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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you so much for being here with us. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. ♪ york . president trump meets with inner city pastors after escalating attack on elijah cummings and launching new ones against al sharpton. polling showing it hasn't had a big effect on his base. plus, we are counting down to night one of the second democratic debate thtonight. we'll see senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders among the others sharing the stage for the firstri time. a seattle woman is behind bars after a huge capital one data hbreach, according to the bank approximately 100 million individuals in the united states
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could pbe affected. good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm yasmin vassoughiaan alongside ayman mohyeldin. the associated press writing the is. the president has w inflamed racial tensions betting such divisions will help ease his path to victory in 2020 and he replaced gut instincts for the silver analysis for professio l professionals on matters of war and atpeace. and unconstrained trump 15 mons from the election, few have stepped up to challenge a president emboldened by the conclusion of the russia probe and divided democratic congress. themo temptations for trump are only set to increase this week before two nights of democratic
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debates. in thursday in ohio he will have his first rally which trump disavowed and then back tracked on his disavowell. the percentage of voters who say they will definitely re-elect trump isel still stuck in the l 30s. 12% will consider voting for the president while 54% say they will definitely not vote for trump. vote calls for launching an impeachment inquiry into president trump continue to grow.nt according to a count by nbc news one independent has come out in support of coimpeachment. three lawmakers added their names to the list yesterday. congre since former special counsel robert mueller testified before congress last week, 16 house democrats to come out in support of an impeachment inquiry.
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the president continued his smear campaign yesterday ramping up his assault with allegations of corruption. trumps tweeted last night baltimore's numbers are the worst in the united states on crime int the economy. billions of dollars have been pumped in over the years but to no avail. the money was stolen or wasted. ask elijah comummings where it went. we're also hearing from mark meadows whose relationship was on display against allegations of racism earlier this his response came as the president attacked his friend for a third straight day on twitter. meadows wrote twthis, i am fries with both men. i know both men well. neither man is a racist. period. both love america. if we put aside partisanship with negotiations we can find bipartisan solutions that will
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benefit not only chairman cummings' district but the country as a whole. ignored claims that cummings district is where no human being would want to live. according to "washington post" bob costa. asked mitt romney twice there his thoughts on the statement and he would not answer. when asked more about the trump/costa matter. he called it, quote, political theater. amid his attacks yesterday, president trump added that reverend al sharpton to the criticisms writing on twitter that he is a conman who hates. the event had been on the president's schedule for a while and was not in response to his weekend tweet storm.
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attendees spoke to reporters after it concluded. >> do you believe president trump is a racist? >> i find that hard to believe. when you consider the things that have been done for the black community. it's the action that has taken place. the prison reform that has been needed for so long. positive things for the black community. we have to acknowledge that also. now, things could get awkward because it's reportedly set to take place in downtown baltimore at the marriott water front just four blocks outside ofks chairman cummings' distric. familiar with the plans say the house republicans have scheduled the policy retreat for september. and as the president did when it was held in west virginia last year. ten candidates from the 2020 democratic presidential field will hit the stage tonight for
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the first time. mayor pete buttigieg, congressman tim ryan, former congressman hickenlooper and willi williamson will face off this evening. the w first time that sanders a warren will share the stage as they are poised to defend the agendas. for sanders it may be less about taking one warren and drawing contrastwi between himself and current frontrunner joe biden who will be on tomorrow night's debate stage. after a month of presidential debates, a new poll shows the race shifted yet again in july. the quinniapiac poll has joe biden at 34%. gaining 12 points from the last poll. at 15%, elizabeth warren holds steady from the post-debate poll while harris dropped 8 points to
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12%. pete buttigien take buttigieg w. no other democratic rises out of single digits with african-american voters who made up a quarterle of the democrati primaryth electorate in 2016. joining us right now is nile. let's bring up the first poll that ayman was talking about where we see gains for joe biden. it's interesting because when you look back after that first debate onok nbc and msnbc, you e joe biden is gaining ground with 34% and elizabeth and bernie sanders in steady fourth place at 11% and seeing some dropping there. so, what do you make of these
