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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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getti getting into the senate report and all 50 states targeted by russia. new details of jeffery epstein and lesley wexner, why epstein had a hold in the billionaire and power attorney over his finances. >> we begin with the breaking news. by the end of today, 100 of the 235 democrats will be on board with pursuing impeachment. just moments ago, house judiciary jerry nadler outlined the steps his committee is now taking in the wake of robert mueller testimony. despite that testimony, the committee is not slowing its investigation of president trump's actions even going to court today to get more documents. >> we'll continue to seek testimony from key act witnesses and as many of you know, the committee authorized additional subpoenas. our work will continue into the
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august recess and we'll use those subpoenas if we must. we'll also continue to seek important documents from the department of justice and the white house. we have made some progress on this front. there appears to be compelling evidence of the president's misconduct outside of the redacted version of the mueller report. we'll work to uncover that evidence as well. final today ly today we are fil grand jury material under lining the mueller report. that information is critically important for our ability to examine witnesses including former white house don mcgahn and to investigate the president's misconduct. >> nancy pelosi is budging. she says a short time ago that the time for impeachment is not
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right yet. let's get sophisticated about this. this is not endless and when we have the best strongest possible case. >> joining me now is our senior editor politics for nbc, jonathan k. park and charlie savage, our new york times national security correspondent. charlie, nadler is declaring an impeachment inquiry. when you hear folks in support of the impeachment talks. it sounds like they feel they're heading in the right direction. let's start with what we know of the information of the house judiciary committee is looking for to boost their case. >> charlie? >> yes, they are and what this is today they are asking the judge -- robewhat mueller gathe.
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the question of whether democrats will open an impeachment in query, they're trying to move past that question. they're saying herbalessentiall are doing that. the court filings say we need this information because we are considering whether to file article of impeachment against the president and we are using our full article one impeachment investigative authorities for that. we had this debate you referred to and which house democrats have been trying to do whether they want to have a former vote to say we are officially opening an impeachment in query. some people are worried of moderate democrats, and purple district were put in danger for doing a vote like that. what chairman nadler is doing here, maybe those magic words don't mean anything. we can go ahead and have an investigation related to impeachment by those terms without a vote on the house floor. this is the most expletive time or ways they said that. it is an escalation of the
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rhetoric in threading this important needle. >> how important can this be, beth? >> the three dimensional chess that's going on right now. you got nadler calling for impeachment in query to begin. that number is getting bigger and bigger. the mueller investigation did not reveal all that new information. >> seven and eight and nine added on since the mueller report. >> precisely. you got pelosi who's not ready putting the brakes on. >> she's as weaver. she says it is not time yet. she wants to see the process plays out. you got the 2020 democrats who with are running for president, 24 of them who are trying to campaign for themselves to replace president trump rather than having him impeached. 14 of them have called for him to be impeached. honestly in their view it is all about replacing him through the ballot box and the democratic
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process. democrats sort of working and at times they're sort of at odds with one another. it is going to be up to pelosi. there is no other leaders that can make a decision of how this goes. >> what she said today, jonathan k. park, i am not trying to run out the claw, let's be smart about this but when you listen to swawell and nadler and other people and higher ranking members of the dem eocratic par member coming on board with impeachment. a lot of people said look, once we get the six-week break, it is done and over with. >> the other thing she said in the comment, chris, i have seen distracted because i filed a piece on this issue where she says she's not trying to ran up the clock. i am going to proceed what we need to proceed and she says everybody has the liberty and luxury to spouse their own position and criticizing me
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trying to go down the path and again their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage. that last line is the key line to me and the key line in the piece that i am writing is ten years ago. the healthcare reform effort that ultimately became the affordable care act but it scared the democrats because the american people were angry about what they thought the government was going to do and what they thought going to happen to their healthcare. it changed the political dynamic and the national discussion. remember sarah palin instituted the phrase death panel into the conversation. fast forward ten years, the big
