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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 22, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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being in san juan. that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." you can follow u us @mitchellreports. here is stephanie ruhle. >> thank you very much. former mueller is set to testify on the hill in less than 48 hours. what do lawmakers want want? >> we'll be speaking to one of those members who's set to grill him. president trump is still attacking four congresswomen of color. now calling them troublemakers. we'll dig into trump's strategy. the 2020 candidate says the economy's lights are blinking red. we'll look at senator elizabeth warren's plan. president trump just spoke with reporters ahead of a bilateral
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meeting with kazakhstan prime minister. he spent some time blasting robert mueller in front of congress. mueller is due to testify on wednesday in front of the house's judicial and intelligence committee. joining me now is kristen welker. she was just inside the oval office minutes ago. after the mueller report was released, the president said i am totally exonerated and all set and he moved on. now he's saying mueller is too conflicted to testify? >> well, he reiterated both sentences moments ago. i asked him if he was worried about wednesday and the testimony by robert mueller. he said he's not worried and he went into some of those talking points that you just talked about, no collusion and no obstruction and tried to paint mueller as totally conflicted. he made this point, steph. he's trying to argue despite the
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fact that he's totally conflicted. the one good thing he did was determine there is no collusion and obstruction. democratic lawmakers would take issues with that characterization with the mueller report. they would underscore the point that mueller did not come to determination on the issue of obstruction. but you did get a preview. i think what we'll see from president trump as we awake the mueller report and on the day of the mueller report. he's undoubtedly going back to familiar lines of attack that we have seen from this president trying to under cut the entire investigation and democrats, he didn't pull his fire when it came to democrats. the mere fact they are holding these hearings, they are not getting anything done and went onto take off what he sees as his accomplishments including and especially when it comes to the economy. we should point out steph, we talked to president trump about a range of issues, everything from mueller to his new tweets
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against those four democratic and congresswoman as well as iran. a range of topics covered in the oval office moments ago and of course the situation in afghanistan as it relates to pakistan. is pakistan doing enough to help the u.s. deescalate that situation and pulling out all of its troops. >> kristen, thank you so much. i want to bling in my lead-off discussion team. abby livingston, nick johnston and mimi rocah for the southern district of new york. robert mueller has gone before congress 88 times. he has little patience for politics. we know he did not want to testify. what we are going to see on wednesday is highly politicized. could democrats be disappointed.
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they are loogiking for robert mueller to play ball and breathe new lights into the report. is he going to keep his mouth shut? >> it is possible that democrats will be disappointed. if it ends up to be a substance dodge. if mueller sticks to his promise of the public appearance that he'll not reveal new information if he testifies before congress. democrats are also paying attention to the politics of this. one aide i spoke to, how many americans have read a 448 page documents which is the report. they believe it will be powerful. the special counsel who conducted the investigation is in front of camera. discussing these findings and some startling findings. and including about the president as it relates to obstruction of justice. they believe it will be al powerful thing, politically, is it going to move the needle and the caucus. no one knows the answer to that. the last time robert mueller did
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speak in front camera about this. keep your eyes on that. does that move the needle? >> does it move it for the american people. is this the democrats' last ditch efforts to get people across the country to listen what's in the report and demand trump's removal from office. >> i don't know if it is the last ditch. i think within he's 100% explaining it. no one read this millions of pages of report, having it on television and having robert mueller being asked pointed questions. when we talk to folks -- they want to bring the people along with them. >> well, i want to bring you along with me. i need to interrupt because we got the video of president trump speaking. here he is with the prime minister of pakistan. >> we'll have the best 5g in the world just like everything else. our silicon valley can't be
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competed with. nobody can't compete with silicon valley of the brain power of what we do. nobody is focused on 5g but now we are. we have great companies going into 5g. at my request, we are going into 5g. >> the reporting of relationship of north korea. >> our relationship with north korea have been good. we released a good relationship with kim jong-un. there is no rocket testing or missile testing. we are getting our remains back and our hostages back. we have a very, very good relationship and that's very important. there has been no nuclear testings and what they are doing with 5g we'll have to see. i will find out.
