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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  July 28, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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good day. i'm kendis gibson. another week, another racially charged fight. coming out of the white house. democrats are defending a congressman and the city of baltimore after a racially charged tweet. the president on the twitter offensive this morning accusing the democrats of playing the race i will ask his former aid e if e has a point. democrats are gearing up for a second crack at the debate stage. we will show you how the frontrunners are preparing. it was a crime that shocked a nation. a newly married police officer murdered in rome. two american teens are accused of the crime. the new image reportedly of one of the suspects blindfolded and in handcuffs. we begin here in the u.s. president trump picking up where he left off in the battle over baltimore. again, doubling down on his
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criticism against prominent black lawmaker elijah cummings and his majority black district. a day after heated rhetoric from the president referred to baltimore as, quoting here, rat infested mess. no human being would want to live there. in a new attack, trump tweeted that it's sad cummings has done so little for the people of baltimore. even went on to accuse democrats of playing the race card. today lawmakers denounced the president's racially charged tweets. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. >> i absolutely think it's important to call it out for what it is, which is racism. >> the president is as he usually is or often is, disgusting and racist. >> it didn't stop there. maryland lawmakers and residents responded with anger and the "the baltimore sun" saying it's bettervermen in your
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neighborhood than to be one. >> we have a presidential strategy. we don't know what's behind it. it's the president's impulses. we don't know how long he thought about this. we have administration officials going out and trying to offer a rationale for what the president does. those two things might not be related. simply because officials are on the sunday shows talking about why the president is doing something doesn't necessarily mean that that was the impetus, that's why the president is doing it. that said, let's listen to how mul ve mulvaney is explaining away what the president is doing. >> you know this is a majority
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black district. he says, no human being would live there. do you understand that's offensive to the americans who do live there? >> i understand that everything that donald trump says is offensive to some people. keep in mind, two weeks ago the president said things that were critical of aoc and her squad and was accused of being a racist. a couple days later, pelosi said things critical of the same group of people and she was defended by the media and by folks on the left for not being racist. >> no human being would want to live there. >> when donald trump -- >> this is perceived as racist. do you understand why? >> i understand why. that doesn't mean it's racist. the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong. it's how he has done it in the past. he will do it in the future. >> that's a warning. if you are going to go after the president through legitimate investigation or through rhetoric, the president will hit back. that seems to be the justification the white house officials are offering. the president is counter punching, he is retaliating. one thing that's clear about
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this is that the president likes these debates. we saw him start off a couple weeks ago with the four members of the squad. the four lawmakers of color. at a certain moment, maybe a candid moment, the president said, i don't know whether this helps me politically, i don't know if it's good or bad. it's clear he likes to do it. one thing clear, we're talking about the president going after a lawmaker from baltimore and the state of the city of baltimore. >> let's bring in the panel right now. joining me is christine pelosi and the daughter of nancy pelosi. omarosa, former white house senior adviser and rick tyler, msnbc analyst. welcome to you. what a day to be alive and to be here. omarosa, to you. you have called the president racist in the past. before he said anything about the squad or the city of baltimore. what do you make of him doubling down on these remarks? >> first of all, this debate
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about what he said is racist or not, it becomes a point where america has to decide, is this a person that they want to lead them. we have to really decide also, what are we going do about his racist statement and actions. i believe america will say enough is enough. having sat at the table with mulvaney and donald trump and listened to the rhetoric they spew about americans, it's very clear that this president is a president of a select few and not all. he took an oath of office to represent everyone from baltimore to california to michigan. he is failing at that. as a result, i believe that donald trump will not be elected -- re-elected again come next fall. >> interesting prediction. you made the right prediction previously that he would be elected. your mother is the house speaker. you live out in san francisco. nancy pelosi is from baltimore. she tweeted that cummings was a champion for civil rights and
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that we all reject racist attacks against him. in response, the president tried to drag her district into the fray, tweeting the conditions in san francisco are failing badly and unrecognizable as well. as you know as well, your grandfather represented the third district there in baltimore area. he was the mayor of the city. what's your gut reaction to this? >> my gut reaction is, as april ryan was having us tweet yesterday, we are baltimore. my uncle was the mayor. happy birthday. his birthday was last week. my mom and sisters were with him. we're very proud of our baltimore roots. we're proud of the civil right traz decisirights tradition that comes out of baltimore. donald trump has been a racist for many decades. we know this. when my uncle was mayor of baltimore and working with martin luther king, they had such a thing as an i am an american parade. he told me he was booed from one of the end of the parade to
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another because their definition of an american wasn't somebody working with martin luther king to integrate. it was his vision. that remains the vision of the vast majority of americans. we know that we have a racist past. we know that we have to move forward as a country.demography important. we know nancy pielosi led the recruitment of candidates representing that. we have the most diverse congress in the history of the united states, led by the house democratic majority. a majority, women, people of color, lgbtq americans. they are holding donald trump accountable. accident want anyo he doesn't want anybody holding him accountable. he can't take it when it's women and people of color. that's why he is trying to distract with the racism. we're not going to let it
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happen. >> rick, i need to get you to weigh in on this. first, here was congressman will herd earlier. sgli think these tweets are different than the ones from a few days ago when he tells someone to go back to africa or whatever country. that's in essence telling someone because you don't look like them that you are not american. my style is to talk about what unites us. i think that's something that's better long run. >> the only african-american republican in the house of representatives. rick, you are a republican. do you get the sense that this is all to gin up the base for the president? what's at play here? >> the president clearly wants to have this fight. he is choosing elijah cummings for a reason. he didn't just mention elijah cummings. he specifically mentioned baltimore. the city of baltimore is one of the great american cities. it has one of the greatest medical facilities, johns
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hopkins, the best known in the world. >> for cummings' district. >> it has a great baseball team. it's a wonderful city. that district is 59% african-american. it also -- the median income is $11,000 higher than the rest of the country. it's a very educated district. everything he tried to say about the african-americans who live there is false. what donald trump should know about rat infested places is he inherited half a billion dollars from his father who made his living as a slumlord of rat infested places. what does donald trump try to do to help people who don't -- can't afford public housing? nothing. he is a hypocrite, as usual. >> how do republicans continue to defend this sort of divisive
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language? >> i have given up on that. there's no republican party anymore. it's not recognizable. it's a trump party. i don't know if the republican party will revive itself or come back. the current party, i don't want anything to do with the trump party. it's just sad. the republican party i think has a great history and a great story. it's destroyed. it's not -- it shouldn't be tra attractive to anybody. i think that's sad. i think that's sad for the two party system that we have. >> omarosa, you have been there in the white house. you have been in the oval office with the president. give me a sense into the mind of the man or into the heart of the man. what's behind all these tweets, these racial tweets? >> it's an excellent question. the bible says that your words reflect what's in your heart. donald trump does not have a
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heart for leadership, a heart for leading diverse people or diverse communities. some of the stories that have come out about him referring to african-americans as s holes as you see him going after african-american members of congress, whether maxine waters or -- >> do you think stevphen miller is behind this? >> one baltimore timore time. >> do you think stephen miller is behind this rhetoric? >> we used to blame steve bannon or stephen miller. at this point, we have to just come to the realization that donald trump is showing his true colors. that donald trump is at his core, at his heart, a racist, bigoted, evil, hateful person. now that we have realized that, that he is showing it every single day, with every single tweet, what are we going to do about it? it's enough is enough. we do not have a president, a leader. we have an empty suit sitting in the office masquerading as a president. what he is doing is not presidential.