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poll numberske right now? >> the short answer is i think it shows that joe biden is clearly the candidate still to beat and he can be beaten. on the one hand you look at biden with a more than two to one advantage over his closest rival. that is a big advantage. you also have to look at this and say joe biden 34% having been vice president to the great hero of the democratic party, president obama. and joe biden having been around forever. he's by far the best known candidate in the field. to me what this says is if a single alternative to biden can emerge, that candidate will be formidable and that's why i would expect there to be really a strong struggle between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> let's switch gears and talk about our current president and his attacks against president
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elike elijaha cummings. what to you make of the response so far from republicans and in some cases their silence or their tepid response in the type of mark meadows. >> it's pretty weak tea. meadows was defeated forcefully that statement that meadows put out is very, very lukewarm. and i think more than that, i mean, give meadows some degree because the rest of his party has been almost completely silent in fear of descecenting m the trump line even when he uses rhetoricli we've seen no presidt of the modern era use at all. >> we'll talk to you again in a little bit. thank you. twoit more american service members have been killed in afghanistan, according to two u.s.n, officials they were shot and killed yesterday in hakandar
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by an afghan soldier who is now in custody of afghan forces. the service branchce of the two troops has not been announced, the third brigade combat team 32nd air division revealed they were paratroopers in his division. 15 service members have been killed in afghanistan already matchingta last year's total. mike pompeo said president trump directed him to reduce the number of troops in afghanistan by the 2020 presidential election. in an expected outcome the senate has failed regarding the arm sales to saudi arabia and other countries. the vetoes stopped by bipartisan legislation which would have blocked the trump administration 22 separate arm sales worth more than $8 billion to those persian gulf nations. the administration took
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unilateral action and bypassed congress by invoking a rarely used national emergency provision citing the threats from iran as justification and adding that blocking the controversial action would weaken america's global competitiveness. this all interiorated a group of bipartisan lawmakers including lindsey graham and rand paul. still seahead, what we're learning this morning about a massive capital one legal breach. danny is here on set to weigh in. mitch mcconnell is defending his decision to block election security bills. we'll showcu you his new commen. plus, a check on your weather with bill eckarins comi up next. [leaf blower]
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welcome back, everyone. a former software engineer in seattle is facing federal charges for hacking into capital one and obtaining data of more than 100 million people. court documents say 33-year-old
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paige thompson accessed the information through a misconfigured security feature and posted the data on an information sharing site. the fbi seized the number of devices on a raid on thompson's home that appeared to have data from capital ones and other companies that were targeted. no credit card numbers or log-in credentials were compromised. thompson facing computer fraud and an abuse charge which she could face up to five years in prison for and a quarter million dollar fine. capital one chairman apologized for the breach and said his company will offer free credit monitoring and i.d. protection to those affected. joining us here on set danny without his computer, folks. >> data breaches everywhere. i'm afraid of my own laptop now. >> back to pen and paper. let's talk about this breach because it was one week after
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equifax reached that settlement agreement for its data breach. what are we talking about here in terms of how frequent these have become in terms of capital one and the responsibility it could find itself now for this data breach? >> what is particularly strange here this appears to be the work of a lone actor, but the important question is, what do companies owe citizens and customers when these things happen? often you hear them say we'll provide free credit monitoring, gee, thank you. that doesn't really reassure me. but the banks typically take the position in terms of liability, hey, if nothing actually bad happens, we shouldn't be on the hook. now, federal law requires banks to enact security measures, but, importantly, federal law doesn't give regular folks like you and me a private right of action. federal agencies and regulators can impose fines and go after these banks. but in terms of private citizens, there is no -- >> we can't sue capital one for
2:17 am
this breach? >> no. >> unless you found out something was stolen. unless you felt like your data was actually compromised? >> the federal law that governs banks and keeping their data secure does not provide a private right of action for customers. but state law, state consumer protection laws do. and some class action attorneys have started using the state and local laws to go after these banks. but traditionally banks will take the position that, look, we provided the monitoring. if you haven't actually suffered a harm, then we shouldn't be on the hook. now, a lot of customers say, well, i suffered harm in the form of anguish on what will happen with my data now. >> and i will say it may not be immediate but years down the loin th line that you find out your social security number is compromised and used by somebody else. >> let's talk about some of the charges that this female hacker is facing.
