your personal life. that means you're comfortable with racism being an integral part of any policy this president creates. if you support him in any way, shape or form, you're supporting racism. you're supporting white nationalism, the antithesis of this. it's not about hurt feelings, it's about what is in somebody's heart. it's about policies and that's the danger here. we talk about who these women are. it's not just four women of color, right? they're from the heartland. somebody from minnesota, michigan, working class parts of new york. he attacked the heartland of this country.
1:18 pm
they represent millions of people and he said your representatives, and, therefore, your government and talks about judges don't matter if i don't like them and that's the danger. >> on this one point, it's amazing, it's a small hair-splitting thing and there's no way after saying what i said i'm in no way forgiving or accepting what donald trump said. but his ostensible point is love america or leave it which others said about vietnam protesters and it's got a long history. not all racial. mostly about protest and dissent and about trying to compel a mindless nationalism, not pay treex b patriotism, but nationalism. the crowd has a different chants. it's not love it or leave it, it's send her back. as ugly as love it or leave it
1:19 pm
is, this uglier and apparently organic in this crowd, send her back is expel her from the country. get her out of here. make her leave. deport here. to your point, racist? yes, of course it's racist. to stand in a crowd and be further worse than donald trump on this issue, not merely say you should love the country or get out of here, but to say that woman must go, yeah. i think you can't avoid the fact someone who stands at a rally like that is i wasn't omar with hate in her heart and racist to the core. >> phil rucker, what's the plan for tomorrow for this white house? >> well, nicolle, i don't know. i don't think this story is going to end for president trump. there are a couple of other things at the rally that are striking. there were children there, these were not just adult supporters
1:20 pm
of the president but people brought their sons and daughters of various ages to see the president of the united states and what they came away with came away feeling it's okay to chand things like that because the president allowed it and encouraged it. there could be a reckoning here but i think trump is going to try to continue to fight with these four congresswoman and his advisers and people i have been talking to this week say it's good for them. the president likes this. he wants them to keep going and push it further. as someone was saying earlier, we're not at volume level 11. i don't even think we're at volume level eight. this could get a lot ugly her between now and november of 2020. >> does ivanka still work there? >> she is still the president's daughter and senior adviser. it's funny she's been silent throughout all of this all week and now we're starting to see the anonymous leaks in some newspapers that she had counseled her father to distance
1:21 pm
herself from the chants at the rally. so we will see. but we've seen nothing public from her. >> not surprising. >> the point about people bringing their kids, i don't have the sparing of a view as you do but what upsets me is this idea it's a multi generational effect he's having, these people at a rally hearing a chant like that will grow up modeling that behavior, do that in school, become bullies. one of the glory -- >> i'm not worried about bullies. bullies seem to take care of themselves. i'm worried about the victims. i don't think we're that far away from and places you named, young children of color. you don't read a lot of stories of bullies jumping off bridges. i'm worried about their victims. the fact republicans are not participating in any conversation about keeping people safe when you have thousands of white people screaming send her back is a
1:22 pm
national emergency. i think roger ailes would be disgusted. i think roger ailes put this in motion. fox news gives donald trump his cues because he can't think for himself. i think they created a frank enstein and will deeply regret what they put in motion. phil rucker, thank you for spending time with us. good luck on that beat. after the break, rapid response. democrats warn of the danger of the low ride but struggled to speak about his dangerous rhetoric. tying trump to the illegal hush money scheme, the one that landed michael cohen in jail. what we're learning about documents just unsealed. and donald trump's one-time party pal denied epstein bail. wow!
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we're not going to beat donald trump by using his tactics, by fighting on his turf and his terms. that's never how we beat demagogues. >> he's actually putting her in a threat situation. he's putting her at risk. >> i said when i announced my candidacy and i will end with this, i was running to stroer the soul of this country. and i was being literal, not figurative. did you see or hear trump's rally last night? it was despicable. to stand and attack those four women in the way he did, talk about them going back home, racist basic taunts. >> democratic presidential candidates quick to condemn the
1:27 pm
president's race-baiting campaign strategy, just not quite as clear on how they will take him on. and step in to fill the leadership void. donna and the table are back. donna, what spoke to you as the most powerful response that you have seen so far from either candidate or lawmaker? >> well, i think for one all of the candidates standing up and condemning both the president's remarks and tweets and standing with these four women and standing for america, that strikes me. the difficulty is i think for democrats as much as they want not to respond to every single ridiculous thing that the president says, that they find themselves in a news cycle having to do exactly that and at the same time put together a forward-looking agenda for the country. and don't think it's easy to do. i mean today house democrats passed a $15 an hour minimum wage. we really should be talking
1:28 pm
about that but instead we're talking about this. >> heilemann, what do you think? >> what do i think about what? what's the question? >> my question on the table is, all right, i struggle to find a democratic response this morning. we looked for it. we culled through. they said there's no one on camera. how could that be? look through the twitter feeds. i struggled to find an aggressive, forward-leaning, rapid response to last night. >> it's still unfolding. >> it's been 20 hours. >> i understand. you go back -- i'm actually going to agree with you. you go back and look on tuesday, all of the democratic candidates were on twitter. they're at the various forums, iowa and elsewhere, got on twitter and said strong things against the president and then eclipsing it. why should it?