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controversial is whether to start impeachment full on or impeachment hearings or vote on an in query for an impeachment and what nancy pelosi is saying there is all of this people coming out, they say they want impeachment only giving me leverage. if she wants more people to come out and say they want impeachment, the american people during the next 46 days during the district offices and on the telephone needs to make their voices heard and make their voices known. right now there is no massive demonstrations and there are no plaquers out there that are capturing the national attention and so if that's what, if the ranking file democrats really want president trump impeached, they literally have to demonstrate that speaker pelosi in order to get him to move in the way they say we hear they want her to move. >> deatbeth you and i went out e
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and we talk to voters. the court filing just now. jerry nadler talks about it. that's obviously part of their arguments for what they want and although no final determination has been made but do you see any momentum building. i think jonathan is right. many is blue dog and democrats are going to the town hall meeting in the district and six-week break. they'll hear from their constituents. if it is impeachment, they'll report it back to nancy pelosi. you know chris as you said you and i been out there and you go to town hall meeting and the 2020 democrats. you don't hear a lot of talk about impeachment per se. everybody says they want to replace president trump. you don't hear them say it got to be now and done through this process. they're interested in hearing
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what the 2020 kancandidates havo say. if there is a chance that these six-week of break, the members of congress are starting to hear their constituents telling them to do it, they'll bring that back to nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi is sticking to her strategy clearly charlie and a member of congress i heard interviewed senince she said wh she said would not criticize her. they say she's not slow of walking it and trying to be methodical about it. the other thing she did that was interesting, charlie, she has a meeting with the most famous member of the house. alexandria ocasio-cortez. then she tweets out this picture. there they are standing side by side smiling. nancy pelosi, charlie, she's
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nothing if not obstetrstrategic? >> she's in a much better place with aoc before president trump told the squad to go back to where they came from as if they were not americans. that was a lifeline to democrats to end this they were having and ral rallied around each other against trump again. nancy pelosi is reaping the benefits right now with that benefit. >> jonathan, we are out of time. i want to play this and get your reaction on the other side. obviously the mantra that we heard from the white house and supporters about the squad is reflected in what we heard from today from press secretary sean spicer who says aoc is taking over the democratic party. >> i think it is kind of to be blunt embarrassing that this freshmen and these multiple freshmen members of congress are wagging the dog if you will of the democratic party. you got nancy pelosi in congress
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for 30 years and regardless of my differences with her and she's a brilliant tactician and the idea she has to take her cues and entire party and every presidential candidate answering to every tweet and utterance of the 29 years old freshman. this is embarrassing. >> sean spicer has no credibility. that's all i have to say for that. >> wow, when i say a brief answer, jonathan, thank you. >> charlie savage. have a great weekend everybody. >> a new set of report says all 50 states were likely targeted by russia in 2016. we are going to break down those details on just how vulnerable the u.s. system is right now. you are watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. ruhle" live on msnbc ♪ ♪
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in your investigation, did you think this was a single attempt by the russians to get involve in your election or did you find evidence they'll do this again? >> they are doing it as we sit here. they are expected to do this in the next campaign. >> that was the very blunt warning from robert mueller that he hoped americans would take away from his 448 page report in his seven hours of congressional testimony.
10:16 am
defense intelligence committee released their first volume of their own investigation into interference. all 50 states were targeted in 2016 and put it bluntly writing quote, "cyber security at the state and local level was sorely la lacking, databases were lacking" and one security network got password as "abc 123." you would not use this for your account. while it did not find evidence that votes for change, the report warned that the effort could have been and russia exploring the integrity of election infrastructure is looking into focusing on those future attacks.
