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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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10:00 a.m. the rachel maddow show starts now. bring it are in in for a landing right on time. yes, i did. >> thank you very much, my friend. thanks to youa at home. happy to have you here on a monday night. if the fox news channel is pro trump for you, you may or may not know there is another boutique little news outlet designed specifically for trump mega fans called one america. one america news network. the trump white house gave this boutique outfit a hard pass for access to the white house grounds and a permanent seat in the briefing room. remember when the white house used to hold press briefings? they had a seat. president trump started quoting this little news outlet and frequently telling people they should be praising their ratings, the highest possible praise from this president.
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today has been a more ridiculous than most day in the news. we have a busy show. the single most perfectly stormed story of the day and the single most sparkly story of the entire day is this scoop from reporter kevin pollson at the daily beast who said trump's favorite more trumpier than pucks tv network that the president has been promoting and telling everyone they should watch and is better than fox, turns out that network has a full time on air reporter who covers u.s. politics who is simultaneously on the payroll of the kremlin. what? at the same time he works for trump's favorite one america news team, he is being paid by the russian government to produce government funded pro putin propaganda for a russian government funded propaganda
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outfit called sputnik that had a key in the intervention in the 2016 election to help trump according to the assessment of that attack. they are formally registered as an agent of a foreign power. there is a lot of news today, but among the jiblets that were dropped off to eat off the floor today is the actual news that this super right wing news outlet the president endorsed as a preferable alternative to fox news, but they are insufficiently pro trump and he like this is other outlet better. they share staff with the kremlin. what? it's an easy thing to throw out like an epitaph. that looks like russian propaganda. the most right wing news outlet
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in america literally is paid russian propaganda. the politics reporter is paid by the russian government to produce propaganda for that government. this is the kind of news we are supposed to take in stride these days. and we do our best. that is just one of the things we learned today. you just swallow that and you move on. we expect that they won't fire their kremlin staffer and expect that the president will keep promoting them and expect that other right wing news outlets wonder if they should have a kremlin staffer doing u.s. politics reporting, too. it makes it easier to get the message. anyway, let's get to it. there is a lot going on. and given all of the drama happening right now in washington and how much more dramatic it's going to get in washington over the next two days, i want to start with something in washington that was a tremendously solemn occasion.
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the country started the process of laying to rest former supreme court justice, john paul stevens who was a republican. he was appointed to the circuit court of appeals by richard nixon and appointed to the supreme court by another republican president. justice stevens was the leader of the liberal wing on the u.s. supreme court where he served for over three decades. the author of the famous dissent in bush v gore outlawing the execution of the mentally dispayabled and two key rulings that tried to subject guantanamo, the lawless third country in prison. justice stevens retired in 2010 where upon his seat went to elena kagan. tomorrow there will be a private burial for justice stevens.
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as he laid in repose at the great hall of the supreme court, it was justice kagan who holds his seat who spoke for him in her remarks and singled out his law clerks. law clerks who served with him in each of 30 plus years on the court. they all came to the court to honor him and she started addressing his law clerks, which was interesting. she started with a reference to his work ethic and how much the work of his own chamber as he famously shouldered himself. >> justice stevens more than most justices did not need law clerks. over the years and in these last few days about justice stevens, you all say the same thing. you all say that he was the best boss you ever had. you all say that you learned the most from him. that you learned the most in
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that year that you spent with him than in any year before or since. you learned how to lead a good and honorable life. you learned about treating people with dignity and with courtesy and with respect. and with kindness. and you learned about the importance of putting all your legal talents and gifts to use in serving others. and as you have lived by those lessons and as you pass them on to others after you, you perhaps do the most to honor justice stevens and to honor his legacy. >> justice elena kagan at the great call hall of the supreme court as he lays in repose. imagine somebody being able to say things like that at your funeral. justice john paul stevens in addition his service, he served
