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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 18, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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disavows the chant. but you're not going to believe what else he is saying about it. >> plus new revolutions of the stormy daniels hush money scheme. new documents show just how closely involved the president really was. good evening, to you. i'm peter alexander in washington for my friend chuck todd today to give you a sense of the sheer magnitude of what we are dealing with in washington right now, today we saw the president do something he practically never does, rebuke his supporters. we begin tonight with the unbelievable fallout from last night's trump rally in north carolina. you heard some of it at the top of the show. but let's show you that moment in its entirety, which is going to be important, trust me here, where president trump amid an escalating series of attack on those four women of color riles up the crowd about muslim congresswoman ilhan omar. >> omar has a history of launching vicious, anti-semitic
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screens. [ crowd chanting ] >> and she talked about the evil israel and it's all about the benjamins, not a good thing to say. >> that moment there set off a firestorm of condemnation, blame, and chaos. and amid it all, this was the scene around congresswoman omar today, look at this, as she responded to those chants. at one point she even had to help out a photographer who was caught in that throng of journalists surrounding her, questioning her about whether she feared for her safety. >> i am not. what i am scared for is the safety for people who share my identities. this is what this president and his supporters have turned our country that is supposed to be a country where we allow democratic debate and dissent to
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take place. so this is not about me. this is about us fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be. >> around the same time as that, some of the president's fiercest allies on capitol hill were trying to find a way to defend the president. house minority leader kevin mccarthy went so far as to claim that the president tried to stop those chants of "send her back." and then we heard this remarkable exchange between the president and members of the white house press core. >> why didn't you stop them? why didn't you ask them to stop saying that? >> well, number one, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. it really was a loud -- i disagree with it, by the way. but it was quite a chant. and i felt a little bit badly about it, but i will say this. i did, and i started speaking very quickly. but it started up rather fast, as you probably noticed. >> so you'll tell your
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supporters never to -- >> well, i would say that i was not happy with it. i disagree with it, but, again, i didn't say that, they did. but i disagree with it. >> but they were echoing what you said in your first week "they need to go back." >> well, i think if you examine it, i don't think you'll find that. i disagree with it. >> the president claimed he tried to stop those chants as mccarthy had earlier. but the tape clearly shows the president let it breathe. it went for 13 seconds. he didn't start speaking until it died down. and the president's claim that his supporters were not echoing his tweets, we simply ask on earth what were they echoing then? this whole episode of racially charged attacks punktated today by the president's rare move to disavow his actions at a campaign rally, obviously raising some serious questions about what kind of campaign the president is running. in just a moment i will be joined here on set by a top official in the trump campaign.
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but we kick things off right now with my colleague nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. help us understand why the disavowel. what changed? >> reporter: you know, there are a couple of reasons potentially for this, peter. i can tell you that according to someone familiar with the situation, one of my sources, the vice president was told by some republican allies that these chants of "send her back," for example, were not helpful. these i'm told, people that the president trusts, people that the president listens to, and the message was that kind of behavior at campaign rallies, for example, has to be discouraged. you pointed out that president trump said in the oval office that he stepped in quickly. i mean, let the tape roll, right? it lasted about 13 seconds. as you note the president allowed the chant to die down and then began speaking back over it, which is why there are those questioning what you can even call a disavowal in the first place. despite the fact that he was the one who initially tweeted that
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this congresswoman, ilhan omar, as well as three of her freshmen progressive colleagues should go back to their home countries. this is a president who is now facing his fourth day of fall-out. you know that it's not often that a story has legs in the news cycle, so to speak, the way that this story has. but yet everyone on capitol hill and at the white house, the president and his allies are facing questions about not just that racist attack that happened on sunday but about everything that has happened since then. the tweet first triggering and sort of setting off this domino effect to everything that came after it. and i think that's one of the lens in which ikd view this. the president as we've been talking about has set upon this strategy for 2020. he is not afraid to fan the flames of racial discontent, if you will, and racial politics. that is not something he is shying away from. he is leaning into it. but that may have worked for him
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in 2016 in certain states, but it did not work for all republicans in 2018, and there are serious questions about whether this will be effective again come 2020, particularly now that you have democrats who are being so vocal about this regularly on such a big platform airing their concerns. i should note as far as republican reaction, our team over on capitol hill has snagged a myriad of senators walking by the cameras saying that they had no comment or that they hadn't seen or that they hadn't heard, which again is a pattern of what we have seen in certain instances in the past of controversial things the president has said or tweeted. his allies like senator lindsay graham has come to his defense, as well as kevin mccarthy. >> hallie, thank you very much. joining me here in washington is mark lauder. he is the director of strategic campaigns for the former trump campaign. i appreciate you being here. simple question, why did the president lie saying that he tried to stop that chant?