10:17 am
looking at 2020 kbroi don't kno. the kmicommittee $380 million t improve in congress. while the report found that states should remain at charges in the election, it elected states and the federal government to invest more money in election infrastructure security. it also recommends efforts like two authentications of databases and utilizing paper backups for voting machine and voter registration. one more thing, a voter education program to help voters check their registration status well ahead elections. joining me now, our evelin f farkus and our politics correspondent. evelin, this is the latest of
10:18 am
what milpiles on of what we kne for a long time. we have been hearing this for a while. so the fact that mitch mcconnell had said no to bills that would further election security, what's the real world impact in your mind? >> i mean it means that we are open foreman police stati manip. russia is not deterred. they'll continue to do what they'll do which is trying to get an election out of p where it is favorable for them. all the othcountries in the wor are paying attention. they're not adversary to the united states of america. thank god. it only takes one as we saw to have a potential impact on our elections. it is really disturbing that we don't seem to have agreement in the senate among all republicans that this is an urgent issue that we should be concerned and there should be certain standards and there is the money issue. i fine d it alarming more peopl
10:19 am
are not running around with their hair on fire on both sides of the isle. >> i think it is the white house would get behind this if they were not against this. we have 70 vote in ts in the se does it make sense to you, what's going on here? >> if you talk to democrats and some republicans, chris. the real roadblock is the white house, via mitch mcconnell, he's doing this despite the fact that a lot of these bills at one time had bipartisan support. i think you need to look at for instance the timing of the dropping of this report which was the day that mcconnell blocked this legislation that would have done exactly what the report says america needs which is more resources. ask yourself is this an attempt by some of these members including republicans because they had to sign off on this report to release it. is there a sign that there is a bipartisan concern even though
10:20 am
with mcconnell's roadblock. that bipartisan ship in terms of sponsorship of the bills have started to erode. >> the time is everything. >> there is a twitter account that frustrated american voters. it was created and ran by iranians. director mueller warned that we should be engaged in this election. are we potentially just looking at one slice of the pie? >> exactly. the fact that we are vulnerable to russia means that we are vulnerable to every other country that wants to adopt the play book. it is not that hard given what you just explained, chris. the vulnerability is so basic. the russians are in some of these systems and still today. we can expect the russians are in there right now.
10:21 am
that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> you know it looks like nothing is going to get done. what are the chances that there are problems with outside interference with the 2020 elections? >> oh, 100%, chris. >> especially if there is no legislation. i don't understand how the majority leader of the senate has any excuse or legitimate excuse not to want to boost security especially in the face of this report. it just makes no sense. he's essentially saying i don't care whether the voters actually are able to exercise their right to elect their representatives properly. i don't understand that. >> evelin fand heidi. thank you. up next, kamala harris, we'll detail what her campaign is calling. her black agenda and how it can change the strategies of some other candidates. you are watching "velshi &
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welcome back, we are talking 2020 and cory booker is escalating his attack against joe biden. as the candidates fight for
10:26 am
support of black voters, booker went after biden over his criminal justice plan. booker defended that attack. >> you call him an architect of mass incarceration, is that an argument that you will make on the debate stage. >> i will speak truth to power and watching the crime bills of the '80s and '90s that he put ento plae into place. this is something should be talked about. i am hoping to have this conversation and we will. joining me now, the guy you just saw with senator booker, garret haake. should we say the discussion of policy, what else did senator booker tell you? >> reporter: i think we may be reaching full feud sta which you
10:27 am
say hestatus here. it is something where if you are going to say these things in interviews and on stages where the vice president is not present, eventually you are going to have to say to him directly. the two men will be on stage together in detroit. this potentially sets up the kind of show down that frankly booker and his campaign had been looking for some time. they want to have this argument with joe biden about criminal justice. the biden campaign had been firing back, too. that's the reference that you heard booker there saying those attacks were ridiculous. the other thing that is interesting. he predicated so much of h his campaign. he said this yesterday. the democratic party needs to get big numbers. american community, he has so far not done so. i asked him about that directly. he said look, it is just too early.
10:28 am
he said barack obama was not polling as well as he needed to at this stage of the game. he continues to believe and bring out that enthusiasm. the nominees need to have authentic connection with african-american voters. what does it mean? is joe biden's connection is not authentic. it is another way to press the issue ahead of debate. booker is showing his cards several times before the two men will take the stage together. >> garret haake. thank you so much. we are in advance of next week's debate. kamala harris is investing in opportunities for black americans. kamala harris will invest $60 billion in stem education at hbcus and msis. working with congress to invest $12 billion to support black
10:29 am
entrepreneurs, giving them access to start capitol businesses. harris says the fight for equality is more important now more than ever. >> let's be clear. by taking these challenges on. we don't just move black america forward. all of america moves forward and all of america will benefit. so let's be bold and build the america we believe in. >> joining me now nbc's vaughan hillyards. michael, after the last debate when she went after biden, kamala harris got more money and increased polling out of it and joe biden remains the one to beat with african-american voters. do these kinds of things putting out a plan the way she has, could it help her gain? >> absolutely.
