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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  July 19, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good-bye to our executive director. subsidize i have, tough in the best possible way and consistently to producing newscasts their h honest and objective which is obviously not always an easy task. in other words, nikki egan say great journalist and outstanding person. i like to say that it is our goal on this show to make you smarter and better every single day. and i firmly believe that we are all smarter and better because of nikki egan. speaking for myself and our team, i want to thank you, nikki, for your friendship, leadership and job well done. that wraps up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. you are in luck. my dear friend hallie jackson is here in new york city. >> what an amazing good-bye to our friend nikki. thank you much. see you later this afternoon. we start this hour, though, with new reporting from our nbc news team out this morning on how exactly democrats plan to handle next week's mueller marathon and
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the strategy to highlight shocking evidence of misconduct by president trump. the question is, will they get what they want? we're following fallout from the president's racist tweet. greeted by a very different chant in minnesota than the one everybody has been talking about. not send her back but welcome home. >> welcome home, ilhan! welcome home, ilhan! >> you know who has seen that clip this morning? president trump. he is calling it a tiny staged crowd in what he calls the fourth-mouthed omar. after incorrectly suggesting he quickly shut down the accepted her back chant this week. if you want to know what really happened, check the tape because we will be this hour. with our team covering these developments and others this
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hour. but i want to start on the story first out of the gate this morning. the new look and how house democrats are planning to proceed when robert mueller testifies next wednesday. ken, what are you learning? >> reporter: hallie, congressional hearings tend to be a free for all. democrats tell us they are working hard to make sure this one will not be that. staffers say they prepared for this more than any other in their career. look, they know robert mueller is a reluctant witness and they have resigned themselves to the fact that he is not going to offer conclusions that go beyond the scope of the report. that's not ideal for democrats. they say it should be enough for him to walk the american public through the evidence in volume 1 and 2 of the report and explode the myths that the president and his supporters have been perpetrating that mueller found no conclusion, no obstruction. on obstruction, they want to focus on the five key episodes
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they think offer compelling evidence that if he wasn't the president he would have been indicted. they want mueller to highlight trump warning him to fire robert mueller and ordering mcgahn to publicly deny that the president asked him to do that. they also want to talk about trump ordering former campaign chair corey lewandowsky to tell attorney general jeff sessions to limit the investigation to exclude the president, to only focus on future campaigns. and they want to talk about the president's witnessed tampering like dangling pardons before people like paul manafort. it will reach many members of the public who have not read the mueller report, hallie. >> ken, i think there is an expectation that robert mueller is going to come out and drop some kind of bomb. that is not going to be the case based on things mueller has indicated already. that he is going to stay extremely close to what he laid out in his report. >> reporter: that's right. and there are some things refor example that the house intelligence committee would
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like to ask behind closed doors they can't ask about in public because it's classified. don't forget, a whole counterintelligence aspect to this, hallie, that was not included in the mueller report but it is buried in fbi files and the house intelligence committee specifically is trying to dig that out and make it part of their investigation. they're not ready to make any of that public right now. robert mueller certainly won't be able to discuss it. >> ken, thank you. we'll talk more about this story later in the show you. but we want to get to the other big story of the morning. we are in relatively unusual territory in the era of donald trump. a sixth straight day dominated by the same thing, the racist attack on ilhan omar and other democrats. as omar returned home to minneapolis to this. >> welcome home, ilhan! welcome home, ilhan! >> it was a different chant about her in north carolina earlier this week when the crowd yelled, send her back.
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omar put it like this. listen. >> everybody talks about how we criticize him. but the reality he is threatened because we are inspiring people to dream about our country. >> so here's what the president said he did about the send her back chants. and what he actually did. >> i felt a little bit badly about it. but i will say this, i did, and i started speaking very quickly. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-essential anti-semetic screeds. she talked about the evil israel.
