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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  July 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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in addition andrew blank steen, nbc news investigations. i want to go straight to and drew. we are just able in the last 30 minutes as i just save a summary what we know at this hour. what else do we know? >> well, again, one of the key pieces of this going forward into the evening hours and overnight will be looking for a possible suspect in this case as everyone's referenced, there's not been a whole lot of detail about other than witness descriptions of two possible shooters. but we do know at least from multiple law enforcement sources that they are out there actively searching for at least one person. as far as where that location may be and these concentric perimeters, it's not clear. but every hour that goes by it becomes the degree of difficulty in finding that person goes up. and the resources obviously will be brought in to try to find
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that individual if the facts bear out will grow. and i think that's what to expect. as far as we know that there were also people taken to multiple hospitals. so as far as the exact number of those shot and wounded and as we reported there, there are at least three dead. we -- those numbers may change overnight, as well. but that's what we're tracking and that's what we have as of it moment. >> and drew, you cover the west coast here. i want to update folks in terms of what we're hearing. the police department putting out another tweet and they have been very careful in what they're putting out to the public. within the last 25 minutes or so, they did say this is still an active crime scene. and they also did say that they'll be sharing information with the media soon. when, where and how we haven't heard as of yet. they are still very clear in saying this is an active crime
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scene. i gave some details here, and drew of what gilroy, california is. i'm a californian. this is a space that i'm familiar with. you would drive by it if you're going to los angeles or san francisco. this is a place you would see all the time and they would have the big signs, garlic capital of the world. you wanted to stop by. it was a fun town. this is a fun festival, if you grew up in northern california, you knew about this garlic festival in gilroy, california. again, this is one of those towns, andrew as you cover the west coast for nbc investigations is a town that has changed in the last two decades from what used to be a very agricultural town to a now that because of changing trade dynamics has done less in terms of garlic production and its agricultural nature has evolved. we're talking about a part of california being the breadbasket as many would call this part of
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california as you get close to the central vaerks right? this is one of those spaces that became known for something that they grew. >> that's right. i mean, the changing nature even just obviously to the north of gilroy with silicon valley and then more people kind of as that area has grown in its kind of global economic power and then people kind of migrating to the south to live and then peer point some of the larger economic changes going on in the world. there have been a lot of things. i'll tell you, when you think about that festival and you think of families going down there to kind of get a sense of what you know farming life is about and kind of a throwback to a different era, that past kind of california era, this is one of those things that if you live out here or you were born here and spent time here, you can
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only picture it immediately. and i think that's why we've had you know obviously in addition to the shock of the news itself of having another mass shooting, it's also this piece of people's connection to that and it's visceral. >> andrew, the thick i think most individuals watching this story along with us during our breaking news coverage of this mass shooting in gilroy, california, is what's gilroy? this is a small town. >> it is. it is a small town. it's an agricultural town. i think of gilroy the same way as kind of monterrey peninsula and cannery row and stein back, john steinbeck who wrote about those areas and made them famous and i'll tell you, when you think about that and you really do kind of go back in time, i've just driven there about a year ago through that area. and i'll tell you, it does kind of -- this is why people would
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come down to that festival or drive up. so the fact that somebody would target something like that where there are families and again as you referenced, richard, this was later in the day fortunately on the third day of this event, and we can be thankful that there doesn't appear at this point that there were a lot more casualties all toe we still again looking at the landscape as far as the hospitals are concerned and getting reports and we still have a lot of reporting to do there. >> yeah. thank you so much, andrew. you're doing our reporting from nbc news investigations looking into what we're seeing here. you cover the west coast. great context you and i were to provide here. thank you. i want to brick in patrick who was at the festival. he heard the shots. again to remind folks what kind of environment this was, the garlic festival in gilroy, many
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might associate this with a mini disneyland. you always think you have good memories of going to gilroy and the gilroy garlic festival. that's the sort of fame it has in california. today, it has a different story line and patrick, you were there and you would probably agree with me in terms of why you were there at this particular festival. >> yes, you know, it was a nice beautiful day. just sunday is a family day. got the day off. you know, so we decided to go to gilroy. i'm from san francisco. and we drove all the way to gilroy you know, to visit the festival. and yeah, just this is -- this is crazy. so you know, it's just an insane situation. >> about an hour and a half drive for you more or less here. >> yes. >> and again, you drove an hour and a half because you remember, you know the stories. this is a fun time today it turned into something else.