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>> well, i think what he's showing is that as he was able to take that in, he said that he did not agree with that. but i think what we've got to make sure that we are talking about is that some of the statements that have been made by the squad -- >> we'll talk about the squad in a second. but just to be clear, he said i started talking very quickly. we can play it again. 13 seconds passed. he let it go. >> and if you go back into the 2016 campaign during the "lock' er up" chants, they were actually clapping. >> so that was okay but this isn't? >> and we're really focusing on a three-word rally chant and what i would say is go back to 2016 and hillary clinton, well, she's still not locked up. it was a rally chant. >> let's be clear about this, if there's a problem with a chant, will you agree that this chant is racist? >> i would say that it does not convey the spirit of the campaign that the president wants to see -- but is it
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racist? >> i'm not going to say that it's racist. >> what's not racist about saying that an american who is a person of color to go back to their home country? >> they were saying "send her back." what i'm saying is the president actually said today this is not what he believes in. he would discourage it in the future. but this shouldn't take away from what the broader message is, is that with the members of the squad have voiced some very disturbing heinous statements in the past that have also not been -- >> so why not -- >> but you saw the president talking about it. >>. >> but the president did talk about that last night, but obviously the president began this entire episode with a tweet over the weekend where he said go back to your crime-ridden places from which you came. so the president, ultimately, isn't he the one responsible for this? he is the one who started this tweet in the first place. he said go back where you came from. >> well, ultimately i think that the rhetoric that has been used by these members of congress, that is what's actually started
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this controversy when you have them actually talking about things that are anti-semitic. when you have things that are asking for compassion for people who are trying to join terrorist groups or actually saying the 9/11 terrorists were some people who did things. i think the president is calling it out as heinous statements and as he has said many times before, the president is being pro-america. >> he attacked people on twitter saying these four women were socialists. there's only one democratic socialist in the party right now. it's bernie sanders. why isn't he telling bernie sanders to go back to his home country? why is he focusing on four democratic congresswomens? the green new deal he attacks but he focuses on these individuals. >> i think on a campaign side we have talked about all of the democrat candidates for president who have talked about socialist policies like the green new deal and taking away
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people's health care. it would actually prove the point is that the squad is actually leading the democrat party right now. >> you know the squad is not leading the democratic party right now. obviously nancy pelosi's been leading the democratic party right now. but just for some more clarity, is the president disavowing the chant, is the president disavowing his original tweet? >> i don't think he's disavowing the original tweet. >> he stands by the message of "go back to your home country"? >> he has talked about that in the past. i think what he's talking about is that if you think that a lot of these socialist policies that are being espoused by democrats by the squad whether it's coming from venezuela, whether it's coming from other socialist countries that have been proven not to work, then why don't you see if they can work there first before trying to bring them to the united states? >> so you're on the campaign. how is the campaign going to make sure that this does not happen again? what are you guys doing right now to make sure that if that chant begins again on another
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location on another night that it stops immediately? is the president going to stay stop? is the campaign going to have initial security out there to hush people in the crowd? >> as you know, it's difficult to hush 10, 20,000 people. >> you've got big blasting mega phones. >> obviously this is just something that's happening today but it's something that the president says he would discourage. so as we move forward. plus, i think this conversation right now will tell people out there who support president trump that when you come to the next rally that this is not a chant that is something that he supports. i would hope that they would take that to heart. >> you said it took a little time for the president to let it soak in, in that moment. in 2008 you worked in support of john mccain's campaign in indiana. you saw the way that john mccain handled that moment with a woman saying that president obama was an arab? he said, no, you're wrong, the president is a decent man. >> much different situations.