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in world war ii. he enlisted in the military the day before pearl harbor. the day before. he was a code breaker. he won the bronze star in a private ceremony and will be buried at arlington. his passing feels like a powerful touch stone at this exact moment in our national life. the day after justice stevens is buried tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, robert mueller will testify to congress about the russia investigation he led and his report and his findings. there have been a bunch of interesting headlines all day about what to expect when his testimony gets under way on wednesday and how it's already being fought over. first we learned today that he will make an opening statement of some kind. this means that in terms of your wednesday, you should plan to be in your chair and watching and ready to go at least by 8:30 a.m. eastern time. mueller is giving an opening
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statement in addition opening remarks from the chairman and the members. we do not know what's in mueller's opening statement, but his spokes people said his opening statement didn't have to be cleared with the justice department and has not been cleared with the justice department. that's important and interesting because nobody know what is he's going to say. it also means that even though the justice department has been trying to pressure mueller about his testimony and the constraints they want on it, if mueller is planning an opening statement he is not planning on showing the department ahead of time, that at least means he is retaining independent control over his remarks regardless of what the justice department is telling him to do. just before we got on the air, jake gibson was first to report on this letter that the justice department sent to robert mueller today, trying basically to cirque um scribe his testimony on wednesday morning. doctor mr. mueller, i write in response to your july 10th, 2019
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letter concerning the testimonial subpoenas you received from the judiciary and intelligence committees in the house. it quotes from what mueller said in his one public press conference at the end of may and pulls up the guillotine in terms of mueller's testimony. the department generally does not perm prosecutors such as yourself to appear and testify before congress regarding their investigative and prosecutorial activity. should you testify, your testimony should not go beyond the public version of your report to the attorney general. there should be no testimony concerning the redacted versions of your report. it is the department's long standing policy not to discuss the conduct of uncharged third parties, named trump. the department policy precludes comments on the fact develop and legal conclusions by the special counsel with respect to
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uncharged individual. the president. he is not allowed to say anything about investigative steps or decisions made during your investigation, claciming they are covered by privilege. i trust this information is helpful. it is signed by associate deputy attorney general, bradley wine shimer. he was appointed to that job by jeff sessions last summer. in a typical for the trump administration misspelled press release, the announcement of getting that job, literally the second paragraph contained both a typo, wine shimer will began serving. as acting associate turn general and right there in black and white, in this position he will have no role in overseeing the special counsel. he will have no role in overseeing the special counsel except now, there he is signing
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this new letter that directs mueller to not say anything at all to congress about trump or about any of his investigative decisions saying that everything else he did is covered by privilege and otherwise stuff at the department expects him not to talk about or wants him not to talk about. a senior official told us that mueller's july 10th letter to the justice department which this letter said it is in response to, apparently that letter from mueller to justice was a one-paragraph letter sending them the subpoenas he got from congress and asking for guidance on what he could say. now we know from the publication of this letter that the justice department took 12 days to respond to mule eller and gave order to not tell anything at all, not about the president or anyone else and signed by a justice department official who is supposed to have no role in this matter at all. we are going to get expert help on that in a second in terms of
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the implications of this letter and what mueller might do about it. you should also know that the president appears to already be freaking out a bit about mueller's wednesday morning testimony. whether you see the letter that was sent to mueller as part of the freak out is up to you, but he is saying directly online that mueller shouldn't be allowed to testify wednesday morning and claiming that robert mueller has terrible conflict of interest that nobody has been able to explain. one thing to keep an eye on one day ahead of mueller, chris wray is due to testify at an oversight hearing in the senate judiciary. even if robert mueller follow this is letter he received and says basically nothing, he and his team, mueller's investigation included a whole team of high level fbi agents.