10:30 am
what we learned from last time of the obama presidency that african-american people will support you and be invested in you but you got to have a return on that investment. what many people miss about african-american voters is they are not voting for you just because you are black. you got to do more than that. what will can you do to embolden and embrace that constituency that's been so long. talking about hbcus is about education and $2.5 billion at hbcus and really sprucing them up so to speak and also addressing black business. we know the racial wealth gap israel in th is real in this country. historic legacies in equality that made black people vulnerable. kamala harris is doing specifically in terms of my skin
10:31 am
color and identification with you, i am forward policies that'll enhance african-american communities. that's a smart thing to do. i want to ask you about what we heard from cory booker and as our reporter pointed out and i think something people are talk about. he said black voters are looking for an authentic connection. do you read anything into that? >> sure. >> look. the gloefves are off. this is a fight. cory booker is talking about his legacy is the mayor, newark and when he tried to make criminal justice a key future of his public recommendations. joe biden saddles with the crime bill with a couple of decades ago, recently worked with barack obama in trying to address some of the systematic issues that under fund black america and assault us in terms of public policies. both men have stakes in this game and an even handed fight
10:32 am
and do that in public in way that is are not personal but in one instance aggressive and dealing policies either benefited or disadvantage african-americans. >> is the implication going to be while joe biden does not have an authentic -- >> effectively? >> i am sorry? >> would it be in effective? >> so far it has not been. joe biden polled very high among african-american people. african-american voters are not easily blinkered and they won't be blanketed by rhetoric that suggested oh you are not black and that's not what senator booker is saying. black people are sophisticated when it comes to votes. if joe biden can put forward n identify at the front line, i have been there arguing for policies that'll benefit the
10:33 am
black people and the argument of his authenticity will fade away and his public policy will come forward >> vaughan, let me ask you, who else have been there and i am curious of the reception and what they are telling you they are looking for and the person they're going to give their vote to? >> is that is for me? >> yes. >> hello from indianapolis. >> reporter: several candidates and you had gillibrand that was here this morning as well as buttigieg and kamala harris spoke here as well. the exact conversation you guys were having is what it is playing out here. you are talking about the way that voters view joe biden. you know there is one gentleman, eric goody from houston. he told me that he believes that if he looks at the beyentirety
10:34 am
joe biden's career, joe biden is not on the front line and on the front line when he's apart of the president obama administration. you can talk about bussing which kamala harris made a strong point out of or you can go back to 1994 crime bill which is the focus of cory booker over the last week. joe biden put out a comprehensive criminal justice reform plan that essentially puts him in line with other democrats, calling for denuclearization of marijuana and em bo-- when it comes to th trump administration. look at yesterday, the doj announced they plan to begin going through of the death penalty starting this winter. looking at some of these
10:35 am
democratic candidates from the stage, why are we not talking more about russians attempted influence during the 2016 elections. >> we only have 30 seconds. research showed in 2016, black voters turn out. it was a record high of 67% in 2012. given everything that's going on, given the conversations that you are hearing so far, do you believe african-american voters will will be energized to go into th polls for 2020. >> absolutely. so there was as collusion if you will between russia and those right wing senators in america and other politics who attempted to destabilize, let's account for that as well. yes, i think there will be a revival of interest and another
10:36 am
serious if you will reengagement with the black voters with the american process of voting. everything is at stakes and donald trump is showing his bigotry and black people are mobilized in a way they are not been. mike and vaughan, thank you, guys. >> the powerful people convicted of sex offender, jeffery epstein, there is one relationship that raised a lot of questions. we'll get into that here on msnbc, live. live.nsurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out.
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talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." epstein used the billionaire behind victoria's secret for wealth and women. the sex offender's unusually stronghold with lesley wexnar. according to the interviews with people who knew the man as well as court documents and financial records. nbc news have not independently confirm this reporting. l brand responded to the record. mr. epstein, we do not believe
10:41 am
he was employed or served as an authorized representative of the company. the company hires a lawyer to review the relationship. in a letter of l brand employee of epstein's sex trafficking, wexner says he was never aware of these charges. we should note that epstein pleaded not guilty to all charges. it is good to see you. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> so fascinating. >> lesley wexner was an extremely well-known corporate leader and influential. how does somebody who has visually no background in finance and has as you put it, becomes so influential with someone like him. >> that's part of the mystery here.
