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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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community during the time period. it's a remarkable tool. we have got it for seven years. a lot of powerful companies wanted to keep this secret, but now we all have ax to it thanks to the virginia's charleston gazette mail. i don't know if you love or hate your local paper or don't remember, but regardless, do it anyway. subscribe to your local paper. your country needs you to. see ow monday. now joy reed. i took your first 58 seconds. >> it was very much worth it. this is drug dealing and you transport this back, these are drug dealers. we are treating it because it's prescriptions, something other than drug dealing. this is massive national drug dealing rings. >> at a corporate scale and with corporate data management to match. for wal-mart to know, wal-mart to hide the information that they have 4,000 people in virginia, they shipped 3.4
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million opioid pills into a town of 4,000 people over one year. they knew that. they had that information and they did it anyway and it got worse. all the companies knew it and we never had the data to prove it before. >> now we do and wal-mart is preying on the poor. massive epidemics. they kind of extrapolate. when people are addicted, sometimes they go and migrate to other narcotics. it's like a combination of the drug dealing epidemic of the 1980s. just constant drug dealing. along with the tobacco industry. they knew it was killing people. it's like those two scandals combined. >> it is. actually the legal effort around trying to hold the companies to account parallels the tobacco industry industry more than anything else.
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the difference is that the pills that we are talking about as opposed to tobacco are all the more deadly. >> it's insane. >> and amazing work of public service journalism. >> keep journalism going. >> subscribe to your local paper. >> absolutely. thank you so much. appreciate you. coming up -- not coming up, right now. i'm joy reed. here's the question. is hope hicks in trouble? the former communications director is called back to the white house judiciary committee to clarify inconsistencies about the illegal hush money payments made to silence women in the 2016 campaign who claim to have had sexual affairs with donald trump while married to his third and current wife. we will break down the legal troubles hicks might be facing. and it was lock her up in a white hood. that's how north carolina's largest newspaper described the
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racist chants at the president's rally this week. we will speak to the editor who wrote those scathing words. that didn't last long. having read the talking points scrambled into his hands for almost an entire day, donald trump pulled a full charlottesville, praising supporter who is chanted send her back to attack ilhan omar at his north carolina campaign rally as incredible patriots. yep. 24 hours ago, trump per those nervous talking points claimed that he disapproved of the racist chant about congresswoman omar and even tried to stop it, he said. he got nice headlines that claimed he was disavowing the chant from some of the news media who indulged in the false balance tick of pretending whatever the president said is true and it's a given fact. not everyone fell for it. >> president trump, you said you
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were unhappy with the chant, however the chant was just repeating what you said in your tweet. do you take that tweet back? >> you know what i'm unhappy with? i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country. those people in north carolina, that stadium was packed. a record crowd. i could have filled it 10 times, as you know. those are incredible people. those are incredible patriots. i'm unhappy when a congresswoman said i'm going to be the president's nightmare. she's going to be the president's nightmare. she is lucky to be where she is. let me tell you. >> donald trump didn't even stop doing the underlying thing and kept on fanning the flame that to be clear put her in danger by continuing to attack congresswoman omar. trump provided evidence that omar said she hates the united states and earlier this week she in fact said "i probably love
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this country more than anyone that is naturally born." for trump supporters, who cares what the facts are. whatever he said or tweets is the news. trump broadened attacks to include all four members of the squad. omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez, ayanna pressley and rashida tlaib. >> you can't speak about our country the way they said garbage. they said things about israel that is so bad, i won't even repeat it. they can't get away with it. not right. >> they can't get away with it. trump's statement as a "washington post" points out is at odds with the constitution that grants every american the right of free speech. we will continue the attacks on people who shouted a racist chant is standard trump playbook where the republican party now faces a daunting possibility of having to own as the theme of the 2020 campaign that kind of rhetoric. real leaders are speaking up.