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his team was handed ongoing open fbi investigations for them to fold into their work. if the fbi has thing that is it should answer for in this scandal and the director has quiet he should answer when it comes to the investigation that mueller led when it comes to the counter intelligence into whether or not the president was by a foreign power with the warrants that show them seeking from the court to get evidence of michael cohen communicating with trump and the trump campaign in the process of committing the felonies. if they take questions on any of that, his testimony in the senate judiciary committee tomorrow might be a worthy warm up act for robert mueller testifying the following morning. the democrats on the senate judiciary committee that chris
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wray will have send to be on top of it. this is in all of them, but you recognize these folks. not to be weird, but three of the four people on screen here are right now running for president. they are in the senate and not the house. these senators, harris, booker, klobuchar are never going to get a chance to ask mueller anything, but will ask chris wray with mazie hirono and all the other democrats led by senator dianne feinstein. as we close in on what we all expect to be the key moment in our democracy this week, simultaneously we are also seeing an almost unimaginably outbreak in puerto rico. you saw this today. these were the largest protests ever in the history of puerto
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rico. it shut down the city streets and everything on the island as a significant portion of the population turned out to demand the resignation of the governor for corruption and leaked messages that showed in unvarnished language what they think of the people of puerto rico. for the botched response to hurricane maria and the thousands of deaths that entailed. the crowds were just absolutely stunning. and the governor's own stumble into an interview for which he clearly was not prepared on fox news with shep smith, honestly may have nailed his own political coffin shut today. >> of the oversight board that controls puerto rico's finance, go f yourself. when your representative said he is salivating to shoot the woman, he said you would be doing me a grand favor. attacks on women and gays and dead residents across the island
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and who is left to support and you is it safe for to you continue to attempt to govern? >> again, i apologized for that. i am making amends for the efforts. >> you apologized for what? >> for the comments i made on the chat. >> why did you say those things? what inspired you to say those things to other officials in such a cavalier dismissive way? do you remember what it was? it wasn't just a day or a week or a month. it was two months. 900 pages in december and january of that sort of language from the governor, by the way, about his own people. >> again, some of that is not mine. some was discussed. >> that's true because someone else said -- you're right. i want to clarify.
6:17 pm
someone else said i would like to shoot the female mayor of san juan and you said you would be doing me a great favor. >> shep smith is good at his job. >> i don't know if he thought he was going on a different part of fox. i don't know if he doesn't think he would get the questions about why a million puerto ricans are in the streets demanding has resignation and shutting down that capital. i'm sure that did not help. he said he will not run for reelection and resigned his leadership role, but has not resigned his office which is what all the people in the streets are seeking. honestly, it has been a remarkable day in the news. these images today of violent mobs of men wielding metal bars and bats, attacking people and
6:18 pm
wounding dozens of people. these men in white shirts and many of them the victims said they believe them to be organized crime members. many said they believe the men were bis tached by the chinese government and many beating people in the train station in hong kong were carrying the flag of mainland chine as they did so. these images, terrifying as they are, follow a report in the financial times that president trump recently advised that the u.s. would back off and say nagano matter what president xi did to crack down on the protesters. he could do whatever he wanted and the u.s. would not bother him. as we all saw the images from the protests and from these violent attacks, there was no response. the president was asked about the attacks by masked gangs of
6:19 pm
men and the president told reporters he had seen the footage and said you know, it has been relatively nonviolent. that was his response after the reports that the president assures shina they could do what they want. president trump hosted the president of pakistan at the white house today. remember when he attacked the khan family, the parents of the man killed in iraq fighting for the u.s.? his parents spoke at democratic national convention and the president attacked his family and his parents specifically. the parents said if you look at his wife, meaning his father's wife, captain khan's mother. she was standing there and had nothing to say. maybe she was not allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. that was how the president attacked them. they are pakistani-american.