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say again? >> i think we'll have a great meeting today. i consider this as an important meeting. i think we have met the potential of either country. the potential of pakistan and like wise, we have not come close to meeting him. there is tremendous potential between our country and pakistan. i think pakistan is going to help us out to extracate ourself. if we were to fight afghanistan, i can win that war in a week, i just don't want to kill 10 million people. does it make sense? i have plans on afghanistan that if i wanted
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to win that war, afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth. it would be gone. it will be over in literally ten days. i don't want to do that. i don't want to go that route. we are facing with policemen right now. >> we have been there for 19 years in afghanistan. it is ridiculous. >> pakistan helps us with that. we don't want to stay with policemen. i have a plan that would win that war for a short period of time. what we did and what our leadership got us into is ridiculous.
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we'll have good answers on afghanistan very quick. [ inaudible question ] >> so we are paying 1.3 billion to pakistan, working for many years. the problem was pakistan. this is before you. pakistan was not doing anything for us. they were really i think subversi subversive. i ended that about a year and a half ago.
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all of that can come back depending on what we'll work out. this i consider very important. we are working out things that are very important. at the end of this, we'll have a great relationship with pakistan. we should. it is a great country and great people. i have many friends from pakistan, living in new york, i have a lot of pakistanian friends and they are smart people and they are tough. >> no, i am not going to be watching. i will see a little bit of it. i am not going to be watching mueller of it because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we have no collusion. no obstruction, we have no
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nothing. we have a total of no collusion finding. the democrats were devastated by it. they went crazy. they gone off the deep end and not doing anything and healthcare, they're not lowering drug prices. i am lowering drug prices. first time in 53 years drug prices went down. i am doing that without the help of congress which makes it tougher to do because if they work with us, i can get drug prices down in half. the democrats don't seem to care about drug prices. all they care about is a phony investigation where the report was written. no collusion. the report was written and the attorney general based on the report was easily able to find there was no obstruction. er mueller is conflicted and
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including the fact that his best friend is james comey. he wanted the job of fbi director, he did not get it. we had a business relationship where i said "no" and he was not happy and aud ll of a sudden, h gets the position. no collusion and no obstruction, this thing should have ended for a long time ago. this thing has been going on for 2.5 years. we'll never allow this to happen this again. on top of everything else, we had a strongest economy where we just discussed this with the prime minister. we have the strongest economy the united states ever had. we had the highest stock market literally on friday and thursday. we broke into the record of 109 times for highest stock market. i believe thursday of last week. we hit the all time's highest of the history of our country. our country is doing phenomenaly
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well. unemployment is the lowest of 51 years and soon to be the lowest in history. blac blacks, hispanics and asians employment, the lowest. nobody have done in 2.5 years like what we have done. the biggest tax cuts and biggest regulation cuts in history. if we end up winning the house back, we'll keep the presidency. we should keep the presidency easy when you have the strongest economy of the history of our country and somebody is going to run against that particular president and even though in this case it is me. in theory, i have a big event. i don't know. i have to ask you. >> they want to stay off the economy subject. what they are doing is just
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hearing after hearing. it is nonsense, okay? >> they try an impeachment vote. they got slaughter last week. it was the most ridiculous. i didn't know they're going to do it. >> i have a lot of respect for the democrats. most of them voted against impeachment last week. i have a lot of respect for those democrats that did that. we are talking about it, we'll have good talks with nancy pelosi and kevin mccartney who are doing well on debt limit. however you want to define that, we are doing well on that and i think we are doing well on our
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budget. very important we take care of our military and it is depleted and the last two and a half years, we undepleted it. we have made it stronger than ever before. we need another big year so we had 700 billion. we have done 716 billion and this year we are going to be asking for a number slightly larger than that. we are putting our military back in that it has never been before. the best missile in the world and the best military equipment of what rebuilding of submarine is the finest. nobody could think of what we a are building. larger ship in the world. it is so large that maybe i can rent as plane on top of it, okay? it is a big one. president gerald ford, it is phenomenal ship. what we are doing is incredible
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things for our country. i may say this about the military equipment. it is all made in the usa. everything. 100%. it is all made in the usa. it is one of the reasons our jobs are so good and lowest of unemployment. yeah. >> well, i can't say that yet because he has not extende extended -- after today's meeting maybe he won't but i have a feeling he may. yes, i would love to go to pakistan. >> are you talking about from afghanistan? >> yes.
