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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 19, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that's our broadcast for this thursday night. thanks for being with us. good night from our nbc headquarters here in new york. . . >> amid criticism, president trump is distancing himself from the chants that broke out at his rallies. trump said he started speaking quickly to stop it buts that not what video shows. >> congresswoman omar was greeted and welcomed home. >> night one of the next debate and night two p will see a rematch between joe biden and kamala harris. >> good morning, everyone, it's
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friday, july 19. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside of yasmin vossoughian. the president tweeted that four democratic members of congress, all u.s. citizens and women of color should go back to the totally broken crime infested places from which they game. trump continued to defend those comments and so did congressional republicans on his behalf. the chambers first rebuke of a president in more than 100 years. then at a wednesday night rally, trump launched into a tirade declaring they hate our country and feeding the crowd's fury. watch this. >> send her back. send her back. send her back.
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send her back. send her back. send her back. >> they are always telling us how to run it, thousand do this. you know what, if they don't love it. tell them to leave it. >> so even though as we just played for you the president endorsed the crowd sentiment, the blow back was severe. the trump allies flooded the team with expressions of concern. house republican leaders pleaded with vice president mike pence to separate the party from the message leading to this attempt by the president to distance himself, watch this. >> when your supporters last night were chanting send her back, why didn't you stop them? >> number one, i think i did. i started speaking very quickly. i disagree with it, by the way. it was quite a chant.
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and i felt a little bit badly about it but i will say this. i did and i started speaking very quickly. >> that is not true, absolutely not correct. the chant lasted 13 seconds as the president stood at the podium and made no gesture to stop it whatsoever. in fact took it in a little bit. admitting the chant was just as meaningless as any other at a trump rally. >> he said i started talking very quickly. we can play it again. 13 seconds past. >> you go back to 2016, during the lock her up chants, you see the president walking the stage. i would say go back to 2016 and hillary clinton, she's still not locked up. it was a rally chant. >> okay. so this week's main target, congresswomen ilhan omar
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encountered a different chant when she landed at the airport last night. welcome home, ilhan. welcome home, ilhan. welcome home, ilhan. >> quite a home coming to say the least, they turned out to welcome home ilhan omar with open arms as the first naturalized citizen from africa to serve in the house. she responded to the acts of patatism. >> everyone is talking about how he is threatened because we criticize him. he is threatened because we inspire people to dream about a country that recognized their humanity. because hope lies in the dreams of every immigrant who is able
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to achieve that american dream. switching to the 2020 race, the line ups of the two debates in detroit have been announced with the 20 candidates set to debate. night one including bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg, o'rourke, tim ryan, john hicken looper, delany and mary an williamson. night two, joe biden, kamala harris, cory booker, castro, yang, gillibrand and others. >> democratic voters have a relatively high level of satisfaction of the candidates as a group. roughly two-thirds of democratic leaning voters say they have an excellent or good impression of the field.
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that is a 14-point improvement from 2015. voters with positive feelings about the track of the election at similar points when 64% said they had a positive impression of the candidates. >> joining nous from washington, d.c., the political reporter. great to have you with us this morning. let's break down some of these poll numbers to show voters are satisfied with the variety of choices and different backgrounds of the starting field? >> i think when you look at it, a lot of those numbers are a result of the fact that the field is so wide. there is so many choices to choose from. the democratic party and the dnc has made reforms to the process. i think part of the reason it is so much higher than in 2016, there is so many more people to choose from.
