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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  July 21, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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good sunday, i'm kendis gibson here in new york, was it all part of his plan? one week following a controversial tweet, two new rovers dive into what was happening behind the scenes at the white house. plus house the send her back chants will move race relations to the center of the 2020 race. alter user course. first the dramatic video, now the audio. the exact mom a british tanker was received by iranian forces. we're live in tehran. and cat-astrophic. why fans call it horrific and deeply disturbing. and the backlash over the new 007. welcome to 2019. we begin with the fallout from the political firestorm that
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trump ignited with what many consider to be racist attacks against four minority congresswomen. "the washington post" is citing 26 white house sources who say the president might not have fully understood the impact of last sunday's tweets, in an attempt to, quote, focus on their ideas and behavior instead of identity, his advisers encouraged him to pivot to patriotism. now, the president is taking to twitter to slam the report as fake news, as usual. at the same time he's escalating his attacks against a squad, accusing them of not being capable of loving or country. today the white house is on defense, lawmakers are hitting back against the president's dangerous rhetoric. >> i can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles -- and these were adults -- throwing bottles say go home [ bleep ].
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>> we have a big and diverse caucus, and the political views are as reflective of the country as they are our caucus, but that is not in any way equivalent to the kind of ratest rhetoric coming out of the white house. >> i have worked with president trump for two years. he is not a racist. >> i fundamentally disagree with the view if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin, that that makes it a racial criticism. in fact, he's -- >> he was questioning whether he's an american. >> you saw from congresswoman pressly this week, you have to speak like a black person if you're black -- that's the ideology that the president is rejecting. >> do you believe that president trump is a racist? >> i believe he is -- yes, no doubt about it. >>downing me now are danga mill bang, political columnist, niles
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standitch, and amy barnett, chief content officer for "the grillo. do you consider the president to be a racist? >> he's totally racist. i don't think that we can debate his racism at this point. i think he's had a long history the racism, from his time in new york, but sued by black tenants, you know, the central park now exonerated, five, you know all the way through his birtherism, and trying to divide the country, call mexicans rapists and criminals. he's undhowedly a racist. the question is why is he now doubling down, and i believe it's a tactic. >> i wanted to pop it up on the screen of a number of different
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instances in the president's history. of course, you have the go-back tweets from last weekend, the birther crusade, calling haiti and african countries -- it goes on and on and on. it really does go on and on, but dana, i want to go back to you on this, and your reporting from the colleagues, based on the reporting, and it was a fascinating and explosive article they had this morning where they say the president basically sent out this tweet last sunday, went to the golf course, and came back to the firestorm, including from kelly anne conway. >> i'm on the editorial side, so different from the reporters, but it fits a pattern with the president. we obvious will have an explosive event and say, what is the strategy behind it? far more obvious than not, there's no strategy, jut what
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was raw rattling around the president's break at the moment. on the other hand, it is clearly, because we have seen a number of these instances, part of a 2020 strategy of rallies the base. i think the mistake he made, at least political, is going beyond saying i just can't stand immigrants, to suggesting that people of color do not belong njts country, and you see a huge difference in the polling, rejecting the idea that if you criticize your country you don't love your country. it makes sense thats white house would you say trying to rein him in, but you don't rein in this president. he wants to pull in the base with more of this fire, even though he knows that it's not
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going to help him. >> i want your take. omarosa, of course, a former aide, the only black aide in the white house for the first two years there. she was addressing all of this. here's what she said to say. >> donald trump wants to start a race war in this country, and it started at that -- it started with the tweet. >> who wrote the stuff in the prompter? >> well, you know, stephen miller penned that and put it in the prompter. at those rallies these things are choreographed. there are section leaders who help to start the chant. it was intentionally. they knew theysh so he could test it, that was no accident. it doesn't start spontaneously. >> so is stephen miller behind all of this? what is behind all of this? >> i think the president is behind all of this. as you noted when you read off that list, the president has a
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whole history of injecting toxins into this country. yes there are people around him who see the political benefit. to send stephen miller on to the sunday shows to defend one from the charge of racism is just -- that speaks for itself, there's nothing i can add to absurdities like that. i think this is an attitude that the president has had. we know how divisive this topic is. amy has already spoken to it. there's this gasoline of racial tension, and the presidents has constantly thrown lit matches onto that. the consequences are going to be very, very serious. >> i did find it striking that most of the folks you were hearing and listening to, including a strategist he just yesterday on air saying, of course it's not racist. can a white person in this country, a white american be
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able to tell whether or not these comments from the president are racist? >> of course a white person can tell if these comments are racist. i guess i will say, you know, that there is coded language, right? that trump is using in order to be able to say that he's not being a racist. he's not saying overtly racist things. he's not uses the n-word, like you should go back to your country. he's not saying in no uncertain terms, trying to couch it a way to give him some covering, but anybody with any moral compass and understanding of the history of this country can look at his comments and tell that they are absolutely abjectly horribly racist, and he's doing in the middle of race baiting tactics. >> and dana, as you mentioned there were two interesting reports that showed that the
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president has a history of this. do you get a sense he has a future of this? and running with 2020, for reelection, this will be center stage? >> yeah, of course it would be, ken. four years ago i wrote a column the lead of which was let's not mince words, donald trump is a bigot and racist. these are not objective terms when applied, when you look at the hundreds of incidents over the years. none of us can get inside this man and knows what's really in his heart, one of these things, okay, maybe you didn't mean it, but when you getting into the double did you get and triple digits, it doesn't matter what's in his heart but what's in his words. i don't think he has the ability to pull back, nor the desire. his one play is to bring out the
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most passionate supporters. this will be a real test for the country, whether we are going to endorse open racism in 2020. >> it will be a real test for the country, because most presidents had to run back to the center. they have their base. we'll see how it place out. dana, nile, amy, thank you for your time. brand-new audio released of the tense exchange between iran and the british naval officers moments before a uk oil tanker was seized in the gulf. l tanker was seized in the gulf lk to en', we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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we're back with new dramatic audio of the tense moments the radio orb hank exchanges revealing. now, while iran claims that the ship was violating international regulations, britain is calling the seizures a hostile act. nbc's ali ruzzi joins us. what did you glean from that audio there?