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>> we were there for that rally at the airport, shaq. peter alexander at the white house. shaq, you were actually there for the arrival and the townhall. it seems as though she still has a ton of support in her district. >> reporter: a ton of support, hallie. let's start with the headline in the star tribune. omar welcomed home as gop retreats on nativism. last night at the townhall, you had a lot of people with home made signs, t-shirts expressing support for omar. we hear from democratic leaders who expressed frustration and anger at the send her back chants we heard at the president's rally. but here talking to her constituents, you hear a lot of hurt and pain. they know omar. they are upset that the congresswoman is being aing taed. listen to what they told me. >> i just think she's terribly brave and courageous. and i think she represents her district very, very well.
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all people in our district. >> consistent. if i'm holding racist, sexist attacks against strong powerful women of color in general but against ilhan in particular. >> it's clear to me and to a lot of people and a lot of voters that he is a racist. and he's just got a message of hate. and we're not about that here. >> reporter: many of those supporters also telling me that they are concerned for her personal safety when they hear these attacks. not because of the president's racist tweets but because of people who could be influenced by the tweets. this is a reliably democratic district. omar won by 80% after winning the primary. so there is a lot of support here in this district. >> of course, peter, the president touting he did well in minnesota. he is keyed in and dialed in to the coverage this morning of her arrival back home. what else can you tell us what's
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happening in the white house? >> reporter: you're exactly right. we will hear from the president today before he heads to bedminster golf property for the weekend. on twitter, after the short small backtrack as it were about the chant saying he tried to stop it despite the video evidence that you just showed here, he is taking on what he describes as the fake news media saying the focus is all about that chant saying the media is crazed about that, insisting the real attention should be placed on the most vial and disgusting statements made by the three radical left congresswomen. until this point he had been referring to four. we reached out to the four to see who is now off that list. no answer from them. this weird moment where the president did at least try to distance himself from that chant that took place. we have learned based on conversations with sources familiar with the conversations that took place. and those here at the white
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house, the president did have conversations with senior members of congress, republicans, also spoke to the vice president. there is word he heard from daughter ivanka about that chant. all of those individuals expresses discomfort, asking him to repudiate it. the president already made up his mind that he was going to say something about. striking the only comment we heard about that rally before was on twitter where he said it was a great crowd of great people. here's what his communication staff on the campaign said to me comparing it to past chants. take a listen. >>. >> go back to 2016. hillary clinton is still not locked up. it is just a rally chant. >> will you agree this chant is racist? >> it does not convey the spirit of the campaign that the president wants to see. >> but is it racist? >> i'm not going to say it's racist. >> reporter: later in that
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conversation i had with mark lauder, former member of the discipline station now working for the campaign, i asked what they would do at the next rally to make sure this didn't happen. they said there's really nothing you can do when you have tens of thousands of people speaking, chanting. i pressed him and said there's only one guy with the microphone and that's president trump. >> peter, thank you. shaquille brewster in minnesota. thanks to the both of you. robert costa, national political reporter for the "washington post". and nell any, congress for politico. thanks to you both for being here. what are you hearing about the reaction inside gop circles this morning? >> republican lawmakers have been alarmed about this kind of language. at least privately expressed this sentiment to vice president pence who conveyed it to president trump and white house officials. it's important to note many of these republicans who have expressed concerns private live are not necessarily doing so publicly because they do fear
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the wrath of president trump as we look ahead to the re-election in 2020. >> to put that into some relief here, kevin mccarthy was asked about this. i wanted to show you a little bit of what kevin mccarthy had to say. this is somebody close with the president and ally of the president. >> he said it was a small group off to the side. >> send her back, accepted her back. >> he moved on to make them stop in the process. >> send her back, send her back, send her back! >> the president did not name the individual. >> ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, alexandra owe caocasio-cortez. and ayanna pressley. is she related to elvis? >> public perceptions and private messaging for some of the republican circles.