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i don't think there is as much of a sense of a certain nominee like this is going to be a king making by any means. in 2016, a lot of democrats looking at that primary and clinton as kind of the chosen one, if you will. there is a lot of backlash after bernie sanders was able to rise and get a lot of unexpected victories and the establishment still favored her. going forward, they like the variety and that they haven't picked a favorite. >> let's talk about what transpired yesterday, that being the president and his sort of public rebuke of the chant. despite the fact that it doesn't seem as if he stopped quickly. he said he spoke pretty quickly. we saw the video. it was about a 13-second pause where it seemed as if he was really taking it in. how is this all going over? >> i think a lot of white house
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aids and advisors are really scrambling. we have heard reports that ivanka trump was pleading with her father to condemn this. even watching that appearance yesterday saying, it was quite a chant, i didn't officially endorse it. it didn't seem like he was fully condemning that. 13 seconds. it sounded like he was sort of saying, i'll let you finish and go on. i didn't hear any sort of condemnation. i can't say i'm surprised. we know president trump feeds off this energy of almost anti-immigrant sentiment, racially charged issues. >> one of the things brought up from peter alexander saying, it is just a chant. hillary clinton has not been locked up. the chant is one thing.
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we are not actually going to send ilhan omar back. thank you so much. we'll talk to you again in a little bit. accused sex trafficker jeffery epstein has been refused bail. the judge said his, quote, past sexual conduct is not likely to have abated. finding that if he was released, he would be free to abuse teenaged girl. writing his alleged attraction to sexual conduct with or in the president engs of minor girls which has allegedly included him to receive massages from minor girls up to four times a day. he doubts any bail package could overcome danger to the community. epstein's team is expected to appeal the ruling.
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heading overseas, there was an incident in the straight of hormus. >> the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone which had closed into a very, very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards, ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. >> senior defense officials add that the u.s. marines jammed the drone, brought it down and destroyed it. iran denies the claiming all its drones returned safely. this was after the core said had seize 0ed an unidentified oil tanker accusing it of smuggling
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oil. in a statement, the u.s. state department, quote, strongly condemns iran's, quote, continued harassment of vessels. adding that iran must seize this activity calling on allies and partners to help and, quote, the ex torngs tactics and activities. the latest in the course iran has taken against ships traversing this important strait, one of the world's heaviest traffic water ways. a belief that donald trump was closely enoughed in the skooem to high hush money payments to stormy daniels. and taking a look back at the apollo moon landing. that and more are coming up. johnson & johnson is a baby company.
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according to newly released court documents, the fbi believes then candidate donald trump was involved to hide hush money from stormy daniels. the documents released yesterday again, trump's former fixer described a series of calls, texts and e-mails between cohen, trump, him, davidson, an attorney for daniels, the executive of the company that publishes the national enquirer including calls between hope and him including the day trump and cohen spoke twice on the same day they would wire $130,000 to sto stormy daniels in an effort to secure her silence. writing this, based on the timing of the calls, context, i
2:16 am
believe some of these communications present the need to prevented need for her to go public. in a statement from prison, cohen said he and other members were directed by mr. trump to handle the stormy daniels matter including making the trump money payments. president trump has denied having an affair with daniels. >> the house judiciary committee has asked for hope him to return for statement. in a letter, writing, during your testimony you had no direct knowledge about cone en's payments. you testified you did not discuss those payments with mr. co-hand and/or the president or keith david son at any point and
2:17 am
you did not discuss with the president including about daniels prior to the release or anyone else at ami. the evidence revealed this morning raises questions about the accuracy of each of those statements. the committee has set a deadline of august 16 for him's voluntary return. >> joining us here on set, msnbc legal analyst. pretty significant developments to say the least. what is the likelihood that hope him would actually return? >> higher than the likelihood of someone still in the executive branch in a similar situation of returning. what we've learned is that folks in the executive branch can thumb their nose at the request to return and possibly even a subpoena. what we also know is once someone has left the executive branch, it becomes harder to avoid a subpoena or request by congress to come back and testify.