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that was a townhall meeting one on one with -- >> he has the only microphone in the place, marc. >> and the person who was talking directly to him rather than a chant that is being started by 10,000 people that's happening organically. it's much different when you're talking one on one to be able to disagree something rather than in an arena with 10,000 people. >> i think we would agree if the president said let's stop that for a moment, we are not going to chant going forward. >> the president and aides and allies have said that president's issue is not with immigration, it's with illegal immigration. ilhan omar came to this country legally. she was a child refugee from a war-torn country, so many somalia. he has a problem with those who come here through legal immigration channels, doesn't he? >> the president is focusing on the words that she is using. and when it comes to representative omar. >> he said go back to where you
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came from. >> like questioning the 9/11 attacks of some people who did something or not even able to distance themselves from antifa attacks earlier this week in our country. none of the squad or democrats have criticized that. this is the president calling out rhetoric which he believes is dangerous to our country overall. it has nothing to do with the race, the gender of the people who were saying it. he's talking about this rhetoric is wrong. >> there are trump supporters watching right now. you represent the trump campaign. there's going to be plenty of more rallies before the 2020 election takes place. feel free, what's the message to them if they want to say "send her back" at the next rally? >> please don't do so. absolutely we want you there. we want you excited. there's so much energy for this president, but let's not engage in that kind of rhetoric. there are plenty of other chants i'm sure that we can show our support for this president. >> you said there was a lot of criticism that the president has of these congresswomen of color.
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but isn't it hippocracy on the president's part? peter baker from "the new york times" said because america was not exceptional. he said it was no better than vladimir putin's russia by promising to make america great again, he made it clear that he believed it was not great anymore. then the president who trash-talked america, says anyone who trash-talks america should leave. so why was it okay for donald trump to trash-talk or express frustrations with america but not for ilhan omar to do the same? >> well, and i think, again, what are we talking about? we are not talking about an argument over tax cuts versus tax increases. we can have that political argument. the president was talking in 2016 about making america great again, taking it into a different direction. but he also wasn't asking for compassion for people who were supportive of terrorism. he wasn't taking on and saying anti-semitic things which drew
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so much condemn dation. and so the president is going to call that out. i think there's a much different set of facts when dealing about where you want to take the country versus criticizing and calling out some basic tenets. >> marc lotter works for the campaign. it's nice to see you in person. ahead, twitter attacks rallied chants. now the president implicated a hush-money scheme. we will bring our experts in to make sense of all of it. >> plus, in the wake of all these democrats, what do democrats do now? a member of the house oversight committee joins us live. that's just ahead. just ahead. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees
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you said it was a small group off to his side. he moved on to make them stop in the process. [ crowd chanting ]
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>> the president did not name the individual. >> that's omar. representative rashida tlaib. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> welcome back. that was the top republican in the house of representatives congressman kevin mccarthy trying to muddy the waters amid the fallout of those chants of "send her back" at last night's rally in north carolina. charlie savage, washington correspondent for "the new york times," mira tanden, president of the center for american progress, and editor in chief of the washington free beacon. i just want to get a take from everybody. it felt like this was a moment. what is your reaction? >> i think the moment yesterday, the chanting itself was a really scary moment for the country. i thought of it as something
2:21 pm
that would go in the history books like a bill conor moment where you have that level of hatred emanating from a gigantic crowd towards four women of color just struck me as -- i haven't seen that level of divisiveness in these very divisive times. >> did the president did enough to shut it down? >> i thought the president recognized he has a political problem and so he may have heard from a republican or two, but obviously in the fact that he's lying about what he did in the rally itself, he didn't stop the rally at the time it happened. he didn't do what any other normal politician would do which is put his hand up. but that's the world we live in now. and the question is where the republican party will go and what the bottom is in our politics. >> matthew, why should we take the president at his words when he said he was unhappy?
