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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  July 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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back on the moon, what would it be? >> one piece of advice, i think determination is probably the most important thing that enabled me to become an astronaut and i think you have to be determined. >> thank you so much. thanks for watching this hour of msnbc. >> good to see you. thank you so much. have a great weekend. hello, everyone. it's 11:00 a.m. out west. 2:00 p.m. in the east where president trump just went after congresswoman omar again. >> people in north carolina, that stadium was packed. it was a record crowd and i could have filled it 10 times as you know. those are incredible people and those are incredible patriots but i'm unhappy with a congresswoman goes and says i'm going to be the president's nightmare. she's going to be the president's nightmare. she's lucky to be where she is.
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let me tell you. and the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country. >> well, it's fair to assume that when president trump suggested omar and fellow members of the squad go back to where they came from, this wasn't what he had in mind. >> she's getting a celebratory welcome in her own district today. but he was claiming that the moment was quote staged and that, in fact, minnesotans hate her and love him. then retweeted some of his more controversial attacks on omar and her fellow freshman. it's the on going controversy after a crowd of his supporters chanlt chanted for the president to
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send her back. something he claimed he didn't like although the video makes it clear that is simply not true. also there's no indication that omar's celebration was anything more than a legitimate outpouring of support. on the other hand, we do know that president trump's attacks on the women absolutely were planned. as ashley parker writes in the washington post on wednesday night trump's attacks on the four minority members were largely prescripted, delivered from the teleprompter and not the kind of off the cuff rifts that often plunge him into controversy. it's part of the larger strategy to motivate his voters through racial resentment and publicity. many either defended or embraced the president's strategy. but privately there are republicans that have a lot of concerns. more concerns than they're letting on. so our big question today is, is the president's race based strategy playing as well with republicans as he thinks it is.
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joining me now, nbc news white house correspondent and political reporter. founding director of defending democracy together bill crystal and democratic strategist and former executive director for the new york state democratic party. it's great to see all of you gentlemen. if anyone thought the criticism was going to make the president back off a bit, not a chance as we just saw from him. >> you're right about that and by now we have all learned that it's what donald trump says first that is instructive before he does the clean up under political duress. we saw this happening before after the charlottesville violence when the president initially said that there were fine people on both sides. after that he delivered a statement aimed at cleaning some of that up. the very next day he said there was blame on both sides in effect reversing the written prepared statement for him and going back to what he had believed all along. in this instance there was a reporter in the oval office that asked the president if he was unhappy about the chant and
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before the reporter finished the question the president cut her off and said i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country and then referred to the people in that crowd, some of them who engaged in that racist chant, he said the president called them incredible patriots. so this is the president's m.o. we know this by now. he weaponizes divisions whether they be cultural or political. that's how he built his entire political career, really with the racist lie against barrack obama that he was somehow other than fully american. he does that chris because so far it's worked for him. so we'll have to see what happens even as he gets push back privately from republicans. >> what he said was really important first. the president tried to say he was unhappy with the chant and all the news stations are playing and he just stands back for 13 seconds and lets the chant continue. he suggests that what he is really unhappy about is a congresswoman that hates america, completely ridiculous.