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>> we have withdrawn quite a few. and we are doing it very slowly and safely. we are working with pakistan and with negotiators and with the taliban. we are doing very well in that regarded. it is something we can do. we can go one or two ways. i don't want to do that because we are talking about million of people. we are working with pakistan in getting a solution. i think it has worked very well. would you say? we have done what we are supposed to do. if we wanted to be soldiers, it would be over in one week and
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ten days. i have not chosen that. why would we kill millions of people? it would not be fair in ter. in terms of humanity, it would not be fair. i think pakistan will be a big help. >> you see the closest we have been pakistan. there is no military solution. if you go all out military, there will be millions and millions of people who'll die. there is only one solution. i feel that i think we'll discuss this as the closest we have been to a peace deal. in the coming days, we'll be
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able to urge the taliban to speak and come to a settle of solution. >> what the prime minister just said is very big. we have made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks and pakistan has helped us with that progress. a lot of great things are happening. a lot of things are happening for r tthe united states and a of great things are happening for pakistan too under your leadership. >> thank you. >> i think iran does not know where they are. i have been watching and reading a lot of reports and right now they are mixed up country. they don't know whether they are coming or going. they have tremendous problems economically. their country is in turmoil. they're having demonstrations all over iran. inflation rates at 75%. they have a lot of problems.
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so whatever it is, i am just going to sit back and wait, let's see what happens. i will say they are doing very poorly as a country and we'll see what happens. we did actually because they said no. it is a religious country or leaders. they lie a lot. we had to shoot down a drone. the drone came down. you know how it came down with a new technology that's quite amazing. but, we took down one of their drones and instead of saying yeah, that happened, they lied and said it did not happen. we have this line of proof that's called take a look at it in the ocean floor. just go down there -- take your scuba gear, one of you would do that. we took down their drone. i wrote a report about cia, that's another lie. they put out propaganda and put out lies.
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i don't think pakistan would not do anything like that, right? >> definitely not >> pakistan would never lie but iran does. let's see what happens with iran. we are ready for the absolutely worse. we are very geared up and they are really the number one state of terror in the world. i have to say they pulled back because their money is running very low. the deal president obama made was a disaster because it was a short term and it did not cover ballistic missiles. they gave $150 billion plus, plus $1.8 billion in green beautiful cash. that's called many plane loads of cash. i think pakistan would like to have some of that cash. they gave $1.8 billion in cash which is unthinkable and instead of being respectful and
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thankful, which frankly they should have been for the united states and president obama for making that ridiculous deal. instead of being respectful, they put their finger up in the air and this finger, the thumb, they put their finger up in the air and they disrespected the united states. they should not have done it. it was a big mistake. one of the best things i have done is terminate that ridiculous deal. if they want to make a deal it is frankly getting harder for me to make a deal with iran because they behave badly. they're saying bad things and i will tell you it could go either way, very easily. very easily. i am okay either way it goes. are you from pakistan? >> yes, i want a couple of pa
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packistanian. >> you have so much hope -- >> you mean what they did not do? i don't think pakistan respected the united states. i don't think pakistan respected its president i think pakistan could have done a lot. i think pakistan can do tremendous amount against with respect to afghanistan, they did not do it and i don't blame them. they're dealing with the wrong president. who knows? pakistan a pakistan helped us a lot in the past. we have a new leader here, sort of 2.5 years, getting to be three years. can you believe it? time flies. i think pakistan could have done a lot but they chose not to because they did not respect u.s. leadership.