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>> well, kendis, the situation remains -- and unsurprisingly we're in the realm of claims and counter-claims. the iranance, of course are saying it was in iranian territorial waters. let's take a listen to a little more of that. no challenge is intended. no challenge is intended. i want and respect the -- >> you must not impair, impede, obstruct or hampered the -- please confirm you are not
11:17 am
intenting to violate enter national law. >> if you obey, you will be safe. alter your course to 2360 degrees immediately. >> reporter: a maritime security firm obtained that intercept of the radio exchange between british navy frigate and the oil tanker moments before testifying seized. you can see the iranians say they want to inspected the tanker, telling theship to change its course. they say, if you obey, you'll be safe. then the british frigate radios the oil tanker, as you're conducting traffic pass under international law, your pastage with us not be impaired, impeded, this morning iran's ambassador to the uk says that tehran is firm and ready for all scenarios, and that domestic
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political forces in britain want to escalate existing tensions. iran's foreign minister is blaming john bolton, saying that he had instigated this by getting the british to take that iranian super tanker, which instigated this retaliation, and tensions are set to escalate even further, as the uk is considering its next steps, which could involve sanctions over this tanker. something the uk has tried to avoid since president trump pulled out of the nuclear deal, because they still wanted to salvage this. this leaves the uk in a position where they want to send a robust message to iran, that their actions have consequences, but they don't want to be so full-bodied that they talk themselves into part of a u.s. mill tar conflict against iran. ali, you've been there about a decade at that post. is this about as tense as it's been? >> this is the most tense i've
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ever seen it, kendis, especially for such a prolonged period of time. look, there's always been a tremendous amount of tension between the united states and iran over the last four decades, but this is a whole new ball game. analysts i speak to here don't see this ending well, because tensions are so high. we'll speak to one of those analysts right now. ali, thank you for your time. joined by msnbc diplomacy expert, ambassador christopher hill, a former u.s. am bass do are to iraq. picking up where he left off, do you get a sense we're on some brink of conflict or war? >> not necessarily. clearly the iranians are counting on world pin to say that the u.s. started this
11:20 am
dance, clearly taking on a nato member like britain, perhaps thinking they're in between governments so this is a good time time to do this, i don't think it will for iran, but i think throat be a real effort to try to de-escalate before any kinetic action is lodged. it's clear that the iranians are saying if you think squeezing us will force us back to the table, think again. we can be as crazy as you are. so i think it's very much of a tough cut of typical iranian way of handling things, the irgc, the qods force, and i think britss understand that more than donald trump. i agree with the reporter, there could be miscalculation and serious ramifications, but i think there will be an effort to
11:21 am
caulk this down. >> ambassador, what do you make of the additional 500 u.s. troops heading to that saudi arabian base. we haven't been to that base since 2003, i believe. is that a buildup? >> i'm reluctant to use it as a buildup, but certainly the way the white house makes they announcements, it suggests to show the iranians that we'll be in town. you may have heard that the undersecretary of policy from the pentagon was talking about some ideas of stationing u.s. warships in different places near hormuz. no one has talked about a reflagging exercise, but i think we can expect a thickening up of u.s. military assets, if not as a show of force, then simply to make it clear to the iranians that any move this frankly nonsense will not be tolerated. the fundamental question is
11:22 am
whether there can be a climb down on this crisis, whether the u.s. can accept some tine of resolution, and the iranians are not looking for a jess tower to make this go away. i think we can stay tuned, but i think the u.s. wants to show the iranians it's not going to blink. >> we have to remember the fate of the 23 british crew members from the tanker hang in the balancing. ambassador chris hill i. thank you. >> thank you. millions are trying to stay cool as parts of the nation deals with a weekend heat wave. when will we get relief? heat we when will we get relief? this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book
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even cincinnati, the queen city, at 95 degrees, a real-feel temperature will feel like the triple digits. the extreme heat advisories and warnings in effect for 93 million people. the states still in effect stretching from the east coast through the panhandle of texas and the midwest impacting
11:27 am
overall 200 million people. many cities across the country saw record-breaking temperatures soaring above is 00 degrees leading to many cans lagsz. today isn't looking much cooler, but there is hope tomorrow. the police department in bringtree, massachusetts, they posted this, folks, deuce to the extreme heat, we are asking anyone thinning of doing criminal activity to hold off until monday. the new york police department, they candle the whole day. sunday has canceled. buts a serious matter. several people are already dead because of hot weather, and the question is whether will we see signs of relief. temperatures are sitting over 90 degrees, kathy. >> reporter: kendis, we are about 45 minutes outside of manhattan in the neighborhood of queens jamaica.
11:28 am
a lot of people here are without power. one family said they lost power last night and partial outage. they weren't actually able to could have off. so now they outside trying to stay cool. fortunately they have a makeshift pool, trying to stay cool that way, but con edison are working around the clock, with 4,000 personnel on standby to monitor outages like this. right now, as you can see behind me, this main nance crew is working on this house, so hopefully the power is back on soon. it is insult to injury, feels like 109 outside, so, i mean, they're outside here, because they say it's cooler underneath this tent. this is a situation we're experiencing all over. in the midwest they're dealing with severe storms. tens of thousands of people are also without power.
11:29 am
fortunately they're supposed to get a bid of a relief with this cold front moving in, but here in the neff we're dealing with another heat wave again tomorrow. you see kathy park in queens jamaica is expecting you. iowa also expecting hot temperatures, but that's not stopping the candidates. mike joins us where bernie sanders is on the stump. mike, so joe biden was throwing serious shade last week. how is sanders responding? from literally end to end at iowa. right now in the southeast
11:30 am
corner in ft. madison, where he just finished up remarks in that structure behind hi. voters had been released work towards that goal. for joe biden -- he was voting warning iowa voters. in some corners of the party, but he warned perhaps it was too expensive and not realistic. bernie sanders, before he took the stage here, we had a chance to talk to him briefly before. i asked him to respond to the vice president. whether he was distorting him, take a listen to how he responded. >> is the vice president distorting the plan? >> yes, i think in some respects he has. when he talks about a hiatus or a gap in health care, i mean, that is just absurd. when he talks about ending medicare as we know it, that's absurd, too. what we want to do is improve medicare.
