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tv   Headliners  MSNBC  July 21, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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ways is going to form the first rough draft of the history of the trump era. and you know who knows that? donald trump. it's narrative, it's dramatic, it's important, and it's in black and white. are you all ready to make a ruckus? >> this is a seismic political upset. >> she came out of nowhere. >> nobody wanted to talk to us. nobody in politics, nobody in the press. >> and took the capitol by storm. >> he's not in the russell building, he's not on the floor of the senate, and 800,000 people don't have their paychecks. so where's mitch? >> they're flummoxed, they're confused, they're bewildered by her. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez has garnered critics on both sides of the aisle. >> sometimes we call her the
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architect of chaos. >> the president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights. >> a pop culture sensation. >> there is no question that she's arrived in washington as a phenomenon. >> a master of communication. >> her use of social media feels more like the future than most of what people have paid consultants lots of money to help create for themselves. >> ocasio-cortez's agenda of radical reform is already deeply felt in the halls of congress. >> alexandria ocasia cortez's base wants her to stick to this administration. >> the politics of revenge -- >> and stick it to corporate democrats. >> i'm going to be the bad guy, which i'm sure half the room would agree with anyway. >> a 29-year-old democratic socialist is ready to shake up not just her party but all of washington, d.c. >> and we are going to rock the world. ♪ ♪
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we cannot allow for a society that leaves people behind. despite the fact that we didn't have the money, despite the fact that i'm working class, despite all those things, we won. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez is a person of extraordinary passion. >> you want to tell people that their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water is elitist? >> she's an activist at heart, and she's brought an incredible new energy to the united states congress. >> she got elected to buck the norm. she got elected to make change. d.c. needs to be shaken up. we need it. it's about time.
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>> we sat down when she was three months into her term. we got into a provocative conversation about her initiative, the green new deal. >> why this issue, front and center, first thing, what connects you to this? >> so this issue is not just about our climate. first and foremost, we need to save ourselves. period. we've got 12 years to turn it around. 12 years. this is urgent. and to think that we have time is such a privileged and removed from reality attitude. >> ocasio-cortez's story may be proof that the time for true progressive politics is here. >> hiding your radical nature used to be the way you could win in american politics, 20 years ago. she's 29, she didn't live through that era. nobody likes people who toe the
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line anymore. nobody likes people who are straddling the fence. >> oftentimes the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table. >> what makes the congresswoman's journey especially remarkable is that just months earlier, ocasio-cortez was waitressing and shaking margaritas at a new york talking about re ka. >> i think the country was hungry, desperate for stories that would tell a different side of america. >> history is alive. >> until the 2018 elections, few had heard of the woman now known simply as aoc. that changed after the former bartender's stunning victory over veteran congressman joe crowley in the democratic primary. >> that was the day when she won, that morning, that i was just like, oh, it's about to go down. that's when i saw it all change. >> what you're dealing with right now is somebody who is both a rising political figure and a bit of a pop star. and the combination of those two
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powers is really something to behold. >> so where's mitch? >> the person who occupies the white house right now is there in part because of celebrity culture. and alexandria's stepping into that same hole in our society. >> the lipstick color she wore her debate was selling out. the fact that she wore hoop earrings on the day she was sworn in. she said, i want to make so other women from the bronx who wear hoop earrings feel like they're looking like their congresswoman. >> by late march said more than 3.75 million twitter followers. >> every tweet she sends seems to ricochet across the internet. >> when donald trump jr. mocked her political view with a meme suggesting citizens of socialist societies are reduced to eating dogs, aoc replied with a twitter post, warning him about her own subpoena power. >> i don't think people know what to make of alexandria on social media. because she claps back so hard. she's got like the style of cardi b with bernie