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i will let you know that quickly. i am going to know soon. it is not going to be a long-term thing. i figure things out very quickly. so the question -- probably the best question that you have asked for a long time. mueller, she's been asking this mueller thing for two years. i have to focus on that. i think pakistan is going to do a lot. i really do. i think pakistan is going to make a big difference. i think pakistan will save millions of lives in afghanistan. i really believe they can, they have a power that other nations don't have with respect to afghanistan. i will say as of this moment, they're working very hard. >> protesters in hong kong and ongoing protests by gangs and hong kong chinese government is
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sort of looking around. have you seen that footage? >> well, i have. i know president xi we are working on trade deals right now and we'll see what happens. but, i know that that's a very important situation for president xi. you know you can say what you said but you can also say he has allowed that to go on for a long time. it has been relatively non-violent. >> well, i don't think china stopped them. china could stop them. again, i am not involved in it very much. i think president xi of china has acted responsibly. they have been out there protested for a long time. i have never seen protests like that. looks like 2 million people. that's a big protest.
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but, i hope that president xi will do the right thing. it has been going on for a long time. did you want to take a question? >> mr. prime minister, mr. president says pakistan -- steps do you push forward for peace? >> number one. this is the longest war the united states have before
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fought. it is almost 90 years. number two, anyone who knows the history of afghanistan, you have to look back at the history. there is always going to be a political settlement at the end. i have to compliment president trump because he has not force people to have a settlement. that's where i think pakistan is playing an important role because pakistan has a 1500 mile border of pakistan. this is a critical time. i am looking forward to my talks with president trump. we have a military leadership here because obviously it is a security situation. what we want is understanding between the two countries.
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i can assure president trump that what ever we'll be saying, we'll be straight with them. there will never be any questions or doubts on pakistan's intent. the country that wants more than any other countries for pakistan because we are directly affected by it. we have had 15 years for fighting this war. 70,000 pakistan or $150 billion lost to the economy. we desperately want peace. i am happy that president trump has pushed this forward so we have all come forward for this.
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[ inaudible question ] >> okay, he's got it. >> i would be asking president trump, he's the most powerful country of the world, the united states, it can play the most important role bringing into the east sub continent. there is over a billion and a quarter people in the sub-continent. >> i feel the most powerful state headed by president trump can bring the two countries together. from my point i can tell you that we have tried our best, we have started dialogues and
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resolve differences through dialogues. i am hoping that president trump would push this process. >> so i was prime minister modi two weeks ago and we talked about this subject. he actually said would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator, i said "where"? i said kashmir. >> 70 years. >> i think they would like to see it resolved. if i can help, i would love to be the mediator. two incredible countries with smart leadership can't solve a problem like that. if you want me to mediate or arbitrate, i would be willing to do it. >> president, i can tell you right now, you would have the prayers over a billion of people if you can remediate and solve the situation.
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>> he asked me the same thing. maybe i will speak to him and we'll see. i have heard so much about kashmir. such a beautiful place. it is supposed to be a beautiful part in the world but right now there are bombs all over the world and it is a terrible situation that's been going phenomenon for many years. let me give you one thing afghanistan. we dropped the largest -- we were ready to make many of those bombs. it took out a lot of the tunnels. it left a hole in the earth, it looked like the moon and a crater of the moon, it is still there. nobody has ever seen anything like it. people heard it 15 miles away. what was that? it shook the earth. the largest ever made by far and they were going to make many of
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them and i said no. you don't have to. yo i don't want to drop that. so many easy solutions. that's the easiest solution. i think people will be successful not having to go through that route. i have tremendous confidence in the prime minister. >> one or two more. go ahead. >> pakistan -- pakistan has one of the freest press in the world. all you have to do is since i
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have been the prime minister of the last ten months. the criticisms i have received from my own press is unprecedented. to say that it is a joke. >> when you say unprecedent unprecedented -- wait a minute. you can't be treated worse than i do. you have to speak because i did not hear your wordspress?