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>> christine, do you think that the comments he made about the district that you lived ein, t your mother represents, is it saying i'm not racially charged with my tweets about that black neighborhood in the baltimore area? look, i'm targeting san francisco. >> let's back up a minute. you opened the segment by showing video of mulvaney trying to say something that wasn't true, about elijah cummings. investigating the president. i remember when networks, including this one, made a big deal about hillary clinton's personal e-mails. cummings is subpoenaing those personal e-mails of the president's top advisers who are members of his family, including his son-in-law, who has operating apartments that have infestation themselves in baltimore and other places. also, elijah cummings spoke with
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passion twice last week. once when he talked about calling the border patrol head to task about children in cages. let's be real. we'renorwegians. we're caging black and brown people. that's what cummings was confronting him with. that was the truth. the second thing cummings did after robert mueller testified was say, this is a moment when we dance with the angels. people will ask us, what did you do? what did you do to stop what was happening in this country? >> that was a key -- >> we have a president working for putin, not for us. they bring up the scarcity argument. they were fine with the tax cut for corporations next are not fine with helping poor people. every time democrats talk about conditions at the border, every time democrats say we need to do something for humane immigration, trump will bring up, well, why don't we take care of homeless people? here is a radical thought.
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why don't we take care of everybody? instead of making a scarcity argument, make a community argument that we can welcome human beings into our country in a humane way and we can solve the problems in our own communities with some help, not racism from the president. >> i have been to the city of baltimore. it has its issues. but it's a beautiful place. christine, you know it well. so does omarosa and rick. thank you. rick will be back with us later. the showdown in mo town. with just about two days to go until the second democratic debate, some of the frontrunners are campaigning while others are in full debate prep mode. a live report coming up next. tonight, award winning journalists team up for an all new documentary series, american swamp. it will dig deep into american politics, everything from trump's business ties to the way dark money impacts our
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it's the final countdown. two days until the second democratic presidential debate. a two-night event. on tuesday, the top polling candidates include sanders and warren in their first face-to-face matchup. nice two features joe biden along with booker and harris. most of the candidates are off the campaign trail today in debate prep mode. senator sanders is on the road, holding a campaign event ahead of the debate in canada. shaq is joining us live. i didn't realize that the province of ontario is an early
11:20 am
voting province. >> reporter: it's not. but there were a few dozen supporters and spectators there at that pharmacy. the focus of this trip was to highlight the high cost of prescription drugs in the united states. senator sanders got on a bus in detroit. he went over to windsor, ontario, with a group of 12 type i diabetics. people who need insulin and take it daily. they need it to survive. they were able to get it at a lower rate. one family describing saving $10,000 on just a six-month supply. listen to how another patient explained it to senator sanders earlier today in that pharmacy. >> it typically is retailed $26 to $30. >> as oppose to $300. >> this lasts one to two weeks. i need this to stay alive. this is our life support. 7.5 million americans depend on this every day to stay alive.
11:21 am
>> reporter: we heard emotional stories of what families are doing if they can't afford this insulin. some going without electricity. some people rationing their insulin to make it last longer. we saw his big speech on medicare for all. we have seen him go back and forth with candidates explaining his health care plan. while he didn't mention president trump in this trip and while he was in canada, he was trying to point out a promise not kept by president trump. that's to lower the price of prescription drugs. we want to see where this goes and where this goes from here. >> interesting, indeed. thank you. joining me is philipe rines. also co-host of "un-redacted."
11:22 am
you see sand oerers on the camp trail. shouldn't they use these days to prep? >> i mean, not just on the trail. he seems to be a little past the trail. >> true. >> you don't see people in a different country that much. i don't know, bernie k-- i can' do the math that fast. bernie has probably had the last debate experience than anyone else on stage. that's not to advocate that he shouldn't be prepping. i can see why he would want to do this. doing a message event before a debate is part of prepping. it's part of the lead-up. he is reinforcing his greatest strength in terms of what he stands for. it's something he will echo during the debate. >> rick, as you know in the first debate, harris had that standout moment, a calculated debate moment against the
11:23 am
frontrunner joe biden. the vice-president is saying that he won't be so polite. what do you expect the tone on wednesday? >> well, look, i think all the other people who are -- if you take candidates five through 20, right, and combine all their support, joe biden is leading them all. his support is more than all of them. none of them are going to make the next debate unless something happens for them. those are the ones he has to worry about. i don't anticipate harris will come after biden as hard as she did the first time. she ended up in the first place. she was embarrassed by it. she made a big deal about this bussing and that joe biden didn't support a program. then when she was asked whether she would support a federal bussing program, she said no. she would support a local bussing program. that was exactly joe biden's position. you see in the polls, biden is where he started. before the last debate.