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>> for sure. >> you heard the shots. describe what that sounded like. >> well, you know, i sat down and then i thought it was fireworks. you know, i thought it was leftover fireworks. somebody popped it off like some kids but no, it kept going. just pop, pop, pop, i heard over 20 shots. i was like, i seen people running. i'm like wow. he picked up my kids. we got go, we got to run. everybody just started running, scattered. just trying to find an exit. it was just a very scary scary situation. especially with my family. you know, just picking up my stroller and just running and my 3-year-old. so it was just -- yeah, it was just really bad. >> and patrick, you said you heard around and again, it obviously was difficult for you as you're going through this. did you say you heard about 20 shots? >> yeah, over 20 shots for sure.
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>> and if you can kind of help me understand how rapid they were. was it pop, pop, pop, pop pop pop. what was it like? >> well, the first was like pop, pop, pop and afterwards pop pop pop like a burst, like a fire right after. i was like okay, this doesn't sound like fireworks you know? these are gun shows you know. >> when you say that you heard them, was it like two every second, three every second, that fast or like a shot every second or both? >> no, they were all together. you know, some were separated, some shots were close to each other. so i don't know if the shooting, because i know there was two shoot persons maybe they were both shooting at the same time so it sounded like they were together, you know? >> we don't know. we don't have confirmation as of yet whether it's one or two or more. we don't have that confirmation as of yet here at nbc news. we're being very careful in
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terms of the information that we can report. what parts of the festival were you in? because you know, it's a large festival. it's in a park that's like 50 acres. where were you? >> okay. so we just bought our shrimp scampy right at the entrance. it was a $15 combo. right when you walk in, there's a band probably 30 feet away from all the food stands. and then that's where we sat down and when i heard the shots is from the entrance. it was like where we got our food. where all the tents were at. >> yeah. and you just got there at that time? >> no, we were just -- we was there for about an hour, about an hour. but at that time we got these costco vouchers, $15 combo vouchers. let's use it. we worked on that stand are
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garlic stands. and that's where i heard it coming from, the entrance. that's where that area is. i looked back and i seen a whole bunch of people just running. so you know, then it was just like a stampede. everybody started picking up kids and running, whole families running. >> what time. >> this is a family event. >> what time did that happen, roughly, patrick, if you have any sort of time stamp on a picture you took. >> i would say 5:30ish, you know, because we bought some, me and my wife bought a couple margaritas and last call was 5:00. we were just hanging out with the family. >> it's a nice day. it was in the high 70s, right? high 70s more or less, right? >> high 70s, yeah. >> it was a nice day. it's a great festival. you took your family, your two young kids. it's about to close around 5:30 p.m. it, closes at 6:00, right? >> it closes at 6:00, yeah. >> then this happens. >> yeah, it happened.
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it's crazy, uh-huh. >> how busy was it at that time? because it was 30 minutes before closing. >> yeah, i mean, there was still quite a few people left, you know. >> what's quite a few? if you can kind of remember. i know it's tough. it's not like you're sitting there thinking you have to talk to me about this later. was it hundreds of people around you, dozens of people around you? >> i would say a good about like 70 people around my area, you know, where we was at. but there was hundreds of people left over because it was just a couple sections, right? yeah, there's still a lot of people left still hanging around. >> where are you now you? where are you now? >> we just got back home. in san francisco. >> so you basically got into the car and you drove straight back to san francisco? >> yeah, yeah. we just -- yeah, we were scared. you know? when we ran, you know, everybody was just running through the bushes like exits and you know,
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and people were losing their slippers, their shoes. it was a mess, you know? and everybody just were lost because we're not from there. we ended up at some houses, residents and trying to find our car. that was a scary moment. just everybody, there was so many people scattering in different houses trying to find their cars, as well. >> i have been in active shooter situations as you describe here before. and the concern i know you had this is being trampled and your two young children. the concern you probably had because as people run and no fault of their own, right? this is a tough situation. everybody trying to get out. were you worried? were you trampled? did you get tripped? it's very difficult in these situations. >> yeah. no, i mean, some people were you know kind of pushing you. but i had the stroller so some people were giving me some space and helping me go through first. you know, through the narrow