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you're writing about that this morning saying for politico, paul mitchell said a chant like send her back is not reflective of our constitution. that is what he apparently conveyed to the president during the breakfast meeting. and seemed as appalled like everybody else. >> republicans are struggling with this rhetoric. they are trying to straddle this thin line of not criticizing the president but they don't support these chants or tweets. multiple members of the republican leadership did bring up these concerns to vice president pence. their main concern is this is going to be the campaign mantra for the gop. they do not want this to be the new rallying cry. they would much rather focus on the economy or the policies of these progressive women, which they do think is a successful campaign strategy. but what he is talking about personalities and using these racial undertones and racist tweets, they are very worried it will turn off moderate voters who fled the party in 2018. it appears that trump is not
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interested in expanding his base. he's more interested in digging deep into it. only time will tell if that will work. >> we know that a couple minutes ago it's not off that a story like this has what they call legs, right, or sustained over a period of time. the president continues to talk about it. it continues to be his focus and the focus of so many around the country. >> white house officials tell me they will pay close attention to how republicans respond in the coming days. they saw a few cracks in the sense of the four republican lawmakers voting against the president with the democrats on that resolution this week in the house. two members will hurd of texas, brian fitzpatrick of pennsylvania. they come from swing districts. so that showed republican leaders they have to be careful. they could start to lose some of these competitive seat republicans if they don't praoed caref proceed carefully. the president is in total control of the party. as much as they may gripe
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publicly and privately, he will be the person to take the party in a certain direction, his way, moving forward. >> thank you so much, my friend. we will see you a little bit later in the show, melanie, so stick around for that. a series of very tense escalations between washington and iran. plus, the political crisis engulfing puerto rico yet again today. but up next, we are set to face off in two weeks. how 2020 contenders are looking to cut into joe biden's lead. n'd ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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so let's talk 2020. because the stage is now set for the second democratic debate in detroit. and it's going to look a little different than the first one. a little. top tier candidates headlining night one. it will be elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. night two may be a rematch between former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. joining me now to break it all down, steve kornacki. so good to see you at the big board in the flesh. >> bunch of interesting dynamics potentially. you have sanders, warren, on night one polling in double digits. warren not getting the shot potentially at joe biden. maybe that disappoints her. also keep an eye. a new in addition, steve bull ton. he did not get in the first
7:19 am
debate. eric swalwell is now out of the race. the other thing to keep an eye on here night one, marianne williamson. hickenlooper, delayney, bullock. this is the last chance in a lot of cases in front of an audience this size to stave out. if they don't get their numbers up by fall, they may have to leave this race. that is something to keep an eye on. you have biden, harris. all eyes will be on them as you head into the potential rematch for what we saw. booker, castro. did they look at what harris was able to pull off and say, hey, there's an opportunity for me to do the same thing. is biden going to get a lot of incoming. folks on the edging literally fighting for their political lives. they have to stand out. move poll numbers out or they will be left out of the next debate. we can show you we have this
7:20 am
brand-new nbc survey poll out today. here you go. nationally, joe biden is the leader right now. single digit advantage. sanders, warren, harris right behind him. the reason he is leading, a racial divide. biden is not even in first place with white voters. biden's lead nationally, he owes it to black voters. he is leading by more than 20 points. that's why he is still ahead nationally. >> that's interesting. steve, thank you. out to the field. gary haque and amy parnes, democratic strategist basil schmeichel. she is not going to get the matchup with joe biden she may have wanted. how do you see that playing out in her campaign? >> well, look, i think there's been a lot of ink since the debate lineup came out that warren and bernie sanders might be facing off since they will share the stage together on the first night. although i think that is
7:21 am
unlikely. she said she was excited to share with sarpbdz. they are friends. they worked together on a number of issues through the years. frankly, they don't need to go after each other at this stage in the game. they don't need to have inter progressive warfare on the stage. i'm inclined to look for o'rourke, mayor pete, camy klobuchar to make hay over the medicare for all issue. i could see a lot of that first night for medicare for all versus some of the other health care plans. i could see this being a jackie chan movie with joe biden in the center has to fight off six or seven people all at once. a number of candidates, cory booker, de blasio, castro. i could see that, let alone kamala harris. >> who knew we would be talking