2:18 am
just playing the odds, hope him is more likely -- >> they wouldn't be barred by the executive branch to return? >> that's right. they lose power to prevent or order that person. because they are in the private sector. they can't be forced by the executive branch really to do anything. just based on that alone, the odds are higher that hope him will return than for other folks currently who would be in a similar situation. >> one of the most pivotal moments of this story of the payments is when president trump was on air force one and asked by reporters of the payment and he denied anything about those payments that he knew anything. said you'll have to talk to my lawyer about that. he die nieed that. now you have this information that he could have been involved in the calls with michael cohen that day of. how does all of that fit into what the house democrats and judiciary committee can do
2:19 am
against the president? he's not off the hook here? >> right. at the same time, it is an interesting thing. when the president knows about bad things, we've learneds it different than when regular citizens or other members of the executive branch do. reporting to a degree, the president has some immunity and cannot be indicted. as far as an impeachment investigation, no actual crime is required. this is almost 900 payments of documents. they'll be skouerring them for anything they can use to try to impeach or otherwise attack the president and his administration. >> but the president could feasibly be out of office come 2020. would he be immune if he were out of office? >> no. the constitution says the president is immune from prosecution while -- or at least thts interpretation mueller believed. he is immune while in office but
2:20 am
nothing prevents him from being prosecuted. which sets him up on the bizarre day of his presidency, can the president issue the self-pardon and does such a thing exist? tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. the apollo 11th space flight on chick 16, 1969. you see is it there. four days later on july 20, american aftstronaut became the first to walk on the moon. collins is now 88 years old and returned to the launch complex, 39a, the exact spot he took off to space to mark the
2:21 am
anniversary. he posted a photo of the three writing this, exactly 50 years ago today, we were on our way to the moon. it was an honor to work with this crew and privilege to complete the mission of a lifetime. >> that is incredible. >> also just to see the footage from back thaend just imagine. you remember watching these as a child in the '80s, i remember watching some of these space flights, it was justa inspiring. people would be gathered around to see this happen. >> as society, we lose sight of what this accomplishment is. they said they are returning a team to the moon. this time, it will definitely include a woman. it will be historic to see the first woman on the moon. still ahead, dangerously hot temperatures will hit parts of the midwest and northeast. we'll have a full check on the
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earlier this week, philadelphia and new york city declared emergencies due to the heat. saying heat and humidity feel worse because of large amounts of moisture in the air. temperatures are expected to cool off next week. >> we are seeing footage of people exercising and running but probably advised not to do this this weekend becauses it going to be so hot. >> that's what i'm telling myself about why i should not go out running. >> with that, let's get an update with janessa webb. >> we are not going to see this bubble break down until monday. if you are running a 5k or marathon, bill is probably doing that now, we are seeing excessive heat. we are in the middle of july and that heat is typical. this is different.
2:26 am
it is a bermuda high that is allowing that warmer air to surge in pretty strong. it is not going to be broken down. you are not going to hear about overnight lows. these are the dew points. the moisture in the atmosphere. sfl st. louis in the 70s allowing a heat index in the mid-90s. 31 states, 168 million. if you need relief here, it is going to come. would you rather the bubble warm heat or sub zero temperatures? >> that's a tough one. right now, sub zero. but if you ask me that -- >> i will always take the heat. >> i'll go with the snow. i take the opposite of whatever is going on. still ahead, acting dhs secretary was in the hot seat as lawmakers hammered him about the
2:27 am
conditions inside migrant detention facilities. what he had to say about the treatment of migrant children. >> president trump criticizes the leadership of puerto rico saying congress foolishly gave the island $92 million in aid money but we are fact checking that ahead. we'll tell you about it next. to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® and try our hydrating makeup. but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium.
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our ability to empathize through these stories, with these stories, can be transformational. it's my own thing that i can do for me. see what listening to audible can do for you. just text listen5 to 500500. >> welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin.