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and then he says he could have filled the stadium ten times. is this a case of if i say something enough times it will suddenly be true. >> yes. and that worries me tremendously because i wonder when we're going to start talking about whether or not this man is inciting violence against a member of congress. >> a lot of the other members of congress have said very clearly, i'm worried for the safety of those women. >> i am and for him to be acknowledging send her back and then characterizing that statement as a act of patriotism. he has no control over what his supporters do and these rnlt just republicans and conservatives, they're die hard supporters of the president that seem like they'll do anything he says and he said that in the first campaign. that if i shot somebody on 5th avenue i don't think anybody would care and that's why i'm actually really worried about her physical safety. her response has been phenomenal. she has articulated in tweets, a great way to sort of put a pin
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in the resistance and talk about how to resist a president like this, but if what he does is not an impeachable offense, i don't know what is. >> the president also said that the congresswoman's warm reception was staged. you were there. you were in minnesota. what was your impression? >> it seemed very organic. we saw that reception at the airport as people came out and showed her support. the congresswoman went straight to a town hall. it was supposed to be on medicare for all and people went out with homemade t-shirts. when you talk to people they're not surprised by the tweets or the acceptabilitiment by the president. they're upset and frustrated. really sad. a little sad that it's gotten to this point. listen to what one gentleman told me. >> it's important for us to know that that kind of vile bigotry
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that's being directed toward her does not rest in one person's phone and one person's tweets. it's really disheartening and disgusting to see it coming from the highest office in our land but it is a shared sentiment and what did you make of it right now. >> you heard what she had to say but another gentleman was concerned about her safety hearing these comments that it will incite someone and frustrate someone and lead to something that none of us want to see. >> bill, adam in the atlantic wrote more about what we first saw from ashley parker in the washington post. here's part of what he wrote. many of the president's most outrageous comments have been delivered when he departs from his remarks. his attacks on omar were carefully scripted and written out by his staff and read off the teleprompter. it's to confess that the
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president is deliberately campaigning on the claim that only white people can truly, irrevocably be american. can republicans square that circle? defend the president's strategy without admitting it's based in racial animosity. >> it's always worse to exploit these divisions in a cynical way. it's terrible to be a sincere racist too but in the way the cynicism combined with the racism is particularly damaging to the country. it's very -- it is a sad day honestly and what is sad is the failure of republicans to step up and really say this is unacceptable. and republicans do so for this reason. one of the things he ended up -- it was when dwight eisenhower opposed him that you were able to get a consensus that this was beyond the bounds.
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obviously courageously opposed to him and white liberals up north but when white southerners said wait a second, that's not our future, we don't want george wallace as the face of the south, that's what changed things and wallace himself ended up changing. so the failure of republicans is not just -- it is cowardace and they think it might work politically but at this point we're way beyond all of that. it's one thing to hide and be timid in the face of some stupid policies or some, you know, a little over the top attacks on your opponent or something like that but this is really getting at the heart, i think, this is the point in the atlantic, at the heart of what america stands for. at the heart of our civil peace and comedy and common vision for politics and for republicans to go along with the president is really disgraceful. >> there's only a hand full that even said anything critical of him, bill. congressman paul mitchell, the republican from michigan said it's one things to do chanlts
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like lockup her but chants like send her back is not supportive of our constitution. >> he's somebody that worked in refugee camps and called them offensive and said such rhetoric needs to stop before it defines the republican party but my question, bill, is, has that ship already sailed? >> i mean, i hope not and i hope, you know, it's terrible for one of our two major parties to go down this path. i would leave it and others would and it would be a minority party and you don't want a country where one of them is nativist, bigoted, it is bad for the country. you want there to be responsible conservative opposition. so i don't think we should give up on the republican party. for me this last week has been the most depressing week of the 2.5 years in the trump presidentcy to that president. >> president trump had no control over the crowd and, in fact, it was like a rock
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concert. i don't know if an out of control crowd is the message that you want to send to your base or the message that the president obviously sent which is he threw them under the bus saying they did something that i didn't like. did they not care that these things are said about them? did they listen to these things with a wink and a nod. >> we heard for the last few years that you take the president figuratively and literally. i don't know how one could do that but that was a common refrain but with respect to his base, they look forward to these campaign rallies because it essentially allows them to be who they are. the freedom to be who they are and what scares me about it, they're doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, they're teachers public facing in those rallies, so i wonder how then do they go to those rallies and deal with people like me when they see me in the street or i walk into their hospital. so donald trump loves this because he thinks that it
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touches so much -- it's so pervasive in america, his ability to touch folks that look like him and think like him where ever we are in america and that sends a chilling message because we have always said this is a country where you can offer your own narrative. that clearly is not true and referring to the atlantic article, who is going to stand up for a multicultural, multiracial democracy. when are republicans going to stand up and say this is who we are? because they have not done that yet. >> thank you. bill, you'll be back later on this hour. >> the stage is set for the next democratic debate pitting progressive against progressive. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren face to face on the same night. then joe biden versus kamala harris again. she came out of the first debate a winner. can he steal back a victory in round two? steal back a victoryn round two?