7:22 am
jackie chan on a friday morning. thanks to you, my friend. appreciate that. what do you think, amy and basil? is he right? >> i think so. i like the fact that elizabeth warren and sanders are sharing the stage. it sets up one of them, maybe elizabeth warren, as the alternative to joe biden. and if you look at the numbers right now, a lot of the biden supporters tell me they are supporting him in part because they like -- they're concerned that because the pendulum seems to have swung in one direction so far for trump, they are concerned about it swinging in the other direction. so they want a little bit of moderation. there is clearly an appetite for someone not so en trenched in the party. maybe that's harris fighting it out with elizabeth warren. so i like the fact that warren can stand by herself on this other stage. >> he was talking about the do or die. this is a do or die for biden in a way. this is a chance where he needs
7:23 am
to step up to show ownership here, to show he is not so concerned with the clock to give concise areas. he didn't do that so well in the first debate. so i think a lot of people are looking to biden. if he doesn't perform well, you could see elizabeth warren creep into first place. she has run the best campaign so far no doubt. she has done everything. she's even going into super tuesday states and campaigning there. laying her traps there. i think this will be an interesting night to him to see if he can own up. >> they were writing about this in the "new york times" this morning. democratic governor, where the party is going, sort of urging some of these counties not to veer too far left. they are saying i don't think that's good policy or good politics. >> right. even the new york governor here, andrew cuomo, made a lot of similar concerns. and, you know, it's interesting
7:24 am
that they say that. because so many have played defense against trump policies. it actually has moved substantially to the left. but they are still saying this might not be sustainable in the long run. and i do believe that's true. but they have actually been playing really good defense so far. and my guess is that -- and i think nancy pelosi has the same issue. they don't want the candidates legislating for them. and that i think is the real danger. it's not so much that the governors themselves won't go too far left but they have to respond to what the candidates are doing which puts them in an awkward spot. >> one of the things we have been talking about is the new survey monkey poll that is out. it is the number of registered voters who say immigration is the most important issue. it's gone up since the last time. it was six months ago or so, eight months or so ago. it ticked up six points.
7:25 am
i wonder if that is because that is being addressed by democrats in particular and moments like we saw the last 24 hours. acting dhs mack auto lean than went on capitol hill and faced elijah cummings and others. >> did you see the images of officers circulating photo shopped images of my violent rape. >>, yes i did. >> are those officers on the job today and responsible for the safety of migrant women and children. >> so there is an aggressive investigation on this. >> you feel like you're doing a great job, right? isn't that what you said? >> we're doing our level best -- >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, can't take a shower? none of us would have our children in that position.
7:26 am
>> because of president trump, it's these images that are so palpable that people are -- it it has become a huge issue. you are seeing people on the fringes like hewell ya castro make this an issue. he is seizing on this moment because he knows how important it is to democratic voters.this. he is seizing on this moment because he knows how important it is to democratic voters. trump has made this an issue. >> he is planning on the other side. >> there is actually a way that democrats and conservatives share concern over this. not trump supporters but conservatives. who wants armed police officers and law enforcement roaming around the streets, knocking on doors and raiding apartments. this is something if you're concerned about the government or about immigration, it is going to be problematic for you. >> my thanks to the both of you. pleasure to see you both in new york city at least for a day. thank you very much. after the break, new tensions between the u.s. and iran.
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sure, summer is hot. but this is dangerous for millions of americans. 105 million people under excessive heat warnings. 60 million more under heat advisories. you have this record-breaking weather stretching from oklahoma to new york all weekend long. and the highs, by the way, are expected to climb past 100 degrees. that's how we are wrapping up july after scientists say was the hottest june on record in 140 years. get ready for august, gang. we are watching the heat. we are watching things heating up between the u.s. and iran after what happened in the strait of hormuz. iran this morning is now denying this american warship took down one of its drones in the area. president trump says the navy was forced to defend itself. >> are the boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone, which had closed into a very, very near distance. the drone was immediately destroyed.