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they are not offering the mealy mouthed both sides that avoids confronting donald trump like we heard from mitch connell and other republicans. michelle obama issued a rebuke on twitter saying what truly makes our country great is diversity. i have seen the beauty in so many ways whether we are born here or seek refuge, there is a place for us all. we must remember it's not my america or your america, but our america. the disgust aimed at the president of the united states is not just local, it's global. here's canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. >> the comments made were hurtful and wrong. completely unacceptable. i want everyone in canada to know that those comments are completely unacceptable and
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should not be allowed or encouraged in canada. >> german chancellor angela merkel had a stronger criticism of the racist attacks on four american congress women. the world is watching. the world is watching. it is the united states of america. the former beacon of the free world that is the subject of global revulsion and disgust because of the raw ugly racism and ethno nationalism of our president. as for the congresswoman at the center of donald trump's racist attacks, they are showing the strength and resilience that is what this country is supposed to be about. refusing to back down in the
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face of trump's ugliness. >> it's taken us. >> this congress at this moment, we will not go back. we will not go back. we will not go back to the days of injustice and go back our rights. we will not deny liberty to our transbrothers and sisters. we will not deny our own humanity at the border. we will not go back. we will go forward. we sure as hell will not stand still. >> letting off the discussion are daniella gibbs.
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former special assistant to president obama. the executive vice president of communications and strategy for the center for congress. democratic strategist of dell group and on the third season of the apprentice. you have been very open in the campaign saying donald trump is a racist. full stop. we know that from his history. from where he is going now is separate from racism. it's white nationalism. wanting to have a country for white people. that kind of rhetoric, that's not something a republican party was prepared for. did it surprise you? >> he has been escalating and testing the waters all along. he got away with saying mexicans are rapists. congresswoman maxine waters being low iq. consistent attacks and women generally, in particular, women of color. we saw that with april ryan. remember that whole episode?
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with abby philipps and a number of a black female journalist. he's tested the waters and seeing that his base is not only responding well, but responding extremely well and are parroting back those things he is saying. because he is escalating the behavior. he will continue to do it until he stopped. that to me is what it is indicative of. until he is accountability. the base is rewarding it and the democratic party has not done much to hold him accountable. why would he stop? >> daniella, you worked for one of donald trump's chief triggers, president obama. when donald trump led the birtherism crusade, that produced a lot of threats to
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president obama who had the most threats of anyone before him because he was black and a black man serving as the president of the united states. now what we have seen is that fellow democrats are afraid for the lives of these women, particularly ilhan omar. reporting that senior democrats are calling for authorities to evaluate security for ilhan omar as well as three others called out by name warn hag he escalated the risks of threats towards the four minority freshmen. amy klobuchar is from ilhan omar's state and here she is. >> what he is saying, the people of this country about the nature of immigrants. we all come from immigrants. the second is that he is actually putting her in a threat situation. he's putting her at risk. if i were her, i would immediately call the fbi and say what do i need for protection. do you think i need more protection.
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it's hard to believe she is not going to get threats coming out of a rally on every tv station in our country this morning. >> have you ever thought you would see the president become a physical threat to a member of congress let alone any american citizen? >> i never thought i would see the day. i have a podcast i cohost and i was randing about how i used to hear the go back to africa and things like that when i was a kid growing up and never thought i would hear that from the president of the united states. he doesn't care that his words are potentially putting these women's lives in danger. congresswoman omar was walking down the street and i was legitimately worried and concerned about her safety. it didn't appear that she had security around her. i want to echo something. the reason why donald trump is doing this. because he can. because he's getting away with
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it. nobody is checking him. his party have decided they are okay with white nationalism. you are okay with racism. it will allow them to get their tax cuts pass and allow them to stack the courts with right wing judges. they don't care about the safety of their fellow members of congress. they don't care about the decorum. they care about protecting the wealthy few. i don't know if you can hear it in my voice, but it's really upsetting and irritating. >> the st. louis post dispatch editorial board called out republicans given the bright red line. the question of continuing to support him is no longer an indicator of loyalty and priorities, but a test of courage, character, and decency and all of these have failed at two questions on republicans. they could have gotten tax cuts for the rich and walked up with
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pollution and let the polluters pollute. the same judges would have been marco rubio's judges. what does it say about the party that they would rather have this guy who specifically is usinga know ethno nationalism order to remain in power? >> i said this yesterday. i was asked by colleagues on "hardball" and asked if donald trump was going to stand behind what he disavowed. he would not stand behind it. he would back track. that's what he is going to do. donald trump saw and i will say it again. he saw the writing on the wall with the republican party. he saw that reaction that the republican party had to president obama's presidency. people literally lost their minds over this black man becoming president. >> so did he. >> he did, too. i wanted to point something out. when president obama was first elected. donald trump praised him. at the very beginning. when he saw how the party responded to president obama,
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people calling him all kinds of names who were party officials and not just any old people, these were party officials calling michelle obama a monkey, he saw that and knew the republican party wanted to do their racism through dog whistles and wanted to do it through a whisper and where they could have plausible deniability. trump saw that the base wanted it out front. he saw that. he rode that wave through birtherism and continued to ride that wave, but he did not insight or bring the party along. the party was already there. >> very quick before i go back to danielle? did does he care? >> i don't think he cares. the only thing he cares about is himself.