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anger of the issue going on at the border came a head with lawmakers unloading on acting secretary. the hearing was the latest held by house democrats targeting the trump administration's policies. mcaleenan was hammered for hours on the overcrowding as well as other issues involving his department. at one point, the committee's chairman tore into the acting secretary over this. watch this. >> you feel like you are doing a great job, right? >> we are doing our level best. >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces. can't take a shower, come on, man. >> mcaleenan said more than
2:32 am
800,000 migrants have been apprehended while attempting to enter the country calling those numbers staggering and unprecedented. saying dhs has made, quote, significant strides to protect the border and migrants in custody. >> he attempted to defend president trump over the chant. the argument was not grounded in the facts as a check of the tape shows. watch. >> he said it was a small group off to the side. >> send her back. >> he moved on to make them stop in the process. >> send her back. send her back. send her back. send her back. >> you want to dislike the president so much, you are going to to accuse him of something he did not do. >> if you don't love it.
2:33 am
tell them to leave it. >> the president did not name. >> ilhan omar, rashedatleib. >> it makes you wonder if some of these politicians know these events are recorded. >> it doesn't make sense. >> interesting he put himself out there on behalf of the president. democrats have been quick to denounce the president's tweets and the chanting that broke out. eliza cummings said the chants reminded him of being harassed as a child. >> i could not help but think about when i was 11 years old trying to integrate at a swimming pool in my district and we were taunted.
2:34 am
we were stoned. bottles. they said the same words. they said go back to your neighborhood. go back to where you came from. we, in america, cannot afford that. we are supposed to be the beacon of hope. >> in an interview, congressman cummings said, i don't think they know what it feels like to be treated like less than a dog. president tru joe biden didn't believe his response. >> you could imagine if somebody said that when i was speaking, i would have said, no, stop. speak up. not after the fact. >> you think he's trying to have it both ways?
2:35 am
>> he does that all the time in everything. >> let's talk puerto rico. so president trump denounced the corruption there among the leadership in the wake of the recent violent protest. trump tweeted in part this, the mayor of san juan is a despicable person i would not trust under any circumstance and the united states congress foolishly gave $92 billion much of which was squandered away or wasted never to be seen again. puerto ricans have called for the resignation following the leak of hundreds of pages of offensive texts and chats. he apologized for his messages and refuses to step down despite demands from enraged protesters that have gathered outside the
2:36 am
manson. contrary to trump's tweet that they gave $92 million, congress actually allocated $42.5 billion. showing they received less than $14 billion through may. >> the senate will be voting on tuesday to extend the september 11 victim compensation fund. announcing yesterday in order to take up the bill, the senate must also vote on two additional amendments. one proposed by senator mike lee to extend money to the fund that pays out claims for deaths and illnesses related to the attacks. authorizing $10.2 million for the fund over the next ten years and an additional $10 billion after that. senator paul is presenting a way to pay for the house bill stating he wanted an opportunity to vote for an amendment that would offset its cost.
2:37 am
paul's move sparked backlash. the bill that passed the house in a 402-12 vote is expected to easily pass the senate as well. >> president trump is expected to nominate the son of late supreme court justice scalia as labor secretary. scalia has represented high-profile clients such as walmart and boeing. following the resignation of acosta over a lenient 2008 plea deal given to sex offender jeffery epstein. the role will be temporarily filled by patrick pizzella. >> joining us now, reporter from the hill. let's talk about this labor
2:38 am
nomination from the president of scalia. will his past high-profile client against labor workers be considered a potential conflict of interest for democrats? >> yes, you are already seeing democrats taking to twitter and condemning this picture. i think he's going to face that hurdle when he goes through a confirmation process and while he is being vetted. for republicans, this is a very good pick in terms of the president's part when you look at the conservative perspective. not only is he a son of a conservative icon, if you will, he has represented these companies and fought for a more conservative cause. he represented george w. bush during bush v. gore and he represented walmart. for conserve cases, this is an
2:39 am
a-plus choice. democrats will go after him. >> as we know now, this president has levelled racist tweets against these four freshman congresswomen and then the chants at the rally. now we have these comments that he made about the mayor in puerto rico, calling her despicable and incompetent. how are these comments going over, especially considering the fact that this is another female leader of color? >> it is nothing new. president trump has gone after the san juan playmayor in the p. he got backlash and that is not enough to stop him. it is another woman of color. that does not bode well for him. it just seems racist, if you will. he continues to go after these women of color and continues to go after the same people, people who disagree with him. who are critical of him.