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drama is building with less than two weeks to go. and the line-up now set. just as it was in miami for the first debate it will be two nights, ten candidates each night and here's what people were talking about. round two between former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. it was harris that landed the first and most potent blow over
11:17 am
his work with segregationists. an attack that worked in the polls. and senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on the same stage. here's how warren reacted to that news. >> i am delighted. bernie and i have been prefrien for a long, long time. we have worked on a lot of issues together. >> how do you speak specifically to his voter base? >> it's about talking about vision for what we're going to do. i think that's what everyone on the stage will be doing. >> does it change your strategy at all sharing the stage with him? >> i'm going to talk about why i'm in this race. >> they are friends and they have been called the most a dee logical -- aligned in the race. and right now sanders has been slipping and warren gaining in the polls and there's single digit candidates at 1 or 2%. for them the next debates are the most crucial. july 30th and 31st.
11:18 am
all but do or die for their presidential campaigns since qualifying for debate 3 will be much, much tougher. >> and also with me political reporter for the washington post, good to have you here. what do you make of these line-ups and their potential to shift the trajectory of the race? >> we saw in that last round of debates how important it is. who gets on stage with who. kamala harris had to be there on stage with joe biden to have that in the first place. luck of the draw she got there. as you mentioned, the first night, she did not get to share the stage with joe biden the first time around. also luck of the draw for her here. she will not get a chance to go head to head with him again in the second debate. so a lot of attention to the dynamics between her and sanders. no opportunity to have a direct contrast with joe biden. also by the way, should mention steve bullock did not qualify
11:19 am
for the first debate. will be in this second debate on the first night. remember since the first debates, he's dropped out of the race. you mentioned those sort of do or die candidates. a lot of them may have trouble qualifying for the future debates after this one. so they needed some kind of a moment and as you say, biden, harris, on night two, a lot of attention obviously on the dynamics there but also you saw what harris was able to do to her campaign in terms of her support by having that show down with joe biden. what about say corey booker? what about castro? he went after beto o'rourke in the first debate. did they try to pick a fight with joe biden? for that matter, did any other candidates on stage look for that moment. but you mention that criteria changing. this may be the last time that we worry about two nights
11:20 am
potentially. there could be so many candidates that don't meet that criteria going forward. not impossible. we don't know. could be down to a single stage. >> it's going to be so good. garrett, i would say that leading up to the first debate, what i heard most from a lot of progressives out there in campaign world was i cannot wait to see warren and sanders go at each other. they didn't have that opportunity in miami. now they do. inspite of what we just heard from elizabeth warren, we're friends and i'm going to make my case, what are you hearing about how the strategy might go? >> i'd tell them they may have to keep waiting here. i do think it's actually unlikely that you'll see warren and sanders sort of go at each other in the same way that you saw harris and biden do so. at some point as this field narrows there will come a time for which they could be dualing for who would be the progressive alternative to joe biden. it's easy to see that they scenario playing out.