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sanders-level policy-sized goals. >> what directialexandria is ab exactly what the political negotiation is supposed to be about. >> the organization for sanders' presidential bid has taken his movement to the next level. >> i reject the idea that universal health care is impossible. all these things are possible. >> i think bernie sanders really opened the window for debate on democratic socialism in this country. it's not as fringe as we might think. what's actively becoming fringe is that you call yourself a capitalist openly. >> she has clearly moved the needle on several key policy issues in her first weeks in congress. >> including the green new deal. >> the basic idea of the green new deal is a plan for the u.s. to move to 100% renewable energy as fast as possible. >> conservatives like donald trump jr. have criticized the deal and aoc herself. >> every mainstream leading democratic contender is taking the advice of a freshman
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congresswoman who three weeks ago didn't know the three branches of government. i don't know about you guys, but that's pretty scary. you guys, you're not very nice. and neither is what that policy would do to this country. >> i think a lot of the conservative movement isn't used to a woman, especially a brown woman, speaking her mind so freely. so there is a bit of intimidation, and they're flummoxed. they're confused. they're bewildered by her. >> which might be why the night before she was sworn in, this old video mysteriously surfaced online, featuring aoc and friends doing a mashup of 1980s dance moves when she was a student at boston university. >> i see no evidence that republicans were involved in releasing her dance video or criticizing it. i think that was largely a false flag. i found the dance video adorable. >> the attempted smear backfired when the video became an internet sensation. aoc responded by posting another
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video of her dancing in front of her new congressional office and the comment, "wait till they find out congresswomen dance too." >> i think republicans should be very cautious about making aoc sort of the new object of ire. because if we do that, the country might like her more than some of the angry republicans that are trying to personalize their disagreements on policy. >> florida republican matt gates is one of president trump's biggest allies. >> aoc on the republican side, sometimes we call her the architect of chaos, because she's got the ability to really ignite a conflict and activity. i think on substance there's very little that folks on the right would agree with her on. but stylistically, there is little doubt that she's got game. >> we have the votes. >> she understands the intersection of politics and pop culture and social media in a way that frankly few people on the right or the left fully grasp in today's politics. >> behind the scene, though,
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some democrats are genuinely upset with ocasio-cortez and her pledge to support more progressive members of the party against incumbents in primaries there are plenty of incumbents that are doing an amazing, amazing job. but just because you're in a seat doesn't mean that you are entitled to keep it. >> in an interview with cnn in december, outgoing democratic senator claire mccaskill, now an msnbc contributor, appeared bewildered by aoc's appeal. >> i'm -- i'm little confused why she's the thing. but it's a good example of what i'm talking about, a bright and shiny new object came out of nowhere, surprised people, and she beat a very experienced congressman. >> i didn't say it very well, but in context what i was trying to say is that she's exciting, and she's new, and i think she can contribute a lot. we've got to remain focused on the things that unite us as a party. not the things that can divide us. coming up -- a meteoric rise
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alexandria is a bartender from the bronx who somehow became one of the most famous politicians in america. >> before alexandria ocasio-cortez was aoc, she was just a girl from the bronx. the daughter of puerto rican native, and sergio ocasia. >> she was 5, the family moved to suburban westchester county looking for better schools for alexandria and her younger brother gabe. >> i think a very common story for a lot of latinos, especially high-achieving or very ambitious latino kids. >> weekends alexandria returned
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to the bronx to visit her tightknit extended family. >> she saw the advantage wealth and resources in a quality school district brought. next to cousins who just didn't happen to be lucky enough to end up in that zip code. has informed her analysis of clls in the country, not just an academic way, but a deeply personal and real way. >> as a tenth grader, ocasio-cortez got her first taste of politics when she attended the national hispanic institute's youth legislative system. >> like "lord of the flies" at times, but it's part of us in immersing students in pretending to be leaders. so her practice in that art started very early on. >> she spent eight days immersed in policy discussions, mock lawmaking, and elections. >> she will tell you she ran for every position, she lost at everything, but by the end of the week her peers had selected her as the most promising female of that delegation. because they saw that never-quit attitude, just shrug it off, shake it off, get back up again.