2:40 am
it kind of plays into this continuing pattern of the president, it seems like there isn't necessarily an acknowledgment that there are a part of the united states. the united states in a way, the main land did fail them after that hurricane hit last year. obviously, not a good look for the president. >> it seems like a consistent target that this president continues to go after women and women that are minorities. >> yes. live in d.c. for us. thank you. in the house to boost this country's minimum wage and why they say this is already dead in the senate. >> more about the dangerous heat set to hit much of the country. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment. 25% of your mouth.
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>> welcome back, house democrats passed a measure that would lift the federal minimum wage to $15. gradually raising from $7.25 an hour to $15 by the year 2025 delivering on a democrat yak party promise after more than ten years without an adjustment. democrats celebrated the vote as a milestone for the american worker. a widely popular move that the office would lifting earnings of 27 27.3 million workers but come at the expense of rural jobs where the cost of living and pay scale is considerably lower. 30 states have taken up their own measure to raise the mim mum wage. the bill and any other attempt to raise the wage is, quote, a
2:45 am
nonstarter. >> let's get a check on the weather with janessa webb. >> we are seeing 85% of the country dealing with this excessive heat. it is just getting started. it started in the plains and continued in the east. we said yesterday, we are under a heat watch that has expanded into a warning here for at least the next 36 hours. talking temperatures. your air temperatures will however in the mid-90s. omaha over 100 degrees. but when you factor in the dew points, that is the moisture in the atmosphere. you get a heat index from lec lexington to washington. the feel-like temperature on your skin, 109 degrees. then it really starts to gain momentum here from new york city to virginia. going to feel like 111 degrees.
2:46 am
many of the power companies recommending turning off computers tomorrow, potential for another power outage? can you imagine that? >> this is not the time. let's pray the power stays on. >> you are going to be without ac for the weekend. love it. >> not by choice. by love of marriage. >> right. still ahead boeing reveals the high price it is paying over the fall out of the max jet. and a crowd of sneakers and more business coming up. joint , and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. from the day you're born [music playing] across the country, we walk.
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>> welcome back, the fall out from the grounded 737 max continues to grow for boeing which reported a nearly $8 billion hit from its bottom line. the number that is expected to grow. joining us live from london on this. good morning. talk to us about how the company is accounting for such a huge loss. >> yasmin, we have heard from them now of the charges they are logging now with regard to the grounded jet liner. so $4.9 billion was the number. it was interesting to see the market reaction to this number.
2:50 am
boeing numbers rose in response to this news suggesting the charge was not as severe as they had been thinking. in terms of what is to come, assuming the assuming that the planes will return to service in early q4, but warned it could also be later. so in terms of the charges that they may incur later it remains an open question. i want to bring your attention to a story in the 5g space. this is a very exciting area of technology we have been watching quite closely. verizon has launched their long anticipated first 5g hot spot. it comes at an incredibly hefty price tag, $650. so why would you buy this hot spot and in particular why would you buy this versus a 5g phone? a couple of reasons for you. one, it's cheaper, believe it or not, than the existing 5g phones on the market. if you buy the hot spot then you don't necessarily have to upgrade it when new phones come out to have all the latest
2:51 am
features. then finally the next wave of 5g phones is not expected until the first half of next year. if you want to get on that 5g bandwagon right now, this is your chance to do it. >> let me ask you about a story that is dear to some of us here. >> sneaker enthusists. the sneaker enthusiasts shut down new york because of the adidas arizona iced team themed shoe. you can get your hands on the sneakers if you have cash to burn. talk about that. >> well, amin, i heard from jason you're the sneaker man. you have the chance to open this story. so yeah, as you said, adidas and arizona iced tea teamed up to offer these 99 cent shoes. this was a nod to the can's price. supposed to take place in new york before it actually had the
2:52 am
chance to open, the police had to come and shut it down. obviously this price tag is super appealing. too many people came. it was shut down there. but you may be able to get your hands on them elsewhere if you are very committed. >> how much would you pay? you like sneakers. >> no, but here's what's happening. you know what's happening there. people want to go so there's a 99 cent shoe. they'll buy like 50 pairs and then put it online and then in you actually want to buy a pair, then you have to spend $1,000. >> that's true. >> would you pay that much for a pair of sneakers? >> absolutely not. >> thank you. coming up, axios' mike allen has a look another "1 big thing" and trump tries to do damage control. >> the push back the president is now facing within his own party as criticism continues to mount. "morning joe" is moments away. t mount. "morning joe" is moments away.