2:22 pm
he had 13 seconds. he sat there and listened to the whole thing. it didn't seem like he did it for any other reason other than it got to the place that this was indefensible for him. >> what will matter is if he actually follows through and at another rally if he tells the crowd to stop such a chant. i think this moment was trump looking into the abyss and seeing what can open up in such a populous moment that we live in right now. i think a lot of republicans also saw it that way and told the president this morning we can't go there as a country. we cannot go there. >> i would just say what was so interesting about your earlier exchange was that he's not willing to repudiate his campaign is not willing to say the words he's been saying about "send her back" is wrong. he just doesn't like the chant. >> but the origin of the chant "send her back" was go back. >> it comes from him saying "send her back" and defending it all week long. >> but, charlie, clearly, some
2:23 pm
of the president's own allies, they do think this could be a political advantage to them, this fight that's been taking place right here. is there some potential advantage for the president in this back and forth with the squad, as they're called? >> he clearly feels that way. and that's why in taking with a grain of salt the disavowal. his advisers are telling him you got to put a cap on this thing before it gets out of control. so we need a headline that says you this isdisavow. but then he gets on stage and he's like forget, i love this, and let's unleash, i'm going to break the barrier and transgress and you all can come with me. and one of the i think the larger open questions about this moment is whether these nativist feelings that we see among a sizeable portion of the population, at least at these trump rallies, is that always there and just suppressed? and if marco rubio was president right now, people would be quiet
2:24 pm
about it. or are people actually being radicalized by this moment and going down a path towards -- >> is he teaching this behavior? >> right. and, you know, a symptom or a cause. and what are we going to be left with in 18 months or five and a half years in a post trump era? >> matthew, is the republican party going to run a presidential campaign that is focused on racial tensions? this is not the only campaign that has used this type of language. >> uh, well, i don't know what type of campaign the republican party is going to run. i think a lot of congressional republicans think that they can find a way to the house by painting the democratic party as radical and focusing on things like eliminating private health insurance, focusing on things of nonenforcement of immigration law at the border. that's the type of things that they would like to talk about if, some of them more extreme abortion regulations or lack of regulations, for example. but instead the president decided to kind of jump into the middle of this internal fight in the democratic party between nancy pelosi and the member of the squad.
2:25 pm
it's clear from the course of this week that that was a gigantic strategic error. >> i just want to say something about this, which is the back and forth of always about is trump winning and he wants to pull a rise. and i understand he wants to pull a rise. he is a polarizer so he is most comfortable with polarizer. but i think we saw in public opinion independence see these acts as racist, and are recoiling from them. and it is one thing to attack on policy differentiations, but here you have a president who is telling not just these four people, but all immigrants they are not truly american. i think most americans find that to be repulsive. >> clearly this is evidence that the president doesn't believe he can boost his favorables. he has to demonize and try to destroy the other side.
2:26 pm
we heard from former vice president joe biden. >> you can imagine if someone would have said that when i was speaking, no, stop. outright condemn those folks. outright condemn the ku klux klan. outright condemn white supremacists. >> you heard from joe biden. that's his take. but is this the idea of trying to brand the squad? there is no democratic nominee. so the president is basically saying, hey, i don't want to talk about these guys, let's talk about these four in the absence of what a real opponent. >> and to pick them. and nancy pelosi is correct and says their four votes and doesn't pass. what joe biden was saying though, trump's rallies are these expressions that are reminiscent of in george orwell's '1984" where the large
2:27 pm
crowds of people have to vociferously denounce those of the state and he leads them toward that by sort of talking with contempt in their names and really spelling out the sort of foreignness of them on his tongue. to think that he's going to take them down that path and then, oh, he would say, don't say that, that's not the world that was created in that rally hall. so i'm not sure what he should've done, but at that moment, the forces he was cultivating were being unleashed. >> well, i think it's clear what other political politicians would've done in the past. we've seen it from john mccain among others. you guys are going to stick with us. next up right here are some new revelations today in the michael cohen case. how closely was he involved in the stormy daniels hush-money scheme. what just revealed documents are showing tonight. g tonight. oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because,