2:18 am
computer charge and abuse charge and five years in prison and quart of a million dollar fine. how serious are these charges? >> i'm surprised they're not more serious and i wouldn't be surprised if down the road superseded indictment. the government may charge her with more serious crimes or if there are other folks involved. now you get into the land of conspiracy law and other folks are responsible they could be charged all everybody in this agreement could be charged that same time. >> this shows how much i know about hacking, i am shocked that one individual could hack into a database and compromise 100 million users. >> sometimes someone outside the system that breaks through a wall, figurative wall, of course. it appears this was an insider who may have accidental access.
2:19 am
in other words, permission to get through a wall where that permission was accidentally given. we're still waiting on all the facts but we'll find out as the investigation proceeds. >> thanks, danny. >> always a pleasure. let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> good tuesday morning. hot summer nights new york city right now is 83 degrees with a heat index. just to put that in perspective, that's warmer right now than miami. warmer than an ssan antonio and dallas and for that reason, when you start off that warm in the northeast and going to be a hot summer day, heat advisories have been issued from new york city and much of connecticut much of the hudson valley and portion of new hampshire and even a little slice of maine. it's not warnings not like that super dangerous heat that we had about ten days ago. this will be about 95 to 100. here's how warm it will feel. hot and humid from maine to d.c. when you're in the shade in the
2:20 am
afternoon, d.c. 93 and fell like 96 from philly to new york. boston one of the hottest spots feeling like 97. northern new england feeling in the mid-90s. not a lot of people don't have air conditioning in northern new england. you normally don't need it. behind it, the isis is the nice beautiful air. cleveland at 79 is going to be fantastic and not as hot, but this is the day with the showers and thunderstorms. if you have travel plans wednesday afternoon and any of the big cities of the northeast through the mid-atlantic,ioaw y will be dodging showers and delays. thursday 87 and pretty nice thursday, friday. and new york city mid-80s will be perfect. and chicago warms up a little bit. heading out of the hottest period typically at the end of july that we get in the summer, guys. typically when we get to august
2:21 am
we'll get a little break from the heat and humidity. >> smooth sailing, thanks, bill. the u.s. soccer federation weighs in on the debate about equal pay. big papi speaks out for the first time since the shooting in the dominican republic. we're back in a moment. let's go! ♪ repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste more minerals enter deep into the enamel surface. you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged. it 's amazing.
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being shot in the dominican republic. writing on instagram he is enjoying priceless time with his family. conveyed in english and spanish his gratitude for being home with loved ones as well as for all the prayers. the 43-year-old is still limited in how much he can eat. too bad i can't crush food yet. little humor. happy to hear that he is back. u.s. soccer has stepped into the debate about equal pay releasing an open letter and lengthy fact sheet detailing its commitment to the u.s. women's national team citing figures produced in the analysis of ten years of financial data. u.s. soccer president carlos cordero said players on the women's team actually earned more from u.s. soccer than their male counterparts over the last decade. highlighted millions of dollars in investment including $18 million in support of the women's national soccer league and spending on youth programs. the letter comes weeks before
2:25 am
the federation and the team are scheduled to enter mediation to try to resolve the players discrimination lawsuit. a spokesperson called it utterly false. still ahead, mitch mcconnell defends himself after being labeled moscow mitch for blocking election security but top democrats say it's nothing new. john radcliff is joining new scrutiny. he claimed to put terrorists in prison, but is that true? we are coming back with a big fact check, next. targets, freezes, and eliminates treated fat cells, for good. discuss coolsculpting with your doctor. some common side-effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.