11:21 am
it's not necessary for them to do it in july. they have stock piles of cash and already qualified for the september debates and it seems unlikely given their personal affinity and the fact that they're both squarely in the 2-3 position in the polls. most of the early states in particular. you'll see that show down this month. this debate. what i think is more likely is that you might see them competing on the policy itself. who can be a better spokesperson for medicare for all? who can be a better spokesperson for how to take on wall street for example. their policy ideas are similar but their approaches are different. warren more evolution than revolution and to see them side by side, you might get the stylistic difference without having them, you know, beat each other over the head verbally with the direct kind of confrontation. i just think that's unlikely this early in the game. >> dave, do you think that that's so? one way to look at this is this is war, right? do you buy the narrative, there's only space in this contest for one person on that part of the left wing of the
11:22 am
party to continue to exist and by virtue of that one of them needs to come out firing or if people are looking for fireworks the 4th of july is over folks and what you're going to hear is policy. >> no, i think garrett was right about what he was saying because multicandidate debates, multicandidate races are complicated. it's not in the interest of most candidates to go negative now. negative on policy certainly. what kamala harris did in the first debate had a lot to do with style. it had a lot to do with her reintroducing herself to democrats and looking younger and tougher. you hear democrats worry that he is past his prime. he had his best days. in the warren-sanders contest, there's a lot of overlap in their bases but warren has been doing better with the 2016 hillary clinton voters. sanders actually has been doing worse in part because a lot of working class voters. a lot of voters tune to him
11:23 am
later in the campaign have gone for biden. so it would not be their interest now to go that negative and i think what you might see is the moderators try to find the difference between them. bernie sanders is comfortable saying under my health care plan your taxes will go up and we'll get rid of the insurance industry. those are not words elizabeth warren has put in those words before. i'm interested to see how the moderators try to split them. >> one more thing that i'm interested to see because we heard a lot of concern within the democratic party after the first debate that they went too far to the left. that some liberal proposals that might appeal to the base are not only going to hurt them with that all important middle voter but it's giving ammunition to the president that likes nothing better than to say the party is extreme. do you think there's going to be any moderating of some of those positions more so than we saw in the first debate. >> well, there will not be hands going up and down because that's
11:24 am
not part of the rules anymore. that's what you heard people say. they wish democrats had done in the first round is when asked yes or no, what is your position that they should have nuisanced it instead of raised their hands. and joe biden since that debate. on whether undocumented immigrants should have had assistance. and there is a kind of reflective in a lot of democratic voters. and i asked him do you think his position on decriminalizing making border crossing a similar offense would hurt democrats and i said it's donald trump. he's going to say they're all open boarders anyway so why don't we just shoot the moon. i heard that. a whole lot of voters said let's be concise. let's be clear and let's look like we can take him on. the details he's going to tear them up anyway. >> those democratic governors
11:25 am
were a lot more nervous. we have 30 seconds left. big picture question, can you overstate the survival of the fittest nature of these two nights? is there any doubt that this field is going to be significantly one for the november debates. >> it's the bottom line. you have to be hitting 2% in four polls to qualify for these debates. keep that number in mind every time we show you a new poll, see nationally who is hitting 2%. you'll notice most of the field is 2%. if they don't start hitting it they'll not be keeping the debates. >> next an nbc news poll out today, offering a view into what the even actutual nominee will to overcome. tual nominee will hae
11:26 am
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courtney joins me from aspen. what do we know about this? >> not very much at this point.
11:30 am
and it was driven into what appeared to be iranian territorial waters. another british tanker was attempting through the straight and the little fast attack craft tried to drive that ship, that tanker into territorial waters. it was trailing three miles behind. drive those iranian boats away. and without any kind of a problem. what we're trying to figure out is exactly what is going on with the sailors. the company that seemed to own the ship is saying there's about two dozen of them on board. we're not quite sure. there's also reports there might
11:31 am
be a second ship involved and we're trying to pull the threads on all of this. >> other news involving iran the president claiming american forces downed a drone. iran says it didn't happen. they say they have video proof. what do we know and what's the disconnect here? >> there's frequently a disconnect between the united states and iran on what happened in this kind of an incident. what we know from the united states side from the u.s. military specifically is they say the u.s.s. boxer was going into the gulf yesterday when this unmanned drone made threatening moves and coming within 1,000 yards of the u.s. warship. the military has the right of self-defense at all times. they claim they engaged this drone. in this case they used the newer weapon or technology they have to jam it and bring it down as opposed to what the military calls more of a kinetic response where they would fire an
11:32 am
explosive or something at it to take down the aircraft. as you mentioned iran late yesterday started denying that they had lost any kind of a drone and they're saying that, in fact, they have video evidence of it. at this point the u.s. military has not and does not appear willing to release any video to prove their side so it's really both sides with their countering views, chris. >> courtney with the breaking news for us. thank you for that. up next we're going to dive into the fascinating new poll results ahead of the second democratic debate. ults ahead of the second democratic debate maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are tied for second and right behind them senator kamala harris. the president's approval rating has ticked up two points. that's despite controversy surrounding migrant camps at the border and the recent row over race and there's more good news for trump. 68% of voters say the current economy is very good or fairly good and trump's focus on immigration is having an impact. it's now the most important issue to voters surpassing health care. the democrats main issue. so steve, break it down for us. what stands out to you in these numbers? >> take a look at the democratic race. you just put those up there.