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pathways to the forest. in the back area. but yeah. >> how long did it take for you to get out -- this is christmas hill park where the festival's held. >> man, it was -- it was like -- well, it was like ten minutes to get out to see some houses and finally to see some street signs. it's like ten minutes. you know? you had to walk through some stuff. and then we just located our car from our gps. our car's got gps on it so we located our car and navigated from there. it was another -- it was a 20-minute walk from where we're at because we parked in the other lot. peak lot. so it was a long walk. >> with us you heard the shots, it took you about 20 minutes to get to your car? >> yeah, yeah. >> but you said you stopped at a neighborhood house before then? is that what you did? >> yeah, we didn't stock at a neighborhood house. right when we got out, it took
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about ten minutes to get out of the festival and then we finally seen houses, residential area. and then that's when we were able to -- we got on our phone and navigated our car. >> look, it's tough because again, so many things are happening at the same time. but i'm trying to get a sense of the scene there when you heard the shots, did you smell anything that was different or it was just you just heard the shots, you got out? >> yeah, i just heard the shots and got out. i didn't smell nothing. i was looking back to ewhere is it coming from? i thought it was just fireworks, right? looking back and when people started running, a whole bunch of people started running, man this is not fireworks because she is shots keep going just nonstop. >> we've got to go. >> you've got go and you heard it and wow, i can't believe in this at the same time. >> yeah. >> for you, patrick, what was the amount of security and law
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enforcement that you remembered on the way in and then on the way out would you say? >> yeah, you know what, honestly, honestly, they had metal detecters. they wanded me. so the security anybody could have brung a gun inside. >> so you're saying there was security at entrance? >> there was security. there was -- there was a metal detectors. noticed strollers first. i walked with my kids with my stroller. they never even patted me or told me to go to the metal detector. >> did it go off? you're saying you went through? >> i went to the side of the detector. i never went through it. i think the security, they should be more you know, secure you know pat people down. you know? because i didn't get patted down. >> and what about your wife? >> no, she didn't either.
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she did not. >> how is your wife? and how did you talk about it on the way home? >> well, you know, she was crying. you just during this whole situation, you know, just very emotional. very scary. you and me i was kind of like teary. i was like this is scary, you know. >> it hit home, right? we've heard the reports of this before, right. >> what was that. >> you've heard the stories before but this was now your experience directly. >> correct. correct. yeah. just a ride home, you know, we just -- we couldn't you know, we couldn't believe it and we're just blessed that we got away, you know? because we were just there a few minutes ago from the concession stands and just blessed that we left and you know, i just pray for those people that's unfortunate that got hit that, got injured.
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>> we're reporting right now from nbc news, patrick, 11 at least 11 shot. and two sources saying three dead at the moment. >> wow. >> you are feeling the story more than any of us here. we don't like having to report this. it's reality of what's happening right now. we're watching it. you said you have two small children? >> yes, i got a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. >> son and daughter or -- >> they're both boys. yeah. >> two sons. >> yeah. >> can i hear them in the background right now? >> yeah. hey, tyler, say hi. >> hi. >> what is that? >> they're from the news channel. >> what is that? >> what's the name? >> what's his name? >> what's your name? >> my name is richard. and tyler, thank you so much. patrick, back to you on this. >> uh-huh. >> what did you tell your children on the way back because
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all of a sudden, you know, this turned into a mad rush for them. >> yeah, well, you know, i just hugged my kid you know, my kids and just said it's okay. i didn't want to tell them nothing more than that. you know? we just had to run because they were scared. why everybody running? you know, i was like we've just got to get out of here. but yeah, it was just very scary. >> patrick, i can't thank you enough for taking the time and you know as you were saying you were praying for everybody there an the festival. we are. >> i'm sure. >> we are grad you're okay, you and your wife, your two sons, 3-year-old and 1-year-old and that tyler is okay. nobody wants this to happen on what is normally a very festive experience there at the garlic festival there in gilroy, california. >> for sure. >> patrick madriilejos.