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[ screaming ]
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welcome back, everyone wp i'm yasmin vossoughiann alonged is ayman. mitch mcconnell is pushing back against a growing wave of criticism to block bills to enhance election security in this country. >> the foreign policy conservative who spent decades pushing back on russia every way i can think of is accused of what amounts of treason within a couple hours. these absurd smears weren't thrown out there by anonymous twitter accounts, oh, no, this modern day mccarthyism was pushed by big-time outlets.
2:30 am
the smear that i am, quote, a russian asset, ran in the opinion pages of "the washington post." the accusation that i am, quote, unamerican, was broadcast on msnbc. these people have worn out the volume knob so badly that they have nothing left but the most unhinged smears. welcome to modern day mccarthyism. >> and its leader mcconnell who is the majority leader who can determine what is put on the floor and he's put nothing on the floor on elections. when last year we attempted in the appropriations bill to add more money, to help the states harden their systems against cyberattack. leader mcconnell opposed it. he said it's not needed. >> but mcconnell's attempts to impede is not new. last year dennis mcdonough told
2:31 am
nbc news that mcconnell watered down the attempts. former vice president joe biden reaffirmed that while speaking with the council on foreign relations richard. >> mitch mcconnell wanted no part of having a bipartisan commitment that we would say essentially russia's doing this, stop. bipartisan. they would have no party. they would have no part of it. that, to me, hanging around that body up there for a longer than any of you were around doing it meant to me that this would be cast here. this was all about the political play. >> mcconnell continues to block bipartisan efforts to bring election security to the senate floor stalling several bills, including two just last week. director of national intelligence for drawing
2:32 am
scrutiny on fighting terrorism. tough advocate on the judiciary and intelligence committees and his time in office for eastern district of texas. watch. >> part of my background is that i was a terrorism prosecutor. >> all right, so that was a big selling point. you hear him there saying he prosecuted terrorists repeatedly. apparently on ratcliffe's website he put terrorists in prison. no evidence that he prosecuted a terrorism case. in a 2015 news release, ratcliffe's office he convicted individuals funneling money to hamas behind the front of a terrorist organization. his name does not appear in the
2:33 am
holyland. he was hired by the attorney general to investigate what went wrong in the first of two trials in the case. ratcliffe made no recommendations and was not involved in the retrial that resulted in convictions. in the fight over president trump's tax returns. ordered lawyers for the president house democrats in new york state to try to reach a compromise. the judge wants all three sides to outline possible ways forward in the matter by 6:00 p.m. today. the order was issued after president trump filed an emergency motion last week requesting that the house ways and means committee be barred from accessing his new york state tax return information. senator elizabeth warren unveiled her new trade plan that would put her administration more in line with the trump's agenda, at least in this particular area. embraces the trump white house rhetoric and channels c s criti especially over the last decade over labor and environmental groups. countries would have to meet
2:34 am
before negotiating a trade deal with the united states, including upholding labor rights. eliminating all domestic fossil fuel subsidies, fulfilling commitments from the paris climate agreement and not violating the reports on human rights. not only apply to new trade deals but existing treaties, as well, which warren plans to renegotiate as president. the plan marks a significant shift from the obama and clinton white house, as well as that of george w. bush and his administration. senator kamala harris released her health care plan yesterday and already getting push back. still supports medicare for all, but includes a place for private insurers and would take a decade to phase in. it's what splits the difference with medicare for all chief architect bernie sanders. a campaign official slammed the proposal calling it a bad policy and bad politics. harris has previously struggled with questions on private insurance. take a listen.