7:32 am
iran's deputy foreign minister said we have not lost any drain and the u.s. may have struck down its own drone. let me bring in the tehran bureau chief. and former allied commander and chief international security analyst for nbc news. ali, to you first, this is the first of serious escalations between iran and the u.s. what's going on? >> that's right. tit for tat, drone for drone. it has been an extraordinarily volatile few months. iran is denying president trump's statement that a u.s. warship destroyed an iranian drone in the persian gulf. the iranian military said all drones have returned after reconnaissance missions and denied there was any confrontation with a u.s. missile. the deputy foreign minister said they haven't lost any drones in
7:33 am
the persian gulf and mocked the u.s. saying they may have shot down their own drone by mistake. hallie, this isn't the first time we have gone into the realm of claims, current claims between tehran and washington. the revolutionary guard here saying that the u.s. claims are groundless, lies. and that they will we lease video to disprove president trump's assertation that the u.s. navy destroyed an iranian drone. at get the onus of pra s os of e u.s. to release footage to back up their claim. >> do you agree? >> there will always be a fog of war element to this kind of activity in the gulf. i have commanded cruisers, i'm very familiar with this scenario. it's worth pointing out it is not just the single drone. if you really look at the full incident, there were iranian ships within 500 yards of the
7:34 am
boxer. there were iranian helicopters circling the ship. this was normal confrontational, if you will, that we see from the iranians, particularly the revolutionary guard. in terms of the drone incident specifically, one thing i can assure you is we did not shoot down our own drone. if we did, we would admit that. that is not in the realm of possibility. even the iranians i think gather that. in terms of video, i would love to see video from the u.s. navy showing it. i'm sure we videoed it. as you know, we have quite good video that showed the revolutionary guard extracting a mine from the side of a tanker a few weeks ago that they probably planted there. i agree i would like to see the u.s. navy come out and show exactly what happened. >> ali, i want to talk about where this goes next on the diplomatic front.
7:35 am
iranians floating the idea of nuclear inspections. how genuine is that offer? . >> well, it's difficult to say. the prime minister has dangled an opening to the united states. there's already inspectors in the country as the ia said themselves. they have embarked on the most intrusive of programs in the history of the agency. but it might be enough to open the door for some kind of dialogue for some kind of talks between the u.s. and iran directly as there are other concessions they could make. but i just saw right now on the wire that a senior administration official said zarif doesn't have the authority to make such an offer and such an offer has to come from the supreme leader. of course there is a big gulf between the supreme leader, a hard liner and zarif, who is
7:36 am
moderate. >> quickly before i let you go, were you to be advising president, what would you tell him and his team to do next here? >> i would put it in two tracks. i would ask secretary pompeo, our secretary of state, to contact zarif. let's see if there is a crack open in the door. and dialogue is always going to be good. on the other hand, we have to maintain a high state of readiness and avoid at all costs stumbling into a shooting war with iran while we protect our own ships. it's a delicate balance that will require real attention not just from the white house but the pentagon as well. >> thanks to you both for that. when we come back, democrats promising shocking evidence, they say, that will be front and center during robert mueller's testimony next week. we're going to have more on that coming up. g to have more on that coming up. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. we are getting a new look at the democrats' strategy. a familiar face gets back in the headlines next week in a big way. robert mueller faces congress four days from now. the focus, according to democrats, shocking criminal misconduct, they say, by president trump. they plan to hit on that misconduct over and over and over again in roughly five hours of testimony. will it have the effect they're looking for or not? white collar criminal defense
7:41 am
attorney and former assistant fbi director and national security analyst for nbc. waking up early for us in as salesperson. thank you both for that. frank, let me start with you here. listen, the democrats seem to say, hey, not everybody has read the mueller report, so let's have robert mueller talk about this. do you think it will have the impact they're looking for? >> i think it depends on the degree to which americans want to hear directly from the man himself. if they do that. if they turn into replays of the day's testimony, they will be impacts by the report. i'll be keeping a score card at home. i will be measuring the amount and the number of times the republican members of the committee ask a question or make a statement that has nothing directly to do with the findings of the mueller report. keep track of that. keep track of how little they want to hear from mueller on his findings and how much they want to distract viewers and get them off on origins of the report and
7:42 am
other issues. >> how much information, caroline, will be factually substantively new do you think we might get, if any at all? >> approximately zero, hallie. if there's anything we know about robert mueller, he is a reluctant witness. he does not want to testify. we already know based on his previous testimony, he's been in the public eye like this before. he does not go outside the four corners of those documents. he does not want this to be political. that's why it will be very, very important for democrats. and republican republicans alike if they want to get any umph and not leave it open for open-ended answers. he's going to say i'll refer to my report hundreds of times. i will refer you to the report. yes or no questions will be key here. >> frank, that's going to be my score card, how many times mueller says, i will refer to the report. caroline talks about the questioning. chairman nadler talked about how he wants to question robert mueller when he was out with chris hayes last night.