1:29 pm
i'm still waiting. we saw joe biden. i want to give these guys a little time. over the course of a week what you haven't seen emerge from the democratic field is somebody who rose from the moment and steched forward. pelosi dominated the sage to some extent with the house resolution but what we have not seen is someone come forward and dominate the stage or take trump o on or do anything notable trump is racist. we want to take him on. but there was not a crystalizing moment for any of the democratic candidates. i think for a lot of democrats out there looking at these candidates, they are shifting around their aleej ensy but i don't think there's a cad who has consolidated a sense of, yeah, that's the one. this was a moment where that might have happened.
1:30 pm
we will see. it may still. but as of right now it's not here was the person who stepped forward into the brief and you said yes, this is who will take on donald trump next year. >> i watched last night him saying donald trump's going to win, isn't he? this is the refrain i hear from democrats and republicans. here's what missing. who is the democratic leader who say this is the drop everything, get on an airplane, going to the steps of the capitol, go to a central location in des moines, iowa, go to new hampshire, and hold hands even if you hate each other and say this is who we are and stand there in a minority community and say, we are the party -- how many are running, 30, 25? all 25, even the two that dropped out. stand there together and hold hands, go to a minority community and say we've got your back. he led a racist chants. why didn't that happen? >> none of them have the
1:31 pm
gumption or moral clarity to make these arguments. this disgusts me. >> i'm a freaking republican, what? >> that's what people worry about with donald trump being able to be re-elected because he has conviction. even if the conviction is wrong. you have too many democrats worried about conviction. i saw bernie sanders trying to raise money off of it. my timeline will be on fire. but i thought it was horrible. don't say it's terrible the president is racist and send me money. say it's terrible the president is racist and move on. it's not that i doubt these candidates care about these issues. pete buttigieg, he had his mccain moment. he responded to something racist somebody said last week. elizabeth warren. but if you can't say it in the moment, when it's scary, in the same week you're preparing for next week's debates and thinking about oh, my gosh, the second quarter numbers came out, what kind of president will you somebody what will you do when
1:32 pm
you're the nominee? >> let me ask you something uncomfortable then, what explains all of the hand ringing? is it reluctance to wrap their arms around the four minority women he's targeting? >> i think there's a mixture of that and also just cowardice. >> you have someone like joe biden, he started his campaign on somebody else's say so, kamala harris i don't want to appear the angry black women. >> but we're all angry! >> they're thinking strategically instead of morally. this is not a strategic issue. it's a moral issue. i don't think the democrats get it. >> let me say one more thing and you can unload. when john kerry lost the 2004 election, was the moment he said, i was for it before i was against it. when the voters see you make a calculation and not react like a mother or father or neighbor, they're instantly turned off. unless i missed it, and let me put this out there, we culled the tapes and twitter feed. i may have missed it. there may have been something
1:33 pm
spectacular. but if they're making calculations like oh, hum, hum today's student loan day, they're losing. >> let me make the counter argument. i don't think it's about cowardness. i think some is about they're not super talented political play thae players that can rise to the occasion. >> more depressing! >> i wish there was one too. but the counterargument, you made it at the beginning of the show, our relentless daily coverage of this stuff both demurs people to continue also creates what social scientists called belief echoes. when you play that tape, you're playing a belief echo. they will remember the tape and not remember the thing that refutes it. every social scientist shows the initial came is never -- >> we never aired his initial claim, or the attack on the women. >> you can argue in terms of
1:34 pm
style and what might be most effective is someone who is incredibly calm, who talks about incoming equality, who talks about education, that isn't actually going up against those chanting people and talking about something voters care about. >> here's what bothers me. certainly elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, we have several candidates who can't wait until next year where they're the nominee because they will have oscasio-cortez campaigning with them. they will use the women to become successful to several points but will not be there in the midst of an actual attack. if you cannot stand up for me after being attacked by the president, how can you represent me as the please? >> i think back to the colin powell line on "meet the press" about barack obama -- well, all
1:35 pm
of these people think he's miss lu muslim, he said, well, so what if he is a muslim? that's what democrats should have been doing. >> i will say something that's just a fact, i'm not advocating these point of view. there's not a member of the democratic consultant class, who run campaigns and look at poll numbers who are not a professional strategist who have not been saying to the candidates since the first debate, the party looked dangerously left on the stage in florida. w we've got to be careful. i'm telling you what the strategic class is telling them. we have to be careful. what donald trump is trying to do is capitalize on that and then pinch you into a corner by associated you with this wing of the party. you all need to be careful. this will reinforce jason's point of view. that's what they have been hearing. all of the strategists and pollsters. i don't mean just the ones in
1:36 pm