11:31 am
>> reporter: he also said if they could found medicare in 1944 with the technology, we could expand medicare for all americans in this environment and do it much more quickly. looking ahead to the debate in detroit, and at part of his message he'll travel over the canadian border into canada to focus on the cost of prescription drugs. >> he is going face-to-face against his progressive counterpart, senator elizabeth warren. they were friends at one point. in the next debate, is he giving a preview at all about it? >> reporter: we talk a lot about the democratic party as a battle in different lanes, and of course the big conflict there ended up being between vice president biden and kamala harris, this is front and center, a battle between bernie
11:32 am
sanders and elizabeth warrenen. i think the way it would boil down is bless has been focused on this idea she has a plan for everything. she is laying out exactly how we're going to do it. for bernie sanders, he's trying to be ambitious. the debate could put pressure on him to be more specific about whether he mass the same kind of plans. >> just imagine bernie sanders and elizabeth warren both there with specifics. it will be like back in college all over again. mike memoli in ft. madison, iowa. thank you. we could talk about the race for the white house without talking about racism. "new york times" publishing this piece. trump employs an old tactic using race for gain. the article in the aftermath of president trump doubling, perhaps tripling down on racist tweets, targeting four freshmen congresswoman of color.
11:33 am
welcome to both of you. so, democratic candidates have condemned the president's remarks. here's a sampling. >> it is vile, it is ignorant, it is shallow, it is hateful, and it has to stop. it has to stop. >> this is the most racist outbreak statements from a president that i have heard in my lifetime. >> it was despicable to stand and attack those four women in the way he did. >> he's trying to stir up as much hatred and dissension in this country as possible, because it serves his political ends. >> so, amy, let me ask you this. if stoking racial division is a
11:34 am
political strategy for a president, if it is, what should the democrats and their strategy be in addressing it, and in particular the upcoming debate in detroit next week. >> well, clearly you've heard from all those candidates denouncing president trump, and, of course, it works for them to run against president trump instead of running against one another, so i think as a campaign tactic, it works very much for the democratic party, but i would also point out as we saw in the last debate on the democratic debate stage that senator harris, she also stoke racial issue toss great effect when she attacked joe biden over the school bussing issue. i've said many times that i don't think her debate success was so much about substance. african-americans didn't want bussing back then and i don't think they said federally mandated bussing right now, but it showed strength and leadership and a way of attacking biden on a vulnerable
11:35 am
issue i would warn that they may want to look to president trump's playbook. he said there was no white america, no black american, no red states, no blue states, and that he wanted to campaign for all of the people. so i think democratic candidates would, you know, do well to follow that example. >> that said, hillary clinton ran as a opportunity fitter as well, stronger together, if you may recall. chris, will this whole discussion over trump overshadowed issues in the debate. >> did they overshadow them? >> like the real issues. >> listen, the president i think has a clear strategy in terms of what he's doing. i don't believe he does it by accident. i think -- whether you look at the states that he has to win in which are clearly states like michigan, pennsylvania, minnesota, he has to also obviously carry the south in some key states in the midwest,
11:36 am
he believes -- i believe incorrectly -- but he believes this rhetoric kind of jazzes up hi base. it's disgusting, but he thinking it works. the challenge for the democrats, obviously you condemn it, but you also have to do this other part, which is you're up against 19, 20 other candidates, you also have to define yourself as well as your candidacy against trump. that's where i think it becomes challenging. trump i think is not going to miss a movement to get the media to focus on him. he doesn't care whether it's bad or negative i think the challenge is to not only focus on the receipt ricks, but on his actions.
11:37 am
the most important issue now is immigration, is that largely because of president's receipt ricks? >> i think that president trump has been successful in elevating immigration in the public consciousness, but the public also has seen the pictures, the videotapes of, you know, migrants coming from the northern triangle in huge columns heading up toward our southern border. democrats even now, finally now, they admit there's a crisis at the border. i think americans are deeply concerned about that, but again for democrats, i think a big challenge for them, until they pick their nominee, president trump is also going to be elevating the squad, the four women he was tweeting against, and those four women hold positions well outside the mainstream of public opinion, including open borders. so long as trump is engaging with the squad and they're engaging back, let's remember they are not shy on attacking donald trump, for a that's not great for the democratic party
11:38 am
in terms of the message. we know that aoc has very high name i.d., but axios just reported she also has low approval. >> chris and amy, our thanks to you. reaction to the white house plan to cut down refugee admissions to nearly zero. admissions to nearly zero. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful.
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a new policy proposal could left according to politico, they are considering slashing refugee admissions down for zero. here is an awkward interaction with a nobel peace winner. >> we cannot find a safe place to leave. this all happened to me. they left bekind -- >> where are they now? >> they killed them. i'm still fighting to live safe. it's not about one family -- >> i know the area very well you're talking about. >> that was awkward. >> joining me is barbara strak,
11:43 am
and jen meyers, for the refugee program at church world services. barbara, i'm not sure if you saw that before. >> i did have a chance to see it before. it's so disturbing. i had the opportunity to hear refugees tell their stories it's always a heart-rending experience so to see the team treated so dismissively during my tenure, if you go near the bottom of the administration, they created a special small program within the refugee admissions programs that was targeted to women, girls --ia c -- yazidi women and children
11:44 am
close to their homeland. the prospect, when i hear the program could be zeroed out in the coming year, these are the kinds of people who could be left behind. >> jen, let's talk about the program itself. if you believe that politico reporting that it will get zeroed out in the comes years, the number of refugees already went down, from 45 thousands to 30,000 this year, so how would going to zero impact this worldwide? destroying the refugees resettlement program would have a devastating impact on the lives of thousands of people who we promised to protect. this includes people who are actually already approved to be resettled in the united states. we would be sake you just don't have a chance for safety.