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he talked about having people riot if he didn't win the election. >> this was a guy who wanted to have a black versus white apprentice for the race fight. for the democrats, the response so far is smart and unity and sticking and saying it doesn't matter what your differences are. the policies don't matter. he attacked them and their bodies because of their brown and black, president. that's it. is there some other action that the democrats in your view should be taking that is stronger than condemnation. >> i am glad they stood and passed the resolution out of the house, but they need to keep talking about this, but they also need to tie it to the fact that the president is an ineffective, awful about the. he made a bunch of promises that he has broken and they need to tie it all together. the american people understand that he's a racist. they understand the words that they are saying. they also need to understand
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that they are tied to racism with his policies and what he's not doing for the american people. they need to highlight the fact that he is trying to take away their health care. they are being inhumane treatment happening at the border. they need to tie it all together. make people understand that donald trump say vortex of awful and this is why he needs to be voted out of office. >> if the shiny keys of racism while he is picking the americans's pocket and gives it to the rich right in front of his supporters's faces. it's pretty incredible. thank you both very much. the newspaper in the largest city of north carolina issued a stinging rebuke of the party after the racist rally in the state. the author joins me next. today was the last day on the job for alex acosta. his departure doesn't mean the jeffrey epstein story or any of the other legal perils will go away.
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e to see america become a white 13 seconds. that's the amount of time donald trump paused during his speech at a rally in greenville, north carolina to take in and to bask in his supporters' racist chant. send her back. send her back, send her back. 13 seconds.
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while he tried temporarily to clean it up later by claiming he didn't support the chant and jumped in with more of his speech, members of the media called bs and pointed to that 13 seconds of smug silence during the racist chant. the day after that north carolina rally that shocked so many people in this country including people who thought they could no longer be shocked by donald trump and including people living in north carolina. a state that trump won with 50% of the vote and represented by two republican senators. the editorial board in north carolina published an editorial. the chant rose quickly from a handful of voices to a chorus of bigotry. it was a chilling moment. it was lock her up in a white hood. it was despicable and both a reminder and a warning that here in north carolina in america going back is not that far of a
10:22 pm
journey. the charlotte observer called on republicans to condemn racist comments in an editorial entitled are you okay with a racist president, republicans? the editorial said our leaders need to stand up and say something. the republican party is firmly donald trump's party now where insults and other ugliness of just being rough around the edges instead of standing up for who should be devowing to the worst of who we are. joining us now is an associate editor on the charlotte observer's editorial board. thank you for being here. the pieces that were written in the paper were scathing. have you gotten a lot of response? >> we have. it mirrors what you are hearing and the people in washington are hearing and democrats and moderates were outraged at the president's tweet and republicans for the most part didn't want to talk about it or
10:23 pm
jumped to his defense. more people were troubled by it including republicans. i think they were able to point to the crowd and say this doesn't reflect our values and ignore the fact that the president said the same thing three days before. >> tom tillis was one of the defenders of donald trump who went with him to see the men in the cage who is was in the back where he is walking along with donald trump and two others. he is sort of in the back back there. seeing these men in the cages with the vice president. what republicans have been trying to do is say the crowd might have been not great, but the president is wonderful. >> with republicans, i think that we know what donald trump is. we know what he always has been. it may ratchet up a little bit as 2020 approaches. that's the donald trump we will get and always have gotten. what we spoke about in the editorial is the shift of how
10:24 pm
they speak to that decency question. back in 2016, they were willing to raise their hand and say this doesn't represent our party and our country. this week we have seen how much of a shift we had. tom tillis pretty much decided that he was going to pretend that he didn't know donald trump had a tweet. it just shows that this party has fully become donald trump's party now. >> he was there at the rally. we should make that point. stewart stevens said we have seen it sadly time and again. trump is the rightful to maddox and george wallace in the school house door. this open racism will never be forgotten. trump made his choices. what choice will you make? i had a guy i interviewed and if donald trump had a southern accent, everyone will be racism and he wouldn't have gotten this far politically. what do you think of donald trump being in 20 years, the
10:25 pm
lester maddox of our time? >> when we were write being the 2016 election and we said and a lot of other people said, too, this is a decision about where our country was going go and what we wanted our country to be and i don't know that we knew how true that was. we see that and in greenville we saw so much and so starkly. as we head to 2020, people are going to have eyes wide open and what choice they are making. >> no one will be able to pretend it was economic anxiety. we will know what you are doing as well. here's lindsey graham in a tweet. this was rich. he said something i have earned, if you are a republican nominee for president or president, you will be accused of being a racist. june lawis compared the campaign of george wallace. it comes with the territory unfortunately. here's thing that did what lindsey graham said in terms of calling donald trump a racist.