6:20 pm
the president attacked mrs. khan has not being allowed to speak because she is muslim and pakistani. she explained she was too grief stricken by the loss of her son to speak and stood next to her husband as he gave remarks. the president said maybe she is not allowed to speak. who knows. you tell me. take another look at what president trump posted to the president of pakistan. notice anything? who knows. maybe the women are not allowed in there in the united states. who knows. you tell me. so there is a lot going on. on top of everybody being on uj with mueller's testimony, there is a lot going on. this is no time to check out. we just obtained this remarkable letter from the justice department tonight and the letter said he cannot talk about
6:21 pm
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>> any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report. it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made. we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. in the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> that was robert mueller in may saying if he was called to testify to congress, he would not go beyond what was already in his report. robert mueller was subsequently subpoenaed by the judiciary and intelligence in the house and due to testify wednesday morning. tonight in a last minute letter from the justice department, a
6:26 pm
career official who is associate deputy attorney general at the justice department is telling mueller he must stick to the findings and may not answer any questions beyond what he wrote. any testimony must remain within the boundaries of your public report. the justice department said to mueller that marries within the scope of his investigation that are covered by executive privilege are any discussion about investigative steps or discussions made during your investigation. the justice department is trying to close off mueller from being able to answer questions on those matters. joining us is a spokesperson from the obama administration. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> of course. >> part of this echoes what mueller himself said that he wouldn't go beyond what's in his report. elements of this letter seem to go beyond that, telling mueller he won't be allowed to answer
6:27 pm
questions about investigative steps or decision making processes that attorney general william barr talked a lot about and has gone out of his way to characterize what mueller did and why. mueller according to the justice department won't be allowed to explain them? >> you hit on the most remarkable thing. the attorney general has testified three times about this report and held a press conference and talked about it in a number of interviews and talked about his own decision making and mueller's decision making and the president's motivations for why he took the actions that he did and has done so in terms that go far beyond what the report says. it feels like's rerun that bill bar can say anything he wants and why doj made the decisions they did and what's property of appropriate and what's not, but the special counsel shouldn't be allowed to do so. >> given that not just in the
6:28 pm
abstract, but that barr characterized his decision making process and investigative decisions he made and how he gave them meaning. given that context, will mueller receive this as black letter instruction he will follow to the letter or is this the sort of thing he might have his own ideas about given that he's a private citizen and the justice department doesn't get to control what he does. >> he can ignore it if he wants. jim comey and sally yates testified and sally yates got a similar letter that was not quite as aggressive. both of those officials ignored the department and said what they wanted to. mueller can do that, too. there is no way they can stop him. i suspect that he will respect the guidance given and what makes me think that is what he
6:29 pm
said and made clear he doesn't want to testify and he asked for this letter. going in as a private citizen, but is there under seubpoena. he didn't want to answer them and he didn't have any legal right to do so. what the justice department has done is they blocked him from identifying if he wants to take their instruction, but a legal reason to do so and say i'm under orders because they said they might raise privileges down the road. >> in terms of propriety of the letter where they assert everything is subject to privilege, does that seem aspirational or realistic? >> i think these are the things, it's important that they didn't just assert the typical privilege you hear with the presidential communication privilege with the president and top aides.
6:30 pm
they hold out and they are not recognized to be supreme when they come into congress's need with presidential misconduct. that's the problem with everything in this letter. they make the good point that doj doesn't testify about uncharged individuals. that's true, but the difference is the main subject of this investigation couldn't be charged. all the privileges and the typical rational that would apply don't apply in a case where the president was under investigation and by doj's own logic, congress is supposed to police any misconduct. >> the attorney general has been happy to talk about the no charge decision for this individual. this is an interesting shot. matt miller, thanks for being here. much appreciated. >> more to come, including a report you have not seen anywhere else.
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this is an exclusive story this evening. you haven't seen this anywhere else. a couple of weeks ago, msnbc broke a story about the conditions of a border facility. reporters on the story were julia ainsley and jacob so
6:35 pm
soboroff. they were based on what they had been told by kids held by the trump administration at the border station in yuma. those incident reports included an allegation of sexual assault against a feign-year-old girl bia uniformed officer as retaliation with kid who is requested clean water and food. they had their bedding taken away as retaliation. we had recounts from lawyers at the facilities like that one. children held at the facilities rarely spoke to the media out of fear they might be targeted or retaliated against. tonight a guatemalan boy was held in the facility for 11 days. kids are not supposed to be held
6:36 pm
for more than 72 hours. he was held for 11 days. his name is abner and he agreed to describe what he went through at the border facility. we obscured his face to help him protect his identity. abner describes a cell that was so proud crowded he was forced to sleep standing up. this is the first time this has been broadcast.
6:37 pm
>>. >> they stayed propped against the wall and stay the whole night there. it was very cold and we could never bathe there. the 11 days i was there. >> in addition being held in cells so crowded, he was forced to sleep standing up and he told us they would leave the lights on, making it not only next to impossible to sleep, but to know whether it was morning, noon, or night day after day. abner describes being mocked when asking the border patrol officials what time it was.