11:45 am
they can't have their families join them. it is critical to our foreign policy interests as well. >> barbara, we have thens of thousands hanging in the balance u. not necessarily that there's thousands of them trying to flood the u.s. at this moment, and the administration is saying no, no more. >> that's right. i mean, worldwide the u.n. refugee agency tells us there's about 26 million refugees in the world, so even at its high water mark, the u.s. program is very selective. we decide who is even eligible to apply to the united states for resettlement. that's done through the state department in consultations with other agencies. so it's already at best a very selective process, and making decisions about which refugees are in the most humanitarian
11:46 am
need, but also which ref gees are in u.s. foreign policy interests to be resettled. i used to work at an agency within the department of homeland security, so a national security focus has always been part of this programs, and in choosing who those refugees are and how they can be vetted and screened, national security is embedded in the u.s. resettlement program. we'll leave it there. thank you both for your time. there's aladdin, lion king, and now cats? what's going on at the box office. our film critics weigh in on tinseltown's remake revival. tinseltown's remake revival. is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship
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>> listen props to j. lo, that was the remake of the broad kay hit musical "cats" social media users found the digital fur technology a bit unnerving. some are calling it deeply disturbing. the last thing hollywood needs is another bust this year. box office receipts this year alone are down already 10%. joining me now is travis clark, business insider, nikki novak, correspondent at fandango. let me start with you, "cats" is by no means to get a polarizing response? what do you make of a backlash, a catastrophe, some might say? >> thanks for having me, i think it's one of those things where you said it took the internet by storm. i don't think people were expecting a internet fur
11:52 am
technology to be so in your place. the original play, they wore costumes. people found those to be creepy. when you use cgi to make people look like cats, it just evokes an even greater response i feel like. >> i mean, is this what hollywood needs right now? a lot of people were saying there is zero creativity right now in hollywood, in movies. >> right. >> nikki, this what is resulting in those lowered receipt surface. >> well, this trailer was actually catnip for me. i didn't have a problem with it. i think we sort of had the same reaction they initially had to aladdin. when we saw will smith as the genie for the first time. people had issues. then i think audiences got used to the idea, look, it's almost at a billion dollars already. in the case of "cats" you might see the same thing happening. i keep hearing the same criticism over and over again, do we have too many sequels?
11:53 am
case in point, we talked about the "lion king." it opened to record breaking number there is weekend. i think people say that, at the end of the day, audiences like franchises and movies that they can identify with, that they have a history with. that's what they're turning up for. >> do they, though, it's probably blanking numbers as you mentioned. $185 million in domestic box office. bravo, bravo. i think a lot is due to the bee hive. but it faces some challenges, it's had mixed reviews, fans retelling a classic really, yes, so fans are there this weekend, but, travis, you got a sense many people are getting tired of all of this? >> well, i think it's a disney factor. like nikki said, aladdin almost made a billion dollars world wide. >> that guy, just as bad reviews as the "lion king." and "lion king" it's expected to
11:54 am
make a billion dollars world wide, if not more. i think disney is bulletproof. they can get bad review, people will still see these movies because you know they just a lot of people love these movies in a lot of different ways, it's a nostalgia factor. parents can bring kids to these movies. it's a lot of things where disney is bulletproof. >> it's a nostalgia factor. it's something introducing these films to a new generation. box office sales down 9.4% year over year, the summer where they usually make a lot of money. ticket sales are down 7.3%. there is a reason behind all of this, i'm not really sure what that is. travis, in the meantime, a lot of these movies, nikki, are trying to remake a number of things. they're trying to fought only remake classics but also the characters. let's turn now to the bond film,
11:55 am
as you know, a black british actress, shano lynch is breaking the martini glass sealing you might say taking over the role of 007. not james bond. many are wondering if this is a good move. so it's been blasted by many folks. here is on the conservative columnist, ben shapiro. here's what he had to say. >> if this character is going to be a lesbian, let's not assume for a second. let's assume she is betting the most handsome men. >> that is not in anyway a wish fulfillment fantasy for the men who typically watch the bond films. a proportionate are bond people now. it proportionately shifts the character. it makes no sense. >> what is this backlash, nikki? >> you know, i think this is sort of the era that we are in, whenever anything sort of new or a new idea is presented, you tend to get this sort of a
11:56 am
backlash. you know, marvel just released a comic con yesterday, they just released their slate for the next two years and it is predominantly female and diverse. this is just the way things are going. this is the way of the future. film studios are catching up. they're modernizing, paying attention to what the fans what, what the fans are turning up to. that's my response for that. as far as ticket sales being done, last year was a record number. it was $11.9 billion at the box officer. this year, fandangos ticket sales are up from last year. we talk about the summer movie season having a little of a slump. i think what the studios are doing, is they are not crowding them over the summer. you will see the big blockbuster movies later on. we have hobbs and shaw coming. a terminator movie coming on in november. it might typically open in the summertime. >> you work at fandango.
11:57 am
you drank the cool aid. ticket sales are down. people are tired of these remakes. let's be honest. >> let's see by the end of this year, by the end of december, let's talk again. >> we'll have the receipts. thank you, guys. still ahead, the racial divide and 2020. is the president's latest controversy surrounding the squad an attempt to rev up his base. what's behind it? plus mysterious murders of a couple found on the side of a canadian road. one of them an american woman. f canadian road. one of them an american woman. i switched to liberty mutual,
11:58 am
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good day, everyone, i'm kennedy's gibson at -- kind is gibson -- kendis gibson in new york. president trump is stepping up attacks on four congress women. today an apology. how trump's racist tirades will take centre is stage in 2020. mueller's moments, house judiciary chairman today gave us a preview of what to expect, claiming very substantial everyday that president trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. and faceapp fears, the growing panic over that russian-made possibly photo aging app that is raising security concerns for so many. let's begin there hour with the racial rhetoric at 3:00 p.m. eastern. president trump is continuing his attack on the four minority women known as the squad as his
12:02 pm
team scrambles to do more damage control. >> i fundamentally disagree with "the view," if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different skin it's racism. >> he was questioning whether they should be in america. >> i have worked with president trump for two years and he is not a racist. he is a compassionate man whose policy versus focused on the minority community. >> this isn't about race. it's not about gender. it's not about religion. these members of the house of representatives more, it's not just these four, it's also some of the candidates who are running for president on the democratic side, fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation. >> the difficult job was made harder this morning after the president took to twitter to call those same women of color weak and secure and not capable of loving this country. president trump's tweet storm slammed a post report that detailed a crisis behind the
12:03 pm
season caused by his attacks. he failed to mention the "new york times" piece accusing him of using race for gain documenting quote america's ethnic and religious division opportunistically not as the nation's wounds to be healed but as opths to achieve his goals, whether they be ratings, money or power, without regards for consequences. it is a lot to unpack. joining me right now to break it all down, an editorial board member at the new york daily news and author of "branding america" and the former vice president of campaigns for the center for american progress. all right. is it even an excuse to say the president's comments about the squad is just political strategy? >> no it's distasteful. i think a lot of people have voiced their opinion, you know, republicans alike, that they don't think it's accessible.