2:35 am
>> who of us has not had that situation where you have to wait af for approval and your insurance company says i'm not sure -- it was in the context of saying let's get rid of the bureaucracy. >> not the insurance companies? >> no, that's not what i meant. it was interpreted that way. if you watch the tape, many interpretations of what i said and what i meant. >> who would abolish their private health insurance in favorite of a government-run plan? all right. >> once and for all, do you believe that private insurance should be eliminated in this country? >> no. >> you don't. but you raised your hand last night. >> would you give up your private insurance for that option and i said yes. >> under my vision for medicare for all we will not, we will still have supplemental insurance, but, essentially, there will be a phasing out of the need for private insurance
2:36 am
to be frank. >> all right, joining us once again is white house columnist for the hill, great to have you back with us. let's talk about this and kamala harris' position on her struggle over health care and whether this could impact her on the debate stage tomorrow night. she struggled to articulate this and she now has a plan. is that going to actually address those concerns that people have about her ability to articulate a policy on it? >> i don't think it is because i think those concerns go to a bigger issue, which is what does kamala harris actually believe. this democratic field is otherwise pretty clearly split between clear progressives like senator warren and senator sanders and it's not really clear where kamala harris fits into that picture and this is a fundamental question that she has struggled to answer. the question whether you obol ah
2:37 am
private health insurance. >> so, obviously, we have this debate for the next two nights. everybody is going to be watching very closely, considering what took place in the last debate. is joe biden going to be enemy number one on the debate stage despite the fact he is appearing on the debate stage and one of the big issues and the big superstars that are going to emerge out of all of this. who are you going to be watching for, niall? >> i think tonight bernie sanders has to have a good debate because he is really at risk of being eclipsed by elizabeth warren on the left and tomorrow night joe biden has to reassure his supporters having a weak performance in miami about a month ago and finally a whole lot of candidates here, yasmin, who need to do something if their campaigns are not. there are people who we may not see again on the debate stage if they don't make some kind of impact tonight or tomorrow night. people like amy klobuchar hasn't
2:38 am
picked up traction. she needs some kind of moment to really vault herself into contenti contention. >> all right, live in d.c. for us, niall, thank you. president trump signs off on the bill to permanently fund for 9/11 responders. the claim during the event about his amid time spent among those heroes. bill karins is back with a look at the forecast. you try hard,
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welcome back, everyone. let's get a quick check on your weather with bill karins. >> a possible disturbance to head towards florida toward the end of the week. not showing any signs of development and many computer models are not saying that. hurricane center says only 10% that this develops into anything near florida. right now just south of puerto rico and head in the general
2:42 am
direction of the bahamas and miami. regardless if it develops or not, additional rainfall in this area, especially as we go through the tail end of the weekend sunday into monday. the pacific is getting very active and occasionally some of these storms will threaten hawaii. overnight hurricane eric only category one and still far away from hawaii and turn into a pretty stronger storm and looks to head south of hawaii and then right behind that is tropical storm and this first one, erick just head south of hilu and overall not very concerned with what is going to head towards the hawaiian islands. let's bring it back to the lower 48. today watch showers and thunderstorms. this cold front, once again, divides the summer humid air from a beautiful early fall air mass back behind it. enjoy this today in chicago. just a gorgeous day for you. showers and storms this
2:43 am
afternoon anywhere from buffalo to syracuse right through the appalachians and tennessee, northern alabama and georgia. by the time we get to wednesday, the cold front makes it to the east coast. numerous showers and storms around new york city and hartford and boston this is what will cool us off. tomorrow still humid, just not as hot with the showers and thunderstorms around. as far as the forecast goes, today will be the hottest day for a while in many areas of the northeast and boston 94 and heat index around 97 to 98 and new york and d.c. 92 each. from minneapolis to chicago, 77 and low humidity. a cool, crisp morning. >> can we all hope and pray we have a quiet hurricane season. let's hope it's a quiet -- >> peak of the season is first week of september. >> if we get through that. >> if we can get through the end of september -- >> we're in the clear.