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>> in high school alexandria had a special interest in science. at 17 she competed in the intel international science and engineering fair, one of the world's most prestigious student science fairs. she even appeared on "nbc nightly news." >> alexandria ocasio-cortez, a senior from north koryork town,, focused on using anti-oxidants to prevent disease. >> one day we may be able to use this to prevent these diseases we see here -- >> competing against nearly 1,500 students from all over the world, alexandria took second place. >> you guys interested in science? >> yes! >> yes! >> she made such an impression that mit's lincoln laboratory named an asteroid after her. 23238 ocasio-cortez. >> once she really takes an interest in something, she can really actually go to the stars because there's an asteroid named after her. >> after high school alexandria headed to boston university to study premed.
7:16 pm
but her interest in social policy continued to grow. >> she became a student leader. she got involved as a student ambassador of trying to promote the sense of unity among students at boston university. >> jean wilhelmina-mana lived across the hall during their freshman year. >> she's incredibly funny. a funny nerd. oftentimes these moments having discerned something she'd say, did you know? and i'd be like, no, and why do you know this? >> in september of her sophomore year, alexandria's world turned upside down when her father died of lung cancer, just 48 years old. friends say she threw herself further into her studies. >> i think a lot of what drives her is the sense of trying to honor what her father wanted her to be, that every day she tries to honor that with her actions. >> starting in 2008, alexandria interned at the late senator ted kennedy's office, working on immigration issues. during her junior year, she had
7:17 pm
an eye-opening look at the developing world with a foreign study in niger. >> a source of changing growth for her was going to africa and studying abroad. she got malaria. she was there in some very challenging community. >> there was a simplicity about that experience that was like, there's much more to my life that i can do than go work at a bank. >> alexandria graduated in 2011 with a degree in international relations and economics and returned to the bronx with a new perspective on life. she worked on social causes during the day and at night took on a second job to help her now single mother keep the family afloat financially. blanca cleaned houses while alexandria waited tables and tended bar. >> it was very challenging. financially, personally, emotionally, psychologically. making do made her this incredibly strong person. >> between shifts alexandria got involved in bernie sanders '2016
7:18 pm
presidential campaign as an organizer in the south bronx. after the november election, she traveled to the standing rock indian reservation and joined the protests against the natural gas pipeline that ran through sacred tribal land. for ocasio-cortez, the experience was pivotal. >> i think that informed a lot of her thinking about how you needed to act in politics too, because standing rock did not have a political advocate. >> that's the moment when she started to express herself and talk candidly and authentically to folks on social media. >> there's so much to share with you guys. and we're just hoping that you get a little piece of this action right now. and we will be back. thanks again. >> she was at standing rock when she got the call about brand new congress. >> brand new congress, a political action community started by bernie sanders supporters, promoted candidates with progressive values to run
7:19 pm
against incumbents. >> people we're looking for are people in the community, people with a record of service, people who are respected, who probably don't want to run for congress. >> the group decided on an audacious plan. run the unknown and untested alexandria ocasio-cortez against joe crowley, the fourth most powerful democrat in the house. >> she's one of these people who had a spark to do something. she felt the burden on her shoulders where she really felt, if not me, who? coming up, alexandria makes the decision of a lifetime. >> she was like, so john -- and i kind of laughed a little bit like that. and i was like, good, it's about time. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh...