10:26 pm
>> he's a race baiting xenophobic religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. >> what are do you make of republicans seeming to know he was racist three years ago don't remember that and accuse the people who are horrified by donald trump of being unfair to him? >> this is the shift we were seeing. mr. tillis as well. back a couple of years ago, he was willing to waiver a bit on donald trump. he was willing to back down. now he is not really willing to engage on the question. we are seeing that and the republicans are seeing that it's just not worth it for them in their minds to take the heat when it comes to even talking about the president in decency. >> the mayor who is the mayor of greenville did issue a strong chant. kudos to him.
10:27 pm
some people are trying to speak up. thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. >> coming up, if you think the president caused chaos, what do you think would happen on wednesday when americans hear from robert mueller? that's next. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever,
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on wednesday americans will get to hear from special counsel, robert mueller. they want to make sure it leaves an impression on people who have not read his report. a staffer said the democrats are not expecting new revelations from mueller's testimony. what's important is there is
10:31 pm
truly shocking evidence of misconduct by the president. not once, but again and again and again that would result any other american being charged in a multiindictment. he could face legal jeopardy. the house judiciary demanded that hope hicks clarify inconsistencies in her knowledge of illegal hush money payments to silence women with affairs with trump. unsealed documents in the michael cohen case revealed repeated contact between hope hicks, michael cohen, donald trump, and other during the time these payments were being arranged. joyce vance and matt miller. former spokesman for eric holder and msnbc contributor. these are the five things that democrats want to focus on in their probe of mr. mueller.
10:32 pm
donald trump repeatedly directing don mcdan to fire robert mueller and deny he had been told to fire robert mueller and direct jeff sessions to limit the investigation and let sessions know he is fired if he doesn't meet with lewandowski and witness tampering with them. is that the right place to go to focus on the obstruction. >> it is absolutely the right place. mueller identified 10 potential incidents of obstruction over the report. these five pieces are three of those issues and they are the strongest arguments for obstruction. they are all meritorious for prosecution. >> you have a president here who but for being president would probably have been prosecuted for obstruction on these 10 counts. he has his former lawyer in
10:33 pm
prison for committing a crime that we now know he actively participated in organization straighting. maybe they should look at the memo who said a president is above the law. >> the congress ought to look at it and the future justice department ought to look at it. you have seen the democratic candidates expect their attorney general to look at the opinion and issue a new one. i think it's one thing to have an olc opinion that puts the president above criminal law, but when you pair that with a justice department who is unwilling to tell congress what it finds at the end of investigations, you have this system where the president is ultimately above the law. he can not be investigate and changed by the justice department, but where the southern district of new york can end to his conduct as they did earlier this week and the justice department won't say whether the attorney general was
10:34 pm
involve and won't answer questions to congress. they will have to look at the next attorney general at either one, withdrawing that memo and putting something different in place. or two, making it very clear that if doj will have this policy, they are going to cooperate 100% with congress at the end of criminal investigations they conduct. >> what about his staff. hope hicks may have lied to congress. what might happen to her because william barr is running the justice department which is donald trump's defense agency. >> sheer could be pardoned by the president if she recharged now. there is a smart strategy by asking her to come back and testify. she will either have to double down and repeat the lies where she could be indicted as late as july of 2024 or looking at the many years of she has ahead of her and this president's diminishing term in office, maybe it's time to tell the truth. >> what are would you want to ask mueller?