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glad you made it home safe. >> i appreciate that. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. as you are now seeing on your screen, we have just heard that there will be a briefing. because we've been waiting for more details and this we expected to be happening at the bottom of the hour, in about 11 minutes or more or less. at that time, some of the questions we still have outstanding as we get close to hour four of this incident is the suspect or suspects. and what was the firearm used in this case. and the latest information that nbc news can report at least 11 shot, and three dead. cedric alexander, if you're still with us, former law enforcement executive and msnbc contributor, we're going to take a quick short break in a second. but i want to get your sense of what you heard there from that particular eyewitness, patrick
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and what he described to us. >> well, certainly you have his eyewitness account. there are going to be hundreds of eyewitness accounts in terms of what people experienced that night. we're just thankful for those who were able to get out of there and get out safely and get themselves and their families out. but in a case such as this, you know, it's just so horrific in the sense that just imagine hundreds, thousands of people in that festival tonight who heard those gunshots and took off running. trying to make sure they had their family and friends with them, trying to find a place of safety. and, of course, at this point, we don't particularly know how this subject or subjects may have entered into this festivity. certainly they could have walked through the front or they could have came in through some other perimeter way. but this is so horrific in that regard but when i listened to his story, i certainly still can
9:21 pm
hear the nervousness in his voice and even as he describes his wife experience, going home, she crying, imagine the number of people that were traumatized in their tonight just from the sounds of gunfire just from the crying and yelling and the screaming and people trying to get to safety. but here again, before you go to break, yeah, before you go to break, our heart and prayers go out to those who lost their lives and those that were injured. >> we're going to take a short break. clint van zandt still with us. just speaking with a family that had gone through this incident and you can hear the emotion in their voices in his voice specifically. this was a horrific unfortunate evening there in gilroy, california. a small town that on its 40th anniversary of a great celebration of friends and family, it turned out to be something different. riends and family, it turned out to be something different. a stop♪ ♪all strength, no sweat... just in case you forgot♪
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then he stopped. when he started back shooting, me and another lady was running. the lady didn't make it because she got shot in the neck. after she got shot in the neck, me her and the real sheriff behind the enterprise truck and she was shot in the neck once the bullets stopped. we jumped over the fence and i threw her stuff and we jumped over the fence and ran. >> la we can ta, unbelievable stuff. who were you with at the time? were you with children? >> i was with family, three of my family members. one of them is missing right now. two of us made it back to the car safely. right now we've been told one of my uncles, i don't know where that's at. i'm where all the ambulances are taking people and airlifting people. it's crazy. >> so have you -- i mean, i'm assuming you've been trying to call this family member, track him down. >> did you all get separated. >> yeah, he lost his phone. i ran out of my shoes.
9:26 pm
everything is lost. discombobulated. >> the person who was shot in the neck, was it. >> it's a lady. she was dressed really nice and her daughter, she had a kid with her. she was shot in the neck. >> did she survive? >> that i don't know. the sheriff was aiding to her. we were hidden under a truck. a utility struck. like a -- we was under a utility truck and used that for shelter. >> straight to kntv, our local affiliate. let's listen in. >> with injuries that don't require hospitalization. so from running away, maybe spraining an ankle, getting cuts and bruises, and the panic of the situation. so and they may get more. santa clara valley medical center took the two transfers from st. luis and then we received another five gunshot victims. these patients is came by
9:27 pm
balance or helicopter and are being treat ford that i wounds. theirens can ranging from critical 0 fair at this time. >> we know that a 12-year-old girl is being treated here. her family says she was shot in the leg. we certainly hope she's okay as well as all the other victims. can you talk about the age range of the victims at both of the hospitals? >> i don't have all the ages at this time. so i can't provide that information. >> do you have a youngest or an oldest? >> no, i do not. >> i'm sure you've been in this business a long time i'm sure your hospital's trained for this type of incident but it's always shocking when this happens. >> i think it's been very, you know, they're professionals, rights. >> they're here and getting the job done both at st. luis and valley medical center and we do train and drill and exercise and our staff is very well prepared. the great thing about our people a number of people that weren't working called in and said do you need me, too come in and help. that's been fabulous by our