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welcome back. the cofounder of axios, mike allen. give it to us. >> happy sneaker head friday. >> nice, i like it. i saw you in the line yesterday. you were trying to get those arizona iced tea themed sneakers, was that you? >> you have to get the drop. >> you've got to get the drop. all right. give us the "1 big thing" today. >> well, the "1 big thing" is trump's tone on twitter. facebook politicians have to pay for it, and it's a great clue to what they really think is going to drive message and action by supporters. right know, facebook spending is about -- getting people to give small donations and sign up, give them their email. we're seeing the president spending hour times as much talking about immigration as he's talking about economy. this is data that bully pulpit
2:57 am
gave exclusively to axios sarah fisher and he's outspending all combined on facebook. this is an early under the radar lead he is getting. why, immigration, why so much money on that? one he's targeting the older white voter and also interestingly enough, hispanics. those are latinos for trump. the facebook message is trying to bring in some of those email addresses in small gifts. >> let me ask you what you're learning speaking to voters. i know you talked to the swing voters in the state of michigan about how big a role the economy will play in their decision in 2020. what have you guys learned? >> we see him spending more on immigration than economy. but we have the great headline up it's the economy again, stupid. it's still the economy.
2:58 am
lexi mackanin spent time with voters in warren, michigan. she was there with a focus group and again and again, voters said we may not like the president's behavior, but it would be hard to turn away from him because of the economy. now, these focus groups are useful and tell you what voters are thinking about and talking about. it's not a statistical snapshot like a poll, but people will say i don't like what the president -- how he's saying it. we hear the same thing from business. this is another version of joe's day trading. business leaders will say there's a lot we don't like about this president. but we like what he does on immigration. we like what he does on taxes. we may just go for him this time. >> we also know that you have some new reporting on one 2020 hopeful who is being encouraged to drop out of the race. who is this and what are you
2:59 am
hearing? >> yes. the humiliation of the long shot. so this is a great scoop by alexi mackanin who found out that aides close to john delaney, the businessman from maryland, former congressman who has been running for 721 days, he has been to all 99 counties in iowa and aides sat him down and said, boss, you need to get out. this is going nowhere. >> did they give a reason why? >> well, reason why, 0% in the polls which is always a hint. but he didn't get the great breakout moment in the first debate. he'll be back in the detroit debates but he needs to get out by mid august. there's no rocket fuel for this and i think the calculation is if he gets out now, he would have a better chance to run for governor of maryland. maybe get a job in the cabinet. but don't keep going nowhere fast. even if it's in carroll county, iowa. >> i interviewed him a couple of
3:00 am
weeks ago, it was actually right before nbc's debates. and he seemed pretty motivated and pretty dedicated to stay in the race. not quite sure he's going to be dropping out so soon. >> yes. 721 days. he was out -- as you know, he was in iowa working before there was any pac, because there was anyone else. >> all right, mike allen, thank you. we'll be reading axios a.m. in a bit. you can sign up at that's it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. welcome home, ilhan. well home, ilhan. welcome home, ilhan. >> and that is congresswoman ilhan omar last night going back to where she came from. >> boy, what a -- >> that would be minnesota, by the way. >> yeah. 's


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