10:35 pm
>> the most important thing is for the democrats to let mueller tell the story of his conclusions. the information is so damaging, it got lost in the middle of barr's early summaries. now is the time for the american people to hear it fresh. >> what do you consider a successful hearing with mueller should they try to get out of him in your view? >> they ought to try to eliteit if donald trump were not the sitting president, would he be under criminal indictment. he's not going directly answer that, but one way is to ask about conducts and whether that conduct merits criminal behavior. is asking a witness to create a
10:36 pm
false document contaddicting sworn testimony. the answer is yes. asking if the president's conduct fit that pattern? did the president ask a witness to create a false document. the answer is yes. the second thing is to ask very specific questions about statements made by the attorney general and by the president. did your report confirm there was no collusion? did you find no obstruction of justice as the president said? elicit yes and no answers. they will have to be crisp and not meandering and take him on a walk to answer things and to give clear answers to questions that he answered very obliquely in the report. >> before robert mueller testifies on wednesday, tune in sunday night as we look at the mueller report's biggest revolutions in the mueller report. what you need to know with ari melber sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. how the jeffrey epstein case will continue to haunt donald trump. through ancestry i learned so much about
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today was alex acosta's last day. amid controversy over the sweetheart deal he brokered for jeffrey epstein a decade ago. it was a deal negotiated in secret without the victim's knowledge and allowed epstein to serve just 13 months in prison, a sentence during which he was able to leave prison for hours every day to be driven to an office to work. now the deal is under scrutiny.
10:41 pm
earlier we learned at least one woman has come forward to say she was sexually abused by jeffrey epstein, wait for it, while he was on his day out of prison work release. he literally left prison with government permission and used his time outside to keep committing the crime he went to prison for. today the "miami herald" is reporting that the palm beach county sheriff's office opened an internal affairs investigation into whether they properly handled epstein's case. this deal that allowed a sexual predator to go to work every day and still somehow get access to children, i assume that's unusual. >> this is really a shocking deal that epstein had. it's unprecedented to be in prison on these kinds of changes and to be in jail and have this ability to go out and access more minors? someone was asleep at the switch and i'm not particularly impressed by the early reports that indicate that the sheriff
10:42 pm
who is in place during epstein's very generous conditions of release that he will be conducting this investigation into his own conduct. >> let me read a little bit of epstein's accuser's lawyers. how he had women over to the office in his work release. he's in prison out on work release. he was in the office most of the day and what i can tell you is he had visitors, female visitors. i don't know that any of them were underage and the visitors were there not for business. it was sexual in nature. not conduct that should be described of that of a model citizen. somebody could be on a work release being guard from a public space and still be able to have access to women or maybe girls. your thoughts? >> it's appalling and the thing that appalls me the most in the aftermath is the way that
10:43 pm
everyone involved in the deal that jeffrey epstein got his pointed the finger each other. the state prosecutor point fingers at the u.s. attorney that pointed fingers back at the local prosecutor and he pointed fingers at the local sheriff for conditions under which epstein was held. the actual truth is, every person who should have been responsible for holding jeffrey epstein accountable failed am they failed the victims and the interest of society. there is no that ought to be conditioning to hold their positions of public trust, especially when they as the local sheriff and prosecutors are charged with policing and investigating and prosecuting these cases going forward. >> i want to read a piece from the palm beach post. they revealed that daily probation laws show epstein was accused of violating the terms when police found him wandering
10:44 pm
and sweating profusely. he claimed he was taking a route to work. another time when officers knocked on the door of his palm beach mansion and his car drove off. epstein appeared at the door. he couldn't confirm epstein was driving the car. he concluded no violation occurred. is it true that the reason this investigation is in the public corruption unit of sdny because there may have been corruption involved in the way he was allowed to be free to commit crimes while on probation or the deal itself? >> it's difficult to know why it's in the public corruption unit. the u.s. attorney said not to read anything into it, but being suspiciously minded i'm willing to read a lot into it. it's more likely it involves people involved with epstein and his conduct as opposed to how the conditions of punishment played out. the more we learn, the more suspicious it looks and every aspect needs to be reinvestigate
10:45 pm
and reassessed and the people involved need to be held accountable. >> should we trust william barr to be in charge of this? >> it's difficult to do this because we have seen him protect this president over and over again. we have to be concerned if that conversation came close to the president or his interests, he might intervene. >> and the fact that he has no shame doesn't help. the fear that donald trump's racist rhetoric intended to insight white voters could excite white nationalists. that's next.