9:28 pm
staff. >> the type of injuries? >> gunshot wounds. that's all i can say at this point. >> can you recall exactly the total number of victims you have received. >> st. luis got six. and then santa clara medical center got another total of five but we took two of the patients from st. luis. >> so a total of nine. >> so a total of 11, six and five. 11 into both hospitals. >> but two were transferred. >> two of the six the first six were transferred to valley medical center. >> i know you've explained their conditions. are these victims in surgery right now? >> i don't have that information right now. >> and do you know if one of the victims was the shooter? >> i do not believe so. >> reporter: there's another reporter that just asked -- >> a lot of questions and some answers there from the spokesperson at valley medical center in san jose. that's joy alxiou. there are a lot of tweets coming
9:29 pm
in from various political and business leaders. this is a national story happening right in our own backyard, the gilroy garlic festival shooting. here's tim cook from apple deeply saddened by the news of the shooting at the gilroy festival, a beloved community tradition in northern california. wishing strength and recovery to our neighbors in gilroy, the victims and their families. much gratitude to the first responders. it is a community tradition, happening since the late 1970s. it's the 41st year and most of the proceeds here which makes this very special goes charity. this is happening now. it's not over because they continue to hunt for that suspect, the an apparent gunman perhaps somewhere near gilroy high school or ubis creek. >> this is a festival attended by thousands of people. people that went there today expected the most difficult thing they would have to deal with was the heat. it wasn't that at all. patrice a witness is here with
9:30 pm
us, as well. we're glad you are safe. let us know where you were and what happened. >> right. so the my family and i were on our way out of the park and we decided to stop to get a sandwich as one of the barbecue vendors. as i'm standing there to get a sandwich, we heard some shots but it sounded like it was fire crackers at first but then it got very loud. the shots got very, very loud. and so that's when we knew that something was wrong. and the vendor that was getting ready to be me, she actually said, get down! that's gunfire. there's a shooter! so we were ducking down. and at that point, instead of me hitting the ground, i picked up my 4-year-old daughter and decided to run. and so i ran between the two vendors and i ran and i seen a trailer. and inside the trailer were some other vendors and i just jumped in the trailer with those
9:31 pm
vendors and my husband followed. but i had two other children that were with me, my 19-year-old and my 15-year-old that went in a completely different area. they ran outside of the park. and so anyway, we were inside the trailer. and as we were in there, we heard about 40 rounds, and so we stayed in the trailer. we were screaming. we were praying. we were doing everything. and so it stopped. so we thought after awhile it had stopped. it was safe to come out. as soon as we tried to come out of the trailer, there were more rounds fired. so we went right back into the trailer and we stayed there until it absolutely stopped. once it stopped again, we get out of the trailer, i go outside of the trailer. and there was a guy standing there, one of the vendors and he said ma'am, you have a 4-year-old baby, the girl right
9:32 pm
there. please turn around and don't let her see this. there's a little boy coming. i don't want you to see it, but i couldn't turn away. but i turned my baby girl away. and as i'm looking i see the baby boy that's about the same age as my daughter coming up and the parents was holding and screaming at him and he had blood pouring out the side of his head. >> awful. >> and so we -- >> i'm sorry. you're so brave to talk to us. what a horrific thing to witness as a mom. i'm sorry, patrice. are you okay? >> there was another -- and then a guy said please turn away again because there's a guy that's dragging someone and the person was just lifeless that they were dragging that was shot, as well. and so i just -- we just couldn't -- i couldn't do anything. i was just frozen just standing there seeing this. and then so my husband at that time got my attention and said come on, we've got to go. we've got to get out of here.
9:33 pm
we've got to start making our way out of here. we just didn't know where to go. >> right. >> just didn't know. we were just out here. we didn't know what to do. we didn't know where the -- i was telling my husband, are we going to run into the shooter? where do we go, where do we turn? i don't know where to go. so he kind of guided us. if it wasn't for my husband who guided me out of that park and guided us to a safe area, i don't know what would have happened. >> so brave of him. so brave. how long would you say this all lasted from when you heard the first gunshots until you were family able to get out to safety? how much time passed? >> it was about 15 minutes. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was about 15 minutes, a good 15 minutes because i texted, this happened about 5:30 when the shooting started. i texted my family which is on a group text. i text everyone and said there's an active shooter, pray.