11:24 am
joe biden can't have a bad debate. he has to be more greaaggressivd more prepared. as he know, race is going to be another issue. president trump is ginning that up. maybe he is doing that on purpose. i don't know. he has to be prepared for all the incoming. there are about half of these people who are not going to come back the next debate. they need a moment this time. >> as you know, senator cory booker recently has going after biden. you get a sense that he will go after biden when they're on the same stage come wednesday night. is that the key to sticking around and standing out, this conflict? >> first, it is important to note that the biggest pressure people have on the debate stage now is to get to the next debate. this one is a little different in that there are seven weeks until the third debates in september. but the pressure is there
11:25 am
because the requirements double. in terms of senator booker, i think it brings up an important point. if you remember before the first debate, before what turned out to be the biden/harris interaction, the week before that booker and biden were kind of tangling about a phone call they had where booker told him he was disappointed in comments he was making. booker seemed to be signaling at that point he was going to come into the debate maybe having something to say. it brings up an important point. people didn't have great first debates. obviously, the vice-president, beto o'rourke is another one and people who don't matter. don't come back the next debate and overcompensate. if someone thought that joe biden wasn't aggressive enough, you don't want to come back and be a mad dog. the only thing, as rick pointed out, that joe biden has got to do, he has to not have a bad
11:26 am
debate. he doesn't need to attack senator harris. he does not need to attack senator booker. there's a risk in doing so. >> he has to defend himself. >> but defending yourself is different. if his game plan is come -- i agree i don't think harris is sitting there rehearsing another attack like the one she did. she doesn't need it. she's probably practicing for almost certainly of the vice-president coming after her, either on the exchange or something on disappointment about her having a relationship with -- being friends with his son and how he was disappointed, which i don't think would go over very well. >> we will leave it there. thank you. still ahead, fighting back. a presidential twitter attack on the congressman and the city of baltimore. now the city's largest newspaper is using its editorial pages in a scathing op-ed aimed back at trump. oh my, this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy,
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today, the city of baltimore is going back after president trump.
11:31 am
#wearebaltimore has been trending all day. the "baltimore sun" releasing a scathing response. better to have a few rats than to be one. the editorial board saying, we will tell the most dishonest man to occupy the oval office, the mocker of war heroes, the gleeful grabber of women's private parts, the serial bankrupter of businesses, the useful idiot of vladimir putin and the guy who insisted there are good people among murderous neonazis that he is not fooling most americans into believing he is slightly competent in his current post. joining me now is chief white house correspondent for "the new york times" peter baker and professor dr. kay whitehead. welcome to you. peter, let me start with you. what's at political play here for the president? is he trying to start a race war? >> obviously, it's a
11:32 am
continuation what he has been doing with the first term democratic congresswomen of color. he decided picking at the racial scabs is a good play for him. he is trying to push back on critics. congressman cummings has been one of his toughest critics, particularly on the border. it doesn't bother him people see this as racial. otherwise, he would landle hann a different way using rat invested and no human would want to live there, he had to know would inflame racial animosity. he got pushback, not just from baltimore but national politicians, democrats and some republicans are unhappy about this. he says he is not the one playing the race card. the democrats play race cards by interpreting his remarks that way. >> in the meantime, obviously,
11:33 am
this solidifies his base for many people. does he run the risk of losing many of the voters that he will need because of this sort of tweeting and this rhetoric? can you hear me? >> i can hear you now? thank you. this idea -- >> go ahead. >> please finish. donald trump made it a habit to go after people, to attack, to find a way to get people to move back, to find a way to get people to react. this is part of his policy. this is part of his strategy. all we end up doing in donald trump's america is we hear him say something, we react, we defend, we get hurt, we push back. he pivots, turns and does it again. will he lose his base? no. because his base supports him exactly where he is. donald trump has not changed. his base has not changed. we have to figure out a way to
11:34 am
go forward without always having to be hurt, to react, to defend. but find a way to move this man out america. we're fighting for what this country will look like when donald trump is finished with his presidency. >> i want to see how our local affiliate was covering all of this. getting the reaction that -- from people who actually live in that district. here is a look. >> we're asking people if they have seen the president's tweet. >> cummings' district is a rodent infested mess. >> baltimore? >> what do you make of that? >> this shows why we're in the situation we are in. >> well, we are all entitled to our opinion. we all know who donald trump is. >> kay, does the president have a point about the district? >> i think the president is way off.
11:35 am
by just focusing only on baltimore city. we are not the only problem city in this country. we're not the only city that has problems whether it comes to housing, what's happening with some of the thing s he pointed out. what we expect from the president is to give us a policy, to give us a plan how to move forward. by focusing only on baltimore city, making it seem as if it's the only city in this nation that has an issue, by saying no human being would want to be there, be making it seem like the 600,000 or so of us are actually subhuman, by focusing on it that way, then whatever the point is of the president's tweets, it looked like it was racist, it sounded like it was racist. that's the way we took it. that's why we have to push back. we are not saying we don't have problems. we're saying we're not the only city. we're looking to the leader of the country to give us policies so we can move forward as a city, so we can be better. >> well said there.
11:36 am
peter, do you -- one of your latest articles refers to past comments that were made by the president about countries and regions with predominantly black populations. it's a trend that has continued well into his presidency, as we see now. seems to be cropping up a lot more and more. is it happening more often than before, in your opinion? >> well, look, he has played along the racial divide throughout his career, not just in politics but in business and entertainment. we did a story about a week ago in "the new york times" recalling how when he was -- had the television show, he proposed one season to have a team of all white contestants versus a team of all african-american contestants. he doesn't mind pitting people again each other in order to achieve his goals, whatever they may be. whether they be ratings, whether they be political power or so on. he doesn't see race the way a lot of americans see it, which is something to bring people
11:37 am
together. he sees it as a part of reality. if he plays along racial stereotypes, it's that he is telling the truth in a way others don't. you are right, this has gotten under a lot of people's -- this has been very disturbing to a lot of people. he talked about john lewis of atlanta, his district. he talked about these african nations which were using a very crude term to talk about african nations when he describes a place in america as being filthy or rat infested, it's not a majority white district. it's usually majority black district. that's what gives rise to the complaint that he is playing along racial stereotypes. that's certainly the way it's perceived by a lot of people. he doesn't seem to really either be sensitive to it or be concerned about that. >> peter, while you were speaking, i should mention the president tweeted about this topic. saying, there's nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district
11:38 am
and of baltimore itself. democrats always play the race card when they are unable to win with the facts. kay, you are the baltimore resident here. african-american woman. he is targeting this african-american predominantly black neighborhood. what's your reaction to that? >> donald trump -- >> you get the sense that democrats are playing the race card? >> no. i feel donald trump is playing the race card. he did it when he went after john lewis. he did it when he went after the squad. did he he did it when he went after african countries. when he uses derogatory language, go back to where you came from, that's -- >> but -- >> this sense of who belongs here. >> specifically, was referring to that community and his tweet saying, he has done a terrible job. has cummings done a good job there? >> elijah cummings has done a wonderful job.