7:43 am
here it is. >> we will ask questions designed to elicit the information, designed to get the information we want. designed to show what his report found that is at odds with what the administration and the attorney general has been saying. >> do you think it goes far enough, frank? do you think it will be effective. >> yeah. i think they've got question number one, if donald j. trump was not president of the united states, do you think he would be charged with obstruction of justice? question two, did you need to refer this to congress to deal with in the form of impeachment? lastly, what's up with the disconnect between you and the attorney general? did you believe you were playing by rules and attorney general barr play by a different set of rules when he said there were
7:44 am
nothing found. >> we are all dieing for those answers but i don't think mueller will answer that question. he made it abundantly clear he was not going to say were it not for the doj memorandum. specifically he stated because he was constrained by those rules, he wasn't even going to make that determination or look into that question. he is not going to answer that question. >> he will not stop democrats from asking. >> for sure. >> with hope hicks back in the spotlight after what we learned from the michael cohen documents released just about 24 hours ago you saw here on this network, documents show her involvement in the hush money payments. congressman nadler wants her back to clarify, he says, her testimony. how much leverage do they have here? how do you see that playing out? . >> look, we've got a policy of this white house that they are going to obstruct and they're not going to respond to subpoenas. even if they do, they might
7:45 am
stretch the truth. hope hicks does have exposure here. she does appear to have potential ll lly perjured herse. you are still accountable for us. don't hold your breath for hope hicks coming clean and showing up. >> it is in direct contradiction to her testimony last month. she said she had no direct injure and she was never in the room in a room between michael cohen and president trump about this. we don't have the contents or the nature of the communications, but we have the facts and the timing of those communications, which really call into question her testimony. >> this sunday msnbc is looking at the mueller report's biggest revelations. the mueller report, what you need to know.
7:46 am
ahead of weapons's testimony 9:00 eastern sunday here on msnbc. up ahead, we go on the ground in san juan with demonstrators getting ready for another day of protests as the government faces new calls to resign with the new corruption charges. ith thnee w corruption charges. when the hot sun hits your ice cream lick fast like a cookie dough ninja. apply that same speed to the ford hurry up and save sales event. for the first time ever get 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. it all adds up. don't you love math? so get here asap because tasty deals and summer go fast. get in or lose out on 20% estimated savings on select ford models, plus earn complimentary maintenance through fordpass rewards. let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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get ready for new protests today and throughout the weekend in puerto rico as people there demand the governor step down. he's not doing it, but he is bu apologizing now for the explosive and offensive comments he made in leaked private chats. i want to bring in gabe gutierrez who is joining me now from san juan. gabe, we've seen protests overnight, yesterday, we expect to see more today. how big do you think they're going to end up getting? >> reporter: hi there, hallie. today's expected to be the sixth straight day of protests. throughout the day we've been seeing demonstrators in front of the security lines. there's still a heavy security presence in front of the governor's mansion which is right back there. yesterday, last night, there was another protest here, didn't turn violent. the night before there was teargas lobbed by authorities at the protesters. tensions are running high. i must tell you, there's also increase the frustration here after a new report for the center for investigative
7:51 am
journalism on the island with new allegations of corruption against the governor and several of his top aides involving billions of dollars. this comes several days after those private chat messages were held last week. those chat messages include derogatory homophobic messages between rossello and several of his top aides. he has apologized and said while they may be inappropriate, they're not illegal and he is refusing to step down. yesterday he with spoke with several shop owners and businesses here in old san juan. much of this area was covered in graffiti. there were boarded up businesses as well. this is all reopening old wounds almost two years after hurricane maria. many of these businesses suffered losses then and they're very worried now about the future and what could happen if these protests drag on. we spoke with one coffee shop owner about her experience. here's ha she hwhat she had to >> a lot of us are still
7:52 am
recuperating getting back on our feet after the hurricane. and then to experience this is, have to say, pretty -- yeah, disappointing. it's challenging and hard. >> reporter: again, more protests expected later today, but the largest one, hallie, is now being prepared for monday. we just spoke with a police source a few minutes ago. that's what they're really preparing for. there could be highways sht down. protesters say they will not stop until governor ricardo rossello steps down. hallie. >> gabe gut air yes lieasy liven juan. the president's new pick to lead the day department. plus, tomb cumming up at the top of the hour, from tweet to rally chant in several days. how it's not sitting so well with some in washington. we'll be right back with what our sources are saying. we'll be right back with what our sources are saying hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company.