the center, across the spectrum. every candidate is hearing this is dangerous for you. if you ally yourself too closely with these women, you're playing into donald trump's hands. he's doing some magical political juju here and i think part of the timidity is because that's what they have been hearing the last month and it's not a small part why no one is racing to seize this moment. that's what's echoing in their head now. >> go ahead, donna. >> i will say this straight to the camera and to democratic candidates, if you don't stand with black and brown people today, don't expect them to stand with you come november 2020. and you better get that picture now because those are people you depend on to win an election and they will not stand with you if you do not stand with them. >> thank you, my friend. after the break, brand-new evidence released today that ties donald trump to the legal
1:37 pm
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unredacted search warrants from the southern district of new york's case under michael cohen were made public today and they tied donald trump to the illegal hush money scheme that continue until the final weeks of the 2016 presidential skpan. "the washington post" writes -- a newly unsealed court document shows then-candidate donald trump communicated repeatedly with his lawyer michael cohen to keep quiet that trump had previously had an affair with an adult film actress. they render trump's original defenses and denials false. dene
1:41 pm
>> and today's trump's involvement, which is no longer in question, as the search warrants show for the very first time. the day after the "access hollywood" tape came out there were a flurry of phone calls between trump, hope hicks and michael cohen, as well as cohen and ami executives, who owns the "national enquirer." all of which he spoke with trump for nearly eight minutes. joining us former prosecutor and msnbc political analyst paul butler. paul butler, the significance of these documents in your opinion? >> they show the level of trump's involvement with this criminal conspiracy so the day after these very damaging "access hollywood" tapes come out, we get ten telephone calls between cohen, acting as the middle man and trump and hope hicks and people at ami and the "national enquirer."
1:42 pm
trump is so involved that the day the money is wired, payoff money is wired to stormy daniels, he talks to michael cohen two times on that day. so that's why in that indictment the southern district of new york said president trump directed and coordinated a criminal conspiracy. the only reason he's not doing time with michael cohen, his former fixer michael cohen right now, the only reason trump isn't doing time is because he's president of the united states. >> so, paul butler, something i wondered when i read these documents and it became clearer to me how and why the southern district named donald trump is individual one and we're all talking about him as an unindicted co-conspirator and we talk about an underlying crime, there it is, the director if you believe the materials and illegal campaign finance hush money scheme, what happened now? >> trump isn't out of legal
1:43 pm
jeopardy in this case and many others. so there could be an adietmeind the day he leaves office given his level of involvement in this conspiracy. he has a lot of legal jeopardy in other cases as well. the trump organization is being investigated by the state's attorney general in new jersey and new york, his inauguration committee, his charitable foundation and we've got criminal trials coming up with jess epstein and roger stone. if those guys don't want to spend the rest of their lives in prison, they may have to offer incriminating information against the president. >> rick stengel, i can't help but wonder if -- there's also information in these documents that suggest the obstruction bob mueller, the patterns and behavior he chronicles in volume two of his report, some of behaviors took place in the southern district of new york as
1:44 pm
"the new york times" reported earlier in the year, but now atop the entire chain of command at the u.s. department of justice is an acolyte of sean hannity and william barr. >> so i don't think we can depend on the justice department to get us justice on them. one of the things that's disappointing but definitely not comprehensive is there are no more indicts in the michael cohen case. yes, it was directed by individual one but as we heard, hope hicks participated in the deception, donald trump jr. participated in the deception. the cfo wrote the check. why are these -- why are there not more indictments? that i don't know. again, we don't know that there are not more but in my looking at it and reporting around it, it looks like they're wrapping up the case and basically it's michael cohen and unindicted co-conspirator, who's president of the united states. >> this is why when nancy pelosi
1:45 pm
said i don't want him impeached, i want him in jail. this is what she's talking about, i want him to get in trouble. and i don't think this is beyond donald trump to think this way. part of his motivation in running again is because he doesn't want to face this. there might be a better chance of getting hit up on al caponesque money laundering shenanigans than anything he's done running the united states. it's sad to think he has to rely on local prosecutors to get him more than the federal government. >> heilemann, you read these documents? >> yes. everything you knew, the political piece of it, not the legal piece, but the political piece gives you a real window into that moment, which really is in some sense the pivotal moment. as much as the stuff comey was involved in on the other side late in the campaign, "access hollywood" moment and degree of desperation trump had and all of the desperation to make sure this deal got down because of the fact, besides this he was
1:46 pm
facing this other barrage of accusations from various women and this was one he could make, he could make where he was dead right con make it go away by writing a check. there were others he had to fight off in other ways. it illuminates something that we had kind of known before but a sense of how much of the student body was left in the trump world to make sure you could put out fires and this is one you could put out by pouring money on top of it. i think what jason said is right, there's no doubt part of trump -- i find many things about trump's attachment to the presidency baffling and such a complicated thing p he can't like this job in some way and so many of the things that are what the job is he demonstrably has no interest or aptitude for. why stay in it? true lust for power, self-grandizing and also i might by myself four more years to not
1:47 pm
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