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welcome back. court documents unsealed this morning reveal the fbi had reason to believe that president trump was closely involved in those hush-money payments that michael cohen made to stormy daniels ahead of the 2016 election. it was one of the revelations in the documents made public from their investigation into whether cohen violated campaign finance laws. the documents detail a series of calls, texts, and emails between the then-candidate trump, cohen, hope hicks, and the attorney
2:32 pm
representing daniels at the time. nbc news national security and intelligence correspondent ken dilanian joins us now with more on what those documents reveal. ken, a lot of people catching up with this today. what's the biggest takeaway? >> reporter: peter, the most interesting material comes by a document written by an fbi agent trying to get a search warrant to search michael cohen's home office. the fbi agent details how he was able to put together phone records in rapid succession. we're talking about october 2016 here, just after that "access hollywood" tape had emerged and suggest that donald trump had talked about assaulting women essentially. so this is the worst possible time for allegations about an affair with a porn store to come out. and what the fbi agent said he believes was that these phone calls were about trying to pay this porn star stephanie clifford to silence her. let me read exactly what he said
2:33 pm
in the doubt. "based on the timing of these calls and the content of the text messages and emails, i believe that at least some of these communications concerned the need to prevent clifford from going public." so what this suggests is that these documents back up michael cohen's story that donald trump ordered him to make what was essentially an illegal campaign contribution. so, the evidence points to trump but not enough that he was charged with a crime. >> and, ken, give us a better understanding of william barr, the attorney general's role in the sort of closing of this case right now. he ended the investigation in the campaign finance violations. >> there's been a lot of speculation about that, peter. but our colleague tom winter who covers very closely new york law enforcement has heard from multiple sources that barr did not have meaningful involvement. it wasn't barr's decision to close this investigation. >> it was the decision of career
2:34 pm
prosecutors and fbi agents, peter. >> ken dilanian is helping us this afternoon. of course with so much drama and outrage swirling around president trump, what are democrats to do? a top member of the house oversight committee joins me here live, next. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. that's ensure max protein, plus no payments for up to 90 days. with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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i just heard that the united states house of representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project i've ever been involved in, the resolution how stupid is that, on impeachment. so now we have that behind us, and i have to say this, and i'll say it just once. what happened to me with this witch hunt should never be allowed to happen to another president of the united states, never ever again. [ cheers and applause ]
2:38 pm
>> welcome back. impeachment may not exactly be in the rear view mirror for president trump, particularly in light of these last 24 hours. sure the house soundly defeated an impeachment resolution yesterday that was brought to the floor because of the president's racist attacks. 95 democrats voted in favor of it. but that effort had nothing to do with the mueller report or his campaigns ties to russia. today an 86th house democratic peter welch of vermont came out in support of at least opening an impeachment inquiry. and robert mueller, as you know, heads could capitol hill to testify before two house committees exactly six days from now. then of course there is today's big headline, more evidence that the fbi believed donald trump was involved in the hush-money scheme to keep stormy daniels quiet less than a month before the 2016 election. the question for democrats, what is your next move? my next guest may have some idea. democratic congressman gerry
2:39 pm
connelly represents northern virginia. and head of the oversight committee. i appreciate your being here. >> my great pleasure. >> if i can, let me ask you. you to this point have said that you do not support impeachment. has what's happened since sunday the president's tweet, his comments, or frankly even that rally cry changed your position as it relates toward an impeachment inquiry? >> well, it certainly pushes us further in that direction. i don't necessarily believe that impeachment isn't in mr. trump's future. but i do believe we in the majority need to be careful and methodical as we gather facts and as we educate the public. and that's the process we've undertaken. if that leads to impeachment, so be it, and i will support it at that time if that's what it leads to. right now we've got six committees with investigations underway in many different fields of endeavor. and of course we also have
2:40 pm