11:37 am
biden still in first place but keep in mind you talk about looking ahead to the second debate. what happened after the first debate. remember going into the first debate joe biden was in the 30s when he first announced his campaign. he was up in the high 30s. even the low 40s. reduced stature is what he has. basically a three way tie for second place. the other thing is that you add these together and you get 71% for the top four candidates. add up their support and it comes to 71%. there's two dozen democratic candidates out there but the top four are the only four gobbling up almost three quarters of the vote, of the support that's out there right now. that's one of the reasons why so many of the lesser known candidates are potentially going to have trouble getting into the later debates. biden is the leader too. there's a specific reason
11:38 am
demographicicly he has the lead in this race. among white voters, the democratic primary, biden is no longer in first place in this poll. biden behind him at 21. among african american voters, remember, one out of four votes cast next year in the democratic primaries will come from black voters and biden continues to maintain a strong advantage there. 37% from biden. more ahead of sanders and harris that are a distance second place there. the support that joe biden has right now, that's the reason joe biden leads overall in the national horse race. the question of course is how durable is that. will he be able to maintain that? >> the other story here, bill crystal, is it a cautionary tale for democrats? trump's rising approval ratings? is his scorched earth strategy working? >> i don't think so if you look at the averages. it's literally point one and point two over the last few weeks. he has a strategy. it's a despikel one but a real
11:39 am
one. and he's not going to end up running against omar. he's going to run against most likely one of the ones in the top tier. the other big story. let's go back to 30,000 feet over the last six months. bernie sanders falling from almost co-first place with biden to co-second place with warren and harris. that's a big, you know, i remember there's a good new york times piece in february that i thought at the time, maybe you guys did too. steve might have said this. sanders is well positioned. he had this for the next time. massive online fund-raising ability. sanders looks to me like he's going to lag warren pretty soon in the polls and that's a very big development. sanders is the one democrat who they really would have trouble going to against trump. i think the
11:40 am
biden-harris-warren-buttgieg field is more like what gave them the big house victories then. >> it's consistent. we saw a state he won with 60% against hillary clinton but now he is well behind in that state. but what he does have is he does have a core of voters. they continue to send him money. he has an incredible base. a fund-raising base. he's not somebody that's going to be going away. >> the question there of he is certainly going to be a factor. it's obviously very different when you can be the default alternative to hillary clinton. that's essentially the role he played. >> can he be the spoiler? >> it's how long he stayed. there's just a scenario overall. if you win iowa, if you can actually win that state, then you go to your next door state of new hampshire where you won before. maybe you have momentum coming out of iowa. if you put the first two together, do things fall in line? that's the victory. you have to start out with a win in iowa. otherwise you start talking about the questions that you're
11:41 am
talking about. >> our new polling also says 22% of voters say immigration is the issue that matters most up from 15% in september. does this prove or at least indicate that it is trump who is driving the campaign messaging? >> it is. not everyone that says immigration is their top issue agrees with the president on it and 22% is where it has been. a couple of elections they did pretty well. the argument he's making here is come 2020 i have been president for four years and i didn't fix this problem but it's their fault. in the midterm it wasn't effective for their party. it's what he was saying ability the polling though. both trump and sanders actually have an overlapping period of politics which is that there are people that do not get counted in polls that you could get to vote. so donald trump is giving up a lot of suburban voters. this is not winning them over but he thinks there are some
11:42 am
white voters out there that reacceptability tr resent the idea of giving people that and they're going to vote. yes he's down now but there's non-voters that never turned out before and they're going to get excited by his message. the challenge for both is we just had an election and that didn't happen. bernie sanders turn out machine. the theory of getting people off the sidelines. they mostly voted for more establishment democrats but they both have a theory that is we're not going to deal with the electorate as it is. it's different than when everybody else is running. >> and then there's this bill. 68% of americans rate the national economy as very good or fairly good. simultaneously on a small group of swing voters. maybe reflective.