12:04 pm
i feel as a republican, i feel that this is donald trump speaking as donald trump about what he doesn't like about them. i don't feel like he is saying on behalf of the republican party, i think abc. i mean, this is not the republican party. >> let me ask you this, george conway, kellyanne conway alluded to the fact. either the president was unaware or cool as to what he was saying or they were based on his racial view of the world. which one is it? >> donald trump's pad. >> the president of the united states wears many hats, one of them, though, is leader of the party, when he makes that kind of a statement, he is leading his party. the rally in north carolina, which is a presidential re-election bid. he stems back and he allows them
12:05 pm
to yell sends them back. send them back. he is running for the renomination as a republican nominee for president. you know, for another four years. so yes, it's coming from donald trump. as donald trump is the president of the united states, as the head of the party? >> let emily weigh on this. she is down in d.c. there are many people arguing whether this could have a long-term impact on the republican party. his poll numbers in the south are up since all of this happened. >> look. first of all, what we are seeing are the most regular, if there is anything regular about trump, the most regular series of event, trump says something that is racially charged, that is out of line, that is obnoxious, that is fear mongering, the next step, his surrogates try to clean it up. they say it's about policy, not real him. then he actually doubles down on it. putting them in an incredibly
12:06 pm
awkward position and telling us what he truly feels. i think if there was a time and place if trump were not the head of the party, that was just him. >> that moment is long gone. not only is he running for re-election as the party. everybody elected is afraid of alienating his base. i think it's time for republican electives to take a hard look at themselves and say is this a part i want to be a part of if i'm afraid of alienating people doubling down on race. look, the house was given the opportunity this week to vote and say, are his tweet, was a specific tweet racist? and they totally deferred the question. only four are willing to say that it was. not do they speak out against it, they had the actual opportunity in front of them. they still couldn't call it racist. >> okay. i think there are two different arguments going on here. i think there is an argument of racism and i feel that donald trump thinks that the argument is based on being a patriot.
12:07 pm
loving the united states. so that there are two conversations going on. there are conversations which they're approving examples of how racist donald trump is and how racist -- >> i am so glaad brought that point out about the tension between the racist party versus the patriot part. december 18th, 2015, then candidate trump was on "morning joe" on msnbc. the issue was about vladimir putin and how he was as a dictator. trump at the time said, he's running his country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this country, president obama. and then discovers, but he kills journalist and trump said, i think our country does plenty of killing, too. >> that type of language, 20, 30 years ago was heard on the left basically where left wingers would say, how can you criticize
12:08 pm
other countries when america kills people as well, so how can you say? at that time he was being the person who was not loving our country. he was the one adopting left wing talking points to say america kills as well. >> let me get in more of steven miller. shall we? he was on "cbs this morning" and claimed that there are acceptable, and unacceptable ways to criticize the country. here's what he had to say. >> i've never called any of his tweets racist, but there is no question he is stoking racial divisions. >> chris. the core almost of the president's philosophy is north america first. saying that america needs to improve to get closer to an america first ideal as the president did as a candidate criticizing obama, criticizing our trade deal, our foreign policy deal, our immigration policies is out of a love for america.
12:09 pm
saying as representative alexandria ocasio-cortez did illegal immigrants are more american than americans is fundamentally not an american statement. >> apologize to chris wallace. and fox news. the president in the past has called america a laughing stock arc foolish country, a dumb country. we're not great. the country is all to -- i can go on and garbage. >> and we have been taken advantage of. >> so, what do you make of the pivot it being race-baiting to patriotism the talk? >> yeah, it's a part of the surrogate cleanup. he just came out. he tried to other than. everything trump, i think what we are seeing is the trump strategy for re-election now. if there was any question as to whether he was going to pivot to be more centrist in an attempt to represent the president, that's out the window. if there is any attempt he was going to pivot once ago ento run as uniting the country,
12:10 pm
representing the entire country. we can officially say that's out the window. the entire premise of making america great again is to say that it is not great right now, by the way. he is running an entirely identity politics. they can call it anti-immigration, border security. at the end of the day, it's all identity politics he is running on. we see his re-election campaign is rooted in doubling down on that and without making any attempt to reach across to anybody else. >> so, you are a strategist, you have a republican strategist here. rahm emanuel and the chief of staff had an op ed that said only two president versus won re-election and they've only done so by going to the centers and moved to the center. it does appear as if donald trump is not choosing to do that whatsoever. will there at least at some point in the next 18 months or so he will realize that sort of thing and like history is
12:11 pm
correct and that you need to move to the center? >> no. >> he's not going to run to the center. he's going to run to the far right. because he is tapped into something and that's his base. his base will show up in the rain. his base will show up no matter what to vote for him so he is pandering to that base. if you remember, he did win the election on what? immigration. he came down the escalator. a chant of build the wall. people went nuts for that so now, once again, it's coming down to sort of an immigration policy again. the democrats are going to have to look at this instead of trying to match him fight for fight. they're going to have an alternative to pull from that center. to pull somebody that's a republican that says, i don't want to go there far right. they've got to look for the pull. >> i have as to leave it there. >> we'll see you later. thank you. emily, thanks, for your time. democratic candidates
12:12 pm
announced the president's campaign trail and there will likely be a big talking point on the debate stage next week. bernie sanders, today he actually on message on his own message while in iowa, our own mike is on the road with him and spoke with the senator moments ago. what did he have to say? >>. >> reporter: yeah, of course this whole weekend we have been talking about that back and forth between joe biden and bernie sanders on the issue of medicare for all versus obamacare-plus if you want to call it that. vice president biden during his iowa stops early this week, warning what medicare for all would mean for the private health system, saying it could result in a hiatus for many on healthcare. bernie sanders sell e telling the crowd at an event a little while ago, there will be a lot of misinformation here. telling me that some of biden's claims are absurd. we also had a chance to talk about that much anticipated center stage side-by-side
12:13 pm
matchup between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren at the next cnn debate in a week. i had a chance to ask senator sanders how he is preparing for that. take a listen. >> i know your campaigns don't like to talk about lanes, you will be sharing the debate stage with senator warren? what is that encounter going to be like? what do you think you want to accomplish i plish with that? >> senator warren will talk herself. i think the theme for me will be to talk about the war against the working class of this country for the last 45 years and the incredible level of wealth anding in and equality that we have right now. we have 500,000 americans sleeping out on the street today at the same time the three people have more wealth than half of america. >> reporter: so we're going to see in that cnn debate a new face on the debate stage, montana governor steve bullock. he was also in iowa yesterday. we heard from him, perhaps eager to carve out a conservative lane in the democratic primary. he was warning it sounds like
12:14 pm
these plans put forward by democrats don't go beyond a press release. he says what a lot of democratic candidates don't resonate, something in terms of potential fireworks to look forward to in detroit next week. >> very happy to be making the debate stage next week. mike, emily in iowa, thank you. still ahead, after a one-week delay, lawmakers will finally hear from special counsel robert mueller. but will republicans accept what he has to say about the russia investigation? o say about the ra investigation? . it's important that president -- we not have a lawless administration and lawless president. it's important people see where we are at and what we are doing. we are at and what we are doing. applebee's all you can eat is back. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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okay. so in just three days, robert mueller will publicly testify in the mueller investigation for the first time ever. ahead of his back-to-back hearings on capitol hill, president trump and democratic leaders reveal what they're looking to hear from the former special counsel. >> it is my testimony, i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> the president and the attorney general have lied to the american people about what was in the mueller report about the fact that you just heard the president saying they found no collusion. that was not true. they found no obstruction. >> that is not true and they've had months about lying to the american people. people don't read a 448 page report. >> since most people and their busy lives haven't had the opportunity to read that report.