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i'm running for office in the area. >> what? >> i'm running for office. i'm running for office. oh, are you doing a barbecue? >> alexandria ocasio-cortez announced her primary run in new york's 14th district in may 2017. it was the political equivalent of a moonshot. >> she wanted to prove that the challenge was worth following up on. the idea you shouldn't run because you might not win is not a good reason not to step into
7:23 pm
that arena. >> aoc's opponent was as formidable as they come. ten-time incumbent joe crowley, one of the most powerful names in the democratic party. he was considered nancy pelosi's heir apparent for house leadership. >> joe crowley wasn't just a powerful democrat in washington. he was a powerful democrat here in new york. >> it would be like -- as if david had approached goliath with a sling and no rocks. >> ocasio-cortez had the support of the justice democrats, a political group backing progressive candidates across the country. though others were skeptical at best, the candidate herself forecast victory on instagram. >> we're not running to make a statement. we're not running to pressure the incumbent to the left. we're running to win. >> we knew it was a long shot, but we knew that the primary was worth it regardless. >> the odds were totally stacked against us. he had all of wall street's money, all of real estate's money in his bank account, and we just had small-dollar donors. >> rejecting corporate donations
7:24 pm
was key to ocasioer on tez's platform. as a whole her policy stands were unabashedly leftist. >> getting money out of polit politics, medicare for all, fighting to are affordable housing, housing as a human right, abolishing i.c.e. >> i.c.e., the u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement agency, was created after the attacks on september 11th. ocasio-cortez confronted trump's zero tolerance immigration policy head-on, calling for the outright abolishment of i.c.e. >> a lot of establishment democrats did not want to address that issue because they didn't want to look like they were being soft on immigration. she was ahead of the curve, she forced them to address that issue. >> almost immediately ocasio-cortez's boldly progressive agenda seemed to have a palpable influence on the competition. >> within a week of alex announcing her campaign, joe crowley for the first time in his career supported medicare for all. she texted me the news where she was so excited about it.
7:25 pm
>> ocasio-cortez attracted activists, progressives who were itching to fight for something, not just against president trump. >> alexandria was really the thing that gave me hope back in politics. i had started giving up. i was like, this is too hard, there's too many powerful interests here. people who are fighting back can't really make a difference in our country. >> we're a very scrappy group running purely on private donation, no corporate money. >> ocasio-cortez assembled an eclectic team to run her campaign. a former actor, a food blogger. >> everyone kind of did it because this was something that needed to be done, this was a message that needed to get out there, and alexandria was willing to be that messenger. >> we thought, no matter what happens, even if we pull crowley one foot to the left, that's been an endeavor worth undertaking. >> ocasio-cortez wanted her political brand to reflect her message of soerm right arm, so she turned first to her friend,
7:26 pm
photographer jesse korman. >> we were doing different poses and she looked to check her dress or something, she was looking at maybe the light, and i was like, hold on. it looked hopeful. it was such a real emotion that was coming out. >> next, a friend of aoc's from the restaurant, scott sterrit, and his design team, created a poster with a decidedly revolutionary feel. >> we needed to represent her authentically in that challenge. and so we started with the united farm workers. >> the ocasio-cortez brand, they looked like the posters of a leader. and there's a tiny element in her campaign poster, the double exclamation point around her name. the bilinguality that says, i'm in both worlds. i'm in the span ir-speaking world and the english-speaking world and i'm here to represent everybody. >> early on few in power took ocasio-cortez's campaign seriously. >> nobody wanted to talk to us.
7:27 pm
nobody in politics, nobody in the press, nobody in new york. either afraid or thought we were a joke. >> the biggest way when you're a chaerl being discredited is being ignored. it's being dismissed. it's the media saying this person has no shot. >> to get her message out, aoc relied on social media and old fashioned door-knocking. >> she talked to a lot of people. she talked to immigrants. people of color in her community. people who come from where she comes from. >> while traditional media largely disregarded her campaign, online outlets on the left were eager to give aoc air time. >> i mean, alexandria ocasio-cortez basically had a beeline to podcasts on the intercept, to the young turks. >> $3 million per cycle from wall street -- >> the young turks is a really popular youtube show for progressives that tons of people watch across this country, and they donate after they watch the show $5, $10, $15 at a time to
7:28 pm
ocasio's campaign. >> with the primary a few months away, ocasio-cortez quit her job as a bartender to campaign full-time. >> she was incredibly tireless. i don't know where it comes from. >> i mean, the amount of time she spent out walking and at events and door-knocking is just mind blowing. >> women like me aren't supposed to run for office. i wasn't born to a wealthy or powerful family. >> at the end of may, the campaign released a two-minute ad written by the candidate herself. it proved to be a game changer. >> it was a story about a working-class person trying to fight for the community. and it was done beautifully. >> this race is about people versus money. we've got people, they've got money. >> the visual that she rides the subway, like me. that she's going to work, like me. that she's got to adjust her outfit and her uniform, like me.