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>> we'll be giving you information about the two hostages. [ inaudible questions ] >> ask it again. >> your feud of the four congresswomen. i think they're very bad for our country, they hate our country. the four congresswomen were talking about -- what they said about israel and our country when they talk about disgusting people and when they talk about the way they talk when the one mentioned that brown people should speak for brown people
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and muslim should speak for muslim people. you hear all this. it is not what our country is about. i think they're bad for our country and bad for the democratic party. i think you see that. and they're pulling the democrats way left, nobody knows how to handle them. i feel they are easy to handle. they're easy to handle. they're out there. they're bad for our country, absolutely. no racial tension. i had my best numbers recently because of the economy of what i have done for the african-american. when you look at the african-americans are doing better than they ever done in our country, we are creating numbers, look at the poverty numbers and so many -- look at the unemployment numbers, the best they ever had. we had fantastic relationships with the african-american
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community. certainly you will see that in 2020. >> you are saying you are going to win the 2020 election. you are very confident about it. sir, you also have a big war against corruption in pakistan. can you give us an idea on that. >> i think he's going to win. i will go to campaign for you. i am going to help him win. >> i agree and i think it is very true. the answer is yes. i see great trades with pakistan. i am not talking about a little bit. we can go 10 or 20 times of what we are doing right now. pakistan is a big country. it is actually a very big country.
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they have tremendous product. they make great products. they make tremendous. i bought from pakistan over the years. they are brilliant people and hardworking people. i think we'll have a fantastic trade relationship. i think we can quadruple. literally sounds great. you can go ten times more or 20 times more. what we do right now is not much. we should do a lot. i think that's going to be -- i do agree that has so much to do with great piece and having a great trading relationship. so much to do with peace and extremism in this case. i expect we were within a short period of time and start having significant trade with spak stastwith
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pakistan. again there is no nuclear testing. there is no missile testing or nothing. i think we'll -- >> when they're ready. >> go ahead. >> that would be far for us. >> we'll be discussing it.
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they're getting asylum in india. >> i think i can very well. i have a very good relationship with prime minister modi, i think we'll have a phenomenal relationship with the prime minister. it is a two-way street. you say india is coming in and destabilizing pakistan. india is saying that pakistan is comiing in. there is a lot of room there we can meet. >> you got a question? >> he's a terrible governor. i think you have an everyone worse mayor of san juan. i think she's horrible. i watched her. my people did nothing but complain about her when we helped them with their hurricane problem. the mayor of san juan, puerto rico is a horror show. she's grossly incompetent.
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the governor is not good. so the united states congress, you won't believe this. please close your ears, they gave puerto rico $92 billion. the congress of united states handed them $92 billion. $92 billion is in the hands of incompetent people and very corrupt people. the governor has done a terrible job and the mayor of san juan, she's horrible. she's so bad for our people. the government of the united states have to be careful. i am the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. they don't like to give me the credit for it. we have many puerto rican friends. i have a real understanding of puerto rico. i had jobs in puerto rico.
10:41 am
the most successful, i owned the miss universe contest and miss pageant. we had them in puerto rico twice. we had tremendous success. they said literally 100% this ever happens. i think it was close to 100% of the island itself was watching. >> i am the best thing that ever happens to puerto rico. sp pakistan was getting 1.3. $93 billion and the money was wasted and stoenlen. the senators are not happy about it and congress is not happy about it. you have incompetent. the people of puerto rico are great. the people of puerto rico are
10:42 am
like me. nobody given them what i gave them. the leadership is corrupt and incompetent. thank you very much everyone. >> there you have it with president trump and pakistan minister. >> back with me. kristen, to you first, let's talk about the president and in less than 48 hours, robert mueller will be testifying. the president before he said it again. he's not going to be watching or
10:43 am
listening, that's tough to believe. either way he continue to say he's too conflicted. how is the president saying mueller is too conflicted while accepting what he believes was collusion which was no collusion. >> it is definitely a hard argument to make, steph. you are absolutely right. i want to point out i am not going to watch but i will watch a little but i probably won't watch. he's contradicting himself there. what you are witnessing is a preview of what we are going to see from this president over the next few days and on the day that mueller testifies which is a reiteration of some of these lines attack, attacking mueller being conflicted. he gives him great props for saying there is no collusion and obstruction. it is important to point out, the mueller report did not say
10:44 am
there was no on strbstruction. he did not come to a determination. that's at the forefront when mueller is sasked more question on wednesday. i want to point out adam schiff who i had a chance to interview at the summit over the weekend, i asked him what's your key question for mueller and one of the key questions steph, according to schiff will be would he charge president trump with a crime once he's out of office. that gives you a window into the line of questioning that we can expect to see heading into wednesday. it is going to be a contentious day as you thoink of the responses that we'll get from the white house. at this point in time there does not seem to be a prepared response at the ready. mueller says he's going to stick with the content of his report and we expect him to do that. will ever, they don't anticipate a broader response.