10:42 am
wexner is a legend in the world of retailing. he is responsible for victoria's secret and express and on and on and bath and body works. when you met him, in the mid to late '80s. they seem to really hit it off. for long epstein was really becoming apart of wexner's life and a financial adviser to him. and like you said he had this paper thin resume but the two became really close. >> did he everyon have a colleg degree? >> no, he was a college drop out in a hoodie. >> you mentioned this report, wedged between wexner of his business associates and his friends, could they figure out what was going on? >> people were miystified. mr. wexner's mom bella, took a
10:43 am
leave. they replaced her and mr. epstein joined. that board sued her when she tried to get back on. she since passed away but it was unusual because there wexner and his mother were very close. there were former classmates and others that we spoke with were mystified by this change. >> and the part, alicia arden who was a model and she meets with this guy who turns out to be jeffery epstein who says he's a recruiter. a recruiter for victoria's secret. is there any indication, a, that he ever was or, b, that we xner knew. >> i spoke to two former ex
10:44 am
executives who recalled the incident in the 1990s where jeffery epstein tried to recruit models, and reached them without the brand's authorization. one of them called mr. xwexner and said hey you need to take care of this. they had no idea that he's doing this and the extent of what he's charged with. >> people can lead this online and it is fascinating. thank you so much. >> we also got some new developments out of florida concerning epstein, palm beach county sheriff bradshaw confirming his office has launched a criminal investigation into how deputies handle the finance jail sentence back in 2008. controversial and well-known
10:45 am
plea deal. epstein was allowed out on work release, 12 hours a day and six days a week during his 13 months sentencing of prostitution charges and involving under age girls. he had sexual contact with the woman while she was serving that sentence. sheriff bradshaw's spokesperson says the sheriff wants to hold those accountable for any failures. the next debate is now just four days away. our own steve cornacki will break down all the latest polls to see which candidates are gaining ground and who's slipping? you are watching "velshi & ruhle," live on msnbc.
10:46 am
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on your own schedule. you get fast and free shipping on the things that make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." at the end of every month we check to see how the democratic contenders are fair ing in the poll. this week is especially important. the next debate is just four days away. here to help us with that, our steve cornacki. so it has been interesting since the last debate. where do things stand right now? >> take a look. the average, real clear politics of average of all the different
10:50 am
polls out there. this is where it stands. biden heading antonin first plad about doubling up and sanders, warren and harris, the only oth. then you see the others lagging behind. the interesting thing, you say heading into the debate. a month ago, we were heading into the first debate. the difference, biden's number is down about three points since that first debate, can the big winner from that first debate was harris. she was in single digits this time a month ago. warren, we have seen her more slowly but steadily rising throughout the year. she's gained another two points this month. that's basically the movement after that first debate. that's what this is measuring. and the question is obviously what happens from the second one coming up? >> what will you be looking for in the 24, 48 hours, i don't know what polls are coming out right afterwards, but what are you going to be looking for? >> the big one to me, obviously, for a lot of people, is the big
10:51 am
joe biden question. you saw him take a hit the first time. things have kind of stabilized for him. there's a lot of folks who say okay, let's see if that performance he had in the first debate was sort of a one-time thing. maybe he was a little rusty. if those dynamics we saw in the first debate are replicated, my question is it bigger than minus three the next time. >> as you point out, agagregate numbers, but we're looking at the state by state, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. what are the trend lines, and how much movement were there in those individual states? >> yeah, i think there's a difference there between if you look at the first two, iowa and new hampshire, you'll see biden in front in all of them. if 29 is his national number right now, if you look in iowa and new hampshire, it's going to beless than 29. he's running about 24% in both of those states. then if you look at south carolina, it's going to be a lot higher than 29%, the reason for
10:52 am