7:29 pm
that picture said all those words about her having to beat you over the head with, message, here's the words. in its first day online, the video went viral with more than 300,000 views. >> it poured in money, grassroots money. it poured in volunteers. you know, that video's really inspiring. >> congressman ro khanna, democrat from california, was so taken by the ad he endorsed ocasio-cortez even though he'd already backed joe crowley. >> and i watched the video and i said, you know, i don't know how much my endorsement's going to matter but at least it's going to get people in washington to hear her story. >> despite her growing momentum, for the crowley camp, re-election still appeared to be in the bag. >> joe crowley, he took one poll a few weeks before the election that showed him up 36 percentage points. that's a massive margin. >> the incumbent was so confident he only participated in one of the three scheduled debates with ocasio-cortez, in one case sending a latina
7:30 pm
surrogate to represent him. >> this is a sharp person and a sharapova candidate who thought well on her feet. and she made a lot of this, not only would he refuse to debate her opponents, he sent somebody basically in her words, that looked like her. coming up, leaders in the gop single out alexandria ocasio-cortez as a target. >> they're absolutely hoping to be able to use her to demonize the democratic party as a bunch of socialists. because she probably is one. [farmers bell] (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug!
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i'm philip mena with the hour's top stories. on sunday president trump continued his attacks on four democratic congresswomen of color, saying he doesn't believe they are capable of loving our country. that tweet comes after a week of divisive rhetoric from trump that many saw as racist. and temperatures are expected to drop after a deadly heat wave swept through parts of the u.s., claiming at least three lives. the sweltering conditions caused widespread power outages,
7:34 pm
leaving thousands in the heat. now back to "headliners." after more than a year of grassroots-powered campaigning, the new york democratic primary arrived on june 26th, 2018. despite the odds, some on alexandria ocasio-cortez's team dared entertain the notion of an upset. >> i think i was constantly playing this game with myself of trying to hold back my own expectations. and so i think in my heart i felt like we had a pretty good chance. >> other supporters just hoped to avoid a rout. >> i remember talking to her staff the day before the election saying, will she at least get 40%? please don't embarrass me. if she gets 30%, i'm going to be toast here in the congress. >> that evening, team aoc planned a post-election party at a billiards hall in the bronx.
7:35 pm
win or lose, they would celebrate their achievement. but when the polls closed at 9:00 p.m. and results began to trickle in, many in her inner circle stayed glued to their computers. we all just piled in and crowded around me and my colleagues, compulsively refreshing a bunch of results websites. >> in the bronx the candidate refused to look at any of the early returns. >> i pulled up the polling results, and i think tllike 3% the votes came in at that time but it had her at a 13-point lead. she said, don't show it do me, don't show it to me. >> i read the text and thought she was down 15 points. i saw other texts and realized, no, she's up 15 points. and i was just stunned. >> around 9:45 p.m., owe cause 84 cortez arrived at the party venue with loved ones, including her friend jean. >> walking out of the parking garage, walking to the venue, we walked past the window and looked up and sees 80% reporting
7:36 pm
or so. she just had this incredible lead. she gets to the door and the bouncer, security is like, i want to see i.d. there's a poster right next to the door. she that's me, that's me. oh my god. they let her in, we all kind of rush in. >> we couldn't believe it. we checked, we reloaded. this is a seismic political upset. i can tell you the associated press has now called this race for alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> the outcome was so completely unexpected. new york 1 was the only local broadcaster on the scene to capture ocasio-cortez's reaction. >> she's looking at herself on television right now. how are you feeling? can you put it into words? no. i cannot put this into words. >> she looked freaked out. in a good way, but she looked freaked out. >> the moment that the green check mark appeared, we just erupted.