12:19 pm
it's a dry prosecutorial work product, we want bob mueller to bring it to life to talk about what's in that report. it's a pretty damming set of facts. >> well the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. we have to present or let mueller present those facts to the american people and see where we go from there. >> at some point they have to stop playing games, because they're just playing games. no, i won't be watching mueller. >> the "new york times" is out with a new report today detailing mueller's 88 trips to capitol hill when he was a u.s. attorney and as well as an fbi director. here's a look. mueller is described as having quote little patience for politics. good luck. treating his appearances with a kind of dread, he's turned off his microphone and staired icily when lawmakers questioned the integrity of the fbi. for more on what we can expect on capitol hill this week and the mueller hearing, let's bring in the washington bureau chief
12:20 pm
and ms nbc contributor, paul butler, a former prosecutor and legal analyst, and writer and editor for the washington examiner here with me in new york. i do want to start with you david corn nine, based on any sort of reporting, everybody is trying to figure out what will mueller say? will he go beyond all 438 pages and what are the key questions to ask? what are you hearing? >> i doubt he'll go beyond what's in the report. i keep thinking of the phrase, within the lines. he will play within the lines. now, that said, there is still a lot of room for drama. you can have congressmen say the president said your report exonerated him. is that true? he can quote from the report. he is not exonerated. the president said your report found no complugs. is that not true? they can say your report says that trump denied the russian attack on the u.s. election 2016
12:21 pm
but benefitted from it privately. he will say, that's what's in the report. the report says he dealt with russia when saying he had nothing to do with russia. is that true? yes, that is true. he can bring the report if fought fully alive, emphasize some key points and go after the spin from trump to the republican party, bill barr and the conservative movement. >> that in and of itself will be valuable. as a reporter, i'd like to see him provide more information and answer request es that we have upon reading the report. but i don't think we're going to get that from robert mueller. >> paul, you have -- you are the ear here rather i should say, you know, david kind of gave us a preview of what questions he thinks are important. of course, have you volume 1 of the mueller report and volume 2, which deals specifically with obstruction. where would you be more focussed with your questioning if you are a congresswoman or man? >> i would think about the ten
12:22 pm
allegations of obstruction that mueller found. i would ask mueller if trump weren't president of the united states, would you have charged him with crimes? and the answer must be, yes. so, when you ask people what they know about the mueller report, what most people say is, no collusion. it's incumbent on mueller to speak the truth. to not let the president and the attorney general get away with their great deception of the american people, the fact is, that the mueller has them played by trump and barr. i think he's got a historical obligation and a patriotic obligation to correct the rec d record. >> you are in d.c. most days a few blocks from capitol hill. what itself the republican strategy is going to be going to this? we have some reporters and democrats plan to do. try not the filibuster as much and get to targeted questions.
12:23 pm
what is the strategy overall? >> the republicans want to point and highlight the abuses within the department of justice and the fbi that led to the mueller investigation. so looking at the fisa court and the information that was brought forward to basically spy on the trump campaign through carter page, george papadopoulos. they really want to bring forward the ig report will be the final say on all of this. it won't be the mueller report. >> we saw that preview of what his 88 appearances on capitol hill, paul, robert mueller when he's gone on there. he's not going to have any of that? he will turn off the microphone? >> there is obviously political rest for democrats to bring robert mueller up for testimony because he will be questioned by republicans about this. that's just going to add some more fodder for the news cycle that it wasn't really about the trump campaign colluding with the russian government. it was about the abuses within the department of justice and the fbi to open up this
12:24 pm
investigation. >> that's clearly not the case here. you don't see no republican interested in obstruction. no republican interested in the russian attack on the election. the fisa, this gets into the weeds, but this whole notion of focusing on a fisa application that came out on october 21st, a few weeks before the election as having anything to do with the origins of the russian investigation is a canard that is being you know put forward by fox news and friends of the president to distract from the real issue of a russian attack. >> we're saying we don't know the impetus of this investigation. >> we do know. we do know. what do you mean we don't know? >> colluding with the russian government? >> actually even if you read devon nunez' own memo. he says the investigation started at the end of july because of what happened with george papadopoulos hearing about russians having information on hillary clinton. we do know. there is no question to this.
12:25 pm
it's a false -- >> democrats, republicans, it's possible the democrats and republicans at the hearing are going to get in this same kind of back and forth and that will do a disservice to the american people. look, mueller is old pro at this. he was the fbi director for over a decade. as you've photoed, he's testified 88 times before congress. so he knows how this works. if he doesn't want to say anything, then he won't. he doesn't have to. again, what he found what happens an elaborate conspiracy by the president of the united states to obstruct justice. most of the people people don't understand that what he found was evidence of high times and misdemeanors and his intent was to refer it to congress for impeachment hearings. he's got to kun indicate that on wednesday. >> let me ask all of you this. around starting with david, a quick answer if all of this. we have some 90 members of congress right now who are calling for the start of the impeachment process. if we're talking a week from now. after mueller's testified there.