10:45 am
we'll have to see that. >> abby, your biggest take away. president trump coverered a ld . >> still apparent that mueller is on his mind. if trump was not president, would he have indicted him? i think it will be a fascinating week. the problem for democrats is they're going to recess at the end o f this week. everyone if it is wall to wall coverage and accomplish what they want out of this, it will be hard to sustain that coverage once members leave washington. >> walk us through, what do you think stuck out? >> stephanie, i want to pick up one thing, he went after the squad again. he said similar things in the past and one of the vocal points there is tlaib talked about
10:46 am
impeachment. what people don't realize th that -- she waon her democratic party by one point. that's dangerous for her but a narrative that she's going toe to toe with president trump is excellent for her. >> these four democrats, is it good for their political careers? the president dug the squad, the new face and influence of all democrats, these are four freshmen who are representing blue districts. >> it is good for them to put the issues they want on the agenda. it is good for them to get the
10:47 am
oxygen. i am not sure they are enjoying this feud. it does not mean it is good for the broader democratic party which does not at this point which wants to be defined by the ideas or rehetoric of these fou women. the party will certainly be defined by its presidential nomine nominees. >> mimi, i know you are laser focus on the president's comment on mueller. we are less than 48 hours away from that testimony. so much writing on this. the president is looking to discredit mueller, democrats depending on him. mueller testifiied 88 times before congress. we know he does not want to be political. i can't imagine a more political event. what do you think is going to go down? >> right. you know i think steph that part of mueller's value is that he is
10:48 am
not going to get political. many people were disappointed by the report because it was not as clear abut it did what mueller does, it laid out the facts in a non-partisan way. if they let mueller speak and get the story oit so it is not coming from the democrats or a p political person. it is coming from the one person left in this whole process that unless you are on the fringes and disincline to believe anyone or anything, you are going to believe robert mueller. he has preserved his integrity as a non political actor. i think they have to let him tell things that many of us already know and many of us don't already know. they also need to get out what he did not do. what he did not look at. that's part of what adam schiff had been trying to say.
10:49 am
mueller did not look at trump's finances. we don't know the extent of his foreign conflicts. they're important to look at and mueller limited himself and did not go into every possible corner he could have. if they can get out from mueller what bill barr did or did not do with respect to this investigation. i for once if bob mueller tells me that barr did not interfere and did not shut down the investigation, i am going to breathe a lot easier about the other investigations that are out there. that does not mean that barr is free and clear. it will make me feel better because right now i am skeptical. if bob mueller tells me that is barr did not interfere with his investigati investigation, that's going to be a relief for a lot of people but if there are hints that he did, they need to dig deeper because that's going to affect future investigations like the southern district of new york. >> thank you all very much. mimi rocah and abby livingston
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and kristen welker. joining me now, democrat from a state of illinois and a member of the house intelligence committee. he'll be in a position to ask robert mueller those questions on wednesday. congressman wednesday. the intelligence committee is meeting with mueller on wednesday. two separate committees, but total of five hours. we know you heard it. we heard it. the president spoke for 30 minutes trying very hard to discredit robert mueller. what was your take on the president's comments? i think first of all, i don't believe that the president's not going to watch any of the testimony or tweet during the five hours of testimony. i think it is mueller time. it is bob mueller's chance to talk about the report. i doubt very few viewers read the report. it is very long and dense. i think a lot of them will consume the report through his live testimony. a lot more people watched
10:51 am
"godfather" the movie than read the book. >> here is the thing. you don't know what robert mueller is going to do. is there a risk for democrats when you say it is mueller time. sit back and he will put on a show. he doesn't want to put on a show. he doesn't want to be there. >> that's right. i think he's going to be speaking mostly about what he found and what's in the report, but even doing that and educating the public will be a big service. just one thing that jumps out at you about his report is how, you know, the trump campaign actually had advance knowledge of the interference that russia was going to conduct in 2016. they welcomed it. they used the fruits of that exploitation and took the meetings which they never reported and covered up later on. if even it didn't rise to a
10:52 am