11:39 am
if you look at his district, which is 59% african-american, which has a $60,000 median income, it's actually moving forward in terms of baltimore city. he has not done a horrible job. his district does support him. i'm not sure why it gets confusing. it seep seems like whenever we back against donald trump and we point what he is saying is racist, we get -- >> maybe you should invite the president to come for a visit. i'm sure he -- >> i would love to support it. >> a 40-minute drive to the east. >> come down. >> kay and peter, let's hope it's a good welcome. the impeachment debate. democrats having to clarify their use of the i word while going after this. e going after this it. (garbled)'s so painful.
11:40 am
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what's going on -- >> we don't need it. >> what's going on is that i think too much has been made of the phrase impeachment inquiry. >> so, clearly there's confusion on capitol hill and outside capitol hill this weekend as the house judiciary chair jerry nadler there tries to tamp down impeachment talks. it comes after his committee revealed that lawmakers need to see mueller's secret grand jury evidence to determine whether to introduce articles of impeachment. watch as democrats try to clarify their stance today. >> you are investigating possible impeachment. but you haven't formally opened an impeachment inquiry. >> we're not trying to have it both ways. there are articles of impeachment that have been recommended to the committee. we are investigating.
11:44 am
determining whether we should report those articles to the house. >> right now, the most important thing is to obtain the grand jury material, to see the evidence. the standard the court has set that we have set for the court is are we preliminary to a potential impeachment. i believe we are. i worry about the message of taking impeachment case to trial, losing that case, having the president acquitted and having an adjudication that this is not impeachment. >> he has done many impeachment offenses. he has violated the law six ways from sunday. that's not the question. the question is, can we develop enough evidence to put before the american people? >> joining me now for this immeei impeachment debate, chris dicky and ben wittis. welcome both of you. ben, i want to start with you. did nadler and schiff do a good
11:45 am
job this morning in trying to explain where the democrats actually stand on all of this? >> they have a little bit of a problem in that dance, which is that they're trying to stand in one place for one purpose and in a slightly different place for other public purposes. in court, in this litigation that they filed on -- at the end of the week, it is significant legally whether or not they can say there is a process antecedent to an impeachment going on. that has implications for the law of the way the d.c. circuit court of appeals has thought about these grand jury questions in the past. so it's really useful for them for that litigation purpose to have something like an impeachment inquiry going on. on the other hand they are clearly reticent for public purposes about saying that they're working on anything like
11:46 am
an impeachment of donald trump. that's not where the leadership is. that's not where some of them think this is safe politically to be. they're trying to, i guess, for purposes of one audience, have an impeachment process going on and for purposes of another purpose -- audience, not have an impeachment going on. that's a very hard two step to do. >> it really is getting to a pivotal point for the democrats and the democratic leadership on capitol hill. chris, as we just heard, the congressman there schiff, he worries that a failed impeachment fight in the senate could actually set a bad precedent. what political implications would you say could democrats actually face if they are worrying about precedent over holding trump accountable? >> i think the goal of the democrats and a lot of people is to get donald trump out of
11:47 am
office one way or the 50. i think a lot of people who want to impeach him are thinking that's going to achieve that goal. occasionally, the russians, when they look at this, have maybe a clearer idea of things than a lot of people in the united states and the american press do. when the mueller hearings were still going on, russian state tv was watching them very closely. they repeated what he was saying, including about obstruction of justice, including about the russian interference in the election. but then they pulled up a poll that cnn shows in march that showed that nobody who was asked, not anybody, zero of people when they were asked, what issue would cause them to vote one way or the other in the 2020 elections, 0 said the russia investigation or russian interference with the elections. that's the kind of number that the democrats are looking at. this is not an issue that is
11:48 am
going to win them the senate, that's going to win them the house or win them the presidency. t the issue people did cite was immigrations. if that's true, then the democrats could be in a lot of trouble. >> immigration and health care. ben, this past week the senate intelligence committee released their own russia report detailing how moscow actually targeted the election systems in all 50 states. today, that committee's vice chair revealed how secure our electoral process is ahead of next year. take a listen. >> what we are hearing from attorney generals and secretary of states across the country is they need more help. what we are hearing is that there needs to be that paper ballot backup. who could be against that? what we are hearing is the manipulation they are using through facebook and twitter and the fake accounts is something that pits american against american. >> the question to you, what's
11:49 am
next when it comes to the government and taking on election security? >> we saw a dramatic and very rare act of bipartisanship in the senate with the relesiase o that report, which is a substantial and serious document that i encourage people to sit down with and read. it's not that long. it's about 65 pages. it's really harrowing in a lot of ways. it has both democrats and republicans on it. then within 24 hours of the release of that report, we had a total breakdown of that bipartisanship with respect to moving election security, actual legislation. members in the senate, republican and democrat, agree on the scope and seriousness and severity of the problem. they agree about what russia did. they just don't agree about whether there's anything the senate should do about it. i think that's a remarkable portrait of the bipartisanship the senate is capable of and
11:50 am
where that breaks down and how it doesn't arrive at anything like action. >> chris and ben joining us here. thank you. we have breaking news news we'll get to. we'll be right back with that, next. t to we'll be right back with that, next ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and this is me now! any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental. only pay for what you need.
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good afternoon, everybody.
11:54 am
we have breaking news that is coming out of new reporting from the new york times right now and involves another shakeup at the white house. in one is a big one. you see the reporting there. the dni director, dan coats expected to step down. he's get to details right now. first up hans at the white house. >> reporter: according to the new york times dan coats will be stepping down as director of the dni, that's director of national intelligence. this coordinates the difference intelligence agencies that come in. it was created after 9/11 to make sure you have someone over seeing the cia. nbc news has not confirmed this. we know dan coats and the president haven't had the smoothest relationships. he was one of the original members of the president's cabinet. he was ambassador to germany. he's very well respected. he and the president never really got on a personal basis.
11:55 am
you saw that when andrew ya mitchell asked dan coats about the upcoming summit that was just announced by the president at the time between vladmir putin and donald trump. he was reaction was oh gee, that will be interesting. he had an awkward pause that made a lot of television news a lot of time on cable television. this is another cabinet official leaves the trump white house. we'll work to pin this down but this is an porn one. we'll see what the president says and if he tweets anything about it. >> this is one we expected some time ago, right? >> reporter: yes and no. there are a lot of rumors that you chase down here at the white house or real reporting of rumors. who am i to say what the difference is. it was clear the president wasn't entirely happy with dan coats. it wasn't as clear as this was as far along as times and axios
11:56 am
are reporting. that's an indication this really accelerated. the role is to brief the president but mostly the briefing is done from the cia, either the director or a senior briefer. coats and the president never really had the same chemistry. it's an establishment republican. sometimes that's mark against you with donald trump. when we had the last cabinet departure and the president brought him out there on the south lawn and talked about this, at the time we were trying to tabulate all the people that have left. when you look at the president's cabinet, he's lost about 50% of his original cabinet members including homeland security director, two of them. chiefs of staff. there's been remarkable amount
11:57 am
of retrition. he doesn't value experience because he's so quick to cycle in and out. the president has dismissed some. other people have left. mike pompeo started off at cia and is state but he could always leave to run for senate in kansas. >> he's been one of the longest serving members of the trump administration. hang on there. i want to get over to jonathan swan from axios who helped to break this story. this is your reporting. any idea who may replace him? >> just to be clear, the story i broke was that texas representative john radcliff is favored to replace dan coats as director of national intelligence.