12:26 pm
getting grilled by democrats and republicans, do you go ate sense that that number will increase, david? >> probably. i'm not sure greatly because i think a lot of democrats don't need more information to come to an informed decision. they've read the report and seen the report. they've changed some mind out in middle america about just how far the president went in perhaps breaking the law. >> paul. >> i think every american and every congress person knows that the president committed the high crimes and misdemeanors that means that he should be impeached. hopefully, they will give the democrats at least the political courage to go forward. >> the political you can lus within the democratic party is not there. the numbers are not where they need to be. they might change the numbers slightly. not to the point where they will be impeaching him. >> it did sound a little today jerry nadler was leaning towards it a little bit more. >> the washington report reported he is privately if support of impeachment. we know that he's already jumped
12:27 pm
to the conclusion that trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, which taints this whole investigation anyways. >> leave it there. thank you. david corn nine, all will be back with us. don't miss ari melber's coverage of the mueller report tonight. what you need to know. 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. still ahead, temperatures are rising, millions across the country are trying to keep cool from a summer heat wave. a cool down may be on the way. details ahead. why is the trump campaign trying to make drinking straus great ago en? drinking straus great ago en -- again? -- again the shawn mendes verizon up concert was surreal. we were right in front of him. dead center, front row. i'll never forget that day. (announcer) the network more people rely on
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we are back with a round of other headlines happening right now. we're getting word today from the countries of oman in the middle east that british oil tanker seized by iran was, in fact, within its territorial waters of oman, that is. iran's revolutionary guard released this video a that shows elite forces seizing the crew of 23 in international waters. iran media called it reciprocal action after the brits had a subtanker in the mediterranean
12:32 pm
sea two weeks ago. investigators in british colombia are searching for the suspects in the murder of an american woman and her boyfriend. the body of a couple in their 20s were found along a remote highway along a favorite hot springs. the couple were last seen after their van broke down. to say the chik-filet bill is now a law in texas. they banned government officials from taking reverse actions against companies that donate to religious organizations. of course, this follows a move by the san antonio city council to ban the fast food cane due to support of groups over our anti-lbgtq drnlts newest baseball legend got enshrined at the hall. the list includes rory halladay, he was the first play tore ever get voted in unanimously.
12:33 pm
the biggest strange comic book they added angelina jolie, natalie portman the first with him to be a thor and a blaze reboot starring heirtial ali. some say it's a makeup for greenbook. it's good he did greenbook after all. now to the security concerns about the popular faceapp. you've heard of it. the photo editing tool that shows you what you could look like 50 years into the future after uploading a photo of yourself. it has a risky user agreement, giving the developer the license to use the uploaded photos almost as they choose. why security experts are looking at it as a possible new too many for russian hackers. >> when millions of faceapp
12:34 pm
users realize what do i look like decades down the row. >> oh my gosh, there are wrinkles everywhere, in places i didn't know you get lawmakers. >> they want to know who are this russian-based company doing with all your photos? chuck schumer is calling into investigation whether personal data on a faceapp may be finding its way into the hand of the russian government. and the democratic national committee warning the presidential campaigns not to use faceapp because it was developed by russians. russia requires the companies cooperate with the authorities in a way that would make post-americans uncomfortable. >> in a statement, the company says user data is not transferred to russia. we don't sale e sell ore share user data with third parties. users agree to the transfer and storage in and to the u.s. and other countries and by using the app, you give the company
12:35 pm
irrevokable permission to use your royalty and data. meanwhile, faceapp is now the number 1 download for android with more than 100 million installations and things users like the jonas brothers. >> who we are all doing by posting our photos to apps like this is essentially creating a under surveillance technology industry that's going to be worth billions of dollars and we'll always know what you look like. >> think minority report where tom cruise walks by stores that recognize his face and target him with ads, when it comes to the era of online profiles, privacy advocates say facebook gather less info like others, which not only know your face but track pretty much everything else about you, faceapp saying its server deletes most photos after two days. >> surist does, after two days. gadi swartz there for us. thank you. perhaps in this slogan for
12:36 pm
the president in 2020 will be make straws great again. president trump's campaign is now selling 10 packs of branded plastic straus for $15 a pop. why? because liberal maybe straus don't work. that's according to official online store who have already had to restock after selling out in a matter of hours. the site's newest addition is the presidentest latest jab and in essence save our oceans and marine animals. >> i do think we have bigger problems than plastic straw. you have a little straw. what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger and they're made of the same material. so the strawss are interesting. >> 2019. still ahead, more than 3,000 prisoners will soon be taking the face first steps to freedom, after the break, how a new criminal justice reform law is
12:37 pm
addressing racial disparities, in helping inmates transition back into society. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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12:40 pm
. thousands of people worn jailed are about to experience the sweet taste of freedom. the justice department announcing more than 3,000 inmates are being released from federal prisons all across the country. this is a part of the first step act, which was passed in 2018 in a bipartisan effort to shorten sentences through a clang in the
12:41 pm
credit for good behavior as well as shortening sentences for those cop victimed of crack cocaine offenses. joining me to discuss the policies against mandatory minimums. is this a good deal in the first step act? >> yes, it is, it's continuing what we have been seeing for the last five-to-ten years in the federal prison system, which is a downward decline in its prison population, which is a good thing for taxpayers and a good thing for the people coming home and for the communities and families waiting for these people to come home and be fathers, sons, mothers and workers again. so this is a positive development and continues a trend we have been seeing at the federal level. >> we saw a highlight of what the firsting a means. if we can pop it up on the screen, it makes thousands of prisoners eligible, lowers three
12:42 pm
strike penalties and life for 25 years. prison sentences or crack cocaine offense, it impacts some 3,000 people. i imagine there are many, many others out there in jails right now that could be impacted by some sort of prison reform. >> yes. i think it's important to keep these reforms in perspective. even though 3,000 people are being released from federal russ stowed, there are over 180,000 in federal prisons right now. that's just in the federal prison system. there are 2.1 million in jails in the united states. it's the largest number of prisoners in the world. we still have the highest incarceration rate in the world. so this teams seems like a big number at first glance. in perspective, it is a relatively small number. every year, more than 600,000 people are coming back home from prisons and jails in our country and embarking on reentry. >> go ahead. >> i think it's also important to note most of these people
12:43 pm