mr. mueller coming to testify before two committees in open session. we need to hear from him, the author of the mueller report. and i just the meaning of all of that. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. what could robert mueller say next week that would change your mind? what are you waiting to hear? >> well, i think he needs to clarify what led him to certain conclusions or to fall short of certain conclusions. was the only reason, for example, that you didn't indict the president the 1973 guidance from the office of the counsel at the department of justice during the nixon watergate years that sitting president can't be indicted. was that the only reason? because we need to know that with respect to obstruction of justice. are you telling us in that report because you cite ten different occasions where you
2:41 pm
believe it occurred that in fact the president committed obstruction, which is a crime on the russia thing? you know, you didn't talk about collusion because collusion is not a crime. it's not in the criminal code. but you did talk about conspiracy, and you talked about the fact that you couldn't conclusively prove one. you also said if we meant to exonerate the president we would have said that. those are pretty explosive words. >> but -- >> and all of that's a far cry from barr's summary. >> and mueller said that my report is my testimony. so isn't it likely that he's going to say all of these things were hypothetically -- >> he may. i think that's a very arrogant posture by, you know, a civil servant. mr. mueller, although he's not elected, is still accountable to the american public. he just finished writing one of the most consequential reports for our democracy in the last 50 years. he has a moral obligation and a
2:42 pm
public obligation to account for himself to answer questions about the report. now, alphabeticals certain questions are leading questions that take him astray, take him far afield of the report, fair enough. but questions that illuminate the report try to get at answers that are not answered in the report itself. he has an obligation to answer. >> as you know well, congress adjourns for a month just days after mueller's testimony. when is it too late for democrats to pursue impeachment? >> i don't think we have an artificial date. i do believe that mr. mueller's testimony will have an impact on public opinion, and frankly an opinion up here. there are many members who may have been waiting to hear what he has to say and dijest it before they decide one way or the other on the impeachment question. i think mr. trump took a victory lap last night very prematurely. that vote was about a specific resolution, not about the
2:43 pm
generic question of should this president be impeached or has he in fact crossed the line. and those questions are yet to be answered. >> 95 democrats voting to advance that resolution. and by our tally, 86 one and democrats independent right now support impeachment. there's actually a growing number of democrats who are on board. i want to circle back at all of those democrats who support impeachment. i want to ask you again, though about the democrapresident's tw. >> well, i think we upheld the integrity of the institution here, but more importantly we upheld the value that most americans share, which is we don't demonize people because of their background. we don't tell them of color they should, quote, go back where they came from, unquote. those are heinous things. those are repugnant things.
2:44 pm
they don't reflect american values, and the house in a bipartisan vote, although i wish we had more republicans on it, said that. and i think that's a very important statement to affirm here in the house of representatives. >> do you worry about the congresswoman, congresswoman omar's safety in the light of last night's rally? >> yes. i accuse the president of deliberately inciting. he incited in his tweets and he took it to a new level last night. one of your panelists called it an orwellian rally. i think that's exactly right. and i think the president did that with malice aforethought and today sanctmoanously said, well, he didn't favor the chant. well, he had nothing to say negative about it last night. silence is consent. i believe he deliberately incited and i think he is putting people at risk and he is certainly raising the temperature throughout the country on issues that he is now making incendiary.
2:45 pm
>> conceding that the president's tweet went too far and conceding that the comments yesterday, the chant by the crowd was outrageous. there were some democrats who were privately saying that the president may be on to something that's politically advantageous for him by trying to cast these four women who, let's acknowledge, are not nancy pelosi's favorites at the table, so to speak. is there any risk that the president is able to accomplish his goals here and trying to cast them as the face of your party? >> i think that's a pretty cynical goal if it is his goal. i suppose, yes, that could be such a risk. but i think it's really important to remember that we have a base, too. and that base is deeply fired up right now about these tweets and about this obvious racism as a tactic, a political tactic. and independents are equally recoiled. and so i think he may be firing up his base, but sometimes he
2:46 pm
forgets we've got this bigger base than he's got and they are very fired up about this. >> congressman gerry connelly, we enjoy you sharing your perspective. our experts are back at the table right after this. stick around. you're watching "mtp daily." the shawn mendes verizon up concert was surreal. we were right in front of him. dead center, front row. i'll never forget that day. (announcer) the network more people rely on gives you more, like a free galaxy s10e when you buy one. that's verizon. eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good...