7:37 pm
>> ocasio-cortez soon regained her composure and delivered a passionate impromptu victory speech to her reporters. >> every person out here this evening changed america tonight. we will be here, and we are going to rock the world. >> the win over joe crowley wasn't even close. ocasio-cortez tumbled the veteran congressman, taking 57% of the vote. >> aoc, aoc, aoc! >> just like that, the democratic machine in new york city was turned on its head. >> she beat the person who was third in line behind nancy pelosi in the democratic party. aoc is a kingslayer by knocking him down. >> she ran as young person, she ran as a woman, she ran as a person of color, she ran on generational change, and she ran
7:38 pm
on ideology. all of those things combined to take out one of the most powerful people in new york. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez suddenly found her name in national headlines. >> it is a whole new world for 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> joining us here on set, alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i mean, our campaign was focused on just a laser-focused message of economic, social, and racial dignity for working-class americans, especially those in queens and the bronx. >> future house speaker nancy pelosi downplayed the significance of aoc's victory for democrats as a whole. >> they made a choice in one district, so let's not get yourselves carried away as an expert on demographics and the rest of that. we have an array of genders, generations, geography, and opinion in our caucus, and we're very proud of that. >> in an overwhelmingly
7:39 pm
democratic district, ocas ocasio-cort ocasio-cortez's win in the primary practically guaranteed her victory in the general election. but her reach went way beyond politics. almost overnight she became a bona fide celebrity. >> i've never seen this sort of surge in popularity in public awareness for a traditional candidate, i definitely never have. >> she appeared on late-night talk shows, fielded tweets from movie stars, sold out fund-raisers. amid the storm of attention, ocasio-cortez and the justice democrats plotted how to use her primary win to trigger a nationwide trend. >> the entire mission of this was not about one candidate, but about a movement. >> it is the right thing to do. >> that summer, aoc toured michigan, missouri, and appeared with bernie sanders in kansas, stumping for progressive candidates in upcoming primaries. >> change takes courage. change takes guts. >> she traveled quite a bit to help push this platform of getting money out of politics. she thought as an obligation to use this platform to help
7:40 pm
candidates who are fighting for the same thing. >> conservatives like sean hannity used aoc's candidacy to whip up their base, painting her as a dangerous radical. >> her views, her policy positions, are actually downright scary. >> the republican party loved the idea of elevating a democratic socialist as the face of the democratic party. >> i think the democrats are going hard left. >> they're absolutely hoping to be able to use her to demonize the democratic party as a bunch of socialists, because she probably is one. >> her personal charm and magnetism can overshadow the great danger that can be caused by the policies that she's championing. >> but the soon to be-congresswoman -- >> it boils down to the basic elements that are required for an economic and socially dignified life in the united states at a very basic means we should aim to guarantee those things. i don't think any person in america should die because they're too poor to live.
7:41 pm
coming up, alexandria ocasio-cortez lands in washington more than ready to shake up the establishment. >> there are things that nancy pelosi can learn from alexandria ocasio-cortez, and there are damn sure things that alexandria can learn from nancy pelosi. razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ {tires screeching} {truck honking} [alarm beeping] (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? you alright? wow. (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking.