that is one of the sources of strength for biden is african-american voters. in south carolina, it's a majority black electorate. he does well. iowa and new hampshire, not a lot of black voters. his number is lower. it averages out to 29 nationally, but the first two states, it's a lot closer. >> the black vote coming out of the second debate is going to be fascinating to watch whether you see much movement, because bielden has held on pretty well. steve kornacki, great to see you. we'll see you a lot next week. we have new reporting from alaska as it deals with its warmest month on record. we'll visit a majestic glacier now melting before our eyes because of climate change. >> a bit like a canary in a coal mine. never gonna stop♪ ♪all strength, no sweat... just in case you forgot♪ ♪all strength, no sweat... ♪no no no sweat... i felt i couldn't be at my best wifor my family. c,
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climate scientists are warning that this latest string of heat waves across the globe could become the new normal. but there's nothing normal about this. right now, an historic heat wave is beating down on europe. some countries suffering through the hottest conditions that continent has ever seen. paris hitting a life-threatening 109 degrees on thursday. leaving about one fifth of french territory under a red alert. and for those looking to escape those heat waves, places like, say, alaska may no longer being the place to go. in the last 50 years, alaska has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the world, according to government data. nbc's kevin tibbles has the story. >> alaska's blue white giants
10:57 am
are dying. falling to rising temperatures in the 49th state. >> 34 degree water recently melted ice and snow. >> matt guides tours on the massive stone glacier. >> in 2009, you used to be able to tep on the ice from the end of the trail. >> we have to kayak to the glacier's face a mile away. nimbly making our way past icebergs that have broken off. >> perhaps as recently as 30 years where we're kayaking right now would have been under hundreds of feet of ice. >> climatologist brian has come to see the damage first-hand, to an ice mass that's thousands of years old. >> this is the warmest month on record, any month, any year, for this region. >> on july 4th, anchorage set a new record at 90 degrees. forest fires leave a haze that hangs in the air. fisheries, a $6 billion industry, are jeopardized. and the ice keeps melting.
10:58 am
a helicopter is now the only way to reach the top. they say the spencer recedes 100 feet a year. this is a phenomenal place of natural beauty. the tragedy is it's disappearing before our very eyes. >> matt's tour business ascending path, is also receding. >> i love the aesthetic of what melts water creates, but the cause of it is heartbreaking. >> with more carbon in the atmosphere, it's getting hotter and melting glaciers. causing water levels worldwide to rise. >> many other places, you can't see those changes. but they're occurring. climate change is affecting everybody. >> the glacier is a bit like a canary in a coal mine. >> monuments from the ice age now in retreat. kevin tibbles, nbc news in the national forest, alaska. >> yeah, we're going to hear a lot more about that on the campaign trail with the democrats, and msnbc is teaming up with the georgetown institute
10:59 am
of politics and public service as well as our daily planet, an independent environmental news organization. hosting a two-day climate forum with the 2020 presidential candidates. it will be moderated by msnbc's chris hayes and ali velshi. you're going to want to put that on your calendar, september 19th and 20th here on msnbc. and that's going to do it for velshi and ruhle. i'm chris jansing. morgan radford is here to pick up the coverage. >> good afternoon, chris. thank you for joining us. i'm morgan radford in this afternoon for katy tur. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east, where house democrats are ramping up their efforts to investigate president trump following robert mueller's testimony before congress just earlier this week. congressman jerry nadler's house judiciary committee will go to court looking to force the release of sealed grand jury information from that mueller investigation. now, the committee is expected to file a separate lawsuit next week compelling former white
11:00 am
house counsel don mcgahn to comply with a subpoena to appear before congress. the white house previously instructed mcgahn not to cooperate with the congressional subpoena. nadler defended his decision earlier this afternoon and downplayed rumors of tension between him and house speaker nancy pelosi. who for her part, argued she's not slow rolling impeachment talks. >> going to take whatever heat there is there to say when the decision will be made in a timely fashion, this isn't endless. when we have the best, strongest possible case. now, i'm not trying to run out the clock. let's get sophisticated about this, okay. we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> i don't know that there are real divisions with the speaker. i would refer you to her earlier comments in which she said that we must make the strongest case. >> now, despite all that


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