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2:50 pm
you just heard from the democratic congressman gerry connelly about what he thinks happens next. and back with me right now charlie and matthew join us right now. do the democrats have the stomach for impeachment? what was the biggest takeaway from the vote yesterday is that lot more democrats open to this than we counted to that point. >> it's inching up. it will get to 100 at some point. a milestone. the math doesn't change. it's about republicans, impeachment will not work. republicans in the senate will not vote to remove the president. so the sort of nancy pelosi pragmatist position which is what is the point of doing this thing that might provoke a backlash that might fire up trump's base that might strengthen his hand remains. the counter argument like we heard in the '90s was clinton, it would be super censure even if it doesn't result in his removal. so the conversation unfolds. >> how challenging neera does this get for nancy at the pel for democrats right now? >> that vote 137 i think to 95
2:51 pm
for democrats, 137 basically said kill the impeachment vote yesterday. resolution an proposed. 95 said yeah, we say go forward with this. by our count eonly publicly from 80 saying they were willing to go forward. how challenging is this moment when it's almost a split party among democrats. >> it's challenging. every time trump does something outrageous which happens some days hourly, but you know, weekly, a lot of the progressive base is like let's do something which is impeachment, that is charlie is pointing out, she's recognizing that impeachment is something that happens in the house but won't go anywhere in the senate. the big question is moving forward on inquiry. this is why mueller's testimony is really vital. because if the prosecutor can make the case that the president, if he was a normal person, would be indicted, that will move a lot of democrats i
2:52 pm
think. >> if that happened, that would be a bombshell. he said, of course, if it weren't for the doj guidelines, i would have indict him. we don't think he will say that. >> i do think what's happening really is that she's stuck in this loop and people are very frustrated that there hasn't been more of an investigation and i know people have been basically waiting for mueller and the fact that it's taken so long and he had to be subpoenaed to get mueller is adding to the frustration. but i would say we should differentiate these two votes. there are a lot of pretty progressive people who think that you should have the inquiry first and then the impeachment vote. yesterday's vote was just about impeachment itself. >> one 2020 candidate thinks the president's tweet on sunday and last night are groinds for impeachment. tom steyer sadie have one question. were aren't racism and inciting
2:53 pm
a mob against an american and sitting congresswoman impeachable offenses. it's a reasonable question. >> steyer has been there on the question since day one. it's whatting is he will be the presidential candidate who will make impeachment an issue. that first presidential debate i think a lot of candidates wanted to talk about their agenda more than anything else. you heard the name mitch mcconnell mentioned more often than president trump's. with steyer you have someone who has always been for impeachment and will try to get the other candidates to commit one way or the other. >> it's unclear tom steyer has a voice that will be resonating throughout the party. he does have a good e mail base and can get his message across. >> in fairness, this is one of the challenges. most of the democratic candidates, except for maybe two or three, have already called for impeachment. they talked about it on the first night and said why they support impeachment. that's not the issue. the issue is the house vote. >> the should nancy pelosi say america, here's the deal.
2:54 pm
obviously we would like to impeach the guy. we can't do the that because there are enough americans in the middle we need to win over like 10,371 that was the difference in michigan. if we do that, we lose. why not say that to these folks and say you've got to swallow and go for 1 months with me? >> because i actually think a lot of liberals a lot of people think that will impeachment inquiry is a legal matter and to ignore your constitutional responsibility just for politics would be, you know, kind of gross. so i think. >> that's why it's a delicate line for her. >> but you know, i think actually, i don't think it's so strange for the prosecutor to make his case and people to wait for it. >> i make this prediction as someone covering mueller. mueller is not going to deebate from what he said in the report. he's not going to cop out and say as the congressman was saying i've got to ask him if he would have been indicted. this will be a highly frustrating hearing for democrats. i would refer you to the report for that are representative, i
2:55 pm
don't want to the go beyond. as i said in the report and then verbatim. it's not going to change the calculus. >> the only thing i would say is a lot of people don't know what's in the mueller report. there will be wall to wall coverage of this. if this even. >> in the middle of july but true. >> i mean, i think there will be a lot of focus and the real question is, if impeachment moves to create any pressure at all on republicans, which heretofore there has been zero, any pressure on will hurd or anywhere else, that's where you could see some of the change. the public opinion has to change. >> house democrats today voted in support of a $15 federal minimum wage. that might be a message that might resonate more broadly for democrats. it might break through. >> it can't. policy is subsumed is beneath this ferocious debate over values, identity, who belongs in the country. >> whose advantage is that? >> it's hard to say. in 2016, it worked for trump to
2:56 pm
get that electoral college victory. we don't know the how it will work out in 2020. >> that also is going nowhere in the senate. there is not going to be a $15 minimum wage because house democrats voted for that yesterday. mcconnell won't take it up. blas the difference between ta and an impeachment. >> arguing, the mess and on that may be better. there are more americans who support raising the minimum wage rather than the alternative. we'll be right back. m wage rather than the alternative. we'll be right back. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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