2:44 am
thanks, bill. president trump signed into law yesterday permanent extension of the 9/11 victims' co compensation fund that the money provided to the victims never runs out. during his speech, trump commented on the time that he spent with first responders after the attacks. >> many of those affected were firefighters, police officers and other first responders. and i was down there, also. but i'm not considering myself a first responders, but i was down there. i spent a lot of time down there with you. >> okay. so, "new york times" reports that according to a retired deputy chief with new york fire department, trump was never really a presence at ground zero around that time. in fact, on the day of the attacks, trump called in to a local news station to discuss his view from his window in trump tower that overlooked the world trade center.
2:45 am
>> 40 wall street actually was the second tallest building in downtown manhattan and it was actually before the world trade center was the tallest and then when they built the world trade center -- >> there you go. >> clearing things up. switching gears for a moment, heading overseas rapper asap rocky's trial is under way. prosecutors allege that rocky and two other members of his entourage attacked a man in central stockholm on june 30th. his lawyer says he acted in selfsel self-defense and their actions were in the law. if found guilty, he could face two years in prison. still ahead, president trump turns up the pressure on jerome powell ahead of the central bank's decision on whether to cut interest rates. >> a live report on what the president's criticisms could have on that report. we'll be right back.
2:46 am
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welcome back. the federal reserve is expected to make an interest rate cut of a quarter percentage point later this week, but president trump says this will, quote, do very little by comparison to china and europe. in a tweet yesterday, trump said in part this. the eu and china will further lower interest rates and pump money into their systems. in the meantime and with very low inflation, our fed does nothing and probably will do very little by comparison. meanwhile, economists believe
2:49 am
the european central bank and the people's bank of china will lower rates later this year to combat regional economic slowdowns, although some economists don't think the fed should reduce rates, the central bank signaled it will vote for an unusual insurance rate cut to prevent a potential downturn. cnbc joanna joins us live from london with her take on what this means. what can we expect ahead of the fed's decision on rates tomorrow? >> yeah, big meeting coming up. the market is now priced fully for one 25 basis point cuts and as much as a 50 basis point cut here. the big question is whether or not the economy needs it. and i think most analysts out there will say the hike they did in december wasn't taken that well by the markets. since then they reversed course quite sharply and now guiding towards rate cuts. the bigger question is whether or not they'll guide to more rate cuts in the future and certainly the other big question
2:50 am
is how politically motivated will this decision be given the comments the market has essentially backed the fed against the wall here and they're demanding these rate cuts. big meeting coming out of tomorrow. another story we're looking at in another story we're looking at the in the banking space is the capital one bank said they had a data breach that compromised the information of up to 100 million customers. 140 million social security numbers, 1 million canadian social insurance numbers were compromised. one person has been arrested in connection to that and the bank estimates it will cost them $150 million in damage and repairs. the stock was down 1.5 percentage points. >> i'm assuming that that's not that much to capital one bank at the end of the day. >> no. >> let's talk uber here. announcing it will be cutting one-third of the marketing team to create a more centralized structure of marketing.
2:51 am
what does this mean? >> that's right. it's about 400 people from that division. and this takes place after the cmo stepped down last month after only being on the job for 12 months. now according to a memo received by bloomberg the ceo of uber wrote to the employees saying that uber has slowed down in growth. this happens naturally as companies get bigger and better but it's something that uber needs to address and quickly which is why they're making the cuts. but as a percentage of the total workforce it's only 1.6% so we're not talking huge numbers here. on the back of the news, uber stock was down 1.5%, but still up on the year. >> all right. joumanna bercetche live for us in london. thanks. coming up, everybody, axios' jonathan swan has a look at the "1 big thing." coming up on "morning joe," the president's increasingly divisive rhetoric does little to fire up his base.