9:34 pm
so my family was like, what? you know, and they just started praying this they just started praying. every text message after that said pray. pray. and we're praying for you. and they just -- my family didn't know what to do. they're asking questions that i couldn't even answer. >> right. did you get in touch with your other two children? when were you reunited with them? >> finally after this had calmed down, i think about five minutes after first shooting, my husband received a call from my 15-year-old saying daddy, are you guys okay. and they wanted to know where we were at. i wanted to know where are they. >> patrice, where did you finally reunite with them? do you remember, the parking lot or the school or where you were? >> we got them -- we had them to over. we told them to call an uber, my husband told them because i couldn't do anything. i was frozen so my husband was
9:35 pm
doing everything. he said to uber to the gilroy outlet. and wait for us there. and that's what they did. they west to the jelly bean factory there and they waited until we can get an uber to meet them where they were at because we were -- they found an uber and got to where they needed to be and they had to wait for us for a good 45 minutes before we could even get to them because we were stranded out in a lot that we didn't know or in a city that we didn't know anything about. we didn't know where to go. so we're walking just out here trying to get to a safe place, trying to find the police where we could be safe. and they just kept telling us to just walk, just walk. you're on a safe road. just walk. and so we copied on a path that we thought was safe and obviously, it was because we were okay. and so we stood in front of a house to wait for an uber to
9:36 pm
come and get us. and we stood there for about 20 minutes before the uber can get through to get us to get us out of there to get us to our car so that we can get to the outlets to get our children and so we all was reunited. >> we're so happy that you're safe. you must be so grateful. >> yes, i am. >> patrice, thank you for your time. you mentioned that family group chat which a lot of us have and a lot of prayers were answered for you and your family tonight and a lot of the other people who were able to get out safely from shooting. thank you, patrice. i'm sure you're going to enjoy this night with your husband and your sons and cherish every moment. we appreciate your time. that is pra trees, one of the witnesses telling us just the terror that went through the this afternoon. >> 15 minutes of terror she described. completely solid 15 minutes of terror. >> and to be separated from your sons or your friends or family. it doesn't matter who to be separated and not know. >> still listening to our local
9:37 pm
affiliate kntv here. you heard from one of the eyewitnesss that they were interviewing there live on air just the trauma, the horrifying experience that she had gone through as they were describing 15 minutes that must have felt like 15 hours in many different ways. right side live pictures from a chopper cam of this crime scene. if you can see the lighted area there, this particular park has baseball diamonds, it's got horseshoe throwing areas. it is a park that families will go and enjoy themselves today. yesterday, and the day before. it was california's famous garlic festival in gilroy, california. still an active crime scene. in that upper left-hand part that you're seeing right now and potentially some of the lights that you're seeing in that perimeter could be ongoing law enforcement activity. tough to tell as you can probably note here. but from what we are hearing from police, this is an active scene still. nothing has changed and before
9:38 pm
the lights went out when the sunset about an hour and 15 minutes ago, they were working hard. left-hand side now, that shot there is what we expect, you can see a podium there from the police chief from the mayor. we also expect to hear from the festival organizer. it will be the first remarks that we will be getting from the officials there in gilroy, california, which is located about an hour and a half south of san francisco. clint van zandt, as we look at and we're going to kind of go with the flow and you know how this goes as we try to get information from officials on the ground. we'll be watching that camera on the left. on the right-hand side we're watching that camera because earlier we were able to see some activity. i saw a very large black tent amongst two or three other tents that they had put up after the shooting. i don't know if that means anything. clint? >> well, i think we're going to find out soon.
9:39 pm
these numbers that we always see change, richard, you've been reporting 11 injured or wounded. three dead. you know, there's going to be more injured. when we look at those dramatic i guess cell phone pictures of people running from the scene at the time the shots are fired and then we hear some of the guest who have been interviewed talking about fences and gates being knocked down and people going over the top of them, unfortunately, when people believe they're running for their lives, people do get knocked down, fences get knocked down. people get injured. i've seen one report suggesting that at least 60 people have been injured. now, that can very easily be falls and other types of cuts, scrapes related to this. and of more interest, i've also seen one unconfirmed report that a weapon, a rifle has been found, should that be the case, it may indicate that the shooter dumped the weapon.
9:40 pm
>> clint, stand by. we're going to take a short break because we're waiting for this news conference to happen on the left-hand side. that is expected to happen very, very soon. again, the chief of police, the mayor, as well as the festival organizer, it will be the first public statements where we can get some details. we're going to take a short break and take it right back to gilroy, california, and this breaking news story. to gilroy, california, and this breaking news story. -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. he has pics of you on his phone. dto experiencer gthe luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months,
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♪ when the band kind of wrapped up and then they actually cape back on and then that was when we started hearing what sounded like fireworks or firecrackers going off. and i thought that's what it was and that's when he grabbed me and was like no, somebody's shooting. get down, get out of here. run, go, go, go. we were trying to gather everybody in our group. there was about seven of us in our group and we were trying to
9:44 pm
get everybody and get out. >> another wii witness coming out of gilroy, california. 9:493 chopper cam. the reason why we are keeping this shot up for you, this video view coming out of the chopper cam is because according to gilroy police who are watching this breaking news story, they are telling us that this still is an active scene and those little lights that you see around the main light in the middle could be law enforcement still working the cordon. this cordon is encompasses over 50 acres here in gilroy, california. depending how you look at the population, we're talking about a town 50,000, 60,000, 40,000, latest census numbers, 5,000. it's a small town. but during this festival, tens of thousands come to gilroy, california. and that is what happened on this final day of the festival that was celebrating its 40th
9:45 pm
anniversary of this gathering. a family gathering, a place that's always been known, gilroy calling itself the garlic capital of the world. this has always had this space of california, gilroy, a fame of fun. you go there with friends and as you were listening before the break if you were with us, families go there. as you saw the eyewitnesss there couples going there. young children, you have a good meal. high 70s today. they were enjoying themselves and then 30 minutes before the festival closes, a mass shooting. and at the moment, nbc news being able to report although we have varied reports, we're able to report 11 shot at least and three dead and as we know, these numbers can and will change. we are waiting for a news conference from the mayor as well as the chief of police. this is the shot that we will be going to later on. this is the camera we'll be going to later on.