6:38 pm
they reprimand for asking the time. sometimes we wouldn't eat and they would give us food. i would ask, but they wouldn't give us anything. despite being no soap to wash hands with or bathe with, the only way kids would get any water was to lap it out of their own hands. they were not given any other way to drink even though they couldn't clean their hands before they would have to do this.
6:39 pm
>> abner talked about one boy around his age, a teenage boy get punched out by a guard. nched
6:40 pm
a customs and border protection official said the claims are inconsistent with customs records corresponding to the juvenile migrant's time in custody from may 25th to june 5th, 2019. customs and border protection takes all reports seriously and the juvenile's allegations of mistreatment have been referred to customs and border protect n protection's office. julia ainsley interviewed abner and has been on the story since the beginning. appreciate it. >> thanks for doing this story. i was just so glad abner would sit down with us. we have an excellent producer who is fluent in spanish and it
6:41 pm
took time to speak with abner and his father and convince him to sit down. these stories, especially hearing it from his mouth, does have more power to it. that other thing, i kept thinking talking to them that yes, i'm finding out a lot of these details for the first time. abner was interviewed by case workers after he left. that's the story we broke two weeks ago about these children who sat down and he talked about the retaliatory measures by the guards. they were not allowed to get near the windows because they were not allowed to see the light. they would be yelled at and called names and he was scared to ask for anything. that has been known to the government for months. that's hard to see this and hear this and think so little justice has been done in the meantime. >> ilooking at the transcripts and i know he talked to you in great length about
6:42 pm
being hungry. what struck me and stuck with me in a harrowing way is he said the older kids in the crowded cells, teenage kids would go out of their way to make sure that the younger kid his enough food and saying there was not enough to go around and the older kids were taking care of the younger kids. >> that's right. one of the reasons is because the children would cry. the 8, 9, 10-year-olds would cry when they were sleepy and hungry and not being treated well. the older kids found if they cried, the guards got angry so they protected all of them. if you had an extra hamburger or just the one, he would give it to the younger children because the older ones could endure the hunger. he did not lie down for 48 hours. he stayed standing up so the younger ones.
6:43 pm
he found a place to sleep on a pile of trash. they had to look out for the younger children because no one else was there to do it. >> remarkable reporting. you were reporting and got national attention. it is hoped it will be a driver for improved conditions, but i expect it will have a bigger impact being able to care for the kids from this kid in his own voice. thanks for breaking it here. >> thank you. >> stay with us. here. >> thank you >> stay with us. e... when you c. but sometimes life gets in the way, and that stubborn fat just won't go away. coolsculpting takes you further. a non-surgical treatment that targets, freezes, and eliminates treated fat cells, for good. discuss coolsculpting with your doctor. some common side-effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. don't imagine results, see them. coolsculpting, take yourself further. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy!