conspiracy, it was deeply unpatriot unpatriotic. >> this could move the american people to push for impeachment of donald trump or vote him out of office come 2020. what happens if that doesn't pan out? >> i don't know. >> do democrats have a back-up plan? >> i think right now we -- regardless of what happens with the mueller hearing, the investigations have to continue. i think one thing you mentioned in the previous segment which is important which is in part some of the questioning will be about what mr. pumueller did not do a part of the investigation. looking at counter intelligence risk associated with links between current donald trump associate and russians and looking into the finances and help motivate what he is doing right now with regard to the russians. we will continue to investigate those lines of inquiry and show
10:53 am
the american people the results of the investigations. >> the president talked about a lot of things while speaking in the oval office. >> he did. >> one was the economy. he was boasting about low unemployment for african-americans. he talked about the booming stock market. if the president leans on the economy and decides to make that his focus rather than race, what position can democrats take knowing that a huge portion of the country isn't doing that well? >> sure. obviously house republicans ran on that as well in 2018. as you know the house flipped to democratic majority. the reason was simple which is a lot of people don't feel like the economy is doing as well as he would advertise. also despite his campaign promises to lower prescription drugs or rebuild america's infrastructure neither of those and no other campaign programs
10:54 am
promises have made have come to fruition. you need to continue to run on the pocketbook positions. we need to move america forward and do well. >> as a fellow member of congress, what is your take on the president and allies as he looks to 2020 not looking at the 20 plus people he is running against as the possible face of the democratic party, but instead four female freshmen congress member all women of color. what shift should the party be taking? >> i think one thing that i believe he did in attacking the four women was in some ways unifying the party and caucus against the raicism and bigotry and his comments. i think we at the same time have to galvanize the issues and look
10:55 am
to the vision and continue to show how americans need to get on to the up escalator of the economy and we have the policies for doing that. >> congressman, do you run the risk you play to the president's hand he's okay if you call him a racist and shameless. democrats have been calling him that and non-democrats have been calling him that for years. his goal was to galvanize the democratic party. he did. in terms of policy. a week ago we were not talking about democrats being unified in terms of policy. has the president changed a brand in your message and pulled the party further left? >> i don't think so. although you are correct that some people have sounded the alarm on a number of his statement notice pas in the pas. 30% of my constituents are
10:56 am
foreign born and many others have foreign born loved ones. they are all americans and upset of what he did. i myself am a naturalized citizen and immigrant. i have to say what he did in making those comments, i think changed people's impressions of him to some degree in the middle. even people who weren't democrats. i think that is something that he runs the risk of if he continues this. it is not only politically bad, but morally wrong. i think we have to also focus on a positive economic vision inclusive of all americans regardless of what he says. >> congress member thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. next, presidential candidate elizabeth warren warning of a coming economic crash. here's at good news. she has a plan for that or she believes she does. we will look at her proposal. you are watching "velshi &
10:57 am
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thank you for watching this busy hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. see you back here tomorrow at 9:00. i hand coverage to my colleague. chris jansing. >> thank you. can i say how awesome you were with the kids. >> i did post it. dance or donate. you are lucky i did not nominate you. if i had, you had to deliver. >> dancing queen. stephanie ruhle. thank you. i'm chris jansing in for katy tur. it is 2:00 p.m. in the east. we are hours away from robert mueller's testimony in front of two separate congressional committees. we just heard from president trump who made his position crystal clear about mueller answering questions. he's not happy about it.
11:00 am
>> i'm not going to be watching. probably a little bit. i'm not watching mueller because you can't take all of those bites out of the apple. we had no collusion, no obstruction. we had no nothing. we had a total no collusion finding. the report was written. it said no collusion. the report was written. the attorney general based on the record was easily able to find no obstruction. there's no nothing. they are wasting their time. robert mueller. i know he is conflicted. a lot of conflicts. including the fact his best friend is comey. he has conflicts with me, too. big conflicts. he wanted the job of the fbi director. he didn't get it. we had a business relationship where i said no and i would say he wasn't happy. all of a sudden


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