9:46 pm
those microphones as well as the festival organizer. they will give us the very latest. where we've been able to get information so far, obviously our sources we're able to reach out and confirm and verify. also from the police department itself. we hear that they will be coming to those microphones at the top of the hour in about 14 minutes. of course, we go straight to it when it does happen. right here on msnbc as we cover this breaking story. clint van zandt, i had to stop you a little bit fast there before we were going to break. and i was trying to get an understanding of what we were seeing on the right-hand part of the screen because it looked to me and it was tough to see, severe tents in the middle of the crime scene. and what might be happening there at this hour. still some helicopters surveying the area. you said earlier as it gets dark, there could be drones with night vision. there were all sorts of different technologies and tactics that could be used by
9:47 pm
law enforcement on the ground who are still saying it's an active scene and if it is active, if they are looking for another suspect, clint. >> well, we're going to have crime scene units come to the scene. that's one of the services the fbi offers nationwide. is that they bring their team to the scene to collect the evidence so it's collected and it's processed all by one agency even though there may be multiple jurisdictions there. so you know, the bureau may be providing that and in the meantime, obviously, we've heard reports now of one, two, and even three shooters and we've seen how in situations like this when a semi-automatic weapon is going off, it sounds like it could be to your left, to your right. sometimes it sounds like multiple people. i've heard a report of a weapon that's been recovered. i've also heard a report of an individual, a possible subject who is down who may have been shot by law enforcement.
9:48 pm
these are all unconfirmed, of course. and what we're waiting for is the conference to tell us that. as terrible as this situation is, hopefully, the shooter has been identified and has somehow been accounted for by law enforcement, a weapon's been recovered. that's our best case scenario. worst case, of course, is some of the reports suggesting multiple shooters that may be exaggerated but these are things police are going to have to clear up for in this conference very soon shoo cedric alexander, msnbc contributor still with us, as well. one minute to you here, cedric. that is a question right now. is there another suspect out there? >> well, that is still yet to be depped. if i think we remember early on, there was some accounts of as few as one and as many as two. so at this point, law enforcement is going to make sure that are they're not going
9:49 pm
to lock in on any one particular thing. they're going to gather whatever information and intelligence that they can gather. and they certainly are going to continue to talk to witnesses when and where they can. it's going to be a long night there because here again, they don't know whether they're looking for one subject or a number of subjects. but they will stay on that mission until it's completed. but it's going to be a long night there in gilroy. >> a long night in gilroy, california. we are going to take a short break. this as we are watching the live pictures coming on the left side of what we expect to be a news briefing very shortly. on the right-hand side, the crime scene in terms what what they are doing. we will stay on top of the very latest of nbc news can report. 11 shot and three dead. we have reports of 20 shots, ten shots, 40 shots, we'll get more clarity from law enforcement. we're going to take a short break here at msnbc and back to
9:50 pm
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everybody running and screaming and i knew what you had happened. and we just screamed and yelled at everybody to get in the cars and we're going. we got out of there as fast as we could. as we were leaving, two women and a baby we picked them up in the back of the truck and i got them to safety and my son did the same with some another couple, young women. and here we are. >> another eyewitness account here and as we are watching for information, eyewitnesss have been the source of us trying to get our arms around this shooting in northern california. that happened roughly now about four, a little bit more than four hours ago. 5:30 local, 8:30 eastern. we're looking as we get closer to the top of the hour on the right-hand side, that would be
9:54 pm
10:00 pacific time we do expect to get our first word, official word former law enforcement as well as the festival organizer. and then we'll be able to put more around the vet question at the moment, is there still a suspect that they are looking for or not. they have described this on their twitter account, gilroy police as an active scene. cedric alexander, you know, what we have heard from eyewitnesss, one of which i spoke with earlier, patrick, he was telling me i walked in with my stroller and my two young sons and my wife and i was not even though there were metal detecters there, asked to go through them, nor was i wanded. and he was saying that gave him some concern at this festival, cedric. >> certainly festival events,
9:55 pm