10:46 pm
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congresswoman omar says her concerns are for the safety of every day people who look and pray like her. congresswoman kelly is not alone in her concerns. benny thompson sent a letter to the sergeant at arms calling for an emergency meeting of the u.s. capitol police board to discuss potential threats to members of congress. congressman al green led the effort to impeach donald trump over his racist statements has introduced a measure to provide more security for house members. >> these are dangerous times. every member of this house needs additional security. i'm going to file a bill asking for more security for the members of this house. i want to thwart the efforts of of those who might want to harm members of this house.
10:51 pm
>> what does it mean when members of one branch of government fear for their safety because of the actions taken by the head of another branch of government? i'll ask jim kavanagh about that next. who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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10:55 pm
to individual members of congress, but it is about creating a volatile environment in this country through violent rhetoric that puts anyone like ilhan, anyone who believes in the rights of all people in danger. and i think that there is a responsibility for that environment. >> joining us now is jim kavanagh, an msnbc law enforcement analyst and retired atf special agent ibcharge. a couple of things here. a new report shows a surge of white nationalists flocking to a messaging app called telegram and publishing volumes of propaganda. a hate watch review of hundreds of channels shows. i want to let you listen to the capitol police chief regarding the number of threats that are happening to congress. >> about two years ago, we received a briefing that the
10:56 pm
threats against members of congress was at a historic high. where are we today as far as the threats against members of congress? has it subsided some or is it still growing? >> we continue to see the threat assessment cases that we are opening continue to grow. we are on par to probably break last year's record. >> so those threats beginning about two years ago, increases in white nationalist activity. have you ever heard of these kinds of increases in hate and potential hate crimes being tied to a president of the united states? >> that's very, very unusual, joy, to have that happen. you know, when you get more power, your words carry more weight. when you get into this under current of the nazis and white nationalists, they feed off of this. they feed off of public figures, on regular media in the government, congressman, the president saying the things they always say.
10:57 pm
it bolsters them. it gives them strength and power. and they're always talking as the hate watch team -- they're calling for a murder of lawmakers in the last 30 or 40 days. now we have on top of this, our four congressmen who are under direct attack. so the capitol police, i have worked with them. they're great. the time for talk is over. these four congressmen have to get protection. they have to get security briefings right now. letters from the congress to the oo capitol police, that's too slow. they need to take this on now, because the hate groups are there. they're active and foaming at the mouth. >> we know that donald trump's rhetoric has been linked to these hate groups, catching on to it, calling him the leader and glomming on to him whether he wants to be or not, he is
10:58 pm
seen as sort of a leader and they sort of catch on to him. are you concerned as a security expert that because we have already seen people who spout pro trump identities be charged with threatening to bomb people that literally donald trump is himself a vehicle for igniting potential hate crimes? >> sure. it gives them a license. it gives them fuel. it gives them energy. it makes them feel they're wanted. they have support. even the president when challenged by a reporter said i have many people who agree with me, many people who agree with me. that's the problem. that's where they draw the strength. the country needs to stand up. people need to stand up. it's a political rally. it shouldn't be akin to a clan rally. it's like we're back in '63. has he waited 15 minutes to let
10:59 pm
the freedom riders be beatenbeat we don't need that kind of talk. the capitol police need to step up quickly on these four congressmen. and there are some republican congressmen to vote against racial hatred and justin amash stood up and has been ousted by his caucus. that's the first thing. they got to look at all of them. >> thank you very much. really appreciate you joining us. please be sure to join me tomorrow and every weekend morning from 10:00 a.m. to noon eastern.
11:00 pm
the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. tonight on "all in" -- of racism and racist language consums the entire week now following him into the weekend. the likely story line next week as robert mueller prepares to testify, members of congress prepare to question him. the former mueller colleague with us with a preview. a look back at when america was on top of the world. after sending three young men out of this world and then watching those first foot steps on the moon. we'll talk about it tonight with a space walker who is back with us on earth as the 11th hour gets underway on a friday night good evening from our nbc news headquarters on a friday night. make of it what you will, but