11:43 am
i wish he would act more presidential but, the but is the economy is doing well. i'm doing well. even found that in spite of the fact people thought that manufacturing was coming back, how much of a factor do you think a strong economy is in this race. >> what's amazing is that trump is at 55 or 60% of approval. here's the question, is the economy going to be better a year from now or worse? it's probably as good as it's going to get. and even so trump gets to 44 or 45% approval. i actually think trump's strength, i mean, it's -- liberals and never trump republicans like me are hoping it creeps in there a little bit. if there's no price to be paid, of course he'll be a formidable
11:44 am
competitor as incumbent president. i still think i wouldn't favor him but he'll be there. >> he'll have a lot of money. >> if the economy fades however, i think, what will then hold trump up. then the reluctant trump voters deserve, maybe even a primary challenge to trump certainly in the general election. >> bill crystal, always good to talk to you my friend. thank you, gentlemen, appreciate it. up next, is hope hicks telling the truth? how judiciary chair jerry nadler is sceptical after documents appear to contradict her testimony after the hush money payments to stormy daniels. e huy payments to stormy daniels parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially whr easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever.
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like plans families can mix and match, including the new just kids plan. that's verizon. hope hicks is defending her answers after house judiciary chairman asked the former senior trump aid to clarify the testimony she gave last month. under oath, hicks told the committee multiple times that she had no knowledge of hush money payments to stormy daniels but nadler says her testimony appears to be inconsistent with evidence unsealed yesterday as part of the case against former trump attorney michael cohen.
11:49 am
nadler layed out the discrepancies in a letter yesterday. as i reminded you anything other than complete candor can have very serious consequences. all of this is happening as the house judiciary and intelligence committee prepare themselves for another round of testimony next week. joining me to talk about all of this is msnbc contributor and former law professor paul butler that is a legal analyst. so they do suggest that hope hicks knew about the arrangement trump had with daniels before it was reported. she spoke directly with cohen and trump about the payments and talked to cohen about keeping the payments from becoming public, but is there a case here that could put her in jeopardy or are we sort of jumping the gun on that. >> you used the perfect word. suggest. so the evidence suggests that after the "access hollywood"
11:50 am
tapes were released the trump campaign couldn't afford to have information about stormy daniels come out also because that would be more evidence of trump's women problem. so we know that hope hicksweeks. and the day after those tapes come out, there are ten calls involving cohen, hope hicks and trump. and it appears that hicks and cohen were the go-betweens between the trump campaign and the national enquirer. but here's the issue. what we have is kind of like caller id. so we know that all these calls were exchanged. we don't have the voice recording. we don't know what was said. so certainly from the circumstantial evidence, it appears that she lied when she told the house judiciary committee that she didn't know anything about the hush money payments, but proving that in a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt, that's a more difficult issue. >> yeah, hope hicks' lawyer put
11:51 am
out this statement today. ms. hicks stands by her truthful testimony that she first became aware of this issue in early november 2016 as the result of press inquiries. so, paul, even though the conclusions we talked about or the suggestions we mentioned in the beginning actually come from an fbi investigator who sort of put the pieces of the puzzle together and says this is where it leads us. that's different from either making a legal case or could there at the very least be some of those consequences that nadler talks about? >> so, almost certainly nadler will refer this case and this evidence to the propers for them to make a decision. but guess who the prosecutor is who would make the decision? ag william barr. so even if he thinks that there were some improprieties or outright lies, whether he would authorize a criminal prosecution
11:52 am
is a whole different question. and i think the answer is no. >> meanwhile, that's the countdown we saw into robert mueller's testimony on wednesday. one committee staffer told nbc news we have never prepared for a hearing the way we have prepared for this. so how do we know about where these preps are going, and basically, what are you expecting to see? >> that's right. we know it's exhaustive. there's going to be back-to-back hearings. mueller will testify both to the house judiciary committee and to the house intelligence committee. we expect those two hearings to be different in content. that lays out the contacts and the interaction between russian nationals and people in trump world during the 2016 election. they will be focusing more on sort of the facts at issue here. there are likely to be questions about the nature of the counter intelligence side of the mueller probe and any findings that that probe could've found.