ball games we all attend today, we all seem to be going through some type of security. but i'm -- you know, i don't want to read too much into that this early. because here again, we don't know how these subjects may have entered into that festival. they could have walked through the front gate or they could have come in through some other area of that festival because that's a huge event. sitting on a large number of acres. it's hard to determine. >> and rolling hills on three of the edges here, cedric. if you look at the map, open to rolling hills potentially. >> rolling hills that provide all type of cover for those who may be using long rifles. we don't know the. it's just too early to tell at this point. but what we do know is that we have persons who were involved in this who did harm to people at night. that appeared to still be out
9:56 pm
and somewhere within that community and you have large contingencies of law enforcement that's utilizing all of their assets, resources and technology tonight to try to fied these subjects. but there's a lot of questions still that are going to have to be answered. but the more pressing question right now is for law enforcement for that community, who are these subjects? where are they and how fast can we either have them surrender or neutralize this threat as soon as possible. >> clint van zandt, active shooter plans. active shooter plan for a festival like this, again, tens of thousands of attendees over three days but in gilroy, california, which on a normal day would have less than a total number of teendes that were coming over three days. it's 30 minutes outside of a
9:57 pm
major city like san jose, california. what does an active shooter plan for this look like? >> yeah, there is still going to be a plan. most likely the local police would come in and advance would work with the fair, the festival themselves. realizing in a situation like this, you get a combination of armed police officers, off duty officers, and plain clothes and then private security guards that are either armed or unarmed and they're even going to have to know their role, what they're supposed to do as well as the first responders medical that are inside the facility, too. and then local police working with local hospitals who normally have some type of plan how they're going to get victims from a mass shooting, a multiple shooting, how they're going to get them to the hospital. you don't want to take them all to one hospital if you have a large number of them. so this is unfortunately a drill that we've learned to do pretty
9:58 pm
well in america the last ten years. we've had to do it. we've had so many mass shootings, so many school shootings, unfortunately, that every community has either had one close to them or they've gathered enough information they know they could be vulnerable and they've practiced this, too. so hospitals, law enforcement, security are going to be good at this. of course, the challenge is always we want to stop it before it happens and this time, it happened. we don't know why. we don't know who. but it sounds like law enforcement may have a pretty good handle on there. that's what we're waiting to hear right now. >> what do these plans look like here, clint? are they large books? is it -- how are they normally put together and how do these multivariant law enforcement agencies then coordinate not only in the creation but you were saying the drills themselves? what do these active shooter plans look like?
9:59 pm
>> well normally, there's one agency that's going to take the lead. in something like this it's probably the local police department or the local sheriff's department. they'll be known as the lead agency. they may provide the majority of the individuals who are on security at the event as well as the first responders. then other agencies will work with them. they'll understand what their job is. see one thing we're looking at now is what always happens. over and above any type of situation that takes place, once that call goes out, a mass shooting, everybody comes. i mean, the plan we can have a plan and it's like almost when you go to war, once the war starts, the plans get changed. in these situations, every law enforcement officer in the area is going to come to see if he or she can assist. then the biggest challenge is have that plan working so you anticipate that and you take all
10:00 pm
this manpower, law enforcement power that comes on scene and you use it. you know how to set up the outer perimeter, the inner perimeter. you know the job that s.w.a.t.'s going to do, you know the air cover you can do. that's something the local police would be normally the coordinating agency for. they would know what would come, they would know how to use it. and it's their job to make sure people don't stand around if there is in fact a shooter to be caught. >> clint, stand by. we're at the top of the hour. for those of you just joining us, we're covering breaking news out of northern california from a town caud gilroy, california. a population of roughly 50,000, 60,000 people. at 5:30 local time, now 10:00 p.m., we're now looking at four and a half hours into a mass shooting at the moment, the local police gilroy police saying that this is an active


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