11:58 am
i don't have any reporting in my story about dan coats' intention to step down or timing on stepping down. in the last couple of weeks r radcliff has firmed as his favorite. as with anything with donald trump, he would change his mind at the last minute. pretty confident he will pick radcliff. >> i'm seeing you reporting right here. there was something that happened behind the scenes, in particularly this week that made this texas republican congressman gold in the president's eyes. >> the president was thrilled by radcliff's admonishment of robert mueller in last week's
11:59 am
judiciary committee hearing. he said he admonished mueller for making the statement he exonerates donald trump. he said that's not a prosecutor's special prosecutors job description to determine innocence. you can't charge of crime. just a relevant data point, he had radcliff in his short list for replacing jeff sessions as attorney general. it was really down to william barr, radcliff and maybe one other person. he's been on the president's radar for quite some time. no doubt the hearing helped him.
12:00 pm
>> all right. if you don't mind hanging on for a few more minutes with us as we get to top of the hour and we welcome some new viewers who might be joining us here on the east coast and west coast. the breaking news is there's possibly another big shakeup. dan coats is expect eed to step down soon. it's been rumored for quite some time. he had an especially sharp exchange with robert mueller this week during the special counsel hearing earlier this week and the president liked that performance.
12:01 pm
does this put us in any kind of danger? what impact does this have on national security in. >> the dni's role is a funny role. it kind of shifts depandsing on who is in it and what the relationship is. dan coat's to his -- has not sort of burned up the place with his personality by any means and a lot of people kind of joke about him and make fun of him but the truth of the matter is that he has accomplished something pretty substantial, i think, in his time in that office which is that he's kept it out of the president's ire and so if the fundamental job of every agency has right now particularly the agency heads of the security oriented and intelligence components is to
12:02 pm
prevent their attack by the president, coats has been pretty effective at shielding his agency from that. the most famous of those was the aspen incident last year. but there's been a few others as well. these have clearly angered the president at him and now he's kind of at the end of his line, i think. the danger here is that you replace him with somebody who is much more of a trump loyalist and then that allows the cre creepicree creeping component of the agency. >> let's rerack the tape and show what you were talking about. the telling moment with andrea mitchell at the aspen security
12:03 pm
summit last year. we actually don't have the sound on that. peter baker, you're reporting on this. what more are you learning? >> as jonathan mentioned earlier, john ratcliff had been on the president's radar screen for a while. the president met with him on july 19th to discuss this possible appointment. it was only a few days later we had this hearing that you're referencing the screen is showing now. literally days after talking about this appointment, john radcliff showed himself being one of the president's pierfier defende defenders. we don't know yet timing. dan coats has been rumored to be leaving for a while. it's possible he hangs on for a little bit. it's not a done deal that john
12:04 pm
radcliff gets the job. he does seem to be favored. there are people that have doubted. jared kushner is said to be one of them. it would be a significant change in this agency, in this department. he was part of the establishment that president trump disparages. >> someone from axios is still with us. jonathan having some reporting saying that the representative in texas is likely to replace dan coats as director of national intelligence whn ever that happens. new york times reporting it could happen within a few days. jonathan i read some time ago that the congressman devin nunes
12:05 pm
was being considered. >> i can't confirm that. i'm not saying it's inaccurate. i just haven't been able to confirm that with my own reporting. i'm told he's unlikely to get the job and that really ratcliff is in position to get it. the president views is really important to understand how the president views the intel yelige community. it's unlike any other president we have seen in modern times. the president views the intelligence community as this deep state, quote, unquote, full of hostile people who are in the
12:06 pm
shadows trying to bring him down. that is his world view. he's always viewed dan coats as somebody who is weak and doesn't fully have his back. >> jonathan, what qualifies john radcliff for this role besides doing good tv this past week with the mueller hearing. >> his background is he was a u.s. attorney, eastern district of texas. he's been a member of congress for a few years.
12:07 pm
he's never held an intelligence role. that is his background. >> interesting. we'll have to be confirmed by the senate. >> does he face some roadblocks at all? >> that's a good question. it's a little early to say. his resume doesn't jump out at you in terms of intelligence, background. on the other hand he's the president's pick and absent some sort of scandal. the senate republicans have shown a great deal of deference to the president's decision on these kinds of things. he boasted he arrested 300 illegal aliens in a single day. that's something that would appeal to the president.
12:08 pm
we don't know yet how the senate would greet this. senator coats is one of their own and he's well liked among republican senators. it depends in part on how senator coats cast his departure whether if it's done in a micable way. that's one way. if it's done under protest, that's a different thing. >> it's not a clear thing that john radcliff will be touted for this. what are some of the other names that you mentioned? >> i've been covering trump for your years. you always have to do these hedging sentences.
12:09 pm
he could always change his mind but the consensus among senior administration officials is it's going to be radcliff. you can never bank on anything until trump announces it. >> peter, what do you make of all this? i was trying the count how many people have left the administration. this is the second cabinet minister to leave the administration this month alone. we have so many people who are in acting roles in important roles there at the white house. >> that's exactly right. he finally got confirmed this last week, mark esper, the secretary of defense. we went without a confirmed secretary for seven months. that's pretty unusual if not unprecedented. it's the cycle of this
12:10 pm
particular administration. they have burned through more people than any administration in modern times, no question about it. we're heading to a point now soon and the president has been told this where you pretty much have to be locked in through the re-election. usually by august or september of the year before a re-election campaign, you're not supposed to be leaving or changing major personnel at that point. we're heading toward the team he's going to take into that re-election year although again, anything happens with this president. you can't make any predictions. >> we have that clip from the summit from last year. the security summit with andrea mitchell. take a listen. we do not. an drdrea mitchell is joining mn the phone. are you there? >> i am. >> what do you make of this change now? >> i think it's a real set back for the intelligence community.