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>> dateline st. petersburg. this report has been taken from transmission to escape the sensor. the anti-jewish riots are worse than a sensor will permit to publish. there was a well laid out plan for the general massacre of yous on the day following the rush in easter. it was led by priests and kill the yous was taken up all over the cities. they were taken and slaughtered like sheep. the dead number 120 and the injured about 500. the scenes are horror of beyond description. 1903. what happened that day was not a one off. deadly organized attacks were happening all over russia at the time. they ripped through city after
6:47 pm
ci city, forcing thousands more to flee. he lived in a dirt floor shack and his great grandson told the story of their family rally's steep. he fled a village where they lived for centuries and took chances in america. he set foot on ellis i dand in 1903 with $8 to his name. fluent in polish, russian, and yiddish, he understood no english. they started a business with goods from a horse and mug hugy and hoped up a habedashery and a chain of department stores listed on the stock exchange. the family emerged from a prosperous plan of merchant scholars and professionals and most important, american citizens. the reason we know about him and
6:48 pm
the generations of his family who have gone on to thrive in america is because that family history is published as an op ed. it was an open letter from the uncle in that family to his own nevee. the nephew being stephen miller. the most draconian anti-immigrant policies like the muslim ban and family separation policies resulting in babies being taken to their parents. he called it a hypocrite that wiped out their own family. stephen miller cooked up a new idea in the trump administration. mr. miller is leading an effort to make the trump administration's new policy to stop all refugees from being allowed into the country. not reducing the number or making it harder for refugees to
6:49 pm
come. ending the practice of people receiving refuge in america. full stop. that's stephen miller a big new idea for trying to end as much immigration, legal or otherwise into this country. even if his own path to becoming an adviser and becoming an american at all started in a dirt floor shack in belarus and a man who fled terror and came to ellis island with $8 in his pocket. that's how stephen miller got him in the first place. his uncle joins us next. place his uncle joins us next. u go on.'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe... much of a hassle it is! and tell anyone who'll listen... (garbled)'s so expensive! she said it's so expensive. tell me about it. yes.. well i'm telling the people at home. that's why esurance is making the whole experience surprisingly painless. so, you never have to talk about it, unless you're their spokesperson. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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dr. david glosser said it has been a while since he spoke to his nephew, but this probably got his attention. stephen miller is an immigration hypocrite. i know because i'm his uncle. he broet wroet this about his nephew last summer. now his idea is to stop refugees from entering the country at all and now that we had a renewed condition, we asked him if he wanted to talk about the matter gain. he's a retired neuropsychologist and came to be here. thank you very much for being here. a pleasure to have you here. >> good to be here. what should we talk about. >> did you get a response? >> no. >> you were strong in your
6:54 pm
telling of not only personal criticism and policies, but how it relates to your family and what it means for stephen miller. i thought you thought you could touch his heart. otherwise the need to make it personal must have been difficult. >> i think people understand the krultys are being enacted, but people don't respond to sadistics. they understand a personal story. the hope i had of my nephew being touched by his history was not high. his persona is on this issue. i hope to raise other people and suspect you do, too. all these people have come into this country. it's not why did i write this piece, but why isn't everybody writing this piece? >> there is renewed concern over the treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers and kids being
6:55 pm
held on the border. the stories are devastating and it might be heartening to you to see renewed concern and the work happening and people protesting and see people holding vigils. >> people care, as it turns out. once you break it away from the idea that thousands and thousands of people are being injured, break it down to individual people and cases. it touches people and people will stand up and do the right thing if they have the essential moral values and they know what to do. they will do it. >> given your family connection to mr. miller and his identified role as the draconian leader, what do you make of what appears to be the political calculation by your nephew and the trump administration as a whole. the harshness towards immigrants and the terrible conditions that immigrants are being held with the president's political benefit. >> let's break it down as
6:56 pm
recently come to the attention of the u.s. supreme court with regard of voter is you prensupp the republican party. within the next 20 or 40 years, the united states will be from a white majority to a white plurality. the people not of european background are less likely to vote for republicans than democrat that's in order to advance their agenda. it's not worthwhile for them to allow people into the country or citizenship who may not be members of their party in the future. this is not hard to figure out and it boils down to that. >> the part i find hard to stomach viscerally is the idea that you would not just try to
6:57 pm
deny the members in terms of immigrants who would get citizenship and the right to vote, but galvanize and white americans to excite them to vote for people who are being deliberatively and performatively cruperformative ly cruel. they would make it easier to elect a republican president. >> e equally repugnant is the trump administration that the majority of white americans are racist and i don't believe that to be the case. that being perhaps their own personal motivations. they may project that belief on to other people who do not share the feelings. mr. trump owns that brand and he's not ashamed of it. he doesn't know what the word shame means. i'm old enough to remember or you probably are not, the last time that a major presidential
6:58 pm
candidate ran on a racist platform was george wallace in 1968. now we see that mr. trump legitimized hatred as a means of gaining power and influence. which by the way is not a new phenomenon in this country either or other european countries. >> a retired neuropsychologist. thank you for coming. this is not an easy thing to talk about. stay with us. this is not an easo talk about stay with us but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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