were out of federal prison, they were already in the community in a halfway house or home conassignment. this is closing the book on that chapter of their sentence and virtually all of them will be starting now a period of three-to-five years on supervisorsed release, where they will be reporting to a probation officer, they'll be under supervision. if they break the rules and commit new crimes, they can be sent back to prison. >> i mamgen you have been in touch with many folks released as a result of this first step. give me a sense of the emotions that they are free. >> yes. you know, the entry is such a difficult time for families. it's such an emotional time. there are sometimes mixed emotions about someone coming home. a lot of federal prisoners are placed so far from their families, but they haven't been able to stay in touch with them or have in person visits very much so there is a lot of family integration going on. honestly, it's stressful for them. for people coming home, they're stressed out finding a job,
12:44 pm
finding housing. finding you know sort of a sense of identity and a sense of place and even when you think about using a cell phone, i was talking to a woman in california this week who had a father who went into prison if 2003 and the first thing she did when she found out his new release date, she went out and bought him an iphone. she needs to teach him how to text and use a part is phone so basic challenges like that. >> i'll tell you, the administration gets a lot of heat for a lot of things it does. i imagine everyone will agree this was a good move. jared kushner pushed for it. the president signed it into law. it was bipartisan. thankful for this. >> as are thousands of families across america this weekend. >> thank you. still ahead, friends in high places. rapper asap rocky has them. now president is trying to free somebody else. trying to get a star out of a swedish jail. the good, bad, ugly, it's coming up. good, bad, ugly, it's coming up [alarm beeping]
12:45 pm
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12:49 pm
going to be a pretty strong cold front. 80s in minneapolis, down 4 degrees from yesterday. still 90s in boston. 99 in washington, d.c.. and it feels a lot warmer than that. several major cities remain sweltering today. the temperature in the ur in the 90s as i mentioned. it will feel like triple digits. extreme heat advisories across the country. fae million people on alerts and no doubt today more lives are in danger with additional warnings stretching from kansas to south carolina. this is the only way many people are seeing relief right now with plenty of power outages across the country. kevin park is in jamaica, queens, where things are fairly hot. and i see that some folks have found a little bit of relief. it is pretty miserable out for some folks. kathy. >> reporter: yes, it feels like
12:50 pm
107 out here. to make matters worse, we're in the back yard of this one family, currently, they do not have power. the power went out last fight. they said they brought the party literally outside right stay co this pool but just kind of touching the water right now and it's really not that cool because the heat is just that intense. as you can see, they are making the best of the situation. they are grilling out, trying to find some relief. they pitched a tent here. it makes a huge difference when you're in the shade. i'm with elsa. she is expecting. i understand you're due when? >> august 24th. >> you're struggling out here. >> the heat is really bad. >> how long have you been dealing with this and how are you keeping cool? >> it's been going on a week. i was admitted into the hospital because of the dehydration and the heat. i was getting contractions and dilating. this heat is not cool. >> and you're outside.
12:51 pm
>> it's better than the house. >> how hot does it feel like in the house? you're obviously not in there for a reason. >> it's worse. outside a little bit of breeze. inside you don't get that breeze. you don't even get the cool air. with no electricity, there's no fans, no ac, no nothing. >> con edison, they have thousands fanned out working out now. >> they are working trying to get something out. let's say hopefully we wish for the best. >> we're hoping forhe best for you, too. you stay saif in these conditions. this is a situation all over new york city. candice, as you mentioned, relief in sight but not until later this evening. >> relief in sight for million of americans, not just new yorkers impacted by this heat. kathy, nothing says a party like an aboveground pool party. thank you, kathy park. the music means we have made it. another week that made our heads
12:52 pm
spin from movies to politics and rapper in sweden. this is the good, the bad, and the ugly. bring back noelle and rick butler. noelle has asap rocky on her playlist. >> yes. >> i will test you to see if you know, noelle, any asap rocky. >> why are you doing this to me? >> if the first lady knows who asap rocky is, so do you. what's your good pick. >> my good pick is asap rocky. the fact that president trump, like him or dislike him, he actually said that he would call, and he made good on his promise, he called sweden's prime minister to help speed that along. he also went a step further and vouched for him for his bail, saying he would help him with his bail. that's pretty big. >> i told you, we received the official readout of the white house yesterday of the phone
12:53 pm
call from the president. the prime minister said, new phone who this? >> no. >> paul, what was your good pick of the least. >> can i just say about the last one it's kind of the right thing for the reason reason. he did it because he got lobbied by kim kardashian and kanye west, who apparently he goes to when he wants information about doing something for black people. we know this week what his real record is. but on the positive side, my good is michelle obama who tweeted this week that what makes our country great is our diversity. wherever you come from, you are an american. so when trump goes low, michelle goes higher. she was named the most admired woman in the world this week. that tweet is an example of why she appeals to our best values. >> all right. pretty cool, paul. i appreciate you schooling us on asap rocky as well.
12:54 pm
noelle, your bed. >> okay. my bad is going to be the fact that the drug czar jim carroll has said that because of the influx of immigrants coming through here that they have had to focus on a humanitarian crisis, and they are slacking on looking and monitoring for illegal drugs coming through our border which is scary. to me that's a bad. >> what does one have to do -- immigrants have to do -- >> they are paying attention to try to help them get human ta a humanitarian items. they have to take care of a lot of people coming over here they weren't prepared for versus patrolling and looking for illegal drugs. >> they found two big busts on the west coast and the one in philadelphia, they are doing all right. paul, your bad. >> epstein is the convicted offender who got the sweetheart
12:55 pm
deal from the labor secretary. he owns big house in manhattan, a private island and planes. nobody knows where his money comes from. he has a private company, no lest of clients, no public records. my brother in the hood gets a new car, they are rolling up, where does the money come from. this dude is friends with rich and powerful people. his money may be dirty and apparently none of them cared. >> interesting, indeed. >> noelle, your ugly. >> my ugly is this heat wave. what is up with the heat wave. it's got a heat index of 115. look, i was in tribeca and i had to go to canal street and i actually took a subway for one stop. i could not walk there. it was a ten-minute walk. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> you took public transportation. >> i knew you would make fun of me. i'm fine. >> take the six. >> so my ugly is that cats
12:56 pm
trailer, the coming attraction for the tv show, if you're going to show it, we need a trigger warning. i suffered through cats when it was on broadway. the world never asked for and does not need a tv version of it. did you see the ratchet costume. idris elba, a beautiful person, how does he look so tragic. please, stop this before it happens. >> it's not even september. still to come. >> paul butler, appreciate it. noelle, i'll see you on the d train or b, d, e line. i don't know. still ahead, chateninging leaders, democrats lining up one by one to run against mitch mcconnell. why they may have a chance. [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing.
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. >> that will do it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'll be back next saturday at 2:00 eastern. the news continues with my colleague and friend, phillip. >> thank you so much. i am phillip mena live from msnbc headquarters. the firestorm intensifies over the president's tweets aimed at four congresswomen of color. a new report says his top aides feared he did not understand the seriousness of his remarks. exactly one week later he is still attacking the squad. rising tensions in the middle east. new audio reveals aer


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