11:53 am
one of the big questions too that even persists now is whether there are currently counter intelligence investigations underway of people in the president's inner circles. those kind of topics we can all expect to come up when mueller testifies. -- >> buzz he has said. >> exactly. >> my testimony is in that report. so is there a strategy for getting him to say more than we think he might? >> look, democrats on house intel are going to do their level best to try to extract more information from him. but, yeah, it's going to be tough. the other thing that's going to be an interesting dynamic is that republicans are also likely to be very combative toward mueller hannity of course, who is one of president trump's favorite talk show hosts has raised all sorts of potential questions including the way that the fbi started the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. we can expect republicans to
11:54 am
bring up questions about peter struck and lisa paige, former fbi officials. >> mueller laid out 11 possible instances of obstruction. what would you focus on if you were questioning? >> you know, i would focus on mueller just telling the stories of how trump tried to get the white house counsel to lie or why he tried to fire sessions about this concern about this investigation. those are ten different criminal episodes of obstruction. we already know what he's going to say because he's not going to fear outside of the mueller report. people will tune in. they don't read the book. they watch the movie. this is going to be the movie, and it's going to be juicy. >> paul butler, betsy woodruff, have a good weekend. and this weekend two-thirds of the u.s. population will be sweating it out. "one more thing" next. ok everyone!
11:55 am
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one more thing before we go.
11:58 am
>> if you haven't noticed, it's hot. 200 million people, two-thirds of america's population are under excessive heat warnings today from the midwest to new england. not only is it hot, it's humid, making what seem like, well, summer temps feel way hotter. case in point, chicago in the 90s. but it feels like a whopping 111 degrees. cities like new york dealing with the same. communities around the country doing what they can to help opening up cooling centers so people can escape blistering conditions. what would a hot day be without a run through the water in the local parks' fountain, right? well, some sun worshippers may see this as a time to get a tan, it's also draus for those oldest and youngest among us. chicago is robo calling people in chicago with how to spot heat exhaust. also proving just how fast a car
11:59 am
can scorch in the sun. more children died in hot cars last year than any year before. and not to be a negative nancy here, but get your water, grab some shorts, sit tight indoors where it's not so blistering because these oven-like temperatures are sticking around. more than 100 heat records expected to be broken just this weekend. the closest cooldown on the calendar looks like tuesday. between now and then, though, we'll be on the job bringing you the news as you lounge on the couch with a cold one. by cold one, of course i mean lemonade. that wraps up things this hour. morgan bradford picks things up right now. >> that's right, chris. enjoy that lemonade this weekend. >> with a little something. i'm morgan bradford in this afternoon for ali velshi. it's friday, june 19th. thank you so much for joining us. the president said his supporters who chanted send her back are incredible patriots.
12:00 pm
right now the president is about to head to new jersey to spend an evening at his fundraiser. and just earlier today he once again attacked congresswoman ilhan omar along with three other congresswomen of color less than 24 hours after expressing his disproval of that very chant. >> president trump, you said you were unhappy with the chant. however, the chant was just repeated -- >> no. -- >> what you said in your tweet. do you take that tweet back? >> you know what i'm unhappy with? i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman in this case a different congresswoman can call our country and our people garbage. i'm unhappy when a congresswoman goes and says i'm going to be the president's nightmare. she's lucky to be where she is. let me tell you. >> nbc's jonathan alan writes that racial resentment isn't


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