12:11 pm
dan coats has been someone who came in as a former senator, former ambassador. did not have a whole lot of experience in intelligence per se and exceeded expectations in the way he managed the intelligence community and in the honesty of his direction and testimony and the advice he gave to the senate which is a big part of his job. he seemed to get along very well with gina haspel. he's in charge of 17 intelligence agencies as reconstructed 9/11 when the re-organization of intelligence is done to try to provide better communication and fewer breakdowns of stove piping as they said after 9/11 so every bit of information would be shared across lines, across agencies. most notably as you pointed out year ago, almost exactly a year ago, he gave a very honest answer to the surprising announcement by the white house on twitter that putin would be
12:12 pm
coming to a summit with the president of the united states only days after a disaster summit in helsinki when the president had sided with putin over his own intelligence advisers on the key question of whether russia attacked our elections. the situation never really cleared up. it was made worse last spring when in his testimony as head of intelligence, he sat there along with the other leaders and said it was the unanimous opinion that kim jong-un had no intention to denuclearize. that led to the president berating the intelligence leaders publicly calling them clowns. this has not been a good
12:13 pm
relationship. there's been names floated. a lot of energy on the part of some very conservative critics of the intelligence agency on the republican side. >> did we lose andrea? we do have the sound bite from last year at the aspen summit. let's play that. >> i do want to say we have some breaking news. the white house has announced on twitter that vladmir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again. >> vladmir putin coming -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah, yeah.
12:14 pm
>> okay. that's going to be special. >> we laugh if we weren't crying at moment in hearing that. what did you think it meant when he was saying this? was he out of touch with what the president was doing? >> the real message is not that he was out of touch but the white house was making decisions without consulting any of the national security officials other than john bolton. whether it was a communication from putin directly, spoken to bolton, bolten spoke to sarah sanders and said tweet this out. there was no communication with the intelligence community, no advice after the criticism of the summit days earlier. no communication, based on very good sources, with the secretary of state even though he was an ally of the president. the decision for this to be taken by the president and john
12:15 pm
bolton, national security adviser traditionally would have said let vees's have a meeting this. let's discuss it. that would have been what any of his republican or democratic predecessors would have done. he gave the orders to sanders to tweet it out. i know the coats people had been in touch with the national security council only shortly, within minutes of before he appeared with me that day just to check and see if there was anything that had come up. that information was not disseminated. it was an impulsive decision by the president or he didn't think
12:16 pm
and his national security adviser didn't say a decision this big should have been vetted. >> or think the dni should have it. the news at the quarter hour that the director of national intelligence, dan coats, is expected to step down as soon as this week. what do you make of timing? you know the president started a fight with the city of baltimore and the city has been fighting back. he started the race war last week with the squad. what do you make of the timing of this? >> i would say just from a foreign policy perspective it's terrible timing. there's not been a confirmed defense secretary from december until last week. dan coats was at mark esper's
12:17 pm
military reception ceremony and the president attended that just a few days ago. the fact is, they have so many acting secretaries to get someone confirmed now. congress is gone. the senate would have to hold hearings in september. this is the most important intelligence job in our government. we have a very well respected cia director but the director of national intelligence sees things that the individual agency heads don't see and have that broad overview is very important. to have a shake up right now for personal and petty reasons. not for any cause is pretty extraordinary. i think that especially if he's going to be replaced by someone who is not fact based. certainly the questions that congressman radcliff asked at the hearing of mueller were not fact based.
12:18 pm
that will have tremendous affect on the morale of the intelligence community. people are professionals and been baddgered and beaten since the first day of this administration. he's criticized them publicly and ever meetings with vladimmi put putin. there's a lot of reasons why there's level of concern. >> the president says he knows more than the intelligence people on all of this stuff. who is there within the administration at this point y say -- to say to the president you're wrong. >> there's people who know more. mike pompeo would come to mind. whether he's willing to confront the president privately that way remains to be seen.
12:19 pm
there's no evidence that some of those best people in foreign policy have been willing to talk back to the president on issues like whether or not he's probablily thought through the iran decision and what the next steps would be. there's a lot of questions about this at home and at broad. dan coats is very admired in the senate and so this would be a change that would not be very popular with a lot of senators who worked with him when he was a senator and admired him when he was ambassador to germany. >> all right. thanks for you and your time and analysis on this breaking story. it's been a long 20 minutes or so. mr. watwatkins, you know dan co. you know him well. >> he's the guy that got me involved in politics. way back when. i'm afraid to say how long ago.
12:20 pm
>> are you surprised by this move move? >> i'm not surprised by it. i knew he might be leaving soon. he encouraged me early on. he used to work for dan quayle. >> what kind of role do you think he played in this administration? was he saying to the president, listen, mr. president, you know there's something wrong over here. >> i think he was willing to tell the president the truth rkts what he needed to hear. that may not have always been popular with this president. >> are you surprised he lasted this long? a lot of people who have said things to the president are not there. >> he's lasted longer than a lot of other people. there's no doubt about that. >> should we be frightened he's leaving? >> she's suhe's such a well res guy. >> i'm sorry sto see him leavin.
12:21 pm
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12:25 pm
we're back now with the o outrage out of baltimore. residents and the newspapers are hitting back at president trump following his rationcially char remarks. in passionate editorial, this was incredible. the baltimore sun saying it's better to have rats in your neighborhood than to be one. just moments ago a new tweet from the president high pressure he's doubling down. he says if racist elijah cummings would focus -- he just continued. you see it. we can move on. let's bring in our panel. he's calling elijah cummings raci racist.
12:26 pm
welcome to all of you. mara, let's start with you. the washington post reports that trump camp hopes that race can actually serve as a big thing for him come 2020. >> well -- >> next year's deplorables 2.0, perhaps. >> donald trump knows how to talk about race and how to talk about racism to his base. he is racist, clearly. he knows how to motivate people by dividing him. that's not the only way to win an election. it's just the laziest, lowest way. i would say the democrats would make a huge mistake if they try to ignore the racism and talk about other policy issues. they need to do both. i have a different take on this than a lot of people do. i believe they need to go directly at the racism. this is a battle for the moral soul of america. it's not just a policy issue. i think it's really important
12:27 pm
that this is defined for what it is which is a fight between america and trumpism. >> as far as trumpism goes, they ran with that deplorable thing when hillary clinton called his voters the deplorables. do you get a sense you'll see t-shirts that say i'm a racist. >> you can go after the racism without calling wide swaths of the country bad people. the racism is the enemy. not one another. >> well, i would say that if you're supporting donald trump at this stage in life, in our political life which feels like a thousands years. i feel a thousands kreeyears ol. if you're still supporting donald trump at this stage, you're racist. i think it's very true. we need to call a spade a spade.