2:52 am
jonathan lemire will have more on his bet that inflaming the racial tensions will pay off big, despite troubling poll numbers suggest otherwise. plus, richard blumenthal and jerry moran will weigh in on the continued attacks against lawmakers of color. "morning joe," everyone, just moments away. or "morning joe," everyone, just moments away st a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. we're going all in thion strawberries.ra, at their reddest, ripest, they make everything better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad. order online for delivery. panera. food as it should be
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welcome back. joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., mr. jonathan swan. great to have you with us on a tuesday morning. what's the "1 big thing" you have for us? >> so steven mnuchin has been saying that during the recent budget negotiations, house speaker nancy pelosi made him a verbal promise that she would bring the usmca -- that's the trade deal to replace nafta, up for a vote in october. we have that from three senior administration officials. a spokesman for the treasury secretary did not in a
2:56 am
statement -- did not deny what i have in my reporting that he's been telling colleagues that. >> how big of a priority is it from your perspective for the trump administration to get this trade deal over the finish life before 2020? >> forget my perspective. from their perspective in the white house it's the number one priority. their number one legislative priority is to pass the usmca this year. as we get into election season it's -- you know, forget about it. next year, most of these 2020 candidates will oppose it because it's got trump's name on i. but it's a huge deal. economically it's a huge deal. it's very important. president trump has threatened to withdraw from nafta that would roil the north american market. and free trade is relieved this is a replacement and they see it as something they need to get done in order to stop the possibility of president trump getting incredibly frustrated and terminating nafta. >> so you -- i'm sure you have reached out to speaker pelosi's
2:57 am
office and i'm curious to get your thoughts about what she's saying about your reporting since this was attributed more so to steven mnuchin's side of the story. >> this is the really interesting twist in our reporting and we have this in the story. she unequivocally denies making this verbal promise to mnuchin. so it's an interesting thing where steven mnuchin we know because, you know, again, i reported it out and the treasury does not deny my reporting. we know he's been telling colleagues that she made that verbal promise. she says she hasn't. obviously there are different politics here at play. she doesn't -- look, i wasn't in the room or on the phone with the two of them and maybe there's -- >> i'm surprised, jonathan. >> that would be an interesting room to be in. to say the least. >> i expect -- to be on the conference call with steven mnuchin -- >> pelosi and mnuchin and jonathan swan. >> but i will say she's under very difficult circumstances
2:58 am
because you know particularly the progressive base doesn't want to hear she's doing sort of deals with the trump administration. >> axios is looking at a big hire for mayor pete ahead of the debates. what are you hearing? >> so this is my colleague, elena trane scooped this. they have hired a senior adviser, michael howell. he's been a senior adviser for campaigns for hillary clinton, barack obama, terry mcauliffe. he's a really big hire and we're hearing more coming. it's a signal that the buttigieg campaign is getting some of the top establishment talent from around town. >> he'll have to have a big night this week to break through a little bit more. jonathan swan, always a pleasure. thanks. we'll be reading axios in a little bit. you can sign up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for us this
2:59 am
morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian with ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts now. mitch mcconnell who is a smart guy, he wanted no part of having a bipartisan commitment that we would say essentially russia's doing this, stop. bipartisan. they would have no part of it. that to me hanging around that body up there for a longer than any of you were around doing it meant to me that -- the die had been cast here. this was all about the political play. >> that is not just a political candidate speaking there it's the former vice president of the united states last year with the council on foreign relations. we'll get to that story in a moment. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is tuesday, july 30th. joe is under the weather. but along with willie and me, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc and author of "the red and the blue"
3:00 am
stephen kornacki is with us. and msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee michael steele is here. pulitzer prize winning columnist and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson joins us. former chief of staff to the dccc and for hillary clinton's presidential candidate, adrienne elrod. she's an msnbc contributor. great group to have with us this morning. what's on tap for today? ten candidates for president square off tonight including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. they're among the front-runners right now, but still trailing joe biden by a wide margin. we're going to dig deep into the latest polling and what's going on with the candidates. plus two developments from capitol hill. the senate fails to block arm sales to saudi arabia and more house democrats back the


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