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7:45 pm
and her freshman class is the most diverse in american history. >> there are several minorities represented, from various demographics in america, who haven't always had a voice at that biggressional table in the capitol room where it happens, so to speak. she is one among many we have been waiting for. >> ocasio-cortez arrived in washington rith her long-time boyfriend riley roberts. she wasted no time making her progressive voice heard. during freshman orientation week, she championed the sunrise movement, a group of young environmentalists advocating political action on climate change by directly challenging the democratic leadership. >> they were like, hey, we're planning to do a sit-in against nancy pelosi for not taking climate change seriously. they knew that in the midst of her race for speaker and the midst of democrats just winning the midterms in the house that it would get news. >> ocasio-cortez's first zift to the veteran congresswoman's office was a public show of
7:46 pm
support for the activists camped outside. >> nobody expected her to show up to the sit-in. democrats and sunrise did not ask her to sit-in. they asked her, will you retweet the action tomorrow? she was like, i'm going. >> i want to let you all know how proud i am of each and every single one of you for bringing yourselves and your bodies and everything on the line to make sure that you save our planet, our generation, and our future. >> alex was just moved that if 18, 19, 20-year-old students could risk arrest against the next speaker of the house, commit civil disobedience, go to jail, she could show up and give a speech. she tweeted a couple of days later that she was terrified of doing that. she thought it would destroy her political career. >> but aoc's bold tactics appeared to work. that day nancy pelosi praised the protesters on social media, pledging to support the creation
7:47 pm
of a congressional climate change committee. >> she's not threatened by alexandria ocasio-cortez or anybody else, for that matter. but what she recognizes in them is, look, if they're helping galvanize parts of the party, let them scream, let them protest out of my office, that's going to bring more young people in and that's how a party survives. >> a week after the demonstration, ocasio-cortez threw her support to pelosi as the next speaker of the house. >> i really think that pelosi in particular has figured out that she can work with ocasio-cortez and have her be a force that's positive for the democratic caucus, rather than negative. >> aoc's influence wasn't limited to capitol hill. she also used instagram to offer her social media followers a rare glimpse into her daily routine. >> they cut the operating budget, a lot of government, but of course we allowed -- we allowed our weapons budget to explode -- >> she cooks on instagram live. and she's weaving policy
7:48 pm
discussion into those moments. she doesn't feel like she's being managed. she just comes across as herself. >> you know, i think it's so important that we humanize our government. it really kind of opens up the window to show that anyone can serve. >> her use of social media feels more like the future than most of what people have paid consultants lots of money to help create for themselves. >> with the spotlight on aoc, conservatives continue to take aim. some attacks got personal. >> there's criticism pouring in over a tweet -- >> eddie scary, a writer for the right-wing "washington examiner," posted a photo of ocasio-cortez from behind with the caption, i'll tell you something that jacket and coat don't look like a girl who struggles. >> after we elected incredibly diverse congress in the house and the amount of women that elected, oh, you know what, maybe we are in a post-sexist america. and we're finding out very, very quickly that that is not true.
7:49 pm
>> ocasio-cortez hit back with a tweet of her own saying in part, if i walk in with my best sale-rack clothes, they laugh. take a picture of my backside. dark hates light, that's why you tune it out. >> like all young people, she's not going to stand for trash either. if you come at her, she's going to respond. >> i think what's different between the way the president uses twitter and the way alexandria uses twitter is he punches down, she punches up. >> ocasio-cortez also had to contend with criticism for some highly publicized gaffes in the media. she earned four pinocchios from "the washington post's" fact checker after tweeting that $21 trillion worth of pentagon accounting errors could have subsidized medicare for all. >> she should be accountable for this and she will be held accountable for this and she will probably be held more accountable for this than anybody else. i can't tell you how many times i've seen members of congress go on television and say things that are ridiculously untrue and nobody catches out of them because they don't care what's
7:50 pm
coming out of that member of congress' mouth. coming up, can an unapologetic democratic socialist represent the future of her party? >> now you have almost every candidate jumping into 2020 on the
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