12:28 pm
we need to say the truth which is that how can you look at donald trump's tweets, listen to him tell people to go back to their country, listen to a whole rally of people chant, send her back and us not talk about the fact that hillary clinton was right. they are deplorable because they are a basket full of racists. >> here is what bernie sanders was saying about all of this and get you to weigh in. >> i do find it interesting that when we have rural republican districts with life expectancies going down and people are struggling and people are struggling in rural america, suburban america, our job is to bring people together to improve life for all people. not to have racist president who attacks people pbecause they ar african-americans. that's a disgrace and that's why we will defeat this president. >> i want to get your reaction to all of that. you're the republican here. >> also the son of an immigrant.
12:29 pm
>> the son of an immigrant. >> i'd be very angry if somebody to my mother go back to where you came from. >> i get the sense you're a person of color. >> i am. >> cool. on top of all of that you have been privy to a lot of these tweets. >> if i get stopped by a police officer they're not going to say are you a republican or democrat. i'm a black man. i get treated like black men get treated everywhere. i have a vested interest in t l telling the truth in my life. i'm not name calling anybody but i said the tweets were racist. if people from of european descent were told to go back to europe, germany and norway then i could say everybody is getting the same treatment.
12:30 pm
it's always brown people and black people. i think there are people many the republican party who don't like the tweets. they don't like what's happening with regards to race. they don't like the division. they don't like the racist tweets. maybe in some cases they like some pieces of the policy. they don't like what's happening with immigration and how it's happening, how it's unfolding but maybe they like the tax cuts. maybe they like what he did with prisons, with the prison reform. there's some republican who is will justify some bits of the policy. there are others who ought to be speaking out who aren't. there ought to be a lot of elected members of congress and the senate who should speak out whether or not they lose their district or not. >> have we heard tim scott in. >> be a patriot. i don't care what your political party is. be a patriot. >> if you're there, you're there to serve the people. you're there to do what is right. you're not there to serve yourself. you're there to serve the public and make the country better.
12:31 pm
sf >> we'll leave it there. thank you. we'll be back with you. still ahead, where is former president obama amidst all of this talk about race relations? why has the first black president been mostly silent? his former staffers penned an op-ed and now finally we're hearing from him. op-ed annod w finally we're hearing from him since my dvt bt i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? or could it turn out differently? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis is fda approved and has both. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis,
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you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be surprising. ask your doctor about eliquis.
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12:34 pm
mplgt we're back with a closer look at trump's attacks against minority lawmakers.
12:35 pm
here is the impressive list of president trump's recent d.c. targets. you have congressman elijah cummings from this past weekend in georgia and congressman george luis and him telling the squad to go back to their countries of origins, including ohio, i guess. they have penned a powerful washington post editorial writing we heard this all before. go back where you came from. go back to africa and send her back. they note there in their op-ed. we refuse to sit idly by as racism they continue to say are wielded by the president and an. 149 obama officials denounced the president's racially charged rhetoric. all of the same mind set. it's just going to keep going.
12:36 pm
yesterday obama himself endorsed his former staffers opinion piece tweeting i've always been proud of what this team accomplished during my administration but more than what we did, i'm proud of how they are continuing to fight for an america that's better. joining me now are two of the cosigners of this letter. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> kimberly, let me start with you. where has president obama been in all of this? he said he's happy you're continuing this fight but it seems as he's been a little bit quiet. >> this is a fight that belongs to all of us. this is a fight that belongs to citizens and people who care about this country which is all of us. i think i trust the president and his need to step back. his inviting us to take on the work and that's what we have done in penning this op-ed and in the work that's being done by
12:37 pm
many former obama appointees who are in communities across the country. >> there was this one quote that stuck a cord with me. it reads in part now send her back. black and brown people in america don't hear those chants in a vacuum. we felt the full force being shouted in our face, whispered behind our backs or hurled at us. can you please share your own experience with all of this. >> right. >> and why this rhetoric is dangerous. >> as soon as i saw the comment it was a slap in the face for me. i'm a public servant. after graduating college i went into public service in order to make our country better. i've heard the chants from elementary school to high school. i'm from the united states. i'm working day in and day out to make the united states better.
12:38 pm
the comments toward black and brown representatives that trump continuely lashes out at these members of congress, he's not responding with any policy proposals. it's just blatant hate. we need to get to a better place. >> listen to what the congresswoman had to say about trump's latest attacks against minority lawmakers. >> he continues to say things about american cities all across this country. look, our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. that's ha he falls down on. this hate agenda is seeping into policy making. >> do you kind of agree with that, the president has hate agenda? >> what we're seeing is really concerning where our senior leaders, including the president, are promoting an active agenda of trying to t divide people by race and hitting one community after another. that's not an agenda ma moves us forward. it's not an agenda many
12:39 pm
americans subscribe to. that's why it's so important that we speak truth to what we need to do to move things forward for our country. >> another cosigner weighed in on obama breaking his silence. here is a listen. >> my goodness, you have to speak out every single day if we were going to critique the rhetoric and tone and policy of this administration. what he said is important is all of us should speak up. when issues are critical, he does add his voice to the equation. he's measured about it because he really wants the next generation to whom he's passed the baton to speak up and lift their voices. >> she says that obama is being measured but it's the same thing i said, do you think the president should be speaking out more? >> right. i think the president has pasted the torch to next generation. i think another thing he's no
12:40 pm
longer the president of the united states. >> he's the first black president of the united states. we're having all these race issues right now. that's sort of like saying reverend al sharpton just pass it on. you protested during the civil rights era. you're good. you have to pass it onto a new generation. who's the new generation? >> right. the next generation of people make up the u.s. halls of congress right now. i think we saw with the blue wave right now or the last election cycle there's wave of young immigrants who came into congress whether that's on the federal, state or local level and those are -- these are the folks going to lead the chapg that president obama inspired starting in 2008. i think as a private citizen he's limited in what he can do. >> we'll leave it there. thank you for your full-time ti sunday. beyonce starts another internet sensation.
12:41 pm
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12:45 pm
dan coat, the director of national intelligence is expected to step down from his post in the coming days. he's been at odds with the president on a number of issues and trump's attacks on the intelligence community. the president has said to be considering a representative from texas. he's a republican and is a possible replacement ratcliff is a staunch defender of the president and had his audition moment this past week when he grilled robert mueller at the judiciary hearing on capitol hill. that's breaking news right now.