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. if you haven't heard, president trump is set to nominate eugene ska lila to be the next secretary of the department of labor. he's the son of the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. as "the new york times" puts it, it is likely to be contested by democrats and labor unions because he has a long record of representing walmart and other companies that pushed back against unions and tougher labor laws. that's going to be one thing we are watching when we get back home to washington. acosta resigned from the
7:57 am
position last week, as you know, in the middle of all that backlash from a plea deal he arranged in 2008 with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. time now to get a look at what our sources are saying. ladies, thank you for hanging around. melanie, let me start with you. what are you hearing from your sources? >> democrats had a big unifying moment rallying around the progressive squad after weeks of infighting. but i talked to multiple democratic source who's say there's a lot of concern on capitol hill about the narrative heading into the august recess. right now the dominate storylines are 95 democrats voted to impeach trump. the upcoming testimony of bob mueller condemning trump as a racist, and even though democrats did pass a $15 minimum wage bill, all of that has been completely overshad doughed by the other dromma. and that could be a problem for these democrats in swing districts where they feel like they won back the house because of talking about kitchen table issues like healthcare, not
7:58 am
talking about impeachment. >> amy, what do you have, girl? what are you working on? >> we talked about joe biden earlier and how it's a do or die moment for him coming up in the debate. but i'm hearing from sources that a lot of democratic donors are beginning to coalesce around him. he's out there right now, he's fundraising. he's raising a lot of money. they were on the sidelines until now, and now they're beginning to feel like he is the only real candidate who wins the electability factor. >> cot next debate be a game changer for him in any way? amy, what's your sense? >> definitely. i think his people know that he has to perform well. they wanted to do well in the last debate. they see that elizabeth warren is creeping up on them. they want to do really really well on this one. >> mel melanie, what's your sense? >> i completely agree with you there. >> medicalllanie, amy, thank yo much for joining us. that does it for us here in new york. it's a day of by the are sweet good-byes.
7:59 am
not just what you heard last hour, our our own executive producer. this one, very exciting she's getting promoted to be the boss lady on the weekend. the weekend's gabe is our loss here at the 10:00 a.m. show. we love you, we miss you. craig melvin knows she was a news associate back in nine 94. >> you're aging her. >> she's only 27, she started when she was 2. >> we're going to miss her during the week. >> we're so excited for her. what an amazing adventure for her. >> did you come to new york just to say -- >> we're doing a big party and the whole thing. >> that's nice. i wondered why you wore here. >> you can come if you'd like. >> i'd rather get back out to the house. next time you come, could you lower the temperature in the studio? it's 90 degrees in here. good to see you, my friend. good friday to you. and good friday to you had the craig mediclvin here. president trump lashing out this morning hours after he tried to distance himself from those send her back chants that triggered a wave of criticism, new reporting
8:00 am
as to why tried to disavow what happened at his rally. plus, tensions ratcheting up again. the united states maintains a military warship brought down an iranian drone in the middle east yesterday, but this morning iran claiming that's not what happened at all. and get ready for round two. we know now which democratic candidates will take the stage each night for the next round of presidential debates. we'll break it down, the lineup, and the possible fireworks in store. but we start with president trump now trying distance himself from the send her back chants from his supporters in north carolina, but at the same time keeping the controversy alive this morning by blaming the media for becoming crazed over the chant. "the new york times" reporting nervous republicans from senior members of congress to his own daughter ivanka urged him on thursday to repudiate the chant amid widespread fears that could hurt their party in 2020. we break it down with david


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