with her mother and loved ones looking on, alexandria ocasio-cortez was sworn in january 3rd, 2019, as the youngest woman to ever serve in congress. she chose to mark the occasion by wearing white, a tribute to the suffrage ets who a a century earlier fought for a woman's right to it vote. >> people saw her as a symbol for someone who understood the challenges of racism and discrimination in this country who empathized with immigrants who are wasn't taking pac money. >> if we don't get what wement,
7:54 pm
whether through you or military, i will shut down the government. i'm proud to shut down the government for voter security. >> the 116th congress began with a stalemate. >> they highlighted the energy and the belief in the promise of government that someone that she represents. >> she scoured the capital. trying to find the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and urge him to reopen the government. >> we went to the cloak room. he's not in the capitol. he's not in the russell building
7:55 pm
and people don't have their pay chex. >> during her first speech on the floor of the house. >> it's not normal to shut down the government when we don't get what we want. it's not normal for a public servant to run away and hide from the public that they serve. >> the feed became the most viewed twitter view of a house speech ever. >> the next morning aoc conducted a a class on twitter tactic rs for house democrats. don't post a meme if you don't know what it is. >> after one month in congress, the influence was widespread. a numb of 2020 presidential contenders started including her twitter handle. while champion canning the green new deal. netflix spent $10 million for rights to knock down the house,
7:56 pm
a documentary profile. and on 60 minutes, she spoke out about the president's character. >> to do you believe president trump is is a racist? >> yeah, no question. >> she was apointed to the house financial services committee by chairwoman and fellow democratic fire brand maxine waters. >> that's the panel that's so quickly identified with wall street with the bang banks. alexandria ocasio-cortez is essentially an announced enemy of some of those interests. with president trump under scrutiny, she was also given a seat on the house oversight committee. >> the oversight committee can call in any member of the trump administration for questioning. as a freshman member, she's at the back of a very long line of democrat who is will get to do it. somehow i think the cameras will find her when it's her turn.
7:57 pm
>> if there's going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. >>. >> they want her to stick it to democrats. >> i'm going to be the bad guy, which i'm sure half the room would agree with any way. >> the one thing i hope that doesn't happen is this notion they are going to go out and try to take out democrats and primaries. >> she's going to have to find other members of congress. you can actually pass legislation on the things that we care about the environment and health care and women's rights. >> after her election, aoc joined a course of voices challenging amazon's $3.6 billion plan to build a corporate headquarters in
7:58 pm
queens. >> organizers and residents were busting down our doors saying you need to say something about this because we are threatened with homelessness and rising rents. >> amazon pulled out of the deal in february. others said she misrepresented the deal helping to squesm a project that would have brought thousands of jobs to the bureau. >> if people don't start to speak up against people like alexandria ocasio-cortez, who is is young and dynamic but does not know what she's talking about and her and her cohort, some of the new fresh progressive faces are going to hand the presidency back to donald trump. >> after that i have cancelled plans, she offered no apologies. >> it's incredible. it shows that every day americans still have the power to organize and fight for their
7:59 pm
community ps. and they can have more say in this country. >> when michael cohen testified in front of a house oversight committee in february 2019, represent alexandria ocasio-cortez laid out the factual basis to further the investigation. >> did the president provide inflated assets to an insurance company? >> yes. >> who else knows that the president did this? >> ron lieberman and matthew kal ma ray. >> after the hearing, aoc tweeted that bar tending and waitressing had had given her a razor sharp bs detecter. her bold ideas represent the future of the democratic party, a move towards kme presence hiv reform and a rejection of the business as usual in washington. >> she's done what claims to be possible for all. she's achieved success, she's
8:00 pm
achieved power, and risen against the odds to achieve a level of the american dream. >> these struggles will not be solved in two years or four years. it will take our whole lives, but this is the fight r for our lives. . this is the fight of our lives. the mueller thing never stops. >> this is the mueller report that's held the country in suspense for two years. >> it has a lot of jute jewsy stuff. >> it's a document that divided the country. how russian operatives hacked into our political system. >> we had a hostile foreign adversary influence the outcome of our election. that should be chilling for every american. >> a 22-month probe asking whether a future president was part of the plot. >> the president did not commit a crime. >> russia, ifou


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