12:46 pm
dan coats might be stepping down. a couple is going to court saying their denied their surrogate daughter her u.s. citizenship. treating as if she was born out of wedlock because she's only biologically related to one of the dads. a spokesperson declined to comment citing pending litigation. thank you for joining me. if you have a surrogate and the surrogate is born out of this country, that child is a u.s. citizen, right? >> yes, we would think so.
12:47 pm
>> for you all it's not? >> the federal law is clear that the child is born abroad to two parent who is are married. that child is american. at least one of the parents is american and in our case we're both american. our child was born abroad and we are married. whn when we went to get to our daughter's passport, it was denied. >> just unbelievable. i imagine you have your lawyers trying to fight this. >> we haven't heard from the state department. our only interaction has been at the embassy that day. we saw it was very clear. we were very confident that we were just going to pick up our daughter's passport. we thought there's no way she's
12:48 pm
not american. there at the window, they asked us a lot of questions. they kept us for a long time. a lot of different same-sex couples came and went. they said to us until the rules change, your daughter is not american and you can try to return home with her on a tourist visa. >> just absolutely unbelievable. what are you doing? >> well, we really kind of panicked for a while. we found the great folks at immigration equality in law firm morgan lewis that's acting pro bono on our behalf. they have drafted a complaint and filed against the state department. we're hoping a federal judge will look at our family and see we're a family just like every one educational and grant our daughter her citizenship. >> at this point you can't travel outside of the u.s. i assume she has a passport from
12:49 pm
a different country? >> we can't all travel at moment. she's stuck here until this matter is resolved. >> which is the least of our problems. we don't mind being stuck here in the usa. the issue is just the anxiety it causes us as a family know we have a child that's out of status in this country. we are people who have always followed the law and done everything -- we tried to do everything right. it's just very disconcerning for us. >> fellas, gay marriage that approved by supreme court three years ago. >> 2015. >> four years ago. i'm sure a lot of people in movement thought we're in the clear. you're in the clear. does this make you feel like a second class citizen yet again? >> that's such a great question. thank you. we're both 38. we have been through a lot.
12:50 pm
we were married actually in 2015 in new york a month before the supreme court's decision and in our lives we have lived through aids. we have lived through don't ask, don't tell. we have seen the tide turn in this country. in 2015 and since then, we started to feel confident that we're accepted. honestly, we are. we live in the south. we live in atlanta. we don't know the way our neighbors vote. but we stand in a cul-de-sac with them every day. we are parents alongside them. this really is a very nasty moment for us. we thought this was behind us. no, it's not over. the government, at least this one, is questioning our marriage. >> thanks to both of you for your fight. i know a number of people who are going through the same fight in the washington, d.c. area, friends of mine. thank you guys. >> thank you so much.
12:51 pm
it's time for the good, the bad, the ugly. we're going to do it a little bit different this time. end on a high note. let's bring back bara and danielle. they have been waiting all hour for this moment. what was your ugly for the week? >> my ugly is that as the president and the republicans have attacked black and brown americans, gay americans, we have not heard other voices or enough of them speaking out against this. we really need americans to stand up for one another. especially white americans. that's really important. >> but also i would imagine, you would like to hear some black republicans who speak up. >> i would like to hear white republicans, which is the majority of them.
12:52 pm
i would like to hear republicans, democrats, little league coaches. if you are not talking about this in your classroom and you are a teacher -- my mother is a teacher. this is the issue. this is the president's issue. this is the defining issue of our time. will we stand up for one another as human beings, as neighbors, as citizens? i think the silence is deafening for a lot of black and brown americans right now. >> what was your ugly? >> my ugly is the case of francisco galecia, the young man detained by i.c.e. for 23 days even though he was carrying his birth certificate, i believe, his social security card, all indicators -- >> born in the usa. >> he is an american citizen. he was detained for 23 days. i believe lost 26 pounds. for us to say that what donald
12:53 pm
trump is doing at the border isn't a form of a concentration camp, isn't denying people their basic humanity -- >> even for some americans. >> even for some americans, is obscene. >> that's right. i think the stories that we are hearing -- we heard one from a gay couple as well, that we are hearing out of borders in this country, are very disturbing. for how we treat human beings, whether they are citizens or not. but also the idea that citizens are being detained shows you the rule of law is breaking down and trust is breaking down. that is just integral to democracy. we need to do everything we can to depend it. >> you weren't feeling mitch mcconnell this week. >> i don't feel mitch mcconnell. let's just be clear about that. moscow mitch. his decision -- >> which is trending. >> which i love. his decision not to do anything about our elections and a
12:54 pm
bipartisan -- bipartisan legislation, three bills came up for him to be able to put out for the senators to vote. the grim reaper has decided not to do it. which makes we believe, i think he may know what's going to happen in 2020 like last time. >> your good. >> the resignation of the governor of puerto rico was inspiring, because it shows that when you protest, when you take to the streets peacefully, you can bring about change. i think there's others american bhamericans who can say they can be inspired by that. >> your good? >> my good is always beyonce. and brown-skinned girls. >> not just beyonce. >> no. let me tell you something. when i heard the song for the first time, i actually cried. i cried because i was saying during the break is that, it was a really difficult week for black people.
12:55 pm
this song was just so inspiring and so beautiful and just reminded us we matter, we're seen. it was just the most. >> let's play the sound. what it has -- you saw lupita and the school kids. we want to hear them and hear the words and see them enjoy the skin that they are in. ♪ >> we have the kids as well? kids all over africa, brown-skinned girls all over have been celebrating. >> it's beautiful. >> we needed it. >> after all of this, we needed it. >> appreciate it. thank you. more on the breaking news. "the new york times" reporting that dan coats, the director of
12:56 pm
national intelligence, will step down in the coming days. the democratic candidates making their preparations before they square off for the second time on tuesday. john delaney will join us to talk about how he hopes to have a breakout moment in detroit. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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that will do it for this hour. i will be back next saturday at
1:00 pm
2:00 eastern time. follow me on facebook and twitter. the news continue now with the breaking news and my colleague. >> thanks. breaking news. that is that the director of national intelligence is reportedly expected to step down. that just in to msnbc this afternoon. "the new york times" reporting that dan coats will be out within the coming days. axios adding to the reporting saying john ratcliffe is expected to take that job. let's get straight live on the phone for us right now, former fbi assistant director and nbc news national security contributor frank fragluzi, andrea mitchell as well as msnbc. we are getting the reporting coming from


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